The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 5, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1977
Page 2
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DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND REPOUT TO DREW PEARSON IN PARIS, FROM HIS SECRETARY Dear BOHM: Your Hick cuw In K«UlnK bluck WdflhlnKton, D, C. , , Hucrtitary Toko:' clUI u hi-oticlcii-Ml. Trunk Slmitrii pal. ConKi'dMtmiun May. Is f l,i mill iipundlnK most or her day • -||.~thouf,'h unt anil In MoiUrcommltlne. . . . Th.i Atlnntn on Ihom not to carry rmictlon In Atliuitu you will Tlioy ennui ill, bin and to favor In hot v/utm 1 . . . • *") thn Inltor box on your of o'oui'Ho w» do. . . I initnlHt In bnlnif InVHHllKnlml ">' tn " . , . E:x^^^^^=^^£^s£ i ' tho ffiioi'Kln 1'owiir Company, irm nnui "[noldi-ntally. mull on th.i KKK .irou'luutil would flo your _ hcurt. /null, 't nm Huvinx all tn " until you Ki't buck: >< n " w want lo road ttuun. from nil Hort* of P»< . HHii, wlth-thl:t mirprl.ind mi- -rt | ( of flno In'.tui-n from the south. " [ hiiv.. rniidii u aurvny -.if how il,.- -idldna vol.'tl on Of'A. It shown two urna-/.lnK Hynl of Vlr- Klrilft und McKnllur of T.mnMH.i.) vot.Kl rltfht down thu lino for prlfi.. rn til ni I uml thn poopl". Thfiy buokml (hi. li.bbltm. '(fidlh urn UP for »l*" : - tlon thin yi'nr.) Th.i fljfht on Me- KclUii' I'' ^f<»ttln>c hotter. M" irtuy l,n lli'K.'d... Didn't any- itilnr fdiiltl ovurturn thn Byrd mu- fhlnp In Vli-fflnlu but hii sm.-mM worried nl l''"«l won-li'd nnouKh tn Vdtu with Iho folUii. llixv OthorM Vot«nJ on OTA llci'i- In how othur Hiiniiloi-M. up fin- iilnctlon thin yo'f. votwl on Ol'A of thii IJpmooriitM, 1-1 up f')i' nlKftliiii wimt rlKht down thu llnr- fdi- nffi'ctlvn piMcti control. Only fjnmoi:ruli' who wolchuil w n r" fj'Miihon.iy of Wyoming, WulMh of Mn.M.'i., Murclock of Iftnh und Car- vllli' of Ni'Viitln -und thuy wulchnd <inly a coupli,- of tlmn-'i. .. Of coursij, IhliKlo.'iin't tuKC In thu "KnpocrulH" lIKi' OrorKi! und [0111(101! of Gi'tu 1 - fllu. I'lnnMnrid Of MIsMlsmlppI und othi-i'M not up for rr-.iliictlori who run <jnt on Trumun rmiNt of tli» Hinn... Mill-it In thft Rcpublloiin iirrii-n curd: t-un«iu- und YounK of North I'Mltotu v>f.(id con.HlHtuntly ujfiilnKt prlcn control. Thuy ciirnn friiin milld (IOC rurmlnK ui-uuti, Aii.-itln of Vermont, anothnr .solid flOl- iitiitn, iilMO votntl mtnlnut prlon control, r[[ii'n li:iivln>; thu mmutu in Jiiriunrv Ci'i 1 thn Unltml Niitlun.'i.i ...(Jim Knpiibllcun, [.ul-'olli-tti' of Wisconsin, voli.-tl Ronslntiintly for Ford Feted On His 83rd Birthday PIERPONT'S 1,1(1 IIA.Mt Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitxgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 nrlcu control oxcupt on. omi amend- mnnt-diili-y productM. Throo oth- ,„. Kopuhllcann split tholr vote — Knowland of California, Smith of NIIW .Mi-riiiy. StnnflH of Kontucky. Mo,if of thu tlrnn -thuy -loaned av>ulm.t price control.-... Wondor what thu reaction will bo next NuvftmbnrV „ Old Morno moi-o chncklns on Hop. R-iink Konfi' of OshkOHh, Win., whom you llHtud iw n "pockutboon conKiiiMitmiin, HO'H the jfiiy whovot- i,d iKmhiBt national comutorlnsi bury thu war (load, und In df UMlm: prlvutn comiitcrley. Tho r.akiiVli-w Memorial Park tiiry. of which tho CongruH-sman 1.1 proiildrmt. reported a total Income (,( ?22.n38 Hint yuar. Tills wna m-alntit $17.30(1 thu your boforo. ThankM to I<o«fi''.i poclu'tbook voting rniiybo ttu> comiitory busline.™ will pick up...Thn Oklahoma neWH- pupft-'i nro i-ldlnK anothnr of your "po'.-kutbdok" cbnj,','0f'smon, Senator i'llmi-r Tlioiniis of Oklahoma, In cmnoctlon with his ««"!"».' Bon Klold.'i, of the Ki'Ui Kiialii war prof- Iti'i.TM. out of thu punltcntliiry I'nor Si-nutor ICIburt Thomas of Utah! Pooplu are always Ketllnf,' him mixed up with Elmer Thorn- n;j of Oklahoma. In contrasit, Utah's lillliurt IM a .taint. Tlil«Kii Slow H« Stiihi Di«|it. t havu buen trying to gal that nolon from NnW RnKlund who hand«d you tho bl(,' "uxcluslvo" and then in-ncucdod to tt\vo It out to thn wlro (iiii-vlcus. I want to tell him what I think of him. ..Bumped Into f.fob WiiRnnr of Now York. Wish thi-i-n wuru more like him In thu SiTiutu. Ho wa.i one mim In thn si'Ci'ut OFA Houiio-Sonato confer-! i-ncn who rually wurit down thu llni« fur thu public, Wrltfht Patman of TexaN and William Barry uf Nuw York wurn two othoru. ThlriKs urn a Iltllu slow at tho Stain DiijiartiiK-'nt with both joil and Byrnnn uwiiy. However, I picked up thu following Items-. .. Tim U.S.A. linn decided to support TnmsJcmtnnla'H bid for udmlsslon Into thn United Nation,), Thin in to nplicti.Mu thr Ariibx. .. Truman has Invltnd thu Rnljclan 1'rlncu Rufront to comu to Wiishlnjfl'jn In October UN a jiovornmimtKiii'Kt... tSvon tiny Hon-luraM Joined In thu inter-Amer- Icair [iroti'sts against the harsh poui'c turmti IrnpoMud on Italy... Thi- Stati- Diipai-tmunt ha;i protest- ml to MuUtarla uKaln.'Jt thu Bul- Kiuiiin m-cTPt pollen who have Ihriia'urii'd Amurlcan diplomats In i thr Hullumx. Slink I'uiitH WUIIi- Muv Si'dalor FcrKUMon of .Michigan Is iitroiiK for iiroblru: your frlontl, Mllck-lMntM Wllllu May. nupbuw of tho flush 1 !) Count nsninm: from Kon-, Thu Itittur, by tho way, llMta lilrnsulf In tho Concjros.ilonn.1 Dime-, lory uti liavlntf "had an nctlvu and iiUCciix.Ml'ul burtlnuMfi carucr." . . Con- jrr«M»mnn Hunry Jackson of'Seattle In still tiattlliiK to cli'.'vn up noandal.M 4n thij Murltlini! Ccimmldslon—and dolru: a Kouil Job of It Your ad- nilrur, Senator McKullnr, cot MO bit- tor iiKiilnHt Ills fi.'llow-Tunno.s.suoan, AlbiM-t Cifii-fl, In a ruount closnd- door comiTilttiH- muftlnK Unit Con- Itn-s'iiuan lien Junsfn of [own, a KrpuMlcan, cnmu to Corn's dofcn«e. MrKullur wanted to build TVA dams Mlmiiltanuounly. Gore wnnt- i'd In liulld (inu II I'M t and later tliu iiui.'ond, suvlntr over a million liuckst I'lvun aftur Spnuker Sani Ray- iiurn warnnrl UKalnst InsertlnK ci-ltl i:ul miLtorlal In tho Con(,'rnn.ilonal KuL-onl, nuvofMiiy-dlo Lyln Boron of Oklahoma lnnui'trd an editorial from thu Yonkersi. .V. Y., Morald- Ntati.'.Tnan p|-oponinK .11 m Farlny for Governor of New Yoi-k, nnd biilJIni; out Sifnutor '.lini Munil. You hru-e pmhitbly now necii that Hori'ii lilt tho dust: In ttii> Oklahoma pruHuiitutlun wus n: . Hurtles uttoiitled by about 15,000 child rim. . Mrs. Ford viHltad 22 (InternatlonHl Soi.ndphoto) vie, for Tue S Oh, yes one otnci- old Hiirsohel Johnson. Mow that | "'.^j,.^' jj.'^. c i" wulfook/'oHlcc admln- ho's U. S, Ambiissaxlor to tho United i smi |.or, will Have the- discharges Nations, Herschul la },'• tolty about ellplomullo prncu ccm '" A Chart of thu Amerlcim lo n,o ON show'oil Bernard Baruch and ox-AmbiisHtulor John Wlnant runklntf nbovu Johnson, wheruupon Hci'schijl hit tho ccillnK and ordered a. now chart witn his nanio, -liko Abou Bon Adhom'.t loadln;,' all- the 1 rest . .Hnr.schol'also (,'Qt hu'ffy when the buys threw a farewell party for Eil Stcttlnius and invited Ralph Hunch, a. NCRro in uharfju of Dcpun- dont Ai«i>i-ii:ans Affairs, to attend. When Johnson objected, Sam Boykin also of tbu American delegation, bawlud him out. "I'm from Alabama," he said "but Ralph Bunch has ILS much rljrht as anyone to be at the party. I'm tfoliiK to invite him, Hu did. The ofllco- force war.tu mo to remind you that wo expect somo real souvenirs of Paris. Come back soon. Marian, -. . .iicordod and return thfi papers to donee, tho veterans by rcglatecd mail. Anderson Reports For Boot Training Arvld. Julluw Anderson, JS, son ot Arvid Julius Anderson, Sr,, 137 New street, has ruported for recruit training- at the United States Naval Training Center, Bainbridg-e, Md.. ' ' (Copyright, ilfl-IG Syndicate, inc.) By Tho Eel! Many Local Vets Fail To Register Discharge Papers More than 300 veterans of the armod forces discharged -\.o NaufO'- tuck havi) not loffisterod clincharg- os with the town clerk. Jt Is lm|.Mi'tnnt that thCHa pnpnrs be filed with Lh'j tov/n olllclal, for should a discharge jinper be lost or flfstroycd, it cannot be replaced. Many olllclnls rcc|iiost compiled tM o!' NauKaturU rcisidenlit, who norvetl In tin? vnrloiis forces, for piLi-tlculur oceiision.-! sunh as the plnnncd Welcome Homo celebration. Vetcrana urn urftcd to record dls- hul'K't.S •'I'' «"•'!! 11" pOHSiblc. If It IS lmpoii:<lbli! for u vuturun to take cliurge:) to t!i(.' town hall olllco during rn{,'i.i| odlcii hours i'roiri 9 n. m. to fi p. m., It is au;;K^stccl thcv li.'tivn thorn at Iho local Scr- Funerals Frtidurlck B. Hottoon FrodcVIck-' B. Hodson, ^ "ian- ugor of thu Hodson Hotel Waterbury, for a number -jf years died yoatcrday in hia rooni at the Hotel, followlnR a -three weeks Illneaa., He Is survived by two daughter^ a- .son, -iind four sisters. Funeral scrvloeo- will-. bo held tomorrow morning from the Bei-gln Funeral Home, Watorbury, to the Immaculate Conception- church. Burial will, be in' new St Joseph's cemetery. PriundB may call at the-funeral hoine-L'jdtiy from 3 to 0 o'clock and 7-'to 10- o'clooU. IV. . '— —— '• MI-H. Helen K. Blenmckl " Funeral services tnr MI-M. Helen (Kurubun) Bienmciv:, wife of Stephen Blernackl, -15 Pronpect street, who died' Monday evening- at her : home wure held this morning'at '•$-l'J o'clock from llic T-it/g'erald F.uncra! Home, 320 Main, street, • to St. Hedwiu's oliurch, where a solemn requiem, high Muas was cclebruted at 9 o'clock. The Rny. ^'/hn Wanat served, at the main .altar, .the Rev. S. F. Nalewajk ut the Sacred Heart altar, und the Rav.. Paul Bartlcwski of Thomp- Eonville at the altar of the Blessed V.irgin, The Rev, George Bai'tlew- skl ol! Bristol was seated in the sanctuary. Mrs. Theresa Sollwockl was in charge ot the musical service. • A delegation from the Ladies' auxiliary of St. Hedwig's society included: Mrs. Frank Sx.czesiul,; Mm. Alexandra Tarasiewicz, Mrs. Wladysluwa Radomska, Mrs. Jean Diskiewicx, Mrs, Elen.nora Kioiel- uwskl und Mra. Lucy Kojjut. Bearers were: Bronisluw Palmoskl, Vincent Pawloski and Adam' Zapatka representing the Ulan & Falcon Society, Peter Jagclo, Joseph -ICird- Kik and Walter reprcsent- ing St. Hedwiff'e society. Interment was in St. James' cemetery, with Father Wanat in- charge of the committal service. On The Air Today 0:10 p. >n- W BRY—Baseball Scores WATR—Interlude 0:15 l>. «"• WBUY—Nylon Time; Lope'/. WABG—My Opinion WOR—On The-Century VVJJS—Ethel and Albert WATR—Al., Sporta •WKAF—Invitation wrrc—Gi'«o ciub .. ••• '• 0:20 p. m- WATR— Cocktiill S«rena<Jfl 0:80 p. m. WBRY—E. Chriaty Krk, News •vY'l'IC—Strictly Sports WATB—News WOR—Vunde venter WBAF—Serenade; Sports WABC—Larry Can• ' ft-AS p. in. WBRY-WABC—News Till Now W-TIC-WICAF—LowuII Thomu.s WOR—-Stan Lomax -\VATR-—.Plflsisurc "nd Profit WJZ—Great Scott 7.:00. p. m. WBRY-WABC—Pittti Clayton WTJC-WEAF—Supper Club WJ2—Headline Edition WATR—Albert Wurncr 7:15 p. m. WBRY—Gospel TJght Quartet WABC—Skyline Roof WOR—Answer Man WATR- WJZ—Rhythm Advonturoi) 7:25 p- m. WATR—News 7:30 p. in. WBRY—Public Hearing WTIC-WEAF—Johnny Morgan WABC—Mr. Keen WATR-WJZ—Prof. Quiz WOn—News • • •• 7:45 p. m. WEATT—Hnrknesu WOR—Inside of Sports 8:00 p. in. WBRY-WABC—Suspense WTIC—Olmstead Playhouse WOR—Carrinirton Playhouse WATR-WJZ—Lum and Abner «:ir> p. m. WATR-WJ2:— Th<: O'N«llls WOR—Kenny Baker 8:30 p. ni. WBHY-WABC-K-jund Off WTIC-WEAF—Coffee Time WATR-WJZ—Town Meeting WOR—Vic und Sado A:M p. in. WBRY-W ABC—News 0:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Dick Haymes WTIC-WEAF—Music' Hall WOR—Cubrie! Heatter 9:15 j>. ni. WOK—Real Stories U:SO p. in. WBRY-WABC—Hobby Lobby WVIC-WEAF—Eve Arden V/ATR-WJZ—Detect and Collect WOR—By Popular Demund U:.';3 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Wlsmcr's Sports 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—That's Life FRED'S HI-WAV GK1LJ-K 501 South Main St. Itegrulitr Dally Dinner Me up \ La Carte Menu Spaghetti To Tuke Out Banquet Ream, Cocktiill Lounge Full Liquor jjccrme WTIC-WEAF—Monroe Orch WATR-WJZ—Kccpln K the Peace WOR—California Melodies 10:»0 p. m, WBRY—Phone Again Finncgan WATR—Fantasy In Melody WTJC-WKAF— Fifth Horseman WOR—Symphonette 10:»3 p. in, WJZ—Fantasy in Mtlody 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News II:JO p. m. WBRY—John Daly, City New* Jl:15 p. m. WBRY-WABC—You and th« Atow WATR-WJZ— Mccker'H Orel). WTIC-WEAF—Harkness WOR~N.>wrt; Weather 11:30 p. m. WBRY—Studio Playhouse WTJC-WEAF-Concort WABC—Cavallcro Orch. WJZ-WATR—Gemu; Pelham Orch. WOR—Weather; Dance Orch. 12:0(> Midnltfit ALL Stations—News NOW is the time to. have your BLANKETS . • AJJO . . COUNTERPANES Expertly Laundered Dial Wat. 4-4106 A MERICA / II \ Kit ) All three youtimeand labor EASY, .or THA;I'KS We wish to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many fi-loncls, rolatlvca and neighbors, who, hy their many acts of Itlnd- ne. u H, floi'iil trlhutc!) nnd expressions of .sympathy did so much to miiko IlKhtnr th<; burden of wief In our recent borcnvcment. The Din-cite Family. RCHANDISE — A 1946 Buick Special -4-door Scdtn. All orv equipped wicb x^dio Just III—Another Shipment 26 PC. SET (I rncli. Kiilvi-s — Forl;n, Ton. Kpoons — Tiibli'Spiion.M. J cunh. UutUT Knlfi.'—.Sii);nr Slmll — €lii-sl: In- S995 N'o Tux CCHNEERC +f CREDIT JEWELERS^ 162 South Main St. — 4.2204 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur Air FLOWWHH TKUJGUAl'llKD i KVKKY\VlIICriK MELBOURNE'S .FLOWER SHOP 130 IIUBU1CH AVENUU —FREE— DEMONSTRATION Of the newest ALL-IN-ONE Electronic AT THE — WATKRBUBV Thurs, Aug. 1st—1:30 to 5—7 to 9:30 P. M. Fri, Aug. 2nd—1:30 to 5—7 to 9:30 P. M. Sat. Aug. 3rd—1:30 to 6 P. M. You will bo permitt.ud to examine and. tost suvcmil din'wrunt iniikos ol' the Tiitost ALL- f,X-OXE llou.rijig Aids, witliont nny obligation. Male and female consultants in attendance . Denionstra-.tioii inuloi- supervision PERSONAL HEARING AID BUREAU 865 Chapel St. . New Haven 2$ DrLfarf Btndix A*- trmalir Ha*' Lauad'xi. Willies, rinsci. dump dric», clc»Qfc jt.->cll, drjiin* iticlf, fchurs n- sell od*—*11 ^UUUUL- icallr- JUST COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: "I like Robin Hood Flour because ; , . (In 25 additional words, or lets) 25 RCA Victor Auia- raetjc Radio.Phox*- traf>b Ctnioltt. 9 tubes, 3 bands — uuntcur, American. And foicign rtcep- tioo. Completely uu-. 653 PRIZES Just think—a Rrenc bjg.'brand new Buick your, door! Thaphome freezer you've needed so long right in your kitchen! X new frigiduirc De Luxe riffriguraior to tuke the place of that old one! A wonderful, new, modern R. C. A. Victor Console radio for your living room! An up-to-date Bendix Automatic Home Laundry Washer to make., that washday easier! You have 6 53 oppor- (unities to wiu u prize! It's Eatyt You've just as good'an opportunity to wjn one of woadcrfuf,.ncw, 19A6. Quicks as the next woman. Literary skill '.... i~,\ncy writing^.... ntutnCM don't count extra". Just say what you sincerely think about this maryclousjtubin Uood.Flour. And you'll find ic so easy-to-think of somethmg-to say. You sec—Robin Hood Flour is the very, finest flour being milled today. In fact, it's so wonderful that it's one Hour that can say, "Jt's so fine, you can still bake Anj;el food Cake." Every bag of.-Robin Hood Flour bears The Reason for this Contest Yes — we all. want to do our part to comply with the Governmtnr request to save flour. So to enter this conteit, you don't have to buy Robia Hood Flour. Hut we'd still like to hiitrw.wbat-you think about Robin Hood. And maybe you can win a prize. Soashyour Jrittitls and neighbors about it,. Then get busy and send us your entry. SS Ot With super frecter, delude, new meat- icfidtr aod 2 de-luxe hydmou of moiu a. moncy-back-plus-10% guarantee. Robin. Hoodi is the only leading flour that gives you a guarantee like this. Don't Mits This Great Contact! Be sure and try Robin Hood Flour if you am. Ask your dealer for it. However, if your dealer is out of _Robin Hood Flour,, you can. still enter this contest. Just-read all about, this wonderful Robin Hood Flour in the advertisements, or listen to Robin Hood's entertaining new radio program, "The Peabodys." This will help you to complete your sentence about Robin Hood Flour. Then, write your sentence in the coupon-below. I Fellow These Simple RULESi 1 Complete this sentence: "I I ike Robin Hood Flour Seamse . . .'"in 25 additional words or lets. Write on one iidc of a sheet of paper. Print or write plainly your name und.addrMV Stnd no CKITO loneci, drawings or pboiograph* widi your eotry. 2 M»il totrici to Robin Hood Flour, Box 33. Miaocapolis, Minnesota. You do not have to purchase Robin Hood Hour to enter. 3. The contest cloies on August 10, 194<3. All entries received on that d.y and all cnir«i nonmrkcd not later than midniRht 01 tin" Sy STll b7.ccc P ted if reived not later th*u August 14, 4 Entries will be judged for clearness, sincerity and originality. Judses' decn.on will be final Fancy entries will nor count extra. Duclicntc prize* will be awarded in oxse ol "«. No entries will be returned, tntr.o. contents, and idem therein become the property of International Milling Company. OK aaencies ond their families. Contests.arc »&eS to Federal, State and Local regul.t.on.. 6. Names of the major prize wjnners will be annouoced over Robin Hood's -The PC*- bcxlv«" radio prORra.-n on or about Ao*u»t 27 (Tcom^tc l£t of winner* will be available upon request). 7 The merchandise in this contest has all been purchased from the manufacturer. However, in the event of condition* beyond our ^oTtrol and we are unable-to deliver any ot these prizes, we will.sub.titutc the retail cash value. CONTEST CLOSES MIDNIGHT, AUGUST 11 !>, 1946 HINT?- ON HOW TO WIN First, try Robin Hood Flour or, rend about it in a Robin.Hood' advertisement or look in your local newspaper for Robin Hood's entertaining, new radio program, "The. Peabody.s." Listen to the messages we bring you about Robin.Hood daily on this program. • ' , ' . TKen.-writc about>Robih Hood simply^ and sincerely in your own words- For instance,' you might'write':""/ like Robin Hood flour because it's so fine I can still bake Angel Food Cake." Then- get your entrain- the mail 'as, soon as possible.' ;" „'" •.'.'' TUNE IN "THE PEABODYS" Tor further details of this.contc«t,.hintc.on-how to win and litlpful-ncws about Robin Hood Hoar. ••miic in "The Prabodys" every day; Monday, throtvh Friday. See your loaU papers for ume aod station. Major prize winners will be announced over "The PeabbdyV'on of about August 27. tutif. equipped withans»' tip he»t cootroL 100 "Sentiwu, Afumj. with..the. exclusive, ocw AuuxnaucMiX' fiadci. 200 Ttailma&tr Taaiitri— To»»t every slice juic the way you autocwdctily ENTRY BLANK Finisf, tbtjollowins. wwi" 2U ' OrdS liood Flour, Be* 33, I Ilk* Robin Hood b»eau«« •—eggS** *r_, e r» S" 661 : T—:—~ l i——~. —;— .:.••

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