Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on October 17, 1974 · Page 8
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 8

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1974
Page 8
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THE TTTONKA TOPIC, TTTONKA, IOWA, OCTOBER 17, 1974 ASC Office Is Receiving Committee Nominations Farmers are reminded that the Kossuth County ASC Office is now receiving nominations for ASC community committee election candidates. Curtis Haahr, county executive director, encourages farmers to use this opportunity to nominate their farm neighbors as candidates In the ASC committee election. The ASC election will be conducted by mail from Nov. 22 to Dec. 2. Eligible farm voters will be provided with instructions for filling out the secret ballot and returning it to the county office. Most resident farmers are eligible to hold office as ASC committeemen. If a farmer would like detailed information concerning eligibility requirements, he or she should contact the ASCS County Office. In filling out a petition, farmers should be careful to include the name of only one nominee, the signatures of at least three eligible ASC voters who support the nominee, and certification that the nominee is willing to serve if elected. Petitions must contain this information; without it, they will not be accepted. The corn- no ater than October 29. ASC committee elections are open to all eligible ASC voters without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Mr. Haahr explains that any concerned farmer with an interest in serving fellow producers would be an asset to the ASC committee. For this reason, farmers are urged to petition for the farmers of their choice. The individual producer will benefit in Ahe long run from a responsible, concerned team of ASC commltteettnen in the local administration of U.S. govern- TITONKA V. F. W. AUXILIARY The Auxiliary to William H. QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OP PROCEEDINGS Titonka Consolidated School District, Kossutih, Hancock and Winnebago Counties I do hereby certify that .this report is a true and correct statement of the prpceedings pertaining to the financial matters Kennedy V.F.W. Post met on { of the board of said district for ithe quarter ending Sept. 30,1974. /s/ HAROLD E. GARTNER, Secretary Tuesday, October 1 at 7:30 p.m. | in the Titonka Public Library with nine members present. Kathryn Hamilton's name was drawn for door prize. The meeting was called to order by President Beverly Gerdis. Also present was our 10th District President Bernice Johnson of Garner. She foment farm programs, said. Government Class Poll Results Are Released In the survey token by the government class of Titonka High School, 154 poeple were interviewed with the following results. Party affiliation: Republican 64. Independent 47, Democrat 26, undecided 17. Governor: Robert Ray 87, undecided 54, James Schaben 19. Senator: undecided 85, Dave Stanley 47, John Culver 22. Representative: Wiley Mayne 69, 'undecided 55, Berkley Bedell 39. The class would like to .thank all those who took part in the Haahr spected our officers books and also presented us with several Citation of Merit Certificates. One was for contributing the largest amount of money for Cancer Aid and Research from 35 members by March 31, 1974. Another was for eging over 100 percent in cancer aid membership for and research by pleted petition should be dated ^ ey ^ere s no7onnection ° between this and a telephone the Kossuth County ASC Office Worth Money Trade In your old Furniture. You are invited to BJus- troms Furniture. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Established 1985 Carpeting, Floor Covering. Large Selections. Use our easy payment plan. liJOSTROM'S FURNITURE COMPANY Alg-ona, Iowa survey being taken in the area. BUFFALO BOYS 4-H The Buffalo Boys 4-H Club met October 3 at the school with 18 members present. The group toured the Titonka Locker. The meeting was opened by David Amesbury. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Scott Smidt. We decided to draw names for Christmas at the next meeting. The 4-H Pledge was given by Steven Smidt. Mrs. Smidt served lunch. —Steven Smidt, reporter June 1. A certificate was also presented to our Cancer chairman, Marilyn Bengitson. Another citation was in recognition of volunteer service to veterans at the Knoxville Hospital and for contributions and support during the past year. A gifit of $3.00 was presented to Bernice Johnson, which she endorsed and returned to add to the Stacey Goodrich Fund. Total contributions to this fund are now $115.90. The treasurer reported $119 has been received from the Bakeless Bake Sale. It was decided ,to have a Halloween Party, inviting our husbands. This will be held at the home of Beverly Gerdis on Sunday, October 27 at 7:00 p.m. The treasurer's report was read and accepted. The meeting was closed with the chaplain giving prayer. Lunch was served by Marilyn Bengtson and Thresa Baade. FINANCIAL STATEMENT . Schoolhouse Fund Balance .from Previous Quarter $ 18,558,76 Total Receipts for Quarter 1,611.11 Total to Account for $ 20,169.87 Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter . 70.00 Balance at End ol Quarter $ 20,099.87 General Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $112,657.52 Total Receipts for Quarter 62,566.49 Total to Account for $175,224.01 Expenditures Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter $ 82,035.53 (Teachers, Janitors, Officers, etc., grouped) Other Warrants Issued — amount 29,574.73 Total Expenditures $111,610.26 Balance at End of Quarter $ 63,613.75 Summarized Proceedings Pertaining To Financial Matters And Expenses Of This Quarter $19,500.00 of the Schoolhouse Fund balance shown above is invested with the Titonka Savings Bank. $55,000.00 of the General Fund balance shown above is invested with the Titonka Savings Bank. LIST OF WARRANTS (except salaries) Schoolhouse Fund Person, Firm or Corp. to Whom Paid; For What Valley Bank & Trust Co.; Interest Amount ...$70.00 CONSERVE ENERGY! Cheryl Hanson Receives Letter Of Commendation dheryl Hansen, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Hanson, has received a letter Of commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corp. Cheryl is one of 38,000 students who have been comimended on the basis of their high performance on the 1973 Preliminary Schol- lastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The commended students are in the upper 2 per cent of those who are expected to graduate from high school in 1975. Although the commended students ranked high on the tests they do not continue in the Merit Scholarship competition Home Federal Savings & Loan Association ALGONA OFFICE 50511 State & Harlan Streets (515) 295-7251 GARNER OFFICE 50438 325 State Street (515) 923-3621 Savings and investments are the highest here. ANNUAL EARNINGS ON YOUR SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS ARE COMPOUNDED DAILY. - Yields 5.39% - ON PASSBOOK Day-In, Day-Out Passbook Savings Any Amount — No Minimum Yields 5»92% — CERTIFICATE On Three Month Certificates $500 Minimum -Yields 6.72% - CERTIFICATE On One-Year Certificates $1000 Minimum 6 3 /4%- Yields 6.98% -CERTIFICATE On 30 Month Certificates $5,000 Minimum -Yields 7.78% - CERWFIOATE On 4 Year Certificates $10,000 Minimum All earnings Automatically reinvested on March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 «»d Dec. 31. A substantial interest penalty is recpiiwd for early withdraWl on all certificate*. To the End of Time |the Spirit Lives Though life ends, on lives ths spirit. It is this thought that oar service^ express. WINTER FUNERAL HOME Phone Collect: 582-2858 or 562-2731 If no answer eaD (624809 Buffalo Center, Iowa CADETTE GIRL SCOUTS Oadette Girl Scout Troop 420 met at 4:15 in the music room, of the school on Sept. 23. Lisa Wubben brought the meeting to order. Lola Beenken read the secretary's report. The treasurer's report was given. Valerie Follman imade a motion to adjourn the meeting and Janice Ubben seconded it. We then made collages for crafts. Lunch was served by Jolene Bruns and Teri Bengtson. The troop met again October 7. The discussion was on selling peanuts and cookies. A motion was made and seconded to give $10.00 to the fund of Julie Low. Gris Wilbeck made a motion to adjourn. Brendia Wubben seconded it. Lunch was served. TITONKA F.F.A. MEETS The Titonka Chapter of the Future Farmers of America met at. 7:30 pirn., Tuesday, October 8. Freshmen Greenhands who were initiated were Mark Anderson, Mike Schmidt, Brian Moore, Elden Boyken, Wendell Christensen, Verle Rlcklefs, Mike Orthel, Mark Goetz, Arlyn Burkhart, Daniel Eden, Neal Hansen and Dale Norland. We planed a hayride for Oct. 12, and the meeting was adjourned. —Steve Bartlatt, Ass't. reporter TOTAL $70.00 General Fond Person, Firm or Corp. to Whom Paid; For What Amount Algona Publishing Co.; Paper and ads $ 13.65 Alesco Educational Services Co.; Magazines 230.95 Area in Administrators; Dues 10.00 Anderson Implement; Repairs 145.65 Amoco Oil Co.; Gas 88.86 Acme Chemical Co.; Supplies 137.00 Anderson Chemical Co.; Supplies 221.52 American Ass'n. of School Administrators; Forms ... 12.80 Bankers Life Co.; Insurance 1,746.11 Beed Hardware; Supplies 114.58 Bpmgaars Family Center; Supplies 8.66 Bilsborough Upholstering Shop; Repairs 1.00 Bumpa-Tel, Inc.; Suplies : 6.95 Baker and Taylor Co.; Books 259.52 Bancroft Register; Forms 13.00 Dick Blick; Supplies 507.14 Brodhead Garrett Co.; Equipment 23.00 WIm. C. Brown Publishing Co.; Books 34.25 Cardinal Supply Co.; Supplies 42.28 Carolina Biological Supply Co.; Supplies 446.20 Crescent Electric Supply Co.; Repairs 1.76 Crystal Lake Furniture; Carpet 117.80 Central Telephone Co.; Book 1.18 The Coaching Clinic; Magazine 24.99 Coast .to Coast Stores; Supplies 2.49 Clearing Account; Registrations 82.80 Colonial Research Chemical Corp.; Supplies 86.40 The Continental Press, Inc.; Supplies 7.66 Callies Store; Supplies 1.04 City of Titonfca; Water and sewer 96.28 Decker Audio-Visual, Inc.; Equipment 576.50 Des Moines Register; Ads 133.62 Earl Draper & Sons, Inc.; Supplies 41.40 Educators Progress Service. Inc.; Books 49.55 Educational Manpower, Inc.; Supplies 24.83 Educational Systems; Supplies 42.95 Farmers Co-op Oil Co.; Fuel and oil 182.58 Forkner Publishing Corp.; Supplies 79.42 Frank D. Fisher; Repairs 3.00 Floyd & Leonard Auto Electric, Inc.; Repairs 48.04 General Learning Corporation; Supplies 598.02 G & H Motor Parts; Parts 104.66 Globe-Gazette; Paper and ads 28.68 Gast Service Engineering; Contract wiring 2,184.54 David Gerdis; Paper 26.60 Guidance Associates; Books 75.00 Larry Goodrich; Painting 147.00 Gamble Hinged Music Co.; Music 52.26 Gessler Publishing Co.; Supplies 41.00 Greenberg Auto Supply, Inc.; Repairs 22.41 Hedrick Brothers, Inc.; Repairs 68.00 Har.court Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; Books 438.32 Hillyard Sales Co.; Supplies 276.55 Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc.; Books 177.57 Houghton Mifflin Co.; Books 4.28 Huber Supply Co.; Cyl rent 5.00 Hutzell's; Supplies 7.74 Pete Haines; Cabinets 40.25 Hogard & Son; Repairs 320.50 CHECK THE CLASSIFIEDS An announcennent from your neighborhood Ford Dealer LONNEST NCE INCREASE ON75O1RS , Everyone knows new car prices are up. But the 75 Fords at your local .Ford Dealer have the lowest price Increase of any major car made in the U.S. Interstate Power Co.; Light and power 1,028.26 NEH' FORD GMHADA FobJous! About the slza aid weight of a Mercedw 280- the price o( a FadYa/ve acrl to (Jtve it to believe ill Add the tact that youll get a significantly better trade-in rfghl new. the cash dfference can mean a considerably tower • purchase prtoe. NEW LTD MND/1U Fantastic! The size, comfort and luxury of much more expensive cais.[Bulck andOlds.eatyou(hearl5 -.„. -*'"" ou») Your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer wants to help you get the right car, the right price, the right deal-right Conw^n today) Good YOUR >le to deal with FORD DEALER W. E. Ley Motor Company LAKOTA, IOWA Iowa Employment Security Commission; S. S. itax Iowa Pub. Employees' Ret. System; Retirement tax Iowa State Industries; Tires Iowa Parcel Service, Inc.; Freight The Jet-O Co.; Supplies Interstate Printers & Publishers, Inc.; Books Kienitz Painting & Decorating; Repairs Kimbo Educational; Supplies Kossuth Motor Company; Parts Klipto Printing & Office Supply Co.; Supplies Krafft Music Co.; Equipment Lorrain's Agate Shop; Supplies J. S. La,t.ta & Son; Supplies Ley Motor Co.; Repairs Livestock Producer; Magazine Library Supplies; Supplies A. M. Leonard & Son, Inc.; Supplies Metropolitan Supply Co.; Supplies Marshall & Swift, Inc.; Cleaning Charles E. Merrill Publishing Co.; Supplies Midwest Shop Supplies, Inc.; Supplies Minnesota Clay; Supplies Mishek's; Supplies Martin Marietta; Rock National FFA Supply Service; Supplies Narcotics Education, Inc.; Magazine Northwest Office, Inc.; Supplies 4,699.31 2,582.65 222.74 1.45 701.13 19.17 100.00 19.21 64.88 3.93 313.50 145.59 456.28 41.74 7.00 70.65 53.15 112.50 4.37 82.03 63.73 96.86 44.43 70.69 10.25 12.50 13.14 Northern Cedar Service Co., Inc.; Surface repair 1.674.0J) National School Public Relations Ass'n.; Books 25.95 Postmaster; Postage and rent 24.05 Petty Cash Fund; Postage 54.16 Paramount Ceramic, Inc.; Supplies 23.01 The Perfection Form Co.; Supplies 27,82 Pratt Educational Media, Inc.; Equipment 287.87 Pyramid Paper Co., Inc.; Supplies 12.67 Brad Ricks; Paper 26.60 Rand McNally & Co.; Supplies 55.87 Random House, Inc.; Supplies 8.18 Standard Oil Co.; Gas 187.01 Sun Oil Co.; Gas 306.90 Sportsman's of Storm Lake; Tape 284.25 Sargent-Welch Scientific Co.; Supplies 97.83 Science News; Magazine 10.00 Stuart Products Corp.; Supplies 6.40 Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Equipment 28.97 South-Western Publishing Co.; Books 34.06 Sentinel; Ads 15*12 State Historical Society of Iowa; Membership renewal 5.00 Tyke Service Center; Repairs 108.44 The Titonka Topic; Publications, ads and supplies ... 238.35 Taylor Motor Co.; Parts 169.60 Titonka Telephone Co.; Rent and calls 249^23 Triangle School Service; Equipment and supplies 2,782.36 Titonka Fire Department; Repairs 1.50 Teaching Resources Films; Film 53.24 United Building Centers; Materials 1,934.20 Rod Wilbeck; Travel expense 58.53 Nasco; Supplies 58.63 TOTAL $29,574.73 I, Harold E. Gartner, Secretary of <the above named School District, do hereby certify that tills report, pages 1/2 and 3, is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending September 30,1974. /s/ HAROLD E. GARTNER, Secretary Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of October A, D. 1974, ___ AULAN J. BOTB31N, Notary

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