Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 18
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 18
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Sunday, March 11, 1045 REVERIES, PAi>T, PRESENT, FUTURE BY ROS^S PRYSOCK. : Thl* «v«ning, at a. bB-tirjuei spon- -.'-. *ored oy Cumberland Council, ': Knight, of Cohimbus. at the K, ot •'' C . rici« oil North Mechanic street, jotne 1'jcal boy will be:'awarded' the council's Sportsmanship award. Some boy who has played on one of the three city high school basket- bill lea.TU; this i,ea*on; U;' to be slate is somewhat different f j»n> the centra) and toathern parti of this state, and the northerners won, making It their sixth ilraffht winning o( the W. Va, Cutholle tournament. The defeat however does not dim the excellent record made by St td by him In the sontesis with his fellow youiij? citizens. .... ' •;: . Some bo 1 ., one of iiv, who had previously been designated as candidate for the award, ..will be hon- orfcd in the preJsenUtlpn of it wrist watch, suitably engraved for the occasion. , ; . . ,. : , This h<i« been-an annual fea- turr, founded hy the C'a^e.v oluh of Cumberland in IfrW und continued rach year by : that nr- ganization until thU year U u-as tiiken over by Cunil>erland Council. . K. of C., due to tUe fact thai many of the members of the C;u.ey club were alnenl from the city, both In the armetj .service ant! In war plant work. LaSa He Places Geatz, Gunning, Shaffer And Steiner Named Sincu the first prflseiHiition to Tommy Mont (Allegany high srhooii, u, loral basketball player hu.s received the award each year five In all hiving been so honored by the. Casey. Club, and the recipients of the award have prized their trophy, a pocket watch in . those former years, us one ot their mos highly valued. possessions. " The wiitnlnp of these awards has been something thut has : been before each player euch year, wllh the result sports].. nianship is more than a word to the city high school basketball player*. Th* purpose of ihe awnrd lias hroitght. forth clean ; playing, good sportsmanship all through ihe scasiins. There has hern hard, driving playlu? at times, especially when two mn- hitioiw teams meet on the basketball court, rach doing all ' within his power to win for his Kchuol, hut It has brcn noticeable that the playrrs have play- fil the game as good sportsmen, and If therr was no other sain, the g*mr. has been b?tter for this trophy that lias been placed bvfore the boys each year. .:• Following Tommy Mont, the firsl i ward winner, "Penny" Shaffer, of LaSalle;. was' the recipient the second year (1041). in 1942, Pan .Whitford, Fort,.Hill, was given the award,'and )n succession up to present, time, the others were Bobby Stakom, LaSalle, in l£H3, acid Don »ld "Bubbles" Whitman, Fort Hill Jn 1344, . Tonight the 1345 award win- pcr will bf. announced. There will be five other candidate', for the award, who were named *K candidates for their outstanding Sportsmanship ileport- ' ment on thr court, and. although one ot the six trill be named for the honor, each is honored in being selected from their teams as worthy of the aivarrt. In making- the final selection, the committee has iveijthed eacli candidate, one A£ftinst the other, and it )i:w been a difTicult Job to m;ike the Hnat selection. Donald "Bubbles' 1 Whiteman, won the honor last year, and again this season, because of his consistcn display of sportsmanship, he is t- candidate from Fort Hill, high good manner all season, drilling them in a strong offensive action and today, local. fans will have an opportunity to j*e and compare the two teams, Their meeting at this time Is of especial interest due io the fact that St. Mary's will also KO In the Extern States tournament this month. It Is a question if the two teams would meet at the tournament, all depending upon the . drawlni • for iht oprnlnf round and how far rtu-h will travel during the tourney. .If the two should continue past the early rounds, they might meet either in the semifinals or final. U would be Interesting, following thii first meeting here. If they could meet in the finals at Newport. Each would know much of the other's type of playing anil would )>e like local carries where home and home frames are scheduled. Captain Johnny Cox, Allegany Star, Gets Other Berth —Four Unanimous Choices Three Shooters Are Holdovers It Is our belief however,'thill La-j Balle has the stronger of the two teams after considering the teams played by each- of the ;two. Neither teem, however, :has had .the stiff competition that', was customary in past yenrs; but LaSsillc has fawxl stronger force. 1 ; Jn at least a half oisen games—games in which rivalry had as great part as playing. LaSalle has Iiad games with the other two city teams,— Altcjany and Kort Hill, and two ; with Keyser that were the equal of anything that could have been presented to the Little Ten this season. LaSalle cajne through victoriously in all but one of these meetings, but in each of them it required that the Kxplorers jive their best. In the Anal game^ with Keyser, the Explorers had trouble, not so much from lh« other team, as It \f-An lapses of their own. True, the Keyser Golden Tornado played a hard defensive game In efforts to check the Explorers, but It was the offensive play of the Explorers that was off the beam. Their shots were made under no more stress than In sny other game, but the shots failed to register. Sophomore Geutz, City's Leading Scorer, Makes Mythical Team Second Straight Year The UiSalle High Explorers, who captured the city championship for ine fourth consecutive season, were honored with four of five places on i the 1945 All-City basketball team, as selected for The Sunday Times by ihe coaches of the three local schools. Explorers given berths on the That is no excuse as every team mythical quintet are Forwards Tommy "T-Bone-" Geatz and Ed Gunning, Center Jack Steiner. and Guard Ray Shaffer. Rounding out the team is Captain Johnny Cox of Allegany who pairs with Shaffer at guard. The center spot was the only position in which Uie tutors had difficulty piscine a player, as the other four . were • by unanimous choice. Tnrte of the losscrs, incidentally, are repeat selections, Geatz. Cox and Shaffer having been named on the 194-t star-itudded quintet. " ••• AHS PUted Three in 19-U The placing of four players from the same team on the 1045 outfit is probably, the first, time that has been done since the ail-star basketball project was initiated by The Sunday Times about 15 years ago. Last year, Allegany dominated the All-City team despite finishing second best to LaSalla In the three- way chase. The Campers placed three players 'on the 1944 crew with BOD Spangler aud Jimmy Macfarlane being named in addition to Cox. : • • - • Thaie coming in for honorable mention on this year's club are Don "Bubbles" Whiteman, .William "Buddy" Giles and Don McGIll of 1945 All-City Team 1 ' " , " % 'FORWARDS Tommy Geatz:".' .... . LaSalle Ed Gunning ---- .... .LaSalle CENTER Jack Steiner.. ------ GUARDS Ray Shaffer.. ... ...'.'.LaSalle Jphn Cox. ... . . '. '.. . . Aliegany school.. Thin o afternoon LaSalle and has that, experience many times, but it was one of those nights when the Key.ser learn took a lesson from the LaSalle book and carried the charge into the LaSalle camp and. ; registered the buckets hat counted—a ijHcnt of cio now or never, and it was now. ; That ono loss was no £reat loss to LaSalle as they had already won 2-1 straight names, and following their loss added a 25th victory, and when LaSalle meets St. Mary's today it will be iwo jfnod teams facing each other with the surprise clement likely In play 3. hi? part. Rowlesburg's defeat at the hands ot Kingwood in the sectional tournament in Region ,-t. of the West Virginia Scholastic Basketball tournament, came as the llrst big surprise of the meeting. The River Lions were '. favored to move through the sectionals and into the regional Most Favorite* Win In W. Charleston, W. Va., March 10 W— It was : easy "work for the favorites again tonight as West Virginia's annual high- school Sectional basketball tournaments: ended with finalist* making a place for .themselves in-the eight regional meets next \veekend. .-.• •>»/ •<..-,.',••;•>"'' .;v;-'r : - •- : • '•' There was nob a single major up- t turned in as ,the elimination sim- ered down from the more than 00 original team entries to 32 which ere successful in the llrst step oward the 32nd state tournament in iorgantown March 23^24. <:.:••.,';•/ The defending state champions iuntington Central, swept through ection 27 in region 7, with a 39-32 REGION 4 RESULTS Keyzer 43, Bomncy 28. Al Martlnshurg — : Final Charles Town 20, Marllnsburt 19. At Parsons — Finn! Thomas 2ft Davis 14. Semi-finals Thomas 30. FranVlth 21. Davis 24, Parsons 3. .. At Klns»'°o<l— K!n»l Kingwnod 10. M»sonlown 33. vowicing the Davis High W!dc«its : ; 26 to'H in the finals..;-!;! • •»••">.' '•;•/"' . The Sudermeh jumped'kjjy to * :.; '-<\\ 4-2 lead in the first quar^r ar/y.«-' 1 were never headed. At the..r^h* thV ' : :v winners boasted a 13-5 edgi while • at the end of the third : sUti»«, the victors were on the long er| of a, 20-10 count, ' ' '->' "'''.' \ "''•• Bam Toledo and Dante ConelU each caged nine points for Ijomas while Stan Borkoskl ancl tertson Flanagan shared the Wlldc^s' six . baskets. ., ' . .".' ' : In the consolation game, Jersons . edged out Franklin by a 45-4 score in a lively scrap-which found "Bobby" Sites. Franklin ace, beir* hurt ; so severely in a collision rfth a : Parsons star that hospital trejtment was.necessary. A check late tftighfc, however, revealed that no erlous irijury' resulted. The lineups ( the title game: > ; ' ' ' Tha.a, ' : G. ri'. Pts. Sedmwlc, f ,... 3 01 « S. Toledo, T 4 " 9 Torelli, c 3 31 9 ' Depollo, g 1 Oi 3 Johnson, t 0 Oi 0 ^ decision ovn Hutitington Vlnson. Logan was keeping a year-log undefeated record clean in its section by crashing over little man high school 64-43. • : In the Northern Panhandle tte- gion 1, Wanvood's favored five smacked Wheeling in section 2 with a 52-42 verdict, Warwood ranked with Welrton as top choices in the region. Clarksburg's Washington Irving, again bent on another trip to the state affair, climaxed its section G scramble with a 45-28 pounding of Shinnston. Other region 3 contenders are Cairo with a 48-41 thriller from West Union, and Normantown which beat Spencer 37-36. West Fairmont became the fourth i- in region 3 by downing Totals .... ........ . ....... 11 Davis ' : C. Borkoikl. I ......... . ....... 3 Woeicfe. ! .................. 0 Heltzel, c .................. Q Kepuer. g ..... . ............ 3 Flanagan, g .............. <• & Totals .;' .................. 5 Score by periods: THOMAS ... ............. - . < Officials— Weihl and Qualtro. 4-3 26 F,L ris. 11 7 fin : 0 U 1 Ol. ; ' • 6 0) " • 0 7T u U 20—2S S 10—U R»y Shaffer . Jack Steiner Johnny,Cox Fort Hill, Bill "Snuff" Stanley, Gene "Wilbur'' Shaw and Johnny Diamond of Allegany and Carl Muller, L«iSalle's other iirst, stringer. .. Geatz Earns Place Geatz earned a place on the 1B45 combination by his high-scoring [performances during the campaign in which he shattered one all-time record and came within a whisker of breaking another. -..-••' • The Explorer bomber became the first player to go over the 400 mark tn scoru?R for ons season when he exceeded that lofty number with even points in the contest with Sportsmanship Award Will Be Presented High School Tosser Local Basketball'Placer-of One of Three City Teams To Be Given Knights of Columbus Trophy at Banquet To Be Held This Evening —VPI Coach To Be Principal Speaker Keyser month against Clarksburg St; Mary's high school teams will meet in what Is expected will be a Wgh class basketball playing. .LaSalle, winner of 24 straight games during ihe season, will have an opportunity to play «. team that has not been seen In action by local persons. The Clarksburg team comes to Cumberland •H-irlva record of having i-on 19 out of 22 games during its regular play- Ing season, several of which were games played with teams Irom various quarters of West Virginia, bringing a diversified style of court ictivlty instead 'of localized. . :: It is for thai reason that IM.- Salle fans wantirt the West Vir- erlanlans to play here, as it will enable the local players to get experience ajrainst probably different styles of piny. The St. Mary's'Rama 1* one of four that will be plftyeO here by LaSalle within trie coming week, all ar- riuieed for the purpose of giving the local team extra experience and at the same time be the rnoauts -of aiding In raising funds for transportation and hotel accommodations of the Explorers on their trip to Newport the latter part of this month where they will fa in defend their Eastern States Catholic championship. ' The Clarksburg t«am has been looked upon as the strongest quint In the Little. -Ten at West Virginia nil Benson. They demonstrated their ability, losing only three games, and those to'teams outside the Little Ten. All games within the conference were victories for St llary's and they entered the Wcsi Virginia Catholic tournruneut n '< Tuesday, he registered The annual "Sportsmanship Award", founded by the Casey Basketball Club of Cumberland, in 1340. will be given • to a local high school basketball player this eve- And last rung at the Sixth Annual Sports- 46 tallies 6arton for trie highest at Keyser next week, and the defeat by Klngwood came lus quite n shock In the other three sections of the fourth Region, there were no outstanding upsets, although the defeat of Moorefield by Parsons, in the Parsons sectional, was a mild surprise. There were many who thought '. that Moorefleld might at least go to ll>r duals, and many who were confident that they would reach the regional*: ' ..;. Keyser seems to be going according to form in their faction and number of markers In one game since Johnny Long's record total of 32 in 1924. when the latter was per- iormlng for Allegany in a battle with Bruce on the old Greene street court. Geatz. who followed in the footsteps of his brother, George, In making court history at the North End school, was an especially good pitcher from the outside but was equally as effective in close to tlic nets. Geatz. by the way, is only a sophomore but is 18 years old and has a'^eady been accepted for military service. He will probably don an Army or Navy uniform at the end of the school term. Qunning Team Player ' Gunning, a senior, Is also a consistent scorer and nn excellent team player. He has been noted for his ability, to keep calm and collected, even wtien the pressure of a close mansbip banquet, which will be held tonight in.the home of Cumberland Council No. 536, Knights of Columbus. Tlie,affair promises to be well QUALIFICATIONS FOR SPORTS AWARD there are,few bold enousjh to predict the detent of the Golden Tornado before the Morgantown finals. And, many do not stop less than the state championship this year. An numerical coincidence in racing that changed the opinion of the number "13" for .a few persons occurred when Vtdas won the Two Thousand Guineas in 1005. It was Veclas 1 13th start; he was listen 1 as No. 13 on the card; there were 13 starters anrl Vedas drew No. 13 post position. An Ertfrli.ih turf scribe backed the horse because he held Barlfte No. 13. Incidentally, his odds were 11 to Z —total 13. ..-..' How, about that haled and despised No. 13? NOW PENNSYLVANIA STARTS DOING IT Paterson, N. J.,' March 10. Abo J. Greene, president of the National Boxing Association, said and hard-fought game make;, it difficult to come through with a peak performance. Gunning, rated by Coach Art SIo- cum of LaSalle as one of his best defensive performers, often took over the job of checking a rival scoring ace when one o£ his Explorer teammates got too many personal fouls after his name. He apparently took dolight • in play-making and firing'passes that led to goals, thus proving an ideal running mate for :he sharpshooting Geatz. Both Gcate and Gunning were also adept at diagnosing' enemy plays to fn- Lercept passes. : Shaffer, also a senior, played wilh the same aggressive spirit he displayed to help the Explorers io win the Eastern States Catholic invitational tournament title last year at, Newport,'R. I. Although a bit unorthodox In his manner of shooting, the chunky LaSaile guard possesses the knack of putting the ball in the pocket and his defensive play throughout the season left iittJe to be desired. Opposing players always had a tough time keeping The founders of' the Sportsmanship Award, listed qualifications to be used as a. • guide by the norhlnalinjf committee in their selection for the Casey ' Basketball Club Sportsmanship trophy, at the time they made their decision to make such an award annually. The qualifications were adopted on December 4, 19JO, and have betn us«d ever since. They follow: ' '• . 1. Does the candidate play the game hard and fair to its' end? "'•'. : ' 2. Is he apparently rloInK more to play a team game than to - accumulate personal glory? 3, Cooperation with, and response to his coach. i. His conduct toward officials; fa) honesty, (b) .obedience. . , ' 5.'His reactions when losing as well as when winning. 6. His courtesy Io teammates, opponents and officials-. 7. His centra! conduct as an athlete, a, student, and a coming; member of adult society. ' : • At the time of the adoption of this list of qualifications, it was airrced by the members that the above items were to serve the nominating committee as their main guides, but not-necessarily eliminate any other considerations which in the best judgement of any nominator would influence the selection «f the-most -worthy candidate. Honored, have felt keenly the honor towed upon them and have prizes their possession greatly. Others through those years, as well as the past season, have been guided bj knowledge that such an award would be ma'de, and as a result, sportsmanship has ranked high in the playc group of each of the three cit; schools. That was the object o those who founded the movement and their 'work in .behalf of gooc sports has repaid them well. Past Awards Those who have received th awards are: •" • .1940—Tommy Mount, Allegany. 1941—"Penny" 'Shaffer, LaSalle: 1042—Paul Whitford, Fort Hill. 1943—Bobby Stakem, LaSallc. 1£M4—Donald "Bubbles" White man, Fort, Hill. '•••• The sixth boy honored will b known tonight. • ' In accord with the original plai of the founders, six aandidates f the award have been named th season, and from those six, one will be named as the winner of the award. Those named as candidates Sunday School Jaee Ends In Two>Way Tie lalvary Methodist and Si Paul's Knolled for First' Place—Playoff Next ;-. •••:•.'•• Week • •' :,'- -SUXDAV SCHOOL 'LEAGUE STANDING Of CMJBS V,'. L. I • 1 • 2 3" ' Calvary Methodist 13 St.- Paul's .....:.13 i. John's ..I.....'.... 1.2 reibytorlan H- First Bnplist .'.... 10 United Brethren 9 Qrace Methodist 5 ' 6 6 9 1C 10 11 11 ret. .929 : .323 .857 ..785 .114 .643 are: AUcffany high school- and Richard, "Dick" DeHart. < : LaSalle high schoolJ-Thomas "T- Bonc" Geatz and Edward "Bunny" Gunning. Fort Hill Hi*h school — William Buddy" Giles and Donald "Babbles" Whiteman. Don Whiteman -was selected and received the award last year, and is the only player to have ever been nrJminated as a candidate twice for the honor. Two N'ot Seniors All but two of the nominees . are seniors in their respective schools, the execptions being Johnny. Cox, Allegany, who graduated in January under the accelerated program and Tommy Geatz, LaSallc, who is a sophomore. During the past season, Geatz moved to the front os ar ace scorer and shattered all pas city basketball-.scoring marks. Grace Baptist-.. 2 St. MatV.'s-i': 5 Episcopal ..-. .4 Centre Street ....; * First Methodist 2 St..Luke's. Davis Memorial "2 Trinity Metnndlss •.. .• 1 i-J .: .. . (Final .Standings)'-• '" VtslercUr's Rtsulis . Calvary 'Methodist .71, Davis 14.- Sl, John's 11. Grace Methodist H. Centre Street 26. St. Lukf:i 19. First Baptist. 18. St. Merit's 19. . Episcopal 23, First Mcthodlti 1C. presbylerlun 37, Trinity 15. . ' •United Brethren 33, Grate Baptist •—Three ' Extra periods. • The reg'ular season in the:Central Y. M. C. A. Sunday School Basketball League drew to a' close yester- 1 day afternoon on the "Y" court with two teams tied .for first place. Calvary Methodist battled its way In-•John Cox ^ a Deadlock for the No. 1 spot with idle St.'Paul's by^blastlng a hapless Davis Memorial quint into submission by a 11-14. score. ' ; The playoff for the league title ets under way. next Saturday on ie ."Y" floor and loop officials last Igh't decided-that Calvary would be he No. 1 team since it woii over it.' Paul's. The latter quint 25 the Io. 2 aggregation with St. John's hird and Presbyterian fourth. In he first game on Saturday, Cal- •ary" will clash with St. John's and in the nightcap St. Paul's engages Presbyterian. The two winners meet Ihe following week for the championship. In other 'games yesterday. St John's won over Grace Methodls 17 to 14, Centre Slreeet Methodis defeated St. Luke's, 28-19. Firs Baptist topped SU Mark's by the Barrackville 41-23. Morgant'own, Elkins and Weston were finalists victors earlier this week. Charles Town Wins Charles Town will represent the easternmost point of the state ia the region 4 . tournament at Keyser. Charles Town blocked Marlinsburg n a tight 20-19 event. , . Beckley's Flying Eagles came hrough in a strong battle to over- ome the co-favorite, Stocco, in sec- ion 20. ' • „ The Kanawha Valley's region 6 brought out Clendenin's display of power which resulted in a 57-40 defeat of well-thought-of East Bank. Stonewall Jackson- of Charleston whipped South Charleston 43-46, in another section of that same region, while in section 122, Montgomery mauled Fayettesvifte 53-47. . . In 'another, region 1 sectional, Huntington East knocked off Barboursville 31-23. : ; Region 8 in Southern West Virginia saw Bluefield and Princeton in another traditional .clash with Bluefield getting the upper hand by a score of 41-36. ' . . KEYSER IS VICTOR OVER ROMNEY 43-28 K-eyser, W. Va., March 10.—Key ser .high school's Golden Tornado came through the sectional meet o the West Virginia Scholastic bas ketball tournament victorious her tonight, defeating Romncy, 43 U 28 and moved into the Region meet next week end, The Pioneer were leading at the quarter, 7 to 4 but at half- time -the Tornado had : SEMI-FINALS BaYkoiht. f 5 Finnagan. f. 1 . Helltcl, c = Keplier. g . .- 0 Worjlch. g 1 Faugh, sub • ^ 0 Hall, sub ; 0 Slurk. sub : Q Bergstroirt. sub 0 Arnold. >ub 0 Tolals 3 ' Parsons -, '. - . G. Hilllard, f 3 Roy. ( - Par:;ons. c 1 Phillipi. S ..:.. 0 R. Gllmorc. bUb 0 G. Gllmorc. s"' 1 0 IS 10 (2 H W 10 .10 I C ' C n n 14 . 2 . + • 1 ' <j - 0 0 0 0 a Totals .....', Score by periods: . DAVIS PARSONS.. OKicials — Wcihl and Quatiro. .. Srdmoch, { ................. 4 S. Tottdo. f ................ 3 Tonelll. c ................... 5 Johnson, g .......... ..;.... 0 DeFollo. g ..... . ............ 1 Saguce. aub ................ 0 temple, sub ............... 0 . Tptcdo. sub .............. 0 OEh. sub ................... o .mold, sub ........... . ..... 0 Touls .............. .. ---- 13 'rsnfclin H 10—34 7 8 16—10 K.; rti. r> 8 3: a !•• U 0 .0 0 a. o 00 0- sites, f ullcnax. c CrUjlcr. g Moyers. g Eye. sub McCoy, sub Hammer, sub ilmmans, sub ilurphy, sub Tout. .:...'..'...'. Score by periods: THOMAS FRANKWN 1' 4<. 30 K.. ru. a ' n si ' . : 5 fll • , 0 '• II •• J d ' 0 U i 1 0 .'• 0 0» -,fl o . ( -»i - Olilcttls— Wclh! and Quatiro. KING WOOD DEFEAT* - MASONTOWN 4033 Kingwood, W. Va., March 10— Kingwood continued on after its upset victory over Rowlesburg in the semi-finals to polish off Mas>niown high's cagers here tonight,in ; the finals to win the sectional tourna- (Continucd on Page 19, ("I. S) stepped into the from that time lead, 13-12, and to the close of today the proposed selection of untrwisu.K. favored"'to'"win" this j Mexico City for a Juan Zvirita-Tks ^ ar 7but1a^ 8 unday ^.£^™^X^ *™*?°™* ,, „ - Wheeling. R team thnt had split even In their season's games with 10 won and 10 ck in the nnry tenm, Central lost. The type of playing In the northern panhandle In that Mexico Is.' an NBA said. The title bout, originally scheduled for April 9 In Philadelphia, wns cancelled Thursday when the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission ruled it could not :» a championship fight. Call It a Dream-Bnl What Ball Clubs! their mitts on the leather because of the slick way in which the alert Rxplorer passer was able to pilfer By JIMMY JORDAN Chicago, March 10 f/F) — lout, those latest "dream" teams, n composed entirely of American «: couple of dozen soldiers, sailor* and Con.?t-Guardsmen could get to- I , gethcr, doff their woolens and don • flannels for a few hours, the O. I.'s ) would see R pnir of all-star baseball \ toamu that probably could challenge .] nriything nver put together in many \ years. - ' . :. 5 Earl J. Hilllgan. of the American * League Service Bureau, has brought giic players now in the service. And the rnsters of the two clubs he hns selected read like a ten-year World Series honor roll. His first team hHB a combined 'Ife-tlme batting avorapr of .320; the second, .294. Three pitchers on one team have n combined lifetime won-lost percentage of .662; those on the second team', .807. It. Cox was easily Allegany's outstanding player of the year. He was the only holdover Coach "Bill" Bowers had from his 1944 team, and naturally the Csmpcr mentor counted heavily on the diminutive guard. And Cox didn't ict his coach down. Steiner Rebound Ace He was noted for his scrappy piny which found him roaming around every spot on the floor In following me ball. He managed to get it quite R bit, too, becauae he was the Campers' Jcading point. Despite A bad sprain which ie received in the game with BidgB- ioy on February 27, he played against LnSall* and Somerset and turned In topnotch performances in both engngctnents, Steiner, a Junior, showed v»st 1m- Here they ar«: rt«m NO. i I. tllttlme tirrtsr JJ- Ctdl ,-rrifU (Wj»ri.K J(t nobby Dotrr iBoiloni. J3S Joe niMMflo IM 1 "" Yortl. JS8 T«<t Wllll«mi (Bontnni. ' Mr- Hnni Ortunherst iDru. .391 Charllo K-lt-r tNY'.., ,11« Bill DIOcry ' iNe* Ynrki. .304 JViddjr Ltwli iWR'.hington). 19T-.M Bob FVllfr PC)er«.), •)»•» Bpiirt Crinnrtlrr iW'ff YnrliJ. 53-33 Vlrrll Tiuckj iDftroil). LIOHmi »i Liiic* Appllng IC^i.t , ,.. 331 ah Jas Oa/rlon iNew York) .,,,.,,.., ,17» cl Birnf; McCorkr (D«trnlt) .., 119 rf Tom Henrlch (r5f» Torki 3*1 Ib IMdrly H«j'fit irietr Ycrk) ..,,... .119 II Dlfk W»kcll«lrt i Detroit] , 338 r, ntidln Tehbetln (Dptcnlil ..,,..,,. .381 lh Dill Johnson iHff Yarx) .....,,,. .310 p Tex MnchAon iBo»tonl ........... S7-39 p Trrt (,ynnt p Fieri -Jl'-v Ynrk; »H-JH attended by friends and relatives of nlayers of the three city high school teams, as well as by coaches and players of the three school teams. This year the Casey Basketball Club will not be sponsoring the award, because many of the club's members are either in the war service or employed in war plants nnd unable to participate. Several weeks ago the matter was taken up by the remaining few members of thc> club still wltrrin the city, and for a time it was thought that the award might become a war casunlty, but Cumberland Council, K .of C., took the matter up and agreed to continue the worthy movement. . Consequently the rule* ndopted'-by the Casey club were accepted by the local Knlghta of Columbus council, together with the original plan of decision on the player most outstanding "In sportsmanship, *nd a chairman of an award committee was named, outside the membership of the sponsoring organization. .The chairman named a committee of responsible citizen*, known to be unbiased and falrmlnded. and the provement over last year's play as a second -stringer but he had to hustle to win the pivot berth over AlICRjr.y's Stanley. The latter wasn't any too impressive at the beginning of the season, but got better with each gnme and Steiner had his hands full both limes LaSalle «n<i Allegany met. :* BecniiM of his tremendous reach StHner was able to snatch (Continued on P*Kt '$• C l. 3) At the banquet tonight, the sponsors have been fortunate in securing the promise of H. McAuley r,fc Ever, head coat:h at Virginia Poly technical Institute, to be presen and speak to the •ssemblcd player and guests. Coach McEver has hac several years of coachin? both a VPI and at North Carolina Univer sity, and through his sports actlvl ties with boys and young men, is well fitted to speak on this occasion Stanley Fretwell, grand councillo of Cumberland Counoll K. of C., wi act as toastmastcr lit the banquet. Banquet time is set tor 1 o'clock. • ' r—~— — — DALLMAR GETS FIRST GOLD STAR New York, March. 10—(ff)—Howie Dallmar, Pennsylvania's basketball center, today was voted the newly Instituted gold sUr. award « the most outstanding player to visit New York City during th« present ar.*- the game it was only a matter of how many points ahead for Keyser. Fritz, Shaffer topped the scoring for Keyser with 12 points and Zhivis and Boor each got nine. For Romney, Speelman and Harmisson were tieci for high with eight points. Keyser got three positions on the all-tournament team, which was named as follows: Davis and Shaffer, both Keyser; forwards; Har- misson, Romney, center, and Wolford and Boor, Piedmont and Keyser respectively were named guards Ridedey won the consolation game from Fort Ashby 51-28. Tro- mies and cash prizes were awardec as the sectional- prizes, Keyser and Ridgeley each getting awards; High coring prize for single game, wen o Gardner of Capon Bridge, wh< lad .29 points. The sportsmanship award went to Stangle of Ridgeley Best foul shooting prize was given jo Shaffer, of Keyser, and the prlz for best dheer leaders went to Pied mont. Summary. lue Jiy* - - -. G. . Paupe, r 3 '. Paupe. (. °. . Bnrhatn.' c • 1 . McMullen, c • 1 T. Sharlcr. f 1 leardon.' sub ....' '...... 0 Donnelly, sub 0 Totals Blue IVhii B. Fossltt, J Ktjttr Shulfcr. 1 .. . f ---- Nevcome, e Boor, p .... Jones, g Set. I Molt, c Dorscy. K Blamer, 2 Booth, f Tolbls .:.'...•.;.... Score by p«rlods: JCEY8ER same score, First Methodist bowed n nmn tj to Episcopal by a 23-19 score gpccimmn. f Presbyterian walloped Trinity Methodist 37 to 15 and United Brethren- fell before Grace Bap- Maphi«. tist by a 33-31 count In three extra periods. • Highlights of the card were the long U. B.-Grace Baptist encounter and the hlgh : scoring Calvary Methodist-Davis contest. By tallying 71 points. Calvary equalled the season record posted by Grace Methodist last week against last- lace Trinity Methodist, the sccrc eing 71 to 6. Bill Arrington scored 0 of the winners' points yesterday. Bob Dicken, who entered the _amc as a sub, was.the hero of the Jnltcrt Brethren victory by pitch- ng in the field goal which broke a 31-31 tic in the third extra frame. At the end of the regulation game, :he score stood 23-all, while the :nd of the first overtime stanza the score was 27-27 and when the second extra frame ended, the score was 29-alI. The lineups: G. . 4 . 4 . 2 . 4 . I . 0 . ! . 1 . 0 ..17 G. ,. 4 .. 1 .. 1 .. 1 .'. 1 r.a. 4-B ' 1-2 0-1 1-3 ' 0-3 1-0 1-3 . o-n 0-3 Blue Jay Cagers Over Blue Whiz, 12-10 With Bill Paupe scoring ValJ his cam's points, the Blue Jays s:ored 12-10 basketball victory ovei. the .hie Whiz, yesterday morning 01 trie S. Peter & Paul floor. The linups: F.G Fin. 0-3 K 0-0 . 0 0-0 2 0-1 ' 3 0-1 3 0-0 0 0-0 . 0 Mir. O. 0 B. Madden, c ... J. Kelly, e T. Malaney. g .. jehman, sub ... Totals ..... Referee — Close. 0-4 F.G. 0-0 0-0 0-0 . : 0-3 0-1 0-0 0-4 .19 GUNDER HAEGG FINISHES FIF1H New York, March 10 Raflerty, putting on his usual »- cyole sprint, won his sevetth straight indoor : mile tonight at fae Knights of Columbus meet, shuntug Gundcr Haegg of Sweden to fUh place in a six man field. It was a wild affair 'with Haeg the only mnn who did not lead <t one stage during the 11-lap journe/ around the Madison Square Gardet pine oval. The time was 4-16.3. .10 ROMNEY .7 Rtltree—Eck Mlers and Mel Henry. work got under way, results of which will not b« known to any person outside the committeV until thai matter Is finally heard at .tonight's banquet, wrwr. the boy to whom trw award Is to be given, will be named. Glre OoW Watch Five times this action ha* been taken In the past, rmd five young men have been presented *ith the award, » gold watch, suitably • en- «on. . Th« sward IA given by the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association In memory, of basketball players who have had* the supreme sacrifice. •''••' " ; • D»llmar, » naval trainee «t Penn dkJ not play In -Madison Square Garden but did help his males *ub- due Columbiiv in the Lions'. gym He WBS cnpUln of th« Stanford five two years ago,' • , V : ••••• graved. t Those \ five young men-so FTLLRY TO COACH Notre D*me, March 10—Or»d uated from Kotro Dftme, Captain Pat Ftlley of th« 1M3 »nd '44 loot [bull lemnx expect to coach. . , THOMAS QUINT WINS SECTION \5 TITLE; Parsons, W. Va.. March 10—Coach j Emil Suder's Thomas' High bas-, ketcers copped the Section 15, Re- j glon 4 tournament'here tonight byl G. 7 C»lr.ry Mflhodlit R^ Com«r#f J. Clcvenger. c 1 0 1 T". Dliehl,'>iib ............... I B. Arrlnjlon. t B. Kr.iner, I r.n, 0-2 o-o o-o o-i i-j o-i 0-0 Tottll .. ... »Tli Mtm*r\ W>lk<r, I M«dttrtth. f C. Wltion. c . J. Omdr. I . Couxlni, f .. ,. ' Beotc. by p«rlcdi: CAI.VAHY METHODIST G. l-« II F.O. Wl. 0-0 4 n-i ' e 2-3 * o-o ;-, i 0-3 ••::• o 1-1 '14 13 53 DA Via MEMORIAL 3 / 7 7—H H«leT*»— Stotltr. • (Continued on Ptge 't, Col, 3. Tktrtlf N< •: . .• • FOR ' • • - ' NATIOKAUffANCO'S. Friendly Service AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Furniture NATIONAL Loan Company »f S. G««n« «. »t . Mcr. WEBUYr- Luggage Binoculars^ • Cameras • Shotguns • Musical Instruments • Typewriters, It*. • Electric . Refrigerators • Furniture • Wafhirtf MachhMt • fcadie* HAROLD'S . end fmrnbnktr" 2S-M B*HtM«r«

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