Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 17
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1945 SEVENTEEN Gets Broadway Arousefl Ccniorship Fuss ''Stir red U> By CotuniUttionep floss—-L»G u * r d i a ! Backs Sbow Ban 0 Licnse Comalnkincr P»ut MM* •I*-:. Mayor • FWelU H. L»- GuHli* Wednesday to«k wt»t ; *B»unt«d to a back'jiley in tbtlr rntbodf ' of butnlnf » piay Presnted Friday At Fort ffill i b - v . -.: -j :--.'•• •' ' . ™ '".'I'-' ' . ^ftcr .a 'meeting in Mayor LajuardU's office, at which ihatrlca] iiianajers, actors, d^m* critics, producers and. otters engaged actively in the thaler were present, the. Mayor *»J he would support legisla- tiji that would deprive the Dense commissioner of the, ''ighl to refuse to grant, trans- : fr or renew the license, of any ieater because, of the char- atcr of the play unless there he first .been a conviction" at • regular jury.trial. . ' By' JACK O'BRlAN : .sscciatefi Press Drama Editor lew York, March 10 (JP) —Broad- wa has lls coHeclivc dander up thi week and the things wished on License Commissioner Paul Mos shouldn't happen to anyone. Kiss took. over the tenancy o! Brodway's . doghouse when he clostl the play "Trio" by threatening-the lessees of the Belasco Iheare with loss of their license if Uiej kept the .show runnlne. Moss desnbed the' play as ''lewd, lasci- viot; and immoral." "'rio," was a dramatization by Dot thy and Howard Baker of Mrs. Bal'.r's novel, it ran 67 performance before the theatre manage- met bowed to Moss' threat and gav the play Us walking papers. Tie Shuberts had refused to permit "Trio" to be shown in one .of the' Broadway theaters. They held tha its theme was objectionable to a pint where the license of the Uieter would be endangered. They cite as precedent what happened to 'Wine Women and Song," a gloified burlesque show which was rased in 1942. The producer, I. H. Her., served a six-months jail term an: the theater, the Ambassador, wa, padlocked Jor a year. Margaret Webster Resigns Tie Messrs. Shubert apparently ha the same opinion of the show as Jommlssioncr Moss. But the-rest of 3roadway's theater workers see in he action, a threat'of permanent cecorshlp and are staging mass metlngs and taking every course poiible to protest. Tvo directors of the City Center, muicipal citadel of theatrical cul- tur, have resigned: Margaret Wcb- ste. the eminent Shakespearean riiKtor and actress, and Elmer Ric, playwright. <r /id there Is more than a little action of is both' a K Jo*n Radeliffc : V; Joan Radcliffe, as Margaret Mor-i ton, the attractive young manager of a successful ranch. In "Arizona," the stirring drama of the west to be presented by the Senior Class' of Fort Hill High School March lt-re- vcalingly interprets th« poised, in- elligent, charming heroine. A member of the National Honor ociety, and the National Thespians Troupe No. 230, Highlights reporter, nd a leader in the Club of Human Abbott To C68tello-"Have A Hearth I I Kate Smith In Tribute To Cole Porter In In a recent broadcast, Kate Smith 'Bid a glowing tribute to Cole Por- cr. American composer, with special eference to his song, "Don't Fence We In." "I got to thinking about music his morning," said Miss Smith over coast-to-coast network,/as I was lumming 'Don't Fence Me In,' whose swinging wor._s have captured i he spirit of the nation. Cole Porter,: vho wrote it, has done something! pecial with this song which: ireathes the yearning of free men." The life of Cole Porter, whose Don't Fence Me In" was one of the eatured songs In Warner Bros.' musical film, "Hollywood Canteen,"j vlll be dramatized on the screen by he same studio. Titled "Night and Day," after one of Mr. Porter's most uccessful song hits, the film will ;o into production at Warner's Burbank studio on April is. Cary Grant in the future Ho/ard Cullman, -who mmber of the board of City Center SJi a considerable backer of "Trip. :ussell Grouse, playwright, pi-o- gacs under suspension of rules riuer mad president of the Authors Ixvgue ol America, Inc., requester Myor Fiorello H. LaGuardis. to dlmlsa Commissioner Moss. The Miyor countered by backing Mtss (and his decision) by stating hewculd'do nothing of the sort, Mosi now apparently Is the winner rf these considerable • verba Jistlcufs. But ' practically everj theartiial organization. Is plannini lurthei; protest, even court, action to figit similar arbitrary action in the future. . .r. Producer Files Suit L^'Sabihson, producer of th« urcubled production, this 'week fild a $1,000,00? suit against Moss that \:« »."tea "solely tc his personal prejudices am cfflricious views in ordering th cluing of the plaintiff's unique am rtamatic play." :. frankly, this reviewer fount rjthing particularly lewd orilascl votis about "Trio." I did, however Ind it thoroughly tiresome. Hai 'oromissioncr Moss mej-ely wsltel i bit, the public surely would hav ceatcd its own definite brand o ensorship by staying away from omething so listless and unintcr sting. As it now stands, there I po much to-do about a play tha i not in the least worth all th liss. ••-.•.••.. While practically everyone con emed and a few thousand not per %inally touched are going hyster; al nipups about "Trio's" closln lelations, Joan articipated in has written and various dramatic resentations of the school. Darl Jewell, outstanding irt char- cter roles in pest dramatic produc- ions at Fort Hill High School, again roves his interpretative ability in he role of Ftirley Qantt. the cowboy ;.;:.. . ;_;; Darl Jewell .>;•:-::/ •_••:•. sheriff in "Arizona." Mingling. gallant chivalry with brusque realism, the sheriff plays a leading part in bringing ta'a climax the exciting incidents of this tense drams i Jewell has been prominent. In dramatics at Fort Hill, a member of the National -Thespian Troupe, the Fort Hill Players, the Boys' Glee Club and A Capella Choir. He was voted the best actor In last year's annual play tournament, and was a lead in "The Monkey's Paw," presented this year. In adidtion to being president of this year's Senior Class, .Jewell has participated in football and baseball and is a leader in'the Boys' Hl-Y. • . • • Miss Kathleen Cmnbee is directing "Arizona." ,• - . -•Plays Indian In Fort Hill Drama will portray the Technicolor film. composer in the :;;:..5 By..BOB THOMAS Hollywood, March ill—Ah, yes, there's nothing like a quiet card game.with Abbott.and Costello. : I met the boyf on the "Naughty Nineties" set arid casually suggested "How about, a card game?" Bud and Lou, who seldom play cards except when they.:'are. riot eating or sleeping, hasUjr'. agreed.;-.We decided hearts w|| ,lhe only three-handed game we air know, although the boys claimed, they Jiadn't played-'It In years, a likely story, : :: ; Anyway, we -settled down to . a gentle game of hearts' in Bud'* automobile trailer, which Is alongside Lou's on the set. I started to • deal, feeling very, peaceful and thinking the Abbott ano\ Costello bickering routine was strictly for moments before the camera. Then it happened. - .V . . •;; 'TU/give you $20 If you win this hand, and you givx; me $20 if I win, 1 ' Lou said to Bud." "I don't want to bet, 1 ' answered Abbott. ' •:•;. • "What do you mean you don't want to bet? Put up yoijr $20, Abbott." ' • ; ' "Lou, I don't want to bet. I don't believe in it." , ••. : • "You don't want:to bet? Abbott, i - ou kill me. Now put up the J20." They shouted back" and forth for several minutes. Meanwhile a loudspeaker on the set was roaring the sound track of a musical number, tyembers of the A and O entourage attempted to sandwich Information nbout telephone calls, dates,- etc., in aetween the .comedla»s' explosions. Outside the trailer a large meeting of set workers was arguing a labor dispute. A flood of hangers-on and Indigent actors flowed through the trailer. - .,.,,. ,• •. • .- ...; 'lAH-right, I'll bet you the'$20," Abbott said finally. We started playing. Actually neither of them won anything during the first three hands because I lost each. Then Cqstello ended with ttye worst score of the hand. "Ah ha," said Abbott, "Now I can go to the fights tonight." He reached across the table, took a wad of bills out of Lou's pocket and counted out $20. Lou- pretesting ill the while. 'We played another hand an,d this THE SET—A>eck li worth two finesses, Bob Thomas thinks wbeh '^•. ,y;fi. S ' he pUyi cardi with Abbott and C«*tello. . ' . go time Abbott .lost. "Now I c»n to • the fights tonight," said Lou. hauling th«: 20" smackers out of Bud's pocket^ • -That $20 saw more circulation than a Sinatra corpuscle that'after- noon. As it 'ended up, Lou went to the fights that night. I went home for some aspirin. here has been plenty of precedent or the action. Stage shows have >een shuttered las" far back as the .urn of a century for allegedly objectionable material. • "Sappho." adapted by Clyde Fitch from the French original of Alphonse Daudet, and "Mrs. Warren's Profession"' were closed by the authorities shortly after the century's turn. In 1925 Roy Cornstock and Morris Gest presented extravaganza called which also was shut- CiKACE M. KISHK* THP.ATRE8 J! HURRY! LAST DAY Time — 2:4?, 4:$*, 7:W, 9:19 F. M. !**: Soug» of The 1920'* To Be :; •:.._ . U»ed in Warner Movie "Dancing With Tears," an original musical story featuring hit tunes of the late l920's, will be produced shortly .by. (Warner Bros. Alex Qott- Heb-has been assigned by Jack I,. Warner, executive producer, to produce the film. Gordon Kahn will cto the screen play. "Cuddles" Sakall Joins Cast of Color Musical S. 2. "Cuddles" Sakftll has been added to the cast of "The Time, The Place and The Girl," forthcoming Warner Bros. Technicolor musical. He will portray the role of a symphony conductor who ts partial to boogie woogie jazz music. ; NO LONGER FILM CORPSE John Eldridge has a change of pace with his role of a night club owner in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer'a . "Dangerous Partners," because he doesn't become 'a corpse In this adventure mystery. He has been a murder victim In twenty-seven whodunits in the past. James Ci'oig, ; Slgne Hasso and Edmund Gwenn have the top roles In "Dangerous i Partners" which Edward Cahn Is , directing lor producer Arthur Field ' ' f\ '- " -''.•>* ttiwo • Sinatra To Sing Film Songs On Air Shows Hollywood, Mnrel. 10.— Frank Sinatra will introduce two songs from life Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer starring picture, "Anchors Aweigh," on hit xir show March 14. The numbers will be "I Begged Her," and "Whftt Makes the Sunset." On March 21 he will intrdouce a in Love Too Easily." In "Anchors Aweigh," Sinatra is starred with Kathryn Grayson and Gene Kelly. LANA IN WASinNGTON There'll b« no vacation for Lana Turner even though she's completed her rolo in "Week-End at the Waldorf." Instead, she went, bv special invitation, to Washington, D. C., for the opening of "Keep Your Powder Dry" on March 6. , li^'Adverlurcs of Don Juan" Victor Francen, who will shortly be seen In Warner Bros.' "San Antonio," has been set by Jack L, Warner, executive producer; for a role In "The Adventures of Don Juan," forthcoming Brrol Flynn starrer. Piancen will portray Philip III of Spain. YV*nr flti 1/4 musical 'Aphrodite" ;ered. . > : Othor Closing* Recalled Dozens of detectives and innumer- ible bluecoats swooped simultaneously into three theaters on the night of Feb. 10, 1827 and closed The Virgin Man," which had been running only a few weeks; "The Captive," with Helen Menken and Basil Rathbone, which had been around for five months, and "Sex,' eleven months old, written and icted by that eminent font of theatrical culture, Mae West. Mae was bundled off to jail again in October, 1928, when her "Pleasure Man" was raided twice In two days. 'Maya," which was set in a French house of ill fame, received almost identical treatment as "Trio" when is was shuttered in 1928. The theater's license was threatened anti It was ordered to get out/ Aline MacMahon was featured. "Bunk of 1926" also received an official boot out the front door. Most of the earlier • closing^ were accomplished by the simple and practical expedient of backing a patrol wagon up to a stage door ns a squad of gendarmes gathered up the offending actors, producers and managers. Then they were taken to night court or held over lor judicial frowns next day. They provided some very meaty journalism, even for such a ncctic period as prohibition. • , • Kcgin* Yeager • Reglna Yeager plays the appeal- Ing role of Fawn Afraid, the little Indian girl who sacrifices her life for her friend in-"Arizona," the Fort Hill High School Senior Class production to be presented March 16. The unrequited love of the Indian maiden for the hero of the play leads to tragedy and Regina Yeager acts with sympathetic understanding the part of this quietly, heroic girl. This senior girl is a member of the Fort Hill Player.s and the Verse Speaking Choir, secretary of traffic In the Student "Council, head of Monitor organization, and Secretary or the TO Hi-Y and the City Hi-Y Council. -".-....'.. Joan Crawford Vacation Follows Studio Liinchfcon ' Following completion of her' starring role In Warner's "Mildred i Fierce" and a studio luncheon given in her honor by Jack L. Warner, executive producer, Joan Crawford leaving Hollywood for a short vacation. The star will visit Pebble Beach with her husband, Phil Terry, and their children. Jack Carson, Z a c h a r y Scott, 5eorge Tobias, Eve Arden, Lee PaU ick and Ann Birth also have, important roles in "Mildred Pierce," Dased on the novel by James M. Cain., former Baltimore newspaper- Raoul Direct 'Adventures of Don Juan 1 Raoul Walsh has been . assigned by Jack L. Warner, executive producer, to direct "The Adventures of Don Juan/' forthcoming Wnrncr Bros, film starring Errol Flynn. The assignment reunites the successful t-iio of producer Jerry Wald, star Errol Flynn and director Walsh which mado the highly successful Warner picture, "Objective, Burma.' VETERAN TURNS \CTOR Bill Johnson;': recent honorablj discharged from the Army Air Corp; after two years of service, has been signed to a contract by Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer studio nnd immediately given one of the leading roles in the latest of the "Crlme- Does-Not-Pay" series, "A Gun His Hand." Health-Poise-Grace 'AN M-G-M fl • PICTURE /"M-G-M's THIS MANS NAVY . . ••-,•' ••'•: willt ''.:••:;.: • TOM DRAKE • JAMES GLEASOK J«n CLAYTON • *•]•.)• BOTU No.h BEEKT, Sr. • H.nrf OKttU. EXTRA - n/, MARYLAND TODAY ALSO MONDAY — TUESDAY — WEDNESDAY First Pictures Invasion of Iwo Jim a Touihttl Haiti* ts HUtoi-j .f tl, I. trie— HISTORV-MAKIM<; KILMH — "MOST" rlCTVRKS I OR tVKR-V AMERICAN GREATEST WAH SPECIAL SHOWN THIS YEAR! SCREAMING CARTOON "Unwelcomtd GiMtt" IN TECHNICOLOR FITZPATRICK TRAVEL "ST, LOUIS" ; SWELL NOYSLTY Warner Manager Freed From Jap Prison Camp Cliff Almy., veteran manager of Warner Bros. 1 office in the Philip- Dines, and his wife were among the Americans rescued by daring U. S. troops~m the raid on the Jap prison camp at Santo Tomas. The couple has been prisoners since early in 1942. EX-SOLDIER IN' MOVIES Recently discharged from the Army, Bob Haymes yesterday was signed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for _ the romantic lead opposite Frances Raffcrty in "Abbott nnd Cosiello In Hollywood," forthcoming M-G-M comedy picturing the noted comedians in the film capital. Bob is the younger brother of Dick Haymes, sensational new Hollywood singing star. Like his brother, Bob is a singer. • |i. YANKEE DOODLE DAUGHTERS "Yankee Doodle Daughters," patriotic short subject showing the activities of women In all branches of the armed services, went into In j production March 5 at the Warner i Bros, studio. Double Feature (GARDEN) STARTS TODAY ADDED A Great CUftsfe . . . Now kfGreal Motion Pfeture! Here'* the Slflry You'll Never Fcrcei . . . Rich In Adventure . . . Unique In n*t . . . Siliriny In Romance! . DEERSLAYER with BRUCE KF.U.OG—JEAN PARKER—I^RRY PARKS b /7 Sciute. 1 lupine _i_ BERTY* HEY PEOPLE/ look, it* m« HOPE, m Technicolor, with bctutrful babcf and iropiail isUhdf And pitttef and beautiful btlxt lid bwtui* and b«tutifu! bab*« and idvtntur* and beautiful...OH!f CUMBERLAND! ^m$ : Give your child the opportunity to develop their natural talents ... to express themselves in this graceful manner . , '. to work off surplus energy through the medium of. the dance,. You'll find it gives them new confidence . ... a poise and bearing that will never leave them. Boys and girls from three years will be accepted in the class now forming. .. : : 'j. SPECIAL RATES 35 Class Lcssnns in Tap, Balfcl. , Acrobatic , PHYSICAL FITNESS CLASS FOR BUSINESS GIRLS Tap, Ballet and Dance'Khythms Meets Every Tuesday — 8 to B P. M. • STARTING'TOMORROW FOR 3 DAYS « VERAHRUBA RALSTON IN THE ICE SKATING SPECTACLE "LAKE PLACID SERENADE" With Thli Morvelou* Coit MOYER STUDIO 231 S. Mechanic St. Phoh« 796-J PRINC^SSaiHlihePlB^TE TECHNICOLOR \^\^'i WAL1W SLEAK • WALTO BRENNAN • VICTOR MdAGUN F T AW SH! THE INVASION OF IWO JIMA Best-Setter IY THE AUTHOR OF THE IELOVED "MY FIIEHD FLICKA"! f •yrqw*'*^ ' _- ^ -e\ DY McDOWALL FOSTER i FLUSTHK YEAR'S BERT MUSICAL SHORT EUGENE PALLETTE VKRA VAGUE ':. ROBERT LIVINGSTON '-'^ STEI'HANIE BACHELOR - WITH ' WAUTKR C'ATLKTT U.OVU tXlRRICiAX HUTH TI1RRV - WILLIAM VRAWUvY JOHN t.lTEl. - l.UnWIO .STOSgfiL .- : ANBaRW TOMBES • ., -.:•:• »nd RAY NOBLE and OKCUESTRA HARRY OWENS »nd HIS ROYAL HAWAHANfi . Ice Sptdaltiet •; MoOOVVAX ANI1 MACH TWINKI.r WATTK . I THE MERK.Y MKIBTEHI ..•••:' wild OL'KKT STAR i ROY ROGERS KING OF THE COWBOT* STARTING THURSDAY AT NOON PLUS TECHNICOLOR . CARTOON "JASPER TKL1" •NEWS FLASH!! FIRST ACTTTAL PICTURES — PHOTOGRArilED FTKE INVASION OF IWO fJvSwsSiTp^* 1 * 1 mm KM* Hiiw wiw DENMIS O'KttFE k*$*> 0 YAM ^.t^SK^&r* w s^^s^*n-, ^_ u ^^^^tfMfl^WX'r •^p*> ALWAYS Z HITS TODAY TOMORROW CUUI TMVOt • JOHN WAYM M4 THOMAI FRANCES LANGFORD in "DIXIE JAMBOREE" SINGING — DANCING — MUSICAL Extra M-G-M "NEWS OF THE DAY" « TUESDAY & GENE AUTRY in "MEXICALLI ROSE" - WEDNESDAY MARX BROS. In "GO WEST"

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