The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 3, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1977
Page 7
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fcft TECHNICOLOR HIT NOW PLAYING AT LOEWS POLI Cru.Viilm; nev/ fi-onllcr.-i of 'sen-en romance -ind rr.cltcmont. tho cnsor- ly-nwnltoil Technicolor i\ln\l-/,ntlon O f Will James 1 "Smoky." which tnrl.ny lit I-ocw ['oil t homer, ,y Fred MncMurrny \vtth Anne Fiaxtor nnd Burl 1 v c M, "Smoky" I.M tt'C vndf-t beloved picture <'( lh f! benutlful, which nt jiomo tlmo wo nil drcrun fibout, It.i )IHI not a thrilling horsiu picture hut hii.i t*".' excitement nnd tho hpiititlful nnd tender love of two pi-mi Mtnr.-i. MrirMitr.-fty find Ml.s.- Rnxtrr. Producer tlobert t BiiHNlcr, and Director Louis. Kln'j,' wh(j hioiit'lit tn (hu .ici-con th(! urifor- pdiihlc "Kllrku" |ilctur('!i rmilly went out of thfili- wuy Ui rnaltn thl.-; n most v/ondei'ful prcj<luctlon, [ liven every nceno In ti'uo fiushlon nnel hojiuty. In the Him MricMurray l.i sncn nil Clint Harkloy, tho hiird-hUtlnff Baxlrr iipponi 1 !! H!i thn trim I'nmtin,- llc-mlndcd/ runrh hos>:. whllr fturl rvp«, tho [nmaiiH Amrrlcnn bnllnti jilnKci', r'"y- M 'he "pur.chi-r" who WPIIVP.M tils ipoll about (luKc-rt cump- The oifhlt r>n thl.i ihrllllnK 'IVch- nli:olor program l.< "U Shouldn't llnppon 'IVi A Dfjj;." MtfUTlnn CrirnU- Uuidis find Allyn Jrislyn. "EASY TO WED" IS STARRING NOW AT STRAND THEATER Hlftr- filled, HOnx- flllocl, rtnnco- flllPil, nnd iinriivollnr; one of iJir rnnnt nmitHlnK yafnM of mnrltril (Ttnfoo* nnd (Irniblecronsps to hnvn reiichi'd i he scroon In yours, M-OM'.i new Tf-ntmlroldi' niilnlc/i|, "K/i,iy to Wi'd." r/iw nt the Sti'und tho- nli'i- an nit fnitMtunillnK entertnln- m'-Dt .im;i.ili. Vun .fohn.'ion, 1'lnther WllllniUH. f.iirlllf 1 fSnll Jtnd Kri'tinn W.VMIJ urn the i'.ti-lliir riuiii'tet ui-iiind wh«m have In nn evnlvrd nil upronrloux (ururle 01' wi-ddnd en'or.M, with eno.h i:l the prlnel[inhi forced to marry • the wrcnK prirty In fuYler eventil.'tl- 'ly In cii|iture the rlfrht onn. It nil .-it.-irls when Mlsn Wlllliimsi, ' n.i Connie, lovely dnll^hter -}f n mllllrinrili-e flnd.s hei->ie|r libeled In n nouvi jttocy by reportf-r VV'nrren Hiiserty (Wynn) In which he hn.'i enlled her n "husihum! Mn:i(f!her," When fJonnle'.M fnther prornt^tly Hiin.i for two million (Inllur.i, rf.'ic- ffi'ty III IT-i IndlcM-ninn lilll f!hrin- dler (Vnn ,ff>hiiMon) to enter In what 1:1 to In- n purely temporary iiiMiTijiitp with libi own fUtneee, r',|iuly f i lienton (MI.'iM Call i. Thn Iden jfi Dint CJlinndli-r %vlll MOW i;et tin- Klnnioi-ciu.M Orinnl" lo full for him, whereupon ,'ilie i~)in be truly neni:ii-f| of bninj; n MiMbniid Mlrnl- "i find w\tt h.'ivu t" drop her .•mil. The nmipiinlon f Alibi" vvilli Sidney NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, JCTLY 31, 194B—PACK 7 Need Help? Use A "Help Wanted Ad." The f Inn*'listed txlcrw will »olv« your problems .quickly »nd Inttponslvely. . Reach for your t«lepbona and us< thl» SERV- ICESCOPE (or e&fly r*f*r«ne«. Servicescope • T«ll« You Whore To R«ach The ExpertfF Employment Building 1 Maintenance Htritm Clt*itnlHK — Sfiml Hlnotluv (if hiilldliik-n A muclilncry. Knur, f'hliiini*y KcpiklrlnK, I'nlnllnr—Cnnlklne—tViitrrprmin/ic ,JACI£ O'BRIEN Industrial Huildlng Mnintonunoe 01 I'hoonlx Avo. DIM Waterbury 4-8418 FOR THE BEST IN FLAT ROOFING SEE Federal Roofing Co. Irl Fiilrvlow St. Wntorbury Insulation C'OMI'MSTK WINDOW nnrt DOOJl !NStJf-\T.lOK SPECIALISTS Aluminum Combination Screens mid Storm Windows THE KELOSUL CO. 030 So, Muln St. q.,1 COfJ " J -°*' v Oil Burners - Electrical Repairs GERALD'S Appllunco Snli's and Service All Miikrs RcfrlsfcriitOTH mid WiiMhiri's Ilopnlroct J'lchup * Delivery JOHN JACKWIOZ 107 Sprlni- St; Unlnr, City htiel Auto Repairs COMEDY HIT PLAYING AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE A ht>:it-Melllni,' nnvul, d"»liiu: with the rractUiriM of ri-tiirned fn-rvlci: men, l.-i ^'Iven the rax/ In Mc>rvyn l/'Uny'.-! iniM'iy nmum'. In roiiurdy pr(idiir!tiun, "Withiiut Kctiirvitlona," now nt thn Kalein I'layhouse. f.'lmidf tf.n C'olhort I:-. Htiirrrd in the role df rne ndvcll;it artrl ,fohn Wnynr IIM a returned Marine flyer with fvm lleKore hcmllnK the nup- p'>rtln>,' rant KM Wayne 1 * pnt. M|MM .'lolliert meet.-i the I wo Marino.' on a train en I'ouCe to California and slrlki-s up an 'leriualntaner- with them. Not IctKiu-irit: who jihn l.i, they air thoir (iplnirjiiM that, the hook Is not true to life, their tualn ohjretlon lielnt; that tin' has t,urin Tmne.ipui.iuini: Cary Orant and he Klvns hfr ttie coM Mhouklei' fur '100 fjatres. That they ran't swallow. BRIGLIA'S GARAGE 151C Su. Mcln Wiiterhury Cicncrul & Sold Hurvlcn 3 ' 9442 IJm;il CIIC 2-1 Hour Towing Offlchil Slmonlxn Stiitlon WATICKIHJKY AUTO 1'Or.ISIUNG CO. Reupholstering - Furniture For ilrupluilKtery, Slip Covorit and New Living Koom Furnltur* Shop At Allen's Parlor Furniture Factory 4-flfi45 1 GRAND ST. 1 VVtO WATEHBURY Repairing- and Recovering Upholstered Furniture — sur COVERS — SWANSDOWN UPHOLSTERY SHOP Union City Radio Repairs - Sales Frank's Radio Service Ex-AAF Radio Tech. PICK UP-and DELIVERY All Work Guaranteed 47 BRIDGE ST. T~)iol Union City 1J1£l1 Trucking-Moving IVKKKI.Y TKH'S—Til linci frllin Conn,, Hliniln iNllliiil, MIIHH.. Nrw Vurk wnd Nl»W JlTHIVV T. \V. unilll.l.AKI) VAN 3-3683 TKUCKING Knnd - Loam - Stono - Cinders Dial 2138 Ashes Rp.movr.d for Help Wanted—Male WANTED—DAY DRIVKn for cab. 7 a. m.-7 p. m. Independent Cab Co.,'106 So. Main St, ' ' WANTBD—Mnii to work nights In office. Independent- Cnb Co., 100 So. Main. St. Help Wanted—Femme WANTED—Girl or woman for all day' work. Kicvman Klcaners. Phono 2022. ARK YOU A mlddle-inred light housekeeper-cook who would like H nice liomo In the country. Small family — no Smiduys — no enter- t:ilnlj>£—t^vo weeks viicntlon with pay, and no Iriundry. lielerenccs. Box G, care of NCWH. .' For Sale HOU.IOH For Sale FOR' SAF-.K—A two family house of 3 rooms. Nice location. Dial 6117. ' - FOTC .SArJS—Beacon Falls,' Wolfe Avc., 1 family, 7-room's and"'sun porch, 2 baths, fireplace, 1 car paragc, steam heat. Lot 100 x 125. Call 5031. TOHN HEA3.Y, 118 Church St, For Sale Real Estate Affents FOB SALE —12 room, duplex houxc. good condition, H. W. H. on both, large lot, southwest of town. 0 room, 1 family hoUtie, nil Improvements, hardwood finish, H. W, H. oil, centrally located, $12,000. P. Labriola & Son., 172 High St. Dial 34D8. Announcements lib BuslncKs Opportunltlo* FAKBI—For «;ilc, 1Ar> acr<.',v, 7 room house, electricity, well water. 2 car fra-raRC, barn. Price ?6.000. Mrs. Charles Hal!, Wilisted, RFD No. 1, Telephone 129 Ring 1-2, 12 Business Announcements ATTENTION G. J.'S ONE Mllo twin Uinlon City, G room house, 0 acres of Innd; 3 large chicken coops with 'running water; electrically equipped,' Ac- comodate 3,000 chickens. Farm truck. Immediate ocupancy. Owner leavlngr state. Reasonably priced.' TONY FARRAR, 24 Gcorfjo St. Dial -1233. Real Estate Wanted 7» Wanted To Bent WANTED TO BKNT — Two or three room 1 apartment. Ex-serviceman and witn. Call Naug. n-)6C afte'r 5 p. m. J. 1OSSKV KR.UTJKOSIU KEAI>TOU M City IU1I1 St Ph. B17S FOR SALE — 1« room, 4 family house. All Improvement*. In goo'd condition. Centrally located. Price $6,500. A Shepley. Phone 2433, 3a Wanted To Buy I HAVE BUYERS for 1, 2, and 3 family houses. Call or soo Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel, -1028 o;- 2952. WilNTKB — 1-2 or 3 FAMILY I-JOUSK, Cosh waiting. John C. Kicrmui, Walter H. Hart, Inc., Wtbry. -4-3120, After 6 p; m., Nau- Katuck D707. Land For Ralph and Gig-ante Express For Efficient Trucking Scrvlco Kr-.s. I'lioiiCH—3-OOSO .S-OHJJ5 Waterbury 4-3569 FOR SALE—On Coen street, three large building. lots. For further information," pbone 3221. ' Welding 1 Curt Ciillnd Fnr ;md Pi<llven'<l ilin Wrst Muln St. Wnterliury Cali 3-3256 JOE'S GARAGE ISKKAl. AUTO RKl'AIHING Cnrtlss Court (Old Htiito G;inij,'n> " 1 "" Dial 3942 SANDY BEACH LAKK QUA 1JICK FINLKY, Open 10 A, M. to 10 P. M. Koutlng « liathln^r • Picnic* LEO'S WELDING SHOP OUR PORTABLE WELDER OTJS ANYW11EHK - ANYTIME O.v.v. Aw:t. — Tunic and Pl'po onvy I'In to — Ornamental Irtm 515 SO. MAIN ST., WATKRBURY Call 3-9442 Tires — Radio Repairs BARIBAULT'S RADIO & TIRE SERVICE f.2f) So, Main — Wntorluiry tVew-Usccl Tires Auto Acc<?«»<Trlcn Kndlo Repairs Guaranteed By Art Bnrlhuult 4-1879 or 3-8466 AUGUST FUR SALE — .BUY NOW AND SAVE — nfl N. MAIN" STREET Wntcrhury Tel. 3-2727 BUILDING LOTS in Middlebury. New development on Three Mile Hill. Reasonable. TONY FERRANTE, Middlebury. Phone Waterbury ,1-3753. FOR SALE—Two buildinp 'lotB on Stolnman Avc.. Middlebury. Both for $1,000. TONY FERRANTE, Wtby. i-STJ.'S. BUILDING SITE—Or. NeW Hfiyen Rd, Lai'RC pond. Suitable for business enterprise. Frontage approximately 4-10x600 ft.-Also cholco lots. N.auR-, -1692. OVIDE V. PHTLIBERT Real Kstatc—General Insurance BOG So. Main St., Waterbury Call 4-S031 or 5-3148 Building Lot— .10x30. Desirable location. Suitable Cor a 5 room cot- tape. Write Box Z, care Naug- jituek News. WANTED—BY YOUNG COUPLE (VET), 3-4 ROOM RENT. REFERENCES GIVEN, REWARD. Phone 6338, 8 noomn To Tltnt FOR KENT—Large furnished room for two people. Kitchen privileges if desired. Private family. 1 11 Hotchkiss St. Dial 3107. GENERAL TRUCKING, moving, anhcs removed, yards cleaned, attics clo.ixned. Any cleaning done. ASHMOKE TRUCKING, Dial 30 G5. POTTE1) STRAWBERRY Pliuits. . Set. in AUR,, Sept,, Oct., will bear next Spring:, Send for free descriptive price list of all leading varieties. Pleasant V:ilicy Farms, Millbury, Mass. Contractors IKn And I SI Education »nd Private ln*t ructom BOATS AND MOTORS 10 f,t. Sen Sled, newly pnintcd. 32 h.p. Johnson motor. R«cin£ pro- pcllor. 2 Gnrdcn St., Seymour, Conn, Tel, 67-1. 21 I'AI'ERHANGING nnd Painting. Hlfrh ffriMlo workm.-inNhlp. Phono 4-0857 Wtbry. -Joseph Sun An- KC.Io. Pulnttnc Automotive 13 Sales—sxirvrcv FRED'S MOTOR SALES Used Cars—Bought—Sold S73 W. Main St., Waterbury Dial Wtby. 4-4510. ISn Truck Dealers-Service NEW FEDEKAL TRUCKS Now Available All Sizes from (1 I-2> Tons & Up MODERN GARAG12 SALES and SERVICE 628 Watortovm Ave. S-HOT 14 Aiito« For Sale WM. F. COTA. Taper Hanger and Painter. We carry compensation. 1 Crons St. Dial 545r; or 5111. ?AINTING and pap«>rhanK;ln(f work - done. Call 2977. John A. E. John- ion. ACT PROMPTLY. I, 2. 3 family houses painted $100 and up. SltiH- ful workmanship. Ploskl Bros. Call 5473. PAPER HanpInK at Fainting. clalizlnjf on interior vVork. C.ill (or Estimates. Tony Mariano, 83 Oak St Tel. 2059. Merchandise FURNISHED ROOM for'rent. Private family. West side of town. Call 4263. TO RENT—Furnished rt/om. Pri- ' ; vatc family.-Box K, c-o NEWS 03-1 CHIOVKOLKT 2-door sodan For Sale. Coot 1 , • Running; condition. Phono 432S. Autos I On Garaco Rent GARAGE KOR RENT—Or c;m be used for storage at 105 Meadow St. Phone 4242. Announcement's IJa J*or»oniHii MONUMENTS Special Prices On All Memorials W.v RICHARDS—260 So. Main St. ' NatigTituck—Dial 3487 ACCOROION LESSONS—You civn learn the correct technique o£ the .iccordion. No accordion necessary. At Mecca Music' School, 203 Bank St., Wtbry.,;'. CASH FOK ENTIRE ESTATES W9 will buy cr Bell on commln- •lon oasis anything, from a single room to an entire estate, specializing In rara antiques. Phone or wrltn OKAN^E ST. AUCTION Galleries, JJe\. England's Finest Auction Gallerlo's, 21 Orange St., Now Haven, Tel. 6-0896. ONE THOUSAND CARS WANTED — Top prlcws: spot cnsh. I want 29'a — 30's — 31's — 32's — 3S'S — 34 'a — 35's — 36'a — 37 's — 38's — 30'8 — 40's — 41's and 4i's. Phone, write or drive In today. BILLIJS FITZPATRICK 1060 East Main St. Phone 4-4811 OPEN EVENINGS IN YOUR CAR NOW MY PRICES ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 1303 N. Main St. flail Waterbury 5-17B7 t LATE MODEL CARS WANTED PACKARD- WATERBURY, INC. 482 Wf.tertown Ave. .Dial 4-6109. BUY S ROOMS of prood fumituro, reasonable. Includes livinR room, bedroom, kitchen sctR, with numerous nccescories. Albert's. 2GS So. Main St., Watorbury. Phone 4-3144. MARTONE SCHOOL, 100 Grand St. 4-0677, Dance, Voice, Music, Reducing. Jlecistor Mon. Au^. 0. Animals 35 Toultry And F.KK* FOIt SALIC — Starteil chirks, turkeys, ducks. All .T.KCS. Wlilll'jclt Farm, Sporry road, Bethany. FOR SALE — Dressed chicken*, nirkrys. ducks, Riiinens, fronh killed and quick fvoy-en. \Vhitlock Farm. Spen-y road, Bell-.ruar, YOUNG DUCliS FOR SALE,Alive nml dressed -i-O His. I^-Uoy H. B.'iummcr, Telephone 4145. Business Service I!ilsinet>s Services Renilcrpd rUBLXC ACCOUNTING SPECIAL nOOKKKEPING SKRVtCK EI)MUM> O. HtCSS P. O. UOX <i'j UNION CITY ' PHONE 3104 Household Article* FOR SALE— Gas stove, 4 burner, white enamel, modern design. $:!!i, including connecting pipe. Call FOR SALE--A. complete dininp room svt. r>8 Wood lawn Avc. Phone f,]16. FOR SALE—Piano, -1 burner kitchen Ras stove. Also 2 burner oil stove, 2 radios. Rirstnins! Inquire 27 First avenue, Wal.erbnry. 4-2r>,"7. TRICE EXPF<RT — rrunlns- nnd spraying- of fruit nnd shade tree*. Trees removed. Veteran of World War II. Gordon Phclnn, Wtby. 8-2261. GUARANTEED REPAIRS — All makes machines, radiums. UseO machines bought. KinRcr Sewing Machine Co. Watcrbury 4-J305. Wiring & R«nalk. ing. V/,i specialize In «atlof»o- tion. All work .nsurcd. Witfti- Ingr machines vepnired. Ray Decker, Dial 4000. CESSPOOLS —Ann septic Ovnk* cleaned, repaired nnd installed. All typos of suhurbnn sowncc <lis- posnl work. For prompt »nri dependable service ea.ll The Conn- Hydraulic Co., Waterbury 28a Announcements 17 prK-lcc Station MAPLE STREET GAP.AGB . 176K- Maple Street Tel, Oltt John Rimkus, Prop. Repair work on all makes of cam FENDER and BODY WORK Used Cars Boupht—Sold OFFERING — 500 pair of men's blue denir.i, sanforized shrunk dungarees. Sizes 29 thrmiRh -14. OPA ccilinp;. $:.G4. G. C. Murphy Co.. Church St. WEDDING outfits—fonniil ready-made or mndc to order. White Bunny jackets, bluck velvet wraps lo rent. RUBY'S BRIDAL SHOP, 2nd,floor, S5S N". Main St., Wtbry. 3-JS34. Merchandise Aril clew jfyr 5iM«> LET "News Classified" HANDLE (: YOUR ADVERTISING Excellent Results Lowest Prices. JUST DIAL 2228 Ask For "Classified" WE HAVE MONEY TO LOAN on second mortgages. 5000-up, • Waterbury 5^291J. lla Perxonai NOW OPEN POR BUS] NESS, PLUMBING AND HARDWARE. LICENSED PLUMBER, A. L. . HOTCHKJSS, MAIN ST. BISA- CON FALLS. DIAL 434-1. lid Business OpportimiUes 17 Service Staltons—K^pjilrln^ JACK'S AUTO DODY SHOP 100 South-'Main Street Bodies, fenders, straifrhtcncd, repaired, etc. Also cars paintert. u Telephone 6J59—5913—32M 21 Hour Towing: Service 17 Service Station*— AUTOMOBILE—Rubber floor mats —$3.75 and up, .TOE'S TIRE SHOP 211 N, Main, Wtbry. Cor. Cooke St, 17» Auto r:tlntinR--JJody Worlt FLORIDA—Winter homo and or- Hnffe ffrovc for sale. East, const, four bedrooms, three baths, gar- aRC,3 and outbuildings. Fifty acres in tract. Wonderful tropical estate. Write Sam Hardwick, Canaan, Conn. AUTOMOBILE TAINTING—Wcld- Inff. CAIIS PAJNTEI) S«0. Jim's Taint Shop, 15 Autumn St., cor, Piedmont. Wtbry. 3-8307. Bear Wheel Aligning-Auto Painting Body ft Tender Work KBNIE'S AUTO BODY WOKKS 128 Wutertown Ave. Wtbrj-. 36241 I'OOT- \Vitli meUl frnnic. 5.G, $3-).05. Sa'xl lioxos, Shop, WADING Sixc 5.6X 5.G, $3-).05. Sa'xl piny pen.-., otc. The Kadio 1 ISO Grand St., Wtby. 30 PEABL BUTTONS — Kick - mck, braids Jaccs, biudlnffs In large 6«sortmcnta. Reliable, 87 Soovlll Rtrcet, Wtbry. AUTHOKIZKO HOOVKU 8KKV- JCE by factory trained man. TcT. ^^51. Carlson's Furniture Co. 38 Serrtcen GOLD IK'S CAMERA SHOr 8 & 1G mm. Movies On Snlc Now. L7 Grnnd St. Wtbry. Phone 5-187D CUSTOM IlRUl v HOLSTERIKri - Spccinl 2-piPCo Suite .$M GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. HAVE YOUR ALTERATIONS DONE AT CARMEN'S CUSTOM T.Ml.OUINt S-I>ay Clcunlnsr JServln: 1-17 So, Main St-— Dial 21(17 39 Wanted To riendor Services WE REPAIR J All makes. Coldspol, Apex, Cop«- l.Tnd, Gruno, Kclvlmitor, Cron- Icy, Stewart-Warner, f(c. Stol» l{.il iird son. 202 Cherry St Waterbury. 4-0719. 30c Kadlo IMMUDIATK DELI VICKY! Radios in Stock — Fndii, Olympic, Emerson, Senora. Stewnrl Warner, Also .table niodcl combinations, record players, portables. GERALD'S A1TLIANCE. 107 Sprincr St., Union City. 1'im.CO, RCA, TABLE MODEL RADIOS" \viili auvomatic rccoi-d chanRers in stock. THE KADIO SHOP, 3SO Grand St. Waterbury. SAVE your sagging npliolH(«rcO furnllure with "SngPruf." Chair SS.70; diviu;, ?1S..">0, Work done in your home. Dial Watorbury 4-331!'. Stiilf-wi'Jo scrvlc". Hot wi'iithrr Is here l<i slay. Prot<"Ct yntir ivlnirr i;:irnii v nls by havinp; l.hem clomii'il and IMoth- I^roofed now. ^ *f^**r*+*^r^**r<***'*+***^+*r+t K lEVMAN LEANERS HI'/ SAWYKIt Bf BOY CRANE 7 LOOK OUT! ANOTHER ICE AVALANCHE! SUM, I*» SAY. ONCE THIS ICEBERG REACHES WATER, IT'LL MELT rtlTHIN AWEEK.WE'U EITHER DROWN OR STARVE, j 6V MY. FREEZE BY KI1GMT, WHETHER THEY U£ SIT OR STAMP, CY WATER SAT- URATCS THEIR CLOTHES DAYS PASS. THREE DAYS 0V WUN&ER, CXPOSURC, coNST«,rrr DANGER. TWELVE GRAND - CLOZE \ ENOUOH! THAT &SIMRE4 U*/ \ FINANCIAL^ ..NOv 1 /, ONE OR TWO OTHgR LITTLE LOREEN TYPED TH/AT OM j COERCION AND YOL'R MACHINE- WHILE WE WERE WAITING...NOJ'D <MA^ 1$ TW5 i A PAPER? —:— «y WILLIAM KIXX and CLARENCE'OBAT AH/.THE RECEPTION" COMMtTtee/ WHERE'S THE MAYOR.-'DOESN'T HE'WttNT SO THAT'S TM£ OLD HOME TOWN, EH, CANDY .' WELL' IT MAY NOT BE A NEW YORK,_B_UT JUST WAIT T, LLUACLE SAMDY TAKES OVECTME BARNEY GOOGLE,AND SNCFFY SMITH — :— WAS VO.R6 \ FLAG, GOOGLS TIME'S A-WASTIN'" HUGOS Awn By WAJ-LV BI.SH01 CONGRATULATIONS, R«:0!l.yOU MM3E IT" WELCOME TO FIRST ITS BtTrtR J 6REAMN 1 HIS HfART.'! P LOOK.EFFIE, PACO'S UP AGAIN,,;. HE'S JUST LEARHINS...5O LET HIM HITONE!!...IT'LL BREAK HIS HEART IF HE DOESN'T GET TO FIRST BASE STRIKE TWO! COMEON.FACO...VC HAVE TO STRIKE AT EVERYTHING THROWS!, KAIN'T HIT THE SIDE OF A BARN VJIF A HAN'FUL, OP' RICE!,,MEBBE AH KIN I'AUL KOBINSON I MEVEE. OraeAMED I'D DA-NCE THEM WITH I MEAN l~ WAS TOO I'VE. COLLECTED YOU'VE SE"EN' MV SAND PRACTICALLY SHOCK: COMlMG

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