Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 31, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1909
Page 8
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MORE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. Mr. Brown of the Publication Commit tec, Makes Reply to Wells. LOH Aru'oleH, f'«i., July 2'.',, 1000, Editor f'ovina Argua. ("ovlna, ('»]. Dear Sir:—In your inane of .fulyj 17th Mr. II. X. \Ve||« !inn<-rt» that, ho lins Htudiod f'brisfinn Hejem.-e "a« few BejeiitiKfs ever do." In thlH eonnee- tion it. may be .said th;it. IK- only under-, Htandn the teaching of Christian HHonre who fan demonstrate its rules in healing tin; Kirk and redeeming UK- winner. Our eritie Hef-lcH to dclraet from the importance of the "works" that, the Mast'-i- said nbal! follow them that, ho- lieve. Thf.-HO works were not. "the ( heap exhihition of Hiipernatural ]>ow- er," hut were the incontrovertible ovl- d'-nre that .("HUH wan the T'lirlHt. When John sent a moHHai-'O to JeHiiH inquiring if he were (lie Monsdah, lie did not send an evidence a rreed or dogma. No! He Haid, "Tell John what f.hingH ye liave heard; how that, (he Idlnd nee, 1he lame walk, the lepers are Heaimed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the goH|>ol IH preaehed." In this .niHwer to John It is evident, that Jesii.s did not "minimi/.e the. import anerr of these woiiflcrK," nor t-an tliey lie iiilnimi/ed by any true follower of the Master, whose command to heal the sick Id inseparably connected with the command to preach Ihe gospel. Indeed, (lie only proof that one understands thlH goHpel lien in OIIC'H ability to h"(il the sick. In Mark if,.-20 "• |H said of the discijiles, "Ami Iliey went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming Ihe word with s!«ns following." While rhristian Hclence reeognl/OH the necessity and Importance of healing the sick through Ihe gonpol, it is not primarily a. school of physical healing. Its real mission Is the healing of sin, tho latent cause of all disease. The term "sin" here Is used In its broad sense and Includes all wrong thinking and acting, whether horn of ignorance of self-will—all Ignorance of Cod and his laws. Tho Immunity resulting from the abandonment of sin Is dourly sot forth in Kxodus Ifi1C: "If thou will diligently hearken to tho volco of the Lord thy f!od, and •wilt do that which IB right In his sight, and wilt give oar to his com- innndmcnlB, and keep all hla statutes, 1 will put none of tlieso diseases upon thoe whlch'I have brought upon tho Egyptians: for I am the Lord that henVeth thoe." Those- who understand the principles of Christian Science sufficiently 1o heal tho sick know that the fundamentals of Christian Science have never changed. The changes our critic refers to are only in tho phraseology which Mrs. Kddy Is ever slrlvlng lo simplify for tho student's benefit. If our critic will compare the Twentieth Century Now Testament with that of tho King James version, ho will find much more change than would be caused by "an attempt to find a better word hero and there." In some 1 Instances an entirely new meaning Is brought out. No, (!od does not need to revise Ills leaching, which Is spiritual and comes to the consciousness of man through revelation, hut In I lie attempt to convoy Ills teachings through tho medium of written language various revisions have proven helpful. When our critic assorts that It Is n necessity for Scientists lo purchase each last edition of "Science and Health," he again errs, If hn will read Ihe "Note for students of the lesson" In the lesson imarturly , ho will learn that one does not require the latest edition lo study the weekly lesson. No one is compelled to repurchase I he text book, nor purchase any if they do not wish to, and further more, it is not necessary lo pay $fi.()0 per <Mpy, as the cloth edition, which Is the one mostly in use, is but $:t.uu per copy. Thin price comp'.ires favorably with (hat of other science text hooks and emnnit-nlai'ic*; and sinks In in insignificance ivheu compared with Ihe spiritual and physical hem-tits re- eeiu"! by \\ ho study and prac lice ilS leaellilil'.s. Many families pay £.",.1111 Tor a single drug pn-si -ipi ion. and yet this same amount invesied in a lexl book of Chrislian Seieni e. \\j||, j| Hie student li-i hK part, l'ore\.-r abolish hills, lo s.iv noi liiiiv,-of ihe spiritual harmony. M-eiirity and peace lliai comes will; the umh-r.slamlini 1 . of i'hrisi i;m Sri Sincerely \nm.-., WILLIAM K. MltmV.V Five Acres Sold. The I'r e acre orange ranch of Ue\ M I ! I vi r\ ha.i been sold |o W.ill er ll.iime ,,! Koe|,lor<|. 111. Mr. and Mrs II.linn- ;:re uld Irienils of ('. I-!. Hri.-tou (i! I hi-- I n'.'. n. and li..\ e decided to maUi <' s hion.i.i I hi'ir l.i.Hi'' The < oiisiilera ! ... i: n). I i, i • ! a 1i1 !. v, . •. s .< i', M 1111. Theatrical Notes MKLAHOO TilKATKH. Thf; "VVarreiiK of Virginia" will be played for the ftrnt. time by a Block company anywhere, and it. will bo the f\rnt. In the Went, at the Bohisco Theatre commencing Monday night. The production at the Mol(w-o i« made by Kperi'il (ii r;irigem'-nt with David Me- laser) an;l IH nai*1 to !)<• IIIH host, work in tho line of "atmosphere." ThlH i« Hlrnply another example of the . fact, that, the management, of the HelaHCo theatre :it all times HtrivoH t.o give its patrons the very beat the market affords. Tho play was written by William ('.. DoMillo and has to do with an Incident at the HOBO of the rival War when a relief train went to the Southern soldiers is cut. off and destroyed through the Issuing of a marching order by General Warren of the Confederate Army, based on fulso dispatches found on the person of Lieutenant ISurton of t.he t'nion Army, the affianced lover of Agatha Warren, t.he Kern-nil's daughter. The management of the Helasco has showed great, care In t.he of "The Warrens of Virginia," using all of tho regular members as well as many other specially engaged people. Scenic Art.lst. Urunton has promised some beautiful st.'igo pictures and as a whole tho production of "Tho Warrens of Virginia" should prove one of| ||Sl|r ., ,,„.,,.„ L.mdings , ia ,j 1,0011 erect, the real theatrical treats of tho sea-1 (| f)|l|y a H(||a|| , UI1()1|n , f)f Wllt ,, r for H " n> | (loim-Mtie UHO had been developed and | irrigation and domestic water. Today tho town has a population of 120'). About l!(0 buildings have boon built, a bank of over 200 depositors established and a water system in- Ht.alled comprising nearly '.',<) miles of BY FOOT TO MICHIGAN. Professional Walker to Receive $500. by Covering Distance in 120 Days. (;eo. M. Hamilton started on his way; at noon yest.onlay t.o walk to Detroit,! Michigan, in 120 days and reached j Covina near t; o'Hook the same even- \ itig. A 'inmber of Klks, business men of. Los Angeles, fell into a discussion as to the time it. would take t.o cover the j distance, find the result, is that a sum j of |r,00 h;is been offered Hamilton if! he oan make the journey In 120 days.. Hamilton Is a professional walker and has a long string of records to his credit. i The route chosen is that, of the Southern Pacific to Chicago and tho .Michigan Central from that, city to Oeti'jit. To perform this feat Hamilton will have t.o average 28 miles a day. Beaumont Homeseekers' Day, Monday, August 2, 1909. Tho Horond anniversary of t.he Mean-; mont. Land and Wat.or Company will | ho celebrated at. Beaumont, Monday, j August. 2nd. On that, date, two years ago, the company bought the t.ov/nsit.o and about 4000 acres of adjacent, land, a largo hotel and ox- KEEPING HiS BALANCE, tensive rights. '!."iO inhabitants and 100 houses, and it is sairl that in I." years previous not. over Following "The Warrens of Virginia," the Helasco company will produce Annie RusseTs great success, "A Koyal Family." HI'HMAXK THIOATIUO. Los Angeles theatre goers will again have their critical discernment put to tho lost next week when Lincoln Todford's now play, "The Greater Claim," will be produced for the first time on any stage at the Burbank theatre. The play's premier comes tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and the! piece will run through tho week, with a second matinee performance Saturday. "The Greater Claim" Is a four act drama, its plot Involving the struggle between Col. Jasper J. Stone, hqad of a corrupt political machine, and the Rev. Cuylor Armstrong, who attempts the Herculean task of clean- Ing out the Augoun Stables of municipal politics. Armstrong Is rector or St. Luke's Church, Stone being his wealthiest and most generous parish- oner. Ted ford, too, has supplied a strong and Interesting love story through the introduction of Dorothy Flt/gorald, a Salome dancer, whom Dr. Armstrong attacks In a sermon and who proves, ultimately, to be a young woman whom he has wronged In his youth in Paris. A sensational scene In the play shown a masquerade dinner given by Stone to a party of his boon companions at which a young woman, garbed in diaphanous draperies, dances for his guests upon the banquet table, making her appearance from the heart of a great orange. All t \e Hurlmnk favorites will bo In the cast. stec] ;ind cement mains, supplying irlgat.ion and domestic 1 water. Fully $'100,000 worth of property has and nearly (tO.OOO other fruit trees Miss Mary (Mte: 1 is visiting Misses lot hoi ami Mabel llouser. the Puritan Mutter, always good, always uniform, I ho standard of oxeollonee. Warnor, Whltnol & Co. The local Itobekiih lodge will meet In future on the llrst ami third Thursdays of each month, instead of Fridays, as heretofore. II. M. Kaulder, secretary. Mr. I). A. llomfold! and family moved lo Lorraine, Kansas, this week and will probably make their homo there. Lorraine is Mr. 1 lomfoldt's old home. Mr. and Mrs. Is. L. Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. .1. II Coolman enjoyed an auto trip Tuesday through Holly wooil. Kasllake park and Los Angeles. The Misses llyrd and Vie Reynolds ami .Miss Augusta Sanders saw the "Merry U'idou" on Tuesday e\i>nliig. being eseiirted by the hitler's brother, Mr. K'lUin Sanders of I .os Anueles. I-;, i'. Siou ert. of Mast returned on Saturday ! Mr. and Mrs Center street, luM from an extended irip through Washington, Oregon and British Col umbi'i. They slalt. that their trip was one round of pleasure. While absent they UMIed the parents of Mr. Sie wert in WashintUon. boon disposed of apple, chei'y and plantod. Tho celebration will take place in a tree-covered grove in lOdgar canyon and will bo attended by the old and new colonists onmasso. Music will be provided, refreshments furnished and speeches of welcome by State Senator Miguel lOstudillo and others. ENLARGING STOCK. Finch's Jewelry Store Shows Prosperity In Short Time Since Inception. Pinch, the jeweler, is gradually enlarging his place of business, two doors north of the car line on Citrus avenue, and this week has added extra showcases to accommodate his new stock. Mr. Finch says the addition Is about double what he formerly carried, consisting mostly of watches and serviceable jewelry. With the enlargement Mr. Finch now has one of the best .'quipped stores of its kind in tho valley, carrying a stock far in excess of tho ordinary jewelry store of small cities. Mr. Finch is also very busy with watch anil clock repairing. His success since opening his store has boon romiirkablo. * Mr. and Mrs. W. n. Gamniioll entertained on Wednesday the hitter's cousins, Misses Florence and Cora Durbin of Malvorn, la., and Mrs. .lames Durbin and son of lOtuerson, la., also Mrs. 10. 10. Culver of Long Beach. RYROM HOT STRINGS \\'it!iiu p.ny reach of San Francisco Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters Keaelied from F.os Angeles through the San Joaqtiin Valley. Information at SOl'TUF.UN PACIFIC OFFICKS. **#*#*########*##* * ^ ^ _ * A Stc<ry With * Mori! That U T«!d Among the Tartars. There Is a story told among the Tartars which has a moral for the civilized men-of the present day. It is t.o this effect: Hobo, cousin of the grout mogul, was condemned to death for participation In >i rebellion. The most skillful swordsman In the empire was provided for the execution, and the KrofK mogul 11 nd his court were present :ts Kpoctatora. The thin, keen blade flashed In the sunlight and descended upon the bun; nock of Hobo, who stood upright to receive tlie stroke. The executioner's work was so deftly done (tint, though the head was severed, not a \ilai organ was disturbed. Hobo remained standing. "What, Hobo, art thou not beheaded'.'" exclaimed the grout mogul. "My lord, I am," replied Hobo, "but as long as 1 keep my balance right my head will not fall off." The great 'mogul was placated. A band was put. on Hobo's neck, and he recovered. He afterward became a loyal subject and was made cashier of the empire because, as the groat rnoguJ remarked: "lie kiHjWH that if he keeps his balance right bis head will not conic off." —Exchange. Paints, Painting Decorating, Kalsoming, Wall Paper, Papering, Carnage and Automobile Painting. Crockery, Ch i naware Lamps, Fancy and Plain Dishes NEW STORE IN ODDFELLOWS' BUILDING KISTLER & KEELING Home Phone 51 MAKESHIFT COMPASS. Float a Magnetized Sewing Needlo In a Bowl «tf Water. If a thoroughly iiry and clean sewing need I L' Is carefully laid on the surface* of water in a basin the needle will (luat. in spito of the hif-'h density of stool — seven or eight times that of water. On closer Inspection It is found that the surface of the water is depressed under the needle, much us If there were a thin film .stretched o* or the water and slightly Indented by the weight of the needle;. This jroperty of liquids of offering a certain resistance U< a force exerted upon their surface is termed "surfacu tension." The magnitude of the force of surface tension varies from one liquid to another. It is greatest In the case of mercury. The cause of the phenomenon must probably be looked for In the attraction of the liquid molo- cules to one another. A sowii«g needle thus floating upon water mny be used as a compass if it has previously been magnetized. It will then point north and south and will maintain this position if the containing vessel Is moved about. If the needle Is displaced by force it will return to its position along the magnetic meridian as soon as the restraint Is removed.—Chicago Tribunn. Locating • Broken Wire. When a telegraph wlro Is broken or damaged. Bay, several hundred miles away, how does the operator, sitting In his office, know exactly where tue accident occurred? The explanation is simple. It requires, as every one knows, considerable force to send electricity through, a wire. The longer the wire the greater, of course, must be the force roiiuired. This force Is measured in units called by electricians "ohms." Lot us suppose that, a wire between a New York o'lico and a point 150 miles away has broken somevvhcro. The telegrapher knows that when the wire was Intact there wore- required, say, •J.loi) ohms to facilitate the current, or fourteen ohms to the miie. lie now tlnds that he cau send a current with only 700 ohms. Dividing 700 by 14, he tiiuls that the break in the wire 1* fifty miles from his end.—-New York Tribune. Re'.. \llied l-'U'U -tier of lie- I lol\ Trinity and l\\ ely n M art toiuorro\\ u here I !ie\ i w! 1 spend .: lohii and Vllr.'i in '. I i i ps ,i roui.d , of ll.e l-'lel. in on \loiida\ for Mil u ill taUe ,ui of ihe ('hutch daughter. Miss tor HelUe'.ev. a te\\ \\eeks i Kleii-her. and ine i.a\ . Mis- ! f.i li.l l> 'A ll' I .'ill .1 I .Mill.I i \t--:->U •; \:-.. :i Say! /Iftr. tRancber You are conducting a bii; buiiiiL'.is lunri: money iu- ve-UC'l than many IHIMIU-SN iuuiii's do ;i ^ ood «it cm re.iponiioiici.'. don't yon.' Mo yon ;il\va\.t II.IVL' snila'.ile paper haiuly \\hen you u i>h to write.' l>o you know we can turmsh you with ihe very best of writing paper ami en veto pt-s, neatly printed «iili your u,.meor the name of your ranch, place o! rest- ileiii-e .iml date line, clieaper "ii can secure table!.-, i ve!opc.-» in Miia! 1 .[aan' '1'i.ii \'- 1 1 1 yiitir p. .tlili'llce itlie-i.^l lUe : i\" c. 'ii ; e 1 1 ie 11 ' . * * # * * * * * *• * «X * * * *• * * * * * * # * * * * * *• * * * •ft * * * * * * OiYlNA AKu'. t'K'.NTKRS * * * * * * * * # * * * * * # •» * * Foresight. Little (ieorge, who wa.s four years old, had been lohl uiuny IJible stories. Among ilieiu was the story of the flood and the Dili Id Ing of the ark by Nona. One ilny « storm threatened. The clouds grew darker, too wind arose, and suddenly the rain began to fall. "Auntie," said George, "do you think II is going to storm'.'" "Yes, I think It will," was the reply. •*! 10 you llii/ik it will be a hard stormV" asked the little fellow. "Yes. I think It will be a hard storm," the aunt replied. "Well, don't you think some of us had better begin building an ark'.'" be -i>*U.'*l.« 'LAV* i ugeles Times. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing mm Automatic Valvelfcss and Wickless Oil SIOVE at Fabrick's Hardware Store VVVVVVVVVVVVV 1 * •• V ^ww^ww^w -^••^•^••^--^••^ -»--»•• ^ i Electrical Wiring, Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons' All kinds of repairs. Estimates furnished.. Agent for LEAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE CO. 620 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cat. R. B. WINDER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Home Phone 1068 115 N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE The Man ur.d the Mummy. "This," said l be guide who was piloting a bunch or tourists through Egypt us ho pointed to a mummy, "was a hi'-ih pvlesi, the wisest man oi! his day He Iheil to a great age." "Was his last illnesn fatal'.'" ipieried the wag of the hunch. "i if i'o,;."i <i was," answered tin? !;ui-!e, with j m..'.. .-f pliy at the other. "That's .'iiiiti 1 ' 1 r?.r'>i'ied tile waugNh per>oi>. -His pres,«..r .-.i.-.-aranee would seem to indi-.ii'i- ilia; Vt-- was pernm- neiiily cured." t 'hi.-ago Seiva. Too 613 a Price. lines lilt- I'liisuil of Weailli cut the American man of business oft .-'rum tLe old fashioned relish of books a.\i! sm-i- flyV In oilier \vonls. Is be payi'ig ti.o bi^ r i-v tii.-pro[ ni-niate a i-ii-e i:. liit-.n and strength ( >r wealth and eoi.nne:' ei.'.l !'!•• ;:ri.e;.e'- My an>\\er \v,>i,Ul be "'ieV' I.e.- : i|iieSli,'ll A. Pi.ll'lul You DO enjoy food when you know it is CLEAN, that it is cooked in n CLEAN place by CLEAN people. And yon WILL the food cooked at our Cafeteria because it IS clean. Our kitchens arc* as clean and inviting looking as the most partieular housewife could desire. Everything is "spick and span." And not only .is the whole place spotlessly clean, I)ut the food that's served is cooked in such a way as to make the mouth water Our cooks have the ''knack" of seasoning down to a fine point. Here things taste as though they were made at home, flust come in and see if they don't. AVe are located directly across tln> street from tlie Pacific Electric Railway Station. LOOK FOR OUR NAME ON THE WINDOW. Lunch. 11 till 2. Dinner, f> to 7 :',](). Our ">th St. Cafeteria serves breakfast from 7 till !):Ud and is^open Sundays. 62 IS MAIM LOS ANGELES BRANCHES—2II West Second Street; 32! West Fifth Street A YOlIf* X Ulil will he appreciated by r.s. V, e are i to •' ive you the !>>.• ,V • • Easy Job. Die }'...-> I, 1 like In .^i'.e y.iu eftl [.!.•> :i.« :,t. \>'' : '- lilt Il.eiv i.i i;e v,. rk '... a•> i'i.e Ai>!>l:e:r.n 'i'bal'rt ',.M I lie -• rr . ! j.'ii I'll like. >ir. it' tuy ^:-.;.i:-;. \\eie • ,ii:--f.e t-r> •• - I 'le\ e».ind Leader Groceries Vegetables and Fresh Meats ROBERT CRENSHAW iiidtin: I'l-iriic o-,„,(]-, ami moderate prices. Phono 22

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