Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 16
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 16
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SIXTEEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MA'RCH 11, 1945 ,.x; A short, short ttory wherein a clever disciple of the "leader" learn* not to discount that vital human emotion—love! Th* atrl stoncing before Hans , Jfuthe trniit-d quickly, her clear j. blue evfs looking squarely into his. | She was definitely the woman for :. the pan. H« quickly surveyed the grace of her beautiful figure, her tte'n-blrmd* hair, and the appeal in her Klsnce. There was nothing .cheap or U'«uy about her. ahe ramd be tnwti'<S to nnd out the' information hi* government deairsd. "You have agreed to nwt this I Sereiner?" a«uthe asked coldly. _ 'Tonight." she replied, ,.' He eyed her carefully. "Youll set the information about the bomb- .ilght then? He'll give it to you since he work* inside the plant?' 1 "I will do my best, Haiw," she said simply, "you know 1 want that information as well as you. and the Leader muj.t not be:gl!ow«i to treat iw as he did Fritz. Poor FrUz . . h* tried v> hard r Hans Sciuhe looked out the win- ri flow. "Fritz wa/i n fool", he said. K. "Yes ... a tuupiri, blundering fool. Th« leacier cannot tolerate fools." He cRinu over to her.. "You must {;• gei the information tonight. Maria (:'• ThU is the last chance I will give ""ij you If you fail me toniRht your : name KO« In . , : that Is all." i "Heil. iiiMl." >.he echoed,' . i*. . . , . • . ^ In (he Jmle rr.iUtUraiit where they • : had a ICW/Sf RATION BY STEPHAtfttJ ' ^,,, ^m JTspi TWO ^ Radio Today .;, ; SUNDAY. MARCH 11 >: ' r Etittrn War Tim»>.M,— tubtfict OM Hour for CWT., 2 J-)r§. foe MWT. Changes frt pi'oitratni at listed due to correction* by network} tnadt too . lalt to Incorporate. .-..-. . -'• 1Z:30— Ttio Paul Lav»ll« Conestl— nbe Trans-Atlantic Call, Excbiinrc— cbt Aniirlnl and His Contltitrualefr— blu Lui!i*rin Ifalf-Uour Kcrvkn — inln Ui«— atOMV 1 * Concert Oroh*itra^-tlu iioo— Klifem MlVutti 5«w»CMt~nb« Tt>» Church of th* Air Sermon*— cb» John 3. K«nn«iy »n4 Commtqtr-Dlu Stinley Dlxon In Commititxrr— mb» tus— Araerlc* O" 1 , 1 *" 1 ' ' AiF.L^-nbo O»orr» Hicks Weekly Comment-i-blu Slafiaf C»h*rle« protnm — mbi-bn. 1;10— U. of .Chioaro RoundUli]* — nb« Qunt Speaker* for IS UlnutO— obi a*muiy Kaye 1 * 8er«n«d«| N»w«-rrl)lu De«ctlT« Uyiterlts,. Drtmitlo^- nbo 1:« — Kd ilurrow 1 * Comwenitry— cbi J:00— Trtoso W« Lov»^ Dramatic— obo The Mutlnoe Theater. Dr«.m»tlc^-cb» Chaplain Jim, U.S.A.., Dr»tn«i— blu Sky Riders Servicemen'* Quli— mb« ZiJO— John Chas. Thomat * Song— nbc NBVT* of World; Olln Oownsi— cbi National Vespers \U th* R«dto— blu BUI Ouiintriffiurn in Comment— raba 2:<S — Th» Canary P*t Profram— tnb» 3:00— World's P»rnd«, Max HID— nbo .V. Y. Philharmonic Symphony — cb» . Th» Chtrlutts Oreenwood Shovr— Wu Roosty o£ the A.B.V., Comeily— mbs 3:30— Official Hour by th« Army— nbc Kthal Buro'nioro'j Mlio Hfl,ttl» — blu' "IT'S A WONDERFUL accomplishment, iMaria," Mid Seuthe, looking j »l the drawinc on his desk. "The i leader will reward you handsomely." ^to • be careful' 1 "Oh, yes."- he answered, "I have I known Seuthe for a good many , Nick Carter Detfctlv« Dr«m» 4iOO— D»rt« for Dourh, Qulj— blu-weat It Is Set to Mu»lc— blu-New,Enslajid Your America. Variety Outst«— mb» 4:30 — Music America Loves But — nbo A'e1«on Eddy Variety & Oue»t»— cb* The Andrews Slstarn Program— blu What'n Name ot the Sonr Qulx— mbi iiOO — NBO aymphony Orchejtra — nbo Family Time & Patrice Muruel — cb« Mary Hmall In a Sunday Kevin— ^-blu Let's Face the Icaue, a Forum — moj »:30— M'tropolit'n Opera Presents— blu The Shadow, Myatery Drama — mba 5:4S— Bill Shlrer in Commentary — cb* «:00— The Catholic RaBlo Service— nbo Adventures of Ozz&e and Harriet — cbi Hull o( Fame, Paul WhHematt— blu Quick i. a Flaili. Quli Show— mbs • :30— Great Gllderileeve Comedy— nbc Fanny Brlce ami Comedy Show— cb« Upton Clone and Hl« Comment — mbs Ii15— Dick BroVm with His Son»— mb» 7iOO — Jack Benny Comedy Show — nbc Kate Smith Hour for Variety — ob« Drew Pearion and Commentary— blu The Cleveland Orchestra Hour — mbi 7:15 — Xewa Summary tor 15 illn. — blu 7i30 — The Bandwacon Orcheitra — nbc Q«!r Klda and Joe Kelly, M.C.— blu 1:00 — Chas. McCarthy, E. Btrrcn-^-hbo Blondle-Dacwood Comey Skit — ctu : The areenHold Chapel Services— blu Alexander i Mediation Board— mba »:15 — Dorothy Thompson's Talk — blvi 1:30 — E. Jiracken Comedy Show — nbo Crim* Cootor, Dmrnatto Series — cbs Stop or Go with Joe E. Brown— blu «:4S— Gabrial Heattor Comnvnta — robs »:56 — Klve Sllnutes Xews Period — cbs »:00— Sunday's Merry Go Round— nbc Magazine Theater and Guests — cb« Walter Wlnchell's Broa.dc*ating— blu Horlion-, Sunday Cone. Show — mba IH5 — Hollj-woort's Mystery. Time— iblu t!30 — Album of Familiar Music — nbo James Melton & Alec Templeton — cbs ' 'oiigress Predicts Early War's Eiid s for Speedy Climax to Conflict Hi^s Peak ! ; Wilh Wa»hin«ton, March 10 (*>— Hop«s or it «p«*dy end to the European r»r hltf :p«»k in'Confre*» today »n<J many tefUl»tora predicted an early collapw of the Qerman mill- *ry •machlnt."-'- - - ; .:.,-'-ir- ; .•••• • ;••.-:• ; Others w«r«f not to quick ^tp dU^ :ourit .• German- tenacity, however, ind .feared and. noted that Iwt- Htch recistanoe or -, u&contrpUable ilemenu, -.•uchV, as bad weather, might prolong the conf llct, . • • • ; : Sen a tor f George CD-Oa) said If he First Army, bridgehead' across he Rhine . south of Cologne caji be maintained and expanded, "Germany U done for." . ..... "If our ' troop* can continue to pour over the Rhine and spread cut maiast what ? seems, thus far to have been rather light resistance, I think that It wlllbe a matter of days until the' Germans collapse," the Georgia senator told a reporter. .- • ..-•;... . ... .. But 'Senator Maybank (D-SC) , another military committee member, -ecalled former disappointments. : "The war U won— there can be no doubt about that— but I am afraid hat the Germans are going to fight o the last ditch'," he said. •'! would lk« to think that the collapse will come right away, but I don't be- 'leve rt will blow up overnight." these times," she added evenly. "Right. I'd like to get my handsjyeW' We were close friends in the on one of those foreign rats." ' [old country,".. ... . • Her heart was racing. She knewl : "I hope everything works as you it was now or never. "Otto," she!want it to." " • gasped, "I'm one of those rats . . " "It will" Ottn >;hnt hurt niHci-iu ..•*»•-,.«.. . . . ,,j , , • , »*IH. wi-uj MiUl. DHCli qUICMy, Dailies .IICILUII or Aieu .lempieiun—cos YOU? he said,., . , doru trasej"a)l you hav* to do is report with CedrJc Foster's War Comment—mb* me. Maria." , ... : . t •-.-. the information and act as though!" *il s -, Jlmm l« P!al «'. 3 . Hoiiyjvood—blu "Bui I am, Otto.-. Honestly, i was,you had secured this from me under sent here to find out how the newicasual conversation. Tell hirh I bomb-sight fa made . . . even to get j knew you had the drawing act you to sketch it for me. Or better,!your part, and I'll do the rest" I was to get you to work with me "Good tiye, darling "' : R "?>/ e L tf l c real , plans mi " He rose q"'ckly and kissed her. My God, Maria . . . do you realize "I Jove you, Maria, don't you forget! what this would mcnn? What If you were caught? What if you did that for a single minute." "Never," she murmured. 'it 'Tl: K .Jj M Us t; "»!""", *"••""• •««»««•«* »'»j juxiiig wnac wouia nappen to you and me?" , r- i ,.,-•.-. >«t while they sipped the.wir.e. % Mariai she looked at him helnlesslv "5 to. Sci-finer. H had wen .In this finally said: "You must be working l know darlmY that™ whv I had to •v.:uim« i-Miiniirani Hii> ni^ht n f i „—,; i i •„•-.. ,_., ..--j ^ .,,. _*:.:"• a » rlI _""S' maia.wny i naa to with plishment, Maria." Phil Bdlcer-n Take It or L*ave It—cbi llle of Rlley and Wro. Bendbc—blu Earl "Wilson Tails of Broadway—robs 10:16—Helen Hayes 15-M. Drama—mba 10:JO—Comedy, Harold Uoyd MC—nbo We, tha People, a Quest Show—<jba One Foot in Heaven, Dramatic—blu Columbus Boys Choir Concert—mba • " " WTBO CJHART ' r ' " TODAY 1:00 Old Fashlontd Reclvat Hour. »:00 World Ne*« Bound-Up INBC). «ry «m« rwuuranl Ih. HiKht of very hard, You look »l«5 d.?^"J?£ you* I can' 1*0 th01gh ihi. h>i«# qernwn rally. They, had ' "I am," he replied- "it's geUin* it. . . i love this country too , ^rl'L 6 ,^" 11 ^" lniRt had 5?l?« l «r "ery day. ^,ey demandLnd I love .YOU even mo*' been three'years ago. Hatis Seiche smiled happily. "How 9:J1 story TO order INBCI. • jciid you get Screlner to give you this) ,J:^ M»'Son»| i R r »dio"uiplt lf W!BC) j drawing ? It's a wonderful accom- 10:30 word« «nd Music (NBC/, : more and more much. Her he "there's £ K S ^^^ ^ 10< r 1Ced - Hw r-"M»^ Va^h^T-hb "b^'"bro W n! 0n ^ <C ont!nll et d 0 ?apldly. "You must • j..j clean and fine. Past the few guests (hands '-- "-- ----- — '• --- r, he en me, smiling broadly. headquarters and hand it over to I'trlT ir • ii > • ' i —.*....» <•»<.! >»nf> n i^yvyvi i IJIV-r,, ^Hollo, Maria . . . I'm a DU.le late."! He : moved :ht? fingers quickly in ShR laughed quickly, feeling light! time with ; the music that "had r pnd (ftiy. ..''Thftt's all right. Otto, started. "Otto," «.he said "what ;• I'm always happy when I sit wait-i does this bomb-slcht look like? Is inc for you. It's fun to watch foriitblg?" .; , •" • -,,..-. your funny head bobbin B tluou?h i "About this: high," he measured - tne people, and: liten v i. see .thw:c.jthe height.holding one of his hands and .I'm "com-jovcr :elely thrilled all over »B«in," "Yciti'rc "Oh, I used- my feminine charm . . . that and the help of the wine," lily at him. "Tills will be a feather in your cap. Maria. The government, will reward you handsomely ..." ' Suddenly the door of his office flew open and in walked Otto.' He advanced rapidly, with long, menac- strldes toward Seuthe's desk; es es the man you are working for. Act H E stood tall and straight and cave " •••• - • ._?_». happy. Make him think you have done a great piece of espionage. . . Will you do It?" "Oh, yes, Otto," she cried, "but whnt of you?" . • table, Then he suddenly "Leave that to me. I'll b<> all right. Oh, I know, darling love you f,f> d nil over RBftin," iooknd at her sharply. "You wouldn't! You Just have to report with the flatterer. Otto v/his- be K spy, Maria?" .; - [details and everything'll be okay." ' "Otto" sho.uiM •."D.'hf „!,„,.M-ij she nodded. He handed her a .. but I want to'-be a spy?" "why. of a homh *\rrht b ? mlj-slg '? t the military salute. -'Herr Seuthe7" "Yes. Otto?" . : "That woman is weak . . . she has confessed her dislike for the Leader. I heard her denounce the government. She should be done away with . . ." He glared hard at Maria, then she saw him wink. "I suspected as much," Hans re- 11:00 Church Service* from St. Paul's • Lutheran Church. • .. 12:00 American Lesion program. 12:30 News. • . . ...'.' 1:00 Kerront Trio. 1.15 America United IKBC). 1:30 Unlverslly. o( Chlcuro Round • T»b.le (NBC). . • . - J;00 Ave Marl* Hour. ' 5:30 Wpstlnghouit Proi»r»m (NBC). , 3:00 World P»r»de INBC). 3:30 The Army Hour iNBCI. ' 4:30 Music America Lov.j Best (lv-BC) 5:00 Ocncra! Motors Symphonj- . 6:00 Red Cross Round Table. .,•.«:30 News. . • 6:4t Mutlcale. : ' . ;: . 1:00 Jack Btnny IMBCi. . • ":ia Bandwagon (NBCi. .-•• 8:00 Charlie McCarthy INBCK 5:30 Eddie Bracken Bhnw (NBC). »:00 Manhattan Merry-Oo-Round • I«BC>. ' '8:30 American Album or Familiar Music (NBC) 10:00 The Hour of Charm INBC), 10.30 Comedy Theatre News Ho laliBhrrl "-Vr» nrvnr Vnn ni.™ i cVin ^TI "j -—•»'-";-« "° "•">•", "mi.-> je-i n^o New , INBO. shc P Iled ' "Maria you shall be deported MM! Btorjr Behind the-HcadllneKNBCj ,M a, 1 Cumberland Area .tii Casualties KILLED any information. Cage Brollierrt iV On Islaiifl of Oaliu Mr. and Mrs. John M. Case, Fifth.street, have learned of a rt- S 'and. Pfc. Clyde W. Di.xon. of ncsr Onk- f cril1 mPet| n<? of two of their sons 6. W. V,. in Oer mft ny f |in the armed -services on the Island! Grcen' nf O^* 1 " in Hawaii, .They are Sgt.j Men and Women In War Service Second Uieut. William, M. Rogers. :ner had the opportunity to test, you aut - Your days 8re R,. Cae o *nd Cp, Pau, F. t. George Al. Chaney, Frostbu, S , s«t.. Albert -*"» wounded during s ' in France.! is i.lic w)ii of Wil- 520 Maryland avenue, and hncl a h«PHal oni _„. of v f * ^. ., ?• • rtburg • s a member diod in England. "jUie conrjnejit-of Pvt. Joseph Hoblnson, Bcnhtish l* rilllx ^ errcc ' from „ ..v-.^.vm un, . . neat Pnrsons. w. Vn . In Germanypaipan to one on OAhu. In R short| ,„{," Fcbrtiari' 7.: '; jtlme he met his brother who Is on! ,.\~°^........ .. .... Pvt. Donald Long, Saxton, Pa .,; duty with tlic'ilgnat cyps m that ™ h ^ ee ^th Held art.llery in Germany January 31. 'i™*- It wax their nrst mectir.g in!^ 0 f% blg . guna rccentlv P'«>ed Staff Sgt, Kred Tewcll Everett : foltr vears ' Another brother, Robert!;, J, C r. ,. Pfl., In Germany, February 27. . ' W. Cage. S.. 3-c.. is stationed in|^ RI10 ' tey ilallan toTO beforfi the Pfc. Homer S. Carson, New Paris, ;Momhte, Tcnn,. for training as a I Pn.., on n.n undisclosed front. 'combat crewman. Sgt. 'Robert. Olenn Burger, DavL«,. . W. Va., In Luxembourg December 30.! Pfr: Jimmie U, ;O'Brlen, Swanton.i WOUNDED Pvt. Paul R. McKcrahan, Springs I Mrs. hn-s been Jr., son of Mr. and Clark. Ill "So are yours, Seuthe," a voice hissed behind her. Five policemen had entered. ". . . , nice work, Otto." the big cop said. "We didn't think you were on the level at first. We've been aftcr Seuthe for a long time." "So have I," Otto replied, "ever since he had my brother Fritz shot for doing some of his dirty work'." "Fritz . .'." Seuthe screamed. "Sure, you little punk,'"Otto said, coming toward him with his flEts clenched, "you didn't know that Fritz was the first stooge to try to get the plans for that bomb-sight? You didn't know that I tried to get him to tell me where you hid opt. and that he refused, and because he failed in do your difly work, you had him ahqt. You didn't refcllze I •jwas the Ne«->. MONDAY, MARCH It 7:00 Mnrnlni epotltfbt.' 7:30 New«. 7:45 Revetllt Round-Up (NBCI. 1:00 World N«»-» Hound-Up INBC). •3:15 People Know Everything • 9:30 Victory Mtrehei, »Mi Nfw«. 9:00 Fun >nd roll)- with Zd E»it «nd Polly (NBC). 8:30- Morning Medltittons. 9:45 Nntlon'i Hitlona INBC]. 10:30 Flndrrt Keepers INBC). 11:00 Rout! of Lift IKEC). 11:19 Frevlewi «nd Review*. 11:30 Ntvi. 11:00 Words unrt Music (NBC). 12:30 Newi. 1S:45 U. B. N»Vf B»nd (NBCI. 1:00 wketcbeft In Melody ^KBC). ' '- 1:30^ South of the Border. 1:45 Morgan Beatty IHBC). ..2iCO The Guiding Lljht tN"BCi. .'.3:15 Todty't Children (NBC>. !: 2:30 Wonun in White (NBC). J:«5 Portrait ot t Lidy. : 3:150 Woman of America (NBC). 3:15 M» Perkins ^^^BCJ. . 3:30 News. 3:45 night to Hupptnus (NBCI. Hans Seuthe yelled, "The Leade would give anything to get you ' , . . . , iled In Philippine Islands February , Pa., son ot R, C. McKcrahan, 108 S. SCentre street, wounded on Western 31. WOUNDED i Front. . Pfc. Paul E. Frcoland, 238 Hum-| Pfc. Earl L. Prllts. Rockwood, Pa.. trd strr^t, in the Pacific. I on an undisclosed front. • .Cpl. Herbert W. D»vls, of Oldtown,; Pvt. Markel E.. Rose, of Knntner n France, .. • . . |in Somerset county, on sn undls- Pfc. James S. Castle, Jr., 103 i closed front. promoted from seaman first class to radioman third class,/ Andrew M. Ridonour, 319 Springdale street, has been promoted to corporal with uie Army Air Forces at Stout, field, Indianapolis, Ind., where he Is an aerial engineer. Cpl. Ridenour has two brothers in service, Warrant Officer •• a phony sketch of the bomb-sightl "C'mon," the cops barked, grab before'.- . . Just like that phony onciblng him violently. • on your desk." The newly exposed Otto Screine "Then you're not Otto Screlner?" turned toward Maria. "Do you stll Hans Seuthe cried. • ilove me, oven though my name ha "No." Otto* replied, "I'm Herman (suddenly been changed?" She came running into his arms "You can change my name, too, she whispered.. i Bammann "B&mmann! 1 ; "Yejt, Bammann." remember?' 1 Pvt. Ocorir R: MlKcr. Hyridman,!January' 20. 'a. In Belcliim January 14.' | ..... .MISSING ' Pvt, Claude Sites, Burlington. W.i pro William P. Brady. Frostburg 'a. in Ofrmnny February ». lin CJermany since February 7. ; Pfr. William Staiforri. 25. of West-! p/c. Robert K. Cole Frostburg in rived recently in the South Pacific. He went into service In April and just " completed a course motor mechanics and power units i at Fort Monmouth, N. J. He is a former Celanese employe. Walked from Pennsylvania To ?il| Enlist in Navy; One Accepted it strpci, Injured in the wsr zonr-. - .... Ret Ruwcll Pcrdew. .Jr.. R.D. 2, ity. i wpitnHwd ?n England for rozen feet. ' ; . John B. Erlchsen, TAl,. 3-c., Oap. \v, Va., hrwpltali7e<1 In Pacific war ?onc for a'broken *»: .• •-. •" : - ••' Pvl. Paul J. Petohlck. Olritown. In jitxprnhoiirs; January 23. Pfc. lister L. Twlgg.'. 4a.V Tnrie- x;nderjf.e stro';t, In Germnny Pfc..Vernon Pylp. EHk Garden. W Va., in Brtginm. ! . . Kenneth Black. Bedford,• Pa., t the Western FYont February 9. Pvt. Clip.'! Luther. Saxton, Pa,, in jprmany F(!bruar>- 9 Pvt. Roy K. WauRrrman. Buffalo vJHU, Pa.. In-Francn Fcbruaiv 5. Kermlt Ukkord. Bedford, Fa., on n unrfiscloswl fronr Pvt. Wllllnm Dran Snydrr. Hope-' fll. P».. on an undisclosed front. Pfc. Harold J. Hy»tt, Confluence, '«., on tfv Western Front. Pvt. John Summers. Buffalo Xfllls; ».. in the Pacific yrsr zone. Pvt Base Brown, Six Mile Run. "a., in Qflrmany. ."; • ' '. : Staff SRt. John S. Albright, Hynd- nan. PH.. in the E\iropcan Theater f Operations. . Ret, W.ilttrr Funk, Rowlesburg, W. 'a.. hORpltallrrcl Jor frown fert s\w- ainrd In Belgium. t . flKt. Donald T Btrwnrt. U, fl. M. :., KlnftwoOfi, W. ta., wotinrlrd in European wpr /one- First I,t.:Uo Vfini'o. of Wwtrrn- •orl. hof.jiitAll^'f in Enaland Sor In- ffrnnl Va., In Fianceisifice February 10. . ; Ocnc Shank. Burlington, w. Va., in th<! Philippine arcs. ; Pvt, Philip Stotler, Berkeley Springs. W. : VB., In Cormnny since Februnry I! 1 .-'. •''•.-•''.:.. First Lieuc.' James D. Carroll, Elklns, W. Va., over Germany since February H. '•• ' - - ' ... i Pfc. Robert C. Hohins. by. tiie Germans. '••'. Cpl. Ralph Hurvey, Fra^tburK, by the Germans. ••••• : Lieut. Snmuel R. Necl, 120 a\c>niie ty the CH-rmanf. T-Cpl. Clyde D. Turner,, 707 Oldtown road, by the Germans. •" Sg(. Edward'. P. . Mobney.' txw- aconlns!, by the Gcrmnas. :' ! i Xfrs, JuanUa Crab'ree. 4S2 Goethe s'.rf-f!, received word (hat her husband, Cp!. Paul M. Crabtree, has born transferred from New Guinea to ih# Philippine islands. He is the son of Mr. and \tr«. Willarcl Crab- trse Roni« 2, city, and father of two (!r.\ii?hters. Carol and Jeanne Cral)irKe. : . • ••-.•' In thr midst of writing a' letter to his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fnmk Moreland.'JIT Race street, from Holland recently. Sgt. Lotter l,. MoVe- land WM vUlted by his brother, Pfc. Victor J. Morrlrmd who also added ft meR«ij{e to thn missive received by their parent* A numbpr of souvenirs were R ho imt home, including B German flap. German offlcor'f c«p nnd Nazi money. Pvt. Morelanti is the hi'Atahd of Mrs. nose Moreianr!. South .ttrert. Fort Knox, Ky.; with .a tank unit. . Mercfiant:'Seaman Kenneth ' Ray jThompsoh has returned to duty aftcr spending an 18-day leave with h\s parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Thompson,; Route . 2; city. Seaman! Thompson has two brothers in serv-i ice, Joseph H., with the Navy in! the Philippine Islands, and Guy' O. with the Air Forces in England.' Cpl. Edward A. Baker,' of Rnu!»; 2, Frostburg, recently 'arrived 1n : France »nd has been assigned 'asj gunner with the First) Air Force in a B-26' •r Group. ..."'• 1 H. Sue/,. Jr., son of M.-.i nnd Mrs. Russell H. Buoy, 113 Valley | street, was recently promoted from; seaman first ciasj; to radioman' third class in t. u .= Pacific; ara,-i. i William H. McKtnney. / Bcamnn! second cla-vi. son of'M.'. and Mrs.j Fxiward B. McKinney, Crcsnptowii.i Is improving In the ,V«v«I hospital 1 at Balnbridfte i'rom an attack ofi iheumatic fever/ I Flight Officer Edman I. Llewel-' lyn, 23, htwband of Mrs. LaVfirn Llewellyn, RFD 2, Hope Road, Frostburg,, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Uewellyu. RFD 2, Frostburg:, has received the Air Medal for service as a cp-pllot with the Fifteenth AAF In Italy^ Formerly employed In the machine department of the Big Savage Refractories "•orponUloh, Zlhlman, ho entered Fre«m»n Albright, Paul O. Farner and Ray N. B«er . Three 17,year • old youth."!^started from SaltebHry. Pa; v to enlist at the Navy .Recruiting Station here. They expected to hitch-hike a ride somewhere between their home town nnd Grnnlsvillc.. pn 'the National pike, but talked the entire dfxtnnce wlth- ing motbrlsU offered any of them a ride : Photographed here 'Jiiat befor they left for final physical cxnmlna tlon in Baltimore, the youths wca />rm , bands given them by Chle Petty Ofllccr Walter B. Warmec local recruiter, wns accepted In BaHlmorc, but Albright an .ic AAF In November. 1943. He was out getting a lift.. They then „..„_,,_, „„,. „ >„.„,. ent overseas last November and has .itnrUrt rnsl on the pike towardilFnrncr, Jiut past 17, w?re : 'refect .lown eight missions over «nemy|Ciimbrr1anrl «rT(! walked from lhi'«|nd for tne present^'but tnlrl to tr terr.tory. jto nvc mlk-s more bcfori? Tny pass- 1 oRBin when 'more mature. \ -.-:•''.' '''-. : -- '-•: • -.',."" :)' STAMPS IN THE NEWS Af FUTUKtS Abyssinia's five-stamp set mark- ng the 100th anniversary of the jlrth of Menelik n, Its emperor from 1889 to 1913, has reached this country. According to J. and H. Stolow of New York the stamps were printed In Ethiopia, instead of London as previously reported, which may account for the rather crude typography that char- icterlzes them. Menelik n appear* on the 10 and 65 - centime values and his statute on the 20-c. The 5-c pictures his palace and a 50-c depicts his muso- leum. Menelik II, like other Ethiopian rulers including the present Halle Selassie, claimed direct .descent from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. His reign was marked by a victory over the Italians and by his benevolent anc forward-looking administration. -'--'. * * » • In marked contrast to the Ethlo- •:.\ 9? ROBERT QOttJ .If anything was to : happen to Pa, I would not marry, again; but I know he would if I happened to go first. In one way, I'd be right glad if he did..If a widow has enough to live on, she can manage alone; but a man is help' less without a woman, and I'd rest easier if he had one to look after him. The only thing that j aggravates me is the idea of .some strange woman usin' my best linen and china for every day. I reckon.I'd turn over in my grave if she was careless and broT\e something. ' . ' • the 100th anniversary of the ad- Oi'r1r»arir««» T rustic mission of Iowa to the union is in "* UllclllCe JLjOoSCS prospect for 1B46, according to Rep. K»rl M. LeCompte (R-la). Rep. LeCompte told Congress recently that the Post Office Department has assured him it will Issue a special stamp to mark the event and he proposes that 100,000 50 cent pieces of special design also be coined for the occasion. Iowa's 100th anniversary as a Territory was marked by a three-cent commemorative in 1938. -...'! * • * ,/'•'•.'.•• Stamp notes in brief: Stamps For Th6 Wounded has supplied stamps and other philatelic material to well over 10,000 hospitalized servicemen in its first six months of volunteer operation. Contributions of stamps to keep the program going T, .still are needed and can be sent pian stamps described above arc j to Albert 'G Whaley 30 Church five French post-liberation stamps street. New York 7, N. Y., 'or to regional directors.' .... El Salvador is preparing a new eight centavos stamp picturing General Cahas, who wrote the words for that country's which picture famous medieval! cathedra Is. As benutlful as the cathedrals they; picture, thei stamps are rlchi. in color and typical of the traditionally fine ch- jravlrig that features French stamps. Th e stamps include: 50c plus 1.50-f, black Cathedral of St. Pierre ac Angouleme; 80-c national anthem. —George A. Scott Sweden Has Its Tire •-'':•• And Auto Problems plus 2.20-f, red violet, Cathedral o\ Notre Dame at Ohartres; 1.20 plus 2.80-f, red brown, Amiens' Cathedral of Notre Dame; 1.50 plus 3.50-f. blue, Cathedral of St. Pierre at Be&uvais, and 4 plus 6-1. red orange, Cathedral of Sainte Ceclle at Albl. •••..... - : . '• ! » » * •'• . -.-..'•- '• '. A U. S. commemorntive marking Stockholm—Swedish • authorities have limited use of motor trucks conserve tire mileage; and considering further methods to get the maximum us.e out of the -remaining motor vehicles in the country, and to stretch fuel supplies. Wholesale distributors of foods have been restricted to • Axed number of trips per month, and the radius ofvdistrlbution held down to 24 miles. . • . .-•:-,. Sara Bagley. of Boston,- was the first woman telegraph operator. In Europe Heavy Estimated 8500,000,000 Worth of Materials Lost Since D-Day Aberdeen, Md., March 10 (/P)—Ordnance losses in the European theater since D-Day have been estimated at • 1500,000,000 worth of materials, Maj. Gen. Charles T, Harris,' Jr., commanding genera!' of the proving grounds here, /disclosed today. Included in the loss were 6,205 combat vehicles, 34,250 general purpose vehicles, 168,885 rifles and other small arms, 23,871 mortars and machine guns, and 15,245 binoculars, watchei and compasses. •' General Harris said that enemy equipment captured or .destroyed exceeded losses by the United States in combat. General Patton's army alone was reported td have destroyed or captured 17 pieces of enemy artillery for every one lost. , ;: ONE WAY TO DO IT Denver, March 1Q, (/P) — Two months ago Police Judge Joseph Neff decided to help the manpower situation by sentencing drunks and. vagrants to war Jobs. War plants have gained 277 new employees through the Judge's efforts since then. • .•-...... FREE—THE STAMP FINDEK! Send today for big new edition, fully illus- tr»lcd. tnibllnt you initially to identify ill difnculc itimpst jMio fine picket-fiicinatfnc •tamp* from Bocni.vHcrzeeovina, Monaco. Paliala, Cyprus, etc., Including tnap«. thipt. inimah»iidstran|f-sctnc«. All free tc:;ptov»l ipplicints cncl«lnt 3c pottift! CAHCELOts" STAMf COMPANY BOX 150, CALAIS. MAINE AdvfrtUempnt The Peoples Bank Salutes 'The Yank of the Week": - ! ->5? "•>!•:: 1ft Li.-Eleanifr q. L««* U. S. Army; Nurte Corpt I THIS WEEK IS "ELEANOR LEE WEEK" ; Buy War Bondt In Htr' Honor . Tlie Peoples Bank of Cumberland, Maryland, has set aside the week of March llth to 17th, 1945,'to sell War Bonds in honor of Lt. Lee whom we are all proud to acclaim, having demonstrated br'avery and fortitude while bclnR held a prisoner of the Japs for a period of 3 years In the Philippines, This courage is truly characteristic of the niirslng profession, accentuated in the U. S. Army Nurse Corps. Let's all multiply our purchase* of War Bonds to minimize the dangers of these brave women, »'nd all those who can, Join the T,T. s. Army Nurse Corps. - BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND HOLD THOSE YOU NOW OWVt .'*''..- l •''••' , •Lt, tM (t thedauyhtfr n/ Mr. and Mr*. Charttt tet, i.onaco*fnf, J*4,

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