The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 3, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1977
Page 6
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VAGTC ft—NAUGATUCK XFAVS (COXN), WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 1(M« On The Air Today <;:00 i>. m. Eui;y Aces Other Sltnt.lon.i--News (i:li; p. m. WBRY—BOHobftll Sooi-ca VVATK-Inti-rludi! C,:ir, i>. m. WtJRY-- Nylon Time; I.i>p«!t WABC-'Word From Cinintry WKAF'-Hi-rnnndi; W1TC -Prof. Schenknr \VJX--Kthfcl nnd Albert WOft- On Tho Century WATK- -Al Vciilro. Hports C:80 [>, in. WATK- Cocktull Kciv.mtdr «:,f() p. in. "TiPV K. ChrlHty Krk, Nrv/.s WABC "f.urry CVirr Vvl'iAK Seri'M'uU',' S|;nrl.-i WJ7, N«w«; .Sports WTtC- -Sportii; My.'itirrv WATIi • Nuww; (nterlinle WOlt Vanditrv«nt«ii- (;:>tu (>. m. WKAK • SportH i;:'!."; (i. nt! WI'.RV-WAf'.C NiiWM WrfC-WKAI-' frfiwi-ll ThorniiH wjy,- csrijiit Si-titt WOR Htitn LormiX WATIi I'K.'iixui'r anil r 'iT<rit 7:Wi p, in, WfiFlY-WABf. 1 •Catil Clayton WTIf.'-WKAf -Hufifitir Club WATrt-VVOFi- Hny J-fcnlu WJ^' Headllnf NCWH 7:lr> p. in. WHIlY -Hilly O'lii'lcn, fionf;.i WABC Skyline Kcrnf WKAI-'-VVTIC NI-WH WOU 'Answer Man WATIl' Adventures in I'chytlini WJX—Raymond Swing 7:'J5 p. in, VVATIt Wrwii 7:.'(!> [i. in, r:ir| HcrnUM nl C.'unip I'JIIcry guucn SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Wed - Thurs. C1AUDETTI JOHN COLBERT • WAYNE .,..DONpnFOf(E . i WI5AF—Claims Agent 1 WOR--Battle of Commentators WATR—-Phore Your Answer \VJSf-— Lono Hanpcr WTIC —Fire Prevention WBRY—To Tho County Farmer WTIC—Music WATR —WttlU Time WlilAF— Kaltenborn 8:01) D, in. WHRY-WABC—The Whistler " WTrO-WEAF—The Nor'th:< VMTR-WJ2—Luni and Abner WOR—Can You Top This? H:li" p, m. - Listen to LaCunrdin H.-SO p. in. Or. Christian were:-WRAP Peace Ci>nfr>rnnce WATK-WJ5S- -Fl.'ihln;,'. Hunting Hl.'ji'/ l>. ill. VVfiRV-WABC- News ():«<) p. isl. WI'.liY-WABC -f WKAI-'-WTIC WOFI --Oaiirii-l ffcntt'.T W.I'S. MIs'ilnK Heirs WATfi - Wiiterbui'.v Speaks M:l,"i p. in, WATII- LF. S. Army !I:SO p. 111. WBKY-WAHC-TntriKue WTtf.'-WKAF -Mr. Dlstilct Attoi ney WATR-WJZ- Frankle Carle WOK-- Xavler Cujfiit ii:f>5 p. in. WATII- Sports 111:00 |i. in. WHMY-WAHC ••AiiiiUi-iiiv Award WATfiiWJH—Tommy Dorsey WOU- Hlklnl Report Hi!80 p. in. WKRY-WAH^-•• f r "'idtiy for Mu.sie WOK SyrnphoneUo WAT U-W.J7,--Author M"et- 11:0() p. in. WHKY-WAEJC—N»WH Othi'i- Stul ioriM*" News 11:10 p. m. WHKY-Jvihn J. Duly, City Newo 11:1," p. ni, WKUY-WABC-You and the Atom WATK-WJ2-- SiiorlM WTrC-WEAF HarUnes.M 11 :Sl) p. in. Wr.inY-WA.BC—Tnvltiitlon to Mu- «|r; WI'IAO'--Tuclier Orch. WOP. • -WiMithe: ; Uimburdo Orch, WATU -Gems: Mooney Orch. Hi Upheld By League Officials Game To Be Replayed Sunday at Rec Field By Steve Bishop Board's Decision Unanimous In Favor Of The Milt Weissmen ji Milt Wc-iEHinan's Highlander.'; were j yivun a bruath of new life last eve- filn;,', when the bflicial protest board of the NnuKUUick Aniateur League upheld their protest of their recent ,;arne against tho Rangers. Teddy Ciarollo, a league oMieial. n announcing: the decision today, if the boixi'd, said Hint it was 3 manlmou.s one and that the g-iinit ins to bo replayed this coming Sun day at Rocreuti-Jn- Field. Tlic gum McGarry and Mouse i miext Sunday, Mr. Ciurollo said i would begin ul approximately 2:2 I p. in. The play, which has caused ui of thin dispute, occurred in th< fourth innin),' of Sunday's >runie between the HuiiH'erj and the aforementioned Hiyjhliindcrs. With the I-lijfhlundci'ii batting, Nordby • on first buso and Ssvirski was up ut the plule. Hank lined a drive uut over third- which landed but ,-,ntiruu'd towards left field rolling Lcft-1'ieldur Shilinskns o? the Rangers cur.ic in to fiold the ball but apparently iiiiijjudKed it. and it rolled through his leKH, und into the bushes beyond, liolh runners .scored on the play but wore recalled by the umpire, Bill Lee, who :iuid it was an automatic double. The protest was based on that decision, Standing of Teams Critic LKAGUK Yi-sterday's Kesult.s Boston •), Cleveland 0. Detroit'(i, New York 0. .St. Loui.s U, Washington 3. Phlkululphia », Chieujjo -1. Tlio Sti New York Detroit Washington Cleveland .. . • • St. LoaiM Chieug'o Philadelphia. Today's f.'ameN, V]tellers Philadelphia.' at Chicago—Fowlei (7-0) va. Smith fO-7) vs. Papish (1 3). Washington at St. Loui.s (night) —Hudson" (7-7) vs. Zoldak (7-8). New York at Detroit—Russo (0-1) vs. Sent on Ci-fi). Boston at Cleveland—Dobson •1) vs. .Cromek (-1-9). NATIONAL LEAGL'E VeMterdny's Kesults Brooklyn ?,, St. Louis 1. Philadelphia 8, Cincinnati New York 3, Chicago 2. Pittsburgh ul Boston (rain). Kovach Vs, Wiley Field-Day Headline!* Plans foi' the Field-Day program i J>L ' W jy the Montanari-RacU) post iu - c | ™|a HAVING TROUBLL WITH YOUR CESSPOOL USE St arco C NO BOTHER — FUSS or SHUTDOWN RCLIEVCS CLOGGED OR SLUGGISH CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS - DRAINS EUMINATES ODORS 5.10-25-SO.lCO Pound Container! S_p 1. p D Y Naugatuck Lumber Co. proceeding at a pace, ChAlr- man Uulph Morul'.o stated tcday. yVith the boxing events tluit will 'eatlire tho afternoon, already lined ip tho committee in chart;? are making- every endeavor to further other events such as softba.ll, hoi-ji!;-hoes and other sports, which attending persons, may either wnteh or participate in. Tho hea.dlini.-r of the boxinjr events, between Dula Kovach and Spi?c Wiley promises to be one of the best exhibition rncnunters that this area hiis seen in some time, with the other mutches being considered almost equal in value. Dancin;: will be continuous .ill _ day, the cluiirmtin said, with the only three banks to , «- lv »nirij,-'s music being- supplied by • -'" jJIm Cord! and his orchestra. Tic) I ets nre obtainable from any men bor of tho post The W. Irookyln 53. t. Louis 55 fi:{ Chicago 01 -II! Cincinnati 45 -IS i Boston 1-1 •!!! i New York .13 ij-1 bin -40 r;i Pittsburgh 37 S3 .•!«•( ,<173 .-1-18 .-140 .-102 (JI'IIOI.DS PROTEST Unrtfui-it. July T,| < UT J >—President ThomciH II. Rlohartlson of tin- I'lnstei-n liiiiKUii lias notified the Chief:! that he hart upheld a Wllkes- linrre pi-jti-iit of Hartford'K !5-to-3 vieiurv June , r ,th. Iiii-!\aritsi)(i orih.-ri.'d th(; gamo r-e- playi'il frum the fifth inning when the (,'lilrfH were leading, -1 to "i. He iilluwoil a \Vllki-s-Burrn run to count which h; been disallowed l>y ihi! umpires. [CI'llLIH! •I'TVC- ltd |,0|Mllullun. Todav'K Games, Pitchers Pittsburgh at Boston—Roe (2-8) vs. Wright (G-7). St. Louis at Brooklyn—Dicksor. (S-Zl vs. Hatton (C-8). ChicnKo at l^ew York (night) — Pa«scau (7-7) vs. Gne (2-0). Cincinnati nt Philadelphia (2) — Blackwell (S-7) and Heusser (6-7) vs. Rai'l'ensberger (G-4) and Hoerst (1-3). Many Learn Swimmin At Y SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG (ME. XI,. l!im>i.« Kim lrtri' ('I.K.\M..'.s-r M-IIT |,v T -< in (i^u/.h IK STATK *^*s-*^*-^*«.r.«-*%4w,- ^ r**r^nr+++*+*f*m , i DANCE Every Saturday Night 0 P. M. TO 1 A. M. nt DUFFY'S RESTAURANT \VATKK STJREET Mimic! l!,v Tlio FUIIIOUH G, I. T^VII.IGUT TIUO ASEBALL Their hearts sot aflame by tho great adventure they lived ... A story of the West today in the tradition of the West of old! Om. nmn'a love i.f dimcei' . limn! . . . One million (ileu . . One woman's li>ve nf n - wlllr u rlirlll nil It own! WILL JAMES' rr l.V TIIHIU.ING TKClI.NlCOLOlt Sturrlii),- Fred MacMURRAY • Anne BAXTER 2nd HIT "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog" Carole Landis — Allyn Joslyn .-V.M^CriCUl'.s MOST IJANCKAUl.K MUiSTC COMES TO- LAKE QUASSAPAUG TONIGHT 11V I'Ol'UI.AU ItKQUKST! FRANCIS DELFINO Municipa \Vaterljiii-y TONIGHT — «:43 1'. M MT. VKHXON Red Cup» RASSCOS GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Viiiii- IVIJ.I.VS-OVKKI.ANII imili-r LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. All Kinds of Trtickl Jtnmoviul king—AMlie». j .•ed I McNamara Trucking 1 Cc. SI West Niuijjutiick Tel. ;«jc: Many more children learned to swim this wjck under the special swimming clasKus at the Naiifja- tuck YM'CA: Fritz Klambt, instructor, stated that this year has boon one of the best and a. great number of bovs and sriri.s have advanced into the regular swimming- class. Monday, the boys that. advanced were: Richard Turkey, Henry Valentino, Ira Valentino, John Mooneo, Edward San Anf;clo, Peter Kenny, nri Fred Rfinrii:. Tuesday afternoon, the fjirls that jumped or dived off the spring board nt the deep jnd anct swam were: Betsy Joann P.ehlman. Shirley Tuckcy, Maureen Daley, Sylvia Obst, Mary \nn Woxnaik, Grace ind Sandra Rchwart/.. There will bi: no moi'ninp: class in next Tuesday but there will be bcjjinnors at 2:00 and another class at 2:30, with the regulars at 3:00. r->ys on Monday, Wednesday and " ; driy for beginners. 2:00 and anther at 2:30, with the regulars at -.00. feeck Solves lousing Shortage Cleveland, July 31 — (UP)--Every aseball fun knows that Bill Veeck does tho unpredictable with his ball clubs. He served breakfast in the Milwaukee park when he ran the Brewers. Now that he's taken over the Cleveland frar.rjhinc, Bill has treated the Indian fans to a swing band. But even Vocck'e closest friends didn't think he'd convert center field at Loague Park into a rooming house. Yet that's what he's done. Yep, there's a ' c ;uy sleeping in center field which is normally reserved for outfielder Pat Sccrey and it all happened like this. YLSterday, a fellow who says his name is William Stengel, and he claims to be a relative of C.isey, wae evicted from his Cleveland boarding house. He couldn't find another room. Finally, ho wont to Voeck and asked Bill's permission to sloop the big- tent the Cleveland own- i game fairly." Brasscos Play Stadium Tonight Gus MnseJ the "P^ip So-well" of the independent baseball ranks who gave the Erasscos strong- op- nosition three weeks ago when the Mount Vernon Redcaps lost a thrilling C-l contest at Municipal Stadium, is slated to oppose 'Tor- i-ington's Mike Kissko tonight in the second meeting of the teams at S:-!5. Mnsel can really throw the "blooper ball," slipping strikes past Eddie and Red Shoehan tho last time the teams met. He's a fonner minor leag-uer with plenty of tricks. The Redcaps, led by scrappy Bob Gordon, are determined to boat the Watcrbury ciub tonight. They went away fighting: mad after the first game, blaming:-the umpires "for their defeat on a questionable play ut second base where Whitcy Piur- ck outsmarted a base-runner. They wanted the Brasscos to play in Mount- Venon where they said "We'll show you how to win the Karaban-Walker To Discontinue Outdoor - '.' ' Wrestling Promotion ' Brown in Karufon.n loday announced that he a!id Bclwiird WnlU- er, co-iiron'iolera, were >iot going to produce! uny further wrestling marches during Uie summer but would resume their presentations, indoors, this fall. DurirjK their recent mulchcii, which wore entertaining, but at which the attendance was disappoint!;)),', the loc-ul boys did not jfross u profit, but, and this IK surprising, their :i (.tend- ance exceeded that of ;uiy outdoor wrestling matches, put forth this .seuson. An internal revenue representative told the promoters that wres- tlinjf was definitely u.n indoor spurt, and the two {fciuk-men have their uwn proof o!' that, in their wres- tlin;; ventures indoons, last year. The event then were an extreme success. The agent stated that even U.-jugli thcii 1 attendance was u 111 all, they had fjrossed, the largest outdoor attendance on record this auaaon. j Mr. Karaban has stated that if their first fal! bouts, they plan to have the famous Dusak brothers on their card, with each one of them facing a picked opponent. The dates for the first indoor matches will be announced lute in Auffust, Mr. Kara bun said. Morticians Cancel Softball Game can- were The Me.rry Morticians hav celed their same, which they supposed '.to play this eveninj; against Middlehury, Coach James Kaczczelun.iis anr.-junced today, but will resume action locally on' Friday, when they engage the strong Eohlman's ten. Five members of the Moitician squad are playing elsewhere this evening, the coach said, when giving a reason for not playing the 4,'ame. • i Mill And Mold Defeats Lab. Wilh Uic prospects of playim- Jn the Round Hobin playoffs In the oiling, if they were victorious the Mill and Mold upset the highly touted Laboratory, in an Inter- lust evening. The victory placed ihe Mil) am j Mold into o three way lie for fourU) I place, along wit), u,,, Bool Uoom ' ind the Offlco. On next Tuesday, they will engage i.h.- Hoot Room and Die \vinner-.jf thai <-onir. ;I t W ill /.lay the OJIiee fur tho fourth pl.ico position and a spot j,, the playoffs Scotv- by innlni'.i: Mil) Ji .Moid ...'..'.. 1 00] 0-> 3 — 7 Laboratory 3 22 00 00-ft Boot Room Defeats Waterproof Stores The Root Room defeated the WH- '-erprpof-Hac-Ki!!;; Sloms. 4-1. j n a l-.iiiHins exira-ir.nii-iH- ontcwt )a:U evening. With Joe Gesseck holding his opponents down to but five hits, hiM teani-r.ialo.-; v.-ere alow in getting .started and waited until late 10 get their hurler his desired runs. STRIK1-; r.NOS -Nor\v«)k. July 30~<UP)--A strike .11 U)e Yankee Mel;,] Products com- j pany )>,-,> bee:) ended. The union representing the 150 employes has dKiied a contract with tin: company granting a IS-centy-an-hour- wage Increase and other concessions. ADDITIONAL SI'OUTS ON i \-\fii-: s cot Sulfa drugs have reduced morality from pneumonia from an av- go of 20,8 per cent to 3.0 per- cnt, and average duration of the Iness frorn 33 to 27 davs. in 'er has pitched in conl.erf.icld his pre-game swing band. "Suie." said Veeck, "get u and move in." Stenpol says he doesn't "aim to I settle down and raise a family in jii'.l Veeck's centerficld." Bui. the new addition to tho Cleveland Indian "i-jKtcr" does admit that his new home is "mighty comfortable" —-that .is, it will be if he doesn't oversleep and get evicted with a .line drive, IIOCKEV lU'JXUKNS SprinK'.lekl, Mass., July 31—(UP) —It's quite possible that organized hockey will return to Springfield this fall. The housing of surplus property in the Coliseum reportedly was all that hc'ld --tip re-establishment of .'in American League franchise. Indications are now that the juildin// will be cleared of the KOV- crnment propctry \vithin a week. for j Ray "Dizzy" Decker managed to survive the storm in the first g-ame, but the 'Cups will be looking at n curve tonight instead of a fast- hall, and Kissko hopes to break ihioi:gli with his first triumph in three Wednesday night starts, F.veryono who saw the Bmsscos' brilliant performance ayainut the Pittsburgh Pirates and those who moaned Tuesday because they remained away ugrep that Joe Sam- oska's club has come a long way since the rout at the hands of the Phillies. The crowd 'Monday fell below expectations but Mgr. Sam- oska says he will continue to provide and only the best may bi-inj of attractions, the Boston •^ ALL STAR + BOXING at Municipal Stadium WateMjury THURSDAY AUG. 1 Ma George F. Muilig-jui, X Hounds—>Iuin Uout KDUIE CO.MPO, X. H. vs. .JOKY lANOm, .V. Y. G I£oiui(N JI.tlMY ROGEJtS, LSdfft. vs. AL SI1.VERMA.V, >'. Y. 0 Rounds BOBBY HICKS. vVtby. vs. EDDIE AHEAUX, N. V. G Rounds Semi-Final Dula Kovuch Wtliy. vs. Al Henri Corona, J,. I. G Kotinds Bdgt. ge Mariano vs. Joe Sandy X, II. Rijigside ,f;a.75 Gr:inUst;ind Reserved S2.50 ;ind Kush SI.25; A II. Taxes Included Ticket's Xoiv on S;de at Mulli- Kesfciurant, 1C 1'JKinnf.v \ve., Wuie-bury Plioue S-!)7G!) MiU SUPPLIER-POWER TOOtS 2 2 SAVINGS ST.. TEJL 5-2241 I SKI-: rs IYIK voi'it VACATION } LUGGOGE Vlllbri>II:iH Itroiivrrnl. Urnulrrll J FISHERS J 311 ,S. .MAIN' ST. .1-1K71 •*^>*^*>*^r* FOH PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION 1'h one 4 I 72R LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO II Xo. Main St. Nitugutuck Cars Wasiieii, Tolisheil at * CHAPPIE'S J TYDOL GASOLINE i Braves, He lias booked the Springfield Greys for Saturday night, the Cleveland Buckeyes world's. Ne- KTO baseball champions, for next Wednesday and the Union City Reds for a week from Saturday. Ex Libris ... By William Sharp Tin widen choice of paint colon offered — *U reidy to UM. Murphy Paints f vary ihaJ* In •vary Soo .Our I,!»rs-o Stoclc of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOLS FOR GARDEN and I.AVVN • SHOVELS (lon^ and short handles) • CiARIUSX B.1KES 9 HOES — SPADES «, I'RUNING SHKAR9 • GRASS SIH5ARS s SAXO.VHONK OUCIIKSTRA 16 — J'KOri.E — 15 Starring- MONROE SPIER DANCING AT HlOO r. M. ADM. (tux liic) OOe CANS, Inc Maple St. Tel. 3507 PERUV/AN IHCXANSD/seov&teo ININDIft - Sl DURING VCORIO WAR IT 8,000 TESTS *£RE AtADE 8V t/.S TQ DISCOVER A SUBSTITUB CURE.,, ALCAZAR NOTICE Theater Closed Until Further Notice for Alterations WHITE FISH MARKET JO.SKPH CABRAI,, J'rop. S South l\Hiii St. Choicest selection of salt anil frosli ivater li.sli at lowest prices. SERVICE STATION 248 liRIDGK ST. TICt.. JKllO MCMILLAN- MHTIIU OILS PLAY POOL On First CJass Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 SIAPI.B SrKKK LOEW POLi 511111110 NOW! WATERBURY RADIOS AT: SWAN'S Tel. 2574 15 Church St. — KHt, 1025 — VISIT OUR 2ND FLOOR Featuring Waterbury's Selection of Kiddy Furniture o rtxr. SIXE CRIBS « YOUTH EKI1S • SAND BOXBS • SWING 'ON SXANIJ SINGING! DANCING! ROMANCING! -METAL E.\BY BENSON'S 130.SOTJ.TI1 MAIN. ST. . . VVaterbury NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Wlnslow Court ' Tel:'-3884 ' AtTTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS Cushion Tjrpo IJf ft tropical song "Come Closer to Me CEC'lL KELIAWAY • CARLOS RAMIREZ • BEN BLUE ETHEL SMITH at the Organ Directed, by EDWARD BUZZELL . Produced by JACK CUMMINGS A'dapted by Dorothy Kiitgilcy • From th« Screenploy "iibeletf tody" by Maurin* Wolkins, Howord Emm«tt Roaori and Ocora* OppcnSoim^r : 2nd KIT SIDNEY TOLER as Charlies Chaa "Dark Alibi"

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