Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 7, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1943
Page 2
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MOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS ope Star U£ Ate*. H, Woihbum) , J1Z«3U Ssufrrwfllrlut ttrwt, Hop« Ark, : C. 1 PAtW tR; Pnttavnr . H. WASHiURN, Editor and Publisher ... - _,*sec8nd <Hdii matter at the »«te» 6f Hop*. ArkaWas, under the - •- ••--. 3, 1897. £Z (AP}—Means Associated Press HNEAJ-—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. SabnripCon Rote (Always Payable in By elty carrier, per J week ISc; , Nevada, Howard, Miller ana te counties, $3.50 per year; else$6,50. of Th* Atto«lered PteM: The 'AsiceSHW Press Is- exclusively entitled to "i»ft« USJL,for republfeatioo of all hews dis- 'liotcHes eredit«Tt& n 6r not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local : published herein. National Advertising Representative- Arkansas Daisies, Inc.; Memphis. Tenn.. l ,'Steriek Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- toon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison . Ave; Detroit Mich., 28« W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; Ne* Orleans. 722 Union St.. Hold Everything Friday, May 7, 1943 . IM.1 Br NH stavicr.. inc. t, ». ma, u. «; p<t. of E "Who wiped their'dirty handi* on my towel?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh COPHv W3 : 8V NEA SERVICE. INC.' T; M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. 'You've sold;so much insurance siuce I let'l that when the war's over I'll just come home and do the housework!" Guadalcanal Diary on the Book-of-the-Month BY RICHARD tMEOASKIfl ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. B. HAZlLTON O "The guns were cracking close off shore in a furious naval engagement." S ATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5-Our expedition to S;ivo returned last night, having failed to locate any Japs. But there was evidence that an enemy landing party had been on the island earlier. At one o'clock this morning we were routed out of lied by sounds of heavy shelling. The guns were cracking close off shore, and the shells sighed over our heads. From the dugout's edge I watched the bright (lashes (if light rising high in the sky, heard the haughty, metallic voices of the cannon. Sitting like this, virtually in the lap of a shelling attack, one felt as if he were at the mercy of a great vindictive gi;\nt whose voice was the voice of thunder; the awful colossal scale of modern war has- brought the old gods to life again. From Kukum, by phone, we heard the "dope": that there had been a furious nav.il engagement off Savo Island. That two ships had been hit and were still afire. But we did not know whether they were ours or theirs. With daylight 1 hurried to Kukum. where I learned that the auxiliary transports Little and CiPJijory had been sunk. On the beach I found survivors scattered all over- some on stretchers with Doctors working over them. Some "Doctors worked over the casualties . . ." with lesser wounds, sitting dejectedly on the sand, waiting treatment. Others in scant, torn clothing, many of them still smudged with oil, standing in silent groups, lioats lined the shore and wounded were being taken from them on stretchers; other boats dotted the water a few hundred yards offshore, moving like busy watcrbugs. We went back to Gen. Vandcgrift's command post and from there to airfield headquarters to sec what damage our dirt bombers, which we spotted yesterday, heading north, had done to the enemy. We found they'hail heavily bombed and strafed 36 landing boats which had been Drawing, copyright, 11)43. by King Feature. SynJIcMe. Inc. Text copyrurlit. IW^llandoin Hume. Inc. OUtrlbuted by Kln K Feature,, Syndicate In co-operation with the Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc. "Dive bombers strafed the landing boats," sighted bringing Japanese troops into Cape Esperance. Dive bombers, and Army and Marine fighters, had gone put this morning to strafe 15 other Jap landing boats trying to get ashore at Taivu. Apparently both groups- those at Cape Esperance and those at Taivd-wcrc badly damaged, and many Japs killed. Hut the discouraging fact remains that some Japs are getting through our cordon anil landing. l!y constant effort they arc trickling forces into our island. Eventually these landings will mount up —unless we can find a way to stop them. (Continued tomorrow) tl FUNNY BUSINESS ''He's trvina lo find the dime he lost yesterday!" Wash Tubbs Quarry Spotted rjlFTEEW MINUTES •tf LATER: By Roy Crane ITS <50N£S HEX THAT MUST \ HAVE BEEN A U-BOAT! NOTHIN6 V EU5E (TOULD HAVE DISAPPEARED \ , „.,_, LIKE THAT. 0KAV, WE'LL 60 ABOVE" I ' '*f\ THE CLOUPS. AT WT5RVALS WE LL /, FOR A LOOK... /, MAYBE IT'LL SURFACE A6AW —«% MAKE A NOTE, STBUE. SlfiHTEO FRENCH FISHIW6 BOAT, 08Z6 HOURS Donald Duck Donald Puts on Weight! By Walt Disney Blondie Not a Dream Walking. By Chic Young IF I CAM JUST SET IM BED WITHOUT WAKING BLONDIE, B/ERVTMING WILL BE OKAV I CQULDNT LEAVE THE SAME ASjy EARLIER. 'CAUSE I WAS AWEAP> «eSC < w r - v ^V Wuit4 ifUw te^r^i \ ^ , . ,» - ^\ t mi It-fti ftM^iK ^a^it,J« . \ t <"" ^', ^ Boots and Her Buddies IIP IF YOU'RE - YTHINKIMG IT'S v A MIRAGE, \ YOU'RE 2^ / MISTAKEN.' T £'''1 %& Cause for Doubt By Edgar Martin OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R.Williams NOW DON'T FOOL \ / VvlTH TH15 COMPOUND... TrEQE'LL BE A MAN rXBOUND TO A.DJUST IT \MhEN NEEDED... AND DON'T TOUCH THI5...THERE'S A MAN \\HO'LL TAKE CAGE OF IT/ ALSO, NO'J OJST \\OCK TNI 5 ONE HANDLE I'LL BET IF THW GUV HEAJ2D OF A. GOLD STCIKE IN TiMQUCTOO HE'D LEAVE THAT JOB AN' JOIN TH' STAMPEDE FOB GOLD wSr-] &t*fi WELL, YOU \ CA,N'T BLAME \ HIM ....WITH \ THE OTKEP KiND CF GOLD MINE HE COULD HAVE SOMEONE EL6E HANSXE FOQ ...BUT THIS 15 COM1N' TO THAT' JjOTHiNG TO DO BUT BE THESE „,;. O OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople IT'S IW NEWEST BOSS -~ A HARPOON FOR SU8- MARlhVeS,'-~I MOVER OVER. THE U-BOf\T IM MN HELICOPTER. AM' -DROP M.V MA6KiETIC SPEAR RIGHT THROUGH HER. HIDE -«- TH' TR\PCATCIA RELEASES THIS CROSSBAR SO THE HNRPOOM <5TANS |si THE SUB ASHORE/ 'CONGRWS.POP.M/ FA. \ SOUR IDEA IS fs /} UTTERLY BLOCK-BUSTER /( ABSURD/ ' ALONGSIDE: THB CAP PISTOLS, , - s THE M/XOTOR. r^^ WHV \ '(" HPvS BEEM 7 SHOOTIMG COULOKl'T I HfVJE THOUGHT <-• OF A / BRILLIAKH" > IDEA LIKE > O Red Rider Rewards Galore By Fred Harmon . £EP THOSE PAv0 REACHED HIGH--- fOUR DAYS ARE OVE.R TH'CHIEF'S NOT e*D HURT, B'JTTHIS ENDS THE AT1ACKS ON YOUR. ^RA,l^5, _ ENGINEER.' D'RE AUU TIED UP Irt TH 1 EAGGAGE CAR— LETS AMD I'D GWE Hin A KISS- RAILROAD WILL GIVE MEPAU O 0 Popcye 'Everybody Works but Father." Thimble Theater AHO/, POPPA,) OJHERE'S --^ MOMMA? ' LATE, ti I / V .J^M *=OKI — J I^^^^7<5HE'S CdOME •sg 'J LOA5M 1 "X/DIDUA THINK I \ MB POPPA TO A A Alley Oop He's Sure of That By V. T. Hamlin \\ ROCKETS.' VOU HE.fXQ.?'' THEL N^ZI5 WILL TKGOW THEM AT US AS PCOJECTILES TC8PEDOE.5. PLANE.6/ ROBOT CONTROLLED ROCKETS-AMD / WHECE WILL WE BE WITH / f. ME. THE COUNTB.VS ONLY I T EOCkE.T EXPECT v ' IN JAIL? ' A. ODCKET'6 ONE \N£AK,NE55 16 A, BACCEL METAL '1'nAT'LL eTA,KJO UP UNDER THE HE/KT OF THE PCOPUL6lOfH BLA6T...I KNOW THE ANSWEB, BUT you HOLD THE ...BUT i DO EVEBV TIME i SET MIXED UP \MTH NOD "V WIND UP BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL.' AHH' NOW •YOU'EE BEGINNING TO SHOW SOrAE. SEN5E.' ME?? THAT'S ABSUSD.' I KNOW VERV LITTLE ABOUT METAI.6... Freckles and His Friends By Merrill Blosser CURIOUS ABour IT.TOO, LAN A--- AND "CHATS GOMMA BE Oue, >" L DON'T FIRST STOR// ( GET IT/ MOW CAN YOU WRITE A STORy, WHEN YOU DOMT KNOW wny SEAi.cH ISTHEG1ASS PAINTED BLAC<f THE DOOR |S LOCKED? WHEN YOU DONT KWOW FACTS, ANSWER A QUESTION WITH / mw K<-"^W /c gr.. A QUESTION/>/ USED To Cftf C '

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