Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 15
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 15
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH II, 1945 FIFTEEN Women In Uniform Osses In While Extra! Extra! Head All About It! Mrs. Fannie. Oss, Church street, Keyser, W. Va., has three sons in the Navy. They are, in the picture above, Harry E, : Oss, OM.,- 1-c., serving aboard a destroyer escort in the Atlantic war zone; Chester A. Oss, EM., 1-c., who recently completed 13 months service in the crew of an aircraft the Pacific; •hd Boyd K. Oss, MAM., . 3-c., on duty in the Fleet Fost Office, Wash* • liigton, D. C., who is married and the father of three children. Cousins '• The two soldiers above are cousins from Hendricks, W. Vs.. Pfc. Ernest J. Bonner, left, is on duty with an outfit of combat engineers in Germany. He is the son of Mr. «nd Mrs. Krnest Bonner, of- Hen- drlc>:3. Pvt. Robert ii. Carr, right, 3s fighting with -an armored infantry outfit in Belgium. He is the son of Webb Carr, of Hendricks. Pair of B'in-Us With Patton A former celanese plant employe T-5 William L. Bradour is, fighting •with the 10th Armored Division o! General patton's Third* Army al the western front In Europe. He has been in uniform since No«em- bcr 25, 1942, and overseas since lasl September. He is the son of Mr and Mrs. Leroy Bradour and the husband of Mrs. June Haugh Brnd- our, of'Oldtown. Three Cooks Now that the Yanks dominate the waters, sky and earth in the Philippine Islands, Dncle Sam is, as the saying goes, "right where he started." , But he's packing a much bigger wallop now than when the Japs sneaked in at Pparl Harbor to turn his fleet bottoms up. The above picture is a photo-static copy of the first of many editions run off by the Honolulu Star Bulletin on December 7, 1941, to break the startling news that Pearl Harbor was under attack. It was sent from Hawaii Louis G. Stein, S., 1-C:,' to his wife, Mrs. MilUcent Stein, 321 Holland street. 'A former pressman for The Times and Alleganian Company, Seaman. Stein was presented with the photostat as a souvenir of a "drop in'' visit at the Star Bulletin's office. Original copies of the paper are already said to be a.collector's Hem. Seaman Stein is the son of Mr. and 3 Mrs.'G.W. Stein, 605 North Mechanic street. .•:-.:.'.• : .. •...;,./••• His Pop's Over In Euro]>e Met In Honolulu Roger Norrls, S., 1-c., In the center of th* above group of sailors,, unri William "Hlckey" MorrU. SF., > 1-c v .ori the rlglH, reoftuly met \n' Honolulu, The American Red CrosA.i.; helped to bring about the happy :: event, Norm belongs to the Seabens, ''.••• He is Uic husbHtid of Mrs. Wilms '( Norrls, 321 Broadway, and the son'-: of Mr.-'and Mrs. Httrlan B. Norn*, • MorrU ts ih« husband of Mrs. Ruth Morris, Springfield. W. Va. His par- • cms rc.sidc on Woodslct* avenue, ihii ciiy, -.-;• : When Marlon Lee Kasekamp was horn on January 15. of last year ^ , his lamer, Sgt: Lee Kasekamp, was pacing the docks at au Atlantic port ( «^ of embarkation. He sailed three days later'and is now with the ivoops-j":»Sr"-s at the Western Front in Europe. Marlon Lee and his-mother, Mrsi T^rf.: Wilma Kasektimp, reside in ElJerslle. •':':. ••. .. . ' Oceans Apart From the General Himself Pvt. Harvey •Deremer, left above, is on duty with the TJ. S. Marine , Corps in.the South Pacific war zone. He is the son of Mrs. Theresa 'peremer,'. 11 ,-Oresap -street. • His Tpife, Mrs. JuanSta Deremer, and son reside, at 9 Cresap.street. A brother- in-law of Pvfc. Deremer, Nicholas , Natale,. S., .2-c,, is in training at the Great Lakes Naval Station. He is the husband of Mrs.-' Margaret Natale, 9" Cresap street, and the lather of one son. His mother is Mrs. Josephine Calvetto, 213 West Second street. . .'".'.'. Commissioned Robinetts Now with the troops in France, Fvt. Paul O. Bridges entered the armed forces three years ago. Before that he was employed at the Kelly- Springfield 'Tir.e Company, plant. -In the Army he . serves -with the : qua r termastcr deportment. Pvt. Bridges is son of Mr. Mrs. Albert Bridges, of Mt. Savage. the and P. Met In Battle Lt. Harry "Jack" Mowery was ecently graduated from the Army Air Forces pilot training school at Seymour Field, Ind., receiving his wings and commission. HE is a ormer Celanese plant employe. Lt. VTowery is the husband of Mrs. RJta Johnson Mowery, 204 Hs\y street, and'the father of a daughter. mmm , .After the "battle for the 'Philip pines was two months old, the twi North Cumberland soldiers abov discovered that they iia<3 literal!: been. fighting in the same bad yard. > • They are Cpl. Vance I Markwood and Cpl. Leo Zapf. Cp Marlcwoodi who belongs to ai amphibious tank battalion, met Cp Zapf one day when he tras returnln from a reconnaissance patrol. The •re pictured above holding one Ja flag that flew brazenly over th Philippines'for a while. Long Time Away the Ann for three year aild never .horn on furlough one Pvt. John "Jack Cook, left abov is with t h Seventh Army i France. He wa wounded durin the assault upo Oran in Nort Africa and ser\ Africa anciserved In Italy before going to France. Just before Christmas he met his brother, Cpl. David Cook, right abovo, who is also in the Seventh Army, serving, with the combat engineers. They hadn't met in over three years. Another brother, William W. Cook, to the side, serving in the Merchant Marine. He was recently returned 'to sea duty after recovering from, burns sustained in line of duty. The Cook brothers are sons of Mrs Mary Cook, of Lonaconing, and brothers of Mrs. Jnmes Ray, Jr., of Westcrnport. •••".' ' Celanese Men Down in New Guinea since last September, Pvt. 3'arvin G. Cannon was called to the |&l£ U $ * _j*j .i- "• * » colors in Sep Pfc. Blair Robinett, left above, was - capture d -by t )i e Japs at the fall of C o r r egidor. But he managed to escape from the • -"Deal h Nfarch of Balaan" and hid out with Filipino guerrillas until :' liberated by General MacArthur's re-tonqtiei- ing troops. Meanwhile his two brother have been at war with the Japs as members of the U. S. Navy. Homer Robinett, MM., 2-c., right above, is in the crew of a cruiser in the Pacific fleet. He wears more battle stars than can .be counted on the fingers of both hands. Walter Robinett, SM., 2-c.,' to the side, belongs to the crew of an LST and has had a-, hand in almost every invasion operation in the European Theatre of Operations. The Robinett brothers are sons of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roblnctt, 207 Offtitt street. Killed In Action tember, 1942. He (j i belongs to the jalr corps. He has i a brother in the „ Navy with the Pacific f 1 e e t\ The! v parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cannon, reside -in Green Spring, W. Va. The Dorn brothers are on duty i\l widely separated military front*. Cpl. Raymond C. Dorn, left above, ins been In the Pacific war zone for 18 months. He U the husband of Mrs, Dorothy Dorn. SOI Cumdeit avenue. Sgt. John Dofn Is at the German front with an Infantry outfit. He is the husband of Mrs. Vivian Dorn. SH Shrivcr avenue. The Dorn brothers are sons of Mr. and Mrs, John R. Dorn, 607 Elm 'Met In Oahii In the picture above, William H. Harden, 724 Greene stroot. IE shown getting his sergeant's stripes pinned on by Major General Tunis P, Swift, at a military post in the Netherlands East Indies. S&t. Harden is a veteran of the Hollandla operation wh'lc hcut off the entire Japanese 18th Army, and of eiak, which also advanced General MncArtliur's forces along the road to the Philippines. . :: . .•'' The Fattm brothers recently Vru-t the luck of meeting on the Ulavj .of Ofthu In Hawaii. Pic. DBvid Finkin, loll above, has been on Onhr for the puil year with thr quartermaster section of (he Air Corps. Pvt. Harry Fnl.klhs is n recent arrival on ilif 1? land. They art^ont of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A Fatktn of C«r)'.i?. :-..-. Ffc.. O. Wesley Kennei* left abpve. is" on. duty *jrith'aii outfit.of combat engineers in England. Before going into the armed forces in May. 1943, he'was employed in the textile, department at the is the husband of Mrs. Wanda H. Kenney, Braddock Farms, and the son of Mrs. .Daisy- S. Stickley. of Cresaptown. His brother-in-law, Robert J. Hershbcrger, S., 2-o., right above, entered the Navy last July and;is now with the pacific fleet. He Is s former Celanesc laboratory em- ploye.- He is the" son of Mr. and Airs; C.. R. Hcrshbergcr, Braddock Farms> LaVaie. : -. Weaver Hero aM Brothers ' •-*"••-i'S,- Army since March 25, 1941, Sgt. George W. Gardine has seen on overseas duty just over two years. He is a surgical technician .n the medical detachment of a tank battalion. He campaigned in North Africa and saw service a^t Salerno, Anzio and during the push on Rome. He landed In Southern France on D-Day with the Seventh Army and has been «'ith it ever since. Sgt. Gnrdine is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gardine, 136 Waverly street, Westernport. A former Celanese plant employe, he is engaged to Miss Sara Sacardino, Denver, Colo., and hopes to get home soon to make tne wedding bells ring out. , .-•.-. Pfc. W. ( William Voder was Inducted January 22. 1943. and was trained at Fort jsi:s, Va., Camp Davis. N. C:, Hartford, Conn.; and Fort Ord, Cal. . He shipped for the Pacific war zone last November. nnd is now with an anti-aircraft outfit in the Philippines. Pfc. Y o d e r is the husband of Mrs. Phyllis L. Yoder and the father of : a 16-months-olc daughter. His parents, Mr. and Mrs W. N. Yodcr, reside on McMullcn highway. - OVERSEAS EDITION °' At the Western front in Europe Cpl. Thomas M. Cook fights with the Ninth Armor ed Division. He entered the Army November 7, 1942, and i' e n t overseas ast August. A ormer employe in the service department at he Celanese plant, Cpl. Cook s the son of Mrs. Lottie E. 'ook, Wiley v -For<3, W. Va. John G. M. Ritter,,MoMM., 2-c., has been on convoy duty aboard a NO. 50 SUNDAY. MARCH 11. 1945 NO. SO destr6yer escort since September, • 1943. k climbed into Navy blue preceding April. He Is the son of Mrs. Effie Ritter, 824 Camden avenue, and of the late Alfred Hitter. His wife, Mrs,.. Freda F. Hitter, resides at 800 Holland street. ; Pfc. Frank G. BriMfcey came out of Shallmar to enter the Army. He is now at the fighting front in Germany. His mother. Mrs. John Brady, two sisters, Pauline and-Mary, and a brother, John, live in ShBilmar. Four Beimels find a Cousin Home Front News In Capsule Form With larger contingents leaving here for service in the armed force.s.l local draft boards report that theirj 2A and 2B registrants under ,10 are virtually wiped out, and rcclassifi- cation of men between 30 and 33 is in progress. : Allegany County begins its campaign tomonow to ratsc 195,500 for thf Red Cross. ' - : • ; •May I has been'set us the date for a hearing on the application of Transcontinental and Western Airlines for plane service at the local j airpot-t. . I Dusplte flood, alarms on thcj Monongahcla anti Ohio rivers, there were no indications of danger in this area last week. : '...:..'•• Archibald Gflchrist. of Melbourne. Australia, made a Rotary Forum address here Friday nlgln on 'Australia and the Islands of thci South Pacific." Barbers have hiked the price of hair cuts to 65 cents and shaves to 40 cents. - '=.'•} Cave-ins due to mining operations around Frostburg and Eckhnrt have caused -alarms in_- recent weeks. ' . A Potomac Edison bus was" struck by a Baltimore and Oilin passenger train Tiicsday f night nt Knox street crossing, injuring the bus driver. ' : Cumberland stnets -are In . the worst condition In .years due to the severe winter and war restrictions on materials and manpower. Frisco WAC Cpl. Robert J. Weaver, in tue larger picture, was killed In'action at the war front in Luxembourg last January 24.'. He fought with General'Patten's'Third Army. His brothers »bove are, Pvt. Paul Wcn- vei, r| leff, at the Italian front, the husband of Mps.' Miiry Dawson Weaver, Independence street; atvJ Pvt.'Edward E. Weaver,, with General' PiSton's 'Army, the husband -of tWrs.- A Alice Atkinson Weaver, .; V»jl«y' rt*d. • Tlie Weavers Bre sons '' Addition. • ; ;i : Sgt^Osoar R. Jordan WHS killed! in adfcn December 17 in I.uxem-j bourg, the day after the German i cofniter - offensive started rolling, i A graduate of Hyndman high school' in 1941. he had been in uniform; since January 19, 1043, and overseas' since last August with a field ar-;j tlllery outfit. Ho was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jordan, of Hyndman. •• Pfc. Raymond BonJiam was wounded in action on the South of I'ranee front. He IK . a <•,(> resident of East Louts, and the grnnd- jj|?i son of Mrs. Sarah Nau, and the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Lewi* LaSalle Loses By A Point To Keysei LaSnlle Hipli'x -hopos for an tin- dcfCH'ed basketball season, wen blown to bits lost. Tuesday night »• j Keyser when . Lhe - Explorers lost i one-jioint decision to the GoWn Tornado qnllit coached by Fret "Tnck" Clark. The score was 34 l< 33. . :.'..-, '-.-.. -••.•'- ... . The Explorers, boasting * 4-1-2, triumph over the Tornadorhi'n here, carried a 24-gnme victory streak t- Keyser nnd were fnvbT'l to mak< it No. 25.: They started out lib they 'wore going to do just thai {leading by night points al one.&liif:> of the second frame, but Kcyxcr pu on a hot scoring show in the secoin hnli to Lurn the tide. : I^i.Sftlle relinquished th« kad .lal in the third frame and never spat! got In front, although twice.. chop iplng Keyser five-point marplpf 1.0 } single'tnlly In the filial : Atanza. TI) : -:• . „ ,.... j.i..,h»yii. „» i Explorer*, also mixscd nn cxcoilcn Pvt, SnrRbclle Wllsou daiip tci of ^ rt iu ln COIU . crl <lcfpftl . lm Mr. and Mrfi. Randolph Wilson, V«! v ^" > - an-.pivmrtk whr, Icy ..ond. ts stationed nt the Presidio in San Francisco, Cal., where she is 'attached' to the security arid Intelligence division of the Fourth Air Force. SW' Is the niece | of Brlg : . Gen. Gcorpc stirs con on victory in* the Inst 30 whci three easy, shots rolled off the rili Tne big cun in the Keyser victor, was HM "Doc" Kewcome who pnrte' iix llmw ln the noor. Mo,m of his cmub:c were the rcBUlt of tlp-ii, 5rvcrf ,, of whtc? ' nnd tnok her basic training at Fort. Oglclhorjie. Gn. :•.'•: man who npplie<: nl the Court The two millionth Ynnk to landjHou« here last week; In Europe. Cpl. Walter Franklin I Severn! Cumberland soldiers hnve in action In Germany last week. Last year's net income of tne Corporation. Cumberland's largest Industry, was $101.655,680, largest In the company's history. * • Included Dr. J. Homer Red Cross fund hcrr. In lengthy Illigntlon over the estate of the late :Dtmlcl E. Offtitt. Onklnnd, notice Has-been given his widow to move from the home by Mnrch 20. MlWnry street, this r.liy.;.' Pfc. James Bennett and ice- Biub»ugri,- shown together In the picture at the left above, are cousins. They> recently met: down in New Guinea. Pfc, Bennett is the .son of Mrs. George Bennett, of Ivit. Savage, and the husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett, Lonaconing. The couple, has two children. Blubaug*h Is from Wrights Crossing. Mr, and Mrs. Bennett have three other sons In uniform. They are. left to right in true single pictures above. Staff Sgt. George Bennett, In Luxembourg, the husband of Mrs. Rita Bennett, of Bordeh Mines: Pvt, Henry Bennett, in Belgium; fine" to the side, Pvt, Ervln Bennett, In Florida, the hus- ,band of Mrs. Hazel Bennett, of Franklin, and the father of three chil- Ntiu 62 Marion tlrcn ' Bcfore «<>'"« Into service nil four of the Bennett brother* work--d 'In the coal ----- ' Wilson and Rolicrt Julian Scliau- l st , rV j crtT ic~n hern wccker.v president of the Cumber-j gp r i ns wonther .land Glass Co .',',. here for over a General Patton K swimming of tno ^ t}c lvr> vtBr Sure river was revealed by n Cum-1 f lvp has »t Ne? berland soldier home from the war front, Staff Sgt. Thornm J. Dcfi- baugh, in n speech to war plant workers In Baltimore. Cumberland is,included on n proposed transcontinental Kuper-hiRh- way in a bill Introduced in Congress by Rep. J. B. Snj-dcr (D-PV). Collection of maple sugar sap IB in progress In this area. jonn M fon nt Mayor i.onaconins. afternoon. of-Mr. and Mrs, Edgar nrtdRt'S. is home on a 30-dny leave nfU;r servliiB twJo years In tlie Southwest Pacific. He holds the Pacific theatre ribbon'.witli three bronze campaign stsrg. Three brothers ire Rogrr E. Bcvcr, 10 years old, ofmlso in uniform—Pfc. Noin H. I The ennic wss hftrd-foilght BTI packed with thrills; especially tn th last half when Keyser utartrd t pull up within striking distance 6 the classy Explorers..' Trie ;Tornncl ; . . victory wn.« made more glorious h Rlehl, o' Cumberland, was wounded isent donations from OVCTKCRS to thcjiiic fnct that Frlu Shaffer an. I Wayne Boor, starting rugiilars, out alma-it the whols fourth qim nft«r heliiR ejculcd on pcrronnls. C LftSnllc, however, bounced bnrk I :; win Its. fiiiBl pnme r.l the reauln.i dcfeatlnB Romney'fi Plmi. Romncy. Tlic Kx jplorrrs now .arc Ket'inp primed ff nrcvallert'' | of their Ea.strrn f X--~ I 1 . *11 *; imi*-HH n^M««l 1 I t '• A • lournnmcnl port, R. I., on Mnrch VI. Allcpany bounced bacit from It by LaSullc- to hand th killed by ft tractor-trailer Monday 4 '-33 iRnmerMt (Pa.i TEnBles a W-45 a ci I bark in p thriller on Monday nlj?V aobcrl Leo BrldfiCB, BM 3-C, son)but on Frfdny, tl\e Campcrd rtror Beryl, W. Va., was killed when he I Bridges, with the infnnlry in O pr - the only WHS r\in over by a B. nnd O. omtlne[nmny; Pic.. Raymond C. Bridge 1 ;,; All-Clly lie flttcmptcd to bonnriRxt'SfltUrrinyi.siRtionetl «t Cherry. Point.. N. C.,|t.hrne yenrs in B row, WM eivrn ped their fifth game -!ji. 22 ztflrtu Johiwtown when 'Weatmopt scnrt a 34-32 triumph. The Campers wl clow tlwlr season Turwlny nt B«* ford. Ronn^l Palmer, IjiSnlle foolbft conch for the past two seayons ar the only plsiy* tn thr hls'x>rv i tcnms to be night. A msrriasjc license WM to A Chinese girl and *n **<-scrvlce with the Marinej*. and Allen MI scholarship to Noire Dtimf. C5a.v Bridsies, »Uo ft Marine, located al [Ifleri ^•^ in the rirnfl. he left Ih I * I Pitrri-s Wfirid. S, O, I week for the South Bend whoa 1

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