Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 31, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1909
Page 5
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local Events, Special reduced prices on portraits at C. W. Tucker's studio, now. "VV. P. Watts is convalescing from a severe attack of bronchitis. Edith and Harry Hitchcock of Claremont are visiting the Leebrick family. Karl Leebrick will leave next Tuesday for the University of California. Mrs. S. A. Hiilce of Long Beach is visiting Mrs. C. E. Hulce. Ethel, and Grace Fisher are spending a few weeks with friends at Tustin. Aubrey Gauldin of Long Beach is visiting his friends, Roy and Floyd Brubaker, of San Bernardino road. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Poe and Mr. Henry L. Marshall were dinner guestts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. A. McAllen. Mrs. Mattie Mailes of Orange is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Carrie M. Preston. Esther and Miles Scofleld and Florence Cady are spending a week at Huntington Beach. Glenn Leisure left on Thursday with j the Waterhouse family for Ventura. They will return today. Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Gilbert and son Philip of Santa Ana were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Warner. Mrs. Wanda's violin class for children will begin next Thursday. Make arrangements now. It The Misses Given, Sherwood, and Margery Clark were the guests Tuesday of Miss Neva Groover. Mrs. J. H. Hood, with her two daughters, Ruth and Dorothy, from Tempe, Arizona, is spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. H. D. Clark. The Chas. Cowan residence on the corner of Bonita and Grand avenues is ready for occupancy. It is a modern nine-roomed bungalow. Mrs. C. E. Smiley leaves today to spend two months with relatives and friends In Salt Lake City any Wyo ; ming. - Mr. and Mds. Geo. B. Scofleld returned Saturday from a week's sojourn at the mountain resorts of San ~<3rrt>riel canyon. B. L. Reynolds and family are visiting Baynham's camp. If they like the location they will probably camp there for a month. Airs. Oscar Miller and sister, Miss Kittie Bashor, left Monday for Kelseyville, Lake county, where they will be guests for several weeks of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Madison Bashor. Mrs. E. M. Wallace left Thursday to spend two weeks with her friend, Mrs. F. E. Wilson of Huntington Beach, and to attend the Methodist camp- meeting. Miss Ethel Collins has left for San Jose, to visit an aunt and uncle and join a camping party in the mountains. She will return in time to resume her duties in the grammar school. Mrs. J. S. Eckles left Tuesday evening for Pacific Grove, at which resort she will spend a month or six weeks with her daughter, Mrs. C. M. Warner and family, of San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Jennings and little daughter and Mrs. Plant left today to stay a month at Lake Tahoo. Mrs. Jennings is showing considerable improvement in health and her friends all hope the change will completely restore her. Mrs. Geo. Van Vliet entertained last night with a dinner party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hazzard, who will spend the summer in Mexico and Portland, Oregon, respectively. Mr. Hazzard was unable to be present, having already left Oovina. Other guests were Mrs. Gunther of Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Aschenbrenner, .Mr. and Mrs. licrt I.ouglued. Last Monday evening at the home of Mr. arid Mrs. Moore, Miss Matthews' Sunday School class of boys gave a farewell party for Clarence Hornfeldt, Roy and Floyd Hrubaker. The evening was spent in playing games. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Those present were: Mr*. fJage, Misses Ha/el Clifford, Gladys and Lois Heat, Lois Beiiton, Alma Teale, ^lil- dn- l, ll<r!t«-ii and Mennie I)e Lano. lrn:a Harris. Mamie and May Moor--. and Lucy Matthews, and Messrs. !'au! Gaj;- Unbar! ;,i;d Willie' f'hir!:. H'-nry ami .lds.-|il, K-i,d,i!l Coy and Floyd lirub.ik'-r. lioopri. iiu^li and )-'••! M-, M'joi.- Cil|i;i ( 'ooliu^r., Mrs. L. P. Slum of Highgrov? is visiting with her father and brother. Mr. A. Shearer has returned from a business trip to Modesto. Kodaks and supplies are features of a summer's vacation. Get them at C. W. Tucker's studio. Miss Mary Fortney of Dos Palos. Cal., is spending a week with her friend, Mrs. Frank Jackson. Mrs. Wanda's violin class for children will begin next Thursday. Make arrangements. tf Will Keim of Glendora is visiting his cousin, Jim Hodges, Jr., of First street. Mrs. Malcolm of Long Beach, formerly Miss Pearl Barren, of the school faculty, was the guest Tuesday of Mrs. F. J. Cline. Mr .and Mrs. H. Cushman spent the week end at Bay City v v1th the family of \Vm. Warren, who are sojourning at that place. Mines. A. M. Likey and Buckley of Long Beach and Mr. J. S. Kuns were luncheon guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Miss Amon of Monrovia, sister of Mrs. O. J. Sanders of Irwindale and Mr. J. Amon of Badillo street, is seriously ill at the home of the latter. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dudderar are spending the week end at the home of the former's brother, C. 13. Dudderar at Long Beach. Among guests at an afternoon tea given Friday by Mrs. F. W. Sherwood were Mrs. A. R. Evans and the Misses Dundas and Evelyn Fletcher. J. E. Doran of Texas, who is spending the summer at Long Beach, was the guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson. A hunting party who have left for Cajon Pass in the San Bernardino range, to be absent two weeks, consists of Mr. Frank Snodgrass and son, Harry, Mr. O. C. Willoughby and son, Russell, and Mr. Tinker. Mmes. C. F. Clapp and Capron, Miss Richmond and Miss Marjorie Capron left on Saturday to spend a month at Coronado. They will be joined on Monday by Mrs. I. I. Cook. • Miss Dundas has been spending the week with friends in Los Angeles. Mrs. Chas. Finch entertained Wednesday with an informal luncheon, the guests being Mmes. A. McKlrahan, N. D. Mussey and Crane. Mrs. Geo. Hazzard and baby, Frances Louise, will leave on Monday for Los Angeles, on their way to spend two months with the former's mother, Mrs. Harder, of Portland. Mr. Hazzard will take a business trip to Mexico and they will all return to Covina in the fall. Mrs. G. N. Atwood entertained informally with a card party on Tuesday evening, the guests being Messrs. and Mmes. Kerckhoff, Given, Crook, Evans, Chas. Griffiths, Mrs. Andrews, the Misses Herron, Mr. Robert. Walker and Mr. Chas, Duller. Mrs. J. D. Moffutt entertained with a party on Friday evening in honor of Miss Ruth Shaffner of Los Angeles who is visiting her friend, Miss Sarah Moffatt. Novel games were enjoyed outdoors and inside, for which prizes were given, and dainty and delicious refreshments were served. The invited guests wore the Misses Colo Potter, Marjorie Capron, Ruth Arthur, Muriel Sherwood, Helen Broadwell, Masters Percy Atwood, Robert Stebbins, Samuel Broadwell, Allison Given, Jack Clarke, Teddy Burpee and Paul Taylor. If you need an extra chair or two about the house, see our specials that ' we are closing out at less than far- j tory cost. Some patterns, only one or two left. Covina Furniture Co. j How about that new niaUieHH yon! have been thinking about getting?' Call and examine one that wo are i selling for $11.00. Imperial edge, •!.", pound, .splendid tick, made in the same | manner as the Ostermoor, but of much better filling, and a bett< r one for! $l().00, or better still, let IIH deliver one j to you on 150 days' trial. \ Covina Furniture Co. The Young Ladies' Xcedlo Club was delightfully entertained last. Friday evening, in honor of Covina'.s most i recent bride, Mrs. Frank Chapman, : by Agusia Sanders. The afternoon was agreeably .spent with needlework and conversation. Refreshments ot banana cream ai.d cake were served. Those pre.-,ei,l were the M,i P-yrd aiid Vic C'-y.'mid:-.. Mamie ("ook, Maud Kdwani.- Vvyerjne F.I ulfler. Anna ;-nd ("i,a ii<)i >.- ib-iron. Ha;:e| Hoot!.'. Ha/ei Kohl,. - Kit,.-I ;,,,,) Mat,.-I H'ni.-.";, 'i'oia I loi;-,•••[•. Ldi'h SUIM j i':i.-il. .Ma.- y I 'i I'-i oi ],<>.., Ant'i-i'-.-, Mi,-. : OUR AGEflTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's (iroiery Pomona Sanitary Laundry TIDES AND FISHING. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tucker and family spent Sunday In Inglewood with cousins. Mrs. II. M. Douglass and Miss Lilian Douglass left todny to spend a month at Coronado. The Misses Norah and Gladys Earl of Baldwin Park are visiting their cousin, Miss Neva Groover. Mr. and Mrs. C. ,1. Dt:eher of Pomona were guests last Sunday at the home of their daughter,-Mrs. F. E. Dudderar. Mrs. Mary Tatum spent a few days this week with her sister-in-law at Hedondo. The Rev. A. Fletcher and Miss Evelyn Fletcher were dinner guests Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Mrs. W. A. Young and daughter, Madge, of Holtville, who arc-at present living in Los Angeles, are spending a week with relatives, the Jennings and Atwood families. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. FOR SALE—One three-inch Studebaker wagon and flat rack, one three and a half Inch Studebaker wagon, gear, good condition, three well-bred mares, one guaranteed gentle for women and children, one Berkshire sow, eight Berkshire and Poland China pigs, barley hay. Stock taken for pas- turagei Rigglns Ranch. Phone ]19. PitzGerald & Barry of Pasadena IOHII money on ranches aud improved real estate at lowest current rotes. Write or telephone them at Pasadena or call up J. W. Prentiss, Coviua phone 2134, and ask to have a representative of the firm call ou you. tf For Sale—Span of young hones with harness. $350. Inquire of Alfred Wilson, Orange avenue. 'ifp For Sale—First class cow, potatoes and cabbage. Telephone 1128. R. G. Casad. tf Came to my place about, one week ago, a bay colt, weight about 1100 pounds. Owner can have by proving property and paying for keep and advertising. R. S. Edgar, Irwindale. It, Indiana and Ohio Live Stock Insurance C,'o. insures live stock death from any cause. Rates reasonable. See Austin Warner, agent. tf (let Imperial lller/d coffee—always In a yellow bag—always 25c per pound —always (JOOD. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Orders taken for peaches for canning. Varieties, Orange and Lemon and Phillip's clingH and the Late Halway free stone. Phone \'.'>. tf For Kale—Ceneral purpose borne, black, weight 1100. (!ood driver or work hrm:e. Price, $100. Apply r. M. Cornwall, Charter Oak. lip For Trade—Long Beach for Covlna property. I0ni|iiire of l)r. Wiley, veterinarian, Covina phone liOO. II' Fish Ar» More Active In Search For Food on the Fiood Tide. The most essential thing In sea fish- niir. next to tackle nnd bait, Is n tide tiiblc, because all marine llsbes ox- rept the flatfish—flounder 1 and fluke-- nre captured more remlily nt a certain tide. Tbo main cause for .such Is that llsh iiro more active In their search for food generally on the flood tide. Vast schools of little tlslii's move close into shore on the incoming tide, working their way Into the smaller buys and Inlets, especially near the c'diro of banks, whore they food ou Hie small crustaceans, shrimps and little minnows that can effectually hldo 'I'oni their larger eiiomlos when the :ldc Is low iinil the, largo fish nro un- -I'ic to got at thorn In very shoal wa- .'!•.•!. It I 1 -, ii common nnd Interesting sight i' >'er n school of wonkllsh slowly "io\ i: •.: !n nonr I he surface with tho .•:irly lido. Suddenly one sees tho -IIKIC:!) i.ur'i'aco nil In commotion'. Sll• cry minnows leap frantically In all •'invllotis. looking like Hashes of dla- mci.i;;, thoil Instantly disappear to ccr- : --iln death. At such times anglers should lie ready with their bout 'rlmmod snug, lines out floating forty I'ccl away, bulled wlih live shrimps. Tide a (Torts bottom feeders, though not to such a .largo extonr. Fishing from piers and docks an hour before •i nd a ft or Hood Is most: likely to give good results.. On wrecks much depends ou the kind of fish. The last of I ho ebb and at low tide is considered the worst condition for general fishing. In the open sea, on tho banks, tidal Influence counts for litllo or nothing. Any tide Is as good as another.— Outing Magazine. THE LIVERY STABLE DOG. Some Wayt In Which He Differ* From the Faihionable Pets. The common livery stable dog Is totally unlike the "powder puff" or "toots and sklgums" dog, but: his disposition Is Infinitely better. To lie ou n cushion and growl and snap at the hand that would caress It Is considered the height of folly in the livery stable , variety. The livery stable dog approaches you Ingratiatingly and offers you a dirty paw to shake. After you have shaken H ho solemnly gives you the other. Then he crawls up In your lap und licks you on the mouth. Tho Hvery stable canine Is a most Industrious digger of holes. The theory Is that he Is going to lie down In the hole he digs, but he does no such thing. He goes and lies down right In the middle of the sidewalk, where people will Unve to step over him. Ho will never get out of anybody's way. He even lies down In the middle of the street and tries to make carts, wagons and automobiles avoid him. He doesn't enjoy as large a vocabulary au the powder puff or HklguniH dog. A phrase like "Does UIIIH want, j urns lt;y bnssV" would Hcare him to i death. Ills ad van! ages have not been «uch as to acquaint him wllb such hlfalutln talk, but he does know a few simple phrases like "(!lt to blazes out of here, you darned pest!" IJo understands that perfectly.--Puck. Swift's Premium cold boiled ham, j wafer wliced to order. Warner, Whitucl & Co. Plain dressmaking and embroidery work. Mr.s, linogenc (',. Fcrrell, Italia street. tf Wauled Girl for general housework. See Mi'K. C, !•;. Boyle. I'lione Hi:.'. tf For a skillful and careful Irrigator (•••lephone 2-x tf Good alfalfa in the fie'd. I'hone '•',2'!',. F. J, HempH, Walnut, renter. liiirbauk pluniK and crab apple.-; for i sale, phone lilS. it j i N'c'.v refrigerators at. \I-KH than co;-t ;.t Hull's. (•'or Sale Al Jci^ey, fn-.-.n V.'. J'. Phelp.-j, ('enter HI . 1 1 |> '•.'•'.'. refi i;/*-! alo/ r, at I'-.-. Sal The American Youth. If the truth were told most young American men are not: especially Interesting. They do not keep up their reading. They have u imtlonal ob- tundlly when It COIIICH to music, lo art, to literature, nor do many of them t(lIce any of these things at nil seriously. The you tig among I hem arc not good coiivcrHiillminllNtH. Om- cleverest men urn monologlHlH pure and simple. They lecture admirably. They are born orators along modified linen. They iiro Inevitable story tellcrn. Mono of thin IN con vermilion, nnd women Ilia; convcrniitlon, like KM coiirleidcH, which at IciiHt: pretend a Illllo Interest when their turn COIIICH In I be giiinc. Knowledge of people nnd affair* oulnidc our own country prlcUn more I him OHO bubble nlioul our young men.—Anna A. Uogei'H In A tin nt Ic. Discipline! From the HUSH room occupied by tho roughest IHI.VH In I lie .iiindiiy nchool cainf.! a grout upronr. A Hecrolnry In the next room went to In voHtlgiitc. Complete silence followed the opening :>t tin- chiHH room door. "Have you a teacher?" "No." "l)o you want (Jim?" "No." "Then be <|iil<<t. or you'll get one." RcHilIt, coni|>:iral I vc peace. MiilicbeH- t«:r (/uiirdlan. Looking Out For Grandma. They lire connidera ie youn^HlcrH In Noltliigliiim, a;> ino.ii people know, Hiiyn London Tit -I'.ltn. A lllllc boy whone gnindifii'thor hail Ju.-d died wrote the following letter, which In; duly poHled: "iJi-iir Angel-* U'c ha vi; t-.cnt you Kraildlna. Plen-ii; prlve he/- u harp to |>loy, IIH Hbi; IH Hborl winded and can't blow a lniinp(-t," Weil Rehearsed. StfiK'; Manager Jji-ineml/i-r, lian^K, wo are depei/din^ on your li.ib.y to cry lll!-.tily in the third fe:,e I », you thinl: he'll i|o lil ( purl '• \< lor I al her lie ou,";ht to, hli. lie'-; I.e.,i, rehear/-, Ilij.' ;ii;;lii and <\:>\ I'.o.ii/n 'i i an-.'I'lpt. Like One of the Farr.d/. \\'i^'V. :ii/ /',)•/lit-- : :,; , ! h.i ! :; hi u be i -- a I '. our if rij e i.e -.-.i I . ,1, t 1:;.i- one of ||..- l,n,,i(, . I |i-i,|,e ' r : '• ', i- • he >-••<•.•! In t e Ji; ,1 a - II, II ll .1 I i ;: .'I ••! II: ,' I ./ !, -I' !;. ! . /. „ . | ..,;. l'[.;].:.i.-;i.!.i.l. l:e: OMl. We Welcome Small Deposits It matters not what amount of money you have to deposit—we will accept it at this bank. We welcome the small depositor, we extend to him the same consideration and courtesies accorded all our patrons. Our customers all know this. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 BEFORE YOU LET ANY CONTRACT FOR Fumigation of Your Orchards think of Hie importance o(! direful, intelligent -work and consult, (lie STOWELL FUMIGATING C * > ANY Oldest, firm in I lie Shite, having I lie hirers), outfit of tents for every si/.e tree. Knr Ucd Spider, try our new process Dry Sulphur. HIOST VYOUK AT h'KASON ABLK I'KK'US Phono 1!)i), Covina Phone 177. Charter Oak NEW POSTALS Covina Photo Views ">/ '•*» //p/Hfc V5 Deposit When You Like What You Like. Hit). ilcpoHil. your money JIKKK. II, in possible you lum; never I'd I. Hie iih- Kolulo, no.ccKHily (if having a luinlc a'-counl. 11. in probable yon could ilril'l, nlontf for yearn wil.lK.ul oni- but. II'' YOU KXI'IOCT TO FORai'l TO TIIK KKONT m Ibm lilo in a fiiiancinl way il, in cHsc/iiiiil Ilial, yon have a I {(ink Account. Wo tfivr you n. personal invention lo make HIIH bunk your depository wln-llier you liiivc a Hinall HIIIII or a hir^e one l.o Iny for Hli I'e keeping. •1 |>or cent interest paid. Accounts of $1 and up received. Cora \Dalley Saving ('ovitiii, (California ^wssM^^ f At#&A&i&m*&AVSA'rV* SOMETIMES you don't feel like starting a fire for the noon-day or evening meal. .... -Wouldn't dainty ealads, coffee or chocolate arid wholesome, delectable aoups appeal to you Instead of broiling yourself over the atove these hot days? Let us berve you with these things, or with ham or tongue sandwiches — all carefully prepared. ICEB ICE CREAMS .. tjf FRUIT DF<INKS , , ,. . CANDIES We Have No Competitor in Light Lunch Menu. The Palace of Sweets TO W N S t N O, F J HO H TO H

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