The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 3, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1977
Page 4
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NEWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, JULY 81, HMD NO, NO, GROMYKO " ®J)e Bail? -cond cl- rnattLr at the post ofMoe i. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Adva/ico faynoio in «uvc~..— tiono , m onth .......^jigi^L:. •— $1 -gy ?no° "conn! ^.jSOgSSS-^" The Factual Canadian ' ..[ wonder if the time will come when Canada and the United States jo,,, , re- u.nrked one of a group oJ American surn- ;;;;;, visitors to ('a.iada. "Andy He rose who keeps the village store, thinks it •will Not in his lifetime, ho says, hut mn>- h, in mine. Why not.' Same^kind ot peo- r,|(. living fin the same land." r ",. nr . rmiv he right", said a wurnan, u| )Ul [ do hope it won'the in my 1,let,me. Where c(Mild we go, then, n> get a, little n . s ) from tin- righting'" "r'ighting 1 '" ,. , "Yes, fighting: domestic caterwauling and recrimination. "There (ire plenty of jpfrseiriblances, (>l <.„,„.„„, hut differences, loo. The (,'m.mli- „„ is HO »""•>. more factual; views hie so much more evenly. Take the I'rim. Minister, for instance. Most of my Canadian jVioiids are tired of^ Fvuig. Thev think UYe^ilUeisuotsobnghtaH „ ,,,"imt. minister ought lo he and .1 he did tilings differently life would he better Bui. thev don't think he's trying lo regiment them or drive (he ciiiintry lo the do-s just, because the Kalion Hoard under his^adrninislration is trying l.o divide the ,- 1Jf)( | ,,p as fairly as possible, 1 hey don t vilifv him and ei.rse his family to the fourth generation just because there isn t bacon for breakfast. "•\\V Americans are *ut'h spoiled clnl- dren. If anything goes wrmij,' it must be somebody's fault, besides our own and wo m ,ist yeli about it. The Brir.slihav.e lived tliroii^li many wars, depressions, famines and all sorts of troubles and are still going strong. They don't have lo get ex- ( .i| ( .,I ( ,ver a little discomfort. I'm all I'or I lie ('. S. A., Imt ! do like n f>'\v weeks now and then among peopN' who set mo „ good example of peace and i|iiiel. common sense." is—»sa^2^^s^:^=»^ Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newt 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mr*. George S. Clark of Hopkins street vacationed In Hammonassctt. o—O—o Miss Catherine Cuddy of Church street week-end- ed at the Mllford .shore. o—O—-o 30 Years Ago M». Fanny Lutw William* .sold a house and lot on West street to John MoGulrc. o—O—o Mrs. D. J. Carroll and son of Cherry street spent their vacation at Laurel Beach. Disappearing Rickshaws [mini's rickshaw, cclchralod in song nm! slory, is soon to hcc-onic one ol "tin; tilings Unit. WITC," A Inlior rommilUH' lalii'ls this (•onvi'vanc.i' pnlUnl by one to four iiicii as "n (k'Knutaliini to human pri'sonality." Win-it tliis mode of transportation \vas first introduced to Calcutta, Chinese were lite pullers. Then Indians took up tin? business, earning from $10 to $1.) a month. Tin- rickshaw was prae.Licial because of its economy and suitability for the hilly, crowded and narrow streets. During the war it became more popular than ever as a result of gasoline rationing and the dearth of horses, The passing of the rickshaw is probably a good tiling, provided Indian coon- i oniy will see to it that a substitute work is evolved for the coolie. Maybe someday, when India is free and gets its problems straightened out, tlif rickshaw puller will he. a taxi-driver. Veterans Making Good War siM-vii-o socins to improve sc'liolm 1 ship. Typical of reports from many other mstituliotitf is diu 1 I'ruui Allojjlioiiy Cul- k'l;-* 1 in Mowlvillo, I'"., about student vet/ onins, originally dropped I'or unsatisfactory, work, (liven a second chance in token of thoir military service, they make as good, and often markedly hotter grades than other students in their classes. Seven out of eight had passed all courses hut. one, making an average for this second-trial group of 78. Not only veterans who were former. I'nilures, hut nil returning veterans have made bettor grades than they made in pre-war clays. This is, after all, not so remarkable. These hoys have matured, have been through experiences that make hook learning more than theory for them. The G. I. Bill of educational rights is going to bo justified many times its cost. Lollipops and ice cream cones are caught in the inflation. Bvon tTie' kids are finding that a nickel just isn't worth u nickel any more. Around The Clock HAD I BUT KNOWN Hud I bul known— Mv uiilh would not have the., so lonely seemed, ' Had /known, dear, I'd find you by the way, Had I but Known! ^ & ^.^ Pat .Rc>"'nii is a big booster for The News' classified ad section. . . . Just one little ad for the sale of his soltball bat , UK ] ,,| 0 vc brought, more than 200 telephone calls to Fat's Rubber avenue_placo of business in a single day. . . . ^ Hat a husv signal on that phone !. . . . Mike La- Vavo is gettinu- a now dog to replace the one that was killed last week when struck by a car. There's a big meeting in town tonight. All 150 plus members of the Welcome Home committee are urged by Chairman John Breen to report at 8 o'clock to the courtroom of the Town Hall. . . . "There is much business to be discussed," says John. Johnnie Joyce is now living on Rubber avenue. . . . His bouse came Compete with built in rumpus room. . . . J he All American Vets, they tell us, will sponsor a semi-formal dance in September. . . . Wonder what the folks in town would do without 1/mden Park??? Father John McTeague of Prospect invites all his local friends to attend the carnival his church is sponsoring August 5, 6 and 7. ... Rocco Mariano is one of the biggest boosters in town for the Community Band, Al -Smith brings up a good point when he siit^osts scats for those attending the we.ekfy band concerts. . . . Kvcn the most smloni music lover gels a little tired ol standing to hear the band's offerings. There's an old saying that music is relaxing. . . . Vfhy "fit add a few scats to aid aiK'fabct the charm of notes in bring- in.;, complete comfort to the hundreds who follow the baud. ... A little restraint; on the part of children attending would also be in order. A reliable, but unverified report, states that Superior Court Judge Patrick B. O 1 Sullivan, a former Fifth District Congressman and well known here ,is among those being considered by President Truman for appointment as civilian member of the atomic bomb commission. . . .^No one will comment on the report. . . . "P. B," could have had a Connecticut federal judgeship a few years ago if he had wanted it. . . He stands in well. Father S. F. Nalewajk asks us to thank all those who made the recent St. Hedwig's Bazaar such a success. Frank 'Desmond, back from California, reports that Spec Shea is doing well out there, and is liked by all. Frank has Inul opportunity to talk to the local hurler, who said that although lie does not go/ a chance,to answer all the letters lie receives, he is glad to hear from the locals His address again, for those who did not know it before: Frank Shea, California Hotel, Oakland, 8, Calif. • Jim Thompson went to New Haven last night in search of fireworks for the Welcome Home program. . . . Indications are that the fireworks won't include too many aerial bombs, . . . Several ex-GI's said they could get along very well without the powder burning ceremony. The climate will not be perfect till extra rain and extremes of warm and cold weather can be stored up for future use. VACATION IS OVER! ! Let Us Take Care of That PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK NOW! ! . Closed Mondays During July and August Thibodeau Studio Neary BiOtf. Church St. ? VENETIAN BLINDS in Bloi'k. Thrr« Oar Drllverr- LEBON'S VENETIAN BLIND CO. 170 IV*. Mali •«. T*L 1 let-burr BOUGHT SOLD Rent a Trallc.r and Do That Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKLKI'HON'K NililKUtiick SOW) inrc In Union Cltr Hardwitre into. FRKD'S HI-WAV 501 South Main St. Regular Dally Dinner 50c up A La Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, CockUxll Lounge Full Liquor License WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1946. by The Hearat Corporation) E-VAJLUATING 'MORALE' FOR MUNITIONS— We have be-On looking Into Army and Navy "E" awards - .Even if all the thousands oC them were meritorious—which is an absurd hypothesis—this system add? up to a .$100,000,000 scandal. Based on a theory that such hooey boosted the workers' morale, it cost probably 50 000,000 man hours in war-plunts, 25'oOO 'lost clays for ofltcers, diversion of transportation facilities and waste of gras, plus some of the highest-powered handovers ever experienced by men in uniform. Army-Navy urged thcso plants to throw celebrations. Some turned Into week-Ions drunks, with whiskey and .champagne suppers, imported entertainers and party (firls, Hi-riving in private cai-i and chartered planes. All this was legally deductible for income tax purposes, chargeable against production costs and valid accounting in contract renegotiation. Officers wore assigned, often traveling- hundreds and thousands of miles, taking several weeks on a job. all on government pay and travel ar.d subsistence expenses, One Public' Relations Otficor was always sent on. ahead, to whip up the show, Higher ones came on later, to make stuffy speeches, ride in parades and souse up with the happy executives anil (Their ladies There was usually a shutdown. All hands were guests at shows find blowouts, in" hotels, country clubs, local thefiters taken over. Besides there were more exclusive to-dos for officers and corporation ofll- clals, "guardian angels" and other politicians, with costly souvenirs handed out—everything charged as legitimate expense. PROS were briefed by higher officers to encourage as much hoopla as the plants could swing. Some of them did practically no other work. The Signal Corps, with onty about a half-dozen HQ posts in the country, traveled its advance agents countless miles. Often the plans paid these mer.'s expenses imd those of higher officers, though the Army did, too, doubling the cost to the tax-payer. It was one of the sweetest rackets of the conflict to exterminato the enemy by good old Yankee horsc-scnso and cur-do. A triumph of E-bombs! —O— MI<l-Manhnttnn plagued with n rash of hotel niul apartment hiiild- Intr snoak-thlevoH. Several Runes are operating hnnzcnly. Their principal loot Is not jewelry or money —though they'll take anything—hut clones.,. .They case rooms 'and flata, ring hells; If there's nn answer, they say, "Did you send for n tullor?" If no response, they skeleton-key In and strip closets. In some Instances they were seen loading trucks, parked . outside. .. . ,Thny have rfrnin down, elevators with Niiit.s nn<1;s piled high in tlirlr nrms. The operators thought It regular procedure In some places, they packed everything In victims' hfggage rode down In elevators, bid operators (rooO-hye, said they wero ffolnp to the country. Only In Manhattan, uhete few know their .next-door, neighbors; where help changes so often that few can recognize their' doormen or elevator-men, and vice versa, could such raw robbery flourish. - Romances Reported—Maestro Joe Ricardel and Future--Fulton, showgirl, (is that "Future" monicker n/ promise, or'f a deal in corn?) Douglas Deane, who was in "Billion Dollar Baby," will wed Ruth .Lot- terhoe, whose family, they say, founded Crystal Springs Miss, where the cereri-.uny comes off, Aug. 2. Deanc is a brother of Muriel Angelu's wife of Paul Lavelle, NBC broadcaster. The Lavailes will stand' up with the couple... Jack Leonard, crooner, and the Copa's Mara Williams ...Sue Jackson, Pclham Heath singer, and J.ioK Hester footballer . . .Ann Baldwin, playwright and Max Rosen, gypsy fiddler ...June Haver and Dave Rose, who always squires screen ciueens ...Gene Wesson has hopes —after Linda-Darnell's divorce.... Lina Romay-Vic Orsat.ti... David street-Marilyn Maxwell. .. .C.irlton Alsop-Sylvia Sidney ..Steve Crane- Martin-Rita Hnyworth making up lost time. oOo- . .The prisoner. In the dark Gestupr, dungron in Borlin was tall gaunt Rudolf Diels, founder of the Gestapo in the first turbulent days of tht Nazi rnjrimi 1 . had. saiil "no" to Adolf when the Fuehrer ordered him to liquidate an old pal who had outlived his usefulness to the SH-itstlku-K-ang. Now, JRudolf sat In his cell awaiting the hangman— hy order of Hitler, who did not like people who dared to say "no." Standing before Diels was medal- dripping Hermann Goering. "I order you to divorce my sister," growled Goering. "Get out of her life. We.cannot have a man in our family hung." Dlols, a cool character, shrugged his shoulders, told Gooring where to go. Circumstances—too long and involved to relate here—saved Diels from the hangman. Today, sitting in a villa in Nuernberg, he supplies the prosecution with valuable Information against the major war criminals. Among his froquent visitors was Capt. Harry N. Spi-r- hor, chief German Interpreter at the trials. lie has just returned from overseas. Diels spilled plenty to Spc.rbcr, including the fcile of his fat brother-in-law's visit and demand. "Strange," mused. Diels to Harry, 11 sardonic smile on his sallow, scahre-slnHhed face. "It looks as If —after nil—dear Hermann will have a man in the family hung!... Himself!" oOo Some lucky lads got a break when, the Constellations were grounded. They had picked up -M- seat DC-Is for tramp and charter service. They paid $50,000 to $90,000 I per.. .The day the big Connies' were anchored, airlines frantically wired offers.' Latest sale brought $175,000! OOO The ritzy residence Clark Gable lioujrht on E. 48tn Sfc, was. Grotaj GHPbo's. Guble, In a rhubarb with Metro, may occupy It and dabble in Broadway producing.. . .Senorlta Betty Bcllly ,who slnsr» Latin SOJIBS at tile Riviera is nil-Irish, thouph. u native Mexican Duvld Brooks, a.t Carp Society Uptown (which bus derided to stay open all Summer) is tho l:ttest crooner-Craze entry.. .. The Hooper rating on the second j Gikini experiment was 13.1 — not sue!) u splash! WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Baklnfj A Specialty CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPPANI, Prop. Maple Street Telephone 3678 [ Men's Boys'l _ PANTS SHOP — | F EMBRUSKI rrerraiamreEMaanmaii 4!>1 Nil. Mnln Si. Trl, 3H07 Union City About 1,400 million pounds of cdib:c vegetable and compounded shortenings are manufactured in ths U. S. each year. WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS — with chrome tray, supar «nd creamer, complete M. WOLFF SS tKANJO ST., WTBBY R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREKT (R«;ar) Expert Welding of All Type* FoJiclnp, Sheet MeUd and Ornamental St««l Work Telephone 6S77 REGISTER NOW FAI.I. TKRM IIKCINH KKIT. a HuNliiriiN AdmlnUirHEIcjn. Account/* In*. SrrrH&rltal. 24 Central Avc. COLLEGE Watcrbury STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring- St., Union City TO. Nunir. 6111 -- Wat. 4-952« FELIX NARDKLLO, Mi;r, Full Murk Of HllmlN »«ud biindi ^•d. rtc, fffrfftvf Chrome CABINET HARDWARE Large Metld WASTE BASKETS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLJE STREET (AcroM from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone BOM DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5747 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE r '<******** ~rrfrr+**~**r**frf* f Expert Service On \ Commercial Refrigeration \ Electric Appliance Co. ]: 1 1344 IliilJwln ft, ( \Vnl. — Trl. 4-IS42 Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KIDDIE CENTER II GRAND STREET Wttterbury Cars Culled For and Delivered Our Complete Services Glvo You Carefree Vacation • Driving!! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 FRUIT JARS GOOD tUCK JAB, KUBBERS PRESSURE COOKERS i AIX TYPES OF RADIO .REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point . Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Telephone 4086 G Waterburijs Dependable —jr. r*c All Day Monday blore Toi\etr»es Suttons Dusting Powder ' with puff. Generous 12-ounoe package. So refreshing after the bath. D«/C plus tax Colgate Bubble Bath Enjoy a tubful of luxury with mountains of scented bubbles. White Pine or Apple Blossom. t)«f C plUS tMC Jean Nate Lotion for the bath. A frangrant friction rub. Delightful in the bath water. Helps to refresh, stimulate and soothe. $1.10 ^ $2.00 plus tax Etiquet Deodorant Cream It's Etiquet to use Etiquet. The new deodorant cream that checks under-arm perspiration and stops body odor. Complexion Milk by Yardley. Will help revive tired, roughened skins and leave them smooth and silky. 85c *»* $1-20 pu^ t»< Jewelite Roll Wave Hair Brush by Pro-phy-lac-tic. Prolon bristles. Choice of Crystal - Blue • Euby. $4.00 Combs . . 50c

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