Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 31, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus OOVINA, CALIFORNIA. Bntcrcfl at the Postoffir.r Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. Jj. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: $1.50 .75 .50 One Year in advance Six Months .... Throe Months Single Copies - - • -O.S A UV K H T IS KM I'.NTS: T)isplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices JJ.OO per inch first insertion, SO cents eacli .subsequent insertion. COVINA, July '.',\ , H)0!i. The automobile driver who run Into and killer] an aged lady In LOH Angeles during Elk wreck has been captured and brought to J.OH Angeles, where ho •will bo fried on the ehargo of manslaughter. \Vhilo It, IH necessary t.o rnakr; an example of Homo of those reckless, Inhuman automobllistH, It seems a pity that In Mils case, when public otilnlon has been rained t.o Hiioh a high state of Indignation, t.ho offender happens t.o be a poor driver Instead of an owner. What, dlngtiKf.H t.ho public In eases •whore an auto IH driven ovor or kills a person IB that., alrnoBt. Invariably, t.ho autolHt. turriB on full speed and "heat.B it" when an accident, happens, Instead of rendering what, assistance he could. The number of easoH where t.hlB Bame thing is done would BiiggoHt, that the inot.orlHt.H must have an unwritten rule that thlB IB the course to pursue. Recently, a rich owner waB given a stiff term on the chain gang after doing the same thing when colliding •with a man who alighted from a street car In front of a speeding automobile. Automobiles, everywhere, are allowed to run at too high a speed. Through any town they may be Henri at any hour going at speeds up to thirty miles an hour. Ten miles an hour Is as fast as an auto can be run with any degree of safety on any street where there are people on foot. An automobile Is a heavy machine and the control of the operator Is restricted In ratio to its Hpced. You can toll, when you see an electric car .corning, where It IB going to go—you cannot an auto; one moment you notice ono which you think you are entirely safe from, and looking up a second afterwards, It has switched ItH course and IB almost on top of you. Automoblllsls have been allowed to run rampant long enough. Public opinion and a few stiff Jail sentences will make an Impression. MOVING PICTURES FROM HEATHEN LANDS. A Remarkable Exhibition at the Christian Church, August 5. The gonliiH of EdiKou has nl last boon brought under (rilnile to the world-wide missionary enterprise. The Christian Church of this place IK to have a striking exhibition of heal hen life through Hie medium of moving pictures. These moving picture dims have boon socurod by tho Korolgn Christian Missionary Hoclol.y and will be shown on the above dale In connection with a lecture mi "Strange People of Many Lands." Two yours ago a deputation was sent around Ihc world to secure those pictures. Theso men travelled In Africa, India, China, and .lapau. They .secured the moving pictures under grcnl dlllicull ies. One of the scenes is Ilia! of Hie awful sacrifices in the temple of Kail at Calcutta, India. It was necessary for the man taking the pictures to bribe the priests and then after netting access to the Ki'oat heathen temple ho was obliged to secrete himself behind the pihirs of the temple dnriiif, the period of Haerlflco. The iiKivInu pictures hnnn the customs ami the awful need of these far away lands before the \ery eyes of tin 1 people. |(ev. .1. \V. Ihmin of Toklo. .Japan, will be in charge. Births. To Mr. and Mrs. Aimer Miller of ii'windalr. July 21. a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Con-hens. July is. a son. Morn, lo Mr. and Mrs. Harry Snel! oil Jills :,ni h. a daughter. M''. aiiil \l I .-> \rthti!' .lnliii',011 have tali'-n :i re-;iili-in i- in I n.:le w nod. X'l 1 .ill,ill.i h:i \ for -'ale T' lepllOlie '•'<--'• I-' I >' mi i 'ii S i ii I ;.-p-fiard ii-o i..:,.* <:, ( I;--,. :-.. , i -..,,,.,, |, \\' ; ,l j:i|i ' • i i r MM Interurbii League Items. Standing Int^ruaban League, flub \Vori I.oM F'rt. Covina Kan FV-lic/. 'I 0 1.000 F'alms '1 0 1.000 Hasten] Outntting Co... I 1 ..",00 Wells F-'argo 1 1 .500 Schlltz I 1 .".00 ParafFlries 1 I .500; Haeycles 0 2 .000 ; Colegrove 0 2 .000 Contrary to the report, spread earlier In the week, Oraf and Shutt will he seen In their regular positions on i the Covina. baseball team. Both men ' are good finders, and the former has! got away with some of the best, hitting! s"en MI the local diamond for a long time. i Tom Clark of the Kacycles, that ; play here tomorrow, is a pitcher with something of a rep. Naturally he dopes j victory for himself on the assumption that he ban known Miller for a long time and always found him easy. It's too bad for baseball that there are not. more like Clark. lOvery team In the league !s strengthening up. The daubers have signed Owens, one of the crack In- flelderH of amateur baseball. The Outfitters have added extra force to their pitching staff, and the Dlrectolors have signed .foe Duart.e, who used t.o be a star on the Covina Diamond in the old days. From now on the race for the pennant, will be contested. The f'alms are confident of their ability t.o romp away with the rag, while the other teams that started out on tho slope have not lost heart, but will come in with a strong bid for honors. Of course, we don't have any ideas of our own about Covlria's chances. Yes, no? Covina stands at the head of the batting column with an average of .270; the Palms are next with .270. Following Is a list of appellations which will henceforth be used by all real baseball fans when speaking of the teams which compose the Interurban league: Palms—lieari Growers. We wonder If they are stringing us. Colegrove—Orphans. Hut they play ball as though It had been In the family for generations. Directories—Advertisers. If they advertise the same way they played that last game of ball, Los Angeles merchants wil have to employ more help. Covina Snn Felice—Orange Pickers. We wonder if this bunch did not gather n few lemons at the same time to hand to other teams? Uacyclos—Cyclers. They'ra geared up, anyway. Wells Fargos- Baggage Smashers. Hhould be ball smashers. lOatHtern Outfitters--Cripples. This applies to t.ho number of men who have helped out Mueller, not to the condition of the players. F'ariflini; PiiintK--Daubers. We hope they'll paint something besides goose eggs. Services In the Church of the Holy Trinity, eighth Sunday after Trinity: Holy Communion, 7:30 a.m. .Morning Prayer, 11 a. m. fn the ahsenee of Rev. II. W. White on his vacation, H. (I. Klnnoy, editor of the Pomona Times, will occupy the Methodist pulpit next Sunday morning. Christian Church: Merger service of Sunday School and church, 10 o'clock. Preaching by Rev. If. H. Cuy, 11. Junior, :;. Irit'jprnodlato and Senior Endeavor, 'i:45. t'nion projiehing service at tho H.tptfst. Church, 7:45. St.ereopticon lecture, with moving pictures, by Rov. J. \V. Hagln of Toklo, Japan, Thursday, H p.m.; subject, "Strange Peoples of Many Lands." All are cordially Invited. W. O. Conloy, pastor. Haptist Church: Sunday School '.):4~i. Church service II a. in. Subject, ",'Oohoos from the Convention," by the pastor. M. Y. P. II. C:45. Topic, "Life Lessons from Acts." Leader, Mr. Hohrnan. Cnion services in the Haptlst Church at 7:45. Address by Rev. Stevens. Prayer-meeting Wednesday, 7:45. Subject, "Heavenly Treasure. Monday evening at 8 o'clock Mr. Gage will give a talk, "Impressions of the Seattle Exposition. Admission free. Strangers and friends are cordially invited to these meetings. S. W. Gage, pastor. Proved to be Bigamist. Tho marrlge has been annulled of Miss Mao Caldwell of Covina, and Mr. J. M. Wlndle, who was married to the former about three years ago and deserted her soon after. The offender, whoso real name is Isaac Lingenfelter, has been proved to be a bigamist. Rev. Mr. Conley and family are enjoying a midsummer sojourn at Coron ado. Sor Sale—Second hand Domestic Sewing machine in good repair. Telephone 1105. itp Miss Anna Bishop of Wellington, Kans., Is a house guest at the Carna- hnn home. Mr. arid Mrs. E. H. Lahee are spending two weeks In LOB Angeles during the absence of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Smith on an auto tour. Master A. C. Neil of Los Angeles spent a few days this week with the children of Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. Anderson. Mr. John Gllinan left Saturday for Seattle to visit his son and also "take In" the fair. AUGHTS FOR AUGUST YOU Aught to buy "Bradford's Bread" and "Oak Leaf Butter," cold boiled ham and best of bacon, green groceries and every sort of easily prepared prouender such as is found in a first class grocery for such a time as this. FROM HORNE'S GROCERY Phone 43. EEP OOL w By Using Gas for Fuel. Call and See Our Nice Line of Gas Ranges. Phone 196. Odd Death Certificates. ratfM of death nre not doru- nvnts where ono usually seeks for humor, but (hero i« frecjuvnUy to !><• foiled in them mm-h of the unconscious variety. Here, for Instance, Is how tho cause of death Is stated In the case of a laborer: "I>lcd from injuries received through a bull accidentally kneeling on his chest." The fonaldernHon shown for the feelings of the bull Is a fine touch and suggests grave questions on the moral responsibility of the lower animals. Again, a man Is stated to hnve "died from the effects of Injuries received after being run over by a railway trnln In motion owing to a misunderstanding between deceased and an engine driver." This description of a rather ordinary railway casualty Is excellent.—London Express. S. P. TWOMEY H. C. DILLER Covina Hardware . . . Company . . . Full line of Gas and Steel Ranges, »Stoves, Cooking Utensils, Lawn Mowers, Fruit Sacks, Willow and Woodenware, Paints and Oils—in fact, everything- you will find in the biggest hardware- store. Covina Hardware Co. Next to First National Bank Phone 1198 CITRUS AVENUE, COVINA, CALIFORNIA Sensitive Tobacco Plants. In Cuba the best, tobacco comes from one strip of bind only, the slopes of a certain river, and even there a north wind may niin the crop. Tobacco is the most sensitive plant we know of. The smallest thing affects its flavor. Plant, Virginia tobacco In Germany, and the result Is a better tobacco, l.<ut It !H German tobacco, not Virginian. In north Horneo'they produce the most, delicate and silky leaves that ever were seen, but the tobacco lacks character and taste. Send Havana seeds to the Philippines, and you merely produce a superior Manila.—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Clarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all ; kinds of buildings. COVINA, CAL. WHEN IN NEED OF Call ..on.. Homemade Names. "That little girl," remarked the druggist to the doctor, "was just In for 10 cents' worth of. tincture of benzine. Hut I've had It before and gave her benzoin." "That was easy," answered the doctor. "This morning on a diphtheria I case the woman wanted to know If I | administered antitoxin with an epl- ( dernlc syringe."—New York Press. . L. JACKSON, North of Hotel Vendome Just the Opposite. "When I first met you," cried tho woman who had been married for her money, "you occupied a low, menial position, but now, thanks to me, your position"— "Is a hymeneal one," her husband Interrupted. A Reflection. "To my annoyance," she said, "i found he had a lock of my hair. How he got it I can't Imagine." The older girl smiled oddly. "When you were out of the room, perhaps?" she hazarded.—Cincinnati Enquirer. Just the Opposite. "You are a poor young man?" "I am." "Then what you want Is a thrifty, economical wife." "Not at all. What I want Is a rich, liberal wife."—Democratic TeJegraph. "Greatest Electric Railway System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Miles of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and liable Freight, Express, Telegraph and U. S. Mail Service. Re- For information and literature regarding the great MT. LOWE Trip, BEACH RESORTS and other points.of interest, see local agent, or address General Passenger Department, Room 296, Pacific Electric Building, Los Angeles, Cal. IpBBBBflBBBBflBBBBBBflllBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIlBBflBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBII I HAVE $20,000 to loan Covina Valley Gas Co. '2;iC N. Citrus \ \ \ on first mortgage on Covina orange groves. Will loan all or any part of it for five years. All business personal. •••••••*•••••• C. E. BOYLE Covina, Cal. Phone 1112. JaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBilBBBBflBBBBLBBBBBBBBIlBBBBBBBflBBBBBBBBBI

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