Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 14
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 14
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FOURTEEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, JitD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1945 High Lights of High School choosing their' announc*ments *o as to avoid a )ast minute rush. Our musically Inclined Olee Club* have- been rehearsing for the annual spring concert. Tue-sdaj In* Servlc* Club met m room 301 while, the orchestra reheurs«d In the auditorium. , Thursday we hid a homeroom Porwn chemist, ad- program during which homeroom* U ,.-OO..-M- the Science Club at Its W- presented and discussed "Personality weekly meeting. Mr. Fortez spoVe on Und Appearances." Believe us U the chemistry or the human : body.!was a very h*lpful nnd interesting •His ulk'ceiHcTed around Insulin, ex- subject ALIXCANY HIGH »l With bB&kelbull season over, Alle":•'. ganlarw are watting for spring football, track »»<! baseball. The Alle-:' 'jany five played Somerset and \Vest: mon; rtutlilK the past -week, and wlU scawm Tuesday end a .ni«ht at Bedford. Plenty ot news on the b«am this mintrel which was held Thursdaj we*k, *o settle dovra for a nice afternoon and Friday evening in tone chat. This wee* proved very the auditorium. The "Star Sp»ngled Interesting; next week should be Minstrel,'! was:an original produc -. w( .... - 1 i(«tM nr*t*.aw** •MTB.** trfV\ nKWt/tl emmivs .of the thyroid glflndsi.' and '...other-hormorici of the body. Those Thursday evening there was i faculty party held In room 301 l m-.y.: 1 iv were' niirton'' DonaW I From the smiles of our dear teach Fresh, Ursula Bucki, Theoda Kum-[er'i (ace a good time was had D; Ipa'rtek, WlUlinn Wood, Etirl Manseau.laUthose In ntttendance. We hear< Bcarnard Sitter, and .Miss Theresa (it rumored that tlie men teacher -Ntoht, Advisor cortkwt served entire men FORT HILL HIGH ya." Ill be looicln* lor you lu your 1 seats next Friday'night at 8:15, >'hen the strummine of the old guitar herald* the rising curtain of I "Arizona." .:, . . • • - - - ••':. : •' « • • : CKESArtOWN JUNIOR HIGH This week has bc«n a very busy lone. We have be«n working on our even more eventful. tk»v There were over too purtlcl Almost everyone has heard of Dr. pating, -We wish to commend Mrs Frederick Wilson, noted historian. H«drtck, music director; teach lecturer, and specialist on Uves of efs of the Junior high faculty; par the president*. Dr. Wilson gave an enU and students tor help ng BO nterestlng and educational talk on generously to put on this tnlnslre birth and buriul places of the pre- The patriotic rootU was carried out sldents ot the United States, along A special platform was made for th with outstanding events of their musical tappers and the chorus. Th r, at Fort Hill on Tuesday. '••->-»- '- "•- —' •—> morning running to the office with llss Thomai' ailcndaiice sheet, ; , :.,,. ECURB, . • - '•-. • • • • * •'•'•' ••' •.- . . • BARTON HIGH Mr. Footeri ha* orfanUed a basketball tournament with five boys' teams and six girls' t*am*..The fol- lowlng boys are captains of the five teams; "Pedeix'V Wairhiek, BUI Warnick," Leo BritJb>% Elwood Symottt and "Bab*'\ Kiddy/C»pt»lni of the six girls' teams are; : Doris Mowbray, Pliyllii Hyde,'. Virf Inla Lee Kirk, June Schramri, and Dora Kyle. Games will' : be • played after school each evening. Drop in some night and watch our athletes per form. ; -••''••'• •-•'.• '• -••'•:•' '•< •-• • Wednesday night we. "were enter talned by Mentor Conroy's.boys a rr fcentral. And like a. benevolent an UAhers for the mtuine* .were roern- virtuous team, we let them beat us , . . he Boys' Glee Club, under ': the »nd that "It *» deHciww. Too ' " a- direction ot Miss Dorothy WiUlson. entertained ttic senior high schoo! at the regular assembly Tuesday, •The'program pptritd with the group, dressed in pi/mi shirts, alngJus : VHbViie on the R.mae', followed by "Drink To. M? Only With Thine lyes"', and "Couliin't- Hr»r Nobody bad they're all "settled down married folks." The boys Glee Club Friday. P;ray " The ' couipos«cl ;:of Ke-nncth Bi-vhop. Donald Fresh, Earl Manseiiil, ixml Leonard Tf-rrone 'jtave ^Ix nu!tit>?r;;. Opening cxerr 'rises wore conducted by Jiimes Cook; We want to let you in on the latest news. Donald Truly, TJSN, Is in the Navy Hospital at Bainbrldye following a mnjor operation. Speedy recovery to you Don. : ....... The Star of the Week: : 'This week, we return to Frostburg for our star of the week. He halls from room 323 and Is about six feet Many underclassmen made up of bers of the Safety Patrol. Some the upper srades envious with their Oth grade girte ushered Friday description of the Puppet Club as- night. Miss Hayden was at the sembly on Thursday. The seventh, UckM office. %Ye hope that everv-- eighth and ninth grades were prlvl- one is ready to get down to his work leged to see the presentation of and get b«cic to- normal studies •Mr, Gabriel's Ball Gown," a story Monday. •. •. - •: . . about an old southern dress with ft Tlie Parent Teacher AfiSoclaUon secret pocket/given by the ne wiy met Monday evening at 8 p.m. The organized Puppet Club under the president, lira. Ruth Robertson, instruction of Miss Esther Holzshu. Presided Mrs Gordon Warnick wu It has been some time since the appointed child welfare chn rman Boys Hi-V 1ms been heard from, «»<l Mrs. Sue Collins, Social Hy- chairman by the president. TLf' ' O MlSS £- nut needless to say it has not been rabel Ellzaixtti Mrs Mrs. Winter led the group singing which included -Meet M«? Ih St.. • Louis." Doris . Davis was at the piano. ; Dr Chnrle.s L. Knpp'. 's <ient : 6t f.chools, was the speaker at HIE bninqupi . for lhe cast.nnd stflge crew of "Jani-? " Vvoniw .Rogers. who Vportraycd "Jiuile", liurixlucecl >-t!iP speaker. Dr. Kopp gave.remlnls- ot the ers 0!) 'our basketball team. This chap has brown hair nnd dreamy ews. He is fond of bowling:-..You better look out ..cause .he Is about to choose ' between i his two : gal friends and then there will be no "wolfing" aloud; Have•. ybu'-iguessed yet? Well we're speaking of our own John "Jack" Workman; Good Idle. A stag-. spaghetti- dinner ha* Miss Ruth Hanson acted as secre- been planned by the members of tar y. '''..,',_•.,* the Hi-Y. Later tn the year the Dorothy; Metz reported her trip to Boys' and Girls' Hl-Y's of Anegany pirl Scout Camp last summer. Roseand Fort Hill plan to hold a joint mary and Jane Iliff pave a cloth- to ment. "censi's .at his fxiyhcKKJ when he wasj ; •'. '* the .- a«e of Cooper Nolan,. Janle'ss : *> >"boy friend in the play. MU»-'Nnomlj luck iuid smooth' snllinit. Jnck. TOMMY AND BUZZ KIT'/.MIU.EK HIGH ;^R!dph R. Webster. Mle? Orpha B. L.Prilchurd. and Mrs. Adolf Blunk 'were given cprsagfvs of .carnatloa 1 ;. ~ Senior clJiss officers,. rcprenenta- -.lives, and their advisor. Mis* Betty "Meyer;;, met Ttiursday to discuss .' senior prom and class y to be held in May. The meeting here are to bring demonstration for the Pinto 4-H Club. Mr Herbert 1C. Helneman presented the Boj The chosen six boys who will act »»uts of Troop B, Mrs. Elizabeth »s to Annapolis have been Hlggs, Girl Scouts, Troop 11; and » UUU u U «J by Joseph P-Uerzl, Hl-Y ^ Margaret Loar and Miss Helen president. The students who will Lcchllter the 4-H Girls. -Mbs Loar act as Senators and . Congressmen pve an mteresnnR .summary o for one dnv will be Joseph Pellerzl, *-H activities .• •- _ _ Ralph Beard. Daniel Chase, Donald At the next meeting to be held Mason, William Jewell.; and Ralph April 9 electton of of Jeer wu Hllleary. All six of the boys are active Hl-Y members. . > Tlie Girls' Tri-Hi-Y has been devoting its time to Lenten:. duties. Committees hnve been formed nnd Kit. take place. The program will In A dance was held by Principal Cline following the game.. We'r only sorry more o£ our own "gang didn't stay I : " •'••'•'.'•. Thursday night, our boys were host to the Fort HU1 Hl-Y Team,! defeating them 62-30. \Ve really are sorry this game concludes our preternatural season! I And while we're on the subject of basketball, we'll take this opportunity to congratu- ate the following: congratulations o Jim Steele for obtaining the high cst number of points in the W.M.IX ;ames; and congratulations to ou own Bill Warnick, who capture second place In the same! Wednesday night, March 14, Loyalty Dinner will be given in th cafeteria at 6:30. The special gues will include-Charles I*. Kopp, super intcndent of the schools of Allegan County; Bill Bowers, coach at All gany High School; T. E. Conro coach at Central High School; Die Stuart, noted referee, and Principa G. C. Cooling. The public is Invite to attend and tickets may be pur chased from the cheer-lead:rs. Don't forget the Sophomore's S elude a talk given by Mrs. Mlrlarr Mlrktns and a safety and recreation program directed by Mr. Chaney. Mrs. Herbert C. Helneman, membership chairman, members to date. reported 241 Saturday. March 3, from 3 to 11 p. in. in tlif high school auditorium. The evening was enjoyed by everyone. . . .' -.'" -.'.-'' • ' Mr. P«U«son. faculty .member, attended a teacher's'.'meeting on ren. Aiso instead of' holding meet- Ings, tlie girls have been attending church on their regular meeting nights. The Girls' Tri-Hi-Y should .i was open to nil seniors. • Dr. Frederick Taylor Wilson, not?{Thursday; March 1. at Beall ?d author awl lecturer, arldrc.ssMliSchool, Frostbwg. The subject the students Wednesday. Dr. Wilson, lhe meeting was Guidance. It was] who was Introduced by Ralph R.I the third meeting ot this series. Webster, principal, spoke on ".The!The date for the last meeting has Presidents of the United States." been set for April 10. r . At the conclusion of the lecture nn The boys, and girls are planning forum wax held with Dr. Wll- to play basketball on an outdoor court. Preparations have been made to .start playing within a few days— be commended lor Its worthwhUc ie * • devotional activities. nrinHna! of Central in P 2?nBMntati Arthur plays under th« direction o i Mrs. G. F. Reiter. •'* "• . '" ; > .;..:.;--K 0'H;S. TRIO : ELK GAKOEN HIGH, "Lights out," a three-act mystery- comedy by Paul McCoy, will, be presented : at Elk Garden High School auditorium, on March 15 at 8:15 p. m. by. the Senior'Class, sponsored- by Lucy tJoUbcfcsei A-matinee ' will - b* •', iVtffi • - •jVednesday, March 14,'a't 1 1:80 pYm, ••'^•'••^ • •.The ctst lncl«<J*s, : .Carrie..Green, Lucilte Cosner, Jac^-Mprrls,. Donald 'Clark; Nelle«n : -; Junklns,.,-'• Florence Bosley, Charles Evan*, Arbutus.Do- '•-;•: nuuvReglna kitznillter, Battle Lake -'•" and Donald 'Aberht^hy. ?>: ; T^-^ >•i Between acts ;the audience. .will be entertained; with piano selections 'I by Barbara Colabrese;. and vocal selections by Mary Willis, accotn- panjed by Jane -Frederick..- i -• Paul Kalbaugh, elementary teacher and boys' basketball coach, left for the Navy, March 6. Hazel Farris, a former biology teacher of Elk Garden High School, .will take his place. ' • •'.•:.'••• "• • •'•'-'•' '•••••:•'• -'• The Juniors are planning to.pre- sent ah old-time blackface minstrel in order to increase their class funds.- The minstrel will be eon- ducted by Mrs. Thompson, class sponsor; Miss Colabrese, and Mrs VIFrederick. •'-..'..-W. L. Lyons, resident of Elk Gar- Cute dress I Bow-tied-in front to den for many years, is now filling give you a 1 sllm-as-a-pin waist. Pat- the vacancy ielt by our former .ern , 4501 is a two-piec«r, -which janitor. Junior Stullenbarger, who means wardrobe varltey; inter- was inducted into the N&vy. change with Bother skirts, blouses. A Civil. Service examination wil Patwrn 4501, junior miss sizes 11, be. given to the students 17% year 19 11 14- 15 16 17 18. Size 13 old or older aesjnng to take it in th •* ' "» * ' '.'... I v-l~t, ILTnwnV, Q of Q . T\t\ O m weight from .the robomb. Tjto;» low* -the roboinb • jretteryfly range, a greater fuel load and greater : explosive load,- - takes .3U yds. 39-lu. fabric.- This pattern together with needlewok pattern for high school Mnrch 8, at 9:00 a. m '.by Mr. Coffmaii, from Keyser, anc la Civil Service representative. I fQr ft Washington, D. C. JUNIOR. «> • visited Fort Hill Victor D. We are alto welcome visitors to our son in charge. ' Lois Stine, Barbara • Blunk 'and Bernnrti Silttr were initiated into ,'J . lhe. History Club at the rct-ular J> mc'eilii(C.Tliiir«liiy. Plans for z pnb- ^ licit.y campaign for the Lctirr Len- f giie were discussed. , ' 4' " Archibald GilchrLst, third In n P -jierlcs of lectures spoke on Australia '.:•» -»nd-Islatute of'the'South Pacific, « *>>it5ay night at tJie notRry Club J. tfor'um. Music was under lhe super- p -vision of the Music and Arts club. : .!?• " Don't forget to fill up your stamp ;. .«lbum and exchange it for a bond. -K ,-\V -w The school wishes to welcome new teacher, Miss Mildred Rose, who we U rnen^ *" ln takc over Instrumental music r,-,r ihi« instruction on the hill. Also the stu- Hec^Tc do^'h^e S out ^^^^^^^^ Recent visitors to our school from the armed forces include: Harold Hosier, .U. S. Navy; Bud Shank O. S. Army, and Gene Kelstcr, Merchant Marine. . We are happy to have Mrs. Arbo- ga-st back with us. We thank Mrs. H. C. Heineman for substituting for her. • As we look, ground through the school we find different rooms doing art work, puppet, shows and our cafeteria is decorated very attractively for Easter. We also see many poster reminders by the Student Council put up through the school. tloned before, the BF.AU- HIGH (FroRtbiirj) . , '.,".. Her* ws are from Benll High where the seniors have been busy door :: court. : The freshmen class has set Tuesday. March 13. as the date for their assembly. ' Due .'to our misfortune of not having a cook for the cafeteria, the junior and senior girls are ng the responsibility of cooking and serving the lunches. The answer to iast week's who'Jt who is Olin Wilson. This week's who's who Is a certain freshmen boy who has brown hair nnd blue eyes nnd rides the Vtodex bus. He Is also very pop- at the resignation of Mrs. Resser, «ymn instructor, and Miss Pearl Garbrlck. from the music department. Speaking of the Music Department, the A Cappella Choir under A group of Patrolmen at- Patrick's Dance. Friday evening, the school auditorium. A "Take or Leave it" program will be pr sented with Paul Footen as mast of ceremonies. You'll not only helping the Sophomores by attending, but we feel sure, you'll have an enjoyable evening. • At this time we want to tell "Bet" that we're sorry she can - be with us in the cafeteria . for quite some time. Two of "Bet's" daughters are in the hospital, and we wish them a speedy recovery. ' The Senior class Is very busy selectlnE the : nnual class play. Hurry up, Seniors, let's gel started! We wan*, to graduate! Our last week's Who's Who vas Agnes Miller. But. kids, IT was all a mistake—we think! This week we go down into the under-clnssmen and bring up a popular black haired boy from the elehtr grade. Now try household decoration, TWENTY | CENTS. : •.:;: -•• :• Send TWENTY CENTS in coins for these patterns to The Sunday Times 42 Pattern'Dept.., P. O. Box 112, Station 0, Np-w York 11, N. Y. _ _ _ Print plainly SIZE, AND STYLE ca lled by Supt. A. Clinton Lo NUMBER, YOTJR NAME, AD- March 2,"and the'students.enjoyed a ROMNEY HIGH district teachers meeting v:a Graduate of •' FriendsviUe High School i'--- . .-.-•' and ' . -: .Caiherman's Business School Employed by • ' Baltimore an'd Ohio Railroad Mr. Cotherrmm: me, . jation, informatio* concernidj chtcked. ' - •:•& Name , ; ......... , ........ . -Summ«r School -Fall Term ' - j New Day Schoo/ Cfa» April 1 ' '•' Catherman's i: Business School Telephone 966 . Cumberland, Md. DRESS, ZONE. JUST OFF THE PRESS! It's new, different, thrilling—the Anne Adams Book of Patterns for Spring •945. FREE pattern for four aprons printed in book. Send Fifteen Cents more for your copy NOW! rt ££UUM Ui ^uici-j- f-iiniyimcii ai,- - - r n - tr n >-a'<; tended a meeting of tho County Buessmg that one will you? Heres Mnt: a certain Senior pr wishes Safety Council, Saturday at thci Y. M. C. A. ' : 'We were sorry to have Mrs. Rose Kane absent from the cafeteria because of the death of her sister in Pennsylvania. We welcome Richard Bobo, 8th'fancy'' hint: a certain Senior girl wishes he was just a wee bit older! - ; .. , SNEEZY & DOPE. - . ' ' ' .. - • * * ' . . ':. HYXD»j[AS HIGH j "In the spring a young man's months, most of .which he has served overseas. '''!'. The monthly 4-H meeting was held Wednesday. Mrs. John House has been appointed the local 4-H leader and also the chaperon on the skating part.y to be held March 21 at the Crystal Park Roller Rink. It looks as if the twelfth grade is losing out In winning the .attendance banner. The tenth grade ie- ceived it for the month of Feb-. ruary. Better luck next month! Seniors. .: : ., : . ' ' '" •' We wish to congratulate Bernard Twigg and Kenneth Beegle, two half holiday. School was also out this Wednesday JQ see "Song of the Open Road," which was sponsored by tlie Senior class. . '. The Week of ."'eb. 28-iv!ar. 2 the Pioneers won four successive games from Berkeley Springs, Capon Bridge, Mathlas and Petersburg. Tlie Capoft Bridge game drew the largest crowd this year and several people had to stand. All the students are happy to leam that the Board of Education of Hampshire county has bought new books for the library and they will be available soon. ACE. . no need to finish this ular with the girls.; INKSPOT. .f Easter Overseas Boxes Should be moiled eorly. At Hill's you will find a complete selection of ... . ! Easter Candy * Easter Cards • Overseas Boxes WALLPAPER Erection of Miss r£roihv Se grade, back to school and hop, he famous quotation. It seems all the Direction 01. ftuss LJO.uuij oi ri __ M » .« ^«<.- -a-itvi u< : bn«- rhmnrhts have turned to ove >ree, will sing at Allegany High School on Friday evening, when a :orum will be held. The selections •ja be sung include: "Recessional, 1 ' 'Send Out Thy Spirit," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic," Also the trumpet trio from the band will play. ' : • Have you heard about the scholarships to be given by the Pepsi Cola Company? They ar« really worth considering, with practically all expenses paW to any accredited college of the winner's choice. These .are to be two scholarships given in every state in the union. To qualify students chosen by their classmates as most likely to succeed must take a scholarship examination on April 16. The students who have been selected to take the examination in Fort Hill Include; Robert Hcavener, will decide to stay with us. Don't lorget, to buy those stamps and bonds and contribute to the Red Cross. -.-•'• :. . .-: . : :: : . DEANIE. Ralph Hilleary. Freda Schmier, Earl R«in 1 Slhi Yeagcr, rtz, Eugene Specials on ROOM LOTS .04 Boone, Evelyn Irons, Allison Tv.-igg, and Norma Cole. It is the hope of us all that one or both of the winners will come from tills representation of the .best Fort Hill can offer! Under events noted briefly might come a statement that the cafeteria line has been lengthened, increasing, the facility for displaying and choosing foods. The winners of the semi-finals of the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest were announced on Thursday ! BRUCE HIGH CWesternport) Friends, students and fellow-readers, gather 'round and read the news of Ol' Bruce High. The school paper, which made its appearance on Thursday, seems to be very popular with the students "Buy A Bond" Is the slogan of the II B Class. In order to live up to this slogan the class is sponsoring abidance, to be held in the schoo auditorium, on Wednesday. March 14. The music wiil be furnished bj Fritz Shaffer and his Windjammers The proceeds will be used to buy a bdnrl for the school. The newly-organized Dramatl Club seems to be rapidly progres sing. We don't have many Hcpburns and Gablas in the club, but we d have a large group of enthusiastl members who are making extensiv plans for future activities. • The various music groups of th school, under the direction of Mr Nyta Greenwade, have been prac ticing long and hajd. The Music Festival is just around the corner, you know. At last the cast for the senior Thursday afternoon. By their results, some of the girls and fellows must be having too many dates!! Open House begins March 12th That means many visitors, so be The United States Government has written war damage insurance on about $115,000,000,000 worth o property in the-United States anc territories governed by the United States. . . • • .••;'• . . ; juniors, for winning each for boys' thoughts have turned to love ere at Hyndman High. ••" The Junior Class held a ' party n the. "rec" room Friday evening. The Senior Class was invited. The eature of the evening was a "Caie- Valk".. Refreshments were served. Dancing and games completed the ntertalnrhent. Report cards wer« distributed J and Room lot consiir* of 5 rolls side, 18 yds. border. Beautiful patterns for Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Ro«m and Bedroom. ':•" : , : : : CEILNG . :• double roll ; .. .25c White and Cream ! ^;; ALL BORDERS .......... ; V. yd. 3c PEERLESS PAINT pts 25' qts. gals. 5O 1 by Miss Nellie Willi-son. Contestants In the final contest include: Norma Cole, Edward Beall, Donald Mason, Lucille Creegan, Betty Weaver, and Harwell Sarille. Judges of the semifinals were: Miss McCuiley, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Hilton, Mrs. Schllef- i man, and Miss Ranck. Donald Mason will represent the school by speaking about the smoke situation in Cumberland before the Kiwnnis club on'April 5. Draw a sigh of relief—we're nearing the end, but wait just a minute longer, for I've saved the biggest news 'til last. Don't forgot "Arizona!" What Is It? One of the forty-eight, to be sure, but that'j only half the story. The other half is Ii tills:- '' ' SPREAD . gal. **>•** On Friday night, March 16, In OUT' : auditorium, the senior class presents a story of the old, the wild, the wonderful "West. On that night. i the Fort Hill senior class president. '.the Boys' Hi-Y president and other memberti of the Club, the Girls' Hl- Y president and mermvrs :of her I i organization, the May Queen you j helped elect, and even some members of your own football team as well as the author of this column don chaps and six shooters, blankets and feathers, rags nnd riches; brave [gun fire and true love to bring a heart warming comedy-drama to the stage. •.•'.."Yep. pardners, you'd better git yer tickets soon; any member of the senior class or the cast can provide class play has been chosen. Here are the names of the lucky seniors who will appear in "Palsy Strings Along." Elaine Grove, Pepgy Dawson, Joseph Rlnard, Maxine Robertson, Dorothy Biggs, Raymond Chaney, William Sprlggs, Robert perkam, Betty Itanlnger, Robert Wills. [ A talent program, sponsored by] the IV-O Class will be held in .the auditorium, Monday, March 12, at 12:30. The proceeds will go toward the purchase of a new stage curtain. The program will consist of musical numbers and readings. Represented in last week's who's who were Maxlne Robertson and Robert Derham. ••••:. This week we honor a saucy little lassie from the commercial section' of the senior class. Her favorite pastime la skating, a sport in which she freely indulges. Lately her Interest In the Piedmont Rink has been increased. She lives in Luke. Here is a give-away hint-she is a news editor for the Spotlight. The lad of the week Is also from the TV C-sector. When he takes a on your toes ^ for discussion anc most of all, have your homework inished!' Girls! Have . you noticed the sailor that has visited our school' [n case you haven't, he is John Earns, home on leave after bein overseas for fourteen months. Other visitors from the service were T-Sgt. Glen R. Shaffer and P.F.C. Ray B. Shaffer. . P.-T.A. will meet March 13. An operetta, will be presented by the first and second grades, entitled, "Molly Be Jolly." The speaker will be County Supt. William Mawry- A "Salute to Sen-ice Girl" this week is 2nd Lleul. Betty Lou Pick. She is now home on leave from Camp Lee, Virginia. _~ JEAN and RTJTH. ^ . OLDTOWN HIGH : ' Again this week we dedicate the highlights to Cpl. Oscar Malcolm, somewhere In France. He has been ] in service for two years and three j keeping up their project record books for the wartime program. \Ve also want to congratulate Norma Duckworth for winning the prize or being the best speller in the leventh and twelfth grades. • -.;• Last Friday Mrs. Purington gave a, talk on "Words" to our school. Sveryone enjoyed the program very much. Have you ever' stopped to think that the way one little word s spoken can change the whole day for someone? Our visitors this week were Richard T. Rizer, Supervisor, and S 1-c Billy Davis and his bride, the former Maxine Hetrlck. ' . :• Don't forget the date you have folks, March 15 at Oldtown High School. The Freshmen and Sophomores are presenting four wonder- The robot bomb's chief advan tag* over conventional "aircraft i its reduced weight, achieved by the removal of all unnecessary A Charming New Easter Hairdo It 01 tssenlial rs your n«w Easter outfit at your nev Easter bonnstK. Make your appointment no* for a Classic Permanent. .. ' . . CLASSIC BEAUTY SHOP .144 B««ford SI. — Ph«i_'t»« Mra. Mjrtle Strallo*. JT'«VrI«Ur '.'• Introducing . . . The NESTLE ARISTOCRAT A pr»CMi that combines iht h«t teilnrtf •f perm*n«ct w»Ttnj.. Call o» . f»r » "" "VILA'S ••• : BEAUTY SALON 110 So. C«ntr« St. . • ph< ">« <539 Wllh a ViracJou* Hairdo! SALE of BROOMS Reg. $1.25 and SI.29 Values . . •'. Now Reg. $1.79 Value Now . night off from the bakery you will find him "cutting; . the way" at the Service Center with those two certain girls . from Luke. Tn case you're stumped. looK for him each We'e Just Received Our .: Spring Allotment of "Qiwenttx" Washable Rayon Tailored Curtains Beautiful glow color. 88 inches wide by 2V4 yords long SO.98 O pr. The CURTAIN 29 S. Centre St. - Phone 3486 Elsie fabit, Interior-Oecotator OWNED AND OPERATED BT ! THE GREAT ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TEA CO. Large Grade A Mother's Friend helps bring etse tnd comfort to expect*at mothers. M QTHXJt' S FH.IZHS, »n HEAVY DUTY BROOMS Special at HILL'S TOY STORE 45 N. Centre St. exquisitely prc- p«r«t rmolllcnt, U untful In nil condt- i lion* where a bland, mllrt tnodrne m»- ) wge medium In akin lubrication I» rtc- l ilred. One condition In which •womtn < I tor morn Uun 70 y«n» h»va ui«<l It U »n ippllcatlon tor mMM«ln« th« body dur-' I ln« pregnan'ey ... It helps ke«p the rtln, : jof t «.nd ulUble,.. thus »vol<tlnB un- i nrcenwry dlncomfort due to drjntM *nd! i tlRhtnfM. It refrehlws »n<t fonts th«t '•km, An Idenl nnunnRe tppltcntlon for) the numb, tlnRllne or burning lenu- tlons of thr »kln... fee the tlr«t bnck n or cr«mp-Hk« p«lr.» In the let*, tboorbed. rwIljjhtdU to UM. Mother's Friend fllirhl? prnlveil hr inter** m«ny doctor.* und ', nurvM.'Jnvt «*k unr drntr«ift for Mnthrr'i I VH«nd—th* »Uln ItibrlcHiL Try It toalcbt. J AdTmUcinetH Make your Appointment for . . • EASTER PERMANENT Machine, Machineless, and Cold Wovet ... to give you luilraut, no rural-look ing wavei, all wjy to Riould into th* ravt-about coifi of tht day! ! Vanity Box Beauty Shof Phone 571-.I for App«ln(m«nt : 15 S. Centre St. Second Flo*r SPRING BEAUTY * New j««ioa — new hairdo — new •/out Let ui iltiign fnf perfect coiHutt tor fovr lottM-and-aHtr loiettntsi — tamerrmr! VIRGINIA LARRY BEAUTY SALON ; US S. Liberty St. !y • ftioru 2615 Sunnybrook Eggs Spaghetti and Macaroni Swopes Buckwheat Ring Syrup Cheese Spread": Family Bread Paper Towels Waive! and Climax Mrs. Filbert's Oleo . ; • : "*•' Nectar Tea Bokar Coffee EIGHT O'CLOCK SUNNYFIELD FAMILY FLOUR ^-1.01 3 5 5 2 2 dox. Ib. box ib. ib. ior 48c 25c 28c 38c Ib. box loaves 19c roll 8C jar Ib. 29c 25c 34c 10 Ib. Sack 51b. Sack

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