Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1974 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1974
Page 9
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Friday* September 2f* V9f4 HOPE (Attk.) SfAtt Page Nine Tent re by Bntz DALLAS (AP) - U.S. Agfi- culture Secretary Earl Butz says he will riot use a "toad tent show" one of his aides' has proposed to convince the nation that food prices are not unbearably high. Butz said here Thursday that there are no plans to implement the proposal revealed Wednesday* the secretary said the idea, which called for a traveling show including music, prayer and sketches of early pioneer life, was blown "characteristically" out of proportion by the news media.. Butz said, "I am constantly getting ideas from my staff. Some are good, some are not good." He said the 'tent show proposal was "not good." In brief visits to Dallas and Houston Thursday, Butz said Agriculture Department policies are not to blame for rising food costs. Butz also said food prices may rise as much as four per cent the rest of the year but "the big increases are behind us." "Our people estimated earlier this year that the average price of retail food in 1974 would be approximately 12 per cent above the average in 1973," Butz said, "Now that 12 per cent, has already occurred." Butz told newsmen Thursday following a speech to Houston's Downtown Rotary cClub that since the price increases reached the 12 per cent increase level, the nation has had some fair weather for crops. "It is very likely now that food prices will increase perhaps two to three, or maybe four per cent the rest of the year, but that is nothing like they had increased in the months passed," he said. Butz csaid Americans are spending less than 16 per cent of their pay for food compared with nearly 25 per cent in 1948. "That's a national average, and admittedly'is 1 hard to' iiell, because you keep running into older citizens and poor people to whom it does not apply," he said. Berry'eWorld Army continues to hold Calley • / ' * ,, © 1974 by NEA, "Sooner or later you're going to have to learn ., you can't hang oh to my apron strings forever!" Nixon is responding satisfactorily to drugs By LEE MARGULIES Associated Press Writer LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Former President Richard M. Nixon is responding satisfactorily to both oral and intravenous drugs used to dissolve the dime-sized blood clot in his right lung, his doctor says. Nixon's physician, Dr. John Lungren, said in a brief written statement on Thursday, "Coumadin by mouth and heparin by continuous intravenous drip are being administered. This combined medication will be continued for a number of days." Neither the intravenous injections nor the blood clot is causing the former president pain, Lungren said. Nixon, 61, is expected to re- the hospital through worski has asked U.S. District Court Judge John J. Sirica to send an independent medical team to examine Nixon to determine whether he is too ill to testify or give a deposition. Meanwhile, a Nixon aide denied on Thursday reports that the former president was receiving food'frbm his San Clemente villa, 10 miles south of Memorial Hospital Medical Center here. The aide said Nixon had received only a jar of wheat germ from home. The aide said the ex-president "is eating Memorial Hospital food prepared by the medical center's own personnel." The clot in the lung broke loose from a larger clot in Nixon's left leg, caused by persistent phlebitis. The greatest danger is that a larger clot might break off in the leg and main in next week and be unable to attend the start of the Watergate lodge in the hear^or, a covW-iip trial* Ih Washington? Lungren has .said the D.C. He has been subpoenaed ation is "potentially dan- as witness by both the prose- gerous" but not critical and cution and defense. that "there is a very good Special Prosecutor Leon Ja- chance of recovery. By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID Associated Press Writer , WASHINGTON,(AP)—Former Army LI. William I, Cal> ley Jr. is remaining in prison while the Army ddcideS whelh- er lo appeal the reversal of his conviction., for murder in the My Lai massacre. Galley's release was blocked on Thursday when a temporary stay was granted by Chief judge John FL Brown of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Thai stay is to allow the Army lime lo prepare a written mo- 1 lion for a 15-day stay while it decides whether to appeal. Calley was ordered freed on Wednesday by U. S. District Judge- J. Robert Elliott of Columbus, Ga. ( who ruled that Galley's rights to a fair trial were violated during his court- martial 3Vfe years ago. He was. convicted and sentenced to life, imprisonment. .The sentence was later reduced to 10 years. One of Galley's lawyers, Kennelh Henson, commented that "if they haven't decided on appeal, they are a little early in applying for a stay. If Solicitor General (Robert H.) Bork hasn't made that determination, it is highly unusual." Henson also . said Brown might have disqualified himself from the Calley case because of a remark made during an earlier hearing on the granting of bail lo Calley. Henson quoted the judge as Idling J. Houston Gordon, an- olher Galley lawyer, "You may win Ihe case, but you are not going lo win il on pretrial pub- licily." One of the main points of El- Demos elect Whillock LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Carl Whillock of Fayetteville was elected chairman of the Arkansas delegation to the national Democratic party organization and policy conference Thursday. The conference will be held in December at Kansas City so the parly can adopt a charter. Whillock is the campaign chairman for David H. Pryor of Little_Rock u , the__ Democratic nominee for governor. Gov. Dale Bumpers presided briefly over Thursday's meeting, allended by delegates to Ihe conference. noil's decision was that pretrial publicity had made a fair trial impossible. Calley had been preparing to leave confinement at Ft. Leavenworth disciplinary barracks. "li's nothing more; than Army arrogance/' said Henson of Ihe move to keep Calley behind bars. Calley, 31, was convicted in March "l971 of the murder of at least 22 South Vietnamese civilians while acting as a platoon leader in the American Division. He served three years under bouse arresl at Ft. Benntng, Ga. ( until Elliott freed him on bail last Feb. 11. . . He remained free until June 26 when Elliott took his appeal under advisement. At that time the Army took legal steps to re- uirn him to custody and he has been working as a clerk-iypist in the disciplinary barracks at Fl. l/javenworth. Charles W. Colson, imprisoned one-.ime special ctfunse to former President Richard M. Nixon, has asked President Ford for a pardon, a While House spokesman says. Colson's lawyer submitted a pardon petition lo Ford within a week or Iwo after Ford granted ati unconditional pardon to Nixon on Sept. 8, Deputy Press Secretary John W. Hushen said on Thursday niuht.. Husnen said the petition was or Justice pardon attorney l,awrer,ce ffaylot and is still being evaluated for a'recom- mendation td Ford, ' Colson, a former political adviser lo NixOii, is serving a prison term of one to three years on his plea of guilty last June to obstruction of justice. He admitted spreading derogatory information about Daniel Ellsberg in 1971 after Ellsbefg was charged in the Pentagon papers case. SCOU HWY4NORTH PLENTY FREE PARKING OPEN9AM-9PM WHERE YOU'LL FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR...FOR LESS! I YOUR SCISSORS COUPON SPECIALS NOW! PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SATURDAY EXTRA SPECIALS EVEN LOWER THAN DISCOUNT PRICES WHEN YOU BRING THE COUPON OF YOUR CHOICE TO OUR STORE. K§ Fl/Oz. (1 Qt.) KING SIZE JOY DL-25 Good Only At Howard's Reg. $1.09 Offer Expires 9-28-J4 "jS With Coupon 3! DL-25 Good Only At Howard's Reg. $1-83 Offer Expires 9-28-74 5LB40Z KING SIZE TIDE VALUABLE With Coupon I ARKANSAS CROP V EGG PRODUCTION AND LIVESTOCK REPORTING SERVICE S_ Color Pack 108 Land Film Good Only At Howard's Offer Expires 9-28-74 POLAROID FILM $357 With Coupon Limit 2 DOVE AND QUAIL SHOTGUN SHELLS 16 Gauge 20 Guage 8 Shot Good Only At Howard's Offer Expires 9-28-74 Box With Coupon Limit 6 Boxes EGG PRODUCTION - AUGUST 1974 , 0 - on - ARKANSAS hens laid 287 million eggs during August LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Sept. 20 - *ff S *? ™™ and LiveatO ck Reporting Service. 7 percent below a year ago, according to the Crop and __ ^^ ^^ ig?3 Production fro. Boiler breed ef 0 cUs was ^^ ^th . year ago . Other flocks were 222 million / A»*AWSA8 LAYER TIMBERS AND EGG PRODUCTION Month Jan. Feb. Mar, Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov., Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar, Apr. May June July Aug. Sept, Oct. Nov. Dec. *« «»»w — - — — — * • UMM*J T^nY"i f%o Mori£ri 1973 : 1974 ,„-__ _ _.j ••• ••••••••"•^•^^^"^^ Thousands 4,175 4»200 4,275 4,275 4,275 4,275 4,225 4,200 4,100 4,100 4,225 A. 175 4,125 4,200 4,163 4,100 4,050 3,838 3,725 3,725 • 100 Layers : ! During r .-1973 ; 1974 ; 1973 : •i ' . i . - - — Number BROILER BREEDER FLOCKS 1,674 1,702 1,599 1,627 1,733 1,845 1,689 1,812 1,798 1,851 1,701 1,779 1,721 1,801 1,668 1,755 1,605 1,680 1,629 1,652 l\Jll Wl* ' 1974 : — — — ' — i Q-JO — — — — — - • 1 Q7A • J../ / H Millions 70 67 74 72 77 73 73 70 69 w J 69 \J if 70 68 77 74 75 68 67 65 70 137 211 283 360 433 506 576 642 711 780 849 -t r\ 70 138 215 289 364 432 499 564 VALUABLE Offer Expires 9-28-74 HERSHEY'S INSTANT CHOCOLATE C Offer Expires 9-28-74 COLEMAN Good Only At Howard's COUPON With Coupon |j*r<n^i Good Only At Howard's COUPON I OTHER FLOCKS I/ 2/ ^ Good Only At JSt Howard's Offer Expires 0-28-74 VALUABLE 11/2 LB LOAF BUTTER KRUST BREAD VALUABLE HP 300 COUNT NOTE BOOK PAPER Good Only At Limit 2 With Coupon 11,700 11,688 11,895 U.858 11,858 12,101 12,065 11,601 11,480 11,564 11,431 11,564 11,785 11,713 11,487 11,538 11,800 11,625 11,025 10,925 2,017 1,874 2,068 1,999 2,108 2,025 2,089 2,069 1,925 2,015 1,986 2,015 2,020 1,861 2,081 2,019 2,085 2,151 2,104 2,032 236 219 246 237 250 245 252 240 221 233 227 233 238 218 239 233 246 250 232 222 236 455 701 938 1,188 1,433 1,685 1,925 2,146 2,379 2,606 2,839 238 456 695 928 1,174 1,424 1,656 1,878 COUPON VALUABLE Howard's Offer Expires 9-28-74 With Coupon MI] 5l«J STAR-KIST TUNA tii., Oz. 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