Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 24, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 24, 1954
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Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ____Alex. H. Wathburn First Class Citizens in Second Class World —They Are Americans Ycrgcr High school has been elcbraling this week wiUi Brother- iOod programs, inviting some white, itizcns to the Negro, high school latform and hearing a speech 'from one of them. t, It is a tribute to the outlook of IJhp local Negro school system and n the memory of its founder and tadcr for half a century,' the late jlcnry Yerger. And the system has rovpcred. Today Will V, Huthcr- ord, school principal, told me Yer- ;er High school has 442 enrolled, cigci Elementary 229, Hopewell [78, and Fulton 87—a total of 1,036 itudcnts, with 34 teachers. The opening program of Brother- lood week was held at 11 Monday :orning when the Rev. Virgil D. colcy, pastor of First Methodist urch, spoke. Platform guests ere the Kcv. Elbert O'Stcen, pas of Garrett Memorial Baptist hurch, and the Rev. G. Paschal, astor of Bethel A. M. E. church, 'he invocation was by the Rev. J. Rhono of BcBoe C. M. E. 'church. • The programs are presented under the sponsorship of the Yerger Student Council, of which Samuel Hamilton is president and Arlenc McFaddcn is treasurer. Your editor was the speaker on ie second program, at 11 this |f morning. The Rev. L. T. Lawrence, i§ pastor oC First Presbyterian M church, gave the invocation, and B| the Rev. J. Howard While, pastor If of Unity Baptist church, was a platform guest, as was James H. Jones, superintendent of Hope schools. 1 told the audience that I had met Brother Kcclcy downtown after his speech Monday and he said he had |alkcd about heroes. If they didn't mind, I said, I thought I'd talk about busted heroes—and sec if this story didn'l make sense also. First I told them about General George A. Custer, whom the painter Remington made e hero for a generation—until America grew up, and recognized Custer for just what he was ... a busted hero. Custer, facing the massed thousands of Sitting Bull's warriors gathered in the Black Hills of South J'lPakota in the Second Sioux War, was under orders to await rein- forscmcnls. But the glory-grabber attacked •regardless — and - Sitting Bull wiped them out . . . Custer and every one of his 204 men. June 26, 187G, at the Little Big Horn—a bloody date in American history. But now a grownup America knows Custer not as a martyr but as a vainglorious "and bad leader. For the first test of a leader in iithc brotherhood we call America is lhat he shall give due consideration to the life, liberty, and happiness not only of those immediately under his command but all Ihe people. And I lold Ihc audience, further, there is a man on Ihc current scene who won'l stand the test of history any better than Custer did. Thai man is Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin. He's the one who coined «^^MB«OHM»ft Hope ^v,"" i WfeAtHfeft Arkansas! Fair mfld Ms afte^' ttdo-n arid Thursday, C(3ol mgdfii tohigh t with lowesV3&-4!j» *. Experiment SWtton "import fdr 24-hour-period ending fit 8. a» ih* Wednesday, High 64, Low 35. ^ .4- 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 — NO. 110 Star «f Map* 1«9*. CoruollddUd Jan. HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24,1954 Mtmbtr: th* AtMtlattd Fr«t «. Audi* A*. Ntt PoW Oitl. * M»i. tndl«« $•»». »0* I***"" Guernsey Juniors to Present Play February 28 The Junior Class of Guernsey High School will present "Whoa Auntie," a comedy in three acts, n .February 26. Mrs. McDowell Turner is. director of the play. •Jjftere will be an afternoon per- oritemce at' 1:30 and an evening performance at 8:00 in the school .udftorium. Admission prices are: Children 20c Adults 35c. The buses vill 'run. The cast: Patsy Allen, Barbara Bristow, Mary Sue Byers, Doris Feifguson, Vernetia Tullis, Marlenc Povvell, Virginia McRoy, Luther Biddle, Lester Finchar, Eugene olliim, Charles Jones, J. W. Jones Lester Walter. NEW CASE -Sen Joseph McCarthy promised to .^^}^^^^^ n ^ ^^^ !! lo !!.£, £ 6 £S? 'iU^&o&rC m«t y s S members of ^committee. Left to right: Sen Po&r (D-Ark.). — NEA Telephoto members M Jackson (D-Wash.), and John L, McClellan Good Chance Employment Will Pick Up By MAURN GOHLIN WASHIGON, (UP) — 'Government officials said today there is a "good chance" employment will pick up next month as the administration hopes. There arc signs that unemployment at 3,887,000 during the firs! week in January. Since then, the total is believed to have climbed by several hundred thousand. Officials expect ment situation , the ease unemploy- somewhat the phrase fj§pomrnunist" — "Amendment a "Fifth Amendment giving to the Fifth vicious twist which appears to make it say exactly the opposite of what its frame rs intended. The Fifth Amendment js the one that says a man can't be forced to give information that might incriminate him. Our founders were so afraid that private Americans might suffer the fate of private citizens in the Europe from which they fled—harsh quizzing by police jjfor "political crimes" .until they were thrown in jail—that the Fifth Amendment was written into the Constitution to prevent just that. It is true, of course, that most of McCarthy's pressure is directed against people in the public services—not againsl private citizens. And yet the threat against private Americans is clearly implied by this one-man spokesman for arbitrary power—the power to destroy any person's good name with a fi,single word. Now our American idea of civili- zat,ion is that a woman can walk 6owr,q l ,he street unmolested, and a man can speak his mind on anything short of advocating actual overthrow of the government and yet be safe from arrest. Unlike General Custer, Joe McCarthy can't destroy the people of his day because though he cries out against the Constitution and .,' tries to twist it to his purpose he M can't really change it—and it re- A mains the great rock of protection for the common citizen. These are troubled times through out the world. We have trouble in America, too—but by comparison with other 'countries ours is an island paradise No one wants to leave it. Take' the case of the six Reds convicted of treason in De troit the other day. The judge gave them the choice of going to jail or going to Russia. Every last man of 'iijthem chose jail in America over "freedom" in Russia. The things we call "necessities" jn America because they are so plentiful are called "luxuries" in .other countries because they are so scarce, In America we have one motor vehicle for every three per- sons—}u the world at large the ratio is one to thirty. Our republic is uniqw among gpvew»me.nts in histpry b,epau« in ,$M in March but they said there 'probably will not be any sizeable decrease in unemployment until June or July. Nevertheless, any improvement is welcome to the administration. President Eiscnhowersaid recently that if employment failed to show a definite upturn in March it would be a warning that would call for government measures— including possible tax cuts— to bolster the economy. Last night, in Flint, Mich., Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell predicted that unemployment will level off soon. He said there may be a slight but not significant increase in unemployment during March and April. "Then for another few months - will rest at that .level," he said. On the basis of an increase in unemployment insurance claims, government officials said the February census bureau survey probably will show several hundred thousand more jobless than last month. The unemployment Insurance program covers only 36,000,000 of the 00,000,000 persons in the nation's labor force. But is is considered an important indicator of the overall employment situation. This is particularly true now since lie program covers workers in actories were layoffs have contri Two Attend State Evangelism and Mission Assembly Reverend Edmund Pcndleton and Mrs. Oliver Adams attended an all- day Evangelism and Mission Assembly Weld at the First Church in Little Rock on Thursday, February 18. Mrs Adams is the chairman of the service committee of the Evangelistic committee. The service committee announced the following schedule for Evangelistic visitation: 1. Evangelistic study program every Wednesday night. 2. Church and Fellowship Campaign from March 1st through March 20th. 3. Week of Evangelistic visitation Irom March 20th through March 27th. '4. Evangelistic services every night at the church through Friday preceding Easter. Wilkes Bdrre Again Shaken by Tremor WILKS-BARRE, Pa., W— second series of earth tremors in three days damaged hundreds o homes and broke up night in a five-block streets las area wher Saline Jury QpensProbe ojf Shortage BJpNTON M —The Saline County Grand Jury today opens an investigation of a $17,115.66 shortage discovered in the accounts of Saline. County Treasurer Brunce Moore. Circuit Judgn Ernest Manor has called the jury to convene at 9 m. here. He said that he wants a. a "thorough tigation" of and complete inves- the shortage. uted significantly to unemploy- rient. The number of persons filing unemployment insurance claims lev- illed off in the first week in Febuary to 2,119,900, after rising stea dily and at a faster than normal ate since mid-November. Methodist Church Crusade Still in Progress First Methodist Church of Hope s endeavoring to develop church .oyalty and regular church attend- nee through a crusade and had Covenant Sunday" February 21 with a total attendance of. BOO in Church School; 454 at the Morning Service. 71 in the MYF Groups, 39 in the Wesley Club; and 272 at the Evening Service. Certainly nothing will help the spiritual life of a community more than full overflowing congregations at each church service. The Hppe Methodist Church has recently had an extensive program of repairing the Church Building and is asking all members and friends to attend next Sunday and share in the services. The Week of Dedication will open at the Mor Service with Bishop Paul E Natives Spread Terror Despite Precaution LONDON, UP)— A spell that anti- white Man Mau terrorists cast on Kenya in 1952 with knife, torch and witch doctor ritual is growing despite a bomber-backed campaign to crush the rebellion, a British parliamentary delgation reports. A drastic shakcup of the East African crown colony's police was proposed by the six-man, all-party delegation yesterday to help cope with the bloody uprising that som British experts say may last a generation. Fresh from an 18-day survey of the fertile land where British security forces each month are killing off about 300 of the terrorists and capturing 150, the delegation said there was .danger the move ment to drive out the whites and kill loyal tribesmen would spread beyond the Kikuyu area where it was born. The 1V 4 million Kikuyus number almost a fourth of Kenya's African population. It is among those tribesmen—who till the fields around Nairobi, the capital, anc work as laborers and servants for the whites—that the Mau Mau has done its recruiting by a cornbina tion of persuasion and violence. Elbert Crutchfield Dies at Dallas Elbert Crutchfield, 58, a former resident of Hope, died Monday a Dallas, Texas. He is survived by his wife two sisters and a brothei Funeral services will be held in Dallas today. anthracite mines honeycomb the earth. The shock sent hundreds of persons, many of them in nightclothes, fleeing to the streets shortly before midnight in this tremor- conscious city of 86,000. Police reported no one was injjured. . Several r e,s i d e n t:S reported hearing undergrpund explosions at the time of the distrubance. The Woodward collery of the Glen Al- den.Coal Co., has hard coal ,work- 'ings 400 feet under .the surface of he aea. The mine s were closed after similar tremors Sunday. The upheaval cracked founda- ions, walls and windows of homes and raised some sections of pavements as high as a foot or more, •'ences were pushed over one ga- age attached to a home was pulled away several inches. There was no estimate of the ,otal damage. , W. J. Clements, state mines secretary, blamed Sunday's tremors, which damaged 300 homes in nearby area, on cave-ins the underground workings. However, President Francis O. Case of the coal company said they "were not activities under Moore, who .submitted his resig- natibn yesterday ^td Gov. Francis Cherry, is expected to'be the principal: witness before the jury, Prosecutor Joe McCoy said three or four other witnesses will be called, but he didn't reveal- their President May Go Along Later on Tax Slash By CHARLES F. BARRT WASHINGON, W>— A high Republican source said today the Eisenhower administration, probably would go along later in thisi Congressional session wlith some further individual Income tax cuts. But GOP congressional leaders threw no Jight on this prospect as they canie out of a Ifa hour conference with the President at the White House. . House Speaker Joseph W. Martin Jr.. said the subject of taxes did not come up in the conference, He told newsmen he knew of nothing in the works at this time, beyond plans to consider in the next few weeks a general tax revision income and a bill dealing with corporation and excise tax cuts now due to take effect April 1. A well informed Republican, however, said pressure is building up for individual income tax cuts and he expects the administration probably will go along ultimately with some reductions. The cuts could be made retroactive to the first of the year, he added. One,proposal discussed by Re publicans would increase indlvidu al exemptions by $50, to $650, bu Altar Society to Hold United Nations Dinner The ladies of the Catholic Altar Society arc sponsoring a benefit "United Nations Dinner" at the Parish Hall Thursday night February 25th from siii until eight o'clock. The dinner will be Served Smorgasbord Style and will feature such unusual dishes as Italian paghetti, Swedish Meat Balls, eef and Kidney Pie, Cabbage lolls, Shrimp Crt/ole, Misshi and ood old American .baked ham. There will also be a'variety of eliclous desserts served and all 10 coffee you want. Tickets may c bought at the door that night or may be bought in advance from hy member of the Altar Society. :he public is invited to attend. names. MbCoy said Moore, 'who had beeii serving his third , term, admitted 'in a sworn statement' that he misappropriated the money. The t prosecutor said Moore used the Jfund to .help support members of his family; pay medical bills lor his late father; and finance a lositig abstract business which he also would provide a 5 per cen cut across the board in persona income tax .rates. An exemption increase concon trates relief amongj-slow income relieving and largo family.^. ., . millions of taxpayei?Ss;from any in come tax bill at all: "An, across th< board tax cut- jilVes.more dolla reductions to middle and upper in come brackets. „ ' >,,; Meanwhile, HOUS.C ,'pemcorats r ported-a dlsagreejnaer" er they shpuld. * up to fwo/Bl ' due that to mining area." Judge Won't Interfere in Jenkins Case By LEON HACH LITTLE ROCK. UP) — Federal Judge Thomas C. Trimble today refused to interfere with the sched' uled electrocution of condemned slayer Bill Jenkins Friday morn ing. The'judge told Jenkins' lawyer their proper procedure is to appeal directly to the U. S. Supreme which upheld the death sentence. Jenkins was convicted of first degree murder in Garland County Circuit Court for the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old girl Cleo Jones, Feb. 17, 1953. Q. Byrum Hurst of Hot Springs and Wendell O. Epperson, Jenkins attorneys, said that a Washington associate would file a petition for a review by the U.S. Supreme eels Russia Gained Only Objective By JACK BELL WASHINGTON, UP— Sen. George fD-Ga) said today that Russia, by winning a seat for Red China at he forthcoming Geneva conference on Far Eastern problems may have gained her only . real objective of the Berlin Bi'g Four ,alks. . George, 'top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Commit- .ee, said in an interview he regards this action as giving the Chinese Communists "a foot in the door" toward cvenual recognition by the United Nations and possibly by the United States. "There is no question about it, he Russians have won an achievement," George said, "they may lave achieved what was their only real objective at the Berlin conference—to get the Chinese included in discussion of Asia's problems." Secretary of State Dulles, who reports on the Berlin talks to the Foreign Relations Codmmittee in a closed session today and to the nation by radio and television tonight, has contended the United States got just what it wanted in arranging the Geneva meeting. A number of Republicans have voiced skepticism at Dulles' action in agreeing to sit down with the Chinese Communists, despite his citing a written agreement that this would not constitute recogni- ion of the Peiping regime by any nation which does not do so now. Court of the Court's order. Arkansas Supreme »ver ,SJ» «*!W US .^pyo* W Man Arrested Trying to Appear Against Warren WASHINGTON W— Roderick J Wislon, described by the Justice Department as a fugitive from iustlcc, was taken into custody by Capitol police today as he pressed a demand to be heard by the Son- ate Judiciary; Committo eon Earl Warren's nomination to be chief TryfoEhdAii WASHINGTON'— Seft.,; R. • McCarthy aftd other, cans on his investfgatittg committee met privately todayNJ Army. Secretary Robert T. Star n an apparent attempt to "" he controversy over \Arrn; dllng ot alleged Stevens wa's ' said meeting, ; reportedly at- fli*,, gestion of; President' *' - c " Arriving v sho ' rtly (ESTrfpr the luncheon an out of the ,Way, i capttol, , Stevens-•Waft r ' r -r^- newsm<jrt,whether 'the- Wj|^ iad arranged! the.rneetln'f *"" He replied 1 ! ''-'I have rf tio on anything. See,'me«>moi haVe plenty, 1 zn& ,is before'MiL . row. He'and tre \ ,_ broiled in- v a:feud pver'K handling of- a -general. $\ fled at a 'past hearing* <:L< Attending ''the'Tmeet^-^-" Carthy and Stevens^ Karl d ,E,' Mundt'CR-l Everett M.' .Dlpksen'^R- Charles-E.^Potte was expected'to !i justice. the Senate squad" of Mi Play Set for March 12 "Father was a Housewife" a ,3- act comedy by Vera and Ken Tar- Langcr said police 9 "called the fugitive Washington metropolitan police "but nobodyha d a warrant" The, sehator said,lie also immeldately notified Deputy Ally. Gen. William P, JRogqrs.i.iHlat Wilson was hero. 1 Reaching ,the Capitol shortly before R committee meeting on Wai rej)'s/,j '.nomination, Wilson to1(_ nowsrn.fn," b,e,|had jmt'hlmse)f Into 'th^ prgte«lf|;$'custody- ot, "Capito' ' "ed at charges made week that''he>ag a fugitive from justice. By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON, W)— Republican leaders looked to the Senate diciary Committee today to Ju- act without further a do on Earl Warren's nominaion to be chtef justice of the United States. pley, has been selected as the Hope j Chairman Langer (R-ND) said High School junior play to be pro-; sentcd in the school auditorium on March 12. Rufus Herhdon as "housewife" Tom Butler, arid Diane Latshaw as his career wife, Ann will play the leading roles. Also in the Butler household are the fun-loving twins Julia and Doug, played by Lurlene White and Billy Wray. Others in the cast are as follpws: Janelle Yocum as Mrs. Hanson; the motherly neighbor; Jack Keck as Hank Stoincke, a salesman; iFrank .Horton as Warren^, a friend and fellow mischief-maker of Doug's who motorcycles;' shares Buddy his love for Jackson -as bringing the Qf The Sun." message This Happens Time and Again- Everyone Knows That Puppy Love Is a Trying Affair Over Pope Pius VATICAN CIY, - (UP) Vatican doctors and medical attendants returned today to their round- the-clock watch over Pope Pius JCXI Sources at the Vatican said the full-time begil had been resumed because of the renewed difficulty n feeding the 77-year,old pontiff. Sergeant Lutzfelder, Doug's headache. Judy May as Mrs. Cranfield, a hateful, impateint patient; ,Patsy Calhoun as Mrs. Ames, a qulet^ timid patient; Sandra Robins as Pat Flanagan, a man-hating but very efficient nurse of Dr. Ann Butl$>, Emogene Fuller as Mrs. Norris, a high school principal's :wife. Mary Ida Adams as Miss Os< borne, the purchaser of Tom But ler's 1,999 songs; "Skippy" Bryan as Calvin Pepper, a local disc joe key, who keeps the teenagers swoon ing; Carolyn Long as Cythia Lew. is sweetheart of: singers, according to the local "kids," • Vivian Ross is student director and Judy Hamrhons is prompter Jimmy Haynes is stage manager Business Managers are Louise Fagan and Rex Easter, The play is under the direction of Mrs. Brents B. McPherson, speech instructpr. By SAUL PTT For Hal Boyle NEW YORK (ff> — A charming $600 tax exemption I know recent ly had her first date. We'd better call this girl Jane since that' isn't her name. But as she is now 11 and knows her I quilted skirt that twirls out in a heavenly way." She fought for and lost a pair of silk stockings. She asked for and got 50 cents to buy David a soda after the dance since it's only fair.'' On the big day, she had her hair washed and set and the first time in her life tolerated the curl rights, her father can no longer e rs long enough to make order out write so fre61y. She might sue for O f chaos, invasion of privacy. Most girls in her class went to the square dance in the school gym with other girls. But Jane was invited by name pf rnorf," real, live age 1?, boy. ton , An hour before David's sched uled arrival she was fully dressed and shining like a new queen. With royal majesty, she refused to iei any but herself, peek through the Prof. Hiccardo the peppe's physician, spent the night in the papel apartment. Vatican sources said the round the-clock watch of doctors, which began* Feb. 5 was suspended on Feb. 14, the day four minutes of a message by the pope to the sick of the world was broadcast, Cenfrerville Singing Sunday The monthly singing at Centerville Church will be held at 2 p, m. Sunday, February 28. The public »s invited. n advance of the secret .committee meeting, however, that ' two nen whose unevaluated charges against Warren-he had spread 01 he record last week had askc'c to bu heard and that he favorer letting them testify. But he said he would leave up to the committee to decide wheher to take -further testimpny or to act on Warren's nomination submitted to the Senate for con firmation by President er last Jan. 11. Warren has been serving since last October unde an appointment made while Cpn grcss was not in,session. Sen. Watkins (R-Utah), » com mittee member, told newsmen think the American people will b' outraged if we don't act." H said he would move to report th nomination favorably to the Sen, ate, unless some other commUte member beats him to it. Senae GOP Leader Knowland o California said he expected th committee to approve the nom: nation of the former governor his' state adding that he hope to bring it up, in the Senate befpre the week's end. No senator has publicly announc cd Intention to vote against ren. and Knowland predicted Senate will confirm him overhwel' wingly, n was observed Jay en In r ' committeed,« known, He is daughters,. Mrj* JK Hope ' Abraham Lincoln was an expert wrestUer in his youth. AH Around the Town •y IN »t«r Staff Coach Foy Hammons figures his 1939 basketball team deserve? special mention and following e check the record reveals another good Bobcat crew ... in fact they dropped only four games all sea* son, losing to Little Rock 33 \0 41 in Big 15 conference playoff , ,., in those days that was "the" p'pfy ference and was comppsed of every big city high school in Arkansas . . , Hope had an 8-3 conference record losing only to Little Rock and Jones-boro but came* back tp beat Jonesbovp later .'. t the B,pb- cats had fpugb, luck in the state title play as their all-sta^e center; j. D, Jones w»s ill and nmiidn»t HI»"BPfH(^« > ' 'I L' P '-III •*-~^*-rp~*Vff' —vpT.fT™- »^[- '," court order in quachjta, cpijnty whiqh instructs Terry to stpp sell* ing milk Jn that area cheaper than elsewhere in the state, i f Andrew Legans, Negrp farmer pi' below Spring Hill, brought ' '"— turnips yesterday, the weighing two pounds ounces and the largest thjree,; and four ounce? . , . thg grovm by bis stepmother, fin of Sam, AV-M.C.GJ. sisters., H, s, B Mrs, A. R- Smith' of frqnt >y>AdPW 09^2 up to, see who Father of Hope Women Succumbs play . • • others pn the teem were Nprman Green, Joe ESSOJB, JSJmep Pur»o, B,pb EUen,,pprs.ey Fuller, Charles Ray " -1 " " ft bpy A/3c Aubrey ., Lowery Air Fprpe $a?e, Cploradp is currently ful parents "- '—' »$end rents,Mry'sjnjl Mts^IRJ&SyWt id # Hj)pe Rfflie Qae^ f 5^* SIR Pi? ; wlB, .wxr^s M 4h ..BjuJ^p; • m

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