The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 3, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1977
Page 2
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. Jt rLv «L._IJH. ... , .gail-For Europe On_' DREW PEARSON _ ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says:Xellogr£ Pact Was Goal Set For .World; Public Apathy Dulled Our Readiness To Struggle To That Goal; World Cannot Afford Apathy At Paris Today Pnrm--BlKh.te.on years o«o ,lhla month, I traveled wlth.I-rank B, X.1IMW then\ecrotary of stale. In a peace conference. In Paris on whch-Uke this. C0 nf«ronco-th» people of the world placed groat hope At Parl. M Scc'rot'ary Kellogg signed his pad to outlaw war the little pooplo of the world who,have to <lfli the flglHlng and the dying when war come* rejoiced and were exceeding Kind. ^ They hoped -- muny were oven Bm .,. — that ft new nrn, of ponce on [; cn hla, who signed It for Japan, earth nnd good will had dr"' 1 ^ I 1<ru , w thnt h "i,. ,. V a'r lords were con- C 7r,nk° n<nllo«r, of course, wn« *!« to «el*o Manchuria and lat- Bhnwl -.f liln time So wiw Honry |,.,- ml China. And even while the I,. Fttlmnon who followed him In | p 0 || U h foreign mlnlHtcr sat in the tho Stnte. Dnpiu-tmcnt ivnd who did r, im ou,M clock room of the Quay his bOHt to carry" out the obllga- fi.lonn of the Kellogg pact, Worthwhile men always are ahead of their time and progrfHM always him hcon a mutter of the world try- Ing to live up to tho goala net by other men ever since the days ot Chrlnt. However, the fact remains that even while, the Ink was drying on the Kellogg pud, Vlseo-int Yimuyii PIERPONT'S Funerals Mlehiiel \V. Ili-aly Kuneuil services fur Michael W. ftenly, M. feinii-r Naugatuck resident,' who died Monday nt St. Vln- rdnt.'M houj'ital, llrldgeport. wern ;-.eld thin nuirnlng at !):l. r j o'olciek Irom bin lute n-.-ild.enei! In Bridge- liort to Sacred Heart chUl'Kh. J-'.rlilgfpnrr, at in n'elnek. Bui'lul wax In St. Mlchael'.'i cemetery, Mr*, Helen K. HIiTiuiekl Kiinei-al !inrvlfc,'i for Mr.'i. I-telen fKarahnni I-ilernaekl. wife of Stephen Blei narkl, -Ifi I'l-ospeet street, whr> died Monday ovimlng at her hnnri". will tie held -. iinnrrnw morning at fl:!.'" o'clock from the Flu- gri-nld Kunrral Hnirif, ,",'Jf> Nnrrh Main Htinet, to St. Hedu'lg'M church nt 0 o'elork. I'.urlal will br In S-, Jame.'i' ODtnutery, 1-Ylends may t;all nt Ihe funi-nil lintiii- Ihl.i Jil'ter- nnoii and evenim; frcitn 2 tn If) d'l'loek. Euckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 d'Orsay participating in the ceremony of signing the pact, Polish cavalry was fretfully skirmishing a'.'.mg the German border. And the fllcy of the Nuernberg trial now show that shortly after this gonl of outlawing war had bcun set for mankind, Hitler's war planners actually worked out the gruesome details for systematically destroying 5,000,000 unwanted people In the murder faclorlcw of Nazi Germany. Miui lu Street Did Not Sec Wur I came brick to Europe in 1930 for the London Nnval conference, when it became- distressingly clear . that Mu.Hsolinl was planning to ! utnb Franco in the back; and again 1 In 193G, when Hitler was betting I hl.s money on Franco In Spain and (had buffaloed Franee by sending I hl.s troops Into the Rhlncland. K:ich time it seemed obvious to trained observers that tho first sprirka of war werq flying in J£u- rope. 'But it was also impossible to convince some people of tho danger, ICvcn P'l'anklln Roosevelt, far sighted as i\v was in other diplomatic matters, either did not see or elao tihoss to ignore Hitler's rehearsal for war in Spain, On occasions u-hen I discussed Spain with him, . tie «eemi!d totally uneoncoi nccl, i '['he French cabinet more alcit to what wan happening, debated all rlny of tho day Hitler Invaded the Rhlnuland. More recently-.the German Gen- orals un trial at Nuernburg rovcal- ntl that Hitler had no troops and no supplies: Hint he was gambling ' on French indecision. Also he knew the British would not .support P'rancu. He was right, Word from thu Bank of Kngtand that there would he no British support for France was the ilnul. atrnw tor the French cabinet. It did not act. .Next day, Hitler'.", force.-] were in the Uuhr and Khlnolar.d for keeps. The same thing happened when Hlilc.-r moved into Austria. Tcsti- tnojiy nt the .Vuernburg trial allows tho I the Germans svei'C not prepared, were gambling on Allied Indecision. I.ikirwifo In the Far F.ast. When thu Japane.-io war IOLT.IS moved lato Manchuria In September ICi.'l, the United Status notild havu nippeJ. an -Vsiutlc v.-ar before It started. tary uf .State Stlmson, who know wha was happening, tried to sent! I he Fleet. But Kcrbni't Hoover, bjicked by GOP Isolationists, ro- fu.-ied. The same thing happened to Roosevelt in 1038 when Adin. WII- llam n. f'Oixhy urged that Japan be •itnppcrl hy a long-distance Naval bluckadc, at that thru- pei-fnctly feasible However. Cordell Hull and Stale Department »ppo:\sers hung linrk A fnw months Tater It was ton late. The rirliUh flnet upon which we depended wus mortally involved in Kurojif. I'eopln Must ISu Al<-rt For \Vnr Moral to be drawn from all this It that peace conferences soniellnica enn tie deceptive. Vigorous action to prevent war flepondR on public opinion. So It Is vitally Important that puMIr: opinion not lie lulled tn rleep. The Kellogg pact to outlnw war was 11 great und worthwhile step. No word In It should have been ch'ingerl. But it should have been mti-rpieted for what Kellogg meant It. tr> be. And frn- that Stim:ion (lied to niakn It a goal tdwaj-d which tiie world must work, not. H panacea or eure all for war. The u hove icloas are set forth not because the writer happens to be Amonjf the .1,050 pussongors iihoard tho reconverted luxury linisr Qu«en Mnry'ln New York when she sullod lor Southampton, England, was Mrs. Anthony Edon (rljrlit). wife, of the former British Fore.Rn Sccrc- t:iry, und Bwron Robert RothschUd (left), flnunclcr. (Intcrnuponal) C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS l r or All Occn.Hlons ri.otVKits TKM:(;n..\r KVliUYWHKUK MELBOURNE'S J FLOWER SHOP MO ntnnjKR AVKNITJEI Telephone 6225 In reminiscent mood, but because the present p'cace conference may be interpreted by some as the cure all and the end all, the stopping point between World War II and a new era of pcaco. Unfortunately it isn't. It is not even a full-fledged peace conference. No conference car. be complete when the most important belligerent, Germany is a taboo subject and when another important belligerent. Austria, is also banned. But even more tragic than that, this conference in a sense highlights r.he fact that a new troublemaker, a neu- possible belligerent has taken the place of Germany and Japan and is using exactly the. same uictics Just as Hitler counted on French indecision when he invaded the Rhlneland, so Stalin co'jnud on Allied war weariness when he started to take over Iran, Ho did not figure that the United Nations would be eomn such a' powerful moliili/.er of world ouinion Dint American diplomacy would rush tn Iran's defense. And just as Hitler foi- months waged a war of norvcs ngninit C/.echoslovalcifi. uo Moscow for months lias kept Turkey on ten- derhcioks and was...on the voi-gc of invading two -eastern Turkish provinces lutt spring. By Llvs timu the United States was more alert than In the pre-war days of Hitler. The battleship Missouri was rushed to Istanbul and IL was made quite clear that the United States was on the side of peace. Today the American public is rr.r.rc alert and better informed than ever before. Today, also, the U, S. government is mo:-e alert and bette:' prepared to act. But eventually people get Weary. Eventually, the war of ncrv'ns w-jni-s them down. Therefore one hinfc to be kept firmly in mind is that this pr-ae.o conference is merely nibbling at the edges of peace. It is merely one milestone alor.g the road. And if peaee is to be won finally, there mils', be many milestones wild nerve-rucking crises in between and with the American pro- pie prepared to a firm slant! against a former ally if wo are fin-illy to attain the grea! goal set for us by Frank B. Kellogg 18 years ago this month. Though it takes much time am'. great pa.tience, In mv opinion that goal eventimllv can he won. (Copy! i.trht. 1010, Syndicate, Tne.) Ford To Set A New Mark In Car Advertising Dearborn, Mich., July 31—Automotive advertising history will be made by the Ford Motor Company with a dirigible which will carry "super-spectacular" electric -signs into the, aky, J. R. Davis, vice-president In charge of saler, and advertising, announced today. j I!, will be the first time that'any automobile or any other manu- ; f.icturcr, attempted such an adver- | tising project, Mr. Davis said. More than 22 million people are expected to read the already fan-.->us Ford slogan, "Ford's Out Front," 2.500 feet above the Atlantic seaboard. The Ford Motor Company has secured the exclusive automobile franchise for this unique advertising project. The dirigible, owned by Douglas I.eigh Sky Advertising Compnny.wlll fly on regular schedules during good flying weather, t.oth daytime and night, over a territory of 40.000 square miles including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore,. Hartford -arid- Washington, D. C. Tho craft will carry an illuminated sign on each side and a continuous running message of the news bulletin type. The sign;! will be 25 feet high and almost as long r.s a city block. They will bu visible for moie than fivg miles. Foi' daytime display, one side, will carry the slogan "Forcl's Out Front" and 'tho-jthcv sldu, "There's a Ford-In Your Future." At night, the "Ford's Out Front" sign will flash, alternating with the words "in stylo" and "In safety", and the continuous sign wi!l spell out messages on the other side. The dirigible is one of the K-type which during tho war played an important pact in pj-olceting U. S. coa:-ir.s nnd Allied sea lanes. Housewives Top List Of Patients Treated At Gaylord 'Among th'e tuberculosis patient;) treated' during the post 41' years at . G.'iylqi-cl ' Farm ^ in Wal-lingford, housewives ln;id a list oi' 2f)l occupations. -Factory workers are •a, close second and students .and': professional workers are in .third place, slightly ahead of ofllcc -woi'ki;rs. These groups are followed by retail and wholesale employes, outdoor workers, persons without occupation, and soldiers and sailors, in •'slKit-'.ordei-s. This information is revealed -by rjay-iorclTs- records, which' extend back to 19U-1 and the .data compiled there has-contributed substantially to present-day'•enlightened under- fjtfvnd-lng -of the spread of the disease, and the need .for' its treatment, according to Harris Whittc- more Jr., chairman of the Naug.i- tuck educational committee, for Gaylord, "Records showing infection of tuberculosis in eveny walk of life helped ind-uce-Selective Service and many industrial employment agencies during he war to iricluclc mass X-ray examination in their physical check-ups of solostces or ajjpli- car.ts for war work, Mr. Whittemore said, adding that ,iri industry alone it was discovered that 2.3 per cent of those X-rayed had some evidence of tuberculosis. Because'many Coi,mecl>eut housewives infected wil.h tuberculosis are members of families of factory workers, industrial leaders throughout the state have ff.'Urnd the occupational statistic* of Gaylord a. matter- of vital interest. The evidence that possibly ha-lf the patients at Gaylord during the past 41 years have been cither lacory or oflicc workers, or.members of their families, has helped to convince industrial loaders that mass X-ray examinations ami early diagnosis will safeguard the health of employes and their f ami lie's—a matter of deep concern to industry. Awaits Word On Council Chairman Talbpt Remaining In Washington Until Adjournment PwCprescnl.alive Joseph E. Talbot is amontj the seven of the eight Connecticut Consrossmen who intend to remain in Washington until Congress arljourns. The only oho lo lesiye the Capitol was Representative Joseph R. Ryl.or of Hartford, who will leave by plane Saturday to all^nrl the UIS'RKA conference In Geneva. Ollv.'i 1 staes will not be an fully represented throughout the final week, wih mnny New England Con- grcsKjrien already at home. Five of Connecticut's representatives and two HcnnlorK will remain. G. L Pay Bill VIce-prfiKldcnt .of tho Institution; Kdwiii G. Nourso (above) wan nominated by President- Trumiin as chairmnn of tiio newly created Economic Advisory Council nB provided by the Full Employment Act. (International) Three Workers * t '•' m i "•«.'•..'' Compensation Awarded Additional Damage For Radio, Television Trouble ! New Kaven, July 31 —(UP)---A i wooribrH~e man has hern c;ivi>n increased damages from the state highway department because his property has been found to he ideally situated for the reception of radio and television prosrams. Originally, Pnsqualc Slart.ino was awai-ficd S]2, r >0 hy tho hifrhway <le- narlnicnl which condemned a portion cf his property for use in con- Compensation payments awarded yesterday by Compensation Commissioner Harry Krasow. were: : Frank Balinsky, Sr. and the Nnu- gatuck Chemical Division, U. S. Rubber company, 530 weekly, be- ginninfr July ,13, fracture of t.hc riKht hip. Eus-ono Korzynski, Union City, and the American Er.iss compiiny, $2. r ) weekly .boginning July 10. low back pain. Anthony Vaccarelli of Wnlerbui-j- and the U. S. Rubber Company. ?21.B7 weekly, bcsiniiinfj July IS, hernia. Just In—Another Shipment 26 PC. SET (i each. Knives — Forks, Teaspoons — Tablespoons. I rjieh. Butter Knife—Sugar Shell — Chest Included. No Tax in. J. i-^n;ii, $995 CCHNEER'C *JF CREDIT JEWELERS^ 1*2 South Main St. — 4-220* sti-uctlon of the Wilbur L. Cro«« Parkway. Mn.Uno appeal i he iwnrd and Slntc Referee Alfred K Bnldwin incrcnscd fl. lo $4652 R^ eree. Baldwin io<in<j that mnorno- hllcs traveling on the now pm-kwny will interfere \vlth both radio Bn(i television reception in he Marline home. About 78 per com of the people of "••scmlna are of European extraction. NOW is the time to have your BLANKETS AND COUNTERPANES Expertly Laundered Dial Wat. 4-4106 A MERICAkl / t I A It H ) • ~ NOW! You Can Get An EMERSON 3 WAY PORTABLE Play on AC-I)C-or BaHery. riays An,\"\vhero - No Outside Connections. T Tubci*. 413 No. Main St- Union CityJ TcL G4QI ! H. I. TO NOMIJINATK Providence. R. 1., Julv :!1--<IJPt -The Rhode Island Democratic party's nomination convention will be held In Providence September 11. Candidate for slate and congressional offices in the November election will be chosen. P.hode Island lias no primaries. NOTICE I, hereby give notice that I have received a rate book for a tax on the Grand List of 10-15 District No. 1 of 21 1.--1 mills on the dollar payable July 1st, 19-IG, On and after August 1, 30-16, interest at the rate of G per cent per annum will bo charged from July 1st, 10-1C. I will be at tho Tax Collector's ofllce, Town Hall Building, every day except Saturday from !) a. m, to 5 p. m., and Saturdays, 0 a. m. until 12 noon, And Thursday and Friday evenings from 'i to f) during July, for purpose ol 1 receiving said tax. Dated at. Naugatuck. Conn., this 2-lth day of June, IMG. 1'ATP.ICK F. McKKON, .: .-Tax Collector. Mrs. Ford Wulfeck, ntllec nilmin- istrator of Service for Veteran.?, today announced no definite information is available at her offlcr con- corning procedures of the enlisted moil's terminal leave pay bill, which is expected to bo signed hy President Truman. She stated M! is not expected information will be in her olfico for the noxt three to five weeks,. G Tlic NSM mean.', much in our prof'.'^ion . . . it ib bestowed by,invitation only. To tlic public it m'c.-.ns liigli clhicf, fair prices, faithful service. SVc c.111 return lllii honored seal only through continued diligence in serving you wi-lL ALDERSON FUNERAL HOME, INC, 70 CENTRAL AVE. TEL. 3-5112 NAUGATUCK KOI MEADOW ST. ' Inspect Damaged Ship At Bikini From u small craft, newsmen inspect the dumiige inflicted on tho U. S. destroyer • Hujthcs, one of the target fioct vessels used In the "Baker Day" atomic test nt Bikini'Atoll. To reduce radioactivity, .the destroyer WHS sprayed with foamlte and then benched. (International Sotind]>hoto) • • • -.. . FURNITURE FACTORY WE OFFER YOU FINE NEW )o 1GE A HDST . FURNITURE Cor. S. Main, Waterbury . . . FOR GRACIOUS LIVING We invite your inspection of the loveliness of the new furniture we carry!! Come in' and let'us show you the fine Construction, the fine quality materials in every piece—the Very kind of furniture you'd love for your home ,. . .and let us explain why we can. sell it to you at a lower grice — and give-you better value, Come! Visit Our New'Showrooms Take ONE YEAR To Pay Precise tailoring by "Gotham" '49 .95 L-VWSON SOFA With chair to match. Choice of : '•. . ; . coverings ......... ..:..... Open Mondays For Your Convenience The suit with a future . . . styled with fundamental ease . . . 100% all wool crcpc . - .shirtwaist jacket with the fullness bcltcd-in . . trim little skirt with siralatcd fly- front, kick-pleats on the side All cf,this with Glamour added. . SUITS .— SECOND FLOOR Store Will Be Closed AU Day Monday 33-35 EAST MAIN ST., WATERBURY , PHONE

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