Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 12
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 12
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TWELVE SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1945 W. Va. Couple 1 Ma r,r revd'At! Local -Manse- Weddings And Engagement : Announcement ts. rniitit! <<J Use; marriage on February ;», o( Miss Anna Virginia Gray.«Mi, rtaughtfr oi Mr. and Mrs, U W."6r»)'son. of Keyser, West Va.. to Chief Petty Officer Woudrpw Pratt. . «>n of EGO,in M.- Prutt. of McoreileUU West VK.. arid the late Mrs. Pratt.. The ceremony took place ai thc . Mans« ol the Ftrst '. Presbyterian Church. '.Vnsiilngtan street, willi the aev. WIHla.m A, Etswbcrger otficiaili-.p. Mr*. French Wait! was the matmn at honor and Hairy Fruit. Moorelteld, brother «f the brtiejjrcom ,%en'«l e.» b«iv man. The bride wore a three-piece light I blue; juu. with matching acces!.o!«is.l '» coiA3!U' of gardenia* land rose-! buds completed her costume Mrs.j Ward wai attireri In a two-piece i black clreyi. and wore a cordage of) pir.i rosebuds, . • I Petty Officer Pratt, a S' ; ar>iuif:j ol (he Mooreiield. high school, kj jtfllluuecl at Sanford, Maine, when'} the.couple will reside. ; ' . ;: i Alwiuliiig the ceremony her* were Mrs;'James Broomc. Mrv : William :Auli. Mi** Jan? Ward..Xeysc'r;! and S(il...Couruie} L, Pratt, and P'.l, Adam J. Catron. of Langley Field. . Va •••••:.- Mr*. Murray Soot Vroni (Continued ironi Pz%c t) rcjoat densely populated section In the world. '-......:. . : :•'.• Another indtca-tioii .of the, cou- ft a Salon's intensity- waa ihe irubu- lent air condition*.we encountered over the-target. O\ir plane—named! — ."Paichfis" and bearing a semi-nude' , t • • painting on Its'' nose—struck down' \f ,-, 4~ \~\r~\ Y-\ K-iO ' iml up-drafts and bounced 2,000 |\U U Id.II 1C. Jtcet'fn split seconds. Crewmen n'crej tossed from their seats. Several s!njc!c their heads violently against the lop of the plane. They were protected from injury:by flak helmets. Maj. Walter F. Todd, .of Ogden.! The marriage of Miss Kaiherine Her matron of honor wore a „ Utah, operations officer and com-'fsnbBl Presion. daughter of Mrs.lcolored crepe dress with brown Baltimore icessories. Her corsage was of tails- Is Of William M, Weatherholt niand pilot, .said he thought we were, hit, by hak but speedy examination proved everything WBS opcr- Claude B. Pre-sUu), -155 nvenuc. and the late Mr. Preston, man roses. . and WlUlam Murray Wealherholt. The bride attended Allcgnny high ' satisfactorily. A moment of 657 Gieene street, son of Samuel j school and ha's been active in af- later. 3ncl Lt. Leo P. Zicmiansky.' Weatherholt. 322 Avirett avenue,! fan = of Maryland Lambda. Chapter of Buffalo, N. Y., navigator. sang'anrt the late Mrs. Mary Weather-!of Beta Sigma Phi sorority and the on;: "Three, two. one, mark!" at • holt, took place at 10 o'clock ycstar-1 Women's Sport Club. She was em- '.he IHJ.I word of the count, the.-day morning In the parsonage ot;ployed by Rosenbaum Bros, and was bombardier, 2nd Lr.. Thomas C.'st. Paul's Lutheran church. Tith.a member of th« Arbee Club unti" Mow-, or A'.irora. 11}.. dropped the'the, Rev. Dr. Hixon T. Bowersoxjher recent resignation, "esgs" In .the target, area. . 'officiating. j Mr. WeatheThoit Is a graduate ol As a civilian noncombatant. my; Mrs. Harry Olin was the matron;Allegany high school and is a, mem- contribution was limited to a brown of honor and the bride's only at-!bcr of Cumberland Lodge No. S3, B. beer bottle—empty, of course. jtendfint and Raymond Weatherholt. P. O. Elks. He Is- employed as a Several searchlights played on the i was best man for his brother. | printer by th« Times and Alleganian plane a few moments but we sawi The bride -wore a costume In two|Company and, operates his own ; no interceptors and only a few scat-1 shades of green, with dark, green | photo engraving plant, terecl flak bursts. . . " ; . j wool jersey skirt and blouse ofj Mr. and Mrs. Weatherholt will be We did see the city getting a'frosty lime green. Her acce-'woriefi'at hom& to their friends at B57 terrific plastering nud they'll need iweie in black, the flowers on her i Greene street, after April 1. : « highly . efficient fire denartniPiit ismnll hat. matching the shades ofj : ; —:— , Ui [Hi> out the blazes. ', i^ieen In her dress. A white orchid i Social Qr^|^|r^ . , Hold Rehearsals For Minstrel 'Betty.McElfish, S.IC2-C WAVE Betty McElfish, WAVE, ; Is : Betrothed To A : R. Haase, USN Mr*, Florence McElfish, of R.FJD., No. 5, announces the engagement pi her daughter, Betty McElfish, S. K. 2-c, WAVE, to -Alfred R. Haase, S. C. 1-c, TJSN, son oi Mr. and Mrs. During' the night trip out. thcicorsagt completed her costume. plane passed through several .\hnrp, —•:- : — : iqiuilte which would pass quietly!-.- •• . -« ami then the sky would be full of: §-l ft jn J I I" O II ....., Ul\L,l SENATORS IN CAMP lilthu of : other bombers. \Vp pBS?cd \itt clofie to Hahij Jlin;i, north of Two Jima. The Jap-; iutt-i* probed the skv n-ith search-; UBULS, . •,.:.; - ... •; 2ml- r .Lt. Richard W. Metcalfe, of! Chicago, flisht engineer, at mid- nlgtil broke out B. carton containing! landwiche*. a. few oraxigus and several cans of grapefruit Juice. The crew was perturbed about "stateside" storks describing facilities in B bomber for keeping chow, hot and other stories .of fabulous] meals. "That doesn't happen In the! Pactnc," they said. ; . j Thc plane commander. 2nd Lt.. Leon L. Ballard;; of Houston. Tex.,! has been a 2nd lieutenant for 211 Siiead Bow Out •' Washington, March 10. <&h- AfUr jfour days of spring- training, the 'Washington Senators voday stUl had | only four playera in unuocm. but :club officials s«!d 28 have accepted [ Georgt Bink* r who batted .374 for " : j Milwaukee in the American Associ- ' ' '•' [atlon last year arid is expected to Hottest G«lf Imaginable I flli a regular outfield berth for th« Played In Four Ball i Se ™'<>™- *»« the llteCT to c Match hy Leading Play-" ' er Teams Mrs. Jane» OTJonell, Jr. Wedding Of Local Girl To N. Jersey Man Announced The marriage Is annnanced of Miss Betty Jane Runion, daughter of Mr. and Mrs: Emory Runion, 912 Piedmont avenue, and James O'Donnell, of Newark, New Jersey. The ceremony was solemnized on January 21, in St. Paul's Catholic church, Princeton, New Jersey. Mrs. OTJcmnDll is a graduate of Allegany high school and has been employed in a Trenton, New Jersey, -war plant! Mr. O'Donnell U engaged in the plumbing business in Newark, N. J., where the couple Trtll reside. • . : Bv WILBUR JENNINGS come j into the fold. . I But Riclc !*errell, veteran catcher; i Outfielder Stan Spence, leading hlt- |ter at .313 last season; Bill Lefebvre, i relief hurler, and Pitcher Walter IHolborow, an Astoria, Long Island. Mrs. Cowden Presents Pupils in Recifal Celanese Pioneers Plan Anniversary Miami. Pla. March 10 (#, — Sam-,*-, Y., boy, remained in the doubt- BTd rammcd home , a la-.ful class. Spenoe is 1-A In the draft. n:ontt«, The co-pilot. 2nd Lt. ,\lcl-! foov putt j or R blrdle thrcc on ttle j : - W e're gaining on 'em and we'll iiri rifiriitic rif R) a r*V ftviT ' 1 nx tlaci . . • > ._... . ._ i »_J» _ _„t_i._ a ~.t •tt — _._ \m Barnes, of Blaekfoot, Ida., liasi seconc j extra hole today to knock have a complete squad of 33 men *me 15 montlis^ without ;_B_ promo-! Sftm SnBIX d nnd Bob Hamilton out In camp before another week Is of the running in the only big upset iover," club officials said. of the 17,500 International Fourj : George Case, fleet outfielder, has tion. Moss. the. boiv.bitrdler, has bts-n "fro/en" 16 months aa a second The flight engineer, Th« twentieth anniversary of -the Amcelle plant of the Celanese Corporation of America will b« celebrated Saturday, April 7, by a group of pioneer employes with » banquel at the All Ghan Shrine Country Club. • ' The paert list will Include 12! charter group members, 100 of whom are still 'employed at the local plant and tii« others In the firm's New York office and Pcarisburg, Pa plant. '• • : • •• Production in acatete started a Amcelle in September, 1924, and on Mrs. Peter G. Cowden presented Decerhber 24 of the same year, th the advanced pupils of her piano first yarn was spun at the plan class in a recital at her home, 5231 which today is the largest iudustrj Avirett nvenue, Friday evening. i in the tri-state area. Following the program , certifl- i John A. Jones Is chairman of th cates and prizes were awarded and!committee in charge of arrange- ersona Is Dr. and Mrs. L. B. Mathers, LaVale, are attending the graduation exercises of their daughter,. Miss Margaret Mathews, from Sibley Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses, Washington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bruce and son Richard, Jr., 026 Washington street; Mr. and Mrs. John Bruce, 213 Washington street, and Mrs. Mtlnor R. Bruce, 103 Washington street, left yesterday to spend'the weekend In Predericksburg, Va., as tne guests of Miss Alice Shelton, •*ith whom Mrs. Richard Bruce arid her son wilt reside while her husband is in the service. Mr. Bruce go to Sheepshead. Bay, N. Y., A. R. Haase, of Woodside, Long Island, New York. The bride-elect is a graduate of the Great MUls high school. Great Mills, Eastern Shore, Maryland, and j prior to joining the WAVES In : August of 1943. was a member of the staff of the Celaucse Corporation. Following her boot training at Hunter College, New York, she attended Storekeeper's School for three months at Millidgevillc, Georgia. She is now stationed at Bainbridge, Maryland. Mr. Haase anlisted In September 1942 and volunteered for submarine duty last October. He will complete his training in the latter, graduating from, the Submarine Training School, New London, Connecticut on March 19. : • " No date has been set Jor the wed- SS. Peter and Paul P rc duct ion To Be Given April 9, 10, 11 Rehearsals are In progress for ' annual minstrel-to be staged in . Peter and Paul church hall April i 10 and 11, under the direction ( Leo H. Ley, Sr., asslstc'd by ElnieJ j. Soehaer. • :-.-. V- For tJie pa^st two seasons niirJ strels have been given at SS. -Pett-l and Paul hall, scoring heavily, anj this year's show, entitled "Mini strel Frolics of 19A5", promises even more outstanding in entertain} ment. Selected as interlocutor this year Elmer Soehner, who will joke be Jolly with end men George M C ] Dermott, Francis Bareis, GeorcJ JBoch, Thomas Watson, W O'Neill and Earl Darber. Soloists named for the program! (thus far Include Edward MaybenJ iMary'Katlierine Mower, Mrs. DoroJ ;thy Darber, Roseaiary Gorman, Mri.1 Gynetli McGee, Mrs. J. A.. Galea.1 and Francis Hodel. A chorus oil I approximately 50 men and wome^l i together with novelty numbe's,! 'promise to add lots of color to tn>| ! production. 1 Judge Grants Plea' ! Fo?' ^^ii Reniovall §100,000 Damage Action} Of Fireman To Be Tried In Hagerstown Court Granting the motion of WiluanJ S. Jenkins, counsel for the Westep.l Maryland Railway Company, in si 100.000 damage suit filed by Chartel R. Lemaster, of this city, Chief I Judge William A. Htwter In Circuivl 'ourt has signed on order for rc-J moval of the case to Washington] County Circuit Court. In asking the change of venue,! :he company attorney contended 1 that a fair and impartial trial co«!c| not be had in the court here. Lemaster, a locomotive fireman, I filed suit last December 21, through] liis attorney, Morgan C. Harris, al-1 leglng he was permanently dlsablec j as a result of injuries suffered or. I October 21, 1942, while on duty. Ht] said he was in the engine cab, lean- ding. th« first of the week to start train- Egon Petri to Play Here 011 March 19 The final attraction of the curing In the Merchant Marine. refreshments were served. Ball Golf Tournament. 'not signed but sent word that he'll]Sullivan, Betty Hill, Those taking part in the program [celebration, were Betty Jo Barnes, Ella Mae Marker, Ja.mes McMahan, Virginia ! meats for the twentieth anniversary Aliucalfe, hasn't been promoted rorj B5TtJ and hls par tner. the veteran |b« here Wednesday, when the bulk 19 months and Lt. Zlemlanski hasn't: Den'nv Shute,: went into the MnaUjof ihe squad reports. promised In 17 months. !agalnk Byron Nebon and Harold . • 01 hers In t!ie crew were: S-Sgt.] McS p nden> who san!c r lve ch ip shots , Frnnit A. Glsh, of Chicago, Ill.Jijj, downing Henrv Picard and John- S-Sift. Elmo G. Hodges.-.of Smith-| n} . R e vo!tn. 3 «nd 2. vlllc. : r lex,; ; 3gt. Joseph F. Kelly,: '-n^.. wi |j me et tomorrow in a «- (flddrws not: Included) and -Cpl.i h ^ e ma t c h over the Miami Sprui§£ EnierHju . B. Burke oC S,ipuh Pa. | municipal course» the leading (not In. rx«liU guide.) . . , professional have staged an amaz- Thesc ; men. and their enlisted! in(; exhibition of sub-par golf. m-iTcs sleep.on cots in quon.=<:i huts, ^g f our th seeded team. Byrd aiid end tent.? at their base, eat medl-! S hute had to wage su uphill battle ocre chow .find-;•«. Oy. one of tl:e| to w hip Snead and Hamilton, whose Army's most difficult mLvlons wlth-j out complslnts; They have had 12; Superfort missions.. failed them. Snutc K qi,a r ted the count on the |33rcV hole by getting down a 20-foot- Thcy hive 1 been flying _through : er ~ for "a birdfeVwo' miserable weather, minus fighter P.S-! • Saved hy Hunjc Birdie corts nnrt without, complete weather A break saved the winners on the Motorist Released '. After Paying Fine Wooltord, Ruth Layne * ~ Wrn^imlncr fXlnriv.Q Tu-lff Hill, Elva Mae Nesbltt, Bamett, Alpha Phares, Theodore Rowan. • Richard Barrett, Harry iTliaj-er, : William Price, Tltomas (Hutcheson, Shirley Alklre, Melvln Wcolford, Ruth Layne, Monica Browning, Gladys Twigg. Robert Clark, Charles Sullivan, Mary Belle md navigational aids. I saw them in action this morning, under completely new condi- John R. Thomas. CresEptown, Kline and Betty Ziler. paid a fine of $110 yesterday afternoon and was released from the county jail where he had been committed yesterday mornlnz after defaulting in payment of the fines on charges of driving- tlrunk and recklessly. He was arrested Friday night after his machine crashed into the rear of the parked car owned by William V. Keegan, who operates Shober's Restaurant. tion*. and a looked better. crew couldn't have first extra hole. Hamilton's eight- foot putt for a. birdie hung on the "P. Shrimp Feast Tuesday After Legion Meeting Shrimp : will be served to nil Legionnaires attending the Tuesday 8 p. m. meeting of Fort Cumberland Post No. 13, American Legion, nt which proposed rhr.nges in the bylaws will be considered. After Play JBach :' In Haeerstowii John S. Gridley, organist at the First Presbyterian church, will play at the meeting of the Cumberland Valley Chapter, American Guild of Organists, to be held April 21 In Christ Reformed church, Hngers t town. Mr. Gridley will divide the program with the organist of that churcn. The seventh of' 12 annual recitals of J. 8. Bach's compositions for organ will be presented by Mr. Gridley May 8 at the First Presbyterian church here. Mr. Gridley started his monumental task in the spring of 1D39, before the World War began, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edmund Manges, o£ Pleasant Valley road, attended the annua.1 banquet of the Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County, held last night at the Fort Bedford Inn, Bedford, Pa. Mrs. Georgia Rice, 113 Mary street, returned from Baltimore after visiting relatives. "•' Mrs. Pearl Minnicks, 109 Polk street, returned home after visiting her son, Cpl. Harry E. Minnicks, stationed at Texarkana. Tex. Miss Betty Lou Van Meter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Van Meter, Fairgo, is improving in Memorial Hospital, following an appendectomy. Miss Mary E. Kegg, Washington, D C., is visiting hev parents, Mr and Mrs. William B. Kegg, 806 Columbia, avenue.' Mrs. Margaret L. Weber, 118 Reynolds street has returned home af- spending a month in Brown- ' rent musical season, under auspices • ~ i-i. »_ \_ j .fiMi SO-*' V J. IW^p i ua. t vb^iLi^Luny- CVA.I^:* L*uwti wood, Texas, with her husband Cpl - vinjury to th* lareft toe of his K?<-> t -P "XXToVusr Tl-hrt n'R* thPH Rta- ... . . . ". . _.-..,_. Snead, Hamilton and Byrd all hit (he 38th green with their second The greatest worry after the tar-shots, while Shute missed. Snead fei.f-i left behind 15 'stretching the [failed with an eight-footer for a . gasoline supply over 3.300 miles (the;half, and Hamilton couldn't drop a roimdtripi and making It in despite heart winds and squally weather. Th* hardest worker U the nnvi- gator who fiddles with his iastru- mem.i nnd charts every : moment. His computation v/ns on the nose and I can see| Saipan again. After Tokyo, beautiful.' five-footer to keep the match alive. "I'm golnjr to sink this one." Byrd whispered to Shute before he hit the winnine shot. : Play Hot Golf Top-seeded Nelson nnd McSpadcn played the hottest golf of the tour- Japan Laid (Continued from Page 1} Japan to compel Japanese acceptance of American Idena regarding China. ; Hanlhara told Castle that war with the United States would be the , worst possible disaster for Japan j and-Japan could never thlnlc of it. I Castle Informed the department that Hanlhara was obviously acting under Instructions, He said he toltl that "our alms !"full" discussion of the business at;and p!»ns (Deo Volente) to com- jhand there will be "full" platUrs pletc the project in the spring of i of shrimp for the members. 11950. Wedding Takes Place Here of the Cumberland Concert Assocla- ,ion, will be a recital by the frsnous Dutch pianist, Egon Petr. 1 Monday, March 19, in Fort Hill auditorium. Olin Downes, of the New York Times, calls Petri "a prodigious mas- Ler of the piano." Twelve complete programs were submitted to the Cumberland group for one to be selected. His phenomenal, repertoire extends from Bnch through the Romantic school. He worked with Busoni in editing the complete works of Bach, and is regarded as the ing out of the window, when head struck the side of a. rail bridge spanning the Monocacy rive: ] hi Frederick, county. He charEK the company bridge 'was obsolete and unsafe, with insufficient clearance between its sides and the locomotive. ' ."'. Lemaster said he suffered a skull fracture and other injuries which ] caused impairment of his vision. Hears About Mate Overseas From CO A letter of reassurance of H;» well-being of Jules B. Savllle, mole-, machinist's mate third class, servj ing abroad a landing ship, niccHim; I in the Philippines, ha* been receive! from his commanding officer by th* sailor's wife, Mrs. Nina Savilk. | Fort Ashby, W. Va. In part the message reads: "Jur. a few days ago this ship celebrated the anniversary marking the end o! Its sixth' month in commission. | Throughout those six months this vessel has established a good reputation and a fine record. Your husband had his Important .p?r, | In establishing this record and I \ look, upon him as R valued member of the crew. greatest living pianist carrying on the "grand manner" of Liszt, Rubenstein and Busoni. Three Children Are Treated in Hospitals Graver Martin,' 8. .of 217 Knox street, received treatment in Allegany Hospital yesterday afternoon Niat F. Weber, who was then sta tloned at Camp"Bowie, Texas, with the 668th Clearing Company of the Medical Corp. Mrs. William S. Veasey, Norfolk, Va. is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Sponseller, 211 Saratoga street. ••• '••-.'• G. Wyatt Brenaman, 207 Washington street, who has been seriously ill in Memorial Hospital, is reported Improved. left foot, sustained, attaches were told, when a piece of. metal fell on the member. ' : . • • • •• While roller skating yesterday morning, Ernest Johnson, 10, of S52 Fairmont nvenue, fell and sustained rp* v a Inromtinn of th(» rieht evehrow A J-> ' "For your assurance and peace uf mind, all hands aboard, are in good I health, have survived the action we have seen to date -without receiving | so much as a scratch, and . are happy as any normal American can be so far from the shores of or." own great country and his family I and friends." . .;••.• i Saville went into service a year ago and has been on the sea six months. His brother, Pvt. Vincen'. ] Saville, is with the Army in. the Philippines. The boys are sons r! Mr, and Mrs J. B. Savllle, Romney. W. Va. : • ' Berlin Keels ;• (Continued from' Page' i) Salpau Bpi^ursjnnment In their triumph, scoring an rlanln!I . ril ttlal , our 01Il , 5 MW , UJll eight-under-par 62 on the momSnK| ma ted the Japanese as both coun- 18 nnd finishing out the match 14 • ;-. "It's the best four ball match I've lever shot." luilfl Nelson, ' whn ha.i • played wllth'! McSpaden In other . bnil events here and failed to cnme on the h<?t. Lomos ftnrt escorted by flvn lonc of the moat effective teams thc in the bridgehead Rren on n.bcrlinr. for the vltnl Rhine span over .which the First Army was pouring men hole. McSpaden got down a. 15-foot putt to match Revoltn's birdie three. the "Gold Dust Twins" won the ;next two holes In a row, and never trie* wanted only a China which substantially and politically sound."! Ajjainrt this background, the) events or.-Uie next 11 years stand | out: -' : <' : The next year, . Japan struck in MBnchurfn, In a campaign of ng- gre.sslon against China which continues today. .-I In l!Ml the Japanese struck first! In the Pacific and .attempted to- force a decision ' themselves nyj knocking out Pearl Harbor and capturing Manila quickly. Their alleged plans nbout using submnrlne fleets 'to -stop American xnd equipment. : on^heT!!"mv e nUnt'dToiTe d l^-l wfre In dnnger Barter. - naval advance through thc Mari I n ir f n f h^H * H i Both thc Snenrt-HRmlUon andlshall.i and Carolines did not mn-1 mi; iinic irom irre-snoouna Amen-jByrd-Shule combinations had eight terlalizc. One of the great mys-l >- ,,r,M.^ p ar J32',, ; or the ^Ifi-hole lerlc* of {hU war U toe little Jap-' * n t-i/i*l> route. 'TUG" IS GRIFFITH SUCCESSOR Goehbcls Calls (Continued from P*gt i) Chfcatro. March 10 i/D—The Western Conference today appointed j Kenneth L. <Tu?> Wilson, athletic ran thing thcr had into the sky to protect the bridge. TJmndrrbolU Scnrr In Savage PaM In a ?ftvR(te pn?.«. the Thiiniicr-[ bolw ahot down one dlvcixMnbcr. one' Fnlk.c WuH escort, and then in a *«'lrllnx b«tt!e forced-the others to jettison their bombs and /tcstter. Tiro Thunderbolt* lost in the short battle which twisted up lo 3,flOO feet just under thc low rloudis. Approidmntoly 100 'Bolt* nnd Mvis- tanjw had been dlspnlclurd by the T.iithth ' Alrforce to help fighters from the Ninth Alrforeea In maintaining gnnrd over the bridge during the afternoon. They moved In sfter huge forces of the Eighth's plane*. In R 200-mile „ ,,..._. ._. proCM.ilon, struck the Ruhr Knrller 'salary terms were not disclosed by In. the 6ty In a relentlew cninpalgtiithe fnculXy. group whow; nctinn cap- to, pariiiy ire transportation and lio-jp^d n three-month ncarfh for ii »uc« lat^ tti«-Riihr.b«ttle<ielrta. frnm thr.i<rwinr to lh«.first unrl only previous rr-«t of pcrmanv; Jconferfnrri comml.vilnncr. • :. tancse submnrlnr nctlvlty. thnt has been reported. '•« chunce of exploitation . , director at Northwestern University,! than the northern German plain op- RK BtWetlc commissioner to succeed '.posite Montgomery's forces. Ihe late MaJ. John L. Griffith, but But Transocenn correspondent Ounther Weber, brondeastinf? from} forestalled efforts to hand the new Big Ten chief broadened authority. The 48-j'enr-old Wilson, who competed In the 1020 Olympic games ».i R Juvelln thrower, presumably will receive *15,000 anunually, $5,000 more than Griffith was paid, but headaiiarters of Field Marshal Kiirl ron Rundstct said the Allies Intended to build Hemagen Into ft major .operative base. Both Weber and other commentators reported Americans hud crossed thc Rhine In nssnult craft five m\lea north of Remagcn near Honnef. nntt Weber rpported "street nshtlnj It thrre nR»ln »nri still goo* on; Bereon Class Entertained The Berean Class of the First Brethren church met at the }iomc of Mrs. Emily Simmons, 924 Maryland avenue, Thursday evening. Following & business session refreshments were served. Present were Rev. and Mrs. P. M. Naff, David and Jean Naff. Mr. and a laceration of the right eyebrow nd a dislocated right forearm. He as treated at Memorial Hospital. Falling from a four-foot fence, Robert Pryor, 6. of 1603 Fort ave- iue. lacerated his right arm on piece of glass. The wound was mured yesterday afternoon at Memorial Hospital. . Mrs. Mrs. William Baldwin, Rev. and H., E. Garland, Mrs. F. J BeachJey, Delma Shriver, Lorraine and Laverne Greenawalt, Mary and Ann Eror. News Telephone Fund Reaches 81,655.24 '•' The Telephone Fund sponsored by trie Cumberland News to enable wounded veterans At the Newton |D. Baker General jtinsburg, W. Va. Hospital, to make Mar- calls home, has reached 81,655.24, according to Its most recent computation Although the drive for funds has j officially closed, additional dona ; tion.s have since been made, Includ ;ing one of $83 assembled by six vol unteer fire departments In Allegany county. Contributions were made by thc KellyrMansfield nisi Pos iNo. 52. American Legion, Pledmonl Ifor $25; nnd by Indies of the PnrT i Heights section for $45, representln the proceeds of H card party. ••• • ,t. Earl F. .Brown Adds Oak Leaf to Air Medal First Lieut. EarJ F. Broxvn, son of vlr. and Mrs. Earl R. Brown, 612 ^orth Centre street, who took part n thc first B-29 raid on Japan ns co-pilot, has been awarded an Oak Ijeaf cluster to his Air Modal, according to an overseas dispatch. On overseas duty almost one year, Lt. Brown is now serving as pilot of a B-2S Superfortress in the C-B-I iheater of operations with headquarters in India. He Is a former employe of the Times and Alleganian Company and a graduate of LaSalle high school. •.. . ;:••-. S mouse Discharged From Naval Service A medical discharge .from the United States Navy has been granted to Jack Hobart Smouse, word was (Continued from Page n) provements on Centre and Me chanic streets and said that If the state does not want to go alone with brick it can furnish funds or the basis of black topping and the city can do the rest. Sets Time Limit Helfrlch said that with city workmen Mechanic and Centre street.' can be finished within 60 days anfl sooner if necessary. : McDonald said the work cannot be done in that time but Mayor | Thomas S. Post asserted: "If you can do the job (it the prico you name and in 60 days, the job ii yours as far ns I am concerned." Before he goes ahead with br Helfrlch said he wanted to get more prices and brick samples have them tested. The council delayed deciding wbn' work Is done until the Maryland Roads Commission determines it ii will assist. Commission representatives will check c'reets with Rizcr tomorrow afternoon. In this grow are Baltimore avenue and street. Park, Williams. Louisiana, Oldtown road. Greene, North Centre. North Mechanic, Bedford and McMullen highway. Bond Sale Pending The council also wsited until to- rccelvcd by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smousc, Union Grove road. Smousc, who held the rating of fireman first class, has been hospitalized the past two months at Shoemakcc. Calif. Entering the Navy last June, he trained at Great Lakes and Richmond, Va. He was formerly iTVTiVnTTTVrirri »'• Instructor in the Purdue Naval AIXiNUUNl-fcU Tra)nlnK Elcct rlcal School, West Lafayette, Inc!. Baltimore nvenue, announce the ; birth of a daughter yesterday after- 'noon in Allegnny Hospital, i Mr. and Mrs. Willam Poling. j Queen street, announce the birth of ;a man yesterday 'morning In AUe- jgany Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Weaver, of Cash Valley, unnounce the birth of a son, March 3 at the home of Mr*. Weaver's parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. Charles McCulIough, Rawllngs. morrow to decide what to do about selling bonds but It was indicated sale of $100,000 worth might be »P-1 proved. ' • Cost of some ot thc suggest*-) work will be borne by the council wliile some may be shifted to prop-1 erty owners but these details have not been touched upon as yet. U also likely that some work will done by contract and some by th' T-4 Ernest W. Pfaff Prisoner of Germans VKTO POWER Towanda, Pa,, March 10 (/T) —Th* Borough Council voted a 10-mlll tax reduction—and the public proHeeding: outcries that service would b« rut, Burgess W. T. LUzel- » voto. city. but. these decisions not been made. too hav« Frostburg, Mnrch. 10—Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pfaff, 27 Bowery street, have received word that their son. T-4 Ernest W.. Pfaff, is a prisoner of the Germans. He had been reported missing in action since December 15, the first day of tha German " counter-offensive. Word of his butUe fate waa received through the International Red Cross. T-4 Pfaff entered the Army over two ycnr.i ago and went overseas Ia*t October. He served »s a cootr with an Infantry outfit. Local Navy Man (Continued from Ptge 11) air battle the Air Group'a pllow shot down 24 Jap planes. ' ' ' Air Group 44 also distinguished Itself when It accompanied thr Third Fleet on Its first Invasion ol th« South China Sea. That miaslon mnde possible an attack on the enemy before he coulrt bring '«J> reinforcements tor his beleagured forces on th* Philippines. ' All told, the fighter and torpedo-plane pilots flew niore th*v! 6,200 hours and chalked ''up 2,141 mI«Uon* a«*inct th*

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