Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 31, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1909
Page 1
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riuldtr, Mn. H. M. F. H. FABRICK-HARDWARE FABRICKPLUMBING •> : '».-«w,, •^Sa LEADING NEWSPAPEKW SAN VOL. 40. COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1909. NO. 32. PROFESSIONAL CARDS ^^^\^N^^XXX%XX - ^^ > ^rf'' < v>""»X^^'V^'VXV-*N^>^S^N^~rf^XNX*v^»*-**v [)R. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays DR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg-. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: 'Res. 250. Office 175. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. REED G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 tn 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Officet in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. p % J. CUNE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. § FRED ASCHENBRENNER. DENTIST Office hours, 8:30 to 12 and 1 till 4. Phone 184 Office over Argus Block. jy\RS. NIT A WANDA TEACHER OF PIANO, VIOLIN^AND STRING INSTRUMENTS. Introductory prices: $5.00 per month, two lessons per week, at my home. Howard Street Covina ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LA w Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. LLOYD W. WELLS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Covina, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Office, over Warner, Whltsel & Co.'s store. Hours, 12 to 5. 119y 2 S. Spring. St., Los Angeles, Cal. JAMES CORBETT The Morsc-Shoer » GLADSTONE AVENUE CHARTER OAK has built a neat shop and put In a complete outfit of tools, and Is now prepared to do all kinds of smithing work. Note the address—One-half mile north of Charter Oak Schoolhouse. tf Money to Loan AT LOW RATKS. •—on iiiiiiroved City property or for building on easy terms; of payment. . tf .J. If. COOL.MAX, Cuviuu. ¥••••»••••••••••••• Wolfarth's THE OLD RELIABLE Jewelry Establishment Large and complete stock of everything in the line. EXPERT REPAIR WORK Citrus Ave. Covina, Cal. {•••••••••••••••••MI PRACTICAL SCHOOLING. Covina Union High School to Afford This to Students Who Go No Higher. Professor Morgan, supervisor of the schools of Covina, believes that the CITY WILL CONTRACT. Petrolithic Street Work Will Probably Be Undertaken Under Vrooman Act. That .the city of Covina will proceed Immediately with the work of paving school of life is the line of breastworks j Center street, under the authority of to be taken. "Non echole sed vitae i the Vrooman act, was assured at the discimus," ("Not for school but for life we are learning") Is a motto which lie intends to put into practise In the arrangement of the curriculum of the Covina high school. And in his work we wish him well, knowing that he will succeed. The boy or girl graduating from the high sliool is confronted immediately by the world. A few continue in school study by entering the higher colleges, perfecting themselves for the diversified life designated as "professional," and which has a separate place, according to tradition, from that of the commercial world. In the opinion of Professor Morgan, those pupils who evince a desire to enter the higher professions, should be carefully prepared for them. Fwery effort of the teachers should be bent to the end that this pupil be advanced to the finishing institutions, or that particular institution of his or her choice. But the great bulk of high school students finish their education, so far as schools are concerned, when they receive their diploma from the high school. These pupils must be fitted for the world—to make them practical men' and women, ready and equipped to cope with the elementary things connected with, the world's hard School. .Therefore,: ito his opinion, the commercial course of the high school must be accentuated for all scholars. This will not interfere in any way with the exceptional scholar who wishes to perfect studies beyond the pale of the high school, and will graduate efficient men and women of business. It will make the commercial college a superfluous Institution. To teach konkkecp- ing, stenography and typewriting in such a manner as to fit a girl or boy for office work, is to place them immediately in touch with the business world. This is Professor Morgan's determination, which he will at once put into practise. He does not think that it should be necessary for a scholar to take up a six months' course in bookkeeping after leaving the high school. And he intends to graduate them at a high rate of efficiency in these studios, making, in the future, a diploma from the Covina Union high school equivalent to any diploma which may be issued by the host commercial schools of the United States. meeting of the city council' on Tuesday evening, and the pet.rolithic paving in all probability will bo employed. It. developed at this mooting that it is 1o be practically impossible for the property-owners on Center street to agree on the proposition, so that the work could be carried out. without the assistance of the city. Several times In the discussions in the matter, the arguments became heatod, and finally ended unsatisfactorily. Tlio word was jokingly bandied about that the "recall" would be placed in force to get rid of the present city council, owing to the dissatisfaction of a few property-owners. The council has given the matter a fair chance to resolve into something like activity on the part of the Center street people, and finding that this is out of the question, the work will he carried on under municipal contract. The petrollthlc street will be the first to be instiled In Covina. The petrolithic street has been found to be the most practicable of any methods used on the Pacific coast. The following bills were allowed: Lloyd G. Dessery, city engineer^ $35; A. M. Pence, $6.75; Covina City Water Company, $6.00; Mrs. I. I. Cook, for last payment on 'two lots to be used fumigating, $20.00; Som Cook, city work, $42; J. Braden, city work, $48; Frank Mentenhall, $6.75; M. L. Men- nert, for carload of oil, $245.05; M. L. Mehnert, for street work, $37.80; Perry Bashore, street work, $4.50; B. C. Prentlss, $27.75. AGENT VINDICATED, A. C. Wood Straightens Out Lamentable Mistake Before Justice Ling. A. C. Wood, telegraph operator and Southern Pacific agent at t,h<; local depot, lias been fully exonerated from the charge of attempting to steal i watch on a Pacific Klectric car lately. The whole matter grew oul. of a mis- Sells Large Spanish Grant. S. Douglas of this place received word from his son Gordon, in Mexico, this week of a large land deal that he has just closod. Tho property sold Is an old Spanish grant of 70,000 acro.s, lying north of the city of Culiacan, In Slnaloa. The Menchacas, who have owned Bebelamo for generations, sold it, realizing that American capital was necessary to develop It to a high state of efficiency. Dr. Chapman of Los Angeles, the purchaser, Intends to colonize It, and will engage Mr. Douglas In his capacity as c.lvll engineer, to subdivide It. Much of the property is already under cult.lvat.Ion, and nearly the whole thing can be placed under Irrigation with little ox- pense, thus making it possible to raise three crops a year. The price paid wan $21)0,000 gold. Mr. Douglas Intends coming up to Los Angeles the first, of August, where hlH business partner, Mr. Kalon, II/IH been on account of ill health for the JKIKI month. Six Jolly Fishermen. Albicorc to the number of lliirlv-' take, and Wood's vindication followed , W0i .„„, looked to the nulllaled ;is big ' as was expected by everyone. Wood ' HH „,,.„.„„_ W(;| ,. ,,,„„„„ , l|)f))in| (jy H|X appeared before .Justice Ling in I.OH | ( . ovil ,, t „„„.,.„„.„ „„ Saturday of lust • Angeles on Tuesday of this >Ae,!c in w .,. (;k Tll( . „„,,,„,, W ., H ,.,„,„. „,.,. ,,„.' answer to the complainl filed hy Kob- ,„..„.,, , lf X( .w,,orl, (he miles on. It. eri Ilicks of HI Monte, the owner of t |, r . the watch. I licks missed the timr piece, and Wood stooped to (he Stooi 1 and picked it up where it bad fallen, handing it to Wood, who accused hju, of at tempting to sieal it. At the time of tbe episode iherc was a woman standing near, who hurriedly left the car. and it. Is the opinion of many that ibis woman tried to pick llicks'.s pocket and failed, shoving the watch into tbe .seat near Wood, v/iiere it fell 10 the floor, /.hiring Klk.-i' week, when the a if air happened, there were many .-such "louche.-;," and the authorities b<-liei'«- thai the woman v/as one of an or;.'ani/i-d i-'unu of women pick- fiockei-,. As.ii.sia'it Iiintii'-t. Attorney ocean. The work, of \V. 15. (Irifli ths with rod and reel wan the marvel of the j,arty. The nix men enjoying! the .spoil W(-ie '!. f/riflilhs, \V, 'Jriffilh-S. Ceo. l ,V '•••llflihii, \\ . f.. Oriffilhs, f'harle.i Kuns and .(. I.. Mai- hank A Corn Roast. I.a-it. Monday evening the Ki.tte/nal Aid Association indulged In another moonlight, hayridc. The parly wa.-i driven by Charley KlanVon lo the v,;i.;h HoiKb of town, where a f':',v memhei.-i had pre.-eaed and had a cainji tn'- burning. The h'ai.'.ian>e of the < oil"'•'!"d the boiling of the coin v.h'-ned up '<<'•• a j.jiei j|,, H o tnai •.', neii I lie fi.aur or vo-.d ihinyrt v. a:-i jeadv, com i.-,Mi.;/ of i ( ' ; '-olfer., u,..;;i .-.andv,'|i-|,i'.-; a.'.d \,-,< N-(»-d ... .Vi el ( o; .'; I;.i- hui,^'-/ l-:i;ev. ',., i» ; .-'ii.!.-.. It '.vn.-, a !a.'e hour '.vh'-ii ii.--.\.'!'-.' broke i .itn], ai.d .-'aM'-d i.'.u." OPERA FAVORITE HERE, George Damerel Visits His Uncle in Covina and Renews Old Friendship. The leading man of tho "Merry Widow" company, plnylug at the Mason, was in Covina this week, visiting relatives. He Is George Damorel, tiophew of Marry Damerol, foreman of I lie lliloy Fruit Company, and while hero he was entertained at his uncle's j home. Air. Damerel was accompanied by his wife, and the popular couple made many complimentary remarks about the growth and bounty of I ho "city among the o range groves." (loo. Damcrel has many friends hero who know him as n Ind, when ho WIIR In the habit of visiting hero often. Mo nays that, the route of the company across the continent has boon a strenuous one, playing to packed houses In every city. Wedding In August. Buck in Northfleld. Minnesota, the culmination of a romance IH to bo on- acted In August, when Miss Grace Blackmail will be led to the altar by her school-days sweetheart. Me is Mr. Phillip Miller, who IH well known to many In Covina, whore ho formerly resided. It was only a few days before Miss Blackmail's departure for the Bast, that the engagement became generally known. On Monday evening of this'week, Miss Blackmail was treated to a miscellaneous suprlso shower at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, C. E. Blackman, of East Center street. , ft. J^toer ^t^^^j^piijg, ady has filled aceptably the position of chief clerk In the Covina post- office, where she made many friends by her uniform courtesy to all the pa- troi^s of the office. Miss Blackmail loft on Tuesday morning over the Southern Pacific and Rio Grand route, accompanied by Miss Lulu Webb, and hor friends are walling for cards of tlio marriage aniiouiiconioiiL Among the guests of Monday night wore: Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Forroslor, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Goodoll, Mr, and Mrs. M. Armel, Mr. and Mrs. P. Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Mehnert, Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F. Ohavor, Mrt«. I' 1 . Snodgrass, Mrs. S. Glaxo, Mrs. f!. Smith, Mrs. G, R. Ht.urdovaiil, Misses Anna Young, Grace Armel, Loola and holla Irwln, Alice Wynn, Lulu Webb, Mal.tlo Nyo Alllo Smith, Ida HnodgrasH, Cora ami Pearl McKlrahan, Messrs. Roy Goodoll, Leroy Mlancliard. McCrary-Havelln. 'I lie first, marriage ceremony celebrated In the Methodist lOplHcopiil Church at Long Jleacli, look place on Saturday evening, .July 24th, when ,\!|HH llaxef Marian Mavolln, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. llavellu of Covina, was united to W. Stevenson McCrary of hong Hs-ai'li. The ceremony wan performed by Hov. VV. A. MH.Is, and was witnessed by a number of rola- lives and friends of both contracting partieH. The. marriage wan held In the church before that odllire hud been dedicated. The bride IH one of the exceptionally handsome youni/ ladiei, of Covina, wher.- Hhe lias been well known since, a small child. Mr, MeCrarv In con netted w'llh his faiher In ibe bonne- moiing business, and met bin bride '-'.bile engaged in Ibis work in Covina. lie is well known for hi.-; inie;-rjiy and worlb in his home lov, n, where every one Hpeaks veiy highly of him. The i-ou(i|e will he ai bonie lo friend:-; alter Aus/UHl fifteenth at lli'.i'.'. Wenl Se< ond .-J reel, ' Pomona, where Mr. .Mi(/a;v ha.-, established a home. Mrs. Duller Improving. 'I ).. jjf ogir-hrf of Mrs K (•'. JJuller I v. ho fe)| from a street, cai' in f.o.-> Ati j ;•'•!'• . am! nuil'-ied u lia<luie of lhi-i aim, i.; fjioiled lh:.j wee|; a,-, l,r-in;- I . "I y .-.ali.-.r'af lr,i y. Mr.s. Ijuile/ i., a: !: '« I!'.I"! l'e;,|,i-i j .... |,eie ..i..' il.l.-nil '. ! 10 ..t i •; lor I i,'- in'- .1-1,1 \! r. J!iill'-r I i :i c-i'iiijed lo Maiiey, Idaho ,', n'-i< i." I.a., HI i'eut hll .nil'...-, 10 ,lt i i-|,l| lo I You can arrange a number of fine, appetizing dishes, without much labor—just what is needed during the summer months. Eastern Cheese per lb, 25c California Cheese " 25c Oregon Brick " 30c Imported Swiss " 40c Imported Roquefort " 60c Imported Edam each, $1.25 Pineapple Cheese " GOc McLaren's Club " 15c Canada Cream 2 for 25c Neufchatel 2 for 15c German Breakfast 2 for 15c Also, cold boiled ham, sliced to order, sardines ranging from 6c to 40c per can, fresh fruits and berries. You cannot go wrong on any of these. DIRECTORS G. E. Amlei-Hnn C. F. Clupp J. It. KllloU W. II. Ilollliliiy Marco II. Ifnilmun W. Ji. HOLUDAY, I'nwiiilont II. M. Hi.uiim- MAHCO II. IIKU.MAM, Vlc:o l>im J. It. KMJOTT, Vli.-ii J W. M. UKIHWOU), Qmhlor J. (). IIiiiiHi-r C. Miiiinf.H) A. 1', Kurcklioir I M. I.KONIIAUfJT, AIIHL. (,'uiililnr Capital and Surplus $98,000.<>o Covina \Dallcy Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. IMKKCTOKS OKKICICKS Gut>. K. Anilnrwiii W. II. Ildlllilay A. I'. KKKCKIIOI'T, I'mnldimt J. It. KllluU II. M. HIIIIHIT II. M. IIOUMKK. Vlco I'r<wl<t<mt H. Hi'llmim A. I'. Kmrlilioff W. M. (illJMWOU), Cimlilur Capital and Surplus $44,000.oo »X»»>»><M;»»X»4MX*<»'5^ t ! l «X M S^«!>«X M J»*JM!>' ! I :!• i v Silverware!!! In order to give the people of Covina and vicinity a choice of Silverware, two of the best makes in the United States will always be found at FINCH'S World Brand Silverware t The most beautiful silverware manufactured, using $ the grape design exclusively. Triple plated, 20-year ;|* ! guarantee, . Rogers' Silverware •:. f Silverware that's worth the money, Triple plated, £ 20-year guarantee. $ Finch's Jewelry Store { UK! N. Citrus Cumimn;; ,' Coufci.tionei / N. 11---"Finch fixe:-; watches that stay fixed." W.i>'-li II,, . I, i. .- :„•'.< .;, rk-

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