The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 3, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results ; A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" THE WEATHER Now Hampshire, Verjfion!., achuscU!;, Rhode J»!<ir:il ,-iniJ Connecticut: Cloudy with scattered light showers tonight. Thursday cloudy followed by showern. Continued cool. Vol. LXX, No. 179 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents Russia Opposes Small Nations' "Play On Votes" World's Largest Flying Boat Nears Completion ft* In the litsl. lit I Is liiimi the world's Mii.M of rofi.itructliiii, llnwitrd Hu^lii'S' eight-motored flying plant 1 nipltlly nwirs completion Iri Tnrrnlmvl iMlunil, OulU. Curved suction lying on ground js part of the giant Hill u«»ombly of l»ri;eMt (lying bout, Ki'C.ovcrlug from in juries, Iluglics will sre It launched, (International) Twelve Footwear Plant Departments Arranging Plans For Annual Outings Committees Named To Handle Details; No Family Outing- Planned Alllirnigh no Family Online will hf hold IhlM year by the r.'nltnd Slnti'n lln^ber. f.Vimpany Kontwear ' /'l»nf. many departmental outings | III-M lirlni; (il-itiiiiTl ffir ihn eornlng month. I'radically evory depart- merit In the plant will have held an • oiilliu: MomeUmc dui'lng tin? cum-; mi'i- ninnth.'i. Hvi'ii though Fond . limitation.'! .''lit .lomrwhm mii'i-ow | their ficofie thlji yi'iir, committees j nre liitMly rngagcd at the pru.ient : tlnin In prepnratlrin for lliflr rt-1 Make Plans For Outing Depart mi'ntH In the Wifi'wrar Plant who tiavo already announced dft'illH for their (nillngn arc mi tfil- l»u"i: I'rodurl.liin fjonli-rili ,'uly SI. Srhlldgrn'n rirovi-. K«»t Wiitnrhury I'liiid. C'lmli niMn, Frank Klornl iu(- Mbtcd by f'.iLibiu-a St^no, /[''lf>n Unb-, Hnt'b Unrif, and Oi'orgt. fii'i-p- er. f:al<cmu«ti-r will hn l-t c n r y X\vlrh. lul delations: July 31, r,dl«. 1,'iiin.irtp/iiii,' Y/c.'ht Cluli. Chalinuin, Catherine nroMtuihan efniimlttee: I'ld MnOmlh. f.lfihy Chrrlionlftk, Trim Nollluan, R. II. \ Swanson. John Flt'/.Konild, Miirlan rii'VVIll., Torn Davit, and Macy I.ou Wlic. I fVirton r-lnnl.- Aiiffimt 3, Sehllrl-I grii's firovi. with Wllhrlmlnii P."n- ] nett heading up fhe following mm- I mlttr.e: Margaret Kornlnnky. Cieoi-gc Heliln.'i.'ior. Josep-b Yacltou'ukl. find VVIIIIuni !!(ii|UiiM. Tumils Making: Augn.'it 10, Nlf- Ncn'.v rjrfiv. f.'nKon Kollnw, Oen- ITU! flKili-ninn, Andy Snlln.'U'dl «>•- MlMted liy HIP follnwinff commlllee.i 1 l.omtlon: VrnnU Hiiytlnn. Anthony fonlnlrll: l'"or>d Kill Nlogrht, f.c- rny I'.iilr, Kviink filmu, Kay Pm-Kan, Nlcve Hose; F^nvernfire---TOny T.V- luirskl, l-inb VVoodH, Burton Camp. rii-orKi; Xonns; Hntoi'lHliimefll -Ol- KH C.Vin-n.v, Veroolcn Cnnlt, C.Vith- filni. r'n.llii'llno, I .yd lii Scot I. Hoi Pi.liM.ii'ii; TIcUi-t.M Manuel I'Vi-mm- 'Ic/.. Kac/.kowtikl Ohet nun- hnr. fivifliifl rievrVipnient. ICnglneer- Ing Ofilce: Augimt l. r i, Sehlldgen's Cl-nvc. f..'h/ili^iiriii John ICMt'M. 'i«- Hlstpd hy Hetty Itmily. Ruth ftchlld- Rfn. nnd Warren Hutibell. Ti-nnl,s flicking: AilffliHt IT, NlM- xcn'.M CJrnviv C.itnnn Hollow. Halte- mnHter. Paul CfaHagher. Chiilrman .Inrni-M Mllllcan, nmilNtnrl hy Tony I.upn, Murlr I'Managan, PrlMolUn Aiifllhrrl, tjury CjuiKlrld, Johr Slimlny. Marv Schmidt. Hrlen Car- v.nMla, Tom Welch. Knitik Wylong Mll<i. Snntore, and Max nioom. Mechanical: AtiRUNt t". Sehild- K"n'x (rcnvu. Co-ch'ilrninn, Arnold Wiin-ri and Harry P»rl(i. CMmmlltec: r,ou(:i /'iiMMPCk, Ralpli Sltnrl- h'Tg. John Uorhnl, Unrnlo Steln- ki'. Oi'vllle Olliny. liii'.hurd Ittlp- pi'loh, nnd Peter Granlerl. 1'Vmtwpnr Miuiagemenl: Aug. IS, fi'hlldiren'f Ornve. Chairman, John I''. Klf/.gerald. Committee: E. J. Lriiry, G. A. Stuart, John Wo'st- phollng. 7,\K KnKon. Bill •DoCarlo, ffnrold Howard, and Stovo Stui'do- van l. [nterdepartment .Softball League: August 21, NlM.Hon's Grovo, Cotton Holhiw, Rnkema.itor, Dick Fnrlcln- .inn C.ftioral chairman, Knnand ViilolM. Committees: Location — T-'red Mowrny. Jr.. Jim Pottit; Transportation - Tony Martlnn/., Prod Woelko. RcfreshmontH—Tony Montagno Chet RomansUI. Pro- Knim Joe G-eruch, Frank Stofnlak. Tickets ... Ed McCrath, Charloa Johnson. Tennis Mill - Cutting and Oen- flral Procliicts: August 25, Schlltl- Lewis Street Housing Plan OffOneYear Lumber Co. Cites Shortages Of Materials, Delays 100- Unit Project Plans for construction of approximate! 100 houses on Lewis street, on the former 'Sincerbox property, by the Naugaluck Lumber Co., have been deferred for possibly a year, Jere J. Murphy, president- treasurer of the company, said today. The project has been cancelled Cor the time being due; to the scarcity of materials, he said, as the company cannot properly construct homes under prevailing conditions. As the concern emphasized it docs not trade in the "black market,"It feels it will be about a year before activity as arranged on the Lewis street property will' bo undertaken. The constuction may be started before that time piovicling- materials may be obtained, Mr. Murphy said. The company oflicial said he believes building 1 is at an all time low at present, with the industry's greatest difficulty being its inability to receive poods. Lumber from the south is not coming through .iow. ho said, with materials from other sections of the country and Canada, in the same category. A reasonable amount oC- material IB not being- allocated -floaters. '_.. Mr. Murphy reported the p'rcfab- ricated home on City Hill court erected by the Na'ugatuck Lumber Co., has been completed and open for Inspection. Figures on the house have not been completely compiled to date, but this information Is expected 'to be available in the near future. Bidault Opens Peace Conference Peace Conference Trickery Charge Made By Molotov KOC'CO M.AKIAN'O .VNTMON.Y CIUCI.LI -Last-Minute News- DIPHTHERIA HITS SHIP Xe\v York, July .'.U — (l.'P)—Tlio Army announces tliaf one man lias died of possible diphtheria aboard tlio troop liansporl ('i>ll>y Victory en route l.o lOnghind. The announcement adds thai diplithoria anti'toxin and toxoicU are lu'iiiw 1 nislietl by air to ibe wliip 1,.'H)0 miles at. sea 1,c H'lianl against an epidemic- of tin; dread disease. FIRE AT SEA Kin de Janeiro, .Inly MO—(UP)—One-thousand pas. senders were i-einoved safely I'rom the Brazilian (.rnnsporl ship Dnqneeaxiiis after it caught I'iro (.his morning ol'l ('apt: I'Yiu. Late dispatches from the burning vessel say (lie removal of passi-n^ors to a rescue ship was eomplet.e The di.spalches add that tho lila/.c has been brought niulei control—v,'il b about f>00 crewmen remaining aboard. MERCY URGED Boston, July :>1— ( UP)—iMassaebuset ts State. Oorrcr lion Commissioner ,I. Paul Doyle iias "unhesitatingly' recommencleil lhal Governor Maurice Tobin commute tt lilV imprisonment (lie death sentence ol' .Attorney John Xoxon, Jr., ol' I'Mllsrield. Xoxon is scheduled to go to the electric cliair next month Tor the murder ol' his imbecile infant son. West Side Club To Hear Report On Transportation A report on the recent Naujra tuck Bus Transportation committee meeting with Lionel LeClair, pres- ont franchise holder, will be presented to the board of directors, of the West Side Community .club tomorrow evening by Joseph DeLuca, The session will be held at '.he American Legion grounds on Millvlllc avenue at S o'clock. Other business expected to be transacted is that of naming- several members to servo on the Price Control committee, Plans also will be discussed for next year's activ itles. (Contlnued on Pngo S) —.Itiiny hmulrrdfi nf Nlllllfllllll < 'l r l" - ownprn ntrniitv Imvr rlowrd HIP ""W l>»7 Mtiiiifliiiki-r. mi illmilny ut tlm NIIII- culuck Unitary & Aulo »«rvloe.—iil». HALT SHIPMENTS Washino'Ion, July .'M — (UP)— The House special Forx' cornmilfee learned liiday that the Unil.od .Slates plans (r lialt all relief shipments of fats and oils next January Is' — because of an increasingly critical sliorUig-c in this country. ___ _ 100,000 JEWS TO PALESTINE London, July ;>.'!.— (UP)— The House of Commons wa: (old toddy Hint 'if will he possible to admit, 100,000 Jew,' into Palestine immediately, with immigration continuinp thereafter. SATELLITES MUST PAY aris, Julv :-51 — (UP) — Foreign Commissar , Molotov has ben-nii to address the third plenary session of the Pari:peace conference. He has warned that the Axis satellite.' must pay the price for acting as vassals of Nazi Germany in the second world war. Parents Reminded Diphtheria Checks Required For School Written evidence of diphtheria Loxoid and Schlck tests having been administered will be required for children cnterlnp cither first tfradc or kindergarten this fall, parents of children were reminded today by Supcrlntcnent of Schools Harold E. Ghittenden. It was afrrccd at a recent school board meeting that thi.s be a requirement Tor cnti-ance into the local schools this fall. The reason for the precautionary measure is the diphtheria opl- domlc which swept this a"rca last January, From tlio Speakers' platform In luxurious I.ux'cmbourc Valuer, In Paris, Gcortffis Bidault, France's President anil Foreign Minister, opens the poiico contercnce. Addressing representatives of 21 nations, he. urged them to abolish "the plague of war!" (International Radio photo) Capt. Andrew Writes Article For Magazine Charges Fly At Senate Investigation Coffee's Former Secretary Charges Contractor Attempted' Blackmail Washington, July 31 —(UP)--A former secretai-y of 'Representative Coffee of Washington — Pniil Olson — hns charged that Tacnnui War- Contractor Elvind Anderson tried to blackmail him into withdrawing from the Taconia mayoralty campaign last. spring. Olson s.-xys Anderson threatened to publicize a S25CO check he hail given Olson in 1SM1. Anderson li.-is told the commii- toe thai the check was'for services 01" Coffee and Olson in aiding him to Ret a $1,000,000 contract, for a Lev. 1 is, Washington, lio.spiuil. But, Coffee on^ Olson maintain that the check was a campaign con- [ tribuiion, and had no connection with their aid to Anderson on the contract. Coffee has brought Assistant Attorney General James McGranci-y lo Rive evidence which he says will defend his acceptance 520)0 check. Claims U. S. Will Support Russia In Demand For Two-Thirds Rule SMALL NATIONS IN SPIRITED BID FOR MAJORITY VOTE RULE Yugoslavia Requests Veto Power On All Decisions Affecting Trieste Tarlx, ,luly :tl—(UD— Soviet. Commlssii-r Mnlotov Jirt« o,-<ll<-d! for unanimity of all nations In thrlr penoo conforo.ncc <l<'llln>r;i- tlons and says Hint tli<> big pow- <>rs nuist not Impose tln-lr will on the small ones. iiit^ Tress) struck back at revolt in the P.'iris a of the Hadden Finds Loophole In Bill Providing Bonus Hartford, July 31 — (UP)— Democratic Representative Thomas Supina of ashford wants to pay every Connecticut war veteran a $200 bonus,,b'lit his proposed bill to the legislature took in just a little bit. too much territory, Supina proposed that Connecticut float a 7.T-mllHon dollar bond issue 0 pay its veterans a bonus. And he asked Attorney General William U Hadden for an opinion as to the legality of his recommendation. Haridcn replied that he found an 'astounding situation" in that Su- plfia's bill failed to confine the ion us to Connecticut veterans. On the basis of 13-million veterans In ho United t.ho bonus proposal of Supina would have cost ionncctlcut 2ri-billlon dollar 1 *—not Counting administrative expenses— According to Hadden. I Former Resident Tells Of Experiences With 41st Division In Pacific Officers Freed By Russians May Face Charges havi- oom- Capt. Geoi'trc S. Andrew, Jr., of the -list Infantry Division of the U. S. Army, well-known in Nnusrnttick, is author of an article appearing; in one of tho leading weekly maga- j C0 nfincd to their residences under Bines editions of last week under j technical house arrest until it cnn the title, "The -list Didn't Take Prisoners." It is a story of the division's nd- vance from New Guinea to ihe Five Realty Deals Recorded Five realty transactions have been made in the borough and warranty leod.s filed in the office of Town 3lprlc Raymond J. St. ,John. Mrs. Maude Reynolds has sold a house and lot on Ward street to Toaquim R, Mala, and Amelia jCvar.doskl hns sold a house nnd lot on Hill ;:trect to W.iSyl and Luke Hirny, A lot on Hopkins street has been M to Michael and Oertrude Matyoka by Mary Weber Hoadley, and a lot 0:1 Allcrton road has been sold to Frederick Arthur and Olga Pritchard. Charles nnd Olga Svitllk has purchased a lot on Hillside avenue from Williafli A., and Mary J. Haggerty. HEAVY CASUALTIES Nanking. July 31 — (UP) — Communist sources claim iiarFoiifilist troO])s suffered 53,000 casualties dnr- in" July in their drive to free the nation's "railways. The miUona'lists captured 300 villages and 14 important towns. LAXEY IN Little Rock, Ark., July 31—(UP) —Virtually complete r.eturns from the Arkansas Democratic primary give Governor Ben Laney a land\slide endorsement for a second term. Democrats Plan State Rally In !olumbia Saturday Columbia, July 31—(U P) — The first major Democratic Stnte rally of the prc-convcntion campaign will he held at Columbia U'akc Saturday. Party leaders will be entertained in tho .garden of Mrs. Fannie Dixon Welch—where they hope n. state ticket for the fall election will .terminate. United States Senator Ernicn McM.nhon will he tho principal speaker. Lieut.. Governor Wilbcrt Snow—who is on vn^iition in Maine —Is expected to return in time for the affair. It is not known whether former Economic Stabiliser Chester Bowles—who also is in Maine—will attend. Philippines, and the notable record it made in everything except taking prisoners in combat. The list was known as the Sun- sot Division until later when correspondents called its members Juncrleers. The division became famous for its jungle fighting, and later went into Japan. Capt Andrcxv Capt. Andrew is the son of Col George Andrew, who is now retired and residing )« _Northfleld Vt., with his wife. Col. A'ndrow 'was born in N;.-.tigat.uck and lived here many years before bis graduation from West Point nnd entrance into the i Army. The colonel visited the borough last spring. Mrs. Andrew Js the former Mrs. Anna Clcater, who also is a. former norouph resident. Several members of the family still reside in Naugntuck including Ivlrs. Tracy Nolilc, Mrs. dies'cr 1s- brll, aunt.s of dipt, Audrey Walter Andrew ,-i.nd Frnnkiin Andrew, both of Wiitcrbury. — ,lcfT'n Kj'Ntriuritnt, rinirrh Htrcet, pvfrt Iii thPM* iln,v« of fund shortncrH. of- | frrH n Nplrntllil dully nirnn, tlmt In-' clurten mun.v uppctlzlnic ainb«»,—Adv. Daughter Of Former Local Couple Dies Patricia Alice Gilyard, ono-month- o'.d daughter of Chief Warrant Officer and Mrs. John Gilyard, died yesterday in Philadelphia. Pa. Mrs. Grjlyard is the former Pauline Miller of Naugatuck, nnd tlie naval office-r is a former Se'ymour resident. Private funeral services will be hel& Friday at the Alderson Funeral Home. 201 Meadow street •\vlth in torment in Grove cemetei-y. —Tliijrc urr outfttumllnr ImrcnlnH in nil drpnrtninnlM ni Ruplitirl'N, Nniicn- tnck'« .fjtnrc of FitHlilnn. Church «ircct.. in Its tinauul July Clfiiruricc—AUr* $150,000 Fire tn Bridgeport Bridgeport, July 31 — (U P) — A •SJ/iO,000 fire today destroyed n arge warehouse on the Bridgeport walcrfvjnt nnd injured one fireman. Several others were overcome by smoke but revived at the scene. The fire broke out. in the warehouse occupied by the McKesson and Robbins company, Miner, Roa.d and Tullock company and the National Flour company, It was several hours before it was brought under control. High School Will Close Two Weeks High School Principal Edward Kehoe today announced the closing of the High school office for the first two weeks of August, as he, and'his assistant, Miss Helen Zembruski, are taking: their annual vacations during that time. Berlin, July 30—(U PI- The two j American otlicers who spent 20 ] days in Russian hands, now been confined by their own mnnders. Captain Harold Cobin of Newark and lieutenant George \Vynl.t of Oklahoma City bnvcbeenjlO seven, mind be decided how they will be disciplined for their unauthorized entry into the Soviet zone. Well-informed American officials say both will face court martini. The officer* now nre telling of their experiences with the Russians. They say at first they were ;isked to "sign the visitors book." Later they were accused of being spic-s. nnd finally they were told that their wishes were paramount. They were handed over to an Amer- ican'delegation which visited Red army headquarters in Berlin oarly today. (H.v Russia has small nruions' Fur two rtnys. Soviet. Minister Molntnv was ijuict while .-> group of small nations li.-itlli'd for ..Treater vnire In conference de- eisjnns. Chiefly. 1'iey have been plugging for :i simple m.-i.iority vole, r.-ilher (linn I lie two-thirds mi'.jonty nlrejuly :ii;ri-ed upon hy the HipT Four powers, Bui lodny, Molotov broke his silence. Me necused t lie small nations of trying to use trickery for what he railed a "play on votes." lie snid this pl.'iy on votes is like- Iv to lead to deadlocks which would discredit Iho confr't'enof :<ncl Us dceisions And he expressed coi-.n- dene.e that, the United Slntes, Bi'lt- ,-iin and Frnnce will hack the Soviet demand for the t\vd-( hirds rule. Molntr.v riirecleil his words mnln- ly :it. Ker-ber(. JSv,-tt1 "f Au.«1 rnlin who led the uprising .-ig'ninst ihe l^ig Four will a flery speech of his own. calling for n simple m.iioi'ity vote, To this, the Kussian representntive "tl is strange indeed to hear someone try tn prove that s\n 11 to drcision Is better t.hnn n !•! to Whnl we ought, to b"nr in is this. We must fnee tlio Heirens Silent, State Prepares To Prosecute Chicago, .July 31- -(U P)— Stale's attorneys are going to proceed with their ease agninst William I-ieircns. Police are in possession of a knife with which ihfv eJaim he dismmn- bei-ed the body n: six-year-old Suzanne Degn;in, Ti" they c-in uncover fingerprints which would link Heir- ons definite!.? with the slaying-, it would .strengthen the against. him. Yo'crdjiy ihe ]7-year-'ild univer- '.ity of Cliicauo student balked at. making .-in oIlici.Tl confession of three murders. It's not. known whether the stjit' plnns t.o ricm.-uj'l the death penalty. Defense, attor- icys had offcn.-d n. full confession in •cl'irn for a guarantee tli:it the boy would not be executed, Hut «t the ast minute he refuxert to details of the three killings he's said to have admitted orally to po- ice. f:icts boldly nnd must do our best to prevent the use 'if cert.nin tricks which arc known .'is n ]ilay or vole.s." M'llotnv then quoted ;i dispnteb from n newspnpor he said was rep- lenentmive of French public opin- inn. It f-Ti!<l thnl if :i simple mn- .i'U'ity beenme the rule. the so- e:ill^d Anglo-American bloe could be sure of mustering 12 or IS votes, nin! llussin e.ould rest nssuivd it woulii iilwnyK find itself in the minority. thiteh rirst The nut eh were the flr.-.t t.n he- b".->rd in the fight for :i simple ma- jfirii.y rule -aecusing I.lie big powers nf .seizing nil tb<' .-urJiority. F.v:, it followed, and fireeee nlso lined-ujj with Ithc small - nation liroup, X»w the commission on procedure had adjourned for the diiy. But, it. will meet ngnin ;M. 10 o'clock t,nmorit>w moi-niilg to t.:iko up n discussion of t.he rules proposed by the Rig Four, point, by point. Yugoslav Vice-president Moslia Pijnde presented two proposals t.o tho meeting-, the first, commission sitting ojieji to the press. Pijnde suggested first, that. Albania be givlin ii seat at. the peace table; nnd second, thnt a procedure rule be adopted giving Yugoslavia veto power over nil decisions on Trieste. Almost simull.:ineousuy, Holland nn<i Aurt(r,ili;( Jed n. small n.'iUons' revolt, agninst big power domination of the peace conference and demanded R simple majority vote on Hi! mutters. Marine League Women's Auxiliary To Meet Friday Further plans for the orgnnix.1- ,ion of a Marine Corps League Wo- •nen's Auxiliary will be made Frilay night, Mrs. John Grant announced today. A meeting: of all women interested will be held at S o'clock Fri, day night at the American Legion of (.bom, nml In n fain- Home, Cedar street. Several local women have already filed application for membership. —iWhrn in nop< liy itoiiii- oni» ilnp* almnMt any tlnif Nhop flrM at. Hlck'« Shor Slorc, J-l Uank Direct, Wntcrbury.—Adv. "Good Humor Man" Save Your Temper and Your Money. Let Classified Solve Your Advertising Problem- JUST DIAL 2228 and Ask for Classified , . ilon. North Muln St., rbrok ii|i nnd oil Hncl crrnMH your atr, now tlmt lonir v&- nillon trip lutH brcu completed-—Adv.

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