Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 23, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1954
Page 6
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•&: HOP I STAR, H0M, ARKANSAS Tueidoy, February 23, t9S4 Ugal Notice ecttJftT of MEMPSTEAD COUNTY, «,-^ ,134JSf Forfeiture) PSTEAD COUNTY Ott NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES AND 'STATE OF ARKANSAS PLAINTIFF DEFENDANTS ;*"' > NOTICE Jc* Is fcefeby given that pursuant to Act 119, Ark. Acts of 1D35, 'efiSrhehtS thereto, tttere Has been tiled in the office of the Clerk «ad Ceuiity Chancery Court the Complaint of the State of i fiulet and confirm W Said State and/or redeemers, purchas- -„..._ and assigns, the title to certain lands mentioned in said pint and lying; m the comity of Hcmpstcad State of Arkansas. ; persons Who can set Up any right to the lands so forfeited and fe*lier*by warned 16 appear in the Hempslead County Chancery it the September 1854 Term, after the publication of this notice', in the 8Ui day of September, 1934, and show cause, if any there i^' the title to said forfeited lands should not be comlimcd, £rhd Vested m the State of Arkansas and/or redeemers, putchab- iorieeS and assigns la fee simple forever. _he description oi said lands and the names of the poisons, faius ofp'tfrawofii last flaying taxpfl thereon arc as follows: ' 'LIST OF fei'ATfc, LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY tW* I* I**!** 11* t«* I1 tTfYft ttl^CI f A V l«*ti J! \Jiif llil JL Kj\J JC Wlv io™a *• xxrV Jji3 £' *—•« i» tf) CO , Firm or Corp. Last Taxes Thereon a v v fct/iw Township 9 South, Range 25 West 'Moios b\V Nli 30 • Township 12 South) Range <?7 West White i . WW NE 7 ' Township 14 South, Rang* 24 West drier ._.... ,-... .... _. b NW bE 3 40.00 40.09 20.00 IJ bVj. t~ * • J£t W 11 tJAJ O *.ViVJ OIL, GAS AND MINERAL RlGHIb i ORKKITED FOH NUW-PAVTMENT O* 1840 TAXES , . Slftlton »*> F. 6rccr ... "."""", bE N w r if, orecr , bW NE '.Slcfcrson . i\E &E Township 9 South. Range 44 West bW NE NW SE i a Township 12 50uth, Range *B West ial Oil Company b NvV ml Ott company . ' OU Company ... fe Fownshlp 12 South, 6th Lahdes JUkndes 33 33 25 25 3il Company yff=jK.p,K K 13 NW bW WE 13 W NW-WE 13 Range <tf Wc.it VVMs 0 W SE u ... Vv« 7 Township 13 S»uth, Range 23 West bb NW 10 :y, Trustee ifafdtey, Trustee Vadley, Tiuslee turphy Township 13 South, Range /4 West SE SW bW SW* SE SW W SE B'I! NE t>E 14 14 14 40.00) 40.0U) 4U.UU 40.00 40.00 UO.OO) 1U.OU) 20.00 337.34 HO.UO 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 SC.H r f «-j. 'Township 13 South, R«n«e M West jpa # Oil Company , NK SE 27 E sw Ste NE NW. SE N SW SW SE W SW E SW NW SW SW bE SE NE bE "aft WE . ; N.'A. NWyv W NE NENE S SE SE SW bW SE SE & N SW W W E Frl. . ,.. r NENE Company , . ... s SW Company Frl. NW of Sec. 4 - 14S • . Township id Soyth, Company . sitt'Oil^ Company . itdfOil Company 1x1,011, Company (d Oil Company . id Oil Cornpany 'iOil Company OU Conjpany Oil Company ,Oil. Company . . ' Oil Company Oil Company it OU Company iunt Uil Company it, Oil Company if Oil Company Company, 35 27 35 .35 27 2U fLCompany „. & 34 35 33 34 34 34 27 27 17 33 34 32 34 33 . . _. . 2GW Range 26 West 'NK NW 2(5 ,.,, „ SNW &SW NK ,2« Company: :.l :....; N SE 20 ."•Company ...,...' , ;, , E NE SW Company v, ;....,- NW NW fc NW sw Cpjfjpa'ny ..-„.; .' W NE SW ' loTmpariy .,.', , NW SE —*.„.. gjsj j^jj NE NE \k 04" Comnahy ''^^^^^.^,. NVfe If Oir Company .,„ SE X,OIL" Company J ,....'..... N SW uliOil Company „ NE NE ,OJ1.Company , S NW d'V ,''^' ; Township 14 South, Range 23 West tnTT* i . ' * /1 . i . "... Jj} SW . J»t. NW SW : E sw ,.,.; NW sw Range 24 West NE NW ^ ^ , jjj SW & SE . TF ,., P Company '..., NE NE Petrqle,um Company NAV NW /Petroleum Company E NE "" ' ... NE NW N NE SW ... SW NE . W SW SE "cpttupaiy („;.„..;,;. WSESE " 7 --- 2 -- > -'- < - E SW SE S 50 A SWV4 NE NE i^mpIn^^,^^^^.Z.V^^.Z^..Z SW NW "Company';.,,..;..., 1 NW SW ^mpiny ....,,.; .; ( W SW irpeftus ,',.,M...r....,;. SE " *t Township 14 «onth, Range 25 West 40.00 Uu.UI) 80, OU 40.00 BO.OO) 4U.UU 78.00 80.UO 10U.OO 40.UO 40.UO 40.01) 40.00 720.00J 40.00 5UO.OU 233.80J : 40.00) ........^..., ....... .....,.. ....... ,... " ' ' Township 14 South, ,, Trustee- "' ' 2() 2U 20 26 2 2 2 2 35 20 20 20 20 33 28 0 •15 15 24 24 23 23 23 23 13 17 28 28 35 34 440.00 40.00 223.00) 100.00) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00 80.00) 2.00) 40.00) 2.00 40.00 240.00 40.00) 40.00) 80.00 40.00) 20.00) 40.00) 20.00) 20.00) 20.00) 50.00 40.00 40.00) 40.00) 80.00 160.00 SE 10 80 00 adlejiv V^so^^.^^..^..l,NVf' NW 21 40,00 r APU2Y, Trustee , SE NW 21 40.00 radley,'trustee , NE SW 21 40.00 IWfldley, Trustee' NE NW 21 40.00 J .Ha'iPetroleum Co SW NE 34 40.00) MsvPetrQleum Cp , Pt. W SE 34 2.00> [1 Comply I.... N 16 A NW SW 36 ) U Company SW W% 36 ) „., . U Company .., W SE NE 35 .punt,011 CompW W NE SE 35 •'•jHunt'!.., ••'.,..,., , w sw 24 Hunt „ SE SW 24 Hunt N NE 28Hunt: SE NE 28 NW 28 W SW 28 Ttwnthlp 14 South, Range 26 West ,-Oil Company ., N SE ;0il ^rjjpaay ,, S NE ,Oil Company , SW SE Oil Company E NW .Oil Company W NE OJl.Com.pany W NW „ ,OH Company , NE NE Sp^porflpany W NW E NW "W8T OF "STATE LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR 1040 TAXES 96,00) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00) 40.00) 160.00) 80.00) 80.00) 80.00 40,00 80.00 8Q.OO 80,00 40.00 80.00 160.00 80.00 'Firm or Corp. Lael TOWN OF BUEVIN8 TOWN OF FUUTON Smith Addition mi s 5&e FQ 7 11 Allen's Addition Frisco Addition MoNAB Maxw«l| Addition TOWN'QF OJJAN .... 1 1 TOWN OF PATMOS , 4g'xl20' Q|P , T -- - £Uv HOPE Harlem Heights o 12 1 8 17 0 3 a 2 & 2 )cc., CiBRY O.i)2 5.7G 3.95 .72 .B!) .80 .81) 1.24 .83 .80 .OU .ay .78 1.00 l.UO 1.00 109.00J 1.00 .89 1.24 1.24 .89 1.57 1.24 1.24 1.1)3 .au .8!) .8!) .8U 2.27 1.00 5.38 2.9U 1.93 4.33 .8U .89 1.24 .89 .89 1.00 3.27 1.45 1.40 1.23 1.23 1.00 1.23 1.00 1.00 1.00 .80 1.93 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.24 2.27 3.65 .89 1.24 1.24 1.24 .89 1.24 1.93 1.24 SS •a H 8.02 .84 .90 2.8U 20.91 .80 1.10 l.OU .80 .80 .90 1.39 Society Continued from Page Three The lace bodice was fashioned with a portrait neckline and long fitted sleeves. The bouffant tulle skirt flared into a chapel train of acccjt- dian pleated lace. Her fingertip Illusion veil was caught to » cap of nylon sprinkled with pearls. She carried a bride's bouquet of white gardenias and periwinkle centered with a white orchid. Miss Sarah Ann Johnson of Fort Smith, maid of honor, was dressed in a gown of toast imported Italian lace with matching mitts and bonnet. She carried a bouquet of .yellow carnations and acacia with showers of yellow ribbon. The bridesmaids, Mrs. E. B. DeWitt of Charleston, sister-in-law of the bride, Miss Mary Alice Uutlci of Fort Smith, and Miss Caroline Cox oi' Hope, junior bridesmaid imd niece of tiie groom, were gown* pd in identical frocks of French blue lace and tulle with matching caps and mitts. They carried ca»- «udc bouquets ot pink carnation*. Lieutenant Edward Morriss wan the groom's bes! man, and Lieutenants Frank Holland, Edward Ryan and Andrew Dills served as ushers. Mrs. DcWitt chose for her daughter's wedding a powder blue suit with matching accessories. She wore an orchid corsagd Mrs. Orton mother of the groom, was attired in a costume of gray-blue laffet* and lace. She wore a shocking pink hat and her corsage was of matching camellias. 'i'lie bridal party left the Chapel, under an arch of sabres, for the officer's Club where the reception was held immediately following the ceremony. Serving at the reception were Mrs. Kay Ventrillo, Miss Marjorio Khilling and Mrs. Betty* Martin who was in charge of the bride's book. . For travel, Mrs. Orton wore a navy dress with matching accessories. Her corsage was a whits orchid. After a wedding trip to New Orleans, the couple will be at home Legal Notice in Fort Smith. Mr*. Edward Asliri Hotteas to Circle Flv« Circle Five of the W. S. C. S. &/ the Methodist Church met Monday night, at the home of Mrs. Edward Aslin. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Sam Hartsfield, Mrs. Denver Dickinson and Mrs. Steve Bader. The meeting opened with a song followed by prayer by Mrs. Claudr Tillery. Two new members, Mrs Winston Monts and Miss Mary Louise Copcland were welcomed into the circle. .'; Thirty-six answered roll call. Mrs, Tillery announced that Bishop Martin would be guest speaker at the church on Sunday, February 28, The circle voted to charge .tlic March meeting to the fourth Mort- day night because of conflicting meetings. Names were drawn foi secret pals during the month of March. Mrs. Robert Rider read the devotional poem, "God's Channel." Mrs. V. D. Kcclcy presented the second study of Jeremiah, Shi- chose as her subject "Conditions In Time of Jeremiah." A cross Word puzzle on the life of Jeremiah was conducted by Mrs. Keclcy with Mrs.. Monls and Mrs. LaGrone Williams winning devotional books as prizes. The meeting was closed with the benediction. During the social hour a salad plate with Russian tea was served. Gain And Loss FORT. WORTH, Tex. (UP) — W. B. Floyd,'38-year-old ex - convict, agreed to plead guilty to burglary charges .and;. receive a four-year sentence. Before' entering his plea, he asked to be excused to go to the rest room.. Officers caught up with ilm several days later, and he received five 'years.' IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS TEXARKANA DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF: ROBERT E. CARROLL, debtor B-1196 ORDER DIRECTING SERVICE.' ' BY PUBLICATION In Fort Smith in said district on the 17th day of February, 1954. Upon the annexed petition of Ritchie Grocer Company, Herbert Stephens and S. M. Ragland Cigar Company, Inc., creditors of Robert E, Carroll, the above named alleged bankrupt, praying for an ex- tentibh of the time when, service of subpoena Issued herein shall be re> turnable, and that notice to said Robert E. Carroll be given by publication, and' it appearing that no notice of hearing on said petition should be given, and no adverse interest having been represented, and cause having been shown therefore, it is : ORDERED that service of thq subpoena issued herein on Novem ber 20, 1953, summoning and requiring said Robert E. Carroll to appear and plead to the petition iii bankruptcy filed herein on said date, be and it hereby is made returnable on February 23, 1954; and it is further ORDERED that said Robert E. Carroll be, and he hereby is, summoned and required to appear and plead to said petition in bankruptcy on or before the 5th 'day of March, 1954, and upon his failure to do so he may be adjudged bankrupt by default ,and it Is further ORDERED that the petitioning creditors give notice to said Robert E. Carroll by causing publication hereof to be made once on February 23, 1954, in the Hope Star. Edgar E. Bethell Referee in Bankruptcy Feb. 23 Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE The annual school election will be held by the qualified electors of the Patmos School District No. 9 of Hempstead County on Saturday, March 20, between the hours of 8:00 a. m. and 6:30 p. m. The electors will vote a school tax of 27 mills to be levied for debt service ana general fund for the operation of schools of said district and for one board member-to be elected for Post No, 1 for a period of five years. The polling places in the district will be the same as heretofore designated. SIGNED: Gary Formby Secretary of School Board Feb. 1G, 23, March 2 Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT J. P. WEBB, JR. .'. ...... PLAINTIFF VS. LURENA DAVIS, ET AL ............ DEFENDANTS WARNING ORDER . The defendants, Cleastcr Trotter, Dorothy Trotter Mt'Faddin, Eva Trotter, Lee Autry Trotter and Bessie Davis Trotter, his wife, Laurcda Trotter, Ola E. Gilmore, Lillio M. Hooks, Wade Trotter and Mrs. Wade Trotter, his wife, the unknown heirs of Wade Trotter. William Trotter and Mrs. William Trotter, his wife, the unknown heirs of William Trotter, Ltezie White, widow or former wife of Wade Trotter, and the unknown I licit b of Georgia Johnson, deceased, and each of them, are hereby warned to appear in this court within thiity days hereafter and answer the complaint and amendment to complaint pf J. P. Webb, Jr., plaintiff hereto. WJTNE,§§ My hand and seal as clerk o| of on th,e 9fo day • Changes in Amendment Denounced By JACK BELL WASHINGTON, (m— Sen. Wiley (.R-Wis) today denounced as a "hodge-podge" White House-approved changes the Senate has voted in a proposed constitutional amendment by Sen. Bricker (R-Ohio) to curb treaty powers. Wiley, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview he believes one change—to require all past and future treaties to be made in "pursuance" of the 'Constitution— "would raise cain in the courts." This proposal, adopted by a 44-43 vote of the Senate last week, would make all past and future treaties subject to courtreview on their constutionality. It was combined with proposals to require Senate roll-call votes on treaties and a requirement that treaties and other international agreements conform to the Constitution to make up what now is known as the administration's bill. AT AUCTION Tuesday, March 2,1954 Hope, Arkansas 53 REGISTERED HEREFORDS 32 BULLS 21 COWS Held in the Coliseum Rain or Shine (Heated) Top Breeding From 20 of Arkansas and Texas Top Herds Sponsored By Southwest 1 Branch Arkansas Hereford Association Relieve in Jhristian' Experience It U »he pr1vll»o» of vnry r»d«em«d, »owl »o know hit »lnj or» lor- $!v«n end to'be oisuree), Jhreugh the o-oparating wltne»» of »h» Holy Spirit with Ml spirit, that h» li a child of God. Reason, Ilk* lha tow, may b« th» Khoolmoiter leading us lo Christ. Yet our deepest ossurane* l» not Iht result of reason but of repentance and faith. Our faith Is often and unashamedly suffused with Intense feeling. Yet our assurance rlsei not out of emotion but out of the radiant Certainty of on Indwelling Christ, whose mercy hos cleansed us, whos» love has saved us, and whose presence within our hearts has given us power and victory. The experience of the whole man, evaluating Scripture, tradition, ond reason, through the vital action of the Hoty Spirit, becomes the ultimate authority In religious certainty. The Crestline Skyliner It's another Ford first in styling . . . another Fortl exclusive in the low : pricc field. Its tinted transparent roof-panel gives an open car feeling.' Choose either the 115-h.p. I-block Six or 130- h.p. Y-b'lock T-8, the greatest engine advances since the original Ford V-8. C". o. line of 2© great models The Crestline **g*i'*g!BBEC •?:!/;*', \^,- With its.clean,'honest lines an completely new interiors,'Ford continues to, sfe.t tHc trend styling for. 1954. you -can-.Jiave it. as automatio as you yant';it with optional 'Fo'rdomalic, Master-Guide ipower steering-, Swift-Sure Power Brakes, Power-Lift Windows and 4-Way Power Front Seat. . The Customline Ranch Wagon Like the Mainline Ranch Wagon; this six-passenger beauty converts to a cargo hauler in seconds. Ford also offers two eight-passenger station wagons. And on all Fords, 'you get new Ball-Joint Front Suspension . . . the greatest advance in, chassis design in 20 years! Test Drive the More than ever The Standard for The American Road! o dfc Jp ^Hr (ifc «Bp>P W* ^fc ^^f ^P ^^^ ^^ir ^W^^ W 7-2341 YQUR FORP DIAUR FOR OVER 30 Y?AR5 HOP§* 220 W, Secpnd 5». feiiSM/MMMi « 4 mmm

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