Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 24, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1909
Page 8
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"^^tfjfc 1 PORTLAND AND HOME AGAIN. Trip of Covlna Party of Automobiliats As Told by One of the Bunch. for! land, Orogon, July i:», ( 190S. ]>ar Mr. Arsis:-*: Mayho HOIIIH folks in Covina firn •vvoiHlorlni; whe.rf wn ;ir^ at. Well. w<: f«ro hero. Why? H-'<:;;IIHI' w arc- licrf;. Portland IH a fliif; i)l;u-n—has Lou Angles Hklnnfid a mil': or more. Tho business hlofk« aw away ahond of HiiyfhiriK in the southern rlt.y, UK- far sfjrviff in a wonder, tlir- flirnaU- bf;atH finytliitiK on (.lie PaHnV roast, th<: woni'-n arr- Hi': pr':tti'-Ht, tin! young Kirls t.lio (laint.ifHl. atifl the boyH arc tho winners no nso t.o try to compel'; •will) tlif-rti. This Is t.hf nnanlmouH verdict r>f every real estate man in Portland. Let me tell you l>ow it strikes this hunch of hohoes. Low Angolas Ijeats Portland so far that the latter Is not even "also ran." Our buildings are higher, bigger, better. Our women (I nro now speaking of Covina, not of ],o« Angeles) are away, away, away ahead of anything we have seen on the trip, and an for kids, lilsbee and Doe Heed still say the boys they have left behind Uke the eake no Oregon babies can come within hailing distance of 'em, To b" r*-al honest, Portland Is a dandy town. The trolley cars are the slowest, the streets Die narrowest, ;;ml the restaurants the bummest we bare struck on the trip, but Hen Trenluuan, (lie man who runs the machine nhop here, Is the whitest mortal \ve have seen so far. Giving you too much about. Portland and nothing about the trip from Hiiro northward? Well, there isn't much to say. Heeled off mile after mile, stopped to drink some of Kerry's awful coffee, ate some of OriflHhs' fine cook- Ing, listened t.o a few of Doc Reed's chestnut stories, rolled up In a blanket, slept a few hours, drank sorno more so-called coffee, ute some morn preparations, listened to a few more threadbare yarns and then hiked a- \vny. What more can I toll you? If I were to try to describe some of the mountain climbing we havo done, everybody In Covlna would set mo down an a monumental liar, and not a word can you get out of me what wo have Kone through.' I might say that nt Grant's pass we bought a beautiful salmon that was ruined In the cook- Ing, mid at Canyonvllle we bought gasdllne that was part kerosene, part water and a modicum of gasoline. All the same, In spite of the combination, •we ,-whly,y.ed along until the cherry trees looked llko telephone poles when riding past them on the Covlna lino. Tilt 'or up :ir> miies an hour! Bang! Drive shaft gone to, as Mr. Mantallnl would say, the "donuiltlon bow-wows." Did that feaxo Blsbecs? Nay. nay, Pauline, lie bought, a piece of two- inch pipe, spliced it. on, and away we went. That man wonder, lilt the Mlshec is sure a pike again, went nlni! miles, and anotlior bung! Every loaf Fn tho right hand front. spring gone to Halifax. Bother Hisbe*'? I should Hay not! Ho borrowed (while tho owner wasn't looking) a pioco of i!xi5, chucked it under the frame on tho nxle and we ran lilM miles on that makoshlft. Cnarlle (irIITillis !s n grout sporln- inan tind fisherman loo. lie ban kept our table supplied with rabbits and trout. At leant lie tried, lint the nun wouldn't shoot straight and the rod bad too many Joints, consequent ly we have bad to full back on the country meal shops, and goo, doesn't a steak fried over I he coals taste hotter Ilian venison or .Molly cottontail thai is ranging Hie hills. (IrlllltliH fools bad enough without rubbing it In too hard. We have made the run to Portland. "We don't cure to go lo Seattle to see that, county fair. HO are Intending to ship the wreck of the EHUOIV to Han Francisco and have engaged berths tor the whole bunch. We expect to reach Frisco Saturday morning and take i he coast route down from there, travelling In I lie wreck. I don't want to advertise any motor car. but if in Covina lias one that can lieal our record, let him try the. road from Redding. California, to Hose burn. Oregon, and before lie start:; let him appoint me an executor for Ills estate, svitli a leu per cent coniinis- Mem Wo escaped, but it was by 'lie skin of our teeth, and alien we got hack, i-oiiio around lo the garage and we will lake pleasure in s-howin.n you the scars. I 'o\ ma ,1 lily '_'_. 1 '.<«'.'. llullte ;ii.,,Ull Illllt liclileil In pieces to -'•>• chariuiiu'. Covina oin e more, i lad .1 ele-juM i i ip on t lie Uoanokc from Toil land in I 'i am isi.o. I >o\Ke.-i| and 1 thoroughly enjoyed e\erv re.-al I 'li.ll lie I 1I iliil !;:-, dldn'l seem lo ha > e ,11111 li ut ,ii. apj.'et i • I iill I'Yi i > . loo. v. as 'il! his fi ed. » bile III-didn't cai e tor anything i o .• il. "i I,a nl- Voi!." '!'! '- h'.sl r.aiiicd « 'i.- M . (11 eii from his strenuoiiK trip over tho mountains that he spent moat of his time In bed. He prefers "the hurricane dock of a Inizz wagon to the finest stateroom on the finest steamer afloat." The Hlskiyon mountains were mere foothills to the mountainous sea* 'if the rolling Pacific. We stopped a dny In Knreka and w«-re not very much Impressed. If t.lir-it burg c\er gets a railroad maybe it will get rid of Its flip Van Win- klesrjue appearance, A day In Han Fratifisco! Too lone; for the first time in my many visits to thrit place. The weather was de- llghtfiil. There is some building going on and some pretty fine blocks have been erected. There are rafts of "to let." signs on the new buildings, and whole acres of vacant lots In the business district. I'nless this district has spread out very much since the fire, the metropolis of California Is not so large as before. All the sarno, It. Is the (greatest place on the Pacific coast, and our own Los Angeles must hustle, hustle, hustle to get within gun shot of her. We were able to replace our broken part and "Old Betsey" was In prime condition t.o hit the trail once more. Han .lose disappeared like a dream of the night; Los fJatos flew past like doves after the season has opened; we < limbed over the Santa ('r\iv. mountains mostly on the Intermediate; saw the big trees near Santa Crux, hiked to Watsonvlllc, camped for the night at Moss Landing, lulled to sl'-ep by the sad sea waves; up a- galn In the morning, purred along to Salinas. Arrived there, a longing to see "Historic Monterey selx.ed us, and as we had to wait at Salinas for Bill Ferry, who stayed In San Francisco to visit his daughters, no time was lost. Ferry arrived shortly after wo left, and inquired at the garage for us. The man there; said he saw four men going toward Monterey in an Klmore. Bill Innocently Inquired If they seemed to be having any trouble. "N'avv! going like li- wii.h a big trunk strap- lied on behind," was the answer. We saw Monterey and the Hotel Del Monti!. It. was worth going out of our way, too. Salinas and the Salinas valley surely take the cake for wind. It blows a hurricane there every day. As It was on our backs we made beautiful time, saving gasoline all the way' to the Jolon grade, Paso Robles, Santa Margarita, J3an Luis Oblspo. At this last place we saw the first signs of the Auto Club of Southern California, and felt we were near home. We stopped at for three delightful hours, dug darns with our bare toes, took on an extra coat of sunburn and some gasoline and faded away. Doc Reed was getting so homesick he kept ns on the jump. We headed for Los Ollvas, got off our road and went by way of Cat canyon, and lot me di grfcHH right here, If any of our automobile friends ever get started for Los Ollvos by way of Cat canyon, let them turn back If even they retrace the route to San Francisco, for of all the scaliest, dl/'/lest, lia'r-ralslngest trails In California, that is the scaliest, dl/./iest and halr-raisingest. Wo camped at Santa Cm/, that Li»t of Teachers. The faculties of the schools form- Ing the Covina I'nfon ffigh School; district are now complete. COVLVA I'XION HKHf SCHOOL. .1. J. Morgan, supervising principal. Mias Kffle M. L«mond«, head of En- i gllsh depart merit. j Mr. fleo. W. Hursey, head of science! department. > Mir-ts Gladys Rogers, head of Latin : and Spanish departments. Miss May Kvangellne Orlswold, head !)'•!!.d of mathern;<ticH department. I Mis Kli/abM.h Sellards.-head of his-j lory department. j Miss Milicent WaterhoiiKe. head of modern language department.. (',. K. Tredway, head of manual training department. Miss Katherine Hite, head of domes-1 tic science department. F. W. McFarland, head of commercial department. Miss Belle A. Williams, head of drawing department. R. \V. (Jroorn, head of music department. COVINA GRAMMAR SCHOOL. W. J. Xewsorn, principal. Mrs. Carrie A. Miller, eighth grade and music. Miss Irene Kennedy, seventh grade. Miss Ktliel Collins, sixth grade. Miss Uea Klliott, fifth grade. Miss Georgia Shane, fourth grade. Mis Mary B. Hall, third grade, Miss Fi. Louise Mills, second grade. Miss Mary Doyle, first grade. Miss Belle A. Williams, drawing. CHAKTIOR OAK SCHOOL. \FMH Clara Thompson, principal •.n I grammar grades. Miss Ada Blanchard, primary grades. Mr. and Mrs. N". I). Musscy enter- alned yesterday Mr. Mussey's sister, Mrs. Belts of Hollywood, and Mrs. Sarley of Hanger, Cal. Death of Claude Malles. The death occurred on July inth of Claude Mailes, brother of Mrs. O. F. Preston, of typhoid fever, at iho San Antonio hospital, Uplands. Mr. Mailes was quite well known hehe and wns at one time a resident of Covina. Funeral services were held at, Orange, Cal., on Tuesday, July 20th. night. In the morning, Doc Reed was up at -1 o'clock, He was getting home- sicker every hour and kept us push- Ing right along; through Santa Bar barn, Ventura, over I lie grade anil through the valleys, he gave us no peace, "lilt 'er up, hit 'or up," was- always his cry,and the result w< reached Covina just after the shades of night had fallen---tired, happy, and great heavens! so dirty! It was i>. great trip. To suminarl/o: The San Joaipiln and Sacramonh vullevs havo brilliant futures. Then is room for millions there. Oregon Unit is, Western Oregon. Is a night mare. The roads are so awful; tlu mountain passes were cattle trails The Rogue and Willamette valleys are natural paradises; nature has done everything,man nothing. Wt> decided that as that country lias every advantage, man lays back am lets nature hustle. Here in this dis trict, nature does nothing and nun hustles. The result: ! hoi o---abandon ed houses, orchards overgrown wiihj I'ei us and weeds and general sliil'lless- i ness rampant; here---new houses CUM yu hoiv. nil hards that show intelligent care and general prosperity lii^lii on deck. This is I he way things impressed us. I; was a Hying trip and our uow point may be entirely hug-lioiiM'. liul for our paiiy. "tlod's country" is right here and rit;hl hero u e Mas until called alms e mas be. 11. M GIVKV It works from rise for a few Light on the Subject. "I havo never yot known of a burglary at a house where a porehllght was burning," said a well known chief of police, while attending the National Convention of Police Superintendents at Buffalo, New York, recently. "The porch-light is the best watchman that has ever been placed on guard over home and property, sun down until sun cents; It never falls asleep or leaves I hi post. "Show me a burglar, a sneak thief, a Iramp or a veranda climber, who will approach within the protecting circle of a porch-light's glare, and I show you a fool. No n'mht prowler is brave make self. "A dog can be poisoned, and burglar alarms are uncertain, bin a good clear burning veranda lantern is right on the What Constitutes Baseball? The essential apparatus of baseball Is simple and inexpensive. All that. Is required is a field, a stick, \.he ball Itself and police protection for the umpire. One advantage of the game as played professionally Is that those sitting In the grand stand can play the game a great, deal better than the eighteen men on the diamond. It is true that, any one of the spectators, even tlio'.igh perched on a telephone pole across the street or looking through a knothole fn the fence beyond right field, can judge of the pitcher's skill or the runner's fleetness much more intelligently than the arbiter who stands behind the battery. The great merit of the game Is that the people can participate in it. It is not like bridge whist. Its science Is not synonymous with silence. The tiling to do Is to take off your coat and root as long and as loudly as you can, oven if you don't know what Is happening. Causes of Failure. So many men are Inclined to attribute their failure in business to any cause but the real one that special interest attaches to an array of facts bearing on the subject published in Bradstreets. After pointing out that failures in the United States during the year 1908 numbered 14,044 as against !0,2(15 In 1907, the writer, taking those of last year, classifies the cause of failure as follows, basing statistics upon the number of failures in each thousand: Lack of Capital f!42 Incompetence 21G Disaster, etc 1 SO Fraud 115 Inexperience 40 Neglect 22 I'nwise credits 20 Failure of others IS Competition 18 Kxtravagance 10 Speculation 10 Veterinary Locates. Dr. A. R. Wiley, a graduated veterinary surgeon, has made his location in Covlna, where he Intends to build up a practice in his profession. Dr. Wiley has taken a home with his family on East Center street, coming here from Long Beach. enough or foolish enough to an illiiminnted target of him- Job every minute, sympathy for the I have very little dark-house people who get themselves robbed and murdered. Now that porch-lights have come into such general use the dark- house is doubly dangerous, because they are the only material left, that night thieves can work upon in safety." McCand! ess- McCoy. On Thursday of last week Mr. Fred-rick McCandless and Miss Mattie McCoy sloie a march on thoir many expectant friends and were quietly married by Rev. Harry While, pastor of the Covina Methodist Church, at. his summer home at Balboa Beach. The event remained a complete secret for many days, as the groom took the precaution to secure his license at Santa Ana. The young people are wt-ll known in Irwindale, where the groom is a successful o.'ango grower. He Is also an actis", practical worker in the Republican party. New Store Opened. Tss-oniey i<: Oilier, the lirm ss ho havi been operating an implement store in Cos ina in the Platt huildiiu-', lias o| 'filed a bit; branch store across the si reel, next lo the First Nalit-.n;'! Bank, svhorc this tirm lias put 1n a big line of ii:i. r dss al e. The I s\ o stores will tie run in conjunction as blanch of Mie main store in Pomona. Mr. l>il]cr. tile local member of I lie lirm ssill have juris,lid ion over both the Cosina Mores, and the i;e\s bram h ssill be Klioss'.! as the C'isiiia ll.ilduaiv Coin pans The s'.oii i> alr.'.iJx Moilo'd ssiib a i'i~ and up'o date line ot -lood^-. \Mi-lilloi. is < aili-d to then I'U dl.^pla.s ;-ds cM i.-M-iM-i,! in I lu> i>M\.. -.1. Prof. W. J. Newsom, the newly elected principal of the Covina grammar school, with his wife, will move to Covina next week. Hugh Cass, head salesman in the Broadwell dry goods store for the past three years, left Thursday for Wolcutt, Colorado, where his wife preceded him several months ago. The change was imperative on account of Mrs. Cass's health. This popular young couple have made many friends in Covina, who hope that the health of Mrs. Cass may so Improve that they will be able to once again reside In Covina. No. li!) 11 G. IX THK SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS AN OELES. In the matter of the application of the Covlna Methodist Episcopal Church, a corporation, for leave to mortgage real property. ORDER TO PUBLISH NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION. I'pon reading and filing tho petition of tills date presented by the Covina Methodist Episcopal Church, of Co- \lna, California, a corporation formed for purposes oilier than profit, for an order authorizing and directing petitioner to mortgage the following described real property situated in the City of Covlna, County of Los Angeles, State of California, described as follows : Lots fifteen (15), sixteen (16), seventeen (17), in block three (3), of the City of Covina, as per map recorded In hook !>, pages 3 and 4, Miscellaneous records of said county. It is ordered that on Friday, the liotli day of July, P.iOlt, at 10 o'clock a.m. of said day, or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at the court room of Department .S of this Court, in tin- Courthouse in the City of l.o.s Angeles. State of California, ue and the same is hereby fixed and appointed as the time ami place for hearing saitl application ami any objections Unit may be to the Paints, Paiifting Decorating, Kalsoming, Wall Paper, Papering, Carriage and Automobile Painting. Crockery, Chinaware Lamps, Fancy and Plain Dishes NEW STORE IN ODDFELLOWS' BUILDING KISTLER & KEELING Home Phone 51 The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing mm Automatic Valvclcss and Wickless Oil STOVE at Fabrick's Hardware Store Electrical Wiring, Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons 1 All kinds of repairs. Estimates furnished. Agent for LEAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE CO. 620 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal. R. B. WINDER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Home Phone 1068 115 N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal. WHERE DO YOU EAT? it is further ordered that notice to all persons interested in the matter of said application b • .ahen by pu!di- taiion of a copy of thi:* order in the Co-. in,i A'-LMIS. a AeoUly newspaper 1 published :n lite City of Co\HUt. ' Coin,1.. of I .os Aliueles. St:.te of Call- I fiiri.ia. 01,i e. oil ti.e L'llh day of .Inly. ,>f I'"' 1 '. Ever Eat in Our Cafeteria? If you have not, trj' it the next time yon come to Los Angeles. In the first place, you save money—but not at the expense of your stomach. In the second place, you save time, which is quite an itn- porcant item to the suburbanite. When you eat at our cafeteria you do not have to wait a long time to g-et served. You help yourself. You see how everything 1 is prepared and know that the food that you eat is as appetizing- and clean as it you prepared it yourself. And you don't have to give tips. Ideally Located For the Suburbanite Boos Bros. Los Angeles Cafeteria is directly across the street from the Pacific Electric Ry. Station. Look for the name on the window. When you have finishsd your shopping 1 you can lunch here and get your car right at the door. You'll enjoy eating here, because there's a home-like atmosphere about the plar.e. The food served is the best procurable and is served in best home-style—"just a little better than anywhere else"- -people say. The linen is snowy-white and the whole place is tempting in its cleanliness. Now just try a meal here, it" only for once. LOOK FOR OUR NAME ON THE WINDOW. Lunch. 11 till I'. Dinner. ."> n> 7 :oi>. (>ur ."nli Sj. ('ul'etena serves luvakt'ast ITU in 7 till !• ::{i> ;m>l is tipeii Sm;<iay>. LOS ANGELES BRANCHES -211 West Second Street; 321 West Fifth Street

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