Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 15, 1969 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1969
Page 12
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2—B THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1969 If MAHARAJAH CONTEST being sponsored by local civic clubs. Who will the lucky person be? Here, with harem dancers Pat Lacey, Barbara Davenport and Marilyn Buck, an unidentified prospect hopefully sits. The. contest is being conducted in conjunction with the Red Stocking Follies, proceeds from which will go toward purchasing coronary care equipment for the Good Samaritan Hospital. Local clubs participating are: the Noon Day Optimist club, sponsoring for Maharajah Henry Fenton; Breakfast Optimist Club sponsoring Art Leffler; Lions Club sponsoring Wrlburn Davis for Maharajah; Rotary Club sponsoring Alan Fry and the Ki- ivanis Club sponsoring Stan Koziara for Maharajah. The public is invited to vote for the Maharajah of their choice at the Security Bank, tne First National Bank, the Bank of Illinois, the Good Samaritan Hospital or any one of the aforementioned clubs. At the present time, the Lions Club is leading with proceeds of $19.00 from Uieir recent "auction." The Red Stocking Follies will be presented at the Mt. Vernon high school auditorium on January 23 and 25th. BETTY CANARY If Winter Comes, Enjoy! By BETTY CANARY I made my decision while raking leaves last fall. When the ifiows came. I'd be ready for them. I don't mean I'd have a bag of salt ready for the steps or the snow tires on. After all, one doesn't change one's entire way of living in an instant. My decision was to see this winter's weather the way the poets do. You know what I mean. The icicles would no longer be just icicles. By my eye they would be transformed into sparkling stalacities in winter's cave. And, I'd look at the huge old cherry tree outside my bedroom window and not worry about that branch — the one I*m sure will come crashing through the roof with every storm. No, I'd gaze serenely at its black branches and notice only soft white puffs of snow clinging to them, the way Katherine Mansfield would-do, and, like her, I'd see cuddly snow puppies. then, with the yellow sun and the crispy leaves and the tangy air of autumn, I could see myself merrily whistling my way through the ice of January. Tf we went away for a weekend the way we did last winter, I told myself as I leaned on 1he rake, and we came home to discover nn outside faucet hadn't been turned off and frozen pipes had burst and flooded our yard and the street, why, I wouldn't chastise my children. Never cry over spilt milk o 40,000 gallons of water, T would fay cheerfully to them. Yes, I'd minimize the damage and help my children sec the magic. "Lnok! Our own skating pond!" Thai's what their mother turned poe«ess would say. Oh, I could hardly wait! Hcre- io:'ore I had only read one poem about winter that seemed to come close to my way of thinking about it. Somewhere somebody said: "The Snow, the snow! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" and that said it for me. But I knew that I could bring m.vrelf to see winter as most poets see it. At night I would see banks of white under a black velvet canopy of sky. At dawn I would see mounds of glittering diamonds brought to life by the rising sun. The Wonder of it all. That's what I'd see! And I still intend to see it. I may even write my very own pc.'m about it. I'm going to do it just as soon as I get •hw load of snow pants and mittens into the dryer and right af:er I get the pipes thawed under the kitchen sink so I can get water to mop up the puddles in the back hall where all those b< cts are dripping. NEWS BRIEF NOORDWIJERHOUT. Netherlands (AP) — Pope Paul VTs renewal of his church's ban on artificial methods of birth control has been rejected overwhelmingly by the Pastoral Council of the Dutch Roman Catholic Church. The layman-dominated council, which seeks to represent the nation's five million Dutch Roman Catholics, voted 100-4 Wednesday to reject the Pope's birtli control encyclical. The country's seven bishops voted with the majority. The council also reiterated its support for the new Dutch catechism "in its original form," The Vatican has ordered certain amendments to the catechism, which suggests that some basic I church doctrines may be sym- i bolic rather than factual. 73& Betfy Crocker's Layer Type ; Mixes 3 om WITH * COUPON * Save 40c - Instant Msadow Gold's "BLUE VALLEY' • Vanilla • Chocolate • Strawberry "We Reserve the Right to Limit" "NONE SOLD TO DEALERS" ce Cream half gal. I MUNCH-A-BERRY MONKEY TOAST-EM °e£ PEANUT BUTTER BUFFALO TOAST-EM X BANANA SUPREME CAKE MIX Duncan Hines ,9 ; kl , ADAMS UNSWEETENED Orange Juice ^ 45c VLASIC SWEET PICCALILLI ,6 ;°39c SOLID AIRWICK 69c "POTPOUSU!" CHOCOLATE OR PLAIN OVALTINE 6JO °; 39c BRAG BROOMS Ea(h $1.35 SHINE-UP—16-OZ. 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