Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 6, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1943
Page 4
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O «*f ^Hn 1 * ..... ..«.......-.^ ope Stoir HOPS STAR, HOPS, »; Pr«U fy 18. 1 , iJdnuofy 18. 1929. . Inc. orxj Ale*. H. Wfcshbum) lno, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hof* Ark. , " u C. t PALMER, Pf«to»rtt " , H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publlthtr ds second class matter at the e ot Hope, Arkansas, under th« lit March 3, .1897. |AP)—Means Associated Press "r Nevrtpoper Enterprise Ass'n. Subjection Rat« (Always Payable in •"-" iBy city carrier, per week 15c; , Nevada; Howard, Miller and counties, $3.50 per year: else' w i* ! Member of The Associated Pr*ut The 14 Associated Press is exclusively entitled to Jf, «w us« for republication of all news dis- -" Catches credited to rt or not otherwise o credited m this paper-and also the local published herein. ; National Advertising Representative— pxvBihantos Dallies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn.. ft^Stertek Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- ""r'rlfloh Avenue, New York City, 292 Madison f Av«.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; ,.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdq.; New jh Orleans. 722 Union St.. , i,."!» . . J. Hold Everything Gvacta9canct[ Dicsry Based orVthB Thursday, May 6, 1943 BY RICHARD TREGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. ft. HAZILTON copft. 1x3 ay M* stavitt. rttc.'T.'M~ftge: ttVfAt^yf. "You'd better try another spot with that sign, chumU'/-'~~ -Ourflyars.bombed the landing parties . . ." "Heavy artillery streng.hened'our coast defenses/• "The men saHn circles, readingISmS C U^ U/V 1 .' A IJ I? I TS I • ^ 1 —. I niC mrtf ninrr *n*n Wrt^H^l »t. * t "T*f t IT>»-» > •» «•-« «U*M.» i*n«.*.__. . "Mysterious fires were sighted at Savo beach " SIDE GLANCES ByGalbraith .V ||^ L'1941 BY.NEA SERVICE. 1^1. T. M. REC. U. 8."PAT. OFF. "Yes, bull'ni almost old enough to enlist in the Marines 1 1 feel like Benedict Arnold when everybody aSks how's •my sister doing in the WAACsl" ..ODNDAY, AUGUST 3 l-Thi«r morning 'we heard that TUFSDAV ^FPTPMnn-R i vv. „„. .u j ^-, . , - -- ••-, •••— «»•= oiymcu ui JUYO uoacn. ^ssKKHft-K-.^^- *-»—»-£Sa:i M^jSSSSiSSE -K3SJ^^JWS-JS= : tic! |« night trying £ 1^'foS^KoIi ^in^boS 20 3r "o bi^bl Thb r^vsS^ns fcn" ^ ?T Sad{S " P",' Huhrt con^mnd"^. V^. ™1 .1 buque, Iowa, was wounded in the leg and 1 talked to him. be frightened .and cautious. SL them «v^l r ? "'"? C 'r Sat ab ° Ut J" drcl " mand f 10 " rotla y ' folm<l thc ^"ri"* R«idcr office h^rd SHS5S5S3-SS scanty schedule of two meals. Drawing, copyright. 19«. by King Future, Syndlf.te.'lne. Text copytlrtt. 1948. bv Rnnrtmr, Hmi, FUNNY BUSINESS • j -- •• ••- ..«iv. i\.» vv,iujv. fop trouble . 1 wo more correspondents have arrived. They arc Tom (Continued tomorrow) Distributed br King Feature. Syndicate In co-oper.tlon with thc n n ok. e f.the-Mnnlh Club. Inc. m%%?z**r/',-/, '/'./.' ' ' r. "I think'you can make soup with it once more, dear!" Wash Tubbs Anyway, He's Frank By Roy Crane WELL. PON T BE D(S<:OtJRA6ED BECAUSE WE'DIDN'TSI6HT A U-BOAT yOUR FIRST TIME OUT, EASV. ^THERE-ARE FELLOWS IN COITAL COMMAND WHO'VE BEEN FLy(W6 ALMOST EVERV DAY FOR TWO YEARS AMD HAVF NEVER SIGHTED ONE ON THE OTHER , HAMO.LASTSUMMERl 1SI6HTED FOUR IN TWO HO'w'MANy OFTHEMDID you GET, STOOP? NONE.' THREE OF THEM OWED .BEFORE I'COULD SET.'/NTO POSITION I' ; THE OTHER WAS A' PUSH OVER—AND WHAT HAPPENED? WW,1 60T 5O'EX- CITED i WAS ALL THUMBS. THAT'S HOW I SOT THE NICKWAME'SroOPJi .--IT STANDS FOR STUPID S-6 Donald Duck ts "**'• > *^m: —But Elephants Never Forget! I WANT T'BUV THAT BIG WOOD CLAMP/ WELL. GOING T'DO A LITTLE CAROENT£f?ING, HUH? londie By Waif Disney Unrewarded Knowledge! L ^ tCy l».irx» t faom Si«Ja. : « fat. WjtU ..^J.u m-r-rf EWAMIMATIOM IM SCHOOL TOPAV--I HAP ALL THE ANSWERS CORRECT Boots and Her Buddies By Chic Young IF I MAP ^ AMSWEREPALL THOSE QUESTIONS ; "RISMTOMTHE < RAPIO, I WOULD ) . UAVE6OTTEM j SIXTY-FOUR I POLLARS/ < Huh? VCtrS^D Or Ot /WtNDV ) TO :_r By Edgar Martin ^ <f HHZt VOO «8E .fcUFTVE.1 NOOS P\.M®b;\ttWWS> -\Q HE^WKVJt OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R.Williams GE i RIGHT DOWM FROM THERE.' I'LL HAVE TOO SERIOUS A TIME GET " TIWG VOUR BROTHER TO PAIMT THE S WITHOUT VOU WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Haople I'LL. GO GBT ^ E6AD,F/XTHER/ PUFF-PUFF.'; BVE-M THE <5LAME6 WHO ^- TJOM'T ROVJED TUB SPXLLEV6 OF j]J STOP MOVO, AMD <=>E& IF IS THE: SUFF&REO LB6S CRUEL THFstt THE _. HORTICULTURIST/ PUFF -FF/ -— x FEtLLlKHAx IM , 60T 1. TO COMSRPCTULrXTE SOU— — VOU'ME: NOKs- STOP FOR TvOO MlMOTES/ IT'S A SEYM PAGE IM Red Rider A Breathing Speel By Fred Harrrton SHOT— HOPE TH' ENGINEER THAT— NOW'S TH' AND VJITKTHE SHRIU. BLAST — THE WHISTLE - BUCKING OFF THE SuRPRISEt5 TRMNJ KO&0ER5 AS f?Ex> RTDER RELOADS-' i Popeye 'Full Steam Ahead!" Thimble Theater AHoy AUMT JOMES, UJHAT BRANDS MOMMA IS LUITH VOUR "POPPA r (DAIT. SOM-THERE'S A<5HIP "SAILING J~" —TfRlDAV rK ^^Mf^ THE HECK UDIT' A <SHIP_ I VAM IW'A "—THURRV i •* V Alley Oop Sounds Ominous By V. T. Hamlin ' IF THE "^ LANN THINKS WE'CE SETTEE OFF WITH VQU IN JAIL, 60 DO I.' VOU'LL SET NO HELP NOW WAIT...LEMME TELL VOU SOMETHING..THE NACZ.I6 HOPED FOil /\ QUICK VICTORN WITH THEIR OVECWHELMIN6 A.IB FOBCE... BUT THEV DIDN'T QUITE MAKE IT. DID THEV? DO'TDL) KNOW WHY THEY HAVEN'T PUT OUT ANY NEW TYPE PLA.NES LATELY ? NO...A.NO NOW WE'VE 6UCPASSED THEM...MOCE. EEA.6ON WHY WE CAN SET AA.ONG WITHOUT VOU/ THEV REALIZE THE FUTILITY OF TRYING TO MrXTCH U6 IN E\\6TING TYPE AJBCEAFT, SO THEY'VE CONCENTGWED ON SOMETHING FA.C. MORE DEADLV... '...WHICH XNILL "V B&VOLUTIONI2E ^, WR-WAvRFACE.' CAUGHT OFF BALKNCE, OUC PLA>NE5 WILL BE MA.DE OB60LETE OVL1R NIGHT..., BV BOCKET6/ G05H... , IS ITTHOT B^O? r HMM-? DECIDE DLV IF TEUE v\0/V ri^ Freckles and His Friends ». BEG. U. 8. Mf. OIF, Making a Mystery By Merrill Blosser SKIDOO MAS BEEM DYIN& ON ITS FEET. BOYS/ YES. 1 HOW DOES THIS SOUND? YOU AMD LARD DIG UP A STORY ABOUT SOMETHING THATS HAPPENED OM THE CAMPUS —OR. SOMETHING THAT COULD HAPPEM/--- GIVE IT MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE AND FILL THE READERS' MIWDS LONGER USED BY SCIENCE CLASSES? WHY IS THE GLASS PAINTED BLACK. —AND WHY is THE DOOR ALWAYS LOCKED? WITH QUESTION r\AARKS o "wwwWwea-srtMgMWIBpJflB

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