Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 10
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TEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1915 2:* Initiated By Odd Fellows Group Point a tUi Saille Ann Slev«r, Shirks DeJorea Sieadman arid Bus Marie Theis, . LaTaun Martell Trenton, Elolse U-e Twiyg, Mary 'Evelyn Tyler, Do- roihea Mae Vandev*nder, Marian Lee Wa&h, Pearl Ada ! r Welton, Elsa; ncr Jane William*, Ellen Magdalene j Williams and Mary U>c Wright. s | • Deun Anthony also announced I^otljjo Ti. I. O. O. F initiated! that the week preceding March 22 ;s of WMiiy-three a', iw riieet-| ntts been set aMde Ui the college his *t.ei;, th« laiKf.-.t >>l»Kleicalendar for mia-semeswr admitted to membership t in) t i ons . . Personal and General Pawtuxeia Naval f, W. Va., March SO-Qiiecnsj . the lodge '.In the 70 years of its, ' 1st n-c the lie ikiafl of J'lilios LodBtj 0 ! * No. 91. WC'islmuwi,. j fow Grand Herald Brown Kooken -•-""* thf grand lorfg brought greetings fr«;» Grar.(U a . «j»u:esi Prllt. and Gsand Secretary ;l>u:;ioawl, of Unit jurisdiction'. Tliej iht local! inhere 'will be an executive board PrtAbyi«rliiri Church torabr- irn:i:c<llEtely followfnf services. . : . ' c : of "Mirviand'! Jktf:i - Hobert T. Coffman received Wednesday from he " Robert T. Coffman he has been returned Air Base, where) .hey visited Lt. and Mrs. Harleyj Staggers. :. The Ladles Auxiliary {o the lire company held a vegetable soup Kale at Miss Ethel Smith's store this morning. Mi's. Ruby Hiimtr Stagjjs has received word that her husband, Sgt. Rollar.d Staggs, IIILS arrived safely In France. Mrs. Slauiry Danulc and infant on. have rvturned to their -home, 183 E. Street, from Potomac Valley . .. Mrs. Lucille Chapman has received word that her husband, Harry E. Chapman, 1-c AMM. has been traniltrrt-d from Quonset Point, R. I., to the Naval Air Station at San Diego, Calif. Mrs. Edgur Colu has returnee from Brooklyn, N. Y., where she ... Animal Dinner R«v. Carl .8.'Jotuu-or, oj Pnrb, \v.;P«>muKa to the rank of major, He , m ,„,<.„ vjs j,i, )g relatives for'tlie Va. Brunei miisuT of the jurisdiction;" 5 aW' 10 "**! In. England -with the-past week. . " " W. Va.,. March 10.—The annual Honor Society dinner was held by Davis and ifaomas high schools at the Worden Hotel. Wednesday evening, in Davis. Those present were Stellman W. Harper, principal of Thomas High; Ira L. McDowell, principal of Davis High; Mrs. P. C. Clark. Miss Prances Mamish, .and Cart Dumlre, faculty'id- visors, Joseph Johnson, Iris Shaffer,! Betty Wicginan, Mary Alice Poling,' Barbara Di Bacco, Naomi Edwards, Joyce Chenoweth, Curol Myers, Joan Ghost and Miriam Lipscomb. Girts' Athletic League Elects Miss Lily Aronson, physical edu- ohd "Tlie Message of Ca)vary n was read by Mrs/Janet Means. . ... The program, presented, by Mrs Franch Vandwnder, consisted of & .group of readings, "My Hope" and "Faith, Lost and Found", by Mrs. Leon Steyer, relating of a bible story by Mrs. William Shreve and bible contest winners were Mrs. Btcyer and Mrs. Means. Brief Mention Pfc. John H. Gaver is spending a 31-day recuperation leave at th« home of His. parents, Mr.' and Mrs. John M. Gaver, of Davis, after serving with the 208th Infantry In the at Virginia. " Whs ' ornciua!" I5 8th General Hospital. o{ Mr. and Mrs. x " •.viTi! Qneen-ii Pvliit, 1'huiniiK lodsc, F'iulos WffclPrnixirt; Ohascn-F'nwids !•__„... , Kenui lodge. Mlne!al. l!lc "". BiM Piedmont street, «• Arthur Aikty and He Is the i p^; ..John Miunick has. been Coitrnan, j rrai ^{ err{ .,j from Camp BarkSey, • [Texas,'',to Oulton General Hospiiul, cation instructor .at Davis High days In Davis and Thomas. School and sponsor of the.recently Aleutian months. Islands He will for the past 18 report to r Camp Gruber, Okln., for reassignment at the end of his leave. Pvt- Gaver's wife and daughter reside in Thomas Lt. and Mrs. Garland Arnold and daughter, Priscilla, have returned to Ephrata, Wash.,- after spending 30 infant Pert Dix, N. J. . . Elk Garden; Ashtvillc. N. c.;i'' ut «m a c Valley Hospitivi, Mary Carole:'returned to . ' Mrs , c'torge ' Michael and two - on Mineral ^tree; frDrn| SQI1Sr o[ ^ A u en iown. Pu., have moved to the home o( her mother, Mrs. At larlio.<> close.'.-'of- Mount Uie , . ; Belhd Brown received svord,j . H «, A. Brown, on Mineral street, ..... '""" ""' "~ '" Lee !for the duration while Mr. Michael .vfs<inn iln-'t' 531 her husband, Pvt., Goldii; •if Ht i U'kah' BrQWIi arrived in France. Guests at the home of Charles organized Girls' Athletic League,': F. Hlnkle are Mr. and Mrs. Johi announced the following new offi-juirle and son, John, Morgantown jeers: ; . |Mrs. Randall Thomas and'daughter Miss Betty Wlegman, president;!Josephine, and Mrs. John Schew Miss Ruth Gnegy. vice president; Baltimore. MLss Ethelyn Goodlng, • secretary;! Mrs. G. D. Good and daughter MLvs Betty Johnson, treasurer; MlssjMrs, O. O. McDowell are spending Patty Patterson, publicity and artlthis week'in Pittsburgh. lod^e iorved reireihmt-nl.':.' W. S. ('. S. li»% .MectiiiK The W, 3. c:.--''S. .of Hcrstfs Chapel o: J.;ii7.;ilX'(!i • Giiruin. New Creek. ( t with' U)ii. following prO'^rum :in;^uli "Ls.^nmtl;,. riitti-pp'of Eliziibcih TU-hncllt Hymn.,' *••' M.;.Tnnd.v is 111 '•juiiLs Saves;" i.p.rayiT. EluabetliSE^t Vwdmoni sireei. Ti[.'j!r,f!l; ncriplurei'reading. Maitie' serving In the Armed Forces. : of Pieflrr.ont, \v.-Va., operation at Poto-i manager. chairman; JRegina Ingram, drama chairman; Iris Shafler, business : Poiiue'mup. anti Mr.-=. Oavid Tro\>p| R ona i t j flre -visiting .relatives in Washing- j underwent ton. D:;C. „,,,,. -"^Ji,^i,j i tfl " c Valley'Hof.pUttri.hIs morning.* The"League is composed o^ Junior : ' v - M...U>yerwltn« a Ja-day iisnough i-. •OarUbBd.!" 1 " iss Mamk) .. . his home. :^,,^.~ .^..iv, c , .. r =«5'- R^:hsrd Sanders .returned W Kli> leather- ForL Mcade, Md.: rtfter Bpcndlng a 30-cln.v. '/iirlouuh-.with his. .parents, ;sr.d .. . Mr. slid Mrs.' Gay Sunders: jii.iii, Frauces JJorothv- Jean Tfchncil Rrports, .Hilda'.. Our •: treasurer, The next mc-eUn K M-,!| be at thc-!^ ( ^« of..the death of his .'.father, liumc of-EJla-'Ucnviira. April "J. v,-iihi Up -' nftrtl ' : .H- <1 Cl«vcngi-r. ,. ' Mattlij Critcs in i-hai'rii: <>{-\\\e. pro- :- El\vot.<l "Pcif" Rice is a patient (.•ram. Al-.-r rtpeatiiiR the mono, «t"Un'°n Memorial K=spi;=ij; ;BaltI- r'efiesh'ui«i«s were^si-rvcd.. . j more, Md., where ho recently under- atlenclln^ ' w,.rc Fraiief.'3r*' et >!. aii openitiDii. May Ashby; R N ;and Senior classes and its colors ure ji gradiuue of University "Hospital', blue and while. Tlie^clsss llqwer is CharlotlesvUle, Vs.. -and.-: daughter • --• --•••- > Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Splggl aud son, George Allan, and Mis Mary Eihelmaun are visiting it Grafwn. .. • • .. Mr. nnd Mrs. Leonard Kompsk have received word their son, Pf< red rose, and the emblem, a winged i Leonard Komoski, is hospitalized i of Mr. and ifrs. G. T. Ashby, Spring loot. T .J*'.rert. minted In the Army Nursc'monthly. Corps, and was commissioned a] foot."" The league meets Bible Class Meets u-0 Clevengcr Camp Fan- Cross vvlu meet Monday nignt; nt iiln.-.lexsw w.vs called -home .•bc-l 7:30 ,p. t . lot . fci at [hc Po{orrmc Ed!i . on Second Lieutenant ai Fort Meado, !: The Meri-Beih Bible CUiss of. the Mdll on March 2. ' .: . Metho4ist Church met a recen^eve- The Executive Board of the Red Mrs.' Ellen Neill from . Martinsburg, W. irolurncd R;. where she has been visiting relatives. The of domestic sliver for '.Vil|i' V:i!ci)£liiC,! Hichurd -Llewellyn. R.M, 3-c, re- ;siiverware, liens nncl pencils,- church nihg at the home of Mrs. G. D. • -semi- Belgium. Mrs. William Buckley Is visitin her brother and sister-in-law, M and Mrs. Charts Mooney in Ba timore. • : •:. • . - '.- ~ Mrs. Anna Swantek Is the gues 'ri-Toicns Hears of Red Cross Work Tri-Towns, March; 10—Twcnty- ,ve dollars was ordered .donated to he Piedmont Chapter of the Amer- can Red Cross Thursday evening at he. meeting of the Parent-Teacher sscciation at Piedmont H i g; h School, i Mrs. Colleen CoUettc; home dcm- nstratlon representative of the Potomac Light and Power Company organized a food class which will ueet once a week for five weeks. Principal Vernon A. • Staggers poke of the work the Red Cross is doing and showed a moving picture 'The Red Cross at His Side." Miss Irene Johnson, member of :he faculty of the Piedmont grade school, led the devotions. The fifth grade students presented a piay, "In :he Doctor's Office," and sang a roup of Irish songs. Parents of those having pupils h :he fifth grade were awarded the attendance banner. Mrs. Raymond C. Hudson, Mr; Lester McNemar, Mrs. Ormal Hoover and Rodney Baker were named members of the nominating com mittee to select officers to serve nex year. Refreshments were served b; the hospitality committee. Service Center Notes The Westernport Service Cente has taken over the sponsorship the plaque in the yard of St. Jame Episcopal Church, Main stree Westernport, which contains th names of the persons of the'West ill observe -"Adult's Tuesday evening. A ram feature. ' Brief Mention A Tri-Towns amateur show con- Istlng of vocal, Instrumental and ance numbers will be given at the Luke school nest.'Friday evening at :30. All amateur performers are Good with Mrs. Ted Collins assist- of her son and daughter-in-law, ing . : ' .The Devotional Service was Mr. . ivnd Mrs. in! Pittsburgh; Walter Maleonski. charge of Mrs. Rose Jones who r«adi Mrs. Mary Bcrgstrom has received and discussed the scripture lesson;word of the arrival of her husband, for. :: the evening. The prayer wasjT-Sgt. Harry Bergstrom, in Hawaii, offered by Mrs. Good and two vocal i Mrs. John Coombs and daughter. ernport voting district composed o Dr. Donald P. Whitworth, chairman Ernest Fleek, Arthur >"azenbake Hugh Wilson and Mrs. May Stow U Adams and the Victory Post No. 55 of the American Legion of Westr rnport, are co-operating. -."; Another wing will be placed on .the aflue »nd it will be repainted. It ontains more than' 500 naines and xty-ftve more will be added. Beginning; March 20, the Center Night" special each 'pro- be invested at the weekly: meeting. Brief excerpts from letters. froiii about 20 servicemen will l>e read av the Presbyterian . Church '• Sunday night during the evening- . wqrshiy Tlw pastor, the Rev, Robert L. Via' Ing, will <dispuss: "The Spiritual Conflict." Sixty-seven men are oh: tlj e church's honor roll. ; : rivited to participate. James E. Foreman, Mr. and Mrs. James Jr., son oi Foreman. 53 Jones street, Piedmont, who was graduated from officer candidate chool at Fort Belvoir, Va., a sec- md ^lieutenant, is visiting at his iome. Previously he was enrolled t the Virginia Military Institute, ^exlngton, Va. He is a graduate of Piedmont High School. Master Sgt. Francis Guy, son of ;ir. and Mrs. John T. Guy, 226 Walnut street, Westemport, received a complimentary writcup in the Tomahawk, weekly camp newspaper it Indiantown Gap, Pa. When he entered the service October 8, 1942, he was employed in the office of a Cumberland lumber company. He is the husband of Edna (Maxwell) Guy and has two brothers and a sister In the service, Sgt. Richard Guy of the Air Corps, a prisoner of Japan, and Henry Guy, is in Europe. Miss Ber- riice Guy, in the Army Nurse Corps, is stationed at Ashford General Hospital, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. The I,uke Girl Scouts will observe Scout week next week. Sunday they will attend their own churches. Monday night three girls will I Elk Garden "•"••'''• Red Cross Drive Endinr Elk Garden, W. Va., M»rch. 1(K The Red Cross war fund drive, which opened here last • week, . Ml! draw to a close on Saturday, it w&s announced today by Dewey .pick, chairman, i . . - ! • Solicitors are Earl Prills, and Wayne McCauley, Sloan; Edgai Barricks, Cross; Mildren Schwlna- bart, Blalne; Eileen Dialing-and Lawrence Idleman, Hartmonvilic; Faye Dlxon and Albert Schwina- bart, Sulphur; Betty Norman, Alverda Thomas, Lucy Colabrese ar.a Mildred Burgess, Elk Garden; S. T. McGee, Elk Garden school; Rey. R. D. Prince, churches; Alma Sowers. No. 6; C. E. Heed, Emeryville, and George Harding. Oakmont: Kliziibc'lH ' Corbin, E1U LVavcrsjUirned to Norfolk. Va.. alter • spend- numbers were rendered by Mrs.I Louise, are guests of relatives inj Janet Means and Miss Naomi Ruth!Baltimore, Md. Hilrt;i Our;;. Mnrtha Martin, IjRiithPrman. MaLlie C'M!I:.S. _..... p ittul r'a'.-ty Flint.--. Dorothy Jnun,; il . ls Buddy and Eliirtbcth Tichnell. KllRl.lilc'To Ciradualc W D. Authors)'.-ac.tinsi dtnn short.leavt- with his wife nnd ;•;' : He wns accompanied by as far a.» Washington, D. C. Willinrn T. Ojrsey. Indian-1 goods, jewelry. . watch cases, and!Jones. Mrs. L«e Moore read a pocm.j Mrs. Semour Dumlre Ls visiting; other: non-essential Hems has bcenj-Tlie Touch of His Hand on Mine";;friends in Morgantown. | restricted to 50 per cent of the usage rate of 1941. or,: Potomac' st >i t.c college, i street. reporss that the following-..47 stu- ; . rliL'iblc 'for cii(,it>ie.ior jtowiv Gap,-Pa., Is spending a shorti December 3Ist may be the short-i !, .. lvis ^ onle on piedmont est day. in the .-year, but iwo othcri days arc responsible lor the latest; sunrise;and'the'earliest sunset. The! l\ Fret! Huffman and Charles Dodd, 'ooth of Keys^r. are medical pailents latest sunrise occurs .about- : J«n^ --------- , V; ,, ------ , , i- they'cr-mpletc tjiiTscnies-i a ' Potomac Valley Hospital. . junr>-"6th,. while'the enrliest sunse itltM with suf I iclclu honor i Mr.s. Olcta Bland and her father.! occurs about December_8th. Several others are .. Thi^ ten'.ntlvc list.of students In-duties' Linda Jane Adams. Bctly Jane Tinbb. Juan Josephine Btitiah- iiian.' VVilliam \Ventllng.Benli', Maxim 1 . BenprlT; Alice'Pi'rthcniii Black. Ann. Elizabeth'Ciirter. Mabel FJizn- Jjcvh Clower, ..'V • Mari-jirct . Lucille Crane. Evelyn Arline Critchflt'ld and'.:Dorls' : Jean DoHaven... • ,-.: .. : , . •/• . : Mary P:iirida 'Dtmuherty. Doris j KftUilcen Elrick; Betty , Jo Everiy,- Bernice Mac Fox,.MyitU Mae Fries.j Rose Elli'ii Harper. Vivian-Lorraine! Hart. Marion Harris Hartman. Betty] .Ian* 1 lieishmnn, Helen:'' MnrRarlta Ki i plinfier,'.S.Vra..Jani l Mnlohe. Eloree Jcmn MricDonald'and Iieric Virginia 1 McGuirp. •'• .: Mary M:irgarut Parsons. Maureen Pntchard. £leanor Ann Pritts. Clarice Ruth Ridenour, Jan«- .Riggs. Edna Adele Robinson, Dorothy Jants Rollins, Lillian Ernestine See. Dorp- t.hy Louise Shores. I.oulse.: Garst Elirabeth Wise Shu^art, Be Wise. ..Order Now! It now takes six months or more to get memorials from the quarries and Is felting worse. SVe urge you lo come In no» - and make your selection for Spring delivery while we have a complete slocfc to select from. . : BfW&Kl oi "cheap" prices D, R. Kitzmiller Memorials f ui Inr an frtnltlc appointment If'mQre conTrn Formerly the A. A. Roeder Co. Frederick at George St. Phone 3-7-9 Us* our stone burial t^iuit—Natural stone, nature's own product. The only vault that will stand the test of time underground. See us for further Information. '...' . •• .• Can You Afford To Be Without HOSPITAL-INSURANCE?; Should an accident or illness overtake you or a member of your family and it is necessary 1o be confined to a hospital . .'.'hove you provided the means of paying such bills? . . : Eliminate this financial worry by securing the liberal '.J : .:••'-;: •"''.' HOSPITAL EXPENSE POLICY Poltcie* Issued To Individual* or Family Group* The rates are low enough for every family- budget NATIONAL CASUALTY COMPANY AVe Will Gladly Discuss This Plan With You John J. Stump 21 N. Liberty St. Phone 2917 ^—Q—0—Q-fl-Q—Q—( REMEMBER WHEN —your mother come to visit school? The rest of the class giggled when you were called on to recite. Then she remained until school was dismissed and talked to the teacher about your progress or lack of it. Remember? ...luscious looking 123-125 tolttmcre Sf. Two More Outstanding Events In Our March Parade of Values! Shop Monday and Save! CIVE GIVE Hosiery Event! PAIR Here tHey ore! . . . Your favorite Roxy stockings in a beautiful, luxurious 48 gauge sheer! ... So lovely ^you'll save them for your dressiest frocks ... yet with an amazing durability that makes them ex- cellent values for office and general wear. Perfect qualify. Full fashioned.. Run resistanl welf,'with reinforced heel, and toe; : Sizes 8'/2 to 1CP/2. 2500 Glorious Now Cotton Frocks AT A PRICE FOR EVERY THRIFTY BUDGET! $ us 2J8 S.SS It's cotton pickin' time in our Budget Dress shops v/ith hundreds and hundreds of gloriously new frock^ waiting for you! ... Darling new styles you'i! wear now ond right through'summer,. . . Loveable, lub- able fabrics of a quality rarely found these days in dresses so modestly priced. Ginghams, percales, broadcloths and seersuckers. Sizes from 12 to 20 , and, note, 38 to 52! CUMBERLAND CLOAK & SUIT STORE 46 TO BB BftlTiMORE STRUT CUM B ER HMD

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