Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 15, 1944 · Page 24
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 24

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 15, 1944
Page 24
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TWENTY-FOUR SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1944 Dewey Gains In 18 States, Roosevelt In 14 Poll Shows Two Candidates Continue Almost Evenly Mulched in Term* of Popular Votes, Survey Reveals BY GEORGE GALLUP Director, American Institute of rubiic Opinion Princeton, N. J., Oct. 14—Latest balloting in the Institute's 48-sUte presidential survey shows Thomas E. Dewey gaining in 18 states since the latter part of September, and Franklin D Roosevelt in 14, while the situation remains unchanged In !6 states. In tenrus of the national perccnt- IgP Of— riomila . ••!! ^ — . • "1 L — ... nmnr oniiti votes. President Roosevelt continues to hold a slight lead as shown below. The figures do not include the political sentiment of men and women in the armed forces of . whom approximately 8.000,000 are of voting age. Polling is not permitted in the services " Civilian Voters Only '.Roosevelt si % Dewey 49 In terms of electoral votes, however, the President's total 3s less today than in the Institute's last state-by-state report September 24. At that time, on the basis of civilian popular votes, he had 384 electoral votes. Today his total Is 243. The change was brought about by the fact that three states which were listed In the Roosevelt column by a small margin in September, have dropped to the 50-50 line, with neither candidate ahead in the balloting. They are Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oregon. Connecticut has been added to the President's list since the September polling, but two other states, New Jersey and New Mexico, have Shifted from Roosevelt to Dewey, tho ballots Indicate. The electoral vote situation at present, and a comparison with Slot ember and August, is given Aujust 23 ; No. of Electoral » States Votes •; Roosevelt 28 286 . Dewey 20 245 September 24 No. of Electoral States Votes Roosevelt 38 284 Dewey 17 208 On the Line ..3 30 Today No. of Electoral ; States Votes - Roosevelt 25 243 i Dewey 19 228 • On the Line ..4 60 (It takes 268 electoral voles to win) MARYLAND Latest Gallup Poll figures show the presidential line-up In Maryland as follows: Today's Survey Roosevelt 52% Dewey 48% September 24 Survey Roosevelt 52% Dewey 48% It should be borne In mind that opinion sampling operations are subject to a nonnal error of three to four per cent. Therefors in the line-up of individual states in the accompanying box no state Is shown definitely In the column of either candidate unless he leads by 54 per cent or more of the civilian popular vote. Even though the baHoting shows Roosevelt holding a slight lead at present In both popular and electoral votes, when the possible margin of error Is taken into account the figures by no means preclude DEFINITELY FOR ROOSEVELT TODAY Electoral V»t« 8 S 12 U 10 9 23 & 14 12 11 4 4 n 4 8 (16 Slates) F. D. R. Dewey S. Car 91% 8% Miss. .....; 87 13'. Georgia 83 17 Ala 78 22 La 77 23 Ark 74 26 Texas 74 29 Florida 74 26 N. Car 71 29 Tenn 67 23 Virginia 64 36 Ariz.i 58 42 Utah 57 43 Kentucky .55 . 45 Rhode Island 55 45 Wash 54 46 C ha ace in F.D.K. V«l* since Sept. 24 —I +3 4-2 0 0 0 +2 -r3 4-3 +2 0 +1 0 0 158 25 3 4 8 8 3 18 10 8 .85 15 4 6 35 60 LEANING TOWARD ROOSEVELT (9 States) Calif 53 Nevada 53 Montana 53 Maryland 52 W. Va 52 Del 52 Mass 51 Okla »...51 Conn 5i - ON THE LINE (4 States) Missouri 50 N. Hamp 50 Oregon 50 Penna 50 47 47 47 46 4B 48 49 49 49 30 50 50 50 Electoral Vote - . 6 8 4 3 I 3 10 13 4 12 6 28 19 5 DEFINITELY FOR DEWEY TODAY : (13 SU(es) Dewey Neb 64% Kansas ....64 S. Dak 62 Wyoming 56 Vermont ....56 Iowa 56 Indiana. .....55 N. Dak ,..55 Wis 55 Colo. 55 Illinois ...........54 Mich 54 Maine 54 F.D.R 36% 39 # 38 44 44 44 45 45 45 45 46 46 46 121 25 11 4 16 4 47 107 i LEANING TOWARD DEWEY (S State;) Ohio 53 47 Minn. ,. ...52 43 Idaho ., N. J. ... N. Mex, N. Y, .. ..52 ..52 ..51 ..51 48 43 49 43 Change in F.D.R. Vote since Sept. 24 +2 —1 —2 „ -t —1 —1 0 +3 —1 +2 —1 -fi 6 0 0 0 —2 Total Roosevelt — 25 Slates, 243 Electoral Votes Total Dewey — 19 States, 228 Electoral Votes On the Line — 4 States, 60 Electoral Votes The latest Gallup Poll »ri the eleclten, illustrated in the abave map, sh»ws Roosevelt leading in 35 states with 243 ele?fcral .votes, Dewey is 13 states with 22* electoral voteJ, and sentiment dividing evenly (58-M) in four slates with 66 electoral votes. was appointed reporter and Wanda Komoski, song leader. Ruth Gnegy was elected president of the high school club, Dorothea., I,ee__Holcoin be, vice-president; Betty Wiegman, .secretary; and Janet Sayger, treasurer. Euna Woy- ick was appointed reporter and Iris Shaffer'song leader. Club leaders are 'Miss Frances Mamish, Miss Anna Bogdonovich and Mrs. Virginia C. Hughes. Girl's Interest Group The Girl's Interest Group of , the Women's.Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Jones, with Miss Rose Marie Jones in charge. ,The topic, "Choosing Our Leader" was discussed by the group. During the social hours Miss Naomi Jpries- was -prefented-wlth~a cake liT honor of her birthday. The club voted to hold a Hallowe'en party. Miss Ruby White became a member. Other guests were Miss Mary Crawford, Mrs. Charles Branum, Miss Delia Lee Everly, Mrs. WiUrva James, and Miss Mary Louise Jones. Twenty members were present. Brief Mention have been in the,same -units. They are John M. .Crawford, .MM2-c; James T. Jewell, CMl-c; Eugene Gollghtly, CMl-c and "Andy Arhar CMS-c. They *;ere recently stationed on New Hebrides. . Pfc. Herman M. Kenuard, Grand Island Army 'Air Field, Grand Island, Neb., .is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Kennard. Miss Flexia Borkoski returned from the Tucker County Hospital, Parsons. . Guests at the home of Mr.' and Mrs. Brady Harr are: Mr. and Mrs. Derizil Harr, Mrs. 'Larney Tucker and son, Larry, Miss Terrle Lee Tucker, .all of Fairmont; Smith Lelth.'Keyscr. . Guests at the home of \*r* .Tncnn Harmon are Mr. and Mrs. • Frank Sigwart, Mrs. Eston Harman and daughter, Betty Jo, of Morgantown; Mrs. W. V. Montoney, Mrs. W. W. Montoney, Columbus, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harman and. sons, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Harman and children, Webster Springs. Glenn L. Gooding, Huntington, is Cc^koyeir Cited By General Hayes •; ; •..»•• ..'•:.-'. •./A o •'..•.'• •..'•'• ; Cojiiui anile i for tWeritor- (VSer ( yice' .;,' Washington; Oct^ 1*4:- (£•)—U, Col. Charles E.' Royer, commanding officer'.of the Fort'Myer' armed forces induction station, was awarded p certificate 'of cpmme'ndaUpn today by Maj. Gen. PhilipHay*s, .Thlrc' Service Comrn&nd' head; for "meritorious and (outstanding service." The presentation was made nt Fort Myer by Lt. Col. E. A. Curran, service command recruiting and induction officer.. •..'-.-. A citation accompanying the certificate said that "in a position requiring utmost tact and patience he (Colonel Royer) has displayed great efficiency and cooperation ^ in the functioning of the station in processing recruits and selectees. "His sympathetic, Impartial and successful dealings with the public, in 'the limelight of the nation's capita!,'have reflected ^additional prestige upon the service and fostered a warm and friendly spirit among a large group of citizens, upholding the best traditions of the armed forces." , ' ' Colonel' Royer, • a native or Erie Pa.,- has lived at Bethesda, Md., fo; the past nine years. The Fort Myer induction statioi operates under the Third Servic: Command, the military area embracing . Maryland, Virginia ant Pennsylvania; The Texas Panhandle field is the largest- natural gas reservoir in the "™ here. Mrs. Bess Overstreet and son, x>»ivi iticiiuim .A»IA». .OCAS wversuecL ana sou, George Swartz, chairman for the [Fred, Mr. and Mrs. Powell Heiskell. clothing campaign recently conduct- 1 and Neil C. Heiskell, Morgantown, ed by the Methodist Church an- j were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. nounces five large cartons were ship- Meyer. peti for distribution' in Europe. His assistants were Mrs. Jack Green. Mrs. G. D. Good, Mrs. George • ' NOW THEY'RE 'SURE . Indian scenes in Columbia's se- ., ^ ... rial, "The Black Arrow," will be as- Mrs. Twila Evans received word £U red of authenticity. The studio •' - -• . her son, Cpl. Wilton Evans, has been transferred from Iceland to England. He is with the Army Air Southwest Pacific for twenty five months, four local men are home. These men Forces. Alter serving in the a Dewey victory. Much will depend on how sentiment nins in the final days of the campaign in a number of closely-divided key states. Two more reports, based on new state-by-state surveys, •will be' made by the Institute before election. One will be a semi-final report late this month, and the other, a final election analysis is scheduled for publication the day before the election. Wood blocks—a different shape for each candidate—were used recently for officers of an association of blind workers. Davis Four-H Clubs Elect Davis, W. Va., Oct. 14—Miss Frances Newlon. home demonstration agent for Tucker county, addressed both Davis High and Mountain Breeze 4-H Clubs Tuesday afternoon on "Club Projects." Following the programs an election was held for the new year. The Mountain Breeze Club will have Margaret Campbell as Its president, Dorothy Wilson, vice president; Delores Buckley, secretary; and Joan Lawrence, treasurer. Ruby Popish hired Princess Wyhnemah, granddaughter of Chief Johnntecake of the Delewares, aa technical adviser. Emmerich, city on the Nether- lands-Gtrman border, is .pronounced AY-may-reek. DELIBERATE CALCULATE INSULATE! Deliberate a moment on the importance of getting the most out of your heat this winter. Calculate the cost of insulation against your years of saving on coal and maybe even doctor bills. * Common sense will tell you . . . INSULATION YEARS TO PAY WM. HISER SUPPLY CO. 5 Pioneer Place Ph one 2 S70 CUMBERLAND CLOAK AND SUIT STORE Anoffier Shipment! . . . Large 87x99 inch Size 1 . MUSLIN SHEETS 1.98 Another shipment of smooth, lustrous high count muslin sheets.' On' sale Monday as long as this shipment lasts. So be here early! Bleached snowing white. Note the popular size. Limit one shest to each customer. EXTRA LARGE PILLOW CASES Companion event! Fine muslin pillow cases in large 45x36 inch size. They're wonderful values at this low price.. . COTTON JACQUARD SPREADS Colorful cotton jacquard bed spreads in a good selection of designs and colors. . All are S washable. Full double bed size " COTTON CRASH TOWELING Make your towels and save. Heavy cotton crash, natural color with color border stripe. 16 inches wide ;•;.. TAILORED NET CURTAINS Dress up your windows for Fall and Winter with these smart new tailored net curtain §* panels. Ecru color CUMBERLAND CLOAK AND SUIT STORE You'll Love These LUXURY SLIPS 1 59 1.98 Wonderful slips for the money 1 Beautifully styled and finished with meticulous care. Lavishly lace trimmed in a fine selection of smooth fitting styles. White and colors. All sizes. Stock Up RAY O N UNDIES 2 for 1.00 Exceptional values in tailored or lace trimmed rayon undies. Panties and step-ins.- Regular (IMRIAM) CLOAK CUMftULANI CLOAK AND SUIT STORE . r<v ^& FOR SMART S W E ATET?- GTRTS Scores of Stunming New Sfyfes, From 2.98 up The smoothest sweaters in town for smart sweater girls. 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