The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 2, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1977
Page 8
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?-AGK H-N.UJGATUCK NEWS fCONX.), TPK8DAY. .TOT.Y 30, «*<»-_ CommunityBandToPresent Second Concert Thursday Daniel Oemcke To Conduct; Roy Woodin Listed As Guest S'oToIst Tlio NaiiKaUiuk Community I'liml will pru.ti.-nt thn Hncorul In u snrli'* of Humrnur concerts on the Given Thurxday tvunln;;, An;,'. 1 under th«- direction of Diir.l-jl OcrncUu, <!u.-Ht soloist iU thla week's con- wt will be *«jy WtKKllii. u slucl-nt »it the Stilnm school and cornet pupil of Mr. Oorncku's. Mn will b" honrcl In I.'Mlton'.-r'DrearnsofUwe. r.'nrnmunlty nlni:lm: conducted hy Conrad Kohs, a member of tm> hand and outstumllnK b;n-l(on«, will be rontiir-d at Inn cr-.nci'i'l. Tho pfojfriim I" «'« ''"Mown: Miircli, "TrUormitlomtl" (Alexander); Over- tiiiv, "Mmtplf-1" (Keler-Bela): >•"• lection from 'MM* IMnafmV (Ml- bert-Sulllvtm): "Fifth llumiarlun Dunce" (KnihmM); Cornnt H..IO. "Dn-nm.M ft IMVU" (Kulton) Koy Wood In: Overture, "Dei- Tumb..<;k Dcr Garde" (Till); March. "Man- nnttim Htiach" (Souni): C'ommun- Ity siniilm:. "Mur ( :k." (Ravld), "In thf Good Old Murniiii'i-tiiii' 1 (ftvnn.<i>, "Ma" (Conrad); ':Ave MiU'la" (Schiibin-ti: Walt/, "Old Tlrncivi" (f-aki-j; Suli-dlmi, "Victor Ifnrbi'i-t'rt !''uvorlli'<i"; March, "On The Quartnr Deck" (Alfci'd)' After lust w.-iiU'si concert many complalntM wt-i-fi rn^lKtiTcd by the nuilltiUC'i eorictii'rtlm; the nulse miuli- by ctilltlivn iillitntllriK. Band and borough ollU.-lalM have taken steps lo corri'Ct thin situation. An nffoi-1 Li belnK m:ide '° llllv '' futiiru concerts conducted nt the T-utlld iMWn where the nudlonce will have the benefit of slttlnjr for the program, rathor than having to stand. Tamulonis Given Discharge On Evasion Count Georg-ie Lynching Victims Buried .i - - - !5n,th.-r ami Mister victims of ,, lynuhlnj,' ,,iol> In Walton County, Gu, •;,.,,rL'i, DurMi-y uml Dorothy Miilcolm. an- Imried at Mo.iroe, G, fol- ', v \M <l.ur«-li servlees. Thi- hodios are pictured bt.-l.iK lowered Into u !","!, iv" olh,.r Negroes were also lyuehed. (Intornatloiml Sound- photo) Some Borough Tenants Entitled To Refunds Under Revised OPA Legislation Area Director Issiies Statement To Clarify Rent Control Measure Albert Tamulonis. 2-1, n Hill road, wn.-i granted » dlschaii.'f by Jiulif" Charles H. Hummii In Wftlfti'bury City court thin morning, whim ho wiiMnri'ah.'ned on a charge • if nviulliiK responsibility. The judire claimed the *tati< had Insulllcli-n! cvldi'tu'M. Tutmilonlii WUM iin-(..i;i'd I" June and MiiUI to b« the cuicralur »f H cm', which cnuthnd Into u stall- highway fi'iiee on South Main iill'Bi't. U w:i« bnnnjht out Unit danuik'" af TliiMillonlH 1 eiir was nut exti'n- nlvi) as would have n-sitlted had lube* n the I'nr.Mori opcratlm: the vehicle which eraslu:d Intu the fenee. Waterbury Firms In Litigation lliu-lf(ird. .fiily SI i 'ITI'i Tv/c Wiitcrliury fli HIM hivvr ln-i'n IIMHIHC! In u ffilrrul ui-tlon In tlic smu|i fiiMtiini'r liuliinlry. SulU liuvi- ln'cri filt-il 111,'iilnnt tin 1 Wcovlll Muniil'iictui-lni: roinimny mid Ilii' I'nti-nt llutr'in cuiiiiiiiny. Thrv Mfd I'hltl-Ki'd With lll(>'l'l|itn t(l IPIi> iinp(ill/.i< thi' tiurttm fn.Mtrnlin: Imsl- ni"J;t In v'.'ilnllun i'f t'" 1 Sliri'niuii untl-ti-iliit ad. They will \>f i:\vvn 20 Cluyn In IUIMWIT tin- coin|il:ilntM til'ti'i 1 MfiiiuncinHi's hnvi' lici'ii iii-rvml FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIOHT Independent Cab Co. 1IM1 South Muln St. Approved G, I, Training 1 A<TIII!II||MH, lltl^illl"''' .Miirhllii'i, Mi'rri'liifliil KAI.I, TKItAI UI'I'-.NS IS sKi-ri'',Aiiu-;it l.llnlh'll l-'.Mn'lllll.-lll THE PERRY SCHOOL Wivti-rlmry i\f a result of the restoration of j OI J A rer.t controls, George J. Mc- 1 Duff, OI'A area rent director, with ' ulllci-s ii'i Wutcrhurv, has stated ' that'unnnts in NaMgatuck who made abovr-celling rent payments In advance for periods after July are otitltled to refunds from landlords, 1 Mum th;in 100 eviction notices i have been mailed by the area 01'1 dec as a resulr (if roquivUs hy prnp- i-rty nwni'i's d-slring occupancy tif their property by thcmsulves and fanillli.'.-!. With Lin- resumption iif OPA rent (.•(iiitrul.-t. the ri-nt olllci. 1 i;' at prevent examining ovi-r DO rent-Increase petitions. The chief complaint of lniidli.rds is that the new tax as- irs.-snii-nls have forced them to apply for permission to raise rents, hi dlsrutisini: the rent refunds to trnantM who made ahove-celllhg lent paymrnts after July, Mr. Mc- Diiff said that "since OI'A cr.ntruls did nut apply during the llrst 2!i days o." July, OI'A cannot require IninllonlM f-J make refunds fm- over pas'ini-nts cuvering this pei-lod. Th'.i r-.-irul.-itlon allowing tenants tti obtain refunds applies only to i:iis"i in w'lltrh larnlUird.i n-ci'lvnd ndvnnni- [jaymenUi hlithur than OPA ei'lllriKi of Jniu 1 30, fur periods dl'ti-r July. Tin 1 aiuciunts of those nifilii'!« Wdilli! be i-f|ii:il to tin- arnnu.'il.i nf t.'u 1 actual rXd'.svive p.Mvrnent.i In hl-t eXI'lanatlon of the effect:! nf tin- re:iturtir|nn <-f F-VdiM'iil runt .•untrtils, the OI'A director pointed nut Unit OI'A rent ri-j.'liliilldns HU- |ii-r»i-ili' all luciil rent cuntrols which may have guru- Into effect •linen July I. "Thi'refcii'i'," he tlecKi-ci!, "the OI'A rules would Hike tin- place if any rent rules which might have been put Into effect by local Fair [lent CnmmltteeH during the Interim pi-riml. Tin- proplo In cum- GET A JEEP IMMKIMATK DISUVKRY Vnur U'll.I.VS.OVKItl.ANP Ili-nlrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. -•i ^. IVuCvrlmry Gorman - Rupp orld'M UtfhtoMt, S«lf ITlinlni; Centrifugal Pump "The Midget" ('*) Ihx. 1'ump?! 0,IKM) wuti'r mi hour, lit total lunul of 20 frt't', -IncltiilliiC S 'oot Hiictloit lift, $130-00 032 NORTH MAIN ST. Unoil City - Tel, 2083 111 Kind* of Trucking—AnliOM. Kte, Ko moved McNamara Trucking Cc. 31 Wi'Mt Niiiiciituck Tul. 3053 MANY NEW ITEMS In Our GIFT DEPARTMENT NEABT BUILDING TEL. 5212 where these committees wore set up, however, should be hiU'hly appreciutlve of their elTovts in the recent emergency." He praised the "antl-ir.nation- ni-y attitude" o!' landlords who refused to raise their rents above i OPA "ceilinp levels durinpr the July of Fedcrn! rent Inw. The OPA Jto-cn Kent Ofllcc tit ;93 Grand street, Waterbury is- rundy to "help both landlords and tenants who are tioublcd with r&nt problems" he added. Mr. McDuff made the following- .summary of OPA rent regulations v.-hicli resulted from the restora- t.ion of federal rent control: 1 Rents: Rents Cor periods after • July 2!J should Vot excoocl former OPA colllncc Vvols, Rent Increases made clurln K the July 1-July 25 period no longer apply and tenants should re-fuse to pay more than the ok! OPA celling rents, Collection of ubovc-nnllinK rents by landlords is once u train forbidden by Ffedcral law and violators will lie sub.ioot to pros'jcut.ion, However, landlords who collected more than ceiling rents for the Interim period cunnot be required hy OPA to refund the excessive amounts for this fntorlru period. Landlords 'arc required lo retain which exiHted June. 30. Thus those (lie yiimo' rental pnriotls bribes 'who charged their 'rental periods during the Interim, from n weekly or monthly hnslsi to a daily one, for example must now return to their fomn-r basis. Thin -tipplU*? even •In eases whni'O there lins been a ch.'iiiK'.- In.tununcy iturinK the interim period. Evictions' AM incomplcled eviction pi-ocuadlnga by lunrllords which did not comply with OPA recrula- tlon.s itrc forbidden. This applies in nil cases whore the tenants still In occupnnry. Tenants who were actually evicted durinfr I'f Interim, untler locul law, cannot regain possession of their, former dwellings. Only thoso landlords, who complied with OPA rules In getting eviction judgments from local courts during the Interim ma-, now proceed to ovict legally, Tenants who were told to vacate their residents .should promptly nol.lfs the Area Rent Olllcc. I-easos: OPA regulations supci- sccld tei-ms of any leases signed duiIiiK the Interim period. Clauses of leases signed during the interim which contradict OPA controls are without legal effect. VALK ART SCHOOL New Haven, July 30—fUP)—Yale university announces Its llrst.Kum- mer art school will open Wodnee- dny at the Stocckcl csUito in Noi folk. Six Polio Cases Listed In State Moaslen.hlt a new low total for the pust several months, when only 51' cases of (.he common disease wore reported in the state, according- to this week's Morbidity Report, as issued by the SUte Department of Health. Poliomyelitis was increasing: in tlic state, with'a total of six cases reported, two over last week's four. The number of cases of whooping roiii'h decreased from 30 to 34, while the number of cases of lobar pneumonia more than doubled, tfo- ing from six of last wcslt to 1-1 today. There were no reportublc diseases in tTuS area. Heads Six Areas RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. 2574 - 15 Church St. — E«t. 1925 — VISIT OUR 2ND FLOOR FvnturlnK Wuterbury'M Lurgest Sulectlim of Kiddy Furniture • FULL SIZE CRD3S • YOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXES • SWING ON METAL STAND • HIGH CHAIRS • METAL BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN ST, Woterbury GEN. JACOB L. DEVERS Commanding General of the Army Ground Forces, Gen. Jacob L. Dovers will command the six new Army areas in the U. S, As commander o£ the Sixth Army, Gen. Devers coordinated planning for the invasion of South France. He was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in the Mediterranean and command- Ing general of U, S. Forces in North Africa before, being brought to Washington to head the AGF. Heads 1st Area SET-UP OF "STREAMLINED" ARMY I^MMBMM*^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GEN. JACOB L DEVERS Top Commander of Six U. S. Army Areas GEN. COURTNEY H. HODGES, with headquarters in New York City, will command the First Army Area, embracing Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware and Nuw York. IT. GEN. W. H. SIMPSON, with heud^uarters in Bullimori/, will command the Second Army Area, embriicinn Ponn.sylva- niu, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Simpsuii helped plan military i-L-orfiani IT. GEN. OSCAR W. GRIS- WOLD'S'Seventh Army, with headquarters in Atlanta, will occupy Third Army Area, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Tennessee' nnd Mississippi Third Army :s in Germany GEN. JONATHAN WAINWRIGHT, hero ol' Con-L-eidur, will be in command ol 1 the Fourth Army Area, with headquarters in San Antonio. Included in area will be .-.tales Of Texas, Ok hill u mil, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana. IT. GEN. WALTON H. WALKER, with Chicago hcaclquarlei's, wi:i comm.-md the Fifth Army Area, embrac-ing Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa. Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dukoto, Wyoming, Colorado GEN JOSEPH W. STILLWELt, Buririii Veteran, will be in command of the Sixth Army Area, making his headquarters in S;m Fmnoiseo. Thi Sixth area will embrace Washington, Oregon, Idaho. Montana, Utah, Nevada and California. TO SAVE MONEY AND MANPOWER and provide a framework more compatible to the reduced size of the U. S. Army, the War Department has eliminated the nine Service Commands in which the nation lormerly was divided for purposes o) military administration. Replacing them, effective June 1!, are six Army areas, with the geographic boundaries sho-"'-i in chart above. Un:iffoc!cd by the reoi-gani/.ation are the Military District of Washington, embracing the District of Columbia and commanded by Eris. Gen. Hubert N. Young, and the Army Air 1-orces, .M-cler Gen. Carl A. Spaa::. 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Hodges' army was first across the Rhine and first to link IID with the Russian* To Save a definite portion of your Income 1 , and stick to it! More and more people are learning the value of planning for financial security. Build a reserve fund- protect your family with low-cost Savings Bank Life Insurance, a combination thai will help you face the future with confluence. We will help you work out a plan. Heads 4th Area LT. GEN. W. H. SIMPSON Although his Ninth Army was sent Into the combat zone late in the war, Lt. Gen, W. H. Simpson established himself as one ol America's outstanding tacticians when his forces smashed through to the Rhine in eight days, a task the Third and First Armies had been trying to do the entire winter. A native of Texas, Gen. Simpson later commanded the Fifteenth "occupation'' *rnoj. NAU6ATUCK VAVINGS BANK ALL DH>0<IT< LT. GEN. OSCAR W. GRISWOLD Commanding General ol the XIV Corps, Lt. General Oscar W. Griswold led the troops which seized infamous Camp O'Donnel) on Luzon and released the Americans who survived the Batrtan "death" march. His divisions, notably llv 37th,.fought their way from Gur. dalcanal to the Philippines, hodgt hoppinfi from islatid to island. Heads 6th Area Heads 5th Area '- GENERAL WAINWRIGHT Gallant defender, ol Corregidor, Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright survived 39 months in Jap prison camps alter surrender to Gen. Homma on the "Rock." Released at the end of the war, he was brought back to the U. S. and appointed chief of the Eastern Defense Command. Gen. Walnwright was aboard the Missouri when the Japanese signed surrender terms. LT. GEN. WALTON H. WALKER Commanding General ol the famous XX .Corps, the "Ghost Corps," tit. Gen.'Walton H. Walker, then a major general, was the thrust behind Gen. Patton's spearhead across France. The XX Corps was distinguished by bold tactics of encirclement and by its speed, which enabled them to cross six rivers, and to smash through the Axgonne jwje. day*. — GEN. JOSEPH W. STILWELL His outnumbered forces kicked ou1 of Burma by the Japanese, Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell had built the "Stilwell Road" nnd was slowly pushing back the enemy when he was relieved as commanding general of the CBI Theatre and brought back to the U. S. as Chiel Df the Army Ground Forces. He returned as commander of the Tenth Army on Okinawa where he was preparing for the invasion of, Japan wh<a> the war ended. OXFORD BO.VD Tel. 5049 PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM Delivery T«i All l'iirti« at .NIUII.-III "Hi * rr+^~+r^*~*~*~** r ~ t ~ rffffrf I \ GUS SMOKE SHOP 5 J 402 North Main St, Union City ^ * ^..i.- t,'HiM-if7.ivi'».l.-l Pron. \ WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY » RENOVATED STORK'S GRAND OPENING: CORNER CANTEEN SOS No- Alain Slreot ••l)nlii" Trllrrlr.i, )T<ip. EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond Sts. 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