Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 24, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1909
Page 6
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRWINDALE. BALDWIN PARK Mrs. J. C. Clark of Long Beach will Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffman have H pond the summer with Mrs. Mershon. returned home from a two weeks' stay other gueftt.» during the week were at Redondo. I Miss Dawn Wilson of Covina and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Decree Hebham and Mrs. Scott took an auto trip to Red- landfi Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. f'offman and daughter, ! May, were Los Angeles and Redondo I visitors the last of the week, making j the trip in their auto. i „, , . . , The report for th" sale of navels at i !.he Irwlndals Citrus Association was; Walter A. Chesfre. The Misses Loora and Oiadys Karle of Los Angeles aro spending a few days with the Misses Schilling. Mrs. If. Davis had for her guest Sunday her son, M. Ray Dotlnon, Postmaster K. L. Powers Is still the incorrectly printed In last week's Issue. Instead of reading tho average price per box was $150, It should have road tho average price per box f.o.b. w.ns $1.50. Tho liltlo n lor OH of Mrs. J. W. }|o;ith, Allow' Shepherd and Anna Mario Hoggo of Compton are visiting at tho Heath home. Miss Mattlo McCoy and Mr. Fred Tho mombors of tho Baldwin Park Waman's Club enjoyed a delightful IKCUPITOL STATUE Heroic Figure That Surmounts the Dome In Washington. REOI'S EXPERIMENT/ THE MODEL WAS CHANGED. J«ff«rton Davii Objtettd to th« Original •• D««ign«d by Crawford, and It Was AlUrad to Symbol it* "Armed Liberty," at It Now Stand*. "Armed Liberty," the splendid statue that crowns the dome of the cnpltol. Is by far the most symbolic of nil the statues In Washington. Beautiful arid picnic at tho homo of Mrs. Shnltls of r ,, f(O seful. yet with an nlr of vigilance. Han Oabriel, .Inly 14th, )!)0!t, tho occasion being Mr.H Hhultls' birthday. The long drive In tho morning was beautiful and tho day was full of pleasure In hammocks, swings and music. Several snap shots woro taken as souvenirs of the day. An olab- It Is perhaps the least appreciate] of the city's statues, possibly because of Its being placed at such nn altitude that It cannot easily be studied. The original plans of the cnpltol called for a statue to surmount the dome, but no title was then given It, and compura- M.CandlosH woro married July at! »™'« """ : " w "» '"rnlshed by tho ho«- (Ively few poople know the real name toss which Included a largo birthday ° r tll( - 8t " tue cake decorated in green and white, the club colors and furnished by tho members. During August the club will picnic with Mrs. Tift of Los Angeles. Mrs. Frank Johnson Is recovering from ;i. severe Illness. Mr. Mershon was a Watts visitor the first of the week. Mrs. Kaley of Los Angeles, a sister of Mrs. Powers, Is staying with her. tho months of July and August. Mr. and Mrs. Claronoo A. Tllco of Mobrldge, South Dakota, are visiting with Air. and Mrs. A. 10. Carroll for a couple of weeks. They then will leave on the boat for Portland. Balboa, Rev. Ihirry W. Whlto of the M. R Church of Covina officiating. Mr and Mrs. MoCandloss RIO now living- at the homo of Mrs. Crane on South Orange avenue. Mr. and Airs. Tony Klledgo have moved to Arlington whoro Mr. 101- lodgf! has accepted n position with the power company there. AIlrfH Nellie llockert Is spending her vacation In Vontuni. Mrs. Abnor Miller Is spending tho week with her mother, Airs. Seymour of Monrovia. Airs. B. Miller's nephew, Harry Wll son, has returned to his homo In Montana. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Forroll and HOII of Los Angeles woro week end guests at tho homo of L. If. Root. Mr. and Mrs. A. VV. Kennedy and family of Chicago are visiting at the home of Mrs. Kennedy's sister, Mrs. Klledgo. The Kennedys are making, a two months' stay In tho West. IJeForest Roichard has gone to San Jose and Oakland for a twe weeks' vacation. At tho same time he will look at seed beds In tho Interest of his firm, Morris, Snow & Co, Mr. and Mm. I. N. Rhodes aro comfortably settled In their bungalow, which has Just been-completed. Mrs. Dan Roichard has boon spending part of the week In LOB AngoloH. Mr. and Mrs. C!, W. Mullendore of Long Beach were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baldosser. T. A. Ross of Cincinnati, Ohio, who lian been a guest at tho homo of Mrs. Brlstow, has returned to Camp Kincon. J. W. Brockmnii of Pasadena was a visitor on his ranch u few days ago. i Hon lmv " boen Bowing these eastern Alias Myrtle Kollnr IB Hswudlng a Seeking this Information, a Post reporter Interrogated a number of per- BOIIS whose dally occupations keep them almost constantly beneath tho shadow of the great statue. To the question "What Is the name of the statue atwiive the dome of this build- Ing?" came these widely different opinions: "The rinme of that statue? Why, It's the Goddews of Freedom." "Yes; I can tell you the name. It Is the Gmldess of Liberty." Several declared It to be the statue AJ.-H. Tlft of Los Angeles is visit-' of ^independence, "others w"ild7"lt7s"in Ing with Airs, 10. Davis. Tho church services at tho school Indian woman." "It Is the God of .Justice and Free- IIOIIHO have boon discontinued through rtom." declared a portly man In a tono that defied questioning. "It represents an American woman. but I din not sure of her name." "Well, now. 1 never Inquired what Indy that statue commemorates," remarked, n politician from a not very distant state, "but It Is u fine work of art." "It is a statue of the god of war, Mars." "Can you tell me something about that statue above the dome?" was asked a man whose knowledge Is well known. "Why. certainly. It Is a woman of colonial days. Can't yon see the trimming around the mantle and the curls aboutrihe face? And the features are see. I have WALNUT CENTER M. If. Berry, Aflss Berry and a friend, AIlss Vila Llllon of Kansas, look In tho Mt. Lowe trip Saturday, going from the tavern to the top of the mountain. Miss IJIlen Is spending the summer In Southern California. Miss Juanlta Morris spent last week delicately molded. You In Los Angeles the guest of her friend, Btudl0(1 rhe model ut tbe "'«""»>"»• » tiuroly Is u woman. I think you can safely say It Is au American woman." Gorley of , Onc wno a | W uys tries his best to Santa Barbara were guests Thursday help others said: "Now. all statues, as of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Owens. ( you know, bear the names of the peo- Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Stlnifion have pie they represent, and If you will just had n largo house party during the past week. Those friends camo from Los Angeles for the Elks' festivities. After Elks' week Mr. and Mrs. Stlm- Miss Adeline Warner. Mr. and Mrs. Julius friends the beauty and possibilities of week at Long Bouch. tho valley. Tho guests were: Mr. Milton Phllloo Is spending a week im(1 MrB - Fnuik I ' af{lle !lll(l S01 >. T - <'• in the canyon at Coldbrook with his brother Karl who Is spending (ho summer there. Dinner guowt.K at "Orange ('rent," the home of Airs. (!. J. Reynolds, on Tuesd.iy wort! Air. lOdwIn Sanders and MlHH AgUHta StllldorH. Air. (.Jail of Riverside was a guest last week of his cousins, Air. and Airs, tiull of I'liciiU- street. .Mrs. (',. B, Brown and children of Los Angeles lire upending several days with relatives. Dr. aifd Mrs. Collln of Lincoln, No- brnsk-i, are visiting Mrs. Olive Collln of Cyprc»s avenue Sunday. M. .1. Coffin and wife of A/.usa joined I heir relatives for the- day. Mr. and Mrs. Course Kollnr, accompanied by Allss Nora Kellar, have gone 10 Spokane and Seattle for u six weeks' trip. Air. It. C. ('amid and family came tip from Venice for the week end and with them c'-ime relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Large of San Diego. Al. W. Huleo spoilt part of the week nt his home In Lou Angeles. Allss Nina Parks of Irwindale and Air. lOliner Rucker of Los Angeles were wiiotly married In Los Angeles Sunday at (he parsonage of Rev. Klggs, a minister of the Christian Church. Tim bridal couple were accompanied by (he bride's father, Mr. Parks. The groom is u brother of Mr. Oliver Hiu-lu'i-. anil Miss Mela Woh- maun. After I lie ceremony the wedding party went to Long Beach to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ruck'T, where a wcddinn breakfast was served.- For a few months Mr. am! Mrs Hucker will reside in Irwin dale at the home of the bride's father. Mrs. Uoberi Kdg;ir lias for guests this week her brother. C. Burton, wife and daughter of l.iiui Mrs. Anna .Mcrf.-; Hunch and Mrs. Morris Stlmsou of For! Worth, Texas; Mrs. .1. 10. Fern- worth of Dallas, Texas; Mrs. Tago of Austin, Texas, and Mr. and MI-H. Sl.ahll of Chlldress, Texas. After the party have visited Sun Diego and Cal.a- llua, they will return to their homes. William ,1. Harper. Jr., bus purchased it Hulck touring car. PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. Leave f/os Angeles Sr.SD a. in. 7:05 10: .SO 12:10 p. in. 1..10 2:40 o:4.i '1:00 11:30 Leave Coviua 5:50 a. m 6:55 S:3o ( >:50 11:10 1?.:30 p. m. 1:40 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:35 9:00 10:00 . Christopher's Cream THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream is no stit'mfyiny, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream in so unitier- sally popular. No Other "just as yood" cream can be sold at our prices. Try il. C, F, CLAPP SOLE AGENI' step over to the library of congress I think you can easily tind some book on HtutuoH that will tell you all you want to know. It Is a woman, I am sure, so look for the female statues." A younger member of the house replied to the question about the statue most suavely and confidingly, "It Is the god of progress; you know his name." Several of the colored men In tho various pnrt.s of the building wen- nearly nil ((iilic Kurt 1 It was the (Jod- dess of Freedom. One of them knew the yi'iir. IHtKJ. when It was placed above the dome, mid he iitlirmed, "It Is the Goddess of American Liberty Before the War." "Vou want- to know the name of that Htutue? Well, just wait u minute, and I will get It for you llrst hand." Arid u moot accommodating guide passed Into the senate chamber. Directly he returned. "That la a statue of Poculumtas." Kvery one had a different name for the Htutue, not one giving tho real name. "Armed Liberty." The statue wus modeled by Thomas Crawford, father of the novelist, tin- late K. Marlon Crawford. It was cast at a Maryland foundry. Jefferson Davis was secretary of war when the model was tlrst presented In tho war department. Tho statue then wore u liberty cap and carried a bundle of nxls. Davis objected to the liberty cap 113 being emblematic of the emancipated olaves. while Americans wero freeborn. Ho also thought the bundle of rods, suggesting the functions of the Itoman llctor. htd lost Its symbolic character. Because of these criticisms of Secretary Davis the model was changed, and "Armed Liberty" was evolved. The statue la nine feet six Inches tall and weighs H.985 pounds. It was put In place on Dec. '2, 18»Kl. The head Is thrown back and adoruetl with eagle's beak and plumes. The right hand rest* on u sword, and the left holds an olive branch and a shield. Tho mantle is gracefully draped ami Is hold by a brooch bearing "U. S." on Its face. The helmet Is encircled with stars. The supporting glcilio bears the legend "K I'lnrllnia LMiisni." — Washington 1'osi. Out of It Qr«w the Great Fibrlo of th« Gk*rm Thtory, ft was a fixed belief of the nnclnnt* that many living creature* could come Into fxlntence in » flpontaneoaii fan fa- ton, to which allunfofi ban often been mad*. The true beginning of the germ theory arose out of a ludicrously simple reservation made ny Kedl, a Florentine physician, about the- middle of the seventeenth century. He debated with his confrere* In Ffotence thu question of the origin of the maggots appearing In decomposing meat, Tlrer old view hold, of course, that the maggots were bred within dead nn»l putrefying HUbstanccH. I{cdt, taking n piece- of meat, covered the mouth of the Jar In which It was contained 'with a' piece- of flno gauze. He beheld the llesh Hies,, attracted by the smell of the decaying meat, coming to deposit th"lr «.>ggH, after the manner of their kind, In the decomposing substance. The gauze, however, kept them from effecting this natural object, with the result that the eggs wore laid on the surface of the gauze and the maggots there hatched out, while the difcuy of the meat went on uninterruptedly without a single maggot appearing In Its substance. On this childishly simple experiment the great fabric of the germ theory of today was founded, for If the law of universal parentage applied to the case of maggots and meat It was clear, argued Hcdl, that It must apply universally. Subsequent experimentation proved the words to be true, and so today, when our attention Is focused upon gt;rms or microbes so minute that we might accommodate many hundreds of thousands of them on the surface of a postage stnrnp, we ngaln come face to face with Ucdl's first principle that ouch germ could only have sprung from a preceding and parental organ- lsm.--Brooklyn Knglc. MISTAKES IN TITLES. "Love's Discourses" Has Nothing to Do With Cupid's Pranks. It Is interesting to collect certain of the Instances of mistakes In regard to the titles of hooks. Thus the old farmer who anked for "ICdgworth on Irish nulls" got no doubt something he did cot expect, and the dainty youth who applied for "Love's Discourses" did not really wish a volume of sermons by Christopher Love. If application is made by messenger, mistakes of a different sort may occur. An excitable boy once asked for Blrfiiop Cocks and Hen's "Earnest Communicant;" he meant Bishop Oxcnden's. Similarly by Warne's "Moral Cookery" he meant his "Model Cookery." A maid forgot all about the title of the book she had been sent for except that It was "something like tomato soup." She was served with "Red Pottage." It may have been a fault of pronunciation on the part of the purchaser who asked for "rubber bands" that ho received a copy of "llobert Burus," but It was certainly the bookseller who was ot soa who referred an applicant for "Vega's Logarithmic Tables" to the "funlture department." In cataloguing booksellers frequently err. Thus Mr. Madan, the Oxford scholar, who wrote a urnmurnr• and dictionary of the Swa- hell hiitf.;u:i£e. had those works catalogued us "Madam Switheli's Gnim- n'lir" ni:d In the line beneath, "Do. do. T)i( tlunary." Iteceiilly. too, a book of Mr. Lucas', "A Swan and Her Frlor.ds," stlvlnj; an account of Miss Sewnrd. "thf> cwan of Llchfleld." was classified na "Anide Swan and Her Friends."—Manchester Guardian. That Battled It. The commissioners In lunacy were nonplused. The man on whose mental condition the courts had appointed them to pass seemed perfectly Htine It spile of all testimony to the contrary Ills every action, his every remark win rntloiuil. They were about to givfc up in despair when matters took an unexpected turn. "Oh, doctor, permit me to return the umbrella I borrowed from you last week," said the patient. And then, at the thought of earning their fees with no qualms of conscience, the learned men decided that any one who would voluntarily return a borrowed umbrella should be placed under restraint. This simply proves how trifles will over mold our destinies.—New York Times. BOINHA/W & BITCH A Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT PAYS TO SEE us" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1259, Coviua Clarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA, CAL. Covina Livery Stables J. J. FitzGerald, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged H« Followed Direction*. Red tape loads one to curious lengths. A writer In tho Columhua Dispatch tolls of a street railway oar that picked up a young heifer on Its feiulor and curried It some distance through the street. In milking nut the require*! cvport to the superintendent the employee wrote In answer t«i the query *m the blank form. "What itiil the victim say?" "She was curried along- ou, the fender and tlit-ii rolletl otT aad r;ui away without saving a w< n}." The Emu's Kick. An emu I'lin kick as hard us any donkey. The bird stands on one leg aiul with the oilier delivers (U will u quick niul generally very accurate blow. "I never would have believed that a l)ird hail such power." says u reiY-nc Australian traveler, "had 1 not had ocular evidence of it during our trip. After two or three of our men suffered from llic terrible UicUs of I hoc I'ir.l.s we tliil not venture near till-in, but. after running uiir horses iliilil \v e p'l cli'.-e fli'iimli, Wnilld lil'lli-T iliein i!<m n uith our riilo \\'e Uilled them t'«>r their tV:i; IUTS a! 1 .,I :»>>.> .•il I'.'i- tl.fii 1 I'L;U--. t' : :t "<• t"-'L ;.:.'. id i \iri.> l.'.'t I'.i :4'.' S', il'.i:!i Ui '..i 1 .!.; i.:iMU''e." Tho Way Out. '•Think, love!" said Mrs, Gobs a Guide. "I ordered » dinner gown. and thut tiresome dressmaker has sent me a traveling suit." "Well, what are you K'dujf to di> tttiout it':'* Ciolisa (Ji'lde demanded. "The only IhhiL; Is f"! us to jr» aiiroad ai;.:in." slit- .-iijlii d. -Ciiv-fiiautl Amiable. "T!n-v >ay Thi-!i;ia's hnsliurd Is a %er> :ii!!f u;:l;i." "An i.'l •!. ! 1 stiMiild -=ay so! I have kr-" '! 'lilt ::.-tu l« !:Hlu r h :\t H j"ko \\ ! ,':i !;,• \\ t> laUr'ir d^wii If), st'.ve- ['!;•'•" 1 ;.i[i inii 'i'e American. Home Phone 30 Res. Phone 1024 Star Refrigerators Built for the need's of the Pacific Coast. Sanitary—Satisfying. Big line of RANCH TOOLS placed for the summer work. Look over our stock of hoes, rakes and tools of all kinds. The Spinner Washing Machine The triumph of long years of study in machines. Call and see if. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los An- •,'fles to Now Orleans, "Washington, Cinc.immti, Louisville, Chicii^u. St. Louis. Kansas City. Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points tn the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the Smith, with its nee and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '49, and across Great Salt Lake — "tfoiny to sea on a train." D. B. SCHENCiv, Atfent. Covina Home phono 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agrent, Pomona Home phone til; Sutiset Main 70 Southern Pacific OiP.ce, <»»< >>. Spring' St., corner Sixth

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