Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 9
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 9
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SUNDAY TIMES, -CU&IIIEULAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 194a NINE with \ I dies v. car or a plane its. naturally' Jus no walks, to his father, Dlfc«, qwuo stopped growing after his'big • (adventure In \S'or!d War I and spent ••|th« chaotic 30's &nd 30's tagging after Ills neurotic and stage-struck u t anyone : w(lh .'.sqjnelhinp a. i 0 «\i company re&Uy 'jyante take learning from the tala of'Miss DilJy Theodore Pr^tt's novel, "Miss v says' No 1 '" (Duell,: Sloan' and i). Jfqr'-trenty-Ilve'years,'Miss ,..„. a pleasant-looking and timid •ouf'had-been' a secretary at Su- orior Pictures;' All that 'time, ihowr , vf r • she'to«t : .wanted to be « screen , t ner, arid she had spent liereveii- .-^s. ; weekends and holidays In.writ- " niovie dramas. Now at the end quarter of a century, with a | : '-.t K». ,' r iikful of rejections, {allure stared [,t in the fa'ce. And so Miss Dilly I Reined to make a' book of the diar.v r.'-e had kept during her years o. ifrvice. It •was something to do. She '•iiew a lot about the crazy and L-nuful life in the Hollywood stu I-of When she finished the book lli'ie sent it to a New York publisher hi Beta Kappa. The picture, how- ver.':llri<Uy claimed .everyone's at- entioii. ••-•-•. : *V- ; .'-' \;--" : "''' ' ;"•' ' Peggy Ann Garner,'Dorothy Mc- Gulre, 'James Dunn. . : Joan --1 Blon- deU • and Ted '. Donaldson . have recreated ,', k A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" so •magnifl<!ehtly;-:RS we :saw here ast week, Wat they actually hclgh- cn the drama of the story. In "a new" book,'j'Generftls lii the White House" fDdubieday. Doran) Dorothy B. Goebel and Julius Goe«1, Jr., ask the interesting ques :ion whether generals make good ^residents. The nine generals which :his country has put in the White House have not been our outstand.- the notable ex-1 wifc, to Vaughan, who married, a ady snd fell -in love -with a dance- .iaU girl when he struck It rich in Exwct used her private railroad less and less as the years went by. When anyone suggested its removal, however, she suspected ulterior motives and remonstrated vigorously, i -."The railway! You'll do nothing of the sort. I'm not dead yet and I'll thank, you not lo forget the fact." the Alaska gold rush. But especially M\'o, Old Exact was not dead, and does old Exact Melendy, the'dow- ager queen of the Melendy tribe, typify, even glorify, her generation. "She's terrific," residents of Seattle would tell'their visitors, "Seattle's oldest pioneer ... "She smokes a pipe, wears .satin and diamonds' to breakfast, and she's as rich as dirt. She mils the whole she-bang, they are.all scared of her.", ; -;'j ! ':,v; Old Exact lived In a huge house on the top of Queen Anne's HiU, Seattle's highest.point, and •she surveyed' Seattle.ami her king-j domof Melendys, all of whom lived even at the advanced age ol ninety- two she could change her mind. She , had opposed our getting Involved in event* that happened t as a personal affront. NO patrioticlolficlal biographer for rrcnUrig her suven lime, he ftk ^'° ln ^ '^.^-nhu^ hi ,-,,iiv «4-combleie without her. IiiUu "Great Hon." Und lib* fewer periods ol bUmines*,. P«««l m Khlp propellers service M'e •is another of Mr. Lewis's olwrvit- ; leet 111 rtiameiw »nd ••Every time the eyes move' IWUIUK rally was .complete without her. In] In '-Great Son iicr silks and laces and Jewels. fch<> ; was Introduced as ihe living,symbol \ Almost uriy adult who Iwd'ertuU'-iUms, "•-.• ";:;r rt --,..; Kiriimil '- ---" of the spirit of the Northwest, nnciluated from high school or collegcHl.e render Is .."."P" 1 - ". le , n ™iv- ," " "' vou mav be sure th; mr.clc the:coivsidcrs hlniself nn ttdcquftie resd-;rt!«der doe.s not tane any longer w • . • ... . ... . , ,--.-,_ ..y 0 ^ t o Keadfabsorb tluw or four words man uie "i poor reader needs for a single word. now twenty-two 10.1KK1 most 61 U ;C r. In his new booh, . , • Her great grandson, Mike MeWJJv. Better -.arid Faster," (Thcmws . said: .''Sugar, you'd get my vote for iCrowcll) Norman Lewis disagrees., -{The whole trick is not to itop in u President any day." When you read; "The average person reads uu->type lint so often, about her in this war and the lust; necessarily slowly and Inefficiently, war, and. the great AT FIRST SIGN OF A to Rfad Better and sequence of ihe says. iindsup"porks his statement! teaches how to-read nil over to the Me-jby reports from professow whostutly-and almosi, anyone can pront DJ_ u. *IUU WtSMVXSCU. UU1. KCWVttlK •**»» V44 > %.V* •« W 1 ***f*v »*•«» ••" j,,,».-^_ -_ --,^ ,—*• 1 - -. - -i ( »l_r the war. But when the Japs at- Icndys back In 185J. you'd vole forjthe rending habit of ihelr etudeuUs.iAside from Wmt. tacked nt Pearl Harbor, she took'hDr .too, and make Edna Ferbcr her! The eUlcleiit reader not onlylii Uavro aoodrcadlug has sometimes had unexpected and lasting effects on our history. For railway like a miniature mountain ers of the various branches of the service led to' his development of the President's Cabinet. "Just as he had conferred with hi? generals OH important occasloixs i Dilly's tremendous astonish "HolljTFood Diary" was im |nieriifttel>' accepted for pubiicatior I'-ad a tremendous advance sale, an | &-as chosen by a book club. Then the movie companies rushw n to bid on the screen rights. 'Fo |;»renty-five years they had rejectw \\i\sa Dilly's noblest creative efforts, and called for their opinions on n hVwhich slie had sacrificed friends.!projected course of action," write '.aiuseraents, perhaps even marriage. ™-ni>iv "'^ .mHi« onohPi "Rn he Sow the film companies wanted to ] apiialize on her success by buying I i hook which wasn't suitable for the InoviM anj-way. Miss Dlliy was oiit- I rased. To their insistent demands. I Jive simply and flatly said "no". . Every telephone buzzed with an I c.'fer from a motion picture com- ciiiy. Belihid every corner at Su- lurked a man with a contract I written out'in Miss DiUy's. name. I superior Pictures thought this plum •Hollywood Diary", was rightfully I iheirs, but they were willing to pla> ihe Holllywood game in sharing the {••ontract. Tliey tried every trick the> tr.ow, but still Miss Dilly said, "no | ind her distrust for them all grew only Mr. Horatio, she felt, would t never lend himself to this under- I handed campaign again-st her. He a? a director of Superior who came I f.ery year to Hollywood for the an nuiil directort' meetings. Sparing o ivords and modes*, he seemed cliff e;ent from 'the other directors, ani Miw Dilly liad- developed for hin I a tender feeling. When in the mids i ai all the furore over her book. Mi i Horatio asked her out for an even Ir.s. Miss Dilly was in a flutter. Fb the occasion, the wardrobe an I make-up departments went all ou for Miss Dllly. She hardly recogniz funicular, by which she could get ..„«.,«=. Washington's habit of up'and down the steep sides of the mllltsrv conferences with the lead-1 ""• In lhis slle * wW sit °"" H '" AT herself. Her happiness was com plcte when she and Mr. Horatf •ode in a studio limousine to a wcl 1 Snown dining place. What could b : more natural than that Miss Dil i should straighten Mr. Horatio's t I a little and that this wifely gestur I should end in a happy embrace? A ; dinner, they exchanged confidences. '' her ample skirts billowing out onj the green leather cushions, leaving || a mere slit of seating capacity for • the companion who was the driver mjd railway engineer of this private railroad. Except on state occasiovis, s>.\ Roomy orolhy and Julius Goebel. "So he llowed the same practice in his re- tions with the men serving with m — "Jefferson, the Secretary of tste, Hamilton, his former aide-dc- amp, the Secretary of the Treasury, Cnox, his misted companion In i nns, Secretai-j- of War." And there- ' a consultative President's Cabl- 1 et'vvas formed. So effective was it! lat subsequent presidents extended : icir Cabinets to keep up the in- reaslng complexity of government. Samples of other changes in U. S. overmnent procedure are cited in Generals in the White House." * * + ~ . Edna Ferber's novels 'have always eemed with vigorous and colorful iharacters like crowded and rich apestries. In "Show Boat," "So 3ig," "Clmarron." and "Saratoga Trunk.' 1 Miss Perbcr has created ler own pageant of America's past. Now she has written a new novel called "Great Son." It i:; another section of her brilliant parade, nn- other novel in the great Fcrbcr tradition. "Great Son" will find thousands of readers. Advance signs of its success aie that the Literal-} Guild chose it as its February selection, and the movies are ahead} scheduling it for big production. "Great Son" is a rich and varied story which rushes through fou generations of a high-living, strong willed Seattle family by the nam" of Melendy, through ninety fatefu and exciting years when 1 the Amer Scan Northwest was a-building. Eacl represente.tive of a Melendy genera tion somehow typifies the time i which he had his prime, from Mike Mr, Horatio was no financier.'"he'd just been born with money ho didn't rare about. He told her his mast closely guarded secret — his first mime was Eliphalet. And she lold him her secret. Her first name was Eophronia. .• • . - ' ! . Just as they i-ere finishing din- no:-. Mr. Horatio drew a paper from his pocket. It was another contract Idr the screen rights of T,0ss Dilly's book. He seemed pleased with-it. '• : " 'I'm happy to tell you the studio ^oiilQ like purchase your book end make a. picture'of It.'said the innocent little man. . •-• ' "Miss Dilly wasn't sure she omild tnist what ber ears took in. J " 'You what?' she asked. Her mind rt-eled. She saw how he had decciv- crt her. Under false pretenses he had obtained her confidence, her ready iccption to him, yes, her love. For n man to use his romantic appeal to put over a business deal on a woman was probably the lowest and most despicable state anyone could reach; Right then and there she precipitately. left the table. Blindly she reached the studio car. jumped in told the driver to drive her home.'As the car was starting up. Mr. Horatio came panting up to it with a bewildered expression on his isce. As the car drove off, She shouted at him:. : • . "You. you Eliphaletl'.' Mr. Horatio ; recoiled. But most writers say "yes" to the movies. The movie public should be Sinti that B<?tty Smith agreed to "Oth Century-Fox's proposal to •n'cen "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Tilings were buzzing fhe other day When a preview of the picture was Si'ven at the New York offices of the company, n few days prior to the public world premiere here «t the Strand. People from Harper's who , originally published it, the Literary Guild which made a selection of! ''The Tree", from Blakiston Com-i pany which reprinted it, were mill-j ir.? about. Downstairs. Miss Smith i was having her. picture taken and autographing books between poses. In evidence, too, was her daughter, t Nancy, now in the publicity depart-i nt of 20th Century-Fox since her! graduation from the University of; North Carolina, where she was n the twenty-year-old boy, who nan FINANCING ; BUSINESS BUSINESS , Commercial Saving* Bank Cumberland, Md. Cumberland Savings Bank Cumberland, Md. First- Notional Bank Cumberland. Md. Liberty Trust Company of Cumberland, Md. Peoples Bank | ! • of Cumberland, Mrt. Second National Bank of Cumberland, Md. MM $69-50 Sofa by day! Bed by night! Has fuil spring construction— covered in heavy tapestry. ': I.C1- t-jt.. It'*--. ^B 1 i^M ^*E \\ 7-PC. MODERN LUXURY BEDROOM! $ A glamorous modern bedroom that will be the envy of your friends! The .suite is a graceful waterfall design in rich walnut veneers. Complete group includes Bed, Chest, and Vanity or Dresser, Com- lortable Mattress, Coil Spring, 2 Pillows!- All for X /^* 7> /X«v >5-;^ - •jV*^-? ry MORE Rest Per Hour means MORE Work Per Day! FOUR SQUARE with YOUR HEALTH Every prescription is comprised of two parts —-the written formula, as - set down by the physician, and the measuring and mixing of the prescribed drugs by the pharmacist. ' When you bring the prescription to us, our skill and painstaking care assure that the medicine will be FOUR SQUARE with your health—Quality gredients . . . Letter-Perfect Compounding . Precise Strength' ... Prompt Service. : Five Conveniently Located Stores " : ' To Serve You Quickly Ford s Drug Stores 54 N. Centre St. . 59 Baltimore St. . 2.16 Baltimore Ave, ; ' 2J S. St. 9 East Main St., Frostb-irg, Md. »*r\ j >- * i , PTTT Getting Up Nights MakesManrFeelOU Do TOU juifcr from O«UInt Up NtRhU. n«cfc«ehe. 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