Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 11, 1945 · Page 8
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 8
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EIGHT SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1945 ' F rices Stiff- As Gains Mark i _.:...»»»••:,*"»'« Obituary r f\ V 1 T 1 11 . Sylvester Schilling, 71, a, retired ipon office employe, and widely citizen, died last night At his 455 Creene street, alter a 5 year's illness. A native of this ctpy, ine was tlie ion ol the late Edward Barbara (Dollhopfi Schilling, Schilling *3« a member of Street Methodist Queen OKy Council No. Jr., -.O.U.A.M.. of which he jserved as financial secretary; of ~ -: i Chosen Friends ljOdee;No. 3-4, I, O. -. Ne* York. Ma-rcri \<* w, — The o. P, and : of "Cumberland Lodge stock tnnrket finished a iiiaiply :te-iNo. 60, K. of P.V ' actionary u*>eji with recovery len-1 He Is survived"-by his wife, Mrs. s ;ip;>eF>rin!< In virtually all de- Kosu-tiomiry Wet-k, Bui Mr. scniiii c . • • f.. . jihe Centre >oin«» li-siies Miow ;crmreh; of < Small f..Or«!-(!g day morning at Ills home, 216 Park street. ; The Rev. Kirl A. Kester. pastor o{ Klngsley Methodist Church, will officiate, and interment will be in the mausoleum at Rose Hill cemetery. Mr. Wilson's wife, Mrs. 1 Ellft fNorth) Wilson, died la&t January 28. A native of Murtey's Branch, he was the son of Jesse and Serah (Stewart) Wilson. He wa^ a.jn«m- of CJiapfi H»l Lodge. Ot!d Pel- parlrricnt.v Stiffen;!;;: pricfts ruled at the .Dealings and. at tha best; gains a' f:i -' iwlnts widespread. Ida Weber Schilling; one daughter, Mrs, Carl EverstJne, of Baltimore; ',wo sons, Edward L. Schilling, und the Rev. S. Paul Schilling, both of ,Washington, D.'.C'.: two sisters, Mrs. unlmpiewlve and. atjc. Guy Brengle und Mrs. H. C Wil- th<> clnse. wu marfcs. were reduced In Uariis, ol this city;' »nd seven gmnd- * r.unibtr u: cu.ies. Transfers of 750.- children, one of whom, Edward U. <KX) -sluircA i.-.mipar«1 with. 680.000 11'Schilling, is a ieanian third class . Prorniswiv. gainers . m the I in the "Na-vy. •two-j The bo<iv: will remain at the hour stretch included International! jtight Funeral Home until this eve'"-*••-•--• .--»-..- . m over, al n'nlns when it will he taXen to , Girl Writes HomeL^seveThe itures most, enjoyed'by the men coin- ling In from the jungle areas. ; have been established men from the oppres- jslvo heat of the plains. The camps ;are nestled high in the Himalaya the first snow the men have seen since they left the States, surround »l- o K" Ci O'JOc ucavicu iiigii in-, me wimainya 111 j sis aura iv, sireci, oo^j Mountains, and snow-capped peaks, Shriver. Avenue, Tel In «>e iirst < / r-i • n it- since they of Chiiiu-Uiiriua-liuItu [the camp. ows. : Surviving are a slsicr, Mrs. Andrew Brotemarkle. and a brother 'lay Wilson, both of Cumberland The body, will remain at the funeral home. • '.'..Dies In Dcsroit Hendricks. W. VH., March 10— Mra. Margaret Roye of Hendricks received word of the death of her nephew, H visa ell Edward Any similarity between Myi't- kylna, Burma, and Cumberland, Md., Is entirely: accidental — with one exception—that IE the Red Cross . 832 Shriver avenue, who Is a Red Cross worker,In the Far-off China- Burma India theater of war. Other observations by Miss Street were follows: • . : Conditions approximating life the U. S. arep: rnctically non-exist- For, forward jungle posU In Burma and to smallr units' operating canteen In Calcutta and sent up the line for these men. Oirls stationed near the front prepare donuts, fudge and cakes that are parachuted from Army transports dropping food supplies. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving'supplies, soap and cigarettes are provided in the same manner when needed. . -...-.' . Decorations in the 'clubs are strictly Ainerto.n, for the idea is to provide American atmosphere for Complete aircraft engines and hundreds of small, intricate mechanical parts, 'which would be ruined by moisture, are being and supplies are dropped by parachute. Such items as fudge, peanut brittle, cooicles, sajted nuts .and fruifc cakes are prepared as special delicacies In the large Red Cross Paddy Rendezvous", "Jave Jive Dive", "Wolves' Den", "Fogged Inn" and "Duration Den' nro some of the 04 clubs in China. Burma and India; named by G. I.'s for O. I.'s. shipped safely to.») wir 'frortu in protective coverings :.of •fMiew plastic inolsture-proof packaging film. , ,:.: . ' I When the Ounte Prevention Foi ari'anRCmtnts :.1944-ifi ptM>.: U.- s; Steel. 1 Beihlc- reside n.ce. Funeral hem. Chrysler, Studebaser, Santeiare"mcomph:te. Ft. -Sou'.hrrn Hallway,. Western' .,_. »,,',, ,-. ,,,„ , ,, -flnlou -A", U. S Rubber, Sears Hoe- Mrs - SUry C " Mlnnlrt Track. Douglas Aircraft,-' Westing- C.srhidf, U. -S. Oypsum, ,\nif-n< v.'.i'.er \Vednesday. He was born m Hcnd-! ricks, .a son of Mrs. Delhi Roye: Murphy and the. late Russell Murphy and lived in HeiKlricks until tie entered \Vorld War I. He was an oil and gns distribu- jtor of Detroit. He attended the Hendricks schools and, was graduated Jrom Greenbrie-r Military Academy in l.ewisburyr. Ho is survived ?,tarch 10—Funeral by his mother, hfa wife, one son, services: for Mr^. ; Mary C. MUinick. R U ss«ll Murphy, Jr., now a student Mur- ent Iu remole China, India Kunming a chain of . o! Gan-ett couniy.'.-vho 3 in The curb were Cities EU'ctm- -Bond Ai 8rmrt, anci United Ui?hi prefer- :reci. Turnover here was 15)0,000 •ahiVrr.<. vi-rsiis 250,0<>o hint Saturday. -. Pans o/ the bond market -that MI I fried mrwi under the. .recent ^elllriE -*'nve recovered generally wi!li s'iilns rMnning from fractions to around J poin'. •',. ' ' : . Ooiernnnits were steady. -'•••':' amounted to SM20,- OCO.face value proyibu.-: Saturday. the home of ht l r. d.Mighler, Mrs. Marion Murphy. 201 .Muplf , fYiday al Qreenbricr. Military Academy, will be held: Monday; K) a, ; in ,)Mich. from the Haler Funcrul Home with Llie Rev. Francis Kl i-Monsgomeiy, assistant pallor of .;.St. . Michael 1 * Church. o(fic)atlni{.--.'lnieri:ie>u will be mndc in the- McKehile Cemetery, Garrett county. ant daughter, Virginia, at home, one brother. Royc Murphy of Detroit, JklMZ CEDAR CLOSET PAPER Gives CLOSETS the Real CEDAR Look and Smelt! American Red Cross clubs provide U. S. troops with American-style food and statewide atmosphere. Eighty percent of the clubs are "on post" installations, -situated, in Isolated juVigle and desert areas, . There are few modern cities in the Far East, and a dearth of Occidental entertainment Is evident. Red Cross clubs provide the means for American recreation away from home. -.-.-• •'.:..•... Conducted tours by the Red Cross enable soldiers to forget the war for '."'la few hours and to learn something Walter -\ Shrh'T jof the faraway lands in which Frostburg, :March 9—Waller A. It's Ready-Pasted/ You Puf It Up Yourself/ Shriver. 77. retired miner, of den Mines, died at 10 a. m today at ' « » Hole of Calcutta. ParsI Tower.: 01 urne ° & ' the Altewny'. County Infirmary, !""' f" Hurn f e , where he had b«u a atien for ten nlnese a " d Budai5t t em P les Besides Mrs; /Murphy, Mrs, Min-jmonths. nick Ls survived; by two.amis, Albert,Charles . and Oscar. Mlrmick. both of Long)Mines. where he had been a patient for ten He is .survived by a. son. C. Shriver, of Bordcn In Calcutta, India the "Burra" Club, which In Hindustani means Stretch. Garretl c-ou'nU; three bro-j" The'body will remain at the Hafer| B| K Club is-operating as a leave.,_-_ -T^._,_'_, ..,,„.,. • .. T -L-^ . .;_•_ _,__ * • . .. 'rpntpr ti/nprp mpr» nn riirlnupn i*an ,, . %3,i81,rxxi thr-j'hers. .Richard. MrKcnzic, C :irp . >si Koil Mill At A- T ... "Ar:^ Too il ., .A-ii v,\r \vk< 3V, , Ar:.i'- Corp B ,'; O Br- n iiLl . . C'l* Crrp . X'l.c-- A- <> trhj.r. v,'[!fp -Cc! O A- K tivnl C:fd ("-.--.!. Kin . •r-,. ti !'t'-ti jSlretch; HatricV. »nd John McKc- [iiie,. Frosiburg;:: three sisters, Mrs. Annie ^Velsh,:,; Mrs.::; Fannie :Minnie k. and Mrs, Bessie Bender, all ot IYostb\irg: 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren/ '•o',' •?i' i '' nr - J - "• u ' iisa n Kites ; !'•. :-' : 9[>( Servk-fts In charge'of Henry Hnrt '•s '•'.jSjt'iPo.Sv'No, nil, Veterans of Foreign vi i.:*" 1 Wars, Fort Cumberljind Post No. 13. p . ;;hi»! American legion, and Companies C LoneiFuneral Home, where funeral ser- , cemcr wncre " KU "" J , u j .Ken- vices will be conducted at 2:30 p. live - Warm showers, soft beds a Monday by the Rev. George L!| American food are the lhrec Iea ' Wehler, pastor of Salem Evange-j lical and Reformed Chnrch. Interment will be in the Porter Cemetery, Eckharl. Benjamin B. Alderfon Benjamin B. Alderlon, 44, former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad em- ploye, died at 2 p. m., yesterday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Harvey I t: f- Dm l>- H ;...... 40% :. 3fi'. 6: ! i ,.. s 1 . 162 -t Lt ...... -i 5 , .Otn Mlrv ..... CiHvr FA; R •('<•;?. Corp •Jill ll.irv : 7n'- jVlcJc Can '"IK'. i'.ip»t Ptd t:i- T .v !' Ki-rm fi.ii •..;.. Lm O-F r,l .,. ' . P&n' Wet .... li Ol .... 1 Air .... i'. :.'.,... O a (n h ;,. >> ^J ...; ' Co . ... • >i>n Carb --;on Pat . -i:t Airc S Rtm . 5 Stl .... 03'i 54'. 37-' At . Mf, .120 . S5 S3' -'0 . SO' 50 v 41 182 »'V ; 217 Grand avenue. He Is ako| a daughter, Mrs. n^», wn ^^ K'I i^.i: 1 "" 1 "»"viiau, of this city, ^TSJS l-edn^ ^[hers. n» body was taken to the! day ; morning in Perry Point. Md., Veterans' Hospital. The Rev. William A. ELseubcrger, 4P>jpnstor of First Presbyterian Church, •[^'•l officiated, and. interment was in family mausoleum in Rose Hill 3»S -.cemetery. '?.• !•• Active -pallbearers' were '"{Perran, .^Villiam E. R. McRobert 341. 37V, 51 .51 ' 34% .1''t JJ ?.«'" •tin ion 10 VI .<* 30U 50'-, FRO^I HOME Locust Grove. Okla., March 10 W) —Aciair O. Franklin saw a metal driver's license fall put of an ear of corn he was shucking. The metal piece left an impression on the grains of corn. Indicating it became lodged in the ear during early stages «!'.{E. Barnard. Dr. W. Royce Hodges,] o f maturity.'' J^iDr. t.yslc Everhart, Dr. Clay E. The license was mailed to its ^jOurrelt, Dr. Howard U Tolson andtowner, D. C. Kelly. Charleston. S. !r-,|Jnmes \V, Beacham: ... pc.. who may be able to say how It ; T |>] Honorary pallbearers were Dr. AJgot lost there. ^•jH. Hawkins, Dr. W. A. Oracle, Dr.! - = u W. F. . ; Willlams. Dr. A. P. Dlxon, -Dr. C.O: Owens, Dr. Henry M.Hodg- Iji-jfyon. Dr. Knight Reynolds, Dr, R. W. 9'. iTievaskis. Dr. C. C. Zimmerman, |-«|D.' Lindley Sloan and William A. Mass Meeting ALL CLERKS MONDAY 5:30 and 8:30 Fort Cumberland Hotel Attend whichever meeting Is. most convenient. :*! IcoJ C«Jof —.th* cltan un«ll of To Apptf Qt o potlsfl* itamp. No pou», /vo Jvit dip tA cl«on waur oi^d apply, ki 20 *>, Jl'» dry. Anyo^* cnn do Iff .. . -. o SlkJr <x your M9n«y bacV. Gv and fadtproof. Two cloMl, l>o* c«i!U« and walk. 40 NORTH MECHANIC STREET •jt Warning against accidents in thehome ancj on the highways is old stirff to most of us. Many industries have made real progress in accident prevention, but our homes continue to produce minor and major injuries on an ever-increasing scale. In spite of every precaution, accidents will occur. When the "ounce of-prevention" fails, it is wise to have "the pound of cure" ready and at hand. See that your medicine cabinet is amply stocked with standard first-aid materials. Keep a first-aid kit in the pocket of your car. We shall be pleased to help you select the essential items from our complete stock. ; •'.-•••]•. ;i; WALSH, McCAGH & HOLTZMAN PHARMACY "Weilero Maryland's Leading Prescript/on Cenier" i CORNER BEDFORD AND CENTRE STREETS ..;:: FREE DELIVERY — PHONE 3646 or 943 I PHONE 70 '<OfZ * » Vw*. ' ^:!', *0 .. \v v» p Jt p MS 23'j Youn CHOICE Miami, Fla., March 10 'iVj— One ;Mi»ml restaurant owner has put the distribution of cigarettes on a sport- tDx baxls, >. H* opened his: weekly two-carton Wlotment and placed tha loose cfiz- on tiie cashier's counter un- <ter''ft sigh reading: ••- "If you haven't got one. take one. J| vou cto havr some. lea»e one." | Color Guards., of the Lexlon ' nnd JVFW Posts were made up of James jC. layman! Francis c. Erode, Peter iFcrrato and Truman C. Fuller; and I Lee Thrnsher, Walter S. Nycum, (Vernon J. Winner and Harry H. Bnrley, '.'•-.- . . Sirs. Howard E. Fields Sen-ices for Mrs. Georgia Ann Fields; 44, wife of Howard E. Fields, 714 Elm street, -who died Friday morning in Memorial Hospital, will be held tomorrow at. 2 p. m. in the Stein Funeral Home, with the Rev. Charles M. LeFew, pastor of Orace Methodist Church, officiating. Interment will be In Hllkrest Burial Park. : Owen Wilson Services will be conducted Tuesday M 0:30 p. m. in the Stein Funeral Home for Crsven Wilson. 80. retired farmer, who died yester- \_lofh«s cost money thest cloys, and the wise and thrifty woman will get os much wear out of (hem os possible. Clothes will last Consolidate Your Debts PEOPLES BUDGET LOAN Loans Based on a 12 Month Period $100.00 $106.00 400.00 Com* in ... we «r« eagtr to work with you in any wf can to tafeguard your interest and that of our depositors. Make T/)» Peoples Bank Your Bank Buy War Bonds Regularly Mtmkef Ftdttol Dvyosrt fniurnnct Cotoaratto* \_J ne tried and true way of getting extra wear tut of your clothes is by sending them to the Crystal. aL^iifi'S ...iSdil i 1 m ^alv 1$ &!* isij «&$T\ i-it 1 •'•>"i » t * %** ^**. ":^&-^ «Si ^ ^^K» m I1.SJJ3;*' vK- £3* ^ t&m m*** v*t jfi^l &tti>j^ <-» ^§£-5 Cv\< & & & V^*» 1 W t*-,l & a^ FURNITURE V tDMPANV ^ : P, S. Mkt, Open Daily to 6 P, M, • Sat. to 9 P, M, Fresh Churr-ed : Creamery BUTTER SWAN SOAP Limif 10 Now It (he Time To Buy! 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In fact! they often consult Wolf officials For suggestions in creating new styles. That's why you, our customer, can always count on us for America'* finesr, exclusive homefurnishings, at the lowest possible prices!. And that's Vvhy we're so mighty proud of the benefits of Wolf's 12-stort buying power—because it means so, much to you! Kx.'^ .J^f». :>:-* -vP-i Z«^??>-' OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT WOLFS! The Dependable Fnendfy Furniture Store 42-46 Baltimore Street

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