Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 24, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Postoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY DROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: SI. SO .75 .50 .OS One Year in advance Bix Months .... Three Months Single Copies AnVKKftSKMKNTS: display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per line each insertion. Le^al notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, .50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, f'AL., .H.'LY 24, 1HO!». Our new high school building l« far enough along on t.ho construction work lo give one a good 1'!'•'« °' wll!lt - tll ° structure will be on completion. Especially i« this HO of thn exterior, rnoHt of which has received t.ho finishing touches. Tho president of (.he- board of tniBtcoH remarked at tho graduating exorcises at. the close of la«t term that, Coviria would havn "one of the finest high school buildings In any town of It.H size, for t.ho money." We suspect that. t.heHC restrictive phrases were meant a« a bit of humor, for the Kchool will bo, we are Hiiro, one of the flnoHt anywhere, regardlesB of cost or size. Its maflBlve and sub- stantlal appearance, being entirely of solid concrete, shows a marked contrast to many of the lath and planter structures In surrounding districts. Friction that Booms to be of a some•what serious nature has arisen between the advisory committee appointed to servo during the construction of the $3,r.00,000 good roads system and the Hoard of Supervisors. The committee has threatened to resign because they claim they have been ignored by the Supervisors in the removal and appointment of members to their body and In the making of important contracts. According to a algned statement by the president and secretary of tho, they think the Supervisors are not acting in good faith with the taxpayers and themselves and are violating the terms of a resolution creating the advisory board. This IH rather a bad rtate of affairs to come up so early in this groat county Improvement Our sympathy Is with the Board of Supervisors and the resignation of the advisory board Is earnestly to be desired. Such boards are usually as superfluous as an appendix to tho human body. To Stop "Speeding. One of the most practicable schemes for reducing the number of deaths duo to carelessness In tho handling of automobiles that has boon sugcstod HO far, comes from Chicago. Chicago has need to work on (.lie problem for the slaughter from fast driving Is becoming a public menace there, as II Is also In many other parts of the country. Official figures issued a few days ago showed (hat the number of deaths had IK-en rapidly Increasing, so that during the year In the city they number throe every two weeks, with many injuries In addition. The plan IK now proposed by aldermen in to require a device upon every car, which .shall whistle automatically whenever an auto shall he driven faster than the speed limit. The device shall be regularly Inspected by officers to sice thai It IH In good working order. So when the chauffeur, contrary lo the owner's order," shall speed up, the whistle will Immediately make ii great noise, and the consequent "bawling out" will both wake up the- owner to what Is happening, and also the police. Fortunately, in small cities, where a device of thin kind would be least workable, it is least needed. Hut In large cities, such as Chicago, where .speeding Is a , continual menace to the public safely, it certainly should he adopted unless there is soint* insuperable harrier to itb employment. Prostitution of Justice. A young girl incorrigible, twice sent 10 corrective institulions because of pn-co'-ious immorality, delhmt and '•or.temptuous of the lirst lav, of society, lieeani." 111' 1 cause ul a quarrel t>e('.V'-I'll i wo younn men, and n'inter was done. ()ne was Ire brother of the Rlrl, and the \iciim of the shooting wa;i t);e man ,\!io.-:.- willing paramour tin- girl hud b'-rii Tin- ynung man (!«• lit.'i file! v planned ' l:< 1- il!in,', of hi:Sis' I I ':. !o\ .-r. \ I • < \ ,ii'.-!e-; i . } ii ry il i . i: r i' •• 'it Hi: i ; ' . .1 !• ,iii! e. •; , .! :.! i I I i . .•;': |..i • .•! |. il tin- •' ' "i : i a I -I ' •,.• 11 •:• <. !• i . i i'. eit. 'I ! <• I'M! •' i • •!: ii: i •; ; ' • ju: ;. tho bench. Tho distrU-t attorn'-y's of- flco hnd worked hard to bring hbout. Justice, and failed, through tho maudlin stupidity of twolvo good m<Mi and true. .lustlco IH blind. It IH also halt and lame, covered with loathsome sores, and as we < ontomplato tho filth of Its own making through which it. crawls, we think it would bo woll that it. should be compelled on tho approach of purity to cry, "unclean! unclean!" Tho degenerate son of New York! riches escaped the hangman's noose • because his chorus-girl wife recited a melodramatic story prepared for her by splendidly capable attorneys. Tho twelve men sobbed find Bobbed through t.ho trial as they had not, since they objected to needful baths In childhood. A vague wraith called "t.ho unwritten law" poked Its bond at! times from a trapdoor in the floor and ' waved It.H hand. And In Coviria re-', a Justice of the peace took It, upon himself to decide what, constituted murder and would not allow tho case to bo tried, which rnay have boon as noar to tho club of Justice .'IH tho ; murderer would have arrived, Judging from tho work of t.ho higher courts of our hind. America Is being bathed In bathos. /Oven In tho ehlvalrle days of t.ho South, the southern gentleman, who meted out swift, vengeance to do- spollers of his women Cand continues to do so), did not clamor for the Inviolate protection of prostitutes, or of those who murdered because of them. God grant that wo may over protect our women. God grant that wo may not murder men whose Indiscretions Involve them with the degenerate and unmoral of that sex. Thl» perpetual and continual prostitution of Justice Is responsible, in tho first place, for the murder of Cecil Tliayer of Los Angeles, and the love of cheap drama of the wet, Bobby, bathetic kind In the makeup of jurymen, has sanctlonpd it. Once In a- whlle there are stern, Justice-loving men within the railing of the Jury- box. Mary Rogers was hanged in Vermont for tho cold, well-calculated strangling of a sick husband who had life Insurance, accomplishing tho deed with tho assistance of her lover, but the governor of the state was obliged to barricade himself In his home while a mob outside clamored that he commute the sentence, a crowd roused to this false pitch of excitement by a yellow press, which distorted courtroom evidence, Hod about the creature on trial, and parodlad Kipling In verses such as: "They're Ranging Mary Rogers In the mornin'." Gentlemen, do you wish to keep tho women of America as pure as women should be pure? Then, when you sit upon a Jury, In Judgment of a fellowman, remember that the character of t.ho woman Involved, even though she lie a woman, has much to do with the punishment, of a man's offense. New refrigerators at less than cost at (lull's. The Call to Out Doors. Now Is tlio season for outings, and wo heijr>v<-. t.*>?«t r.v«.rym,ft who possibly ran should list/in to the "frill of the wild" and got out Into God's wilderness, If only for a day, and listen to nature's iwcrcts. Most, people aro recognizing tho fact that, they can work hotter, more cheerfully, keep better health, If they can got somewhere for a decided change for whatever time they can spare from tho duties of life, and breathe the fresh air far away from business. A trip to the mountains to a great many people Is better than a thousand dollars for health, strength and happiness. We must confess the mountains have a groat way of beckoning us to "come on" and get. among the towering rocks and rushing torrents. We echo the words of our national anthem: "I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills, .My heart with rapture thrills Llko that above." And the pure, cold mountain stream and the cup dipped from under the snow has a peculiar fascination. Leave your business cares for a few days and you can secure any of those pleasures at. any one of the resorts in tho San Gabriel canyon—Rln- con, Coldbrook or Follows. Each have their individual atractions. Covina Hardware Company=== Mrs. C. K. Raymond of Milwaukee is visiting her sister, Mrs. I. I. Cook. Mr. and Mrs, (J. I. Lytle are visiting Seattle and other northern points. Mrs. K. II. Lemon and daughter, Miss Hernice, of Claremont, have been spending n week at the Ratekin home. Mr. and Mrs. IS. H. Lahee will remove to Los Angeles next week to stay for some time at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths, who have returned from a visit with relatives In San Francisco, spent last week in Los Angeles, where they were on the reception committee for the entertainment of the Elks. A picture of your camp ni the woods with your friends, and the many little enjoyable things of summer will make a lasting companion in the months of toil to come. Get a kodak of C. W. Tucker. The Misses Julia Bashor and Inez Smith were the guests this week of the former's sisters, Mrs. C. I. Smith and Miss Kitty Bashor at Hollywood. Th.oy attended a farewell party given by Mrs. Smith in honor of Miss Bashor, who leaves soon for her home in Kelseyville. Mrs. W. ' Bernard, who is visiting her mother, Mrs. Oarrett, was the dinner guest last evening of Mr. and Mrs. Lahee. Other guests at the Lahee residence this week were Rev. Harry White for luncheon on Sunday and Dr. Thomson and Rev. White for dinner Tuesday evening. HORNE'S GROCERY FOR Fruit Jars and Rubbers MASONS- pi. $ .(;,">; ql. $ .TH; one-hall' K »] $1.00 per do/en. SCI1HAM- pi. $ .!•(>; ql. $1.00; oue-half w\\. $!.:!;"> per do/en. LKillTN'INO- pi. $ .DO; qt. $1.00; one-half fjal. $l.Mr> per do/.. KCONOMY--PI. $1.0(1; qt. $1.25 per do/. Kxlra caps for sale here. Phone 43. I/EEP IXOOL By Using Gas for Fuel. Call and See Our Nice Line of Gas Ranges. Phone 196. Covina Valley Gas Co, Opens Monday, July 26th Full line of gas and steel ranges, stoves, cooking utensils, lawn mowers, fruit sacks, willow and wooden ware, paints and oils—in fact, everything you will find in the biggest hardware stores. Since we established our implement store in Covina our big trade has been asking us repeatedly for hardware goods, which we didn't have in stock. Farming implements and hardware go hand in hand. Now We Have the Stock One of the largest and best equipped stores in town, in a new block and new furnishings. Covina Hardware Co. TWOMEY & DILLER, Props. NEXT TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. I HAVE $20,000 to loan i on first mortgage on Covina orange groves. Will loan all or any part of it for five years. All business personal. 5 C. E. BOYLE Covina, Cal. Phone 1112.

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