The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 24, 1998 · Page 58
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 58

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 24, 1998
Page 58
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ADVEnTISEMENI finyoir TrillUio Tap Into Riches You Don't Even Know You Have! G.I.Joe $100.00 YtllowVtlt $1,000.00 You wouldn't leave piles of cash in your garage, under your bed, up in your attic, or at the back of your closet. Or would you? If you haven't sorted through your old junk lately, that could be exactly what you've done. You don't believe me? Well, you should. Because in the last few years, the collectibles industry has swelled to $35 billion a year. And yet anyone can get involved. These days there are dealers and collectors who will shell out surprising amounts of money for everyday items (like ashtrays, plastic toys, old wrappers and transistor radios) that you may have forgotten you own. And those commonplace items are increasing in value. Some baseball gloves from the 1950s, for example, have multiplied 100-fold in worth over the last five years, with rare models going for as much as $3,500! You could be sitting on a fortune without even realizing it. If you're like most people, you have no idea that you probably have items of value stashed away. Did you know that some old postcards can bring a price of $1,000? And that almost everything associated with fishing can put dollars in your pocket? Of course you didn't. Which is exactly why Tony Hyman, Ed.D., one of America's top authorities on collectibles and the host of the #1 radio antiques and collectibles call-in question and answer show, wrote his book Trash Or Treasure. "This book has only one purpose: to make money for its readers," says Hyman, who has authored 11 other books on selling collectibles, and has appeared on most major television talk shows, including Oprah, Donahue, PM Magazine, Caryl & Marilyn, and Missing Reward. "Trash Or Treasure can make you rich," says Anita Gold, one of the country's foremost columnists on collectibles. "It's better than a lottery ticket, because you can't lose with this book." Hyman's doctorate in information management from Columbia University— along with his 45 years in the antiques and collectibles industry—is what makes this reference book so incredibly simple to use and profit from. You just follow Dr. Hyman's easy four-step process to make money. Trash Or Treasure, which has sold close to 250,000 copies, lists over 2,200 separate categories of items that collectors are looking to buy from someone just like *Zm Coca Cola Gum Pack: $2,500.00 you. You don't even have to read the whole book. You just look up what you have in the foolproof alphabetical index, and you're on your way to cashing in on the collectibles craze. For chances are good that Aunt Ida's punch bowl, or that clock you got 20 years ago, could be worth cold, hard cash. Elsie Gordon, from Delray Beach, FL, actually made $250 by going through the trash after her husband cleaned out the garage. She originally thought that the old car parts and greasy manuals she'd rescued might be worth $10. Boy, was she surprised! Despite the wealth of success stories, a lot of people have a hard time swallowing the notion that most of us have trash that we could turn to treasure. So when the producers of a San Francisco tv show heard Tony claim that more than two thirds of all Americans own collectibles worth money, they issued a challenge. "If we pick the house, will you go in and find a treasure while the cameras roll?" They took Dr. Hyman to a Northern California farming town called Tracy and flung open the sagging garage door. Thirty minutes after going through a mound of stuff designated for the dump, Dr. Hyman found a piece of carnival glass, a valuable 78 RPM record and seven model kits. . The grand total? Close to $500. "If we had spent the day, we would have found ten times that amount," Dr. Hyman says. I wanted to stage a different kind of experiment to test Dr. Hyman's theory. So 20 minutes before driving up to interview him, I conducted a mini- treasure hunt through my house and stuffed everything from dishware to costume jewelry into four shopping bags. When I arrived, Dr. Hyman estimated their potential worth at over $2,500. Just think what I would have wound up with if I'd known what to look for! Figuring out what you have of value is only half the story. You still have to collect the cash. That's why Trash Or Treasure lists more than 1,100 specialty buyers who are actively looking for your dust-gatherers. When it gets right down to it, on ty one wav to kn° w ^ wn a l you have is trash or treasure. You have to ask a qualified expert. That doesn't mean heading to your local antique dealer. After being offered $50 for a stoneware butter churn stashed in her garage, an Oklahoma woman living on social security shipped the piece to Richard C. Hume, one of the dealers in Trash Or Treasure. "She was totally shocked when I sent her a cashier's check for $4,800," he says. Hawaiian Shirt, Ex.Lg. $1,500.00 That's why Dr. Hyman's book is invaluable: It leads you straight to the country's top experts on collectibles, who also are those most interested in buying what you have to offer. And Dr. Hyman makes your collecting (of cash, that is) as easy as filling in the blanks on his printed sell-a-gram, which comes with the book. You'd have to read hundreds and hundreds of pages, and pay tens of thousands of dollars, to get the information that your copy of Trash Or Treasure provides. Because instead of thumbing through stacks of books which cost an average of $20-$ 100 apiece, you simply contact the appropriate collector directly to find out the worth of your item and make the deal. Trash Or Treasure is the only book of its kind. For it not only tells you what you have that could be of value, it tells you who you can sell it to, where they're located, and how to handle the entire transaction. To enhance your money-making opportunities Stick: even more) D r- Hyman has included The World's $500.00 Most Accurate Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide to over 5,000 items in his Trash Or Treasure collection, and his exclusive patent date guide to help you determine how old your treasure might be. Trash Or Treasure gives you all the information you need to trade in your trash for cash. You just can't afford to pass up that opportunity. $400.00 Do you have any of these items lying around? • Silt/Pepper Shakers • Perfume Bottles • Piggy Bantu • Toys • Maps • Thimbles • Playing Cards • Pocket Knives • Magazines This is your chance to turn these and other dust-collectors into ready cash. As a special offer to our readers. Dr. Tony Hyman's invaluable Trash or Treasure money-making system is available for only $29.95. Send $29.95 plus $4.50(s&h) to: PUBLISHER'S CHOICE* Dtpt. A270-UB P.O. Box 4106 Huntin|ten St.tioa, NY 11746 Money Back Guarantee

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