The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 2, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1977
Page 6
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PA 0E (l^TTAUOrtTFCK NKTV9 (CONN.). TUESDAY. JTTLY 30. On The Air Today 0:OO p. ni. ALL Slntlonn—Ncwa WOR—Easy Aces n:lo \>. 111. •WJiRY -RnHfihall Sr.orcn (I: I." p. m. WBRY -Nylon Time; Lope/. WABC —Sclrnco Frontlorn W.IZ--Elhol I11U| Albert WATR--AI Vmitro, Sportii •WOrt--On The Century WTlC--Olee C'luh VVICAF—American Sernnado fl:20 p. m. WATR—CackUll Soronruln 11:30 p. m. WBRY--K, Christy Krk. Ncwn WABC -Larry Cnrr W./X, Allen Pi-menu WTIC -Hlrlfitly Sportii WAT ft NPWH; Intrrludo WOR News p. in. WTIC Weather WEAK--Sportx li:-lfl p. ni. WBRY-WARC ..Nr.vfii Till Now W'nC-WEAK -Lowell Thomaii WJ5C--Oroal Koott WATR • F'lea.'iurr and I'roflt WOK- fHun Lomax 7:on p. in. WRRY-- I. Itch field Theater WABC-Pattl Clayton WJ'/j —Headline ICdltlnn .WATR Albert Warner WKAF-WTIC -Supper Club 7: l, r > p. in. W,fH- Klmrr Davis WA.BC--Skyline Roor WOH Answer Man WFCAF-WT/C ,fohn Vandercook 7:2(5 p. in, WATR—NOWJI 7:,'IO p, in. WBRY-WABC Melody Hour WKAK-WTfC' To he announced WOrt ArMiilr Ifale WATR KlfihliiK. Hunting 7i'iri i>, m. WOR--InBlde of SpirtM WATR Alcoholl™ Anritiyniiniii WKAI 1 ' Knl ten horn H;0t> p. in. WtmY-WAHC I'.lg Tnv/n WKAK-WTfC Johnny 1'resent.'! WOR Nlrk Curler WJ^-WATR f.uiri and Ahncr HUDSON SAI-l'IS — SKKVK.'IC Oeliernl AlltomoUvn -M MOTORS INC. H0-X3 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tclrphonn (Mil SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Wed - Thurs C1AUDKTTE JOHN COLBERT • WAYNE J» MERVYN URQTS i»od»<lnjn nl, DcFORE • HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR CESSPOOL? USE Starco CESSPOOL CLEANER NO BOTHEH — FUSS or SHUTDOWN RELIEVES CLOGGED OR SLUGGISH CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS _ DRAINS RUMINATES ODORS 5.IO-25-5CMOO Pound Container - SO L P D Y Naujcfutuck Lumber Co. H:lf» ft. m. WJZ-Thu O'NnlUi VVATR—I Wimt u Job 8;30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—-Romance Theater WEAI''-WTIC--Date With Judy WJZ-WATR--Sammy Knyc WOIt—Tho Falcon X:5JS p. m. WBRY-WABC--News fl:l)0 |>. ni. WBRY-WABC—Tulnnt Scouts WKAI''-WTIC--Ornnd Marquee WOn—Gabriel Hciittcr WJK-VVATK- -Tea Malono !>!15 |>, in. WOR—Roal Stories WATR Listen to Ann Grcnler VVJZ -Brown Dots <):,'IO p. m. WBRY-WABC—-Encore Theater W.15C-WATU— Doctors Talk WKAF-WTIC--Fred Waring VVOR—American Forum ft:4B p. in. VVATR-WJZ UNRRA Pgm. !):ftr> p. m. WJJi-WATR -Wismer's Sporlu 10:1)0 p. in. WBRY-WABC- -Night F.ifo WJ7.-VVAT.Tl—Summer Concert WISAF-WTIC- -Mnn Culiud X 10:1,0 p, in. WOR—Take These Notes 10:HI) p. ni. WBUY-WABC- Open Hearing WF3AF-WTJ:C--RonihorK Music WATR ~Basin Orch. WOIi Syrnphonrtlc WJK Huoslcr Hop 11:00 p. m. WfiKY-VVAKC World News Other Stations-News 11:10 p. m. WBRY—John J. 'Drily, City News 11:15 [>. in. WBRY-WABC--You and the Atom W.I'/, --Spnrtu WTIC-WOR -News WATR - Murker Orch. 11 :Hf) p. in. W R RY-WAl.-'.C - - Me: I n tyro Orch. WTfC Polish Music VVJK-WATK • linn-is: Tucker Orch. Weather; Orchestra 112:00 Midnight ioiis Play Middleto wii Tomorrow Regaining Pitching Form "Victory Necessary" Nolde Says, If Are To Continue Standing of Teams AMKRJCAN I.KAGVE Vcfttfirday's Washington '2, Cleveland 1 (1st). Washington 8, Cleveland <1 (2d). Dct:')lt <l, Philadelphia 1. 1 Chi capo 4, New York 3. Only games scheduled. The Standing G'lmrlry Wagner, pictured iibovo, H<>d fi".v hurler, whom Miinugur Joo Cronln hclipvos is going to make u. ooniolinck during the liittor jmrt of thin Mcnson, (As if tliu Sox needed nnothcr pltchor.) To Fig-ht Compo Pirates Defeat Brasscos In 11-Inning Thriller .JOJ';v IAN.VOTTI, aliovc, Now York fi'iitln'rwiilght who will op- po.mi I'lddlc Ciimpo, of New Iliivcn. nl Wiiti-rlniry Mnnlr.lpiil Stiidliini Tlini'Ndiiy night In clglil round hi'tiillincr. 1'r o in o t (r r (ii-orKi 1 MifHigun will present four other bouts with tli<i opcnnr Helinduled for M:.'^l) o'clock sharp. SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.K..VI,. Huiii'i Klin lllriM'l U) llrlli'h <: I. HA MOST sror IN TIII: STA 2nd jaiC WEEK Irene DUNNE Rex HARRISON Linda DARNELL — 2nd HIT — STRANGE TRIANGLE WEDNCSDAY i men fnom IsnnqusnTin FLINT-KOTE ROOFING We are holding our price line—- So if your roof needs repairing have it done now before winter comes. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS WE WILL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or Supply Materials Needed •MM^M^^MMMMlM^BVW^^^^aM I For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Go. Sports Chatterbox By JACK DARBY OddB mxl Ends H'a been picaslnfj to note thai attendance has hecn picking up ! nl the local Amateur Lfiapne's Sunday doiib'.o-headcra. Frank Shea nnd all the teams and players concerned havo worked hard to make the nrwly formed leafrue a .success and we think they are dur. a lot oC credit. Lust Sunday «tvw the first round come to a close with tho R!ini;nr:t (who copped thn first half lltloi clofcatlnK tho second plnce I-Ilghl.indors '1-2 in ;i cd ffanic. v/hilo SL. Francis! (the third plnce nine) eclKed Beacon Falls fourth plucn Cruaadrrs ^-2 in ri ID Inning thriller. Millvillo wn.i Idle and finished off tho first round standings in the cellar.... Paul Buckmillcr's; Merry Morti- rlnn .Softball squad took a terrific riding from their nrch rivals. Thur- sttons. during the recent Mortician- Ma !r: Wavr: contest. Many fans arc of the opinion' that the constant "hccklinp" by the Tcemnn was the cause of the 3-2 defeat inflicted upon the Mori's by the surprinlnp; Main Waves, Free Thurston ho.s hoen irritatinfj the Morbid Mites r-vrn more recently by telling them to to out and "Rot a reputation" h«- foi e challonKlnK his hlRh-rldlnK Tco- men any morn, AlthoiiKh numerous iittnmptH to match the two popular HOI'tball clubs have failed, we feel certain that a Thurston-Morti- clan "priidKO balt'.c" will dorinitfi- ly miiterlnllxc before the pofthall pension closes. And when It cloca folka. don't mlns it!! 30 Giiini! \VinnnrH Mnl Nn\vhoiiKi;r. the Detroit Tigers lalontrrj lofthanderl pitcher entered the "charmed circle" of 20 name winners Saturday by virtue of his •1-2 victory over tire lowly Philadelphia A's. This is tho 3rd straight year that birr Hal hus readied the 21 (,'ainc mark. (He won 23 in 19't'l and 20 in '-Ifi) and nflnr looking fit our re.eord books wu find that only one other pitcher has accomplished t'hls fent In modern baseball history !-lnce 1000. 1 That was the one and only Robert "Moso.s" Grove, who turned the trick with the A's in J923-30-31 winning- 20. 2«, and 31 frames respectively. Other hurlnrs have won 20 or more frames in three or more seasons but never conMnc.iiLivelv. For you funs that fnink Ni:w- hotiHer may he on the brink of sct- tlnK sonic all time winnlnir records this season, we will toll you with almost certainty that Hal will finish •far behind the Alli-tlnx: victory record. You ccy, the Detroit ba.ll club has exactly 'CO more cramos to p!ny and IC.Ncwhousct' would con- tl.nin at his-present pace he would probably round out the season with 32 victories at the most. This would. exceed baseball's last 30 Rnmc winner. Jerome "Dizzy" Dean, who won nn even thirty with the 193-1 St. Louis Cardinals, hut it. would leave Hal nine frames shy of- J. D. Chesbro's amazlnf: record 'of 15 wins with tho N. Y. Yankees in 190't and also considerably in arrears of Eddie Walsh who won 40 with the 1!)OS Chicago White Sox nnd Walter Johnson who notched 30 victories during tho Washington Senators 1913 season. One thinpr is certain though, Detroit's .ice hurlor !s hy far the most "wlnnlntr-ost" pitcher In tho bis: leagues today, and -mny well pro from here to sot some pitching records of his own? Incidentally Nmv- houscr has been bothered with arm trouble this year too. Imagine liis record today If he \vas In top shnpc! Cuccinellos, Sellensy DeVito Spark Samoskamen To Near Upset The Walcrbury Brnescos sparked by the brothers Cuccincllo. put a little Kc.iro Into the Pittsburgh Pirules last evening 1 , when the Major I-icaKiic club was forced to play 11 'innings before they were able lo push across the necessary markers and win the contest, 8-!i. Uttle Bill Sellens, along with Ihe afore-mentioned Tony and Al told the Btory yesterday. Sellens did as much as any pitcher could do to aid his own cause, holding- down the power of the strong 1 Pirate bats, anfl knocking out two hits himself; one a tremendous triple. DcVilo also won the love of the crowd when he hit well in the pinches, having an active part in the scoring- The Pirates collected 1!5 hits, iCiionfriddo leading Ihe parade with | a double and three Kinplcs, Jimmy li.-iwii was just behind him with a two bagger and two singles. Bill Baker, who the crowd singled out Cor doriBion. hit a. triple in the lute innings that changed most people's minds find started them rooting for the big inficlder. McDermott Calls Special Meeting The Rangers Club will hold a special meeting Thursday night, 7:30 o'clock at. the YMCA, il was announced by President Robert McTDermolt. today. President Mc- DtM'inotl urges all members of the oi-Riinixatioii to attend this important meeting. Boston ... New York Detroit .: Washington Cleveland SI. Louis .. Chicago Philadelphia W. 34 50 40 40 38 27 Pel. •?" .504 .f/M ..J-!b .474 .526 .400 Today's Games, I'ilcher* New York at Detroit (twilight) ravens (l.l-fi> vs. Trucks (11-8). Boston lit Cleveland (night) --• Dobspn (10-1) vs. Gromck (4-9). Philadelphia at Chicago (night) — Savage U-0) vs. Pupisr. (1-3) or Smith ifi-7). Washington at St. Louis (night) —Haefncr. (9-6) vs. Poltcr (6-6). NATIONAL I,KAGUJS Locals Now Immersed In Heart Of State Elimination Tourney yesterday's RoMilt!* Brooklyn 7, Cincinnati 3, lloril-on '2. St. I/o\iis 1. Chicago 5, New York 4. Only gainus achedulird. The Brooklyn .. . St. Louis . - . ChiiMjrn Cincinnati . . Boston New York . Philadelphia Pittsburgh • W. I.. . !>8 3B . r,r, 38 r>i 42 15 47 •M -in 12 ro ;>,s . r ii. 37 50 Pc.t, '.017 .1)91 .548 .489 .473 ,-M2 .43?, .402 Today's Gamos, Pitchers St. Loui.s at Brf.Mklyn Pollet (12-1) VM. Melto.i (0-1). Chicago fit Now York—Erlckson (5-1) vu. Budniclc (1-2). Cincinnati at Philadelphia (night) —Vandcrnicer (S-5) vs. Howe (104). Pittsburgh .it Boruon (nisht; — Sewcll. Ui-7) vs. S:iin (10-13), From here on in, the Amcrlcnn r.,ejjlon Juniors, district champions, will have to he on their Iocs, we learned from their manager, Eddie Noldc, todny. The localw beginning tomorrow evening, will be in the state elimination <-jurneyn. which requires thai they win every one of their remaining games in state competition, as a single loss, means obscurity for another season. Tomorrow night the locals will travel to Middlctown to engage the Legion team there, who are Jils -Jistrict champs. In order to con tinue, wo repeat, they must come out victors in this contest. The order Is a tough one. hut Manager Nolde bclicvcu lie has the team to do It. If victory is theirs on the morrow, their next opposition will be the winner of the Novwich-Willl- manllc fray, to be. played during the first few clays of August. Following that if again they will have to defeat nnd eliminate two more teams and they will have copped the utatc title. Then, another simple matter, they will have to po to Glen Falls and compote for the national title. It's quite an order. If the locals do make the state finals "but. lose the game they have another consolation, in this form. All losers of state titles, will play in th/c Polo Grounds, to determine who is the champion of that group. Sometimes a loss ia more ihun beneficial. Members of this year's team, out of which their hackers have expected and have gotten much, are: Pitchers, VIn Healy and Chet Usa- kicwlcz; catchers, George Schuster iind Frar.kie San Angclo; infielders, Jock Cuitin, J-je Hcaly, Billy Natowich; outfieldens, Bob Markovic. Bob Stauffer and Furtado. Mar.ugcr Noldc asks that all members of the team report to the Legion home tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 p. m. They Wear Different Suits Now Tho ncl.iiij.1 ribrr of the abaca plan!., thn sourcn of hemp. co"n- pi .'^os only three to four per cent of the weight of the stnlk. Ralph Kiner Rookie Of Year Some Of the lads who made the headlines last spring have disap- . pearcd from the b'ifr league picture. There still remain, however, quite a number of promising young players in the National League who, from what they have thus far demonstrated. will have their names twinkling with, the top stars for years to f:nrr.c. One, for instance, is Ralph Mc- Phcrrnn Kiner, the outfielder who is serving his first year with the Pittsburgh Pirates and living up to all thi! nice things that were said oC him during the season. Kiner's name isn't found among the leaders in the batting aver- ago, but, just the same, he is one hitter who has gained the rcspocL of every pitcher in the Ford Frick cirnuit. The Pirates' rookie outfielder can drive a ball as far n.s any player in the league and his home, run clouting has put him in the thick of the buttle with Johnny Ml/.e, of the Giants, for the honors in this department, Kiner to date has gathered more foui' baggers than any member of the Pirates had been able to collect in any one. scnson during the last five years. Should ho continue his pace he easily could establish a.n all-time homo run mark in l.he. history of the, Pittsburgh Club. The outfielder ,who will be only "4 next Ocl-jbcr, is within reach (f that record- NEW CAREER AT 40 By Steve Bishop' TO •PITCHER— AT T-HE OF Yank Juniors Defeat Salem I3y KHNNY CLYMKR In a non-league game yesterday, the Yank Juniors turned back the Salem Junions, 12-7. Tho Yanks look t.hc field laden wiih imported talent, much to the j dismay of the Salem boys, .il- j though they did put up a spirited j comeback in U-e Inller innings. A ' lole surge by the Yanks terminated any desire that the Salemers may have had of winning. The Yanks got 12 runs on 12 hits and •) walks, while Salem garnered their seven on !> hits and 10 walks. Score, by innings: Yanks ........ 2 0 1 2 •) 3 x—12 12 3 Sslem 001 •!! 01— 7 53 Batteries: (winning team first): igl, Rabtoy; O'Shca, DcMario, Umpire: Healy. • Tivo of the reasons why tho Bosum Urav<;s ar<? making: Mich a ntran(j flrKt <livi.,ii)n hid this Ki'nson aru plrtnrod al>ovc, in \\\c <inlform of the toiun (hat sniit (hcni tl)rn>. IJilly Soiitlnvorth and Mort Cor.pnr, the pitching ace hciiiR: tho. bin Ixiy on IJic ri(;hl. With Soutliwortli, It was a. CJIJMJ of KP.UinK more money; wli'lo with Mort, thi; Cardinal owners discovered Hint \ir was |)rnl>;ihly of more valin- sold. Af(x-r (lie rrce.nt setback Kiiffercd hy the. Curds at the Urave,s hands they may now,' foe re.£relllnjr these exchancos. ABA Club Holding Qualifying Rounds A busy weck-crid is expected up at the ABA Country club next week according to announcements received today from Vinnio Genoa, chairman of the committee for events. Planned for this week are (1) the qualifying rounds for thi; club championship; (2) a ball sweepstakes: (3) a mixed Scotch foursome, and bedlam n.s usual at. the Iflth hole. Johnny Gajoski, who along with Mnrty Lucas assists Mr. Genoa in orfrn.nl7.Jnfr thcSR events, and St«n KruJikoski, are now up in Boston, representing the- local club in t.ho qualifying rounds of the New England Amateur championships, LIICEFIEID Opening N •rr 'ROPE' July 30-Aug. 3 SEATS: $1.00, SI.CO, $2.00 pins tnx Curtain 8:4i5 Tel. IJtchficId 880 ALCAZAR Charley Wagner Regaining Form Boston, ,1u!y 30- Broadway Charley Wagner':; five-inning relief role ngainst the While Sox in Chicago the other night gave Manager Joo Cronin of t.he noston Red So;: somelhing to cheer about. Why? Because It lc-.ikn ILS though Charley tins regained 1hr> form, which prior to the war, made him one of the best "spot" pitchers in Ihe business. Never a big guy. Charley hns had to resort lo nkill nnd cunning to get. opposing batters out. He has a fine assortment of stuff nnrl nlthourrb one probably can't look back thai far, be siet an all- lime earned run record of l.S-1 with Louisville in ]9-!0. Charley holds . all existing records also as tho Fashion Plate nf Bascbnll. Il has been said that 'Broadway" has an outfit for every occasion. Down South several years ago. Jack Wilson, JimmioFoxx nnd i r-iuplc of newspapermen started out to play golf. Charley asked f he might walk around with them. Wilson replied: "Yeah, but] not in (bore cloihes. You go put vour walking outfil on." ORKDITS I.OKD NKI.SON Chicago, July 30—iUP) The winner of tlin 194(3 All-American goU' tournament at Chicago's Tam o' Shanter Country Club credits Dyron Nelson with having tuned his game for the crown. Herman Barron, a golfing Nomad who has been bucking the big- time circuit for si decads without s/niirinR .•). lucrative championship, copped Ihe All-America with an eight-under par score of 2SO sti-.ikos for Ihe 72-holc route. Booming Ihe shots played n part in the White Plains. N. Y.. ] shotmaker's victory. And il wns on thai phase of his game that Nelson worked patiently. It's believed that Ihe largcsl galleries in golfing wilnessod the O'Shantev links circus. Promoter Georgo May announced the final i-iund's nttondnnce at . r j2,- 000 persons and t-he. foxii'-day aggregate as Dodgers Holding Baseball School The P.rooklyn Do'lgors will ron- duei. H bn«eba!l school for players between jho npra of 17 r.n-l 21. in- chiKive. »nd for veior.-inx of World \Y«i' 71 a> J^uessenirh Park in Tor- riimlon. Conn., on Ancnst S, fl, ;md ]0. Tho se.s.sions will .start nt 1(1 a. in. onoh dny. The school will he directed by .lini KVrr:)!)!'*, Jie:id seonl for (rf* Dodg^rr in th** New ICnpland tor- riiory. Mr. Kerrnnie has discovered more than two dozen players now in Ihe BrcnlOyn minor league system in similai 1 schools held in New Itngland during the past two years. Players should bring their own uniforms 10 the school. All other equipment will be furnished. CARNKKA AHRIVKS Boston. July 30- tl.' P)---Fonner world's heavyweight boxing champion Priino Camera :ir'rived in Roa- lon yesterday by air for his first visit to the LT n it I'd Slates since !).™S. Camera says lie plans to do ome v.-res'.ling on the west const after a visit f> N'ew York. I'mbi-rllii.. FISHERS 111 S. MAIN ST. X.1K7! WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAI-. Prop. a South Main St. Choicest, selection of halt and fresh water fish »t lowest price*. FOH 1'Om'ItAITS OF DISTINCTION Phono 472(> LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Main St, Xaiigatuck Cars Washed, T'olKhrd nt CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION Biiincic sr, TKI.. . ,"McMII.I,AN T MdTOK dll.S PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS l.M MAPr.K STKKBT NOTICE Theater Closed Until Further Notice for Alterations NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. -.Vlnslow Court • Tol. 3304 AUTO PABTS SPOUTS GOODS BA.SERAI,r, SIIOKS, All Sl7,o» NOW Van's A BlusWng Bridegroom — On His Way to Ihe Altar-With TWO Lovely Brides! JOHNSON ivWlLLIAMS LUCILLE BALL KEENAN WYNN* #*«& AMUS-ICAL/ fSl^i

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