Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 6, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1943
Page 2
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HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS of News by Mackenzie Editorial Comment Vritten Today and ioved by Telegraph Cable. 'aria Reported Undergoing Mysterious Civil © "*••"* '" - f " ' ' • -• .-.- .-itanr**'- • -:3*e™*«-- .._ ..^^.^ . r , . r . t . ^,^^____.. _:---••-*• . _.._.+_._..__._.^ -,._^^^^. t ............ ^^^^^ ^f ^ (population Against playing cat's- m. m m — ^ -. _ ^ , .. _ • • ~~ j ; rimtr tt\\* TTitlAt* nnrl tu..«. . i.: ^^k. ^^B ^1 •» ^^^^^k ff^ ft d r^k mm* 1OP tnG QlimoSfi nf inl nrviflmlnrt *-n«,^ I-.T.,.,,, i>.j,. tt. n ..•„ 1 *• Thursday, May 6, |population against playing cat's [paw for Hitler and thus working against the Russians for whom many Bulgarians have a brotherly feeling, partly because of a common Slavic background. King Boris is of Teutonic extraction, and he is only second in line of his dynasty. His father, Ferdinand I often called "The Fox"— was born Prince Ferdinand of Saxe - Coburg and Gotha in Vienna and was elected to the Bulgarian throne. Ferdinand took his country into the last war on the side of Germany and after the conflict he abdicated in the face of widespread disapproval among his people. Despite the abdication. Prince Boris succeeded the old man, bringing with him all the dictatorial characteristics of the Boche and of a leaning for Germany. To make it unanimous he became son-in-law of the King of Italy. fj V o , P e °P leh ave been ar- - even at that time Boris was trying 5$t«J m Sofia, the Bulsarinn cap- j through Germany to recover the rsv MacKENZIE ria, grirnmest and least j trf the enigmatic Balkans, re- i . is in the grips of one o' ' Jidse mysterious crises which de- Wfehd suddenly like birds of night y^tfiat part of the world. Market Report as the lesult of "May Day Wmtrations. What sort of de- ftstraUons' Well, that's part of lw -.-'mystery. But King Boris is Said gt^Have fled his capital, and if rat's so it suggests a boiling over \th«! popular dissatisfaction with S* majesty's Hitlerian affiliations. I TWottSly, and adding to the mys- ' caftan, many of the reports ite''coming from the Berlin propa- anda agencies. They say the Jtreets of Sofia are deserted. All Sdsjeading from Bulgaria are Awhile the police hunt the •tfare/rs of Colonel Athanas Panr former chief of polic, who assassinated Monday. ^e whole picture is calculated "jjfiive the idea of an impending ^caval. It's something to keep |fc eye on, especially since Hun- roty, also is reported to be getting Btferheated. That's another little untry which has been making a p-rUie of the necessity of kowtow- |*ng to Germany. g;<Whatever may be going on at the moment, Bulgaria long has been displaying a rash which indicated . - seated malady. Without fishing to make a pun, let's call Je malady a complaint. That's iactly what it has been com«amt of a substantial part of the (faoomed E^OROLIN —HAIRTONtC Macedonian territory which his father had lost in the last war. Naturally when the present conflagration started he Was trotting along on the fuehrer's leash. The Bulgarians are a fierce and primitive folk. They are among the thoughest fighters in Europe. But they sometimes are slow to register their wrath. They have trailed along with Boris, but there has been much resentment, specially because of the Russian angle. Now the war has reached a crucial stage where it "looks as though there might be hot developments in the Balkans. Rumors are rife that the Allies are preparing to invade the Balkans. Should that happen. Bulgaria would immediately be involved and would in fact be holding the sack for the Nazi all highest. More to the point, from Bulgarian view, talk grows that Turkey may be preparing to join the United Nations and strike up through the Balkans with them. Small wonder that the Bulgarians should be anxious. Whether they are on the verge of revolt against their king's policies remains to be seen, but that wouldn't be very surprising. And when Bulgarians really get into action they are awfully tough. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., May 0 (/I 5 )— (U. S. Dept. Agr.i — Hogs. 8.000; active; weights over 170 ibs 5 to 10 higher; lighter weights 5 to 15 higher; sows steady to 10 higher; good and choice 180-310 Ibs 14.00-75; largely 14.70-75 for weights up to 20 Ibs; top 14.75; lfiO-170 Ibs 14.15-50; 140-100 Ibs 13.65-14 25; 100-130 Ibs 12.05-13.50; sows 14.2050; stags 14.50 down. Cattle, 2,000: calves, 800; generally steady with Wednesday; medium and good steers largely 14.2515.80; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 12.50-15.00; common and medium cows 11.0013.00; medium and good sausage bulls 12. 50-75; vealers 50 higher; good 13.50-14.75; nominal range slaughter steers 11.50-16.75; slaughter heifers 10.75-16.00; stocker and feeder steers 10.75-15. 25. Sheep 1,500: early receipis include seven decks clipped lambs; no early action. previous closing levels. Wheat closed' 3-8—7-1! higher May $1.40, July $1.-If)—1.45 1-8, cor was unchanged at ceilings, Muj $1.05, oats were" up 1-8—38 ani rye showed gains of 1-2—3-4. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.07; No. 2 1.07; No. :!. 1.0,1--1.00: No. 4, 1.00 sample grade 105 Oats: No :i while CO 14; No 3 05 3-4—06. Barley malting 02—1.07 nominal feed 83-88 nominal. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, May 0 tyPl— i the previous session, the As ii slod NEW YORK COTTON New York, May G — W)—• Cotton prices dipped slightly in quiet dealings today. Hedging and liquidation accounted for most offerings. Buying interest was chilled by uncertainties in the price ceilnig question. Late afternoon values were unchanged to 25 cents a bale lower May 20.25, Jly 20.04 and Oct. 19.93. Futures closed unchanged to 25 cents a bale lower. May—opened, 20.25; closed, 20.25 Jly—opened, 20.07; closed, 20.03 Oct—poened, 19.94; closed, 19.92 Dec—opened, 19.88; closed. 19.85n Mch—opened, 19.84; closed, 19.82 Middling spot 22.01n; off 7 N - Nominal POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, May 6 —(/H)— Poultry, live, 4 trucks; market unchanged. Butter receipts 597,489; tone firm; prices as quoted by the Chicago price current were unchanged. , GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, May G (/P)— A little __ buying came into the wheat mar- T,, ~ TT"*"!|ket near the close today and, in Ihe squirrel family gets its name [the absence of any selling prs- rrom the Latin word sciurus, which I sure, prices scored moderate ad- means shade-tailed. • vances. Other grains held near market today wilted slightly nude profit taking in the morning am stiffened selectively in the fina hour. Selling never was urgent but. af ler a steady start, fractional de dines were widespread by mid day. Buyers then took on some rails, motors, oil and specialties and minus marks elsewhere wen reduced or replaced with ad vances near the close. Most favor ites were up fractions to 2 points Dealings broadened as bidding re vived and transfers for the fill stretch, were ar o u n d 2.000,001 shares. McNair Arrives in U. S. Early Today Washington, May 5 — M 1 )— Lieut Gen. Lesley J. McNair, command, ing general of the Army Grounf Forces who was wounded in Tunisia April 23, returned to Wash inglon today by plane. The plane carrying McNair reached Dolling Field shortly aftct 1 p.m. and McNair went immediately to the Army's Walter Reec hospital. There was no immediate report on his condition beyond the fact he was able to walk. McNair was watching an attack by American troops from a foi ward observation post in Tunisia shell struck him. The steel he! met he wore was crcditd with saving his life—one fragment piorcec his helmet, but its force was so spent it inflicted only a' scalp wound near the base of the skull. Another fragment slashed across McNair's left shoulder and broke the lip of his collar bone. Get your baby foods at our store, Our wide selection gives variety galore. Cream FLOUR 48-lb. sx. P^U Cream Salad Qt. Jar DRESSING |l/nt Jemima 4*%C C A I 10-Lb. L A L Sack & ' & Hammer 10 DA 7 Pkgs. pvd G DAP Bars shed 100-Lbs. 4) £9 HEAT L f mk ef TOO Lbs. wry Ration T 55 Y*,' M ' m p^res None Better Ma 3 Shoe 100-Lbs. *t QC iGMASH 2 Chick 100 Ibs. fTARTER Fresh Texas 4t •• GREEN BEANS 2, ta l& Fresh Texas 2 Lbs. BLACK EYE PEAS Fresh Green Top CARROTS Bunches Creamery Butter Sunlight CURED HAM Sliced Picnics Lb. STEW MEAT Tender Lb. SAUSAGE Seasoned Right Lb. 25c LARD Lb. Carton |7r Snow Cap I " BOLOGNA Lb. STEAK Nice Cuts Pure LARD 8-Lb. Carton 1.39 Premium CRACKERS117 ( Regular 5c Matches 3 boxes 10c Lux SOAP 3 Bars 20c Large IVORY 10c Staley's Cube STARCH 3 P,< 9S 10c Bozo 3 Pkgs Doq Food 25c Quart Fruit JARS Dozen 65c 'V / NATIONAL BABY WEEK fi v; SPECIALS [ c Irradiated PET MILK T30 ,,29c Cream of Wheat 15c ^^^f^l 9&* ^PMP ^MP T|T WPP ^(HB^ W7 S. Walnut Wf PeJiver Phone 447 Blue Label KARO SYRUP Strained VEGETABLES Florida (216's) ORANGES Va-Gal. 39c 3 Cans 23c Doz. 39c Campbell's 14-oz. 3 Cans TOMATO JUICE 25c LIFE'S Little TROUBLES 'T SLEEP- No need to lie !u bed—toss— worry and fret because CONST! I'ATION or GAS PRES- SURR won't let you sleep. l»e sensiblc--gct up—take a dash of ADLER-I-KA as directed, to relieve tlte pressure of large intestines on nerves and organs of the digestive tract. Ad- lerika assists old food wastes and yas through a comfortable bowel movement so lliat bowels return to normal sixe and the discomforts of pressure stop. Before you know it, you are asleep. Morning finds you. feeling clean —refreshed and ready for a good day's work or fun. l AUlcrlka from your drutflit today. 01 IN S. GIBSON DRUG STORK RIGHTO? State Officer Held in Bond for Killing V;ui Huron. May (1 W)— State Patrolman Robert Pritchard was pliicetl uiuli-r a Sfi.OOO nppcnrnnco bond today in connection with the fatal shdotiiiK of l,ec G. Sims, 50, pre.Hidi.-nl of Ihe Peoples Loan nnrl Invrstnu'iil. Co.. Koct Smith, last uifihl. Siiru; was killed instantly in Ins- car on a side road near Mountain- but 1 !?, about 2fi miles north of Iterp, in what I'riteluu-cl said was Iho climax to a ad-mile clui.se. j Shi-riff Albert Maxey said the slate patrolman, revising an earlier statement, told the following story: The patrolman started pursuing a speeding automobile near A'nvi and followed it for 21) miles. Me said the driver ignored siren signals until he reached Ihe side road, leading to the rural home of his mother and stop-father, Mr. and Mrs. P. Allison. Pritehard approached the car on foot with a flashlight.' ordered the man out, then noticed he was holding something in his hand, lie said Sims struck at. him, knocking away the fla.shliKlH; that he then struck back with his pistol and fired one shot, killing Sims instantly. Maxey said a small piece of iron pipe was found near Sims' hand. The sheriff. Prosouetor Hay Blair. Supt. Gray Albright of the stale poleio and other authorities continued an investigation of the case today. In addition to his mother, Sims is survived by his widow; two daughters, Ann and Mary Elizabeth; and two brothers, Ed and Tom Sims, Atlanta. Ga. Former Hope Man Dies in Little Rock Wilt A. Sparks, formerly of Hope, :lied of a heart attack at his home in Little Rock Tuesday afternoon. Funeral services will be held in Little- Rock Thursday at 2 p. in. Survivors include his wife; three sons; his mother, Mrs. Bertie Murray of the Spring Hill road; hreo sisters. Mrs. L. W. House of rt. Smith, Mrs. Clyde Button of Ashdown.* the former Dorothy Sparks of Ashdown: two brothers, lohn Sparks pf Sheridan and Arthur •sparks of Greenville, Tenn. To Interview Local Persons for Work Lt. Hamilton of the Chemical Varfare Service, Pino Bluff Arsenal. Pine Bluff, Arkansas will :e in Hope of May Oth at the of- ice of the U. S. Employment Serv- co,, A 201 East 2nd Street, Ifope be- w'een the hours of 1 and 5-p. m. for the purpose of interviewing men and women who have had Chemical Training or experience asf Machine Operators— -for work at Pine Bluff Arsenal. Men must be 18 years of age, and women must be 1G years of age. Interested persons are requested to contact the Employment Office for details of job openings. The pika, a Rocky Mountain, rodent, can throw its voice like a ventriloquist when alarmed. Reds Approach (Continued From Page One) just below the Taman Sea coast peninsula, Krymskaya, once a city of 25,000, was taken in a ' flanking movement, the Hussions snicl. It was disclosed here that "Paris commune," flagship the Soviet Black Sea fleet, and other powerful naval units are in the Black Sea awaiting an opportunity to pounce upon any Nay.i attempt to evacuate troops to the Crimea by sea. Red Star, the Soviet army newspaper, said the shelling by heavy artillery made the Kuban norizo'n appear to be afire. The roads in the Caucasus leading up to the front were jammed with trucks, tanks and troops moving westward to throw the Ger- mans into the sfa. (Far to the north, the Finns reported in their communique as broadcast by lite Berlin radio and recorded by the Associated Press- that Russian planes in two waves raided Kotka, on the Gulf of Finland east of Helsinki. (The war bulletin said five persons were known to have been killed l/v some of the bombers that got through although it claimed anti - aircraft defenses forced most of the planes back. (The Kinns.intimated British and American - made planes were used by the Ued Air Force, saying Iwo planes they shot down were "Boston" type bombers. They said they found a Hurricane bomber, previously damaged by Finnish fighter planes, "in a completely destroyed slate." t Finnish' planes raided supply dumps and railway stations behind the Russian lines, the coui- the ! munique said.) of How Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEF.TH, n pleasant alkaline (non-acid) powder, holds false teeth more firmly. To eat and talk in more comfort, just sprinkle a little FASTF.ETH on your plates. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks 'plate odor", (denture breath i. Gel FASTEETH at any drug store. AIRCRAFT JOBS OPEN For Trained Men and Women For full particulars listen to KWKTI Monday, thru Friday fi:!>0 a. m. Sunday night ti:?.0 p. m. Also Electric Welding Sec—Or Write to Shrovcporr Aeronautical Institute Room No. 4-12 Grim Hotel, Tcxarkitna Classified Ads must be in office day before publication. All Wont Ads cosh in odvonco. Not taken over the Phone. Ona time—7c word, minimum 30c Six times—Sc word, minimum 75c Three times—3i/ 2 c word, minimum SOc One month—18c word, mlnmium 52.70 Rotes ore for continuous Insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Rent CORNER OFFICE IN CITIZENS National Bank on second floor. 5-Otpd TWO-ROOM A PA RTMENT ~ UN- furnishecl; one furnished apartment. 704 E. Division G-3lp 3 ROOM FURNISHED MODERN apartment. South exposure. James H. Bennett, 110 N. Washington. o-3tpd STORE BUILDING AVAILABLE adjoining large industrial plant. Moderate rent. Will only consider responsible party. Address Box 158, Hope, Ark c-Gtp MODERN ROOMS. CLOSE IN. To,Hope working girls. $1.75 per week. Continous hot water. Private entrances. See Mrs. Tom Car- rel - G-lf TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment,-'electric refrigerator. Private bath. Adults only. Available Friday. One block north of Barlow. 220 North Elm. Phone 924-.I Mrs. Anna Judson. ' o-tf Wanted to Buy MEN'S AND BOYS' SPRING SUITS pants and shoes. Ladies' and I children's spring dresses and low lieel shoes. Bedspreads and sheets. R. M. Patterson, East Second St. 31-'t( USED F U R N I T U R phone 750-W. THE FLAVOR TELLS /7~S BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise ^ j*£Z& MADE BY THE WESSON Oil CEOPtE TKLE- •I-fitch WILL PAY CASH FOR LATE MO- del used car. Must be A-l condition. Phone 651. G-3tch Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OH RE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmcli CLOSE ROOMS AT $1.73 PER week in a completely furnished' modern home for working girls See Mrs. Tom Carrel. <Mf For Sale COTTON SEED " ' * *-' t M HJI | IT \y f II ^B. Rowden41A and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder' All $2.00 per bushel. See T s' McDaviU. 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