Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 15, 1969 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1969
Page 8
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 19 GO" Hair Problem Getting Irro Everybody 's Hair Bridge Lesson Government Salary Changes Wus It Lady Or Club Ton ? 15 NORTH A J853 V 93 • A2 *K10943 WEST (D) EAST A Q6 A 7 VA752 VKQJ864 • J8543- 497 + Q8 *A752 SOUTH AAK10942 • KQ105 *'J6 Both, vulnerable West North East Sonth Pass Pass 3 V 4 A 5* 5 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V A There were plenty of dinners for decision on today's hand . West and North h;id no problems at first. Both passed. East might also have passed or he might have opened with one heart, fnstead he decided to make ihings difficult for the man with the spade suit and opened three hearts. This bid didn't keep South from naming spades but it gave him a problem. Should he bid throe or four spades? Finally South decided that he would be cold for four if his partner held trump support and a side trick, so South jumped to game. West really did not have enough to go to five hearts after his partner's pre - empt but West was a pretty smart player and felt certian that a five heart bid would not be doubled so he got into the act with five hearts. Now North felt that he had so much strength that a five- spade Did was clearly indica-; ted. He bid five spades and; it was up to South to try to make it. West opened the ace of hea»^; and continued the suit. South ruffed and drew u-uinps. Thci. he led the six of clubs. The first few plays had been made rapidly and West's play of the eight of clubs came just as quickly. The next play took a lot of time. South couldn't lose the hand if West held both the ace and queen, he couldn't make it if East held these cars. If they were dividied, it was UP to South to decide which player held which card. It is no problem for us. We see the cards, but it was quite a problem for, South. j As a matter of fact he studiec I so long that we went away and still don't know if he guessed right or wrong! NEW YORK(AP)—Even if you're bald, read on. This is about hair. In New York, the U.S. Court of Appeals held that the army can't call Thomas C. Smith, 26, a long-haired' musician, to active duty solely because his crowning glory is down to his shoulders. j In Winston-Salem, N.C., a ! judge ruled that nobody with a beard or long sideburns could hold a job in his court. And in Gastonia, N.C. there's Nina Men-ill, who is wearing a wig against her will. Smith, a member of a group called The Laffin' Giraffe, joined an Amry Reserve unit at Jamestown, N.Y., last January, and collected' an array of "unsatisfactory" ratings because of his hair. Smith's manager wrote saying, Smith's hairdo "collectively represents the style of the group and portrays an image to the public" Army regulations permit long hair if it is essential to a reserve's civilian job, the New York appeals court record said, but the letter wasn't filed with Smith's personnel records and he was ordered to cut his hair or leave the reserves. When he didn't, he was ordered to active duty. The court of appeals sent the case back of U.S. Dist. Judge John T. Curtin, ordering him to direct the Army to permit Smith a review, "unless, of course, the Army decides to withdraw the ! call-up order." On Oct. 9, Judge Curtin had turned down Smith's challenge of the call-up order. Over to Winston-Salem. There, District Judge Abner Alexander fired a bearded em­ ploye of the domestic court, stated that he would not tolerate sideburns, goatees or miniskirts in view of the bench and declared : "We have to have dignity in ; the court." j On to Gastonia. ! Nina, 22, was working at a, factory when a buffer brush \ caught a strand of her hair. Be-! fore she could free herself, the '•• machine had digested most of her hair. j Company officials bought her j a wig to wear until her hair re\ grows. And she has asked for i another to use when the original '' wig is being washed and set. j "The new wig is very pretty," i she remarked, "but I'd rather have my own hair back." POSITION President Proposed $200,000 1968 $100,000 1944 $75,000 1860 $25,000 1789 $25,000 Vice- President 67,500 43,000 15,000 8,000 5,000 15,000 6,000 Associate Justice 60,000 39,500 20,000 6,000 3,500 The Doctor Says Color Of Surroundings Affects Man's Moods Chief Justice 67,500 40,000 20,500 6,500 4,000 Washington paychecks have come a long way since the founding of the Republic and.they'll take the biggest jump yet if the new Congress approves current proposed increases. Table shows federal salary levels in key administrations from George Washington to Lyndon Johnson. Members of the first Congresses were paid per diem rather than annual salary. Robbers Stole Canceled Checks BOSTON (AP)— Robbers who grabbed part of a bank truck cargo Monday dumped their loot after discovering it was only canceled checks, worthless although they once had a face value of $7 million. The FBI r onfitwd *oday that the chocks were not negotiable. Earlier, police in Revere, where the checks were found, had said they were told that millions of dollars worth of the checks were negotiable. John Gould, public relations ! dircr.tor of the Boston bank, said that three boxes of the cheeks had been placed in a bank truck for delivery to the Federal Reserve Bank just across the street. The driver, - identified as Vincent Birmingham, 53, Quincy, left the truck briefly to pick up a receipt for the checks. He then drove to the federal bank where he unlocked the back of the truck and discovered two boxes were missing. Revere police receivd an ar~ onymous phone call shortly after midnight advising them that they could find two boxes of checks near Grover Manor Hospital. Two detectives recovered the checks. By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D. Man has long suspected that the color of his surroundings affects his mood. Studies have shown this to be true. Colors at or near the red end of the spectrum are stimulating or exciting and those at the violet end act es tranquilizers or rele- vants. Some observers believe that these responses depend not on the color per se but on our association with it. Green trees and Wuo skies are ' associated in most minds with a peaceful countryside but some persons may be soothed by red and orange as they recall a sunset or a quiet fireside. The mental effect of colors appears to be increased in neurotic or emotionally unstable persons. One very nervous woman could not wear a red dress without tripping or falling. A case can be made, however, for wearing brightly colored clothes that have a variety of colors to help you maintain an alert and cheerful disposition. Here women have the advantage over men but young men are gradually breaking away from the dull, monotonous colors worn by their fathers. We should all give some thought to the color of our walls Blue should be the ideal color for a dining room or bedroom. In a room where red predominates, tests show that a person's blood pressure rises, he becomes restless, he feels that time is passing more slowJy\ than it really is and his aware ness of sights and sounds i". Increased. Q. What are the symptoms of tapeworm infestation? If one is passed, is there danger of a recurrence? A. Most persons who harbor pork, beef or fish tapeworms see large segments of the worm in their stools long before there are any other symptoms. When symptoms do occur they include abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea and loss of weight. Since the treatment is different for each type, your doctor must determine which type you have before he prescribes a drug for it. The treatment is successful only if it can be shown that you have passed the head of the worm. The head gets a firm grip on the intestinal wall and, if not dislodged. it will continue to grow new segments, Q. What are the side effect^ of trichlormethazide? A. Large doses of this sufo- namide may cause nausea flushed skin, constipation, cramps and dizziness. World News Legal Notice ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting of the East St. Louis District Mutual Cyclone ; Insurance Company, will be held I January 21, Tuesday, 1968, 10:00 i a.m. at the Town House Motel Belleville, Illinois. Evelyn White, Secy. Treas. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ATHENS (API — The Greek Orthodox primate has suspended a priest for 15 days because he officiated at a hippie wedding. The primate, Archbishop Ieronymos, said Father Athan- assios Fousekas had "ridiculed a sacred mystery." The wedding of Nicholas Ve- ronides, 25, and Efthumia Karageorgou, 20, last Friday caused a sensation in Athens. The brunette bride wore a super-mini wedding dress, and newspaper pictures of her being lifted into a carriage outside the church showed lots of 1 his^h. Her bare legs and arms were painted with colorful floral designs. The groom wore a dark suit with turtleneck shirt, and some of the 200 guests were in hippie attire. STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JEFFERSON COUNTY NOTICE OF CLAIM DAY In The Matter, of The Estate of DORAN KERNODLE No. 69-P-3 Notice is given of the death of the above and that letters of Administration were issued Jan. 10, 1969. to Harry L. Bishop, Sr., Contralia Road. Mt. Vernon. Illinois whose attorneys are Kirk & Musick, First National Bank Building, Mt. Vernon, Illinois and that Monday, March 3, 1969, is the claim date for the estate. Claims ag;iinst said estate should be filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court at the County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and copies thereof mailed or delivered 1O said legal representative and to said attorneys of record. Dated. Jan. 13. 1689. Jerry B. Gott (Clerk of the Circuit Court) 1-29 WeeHy OJealtk 7fa Two kinds of "iinihition milk" are now on the market. One is a "filled" milk, in which the milk fat is replaced by a vegetable oil — in other respects it apparently has all the natural proteins, minerals and vitamins of whole milk. The other is u mixture of ingredients made to look and taste like milk hut otherwise bears little resemblance to it. The A.M.A.'s magazine, Today's Health, states, "Unless one is sure that the nutritive value is equivalent to whole milk, such products should not be depended upon to replace milk in the diets of children. SOUTH SIDE DRUG STORE TIMELY Q(;OTE 1 believe iliat. in the day when we arc able lo fly to the moon and conduct heart transplant operations, it must be easy for to discover a totally safe period. —John Cardinal lleenan of London, supporting the rhythm method of birth control. HEARING AID WEARERS Better service for your hearing aid means better hearing for you. Be sure to attend our next BELTONE SERVICE CENTER At The TraveLodge Mt. Vernon Friday, January 17 9:00 A.M. To Noon FREE HEARING TESTS BELTONE HEARING SERVICE 932-5919 HARRY'S SUPER MARKE 1010 Newby Ave. Phone 242-2340 Plenty FREE Parking We Redeem Food Stamps Store Hours: 8 A.M. Till 6 P.M. Except Friday 8 A.M. Till 8 P.M. THIS AD EFFECTIVE 15 THRU 18 JANUARY, 1969 = 28-Oz. Jars — Ma Brown's APPLE BUTTER 39* 14-Oz. Bottles — Hunt's CATSUP For 95* 42-Oz. Cans SPRY SHORTENING 69* Flavor-Kist Assorted—Sugar, Oatmeal, Fig Bars, Choc. Chip COOKIES 4 pk9S $ 1 00 1-Lb. Box — Flavor-Kist CRACKERS Box 29* Wonder— 16-Oz. Loaves BREAD Loaves QQ EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON 2 Lb. Pkg. •1" MANHATTAN COFFEE 2 Lb. Cans Only $129 303 Cans — DelMonte PEAS j Cans $|00 303 Cans — DelMonte PEAS & CARROTS 3 c "57* Libby's—303 Whole Kernel Golden Yellow CORN 4 c ° ns $ 1 00 Bush's 300 Cans PORK & BEANS 10 ' Northern—Assorted 4 Roll Pack TOILET TISSUE 39* Frozen Banquet—Chicken, Turkey, Beef POT PIES 5 0 89* PRODUCE BANANAS 2 ! 25* CELERY 19* Red Ripe TOMATOES b 29* I LETTUCE Heod 23* Yellow ONIONS 3 ' 29* HERE'S WHERE YOU GET QUALITY, SELECTION & SAVINGS BLUE BELL 1 Lb. CHILI BRICK 69 BLUE BELL SALAMI OLD DUTCH LOAF Lb. 6* BLUE BELL SMOKIES SAUSAGE LINKS BLUE BELL 10 In Pkg. 59* BOLOGNA PICKLE LOAF FRfcSH PORK SHOULDER STEAK Lb. TENDER BEEF CHUCK ROAST Lb. FRESH SLICED SIDE PORK 2 * 89* SOUTHERN GOLD OLEO Lb. 19* FRESH BEEF LIVER Lb. 3* MEATY PORK BACK BONES FRESH PORK LIVER DIXIES PRIDE BUTTERMILK BISCUITS 6 49* 10 IN CAN TENDER PORK LOIN SAUSAGE Lb. REND LAKE WIENERS 3 ^ $ 1 00 TENDER BEEF RIB STEAKS , 89* REND LAKE BOLOGNA 3 - $ 1 00 FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER 3 - $ 1 00 TENDER BRISKET BOILING BEEF » 29* FRESH PORK CUTLETS » 69* FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS * 59* TENDER BEEF ROAST BONELESS ROLLED RUMP or SIRLOIN TIP Lb - 990 PURE LARD 50 Lb. Can 25 Lb. Can $£49 $g29

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