Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 24, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1909
Page 1
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,r F, H. FABRICK HARDWARE F* H. FABRICK PLUMBING , ; s "•" " ^'W*'*- _- ••-';*rr.fcViM»Bffll r '<*«A'*vilTOJi 1 . ..:•» '•**•' ' LEADING NEWSPAPER W SAN GABRIEL \4LLEY VOL. 40. COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1909. NO. 32. PROFESSIONAL CARDS X^SyVX^^fc^^-Nrf^VX^^^rf-^^J^^^^-*—^-^^XNX^XV^^X-S^N. . STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg-. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS G. D. JENNINGS .10-12 m 4-6 p m j. D. RKBD 8-10 a m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA. CAL. . J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours:. 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., Covina, Cat. t FRED ASCHENBRENNER DENTIST Office hours, 8:30 to 12 and 1 till 4. Phone 184 Office over Argus Block. jy|RS. NITA WANDA TEACHER OF PIANO,, VIOBIN AND STRING INSTRUMENTS. Introductory prices: $5.00 per month, two lessons per week, at my home. TIME-PIECE MAKES TROUBLE. Southern Pacific Employee at Covina Accused Hastily of Appropriating Watch. A peculiar case came up in Justice Summerfleld's court on Monday, Involving the charge of grand larceny volvlng thec harge of grand larceny against one of the best-known residents of Covina, A. C. Wood, an em- BEST GAME TOMORROW. Eastern Outfitters Will Bring Strong Team of Ball Players to Meet Covina Sluggers. From Los Angeles Herald, Friday, July 23: At n meeting of the Interurbnn Baseball, league held yesterday evening a schedule of games was arranged for Sunday which should produce some ployee of the Southern Pacific railway.; first-class amateur baseball. Probably He was taken into custordy on the complaint of Robert Hicks, charging him with having stolen a watch and fob. It seems that Thursday evening Wood and Hicks met in a crowded street car, and In the jostle the watch and fob belonging to Hicks was the best game to be played will take place at Covina, when the San Felice and Eastern Outfitters nines .cross bats. Both teams head the league with an average of 1.000 per cent, and keen rivalry exists between the members of the respective nines. Although the San Felice team is considered us be- CRACK DRILL-MASTER HERE. wrenched off his person by some; ing slightly stronger, C. A. Mueller, means and dropped to the floor. Wood ' manager of the Outfitters, has signed Howard Street Covina ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. (JEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building-, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. LLOYD W. WELLS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Covina, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Office, over Warner, Whltsel & Co.'s store. Hours, 12 to 5. i£ S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. picked up the property and handed It to Hicks, but on account of the discussion by many in the car that perhaps someone had "pinched" the articles, it seemed to be the next order of the evening to charge somebody with the crime. As Wood handled the watch, Hicks jumped at the conclusion that he was the guilty man, and the complaint followed. Wood gave bond Immediately for his appearance in court next Wednesday, when at the preliminary hearing, the mystery will be cleared, it is expected. Friends of Wood scout the idea that he "nipped" the watch and fob from the complaining witness. When Mr. Wood was seen by the Argus about the matter, he was not in any way vindictive over his unlucky happening, but said that it was an 'unfortunate mistake." Mr/ Wood did not want to say anything until the matter could be arranged satisfactorily in the courts. Hicks is quite well known in Covina. He was a deputy- constable at El Monte at one time. Friends of both parties claim that the affair would be ludicrous if it did not entail such grave charges. That Hicks returned Mr. Wood's courtesy of picking up his watch after It had dropped to the floor and handing it to the owner by accusing him of attempted theft, is considered by many as a hasty action. some players on his team which he believes will carry off the laurels. Frank Ganahl, an old leaguer, Is back in the game and is playing second base in major league form, while Hawkins, formerly of the Tennessee league, will alternate In the pitcher's box with Lind. Hawkins is a whirlwind and his services have been unsuccessfully requested by several oth er nines. Following is the lineup: JAMES CORBETT The Mopsc-Shoer » GLADSTONE AVENUE CHARTER OAK has built a neat shop and put in a complete outfit of tools, and is now prepared to do all kinds of smithing work. Note the address—One-half mile north of Charter Oak Schoolhouse. tf Money to Loan AT LOW HATES. •—on improved City property or for building on easy terms of payment. i' J. H. COOLMA.V, C'oviiia. i Wolfarth's THE OLD RELIABLE Jewelry Establishment • Large and complete stock everything in the line. of ELDER THOMSON RETIRES. Pioneer in Methodism In Pasadena District Goes on to Other Fields. After eighteen years of efficient application to his work, Presiding Elder S. A. Thomson of the Pasadena district, Methodist Episcopal Church, Is to complete his duties in this section this year. He has been Identified with almost every movement of progress COVINA Thompson, Chess c Miller, Hull p Russell p Mlddaugh Ib Graf 2b Shutt ,- 3b Shirley ss. Aguayo If Montague ", 'el-* Merwin rf OUTFITTERS Lebrandt J. Lind, G. Lind Hawkins Terry Ganahl Harris Cass Goddard "" * "" •0; r ."M»"d : Hawkins STABLES BETTER LOCATED. City Stables Placed In New Building in Centralized Location. Charles F. Smith, Covlna's up-to- date stable keeper, is moving into ills new quarters on Citrus avenue. Practically his entire stock Is now In place, and his stock arranged in the fourteen stalls, ready for general livery work. Mr. Smith's success in the operation of a livery stable has enabled him in the short time he has been in business to branch out materially. The new building IB &,' feet In frontage on Citrus avenue, arid 85 feet in depth, made of galvanized Iron and thoroughly braced and supported In the Interior, with ventilating systems at the top. The floor Is Hot In four-ply cement, and the sidewalk on- tranc,-> Is reinforced in the same material, the work being done by the local firm of Bonham & Ritcha. Hack of this cement floor for buggies, are Distinguished Guests Entertained by Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cljpp This Week. Col. and Mrs. J. L. Hitter of Oakland, the former being chief of staff to Gon. O. W. Erlowine, department' commander of the California Patriarchs Militant. I.O.O.P., wore tho guests on Monday of Major C. F. Clapp at. his home in Covina. Major and Mrs. Cinpp spent the day in on- tertiiinliig the distinguished guests. Col. Hitler Is the efficient officer who drilled tho Oakland squad of Elks who won first place In the Los Angeles moot recently. It was largely through his work with this squad that it received the highest commendation among drilled men from all over tho United States. , Oi; the evening of the saino date, Col. II. S. Drown, commander of the ili'rd regiment, Los Angeles, together wllh Col. and Mrs. Rider, were e'.tt'j. 1 - t-tlntft by the local lodge of Od-1- fi-)lo\vs and Rehekahs. Col. Drown was chief inspector of the uniform rank drill In Covina on July third. Death of Martin Fackler. The death of Martin Facklor occurred on Friday night of last week at his rasidence at the corner of Eleven- til and Glhbs, streets, Pomona. Funeral services were hold at Patterson's chapel on Monday morning, conducted by Rev. J. F. Watson of tho Baptist Church, i Mr. Fackler was 76 years old, and leaves a wife and two sons, Edward and W. S. Fackler. Many Co; vine citizens atended the dent of Covina, wher he engaged' In the ranching business. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church throughout his life, and while In Covina, was connected with tho local society as a Well-loved member. "Keep Your Hands From Picking and You can arrange a number of fine, appetizing dishes, without much labor—just what is needed during the summer months. Eastern Cheese per Ib, 25c California Cheese " 25c Oregon Brick " 3Qc Imported Swiss " 40c Imported Roquefort " GOc Imported Edam each, $1.25 Pineapple Cheese " GOc McLaren's Club " 15 C Canada Cream 2 for 25c Neufchatel 2 for 15c German Breakfast , 2 for 15c Also, cold boiled ham, sliced to order, sardines ranging from 6c to 40c per can, fresh fruits and berries. You cannot go wrong on any of these. Mnrco H. Flollrrmn II. M. IlouHtir J. O. IdtuHar (J. For some time, Mrs. J. Q, llopner, who owns un orange grove fronting on Citrus avenue, near the htiBobtiU grounds, has been annoyed, and Incidentally, suffered considerable IOHH, by the picking of the fruit by the crowds that attend the Sunday hall games, Last Sunday she caught HOV oral of tho visiting toiim In hnr grove helping themselves freely to the fruit, find she gave tho young nion tin op- Capital and Surplus $98,000.oo Covina \Dallcy Savings JBanh Covina, Cal. for his church in Southern California .. „ since the country became settled, and ; '"' f " Urtfi0 " HtilllH ' '" "'" mir ()f "" ! building iy the harness room, made with his departure from out of tho old di.s trict Is viewed with gen nine regret """" y by everyone. and handy appliances. Mr. Smith has had made a buggy On Monday evening, ut the fourth ! lw ' l " l , 11 " 1K Kti "" lH '" "'" ra » r " f "" quarterly conference of the Covina Methodist Church, Elder Thomson was building, properly drained, and constructed in such a mjiimer an to make given a reception, which wan attended Uie Work of W!lstll "« '•»IT|«K«H a nim- by a churchful of people. Hon. K. If. Jl'", ".'";;..J". "I!',. 1 ,*"- ° f "' e " Lahee spoke In behalf of tho city, S. Douglas for the Covina church, and . . . , Rev. Andrew McAllen in behalf of tho "''; lj "" (ll "«- >"> r «< *"' «'"'«' ''•'« portunlty either to pay for tho fruit or answer a charge of stealing. (}«o. Covort, the local banelmll manager, Hotllod tho matter for a nionoy con- sldonilion and tho Incident WJIH C!OH- id. The ranchorn on ('llrim ovory yoar nuffor hiMivy IOHH from IhlH picking of fruit by paHHoi'H 'ny, Legislator Visits Here. I fon. W. ft. < wlfo and daughter of .\'m«u have boon tho guoHtH thltt wook of tho former's brother, . <j ( .o. \V. rjrilllthH, vlMlUng alHo hi* brother, \V. L. fJrlffllhn, at bin ranch homo. Tiio Hon. Mr. (irlfllthH I ropn.'HMitH hlH district In tho AHHOMI- '" " U ' la<11< ' 8 ' wilitl "K room and office. I bly, and IKJH well "iicloHod from the roma!ndf;r of people of the church. Lad leu were present in large numbers, and a fitting entertainment wan also provided. work in tho i)ant. year. AH cliulrinun of tlii- Important committee on public Mr. (JrlflithH IIUH a<compllHhod PETROLITHIC HIGHWAY. office, and opening off thin room IK tho .'(looping room of the night attendant, j olficfont work, und will go back to l.ho Tho building IH ownod by ,f. H. Mat- j AsHonibly tho coming yo;ir with tlio thews and .1. C. Clutterhuck. With liis proHont location, which IH tho b<;Ht. in town for livery purposes', Mr. Hinit.h will continue to Incroam, :)oon a Street. jsupport of both pardon. I Northern States Active. j Me. and Men. <Joo. \V. Anohonbron- I (boy iittcndod tho fair ill .Seattle. Mr. ennor wan " particuliirly G. K. Andoi-Hon C. P. Clnpp J, II. KllloLt W. H. KollltJiiy OFFICERS W. II. HOU.IDAY. MARCO II. HRU.MAM, Vice Pros. J. It. KLUOTT. Vlro I'I-OH. W. M. CJUIHWOI,!), OitNhlur I M. I.KONHAIUJT. AHHI. Ciitihlor DIRECTORS OFFICKRS C!IMI. K. An«l««wi W. II. Ifr.llidity A. I'. KKKCKIIOKK I'riwililunt J. K. Klilolt II. M. lliniNi-r II. M. IIOUSKK. Vl<:« I'rnHlilnnt Mnrco II. lli<lliiiuu A. I', Korekholf W. M. (iUIHWOI.IJ. Cimhlur Capital and Surplus $44,000.oo ^ a power In political EXPERT REPAIR WORK Citrus Ave. Covina, Cal. iMHUHUHMHIMI Vale Arcadia! The aufcstion of tho paving of Con- The Arcadia blowout Saturday wan Hinnk with tho activity 'in far;*Ing ter street with pfctrolithic process was a big frost. A big crowd V.;IH there, dinUicr* In Oregon. The farn/ern have dlacusaed on Tuosday evening in con-' bur. ihoy mado a hJjaty rot.roat when a gooil crop. whi< h IH now l,ej,, ;< har- junclion with tho board of tninteeri they round there W;M nothing doing in v.-Hted. J, al) ,l, however, Mr. A»,< hen by thirty citi/eiis of f'ovina. To make tho way or entei uinment Kl Monte Htatoa, U jiirft. a« high in this strort one or tho well-kept, and Ca/.-t.e. ',„,,.,. ;i ., u j., jn Southern < alifoi nl... finoBf in point of .smooth roadway in _ Buy Lot Jointly. ; fli.ilney .,;• ('hartei (>, >' x - in Ui»- Cain. 1 linjbaker and ./ if <'ov ir.a. 'i it'- \<,\ the city, sooiiia to be the desire of the properly holders ;tlr;ng t):is liigiiv.'ay. I' and the dincunaion •.» as ••iitere.1 i:,io .-.n\ii eurij.-:.tly. A repi'.-.-,entati,.- or the \»- H. trolitMc ((jjnpany of f.os Aiigol.-.-i was l/o!h pr*-n---.'nr. and outlinod tho pio^-dim- 'he i. ,v, i, on..-.-., aiid the obje/-t. in buy i.-.,.-i . at ion.i to i in- public, and a dia.v and • ost Ihijloughly. • iny v. .1.-, <i> .-i:luig< : the rwr w i (il til( . a irfere/ne that, only one crop can !>>• rairfod in t.he norHi(-iii state;-, iin 'Hi'- taMne/'M, he ,-%ayH, nooni jn i;,-;; ; r-ioii,i l,u .- rra'i. to and i h<- fari'in in >i|;|i-ri'lid condition r.'. \\'i!:-;on, '< ij'-M- n much '-x< iti-ment. up ;,'.'"'• wa;-. between o'.i-r II." opening i,f several Indian ng V, ill ill- i.e.'ll ,il.(;lllv \\<il,. * I I i SEE TO IT THAT WHEN YOU ARE IN TOWN YOU LOOK AT MY WINDOW. YOU'LL ALWAYS FIND AN EXCELLENT DISPLAY OF JEWELRY NOT ONLY JEWELRY THAT'S A LUXURY, BUT JEWELRY THAT'S A NECESSITY. THE MORE OF FINCH'S JEWELRY YOU BUY, THE MORE } YOU'XL WANT TO BUY. X Finch's Jewelry Store Phone I '.f. N. H. Incomputable watch repairing at incomparable prices.

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