Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 15, 1944 · Page 19
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 15, 1944
Page 19
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m SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1944 NINETEEN New York Sh List Is Ratec For Customers Crific Presents Brief Review of Current Offerings For Readers of Y Sunday Times By JACK O*BR1AN '.. Associated . Press Drama Editor New York, Oct. 14—With the fa drama season heading: into its mbs active weeks, a list of the show presently available, plus capsule re views for future reference, seems In order. So, here they are—alpha bctically, and not according to this reviewer's choice: Angel Street: Now in its thin year, one of the finest treats avail r.ble for tru-ilier-diller fans. Anna Lucasta: The all-negro pla: is honest and interesting. .A gooc evening in the theater, even though slightly mixed up dramatically; ha a downright silly ending. Bloomer Girl: The John C. Wilson nnisical already is In the 'Same box office class with "Oklahoma" and ••Voice of the Turtle." Excellen score, fine principals, especially Joan McCracken and Celeste Holm. Carmen Jones: One of the fines musical evenings available any where at any price. Americaniza tion of libretto and lyrics of Bizet's "Carmen"; music remains approxi mately as Bizet wrote it. . . ; Catherine Was Great: The Ma< West predilection with JBmpre&- CatrTerlne's love me. Bight in there running for the dullest play of this season or any other. Stupidly bawdy to boot, but big boxoffice. Chicken Every Sunday: Frantic lurmy comedy; good if you like your comedy low. Follow the Girls: This has Gertrude Niesen, Jackie Gleason, Irina un- Baronova, some pleasantly laundered lyrics and a slick pit band. Hats Off To Ice: Another in the Center Theater's series of ice shows Freddie Trenkler and a fine casl of gliding experts. Jacobowsky and the Colonel: Good comedy played against tragedy of flight from the Nazis. Oscar Karlweis makes it seem better than it really is. KUs and Tell: George Abbott's farcical concern with 'teen age manners. Highly amusing; in its second year. Life With Father: The hardy perennial Is in its fifth year, has withstood many cast changes and remains as good as when it opened. Men to the Sea: Objectionable. Pretentious drama of Navy wives. Doesn't ring true; dull as well. Mexican Hay ride: Bobby Clark ; makes a bad 'book and an inferior Ccle Porter score into an entertain- i ing evening. This is a "big" pro- i auction, lots of tall girls and low ! comedy. Also George Givot, prob- \ p.bly the only comedian playing a j Mexican with a Greek accent. Oklahoma!: Still the biggest hit n town, superb Rodgers and Hammerstein score: Changes in cast does not hamper its all-around excellence. One Touch of Venus: Mary Marfin. John Boles head the cast; the lyrics by Ogdpn Nash are very good; I book so-so; dancing excellent; Kurt gjWeill's score has one really good time: "Speak Low." Pick-Up Girl: Takes to the road shortly. More a case history of juvenile delinquency than _ a play. | Interesting. p * School for Brides: Roscoe Karns find a bevy of good lookers in a dull, raucous farce. One of "the worst of the season. Soldier's Wife: New Rose Pranken comedy about a returned service- Ballroom DANCING Make this year's parties the happiest, the gayest of your life by learning the fascinating Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango and R h u rrt b a, Lessons ore real fun and healthful exercise. Let poise, grace and popularity be yours. PotUnt, talented instructors. All lessons 51. No course to sign for, O!.T Studio h conveniently located °»cr the Darling Shop (entrance on South Centre 5r.) for information Phone ony day after 4p.m.~- 1178-J Lee Winter Studio •Actress Says To DrinkMilk And Rest To Get Curvaceous IDA 1UPINO: Laziness is secret of her lovely figure. By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer You can put on a few strategic pounds—the way that makes you mvied by every plump girl—jl you'll take more fat into your diet and will go lazy in a big way. Eat lots of butter, can get it; oil and cream are what the doctor orders for fattening up a thin girl. . "In addition," says Ida Lupino, IJIoUywood Canteen" star, who lets you in on her weight-gaining secrets, "take a glass of whole milk in between meals and eat ice cream and chocolate desserts." Then be lazy, Ida says, avoiding all unnecessary activity. To ' complete rest, she advises sleeping as much, as 10 hours a night, if you can possibly swing it; resting after meals—an hour where possible—and on your back. She also reminds you to stay off your feet as much as possible,' explaining that the mere act of standing can take weight off your bones. man. Not unlike "Claudia." Proves nothing but is very entertaining with acting honors to Martha Scoti as the young wife. Star Time: Another Paul Smal vaudeville, with Lou Holtz, one of funniest men In the world; the DeMarcos, possibly the best baU- •oom dancing duo extant; Connee BosweLl, Benny Fields and assorte< acrobats, harmonica players ant such staples of vaudeville bills of ,his type. An entertaining evening Ten Uttle Indians: Very amusing mystery comedy by Agatha Christie Pun and chills in equa'l amounts. The Merry Widow: It will be around for three more weeks. Rather lethargic Lehar, Inferior dancing The Odds on Mrs. Oakley: MJght se closed by the time this list gets into print. Scrapes the very bottom tf Broadway's current barrel The Searching Wind: Lillian Hellman's angry castigatlon of Fascism in the home front. Pine drama. The Two Mrs. Carrolls: Elizabeth Sergner Is the star. Has a sus- jenseful last act, not much more. The Voice of the Turtle: Mar- ;aret Sullavan, Elliott Nugent ana! tudrey Christie in the leading com- dy of the year. John Van Druten's rotic romp is an almost perfect theatrical blueprint about tliree ather promiscuous characters. Gas harming, turpitudinous; try • and et' tickets . While the Sun Shines: Starts ather well, begins to sag after the irst act until it Is in a completely dramaturgical bog by the finish eorge S. Kaufman directed, al- hough no one would suspect it. Sixteen-millimeter prints of 'My 'al, Wolf," the RKO Radio feature now having its Broadway engagement with seven-year-old Shayn Moffett In the leading role, are eing processed for delivery to the Urny Overseas Motion Picture Serice. ^,They will be seen by Amerian troops all over the world, ex- lusive of continental United States. "The Princess and the Pirate," 'echnicolor comedy starlrng Bob Hope, will be Walter Brennan's enth picture for Samuel Goldwyn. n his producer recruited Brennan rom the extra ranks nine years go and has built him' to a position one of filmdom's leading charac- r actors. It was while modelling for such •unous artlsLs as John LaGatta, ames Montgomery Flagg and Mclelland Barclay that Phyllis Brooks, ow starring In Pine - Thorns' Dangerous Passage," was seen by movie talent scout and brought > Hollywood. The minuet as It was danced dur- ng the days of King George HI as revived for one o£ the ballroom cenes In "Kitty," Paulette Godard's new starring picture. Guadalcanal was named by a 'Ifteenth century adventurer for is home town In Spain. I GARDEN I They Had Music In Their Souls... He Had The Devil In His Eyes! FRED MuMURRAY BETTY MUTTON WALT DISNEY'S NEW MUSICAL TECHNICOLOR FEATURE — starring — JOSE CARIOCA DONALD DUCK GOOFY THE GAUCHO SALUDOS AMIGOS" Radio Today SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 Eastern War Time P.M.—Subtract On* Hour lor CWT., 2 Hrs. lor MWT. Changes in programs as listed due to corrections by nettcorfca made too late to incorporate. 12:30—The Paul Lavalle Concert—abo Trans-Atlantic Call, Exchange—cbs. Andrlnlnl and His Conlinentalcs—blu Lutheran Half-Hour Services —• mbs 12:45—Josephine Houston, Soprano—b\u 1:00—Voice of the Dairy Fanner—nbo The Church of the Air Sermons—chs John 3. Kennedy In Comment—blu Stanley Dtxon in Commentary—nibs 1:15—An NBC 15-m!ns. Recital—nbo George. Hicks From Overseas—blu Singing Canaries Pr.ogram—mbs-bas. 1:30—u. ot Chicago'Round' v >lc—nbo Talks Time for 15 — cbs Sammy Kaye's Serenade; News—blu Detective Mysteries. Dramatic—robs 1:45—Ed Murrow's Commentary—cbs 2:00—Those Wa Love, Drama — nbc 'Dangerously Yours, 1 Dramatic—cbs Chaplain Jim. U.S.A., Dramas^-blu Sky Riders, Servicemen's Quiz—mbs 2:30—John Chas. Thomas & Song—nbc Xews of the World: Songs Spot—cbs Sunday Vespers via the Radio—blu Half-Hour for Dancing ilusic—mbs J:00—World Parade, Dpton Close—nbo N. Y". Philharmonic Symphony •— cbs The Charlotte Greenwood Show—biu Hoosty of the A.A.P., Comedy—mbs S:30—Official Hour bv the Army—nbo Ethel Barrymore's Miss Hattlc—blu Nick Carter Detective Drama—mbs 4:00—Darts lor Dough, Quiz—bru-west Listen the Women—blu-Jv'ew England Your America, Variety, Guests—mbs 4:30—llusic America Loves Best—nbc Tho Andre Kostelanelz Concert—cbs The World ot Sons with Guests—blu What's Kama of tho Sonff Quiz—mbs 5:00—NBC Symphony. Dr. Black—ntio Family Time & Patrice JIunsel—cb« Mary Small In a Music Revue—blu Can't Takfl It With You, Play—mbs S;30—Hot Copy, Newsp'r Drama—blu The Shadov,-, jrystery Drama—nibs *:45—Bill Shlrer In Commentary—cbs 6:OO—The Catholic Radio Sen-ice—nbo Onle and Harriet with Variety-^bs Hal! of Fame. Paul Whlteman—bin Quick as a Flash, Qul« Show—robs 1:30—Great Gllderslceve Comedy—nbc Fanny Brtce & Comedy Show—cbs Upton Close and His Comment—mbs 8:46—Dick Brown -with His Sons—mbs 7:00—Jack Benny Comedy S.V>w—nbo Kate Smith Hour ior Variety—cbs TJrow Pearson and Comment&rv—blu The Cleveland Orch. Concert—mbs 7:15—Newa Summary for 15 mlns.—blu 7:30—Tlie Bandwaeon Orchestra—nbc Quiz Kids and Joe Kelly Jt. C.—blu 8:00—Chas. McCarthy, E. Bergerr—nbc Blondle-Dajrn-ood Comedy Skit—cbs The Greenfield Chapel Service—blu Alexander & Mediation Board—mbs 8:15—Dorothy Thompson Com'nt—l)lu 8:30—One Man's Family. Drama—nbc Crime Doctor, Dramatic Series—cbs Stop or Go, Joe B. Brown — blu 8:45—Gabriel Heatter Comments—mbs 8:55—Five Minutes News Period—cbs 9:00—Sunday's Merry Go Round—nbe Macazlne Drama. Conrad Nagel—cbs Walter Wlnchell Broadcasting—blu Horizons, Sunday Cone. Show—mbs 8:15—Basin Street and Its Music—Mu 9:SO—Album ot Familiar Music—nbo James Melton, Alec Templeton—eba Ccdrfc Foster's War CD—.ment—mbs *^45—Jimmie FIdler's Hollywood—blu The Columbus Boys' Choir — mbs 10:00—Phil Spltainy & Girl Orch.—nbc Phil Baker Take It or Leave It—cb» Life of Rlley and Wm. Bendlx—blu Anthony's Good Will Advice — mbs 10:30—Los Tremayne, J. Gleason—nbo We the People, a Guest Show—cbs Frellng Foster Dramatic Series—blu . :4 £—To Be Announced (15 m.)—mbs 11:00—Variety and News to 1 a-m.—nbo News, Variety, Dance 2 hr. Stepin Fetchit To HeacISliowTonight Noted N e g r o . Comedian Appeared in Movies With Lale Will Rogers '. The late Will Rogers was a grea* personal friend of Hollywood's Laziest Comedian; Stepih Fetchit who is currently the,..featured star In "Swingaroo", a spectacular am torrid stage revue "Hot-Prom-Harlem" that opens' at the Maryland Theatre with,:'a midnight show tonight and <four shows 'tomorrow In it, Fetchit makes:his first personal appearance, tour In severa! years. . When the show hits Claremore Oklahoma, the final resting place of the famous Will Rogers, Stepin Fetchit will take the entire company out to the grave of his great friend and dedicate a wreath. In the current "Swingaroo" stage revue, Fetchit expects to gather material and test audience reaction so that he can use it when he returns to Hollywood and the movies al an early date. Will and Stepin made many films together before the former's death. The Hot-Prom-Harlem Revue, Is a lavish one and Is presented by T-N-T productions. In addition- to Petchit It features Pete DIgge and his sizzling Dlgga-digga-dou band, Ernest ("Baby") Seals, the Two Bits O' Rhythm 'and Jessie Davis, who formerly starred witr Ted Lewis and is one of the most sensational tapdance stars in the country plus a host of other '"names." In all, the show features ten topflight acts which appear in six individual red-hot scenes. Several hew production numbers will be introduced locally for the first time. Included are "Misunderstanding Moon" and the electric, "Harlem Carioca." Also the sizzling new "Super-Duper Lick," a truly red- hot and low-down swing jamboree. Members of the chorus have appeared at leading night spots in ttew York and other major cities. Another of the top numbers in the show is "Eugene", which was written expressly for the talents of the popular screen star, Lena Home. The Hot-Prom-Harlem revue is on national tour and will cover leading towns as well as smaller hamlets. The show appears intact at all performances >and advance notices proclaim it one of the most By ERSKINE JOHNSON NBA Staff Correspondent With everybody talking about the world ol tomorrow, we decided it was time for somebody }n Holly- wood'to do some : talking about tho movies of tomorrow. So we looked up one of'the town's best directors. Clarence Brown, who has been wielding a megaphone for 25 years. If you are not acquainted with Brown's work, lie's the gent who directs the M-G-M biggies like "White Cliffs of Dover," "The Human Comedy," and, In past years, such hits as "Anna Christie," "Ah, Wilderness," and "The Rains Game." "The movies," he began, "are in _ rut. The talkies gave us full voices coming from Hat actors in black and white. They gave us technicolor. That was better. But the actors are still flat. Only the voices are natural." So what will the movies of the future offer? '"Third dimension," gaid Brown. "It's inevitable. They're working on it now. The whole technique of the screen will be changed. We'll get back to reality. -The actors will look natural, not flat. And that will be getting back, to the stage. They'!! probably even eliminate flat screens. I don't know how they'll do it, but we'll probably be seeing pictures out of doors, with the film projected right in the air." It sounded far.tastle. "But people' thought the talkies' were fantastic," Brown said. THEY'LL TRAVEL BY AIR Development of air travel will also revolutionize Hollywood. "When a South Seas scene 5s written into a script," says Brown, "we will fly to the South Seas instead of shooting it on the back lot. We'll fly everywhere. Hollywood will merely be the base of operations. Directing pictures will be fun again." He hasn't had much fun direct- Ing in the last few years, Brown Calif. Melodies; Orches. :bs-blu (3 h.t—mlis 8:00 S:00 3:15 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:30 1:15 1:30 3:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:30 5:00 6:00 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:30 10;00 10:30 10:35 11:00 11:15 11:30 12:00 7:00 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:45 3:00* 9:30 3:45 10:25 10:30 11:00 11:30 12;00 13:30 12:45 1:00 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:15 3:30 3:45 WTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAY Old Fashioned Revival Hour. World News Round-Up (NBC). coDunundo Mary (NBC). NBC String Quartet (NBC). National Radio Pulpit (NBC). \7ord3 RJld Music (NBCI. Church Service from Centre Street Methodist church. News. NBC KiCital (NBC). University o! Chicago Round Table (NBC). The Avc Maria Hour. News. Vesper Service. The Army Hour (NBC). Music America Loves Best (NBC). Central Mulors Symphony (NBC). The Catholic Hour (NBC.i. News. Kay Kyscr's Orchestra. Jack Benny INBC). Fitch Bandwagon (NBC). Wake Up America! Manhattan Merry-Go-Rouod INBC). American Album of Familiar. Music (NBC). The Hour of Charm (NBC). News. Moods In Poetry. News (NBC!. Story Behind the Headlines (NBC). The PacKio Story (NBC). News (NBC). TOMORROW -Musical Chatterbox. News. Reveille Round-Up (NBC). World News Bound-Up INBC). Do You Remember? (NBC). News. Mirth and Martness (NBCI. Morning Meditations. Peg coulehan. News. Finders Keepers (NBC). Rood ol Ute iNBC). News. Words and Music (NBC). N;-36. United States Navy Band INBC). Sketches In Melody (NBCI. Echoes of the Tropics (NBC). Morgan Be«t(r iNBC). The Quieting Light <NBC). Today's Children (NBC). Woman In White (NBC). Know Your America. Ma Perkins (NBC). News. Right to Happiness (NBC). NOW flu MEMORABLE KIND OF MOTION PICTURE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! — ITS PACED WITH HEART AND HUiWOR GAY AS YOUR HAPPIEST MEMORY! MEW EXTRA! ADDED ATTRACTION • IN HOLLYWOOD Films in a Rut, *T!s Said spectacular, gala stage shows of all :ime. It will certainly provide the hottest music ever beaten out on a Cumberland stage. had to' admit. "And especially now. U Is a 24-hour-a-day headache," he said. "You expect artistic temperament from the stars. But now, because of the manpower shortage, the real temperament is among the extras. It's awful. We've lost our best extras to the war. The people the casting offices send us now have no Interest In their work. They know nothing about pictures. They don't want to work. All they want Is the check.' Brown Just completed "National Velvet," with Mickey Rooney. For one scene he needed .1200 extras to nil a racetrack grandstand. The studio rounded up Uie necessary people somehow. But when the company returned from lunch the first day, Brown noticed many empty seats. He j^iit an assistant out to see what was going on. "The guy found 35 extras hiding behind scenery so they wouldn't have to work. Forty-seven of them were still in the studio cafe, leisure ly eating lunch, oblivious that they were due back, on the set." HE HARKS BACK Brown recalls the 2Q's, when he made frequent trips to New York Oily to "steal" exterior scenes. "Ill never forget one sequence, he said. "The script called for Lon Chancy to run down the street, Jump aboard a double-decker bus, climb to the tup and then grab and swing on a low elevated girder. "We wanted a . natural reaction from passers-by so we hid the camera in a bakery truck. We let one policeman in on the gag. We WalP ed for the bus to stop and then Chaney made a run for it. "He jumped aboard, rushed up the steps and swung into the girder a la Tarzan. It all but started a riot. Women screamed and fainted. Half of the town's policemen showed up. It was a great scene." REALISSI REQUIRES WARDROBE Robert Lowery ruined three Palm Beach suits during one scene of Pine-Thomas' "Dangerous Passage," in which he and Jack LaRue staged a rough and tumble fight on a South American seaport dock. Ladies Lose Ugly Fat! Lose unwanted pounds and inches, win new pep and poise, from our scientific method of reducing. Newest and best clectrica!!)' operated machines for exercising and reducing. Vapor baths and expert masseuse. Learn how easy it is to gain a girlish figure this modern way. Lady Attendant. Organize a group of ten or more of- your friends in a class. Treatments only tl.OO or six for §5.00 MOVER STUDIO 231 S. Mechanic St. Phone 796-J NOW NEWS WORLD SERIES — FINAL GAME WENDELL WrLI.KIE MOURNED BV NATION THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN NEWS PLUS: DISNEY TECHNICOLOR CARTOON STARTS FRIDAY ®&t&a&sss38& and Ft'» smiles ahead of ev musical you'v» over laenl IN THE , WORLD SERIES: CARDS WIN FINAL NEWS • GAME — ALFRED SMITH MOURNED BY NATION—PLUS: DISNEV COLOR CARTOON TWO BIG HITS —STARTS WEDNESDAY MARTHA O'DRISCOL NOAH BEERY, JR. A WARNER BROS. ACTION HIT —WITH— RICHARD TRAVIS A ELEANOR PARKER /Show Briefs Irene Manning is lovely, blonde Hud altogether one of flilmdom's brightest singing stars, who began tier climb to fame with a. very first job singing "I Love You Truly" Bt i wedding—for S5. She is currently n "The Doughglrls." Gary Grant began his acting career at the age of 12, when he Bub- rtitted an Idea for a new type of theatrical lighting to a stage producer who tested the idea and 'ound it a failure. The producer nested Grant as an, actor, for a 'uveiille part in his show, and found Urn a success. Jean Kcgulesco, director who made Warner Bros.' "The Conspirators," \vitn Hedy Lauiarr and Paul Henreid, was ft well known jwrtrait artist in Vienna before he bcqame a motion picture director. Stanley "Stash" Clements, who plays a tough litile jockey in Par?mount's "Salty O'Rourke," had to learn to jitterbug for one of the picture's big scents. The young actor had to start from scratch, because he didn't faiow how to do the simple dance steps, much lass the jive routine. Qa!l Russell, who was studying commercial art when Paramount Invited her to sign a film contract, has completed a series of pencil caricatures of her fellow-players In "Her Heart In Her Throat." m A GRACE M. FISHER THEATRE FUN AND KISSES! it'« The Best Yei! Starring • ANN SOTHERN JOHN TOM HODIAK • DRAKE America* Gtrl Friend i» back . . . up to her eorj in trouble i . , over her head in romancel PLUS MARCH OF TIME What To Do With Germany LATEST NEWS OF THE DAY Roosevelt-Dewey Campaign Talks Cardinals Win World Series ./ • r -:., fo«ir .7 • .£! K-T-nr^rr^r?^??*? TUESDAY October T7 A'J.N.T." ProcJuctfen m BIG / ACTS/ 6 tPKT«UlAR SCENES.' and his ' ^ V/WDIG6ADO -ORCHESTRA PLUS EVER SINCE VENUS with AN ALL STAR CAST A GRACE M. FISHfcKMHEATRE N-O-W SHOWING * * TWO BIG HITS * * Wff Bowies "'/, /fifi »WA PLUS WILD BILL ELLIOTT IN "HANDS ACROSS THE ROCKIES"

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