Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 5, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1943
Page 4
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it tmm HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope Star ; Pf«M 1927. ry 18. 1 929. Hep«, t*! Jonuory «VMy fcrwk-dqy afternoon by * tof PubllsNno Co. Inc. I. Palmer and Atex. H. Woshbom) bulWino. 2)2-214 South Walnut S»r*«t, Hop* Ark. *• *. PAlMJR, Pr«l6«nt H. WASHBURN, Editor ond Publhh«r L nere as secon cass moef at e Potfoffke ot Hope, Arkansas, under the , 'A« Of March 3, 1897. i (AP>—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. ' Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week I5c; Hirnpsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, S3.50 per year; cke- where $6.50. Member of The AstoctaUd Presi: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to lh« use for republication of all news dis- Cotchcs credited to ft or not otherwise credited in this paper and also tho local twws published herein. National Advertising Rcpreientative— Arkansas Dallies, Inc.: Memphis, Term., Slerick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- -laar» Avenue; New York Citv, 292 Madison Av*.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 VV. Grand Blvd.; Ohlanomo City, 414 Terminal IBdq.; New 1 Orleans, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything "I don't wanna be a lady when I grow up—I wanna be a spot- welder'like mom!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith COW. «»3 8? Nt» SERVICE, me. T. M. BEG. U. S. P*T. err. "Rationing sure is wonderful. Grandpa! Imagine Mom asking us to no fishing while she paints the screens 1" Wednesday, May 5, 1943 Guadalcanal Diary Based on the Book-of-the-Month BY RICHARD TREGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. B. HAZELTON c "Four Zeros went down—three of them in a minute and a half." '"THURSDAY, AUGUST 27-Lnst night I was avvak- JL cned by the unpleasant symptoms of a local epidemic, which the doctors call gastroenteritis. This morning, suffering from a dizr.ying fever and nausea, I was carried olf feet first to a hospital tent. SUNDAY, AUGUST 30-Finally rid of my illness, 1 went to the airport and talked to the fighter pilots as they came in from a battle with Jap planes over the harbor. Capt. John L. Smith, of Lexington, Okla., told me he had had his biggest day of fighting—he shot down four Zeros; three of them in a minute and a half. "I dove on one, shot him down, and saw another on my wingman's tail," he said calmly. "I slewed around anil picked off that one. Then 1 saw one coming at me from below and ahead. I nosed over and dove right at him and let all my guns go. 1 had a tough time avoiding crashing him head on. I could see the prop shatter, and 1 came so close I could see his head —his helmet and goggles." After that, said the captain, he had ammunition left for only one gun. He lit out for the airport, trying to sneak in low over the water. "1 was flat-hatting along"thc beach at about 50 feet," he said, "when I sawV.vo Zeros ahead Drawings copyright, 1913, by Kins Features Syndicate. Inc. Text copyrik-ht. 1913. by JlRnclom House. "The Jap dove into the water." and to the right. I made a run for one of them with my one gun and saw him fall off and dive into the water. The other one took off as fast as he could go. 1 did, too, because I'd used up all my ammo." At^Gcn. Vandcgrift's headquarters, I learned that 18 of the Zeros encountered that day had been shot down. "Interception was perfect today," the general said happily. Hut the afternoon was not yet over. Suddenly, \ve gi>t word of a surprise air raid, dashed for cover, and then felt the ground shake, from deep down, as if there were an earthquake. I raced to the open and saw a towering Inc. Distribute.! by Klnir Fraturm Syndicate in civ-operatlon with the "The little transport sank almost immediately." black cloud of smoke mushrooming dver the trees in th« direction of Kukuin. We heard later that the little auxiU iary transport Colhoun had been hit squarely by three bombs. She had sunk almost immediately, but we had saved about 100 of her crew, and lost only 38. Tonight there was none of the usual rumor about an enemy task force heading our way, hut late in the evening we heard the sounds of many planes taking off, and surmised that some sort of contact had been made. We could only wait and hope . . . (Continued tomorrow) nook-of-the-Month Hlub. Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS "I know it's not according to regulations for sentry duly, but I heard the boys were having a cuke sent in!" • Wash Tubbs Low-Down on Wolf Pack By Roy Crane OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R.Williams \MHV, THEY DOM'T EVEKJ (5IVE US EMERGEKJCV FARMERS A LOOK,LET ALOME A SECOMD LOOK/ US GUVS THAT GRUB IM TH' SOILFER-- f IT'S ALVJttVS BEE>O AROBESPlEPCJEi.V.'HO^^ TWAT WAV-TH 1 KIMG ICOILLOTIMED TH' \ WHO EM JOYED THE /PEOPLE RMMLESSLV N STEAK SO MUCH \AM' EFFICIEMTLV AMD / THAT HE KM\6HTED \LEFT K1O CRIPPLES, ^ IT "SIR LOIK>,"IOEVER) WAS A SCOOWDREL/ THOUGHT OF TH' \ MAPOLEOM.VVHO HAD GUV VJHO RAISED)'EM KILLED IME^TTLES AKSD FED IT/ _X PA1MFULLV, BRUTALLV, AM' LEFT THOUSANDS CRIPPLED, WAS A HERO TO % m THE GBUBBERS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc "/ BUT FATHER/ IT TAKES N>O )W SPRP-V THE BUGS OUT ) ' IMAGINATION! TO PLANT vTf OF NOUR ATTIC AMD 'i CLUMPS OF CABBAGES/-— V^ BUST UP THE.&B CLODG, MV IDEAL \S THE- CLA.6SIC \ ( SOU 81& SLEEPWALKER ' TNPE- OF SARDEM WHERE- ) EPICURUS TAU&HT THE: '•! ) GARDEN!, AND SOO'LL VsMTH \ / HAME TO SVsliMG THE MARBLE BE-MCWES.LEfxF-V )\ HOE, WOT ^'iV GREEK COLUf»\.M / / ^ -A,. N tt Q-V/ijI \\ H i-l,<i' tlJ W* "fW'-,A -<^^^^^r^ •• , ' ' , TL-^S.' . .- >, ^c '•„ -^-v r-..--. ^*'*<?^,".'>^(^''-';-- : \S^^ ' -~rc 3 " r * vv 'i'/'7 v '-'-'•'••^'•-i" ; '' 1 '-iii'"- / ""^'i- •'.. ' '• ^"'- \ "' , •• '-v<^/••;'••• 1.^"*'""^ Red Rider Tough Babies By Fred Harmon i.' i , ^CALL OFF YOUR ROBBERS, CHIt I'LL VOlfOG At^OTriE.R. A PATROL FLAME, EA5V, 16 MOST VALUABLE WHEN Oljr Of 5ISHT OF A COWUOy, THAT'S 8SCAUSE A U-BOAT MUST SURFACE TO MAKE SPEED, 5-S TO RKHAR6E ITS BATTERieS. IF WE CAN KEEP EfA UNDER. WATER .THEV LESS CHANCE OF 6ETTIN6 WTO POSITIOW FOR AH ATTACK SPEEPON SUR- FACE,ISKWOT5 ; SUBMERSED, 6 KNOTS PEW FACTS ABOUT 6ERMAN U-BOATS: TWO PAYS CtfMllE*) AT SLOWEST CAV5 PWE ABOUT 100 FEErA MWUTE OHLV THIS PART IS VULNERABLE FALLS . BUT CRA\-OLS B=HIK>D A ROCK AND FIRES POIKJT &L.^. . C-? AT RED At^D THE CHIEF/ FUEL EUOIK5H TO TRAVEL HALF AROUND THE PRESSURE HULL. A 100-POUNP 00M8 MUST EXPLODE WITHIN 15 FEET TO CAUSE SERIOUS PAMA6E Thimble Theater OH, EXCUSE ME, I OJA'S So This is Love! By Walt Disney Donald Duck AW,GEE, WE VVEPE JUST LET HIM OUT -J LET HIM OUT! DOGGONE IT, DON'T Y' REALIZE THE CAT WOULD HAVE HIM IN TWO JERKS? SAILOR, I WANT ItO OM.SO THAT'S ) VVHV V KEEP / HIM IN A J-^ CAGE.' J S\ It Goes Without Saying! By Chic Young Explain Yourself, Boom! By V. T. Hamlin SUBE I BGOK& JA.IL...TO TVE. DEVOTED MY LIFE ) ..AvNOTHEN, WHEN THE. TIME I PENNE.D UP !N JA,\U FOC2 A> TRIVIAL, TWO-BIT OFFE.N6E.' 6O. THE THEFT OF A NEW-TVPE. FIGHTER./ 5O I'VE COMC 15 TRIVIAL,/ TO YOU A6 THE EH? WELL,, / ONLV ^^^N W THE ON,., All characters and events appearing in this dream are wholly fictitious and ariLjrcszmblancz tocnu, living person is purely coincidental ON A. \\EKPON THAT'LL AID US IM f HMMPH THIS '.VA.O...WHICH 16 JUST A6 IK.PORTANT TO ME A6 IT 15 TO YOU/ VECV LAUDABLE... VOU'RE BEEPING TO THE COULD AID MY COUNTGV IN AN E.MEB6ENCV/ \ HELP x THE COUNTED/ Freckles and His Friends Journalism Beckons By Merrill Blosser Boots and Her Buddies Yeah, Who? By Edgar Martin GOT SOfAE IDEAS ) -, ALREADY/ ' t'e ovo rxt^, \ ^>OKi'T 6 1 . VOO , .ViV^ 'DO^T I '^TO BACK AT SCHOOL AGAIN, WE FIND»- SEE IF YOU CAN pur SOME LIFE INTO THE PAPER. WORK WITH LAMA THATS WHV 1 SEMT FOR. VOU BOYS • I WANT YOU TO BE CO- EDITORS / EDITOR. OF TH^ SKIDOO HAS HAD TO LEAVE SCHOOL,BOYS, ASJD I HAVE TO APPOINT SOMEOME To TAKE HIS PLACE ' COPH. 1M3 B» NEA SERVICE I T. M. DEC. U. 8. PAT OFF

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