Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 15, 1969 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1969
Page 6
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(i—A THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1965 Watching TV TONIGHT 6:00—2 News 3 Cactus Pete 8 NET Journal 6:30- 2-3 Here Comes the Brides 4 The Ella Fitzgerald, Duk* Ellington Sho»v 5-6 Virginian 12 Daktari 7.00—11 Of Lands and Seas 8 The World We Live l:i 7:30-2-3 Peyton Place 4-12 The Good Guyi 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 Movie: "Compulsion" 4-12 The Beverly Hillbill:»> 5-6 Music Hall 8 Passport Eight 11 Steve Allen 8:20—4-12 Green Acres 8 News In Perspective 9:00—4-12 Hawai Five-O 5-6 The Outsider 8 U.S.A. Thealer 9.30-3 Passport 8 11 The Honeymoonert 1 0:00--2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 Kaliedoscope 11 Perry Mason 10:30- 2-3 Jo^y Bislioo 4 Movie: "Everybody Docs It" 5 Johnny' Carson 6 A cent 12 Movie: "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" 11:UC—6 Johnny Carson 11 Movie: "Operalion Sterol" 12:00-2 Movie: "Broth ot a Boy" j News 12:20-4 Movie: "Stakeout on Dope Strr>e*'' TIl'JKSDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:?0 - 4 Summer S ';ni2S 'er 6 :CC —-I Tiwn and Country 6:30 4 P.S. Four 5 Focus Your World 12 Gospel Roundup 6:45—2 Thought for Today 6.50-2 Farm Report 7:00—2 Lone Ranger 4 News 5-6 Today 7:30-2 Fury 4 Cartoons 8:00-2 Romper Room 4-12 Captain Kangaroo 8:45—11 Cartoons 9:00—2 Dick Cavett 3-11 Jack lelane Show 4-12 The Lucy Show 5 Snap Judgment 6 Romper Room 9:30-3 Dick Cavett 4-12 Beverly Hillbillies 5-6 Concentration 11 love That Bob 10:00—2 Hay Cards 4-12 Andy of Mayberry 5-6 Personality 11 Outer Limits 70:30-2 What's My LineT 12 Dick Van Dyke 5-6 Hollywood Squares 11:00-2-3 Bewitched 4-12 Love of Life 5-6 Jeopardy 11 Twilight Zone 11:30—2-3 Funny You Should Ask 12 Search for Tomorrow 5-6 Eye Guess 11 Cartoons 11:45-11 King and Odie Afternoon 12:00-2 Charlotte Peters 3-11 Dream House 4 Dennis the Menaco 5 Merv Griffin 6-12 News 12:15—6 Pastor Speaks 12:30—3 Make a Deal 12 As the World Turns 3-11 Funny You Should Ask 6 Hidden Faces 12:55-3-11 Children's Doctor 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Gamo 4-12 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5-6 Days of Our Lives 11 Make Room For Daddy 1:30—2-3 The Dating Game 4-12 The Guiding Light 5-6 The Doctors 11 Woody Woodbury Show 1:55-2-11 The Children's Doctor 2:00—2-3 General Hospital 4-12 Secret Storm 5-6 Another World 2:20-4-11-12 News 2:30-2-3 One Life to Liv« 4-12 Edge of Night 5-6 You Don't Say 3:00-2 Movie: "Father of the Bride" 3-11 Dark Shadows 4-12 The Linklerter Show 5-6 The Match Game 3:30-3 Lone Ranger 4 Movie: "The Accursed" 5 Mike Douglas 6 Snap Judgment 11-12 Underdog 4:00-3 The Hour 6 Popeye 11 Flintstones 12 Mike Douglas INTEREST PER ANNUM On 6 Month Saving Certificates of $10,000 or More. 4%% Interest Paid on Pass-Book | Savings Accounts. Put Your | Money "Where Thousands Save Millions." | ML VERNON LOAN AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION Accountts Insured Up To $15,0,00 by FSLIC lf!th and Broadway Phone 244-1400 Mt. Vernon, Illinois 1 4:30—6 Perry Mason 11 Gilligans island 5:00—2 Combat 3 Cartoons 4 Leave It To Beavjr 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:30-2-4-5-6-12 News 11 Rawhide Evening 6:00—2 News 3 Cactus Pete 4-5-6 12 News 8 TBA 6:30—2-3 Ugliest Girl in Town 4-12 The Queen and I 5-6 Daniel Boone 8 Spotlight on Southern Illinois 11 Truth or Consequences 7:00—2-3 The Flying Nun 4-12 The Jonathan Winters Show 8 Sportompo 11 Of Lands and Seas 7:30-2-3 Bewitched 5-6 Bob Hope Christmas Show 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 That Girl 4-12 Movie: "Man in the Middle" 8 International Cookbook 11 Steve Allen 8:30—2-3 Journey to the Unknown 3 Washington Week in Review 9:00—5-6 Comedy is King II 8 Bridrje 9:30—2 College Tjient 3 Music Hall 8 Pnssport 8 11 Honeymooners ! 10:00- 2-3-4-5 6 12 News ! 8 Movie: "How Green Was ( My Valley" 11 Perry Mason 10:30 2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Move: "The Little Foxci" 5-6 Johnny Carson 12 Movie: "Thirteen Ghosts" 11:00—11 Movie: 'Jim Thorpe— All American" 12:00—2 Movie: "Diary of a Chambermaid" 12:40—4 Movie: "Paid to Kill" TV Review Nation Sees Johnson In Farewell By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The appearance of President Johnson to deliver his sixth and final State of the Union message to the Congress Tuesday night was a warm and moving occasion wWch most of the nation was able to share through television. The retiring chief executive, serious of mien and obviously feeling the significance of the moment, received an especially enthusiastic reception upon arrival in the House of Representatives chamber. "A brief accounting of his stewardship," Eric Sevareid later called his speech, "the valedictory of a proud man." When the President recalled his 38 years, first as an employe and later as a member of the Congress, his voice softened and warmed, and it became a sentimental occasion. The President's decision to present his own final State of the Union address not only broke precedent, but the time raised hob with the evening schedules of two of the three networks. v i NBC, postponed a rerun of the 1962 film, "The Miracle Worker" and after the President finished, network correspondents commented on various aspects of the speech. When they ran out of steam, the remainder of the second hour was filled by a review of the five Johnson years. CBS merely pre-empted its scheduled 9-10 EST show, and after the President finished was able to move on to its scheduled news hour, a taped report of some light-hearted, amusing odds and ends its roving correspondent Charles Kuralt encountered in his "On the Road" wanderings—a country telephone system whose operator worked out of her own living room, a fruit vender in New Orleans whose shop is a horse- drawn cart, an old-fashioned two-pump country gas station. ABC was in the worst bind in covering the presidential address. It had started live coverage of the National Basketball Association East-West all-Star game a hour before. The network cut away from the basketball game at 9, but spent little time on analysis and went back to the second half of the game fast when the President finished speaking. NBC's "Laugh-In" which usually tops television's hit parade, dropped into second place during the recent holiday period, and CBS' "Gomer Pyle" jumped into the lead, according lo the most recent Nielsen ratings report. "Family Affair," another CBS comedy, was in third position. During the Dec. 30 through Jan. 2 period there were few specials in the evening schedules. CBS was the winner in the averages, with 21.7, followed by Fugitive Flees Gossip Writers ON PARADE — A rakishly-tilted black fox busby tops Swahara Persian lamb coat displayed in London. The tailored, uncluttered ensemble was created by Maxwell Croft. By DICK KLKINEK Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (nea) A strange slory from Mod Squad's Pog-^y Upton. Like many girls hor age she grow up under the spiritual shiulow of Jimmy Dean. "He wns my passion as a girl," Peggy says. "He died when I was 13, and I was heartbroken. I couldn't understand his death." A year or so ago, Peggy met Slownrt Stern, who wrote Jimmy's hit film, "Rebel Without a Cause." Stern told Peggy much about Jimmy that had never been printed, and she was once p.g-ain immersed in Dean'., life. "One night." she says, "I was dreaming that I was making love to him. I woke up. And he vvns in my room. I saw his iVtce clearly, and he smiled at me." She has seen him several times since then. -o- -o- -o- Ever thoughtful, David Jar..r- scn beat it out of town over the recent holiday season. He didn't want to embarrass anybody. The thing is, David and Rosemary Forsyth are seeing each oiher pretty steadily, much to the delight of gossip columnists. And David says he didn't want to give hostesses problems — should they invite him and not ht_-r? — so he spent the holiday season in New York. Before the escape, he had been plagued by telephone calls mostly from the rumor - reporting regiment. "It's a nuisance," David says. "And what can I tell them? I can't predict the future. I don't mind talking to the decent people, but there are some I simply won't talk to." Now he's back and he can take refuge in work — he's currently shooting "Marooned." with "Where It's At" soon to -o -o- -o- be released and then "Generation' next on his list. He's one of our biggest stars now, and deservedly so. but there are problems — the inability to have much of a private life, the chief one. "It's not too bad," he says. "I've learned to live with it. I've learned where I can go — places like Chasen's and — where I can't go — Restaurant Row. "I don't try to disguise myself when I go out. I tried dark glasses, but they didn't work — they don't fool anybody, they just cut down your vision." -o- -o- -o- Anybody who wants to act and has been discouraged by drama teachers should be cheered by Richard Harris' history. Harris, currently filming "A Man Called Horse," brought his fiesh Trish looks — and his Irish temper — to London and app- -o- -o- -o- lied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. " 'Young man,' the head of the place said to me," Harris says, " 'what makes you think you have a right to be a member of OUR profession?' I was boiling mad and I said, 'I've as much right to that as you have to judge me.' And I stormed out." He was turned down at another respected school, too, but was finally accepted at the London Academy — "They'd take anybody, just so you had the price," Harris says. But he says he learned a great deal there. Don't be discouraged if you'ra turned down. You may be another Richard Harris. w Topiary is the clipping of trees or shrubs to form symmetrical or grotesque shapes, or the forms of birds and animals. iglrtjto Iimjt_quantities. $1.09 VALUE ^psSf! ,.«nJ! 9 8 -oz. for dry, oily or normal. Copyright, 1969, SupeRx Drugs, Inc mmmm^mm REG. 49c COVER Teflon treated. Fits standard boards. CASH SAVING COUPON PRICES GOOD THROUGH SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK $1.50 VALUE PAPER -fflATE PEN Dependable | quality instrument CASH SAVING COUPON SI.15 VALUE RAZOR BLADES Stainless injector, pack of 7. CASH SAVING CO REG. 39c Whitman PUZZLES Jigsaw, inter- |J1 locking. 304 A pieces. gL ING COUPON REG. $2.98 SWING-TOP WASTEBASKET 40 quart size. $4 Decorator styling' •Tj **' and colors. H Open Every Day And Evening Daily 9 Til 9 P.M. Sunday 10 Til 7 P.M. PhoRS 242-2074 Nobody But Nobody Fill; Your Prescriptions For Less Than SUPERx. 98c SIZE Q-TIPS COTTON SWABS Box of 170. 49c SIZE EX LAX Chocolat...- laxative. Box of 18. iSSSi. $1.49 VALUE DISH DRAINER TRAY SET Matching v plastic. _ NOCOUPO PLASTIC 1CAKE COVER Crystal ^XXICASH SSAVING COUPON REG. $2.98 CLOTHES HAMPER 44 quart size plastic tf^fiQ with deodorant V J . holder in lid. • Bathroom colors. ' SH SAVING COUPON; XiVl — WIWtriTfeTHWjaSWl si REG. $3.90 000R MIRROR 2 Choice of brass Stf )44 framed oval or wood framed styles. 12" x 48". 53c VALUE VI0O INHALER Relieves congestion. NBC with 20.7 and ABC 16.1 Meanwhile, NBC's research department, projecting audience sizes from nationwide samples, asserts that last Sunday's Super Bowl football game was the most widely viewed sports event in hostory—more than 60 million—and that etose to 80 per cent of all sets in use during the time were tuned to the game. NG! COUP .29 VALUE ARASIL if iv • 7.' $3.88 VALUE TR&SH CAN 7.year guarantee _ against cracking:. § B Big, 20-gallon Plastic can with tight lid. mm REG. 49c SPONGES Colorful, useful, highly absorbant. PACK OF 20 ! -£ RED. $3.49 HEATING PAD $1.49 SIZE OLUSIL ANTACID , REG. $1.29 PLASTY BATH SET Matching wastebasket, tumbler, tissue box. let* SAVING COUPON jiTHf W »ZfitMUfM ffri^B WW WW MY PMMHMAAK MM] $1.10 VALUE N0XZEMA 3-position, braille C switch. 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