Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 15, 1944 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 15, 1944
Page 17
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m . - ,• * A i» SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 19U SEVENTEEN Unknown Sailor World With Our Men And Women In Uniform! The above picture»was submitted from Norfolk, Vs., without identification of either the sailor or the sender. That was several months ago. It is published today in the expectation that a reader or readers of this page may be able! to hitch a name to the jolly tar. If identified meanwhile, the picture will be republished next Sunday, Shallmar Bradys They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait Trio From Barton Pup Ten ts Spro utinz In France Barton is the liome town of the Lamberson brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L a m- b e r s a n. They are, 'left and right above, Cpl. Maurice B. Lamberson, over in India for a year and "never home once 1 since gong into the army two years ago: and Cpl: Charles B. Lamberson,^ in France, the husband of Mrs. Hannah Wilson Lamberson, of Ixma- coning. The third brother, to the .';ide, is Pfc. Calvin G. Lamberson, at the Italian battle front for the last half-year. Corporals Squires The Brady • brothers hail from Shallmar, . the sons of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Brady, Pvt. John P. Brady, left above, is : stationed at Camp Miles : Standish, Mass. ."'. Pfc. Forrest L. " Brady, right above, is at Camp Robinson, Ark, Richard A Brady, S., 2-c., to the side is on duty at Newport, K. I. Uncle-Nephews C p 1 Patrick B. D uck worth, left above, is an old Company G, man. He is with the outf it in Prance. The other two men in uniform are his nephews. They are, right above, Pvt. Roy Raller, in England, the son of Mrs. Annie Wilson, of Westernport; and to the side, Pvt. Will a rd Duckworth, In France, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Duckworth, also of Westernport. Uncle •"Pete" is the husband of--Mrs. Virginia Duckworth, of Barton. Boston and Italy J.LIO iNiivy men wno man me deck guns of our merchant fleet — the Navy's Armed Guard— are finding the long weeks at sea a bit Jess lonely today. Each crew that goes to sea receives a complete outfit of recreation and amusement gear — ranging from a portable phonograph to R jumping ropr Included in the assortment are f ling tackle, boxing gloves, dominoes, checkers, cards. a guitar, okarinas, Ixjoks, baseball equipment and -games. The above picture shows a group of naval men in charge of the dis tribution at New Orleans, La., of recreation equipment to armed guard crews. One of the five men is from Ridgeley, W; Va. t Patsy Amato, boatswain's mate first class. He lives at No. in Blocker street. He is the first man on the left in the picture B-I/i-L's At Arms Uncle John Mullin and Nephews Edward Kipe, left above, is on military police duty at Chatham Field. Ga. He ts a former B. & O. employe. His brother, Cpl. Ray Kipe, is stationed in the South Pacific war zone. Ho is a former ^elanese employe. Both brothers are icWers of the Good Conduct medal. They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wes- ey Kipe, Route 4, Oldtown road. A. former worker in the B. & O. Backshops, Paul L. Cross, SM., 2/c., s the father of three children & ~ ~^ A He entered the navy last May ^3, and Is "now " J5 f stationed at f T" -£5 Shoemaker, Cal ""* *» He is the hus- ' t " •» ' ? >and of Mrs 2velyn Cross, 201 Virginia avenue and. the son of Mr.* anoV Mrs John R. Cross, V 1 303 North Mechanic street Pup-tent life iu the great outdoors is part and parcel of life with the Army's engineers. The above picture shows T-Sgt. Robert R. Campbell "at home" somewhere in France. A former employe of -the Hazelwood Construction Company, he entered the Army in March, 1943, and sailed for overseas duty the following September. He is the husb&nd of Mrs. Thelrna Campbell, Hagerstown, a former resident. Pvt. John Mullin, left above, is reported bt be "on his way" to a combat zone. The in; uniform to his side are his nephews. They are, in the usual'order, Pfc..Eugene Kenney, also .said to be en«nit" overseas,' the'son : of Mrs.'Lililari Fout, Springfield, W. Va.; Pvt. Lawrence Shrou't, Springdale street, this city; and Pvt. Donald Mullin, in France, the son of Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Mullin, Short Gap, W. Va •Uncle John" is the husband of Mrs. Susan Mullin, Ridgeley W. Va These two men in uniform are brothers-in-law. They are, left above, Pfc. Everett 'L. Llewellyn stationed at Fort Bragg, N. c., with a field artillery outfit, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Llewellyn Lonaconing; and Cpl. Cecil C. Shri- yer, stationed at Tampa, Fla., after 18 months' of service among the Aleutian Islands, the husband of Mrs. Hilda Shriver, SIS North Center street. Barton Benders A Zihlman Williams and His B-ln-Vs Earl M. Whetsel, S., 2-c., < left above, Is attending a naval school for cooks and bakers in Boston, Mass. He Js the husband of Mrs. Genevieve Whetse!, Miller road, Ridgeley, W^Va., and the father of two sons. His brother-in-law, on the right, is Pfc. Robert R. Rhodes, on duty at the Italian front where.he has been awarded the Purple Heart decoration for. wounds sustained in action. He is the son of Mr. S. M. Rhodes, 203 Elder street, this city. Baldwins Abroad Four months ago Paul H. Brofc markte, S., 1-c., set sail for the Ha waiian Islands, nd he's b e 2 n here Jefore climbing nto navy blue txteen months go he was em- loyed as a de- igner at Rosen- aum's store. He s tlie son of *irs. Margaret 3rotemarkle, 736 Maryland ave- ue and the late Roy W. Brotemar- le.- Cpl. John Pratt is a veteran of the, .rilberts, Marshall, Caroline and I Mariana Island ' impalgns. Now ationed at Sai- an, he wears wo bronze stars, nd ribbons for '•e - Pearl Har- or, Asiatic and acific service. ?1. Pratt enter- t the Army in July, 1941. He is the son of John Pratt, of Mt. Savage. Pvt. Charles Williams, left above, stationed in England, is the son of Mrs. Lula Williams, of Zihlman. The other three men are Mrs. Williams' sons-in-law. They are, in the usual order, Raymond Felker, F., 2-c., .with the Pacific fleet, the husband of Mrs. .Veronica Felker', of Zihlman; Donald Malone,- S., 2-c., at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, the husband of Mrs. Margaret Malone, Wiley Ford, W. Va.; and Joseph Blubaugh, S., 2-c., in Bermuda, the husband of'Mrs. Blanch Blubaugh, of Mqntgomerys In The Navy , The Bender brothers are from ! Barton, sons of Mrs. Vheinia Ben- jder. Cpl. Robert H. Bender, on the •left, Is in Frsnce with the 29th Division. Pfc. Cecil W. Bender, right, served in Panama for three years before seeing service in North Africa, Italy and now in France. He is the husband of Mrs. Phyllis Kennedy Bender, of Frostburg. The Bender brothers hove not met for five years but are confident of a reunion in Berlin. When he got the nod from Uncle Sam, Thomas A. McCormick was working for the Goodyear Tire Company in Akron, Ohio. He is now on naval tands n 1 mr~ Mrs. Thomas McConnick, re• side at 29 Main I street, in Lona- The Squires brothers are son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Squires, 52 Frank's Lane. They are, left above Cpl. Lloyd L. Squires, a mechanic in the air corps at a New Mexico field and Cpl. Francis C. Squires, a gun ner in the air corps on duty at ai English base, the husband of Mrs Dorothy Squires. John Eugene Scott, S., 1/c., Ss a former employe in the warp knit ting department at the Celanese plant. -He entered the navy lasti January 4, and | is now on duty" in waters about Australia. He turned 18 years of age on October 7. His mother, Mrs. Olive .<t;. Scott, resides in;,,, Long. ; " William A. McBride Is a petty officer third class in the navy, now on duty at a French port city He entered the armed forces about fourteen months ago and put out to sea two months later. A former Celanese em- ploye, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F McBride, 411 Central avenue. Four Wilsons From Keyser _ -...-^.r-u,. i.-wK-tcukj .*» -~-s^mr - v..-x.ii*v-TOpf^iMMw fcjffiBatjy < •• • «V The Wilson brothers are sons of Mrs. Bessie Wilson, 333 St Cloud street, Keyser. W. Va. They are, left to right. Cpl. Frank Wilson on duty among the Aleutian Islands; Pfc. George E. Wilson in the southwest Pacific war zone, the husband of Mrs. Effie Scars Wilson- Cpl Warren Wilson, Camp Rucker, Ala.; and Charles N. Wilson MM' a-c ' with the Pacific fleet. ' ' '' At the Italian front. Capt. Fletcher Horn commands a battery of artillery in the 34th "Red Bull." Division. On a recent tour of nsnection Gen. Mark Clark compli m e n t e d Captain Horn for the fast. esm work displayed by his men at their guns and the rim appearance f the outfit. Capt. Horn has been with the "Red Bull" since the North African campaign. He is the hus- iband of ' "-. Jessie Horn. 707 Louisiana arenue. Several other Cum- Iberlanders belong to tne R«d Bull Serving in the air corps ns a mechanic, Pvi. John Jnmcs Brehm has been on duty in the New Guinea wnrzonc for fifteen months. He has been in uniform just over t. w o years. Since going overseas 'he has .scihl home samples of the Japanese c u r- rency in use In tlv Orient. Pvt. Brehm is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Brehm, Mexico Farms, Route 4. Jap money, he reports, serves Hie usplu! purpose .of giving him a jcrpeiual "yen" to get back to the Slates. OVERSEAS EDITION NO. 29 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1944 NO. 39 Home Front News Helmet To Spare In Capsule FormjjjjJJ On August 19 Pfc. '• Harry E. Baldwin, left above, was wounded while in action at the French front He has been in the army since July 21, 1942, going overseas last June. HW brother, Jvt. Harley F. Baldwin, right, ts on duty In England. He claimbed into khaki May 21, 1943. They are sons, of Felix C. Baldwin, .Patterson Creek, W. Va. Life in New Guinea is pretty hot. especially when you're a cook in the Rrasy, reports f r • Pvl. Dale R. ' '' " Llchty. A former employe of the Cumberland and Allegheny. Gfts Company, he e m b a r Ic e d f or overseas duty last February 1. He ii the' hus-' band of Mrs. Ruth Llchty, of ITostburgr, and the son ol Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lichty, Salisbury, Pn. Life in the army signal corps has taken Ffc. O. E. Ul- terback far and wide, to South and North Africa; Italy, Egypt and China. His brother, Edgar Utterback, is a B. & O. brakeman running out of Brunswick. Edgar was soldiering in France in the last World War when !pl. Utterback- was born in Brunswick, It was fourteen montlis ago when James E. Bccscck, S., Ic., joined the h ". v y.- And he h.isii't had'a "home 1 e a v'e" since. He was trained at the Great Lakes Naval Station and sent thence straight to sea duty with the Pacific fleet. A former Fort Hill high school student, he is the son-of Mrs. Leonn Williams, Bow man's Addition. Charlotte J. Montgomery, HA., 1-c., left above, is serving with the WAVES at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md. At her side is her brother, William B. Montgomery, S., 2-c., with the Pacific fleet. They are children of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Montgomery, Keyser, W. Va. The other two sailors, cousins to Charlotte and William arc Clemm E. Montgomery. PhM.. 2-c., with the Pacific flcett, the husband of Mrs. m sainan A Wilda Montgomery, of Keyser; and Ensign 'Warren G. Montgomery, a I former cmplo- Sraduate of the U. S. Naval Academy in 1343, now on duty with the! at the Green- ^Pacific fleet, the husband of Mrs, Ruth Montgomery, Park Ridge, N. J I spring Umbei , I Clemm and Warren are sons of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Montgomery' of! processl " s plntu - iKeyser. (he entered thu army September 1942, Mrs. Rose Carney McCormfck, lives in Akron, O. For his performance in action during the battle of Saipan Island, Ssrt. Raymond >$*:;< Duckworth wa? is ''' ! "' J awarded the nrmy's bronze medni. He is still in Saipan. A Cumberland's Wiley Ford ail-port, for the removal of nearly one mil-lion cubic yards of earth at a cost 0f I of $467,950. Another waste paper collection ini Cumberland Is scheduled for October 34-27. The Brotherhood of Railroad Met In England—Nmv In France A graduate of the Keyser. W. Va., high school, Pvt. Willis C. Kline Is the son of Mrs. Mary Kline, Winchester, Va. He is on duty with '.', army's flying u forces In France, ~ having, gone overseas- last May. His sister, ; , „ . ., Hilda Kline Raines, resides at 2181 Davidson street, this city. His wife, Mrs, Joan Kline lives in New Mexico. 15, went and overseas last October. He Is the son of Mr. and Mr.s. Tice Duckworth, of Oldtown. I Recently re- I turned from a tour of duty in the Southwest Pacific war 7one, E. R. Wise, a chief aviation m ft c h i n 1 s t' 3 mate, is now In Chicago attending a nnval airplane school. I He is a former student' of Allr- Trainmen has endorsed the candidacy of Daniel F. McMullen for Congress. James Ridings was killed last week in a fall of slate at.the Baldwin conl mine near Gormania. Two others were injured in mine accidents. Tiie Potomac Edison Co. won two national safety awards at the Safety! Congress last week in Chicago. i >> ! Direct messages from service per-]?: jsonnel in France to their families | ' here, in of emergency, arei I now pcvislble through arrangements! I made by the Red Cross. The squirrel hunting season In Maryland closed ycsterdny. The season for rabbits, quail, wild turkey and the second half for squirrel, will extend from November 15 to December 31. , An engine and eight conl cars iwere wrecked near Bond on the 17- Imile grade of the Baltimore and jOhlo Railroad last week, blocking I traffic for over 12 hours. | Grace Baptist Church. North Me ichanic street, has purchased a 120 . [foot front lot on Fayelte street :jopposite SS. Peter nnd Paul ceme- :" I t-ery where it is planned to erect a | church after the wnr. . | Richard Harkness, NBC Washing; • ton commentator; will open the Community Forum here October 31. Shown with a helmet on his hend To Discuss CI Bill Of Rights Oct. 25 A discussion of the effect on Cumberland of the GI Bill of Rights and the return of 30,000 servicemen to Allegany county will feature a dinner meeting of the chamber of commerce to be held n t. fi:3Q n sj-. October 2s at the All Ghan Shriiio Country Club. The subject will bo oiillined by Paul H. Good, Washington, secre- tHry of the educational committee of the Chamber of Commerce of thn Unitod States, who hns been mnkliiR a study of the effect of the GI Bil" of Rights. Capt. H. R. Gdrrelt. Baltimore, will tell the pan Selective Service plays .in handling returned servicr- nien. LI. Col. Paul K. Klncslus. Baltimore, who has assumed suiwislor of the Veterans Personnel foction at Maryland headquarters of Selective Service, will nccoiupaiiy Capt. Barrett to the mectinc to outline the aims of his organization. and one to spare In his hand. Sgt. Hurry E. James is on duty at the ——_____ Italian front. Ho has been in the T-Sgt. Thomns J. Miller son of srmy three years and overseas over'Mr. and Mr.s Mlllni- Fo.- ' . r.s mi-rs Mlllni- Fo.- two years with on armored division itorln. O.. former rpsideni": 'of ML of the Fifth Army. He is the rws-jSnvaso. was recently nwnrciod thn band of Mrs. Freda James. I26J DI'llncuL^hcrl Flyiiifr Cro.v fnr Wlneow street, and the son of Mrs.l "extraordinary nriiJevemcnt'" 1 ' while E-sUiline Hlnkle, Route 2. Veteran Erfru-alioii , In GI Hill Of \ Mrs. Gertrude •street. i A f o r :r. s r ! spinner at the | Celanese plant, , Aviation Cadet Not long before crossing the channel to take part in the fighting! Linrl'joltTed tfp nt the French front the four Cumberland soldiers above met In a recren-1 w 11 h the air .tlon hali In England. That was in July. Two of them are twin I cor ! M Septcm- brothcrs, Pvts. Eugene ana Phillip Nntale. Tliey nre standing together ber I2 ' 1043 - lle ,on the right above. Their brother, on the extreme left, It Pvl. Henry jNatnle. They are sons of Mrs.-Joseph Cnlvettn 32 Second street All .three are graduates of LnSalle high school. Henry is shown witli his arm over tire shoulder of Pvt, Lawrence Juliano, son of Mr and Mrs '""""" '""""•Y«0 Sprlngdale street. He'Is * graduate of Fort Hill Other speakers will be Robert St. igany high" school. While enroute toli ohn ,', D £ w ' lll « m "» thcr , ^Y 15 ! Chicago he stopped In Cumberland | D( ? roU ^ Crawford and Ray Josephs. I for a brief visit with his mother. 1 No more n PP" cal ' on -'' for " ome Wise, 9 . . . school.. The Natnlo brothers have three other brothers in uniform. I'"' 11 ?, of AlRbnma, San " gclo, Texas, after BTelimln- nry training at , iw . 0 Grccnsbarough, N. C., the Univcr- 1 among the local War Price and Rationing Board, The lowest temperature of tlw fali season was recorded here Tuesday morning, 38 degrees above zero. There has been no killing frost yet In- Cumberland or suburbs. , The 'C. A: P. Railroad offices In j the Clark-Keating building have !becn moved to the Western Mary- 'land Railway centra Istation' build- ling. j Police court last Monday was ^•<tiy • crowded with 10 cases ranging from ? Wi i "drunk and disorderly" . to "gumbl- Tlie Education of Votcrnns is ono ," ••» • "^- • i-iiiv ll l nIUJ(J pnrtlclpntinc in heavy bombinp attacks fl|?Rin5(. vitnl Nazi targets in Germany and Of.-ctipiod Europr.-ui countries. HP hod bw-n previously plven the Air Merinl nncl t'hrcr Onk Lenf CliiMers. Sgl. Miller is top turret gunner on a B-I7 Flying — _ ... — — " ~" «» -u-»i ^i.>iuy of the important sections in the °<"''rass. nncl mnnncd twin .so call- GI Bill of Rights loflicuilly known!_", J ! T1! ? r , hln . r . ^1^- :Born «"d a n mm! ho \vns Miller. Is thr GI Bill of Rights loflicuilly known! Dfir I7lnr IH"'' gtia-;. B as the "Servicemen's rcsfdp nt In Ml. Savngr u Acl of 1944") and provides for vo- n 'I 01 '"" mnn - S«l- Mi _ ____ _______ ,_ Acl of 1944") and provides for vocational rehabilitation of persons who serve three months or more in the U. S. nrmcd forces between September 16, 1940, and the termination of the present war. Master Sft. Robert, D. Kngy, 23 crew chief on a Fifteenth Air' Force Flying Fortress, is ft member ol the unit' that received the DLs- tlngviLshed Unit Citation for the Mcmmingcn, Germany, attack. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Kng.v, 219 Columbia street. Second Lieut. Eugrnp E. Hook. son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Hook. 710 Ocphnrt drive, Is stationed nt Courtland, Ala., for spccinlizcd four- engine pilot training. February 1041, is fighting inside ; Germany as n unit of the U. S. campaigns. ins \ r iut «n«u« UIQLIICIS nuve tnree other brothers in uniform '""-^ "' «'»°"'na, aan /vnionio, nna tutions given paroles by Gov .one, James, n veteran of the Aleutian Islnnrl ,». RDr .^ Tc , Xfts ' " c ls t1lc hllsbiln . rl O'Conor for Induction into the of Mrs. Mnrion Ooodyrnr Linn, 714 nrned forces. Lane, Co. O, which left Cumberland In Tlie mnlliiiK dradlinr for Christ' mnx packftftes for ovcrsrns was extended from yestnrrlny until tomorrow (October 16). nephew nf Afrs. Joseph -street. Mt. Cpl. Pnul McCroblc, 30n r »rlciuls- ville. is n mcmbrr of a ^inpnls- fnncr roinpnny of the Sixtli Army Rrnup front In Frniscr. HK group HConrdhic; to a rr-Ieiue. ha? been MiciTOsfu] In thru 1 .".rvernl oncoun- ter.i with the German noops in the drive ncrow France. Pvt. Vnncc E. Potter is attached to Clniin.s Section Hcndqunrters Seine Base Section In Paris, nr- corriinij to word rrcnlvcd by his rmrrnts, Mr. and Mrs. K. F Poltov 150 Greene meet. Pvt. Potter left for overseas In June nncl was sta- tionrd in Englnnd until September l, Pvt.. Ralph O. Klfor, Flintstonc. Is n member of B quartermaster rnllhcnd company, located In th^ idvunceti -wet (on of the coinimini- raUcin.s zone, which dsily ribtrlbut<« of food, clothing, equipment, line products ^nrt ron^t.ructloa natcrinlR to troops in battle nrnna n France.

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