Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 18, 1976 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 5
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Forced into Lame Duck Stance, Henry Leaves Latins Grumbling WASHINGTON (LENS) Henry Kissinger last week completed his first official trip to South America as Secretary of State. Such a trip has been a long time coming. Kissinger did have one meeting with Latin American foreign ministers in Mexico in 1974, but visible diplomacy in Latin America has never been one of the Nixon or Ford administrations' strong points. If Kissinger's tour of six countries — Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala —had a single purpose, it was to make up for this neglect. Earlier trips, it is true, were planned, only to be pushed aside by the demands of negotiating in the Middle East in 1974 and by the fall of Saigon last year. Having postponed his trip until an election year, Kissinger has been obliged to reveal to his hosts, more perhaps than he would have wished, how limited his freedom of action has become. In Brazil he signed an agreement which, among other tokens of friendship, provides for an exchange of visits once a year, with the Secretary of State going to Brazil and the Brazilian foreign minister coming to Washington. But no Secretary of State can do much to calm Brazil's growing, irritation with Anverican trade protectionism against its exports. Under the terms of the 1974 trade act, complaints against cheap imports and the decision whether and when to retaliate against them are simply not in the State Department's hands. Again, Kissinger, had to plead last month before Congress to include Venezuela and Ecuador, the two Latin American members of Opec, in the system of special trade preferences for developing countries from which Congress had excluded them. The United States no longer wishes to dominate Latin America, but to negotiate about economic matters on a basis of equality. Kissinger said as much in Venezuela. That is a timely admission of the diplomatic strengths of Brazil, Venezuela and Peru, all leading actors in the "dialogue" between rich nations and poor. Kissinger favors schemes to stabilize the export earnings of poor primary producers, but wants those schemes kept within the grasp of existing institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, where the voice of the United States is still listened to. Kissinger said $300 million worth of non-military aid to the poorer countries of Latin America would continue. Peru, however, faces a cutting off of aid in response to the nationalization of American mining companies. As Kissinger had to admit, there is not much he can do about this if it happens, since the Administration in this area is constrained by law. If Kissinger's hands were free Timei Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, March 18, 1976 ho could solve the problem of the Panama Canal Zone by giving sovereignty to Panama while keeping control of the running of the canal itself in American hands. Hut Kissinger is not free. Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina leads a strong group in Congress which opposes replacement of the 1903 treaty with a new agreement yielding sovereignty. Ronald Reagan has the issue of Panama in his sights as well. He has said that handing over control of the zone would be to give up the defense of the American hemisphere "on the instal- ment plan." The United States keeps a division-sized south- The Big Three. Security. Peace of Mind, independence. Bowling Results • Fred J. Dolezal • James J. Kratoska • Tom Dolezal • John H. Fortune • George Coffin You can have all three when you let us package your business policies. I MID-IOWA INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, INC. 213 WEST FOURTH STREET CARROLL. 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Cuba's military expedition to Angola has killed all chances of early change dead. Yet matters with Cuba had gone further before Angola than it is probably now politic to admit. The United States Roselle I no Tavern 57 Reuter Inc 57 Flower Loft 55 Breda Fertilizer 52 Zekes Place 52 Center Pharmacy 49 Boeckman Feed 38 Pabst Blue Ribbon 14 Wittry Tavern 10 Tiefenthaler Repair 8 High Ind. Single Game- Bruce Pittitt 221 Dean Ertz 219 Dean Ertz 212 High Ind. Three Games- Dean Ertz 617 Neil Polking 574 Bruce Pettitt 551 High Team Single Game- Carroll Bowl 979 Center Pharmacy 954 Zekes Place 953 High Team Three Games- Carroll Bowl 2756 Zekes Place 2754 Center Pharmacy 2702 voted with the majority ;it the meeting of thu Organi/ation of American Stales last September to lift the general embargo of Cuba, leaving it up to individual members whether to carry on theii own trade embargoes or not. The United States embargo continues, but attempts have more or less ended to persuade other Latin American countries not to re-export American goods to Cuba Before the Angola question supervened, contacts were afoot to see how diplomatic ties could be improved. Support, for a renewed diplomatic offensive against Cuba does not. look strong. All the countries Kissinger visited, save Guatemala, have diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba. Both Brazil and Peru recognize the new government in Angola. Venezuela, which is rather nearer Cuba than the others, has not done so yet, but Colombia plans to do so when the new government establishes itself. This suggests that Cuba's African adventure provokes less alarm in Latin America than might be supposed. The president of Colombia even said that "This is not the first time that one of the countries in the hemisphere has been involved in extra- hemisphere affairs." 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