Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 17, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1909
Page 3
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COVINA SPORT-HUNTERS SOME. GOING Newhall Had No Terrors.—Chesebros Send Greetings to Covina To our Covina friends: You missed a whole lot if you dldrt't see our start from Covtna Saturday evening, July 3. We did not go very far that night; just to foot of the Newhall grade. Say! that's a straight up and down proposition! We negotiated it all right, all right, and didn't have to switch from the low gear once. When we arrived at the top we hiked down to the bottom again and pushed a stalled Jackson up. All day Sunday, the glorious Fourth, we jogged along through mountains, sage brush, cactus, yucca palms, saw thousands of jackrabblts, tens of thousands of quail and myriads of doves, but account of game laws, we had to eat humble cotton-tall which we took at DeLano. Bakersfleld was hotter than Nebucadnezzar's (wonder if that Is spelled. right) seven times heated furnace, and they had the nerve to tell us it was the coolest Fourth on record. We noticed that Doc Reed would slip away at every chance, take something out of his pocket and gaze at it. Were we curious? You can bet. your boots, yes! Our curiosity was rewarded and has at last brought fearful punishment. It wasn't the picture of any of his lovely young lady patients but only of- a measly little kid, dressed In two flour sacks, with a string around the middle. Doc thinks that boy a beauty. You all know Doctor Reed, and I tell you confldentally, that little Jim is the moral image of his dad— and let it go at that. Then Frank Bisbee got to springing the picture of his little David on us. David Is really good looking. He favors his mother. At every meal, at sunrise and sunset, at all kinds of times and places, those two proud dads pass the pictures around to be admired. Charlie Griffiths has developed into a mighty hunter and has kept our table supplied with all the game we have had on the trip. He seems to have an affinity for cotton-tails. Last night, while gathering straw for his bed, he stepped right on one. You have seen his feet and weli know why we didn't bother to pick up the fra- gran£s^,..,Charlle has also developed '"as" a practical economist and nothing goes to waste. The only accident we have had was a broken spring and as near as we can figure, the machine was overloaded with leftovers that would afterwards have appeared as comebacks. Bill Ferry doesn't say much/ but I believe he is enjoying himself in his peculiar San Dlraas fashion. He has been acting as coffeeman and also as a drawer of water and he will persist in getting too much of the latter into the former. I don't think It is economy in his case—just common excitement at having had the honor of making coffee for this bunch thrust upon him. The San .Toaquin river Is out of its banks and it would do your hearts good to see so much fresh water. Stockton appears to be floating on a gigantic lake. We saw the state cap- Hal and wondered where all our hard- earned dough had disappeared. If you can get away, take a run up to Chico and see the Chesebros. Don't expect a hand-out though. They are not that kind of people. We did get an elegant wash there and had clean towels to use, and then Mrs. C. called that luncheon wan ready. She surely said "luncheon," hut oh me! oh my! beefsteak with lots of gravy, and summer squash and string beans and potatoes and each of ua had a great big •wedge of the thickest, juiciest apple pie that ever came down the pike. Luncheon, hump! A swell dinner I would call it. The Chesebros are just as nice as ever. Prosperity does not spoil them. You should see the flakes and nuggets of gold that represents last week's cleanup. If some of those Covina folks that had such an attack of cold feet cou^d see what we have seen they would drop dead with regret. The Chese- bros are aa much In love with Southern California as ever and one of the children said, after gazing at UB for a while, "My, but it is good to see folks from home." Mrs. Chesebro gave us multitudinous messages for myriads of friends in Covina. I can never remember them, so shall lump the whole lot and include Mr. C. at the same time in the form of a general greting to the people of Covina. The latter sends love too all the ladies; the former, to all the gentlemen. 1 may have this mixed but it was the way I understood them. \Ve an- having a glorious time. The crowd in fo?ig..-r;ial and there i.s IMI i'ri'-tion Hi »peaVc of. Tin- inntn-jf. we hiive bi-cii to trouble is v.h«-;i the tlinh '.vaihiiii; time coin'-a anil tt.eie )» it St f>l"j\<- 10 .-•••<- 'A ho >\i!l h;i. (• Uir'.r 1! i'. ilv-e. i (]i-!ikf ftiAn..-.-:. .so huv>.- kept out of the discussion. Northern California is beautiful and worth the price of admission. B. M. GIVEN. Teharna, Cal., July 7, 1909. Notice to Creditors. Estate of Charles LaBatt, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, William Waterhouse, executor of the last will of Charles La Batt, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said William Waterhouse, executor, at Room 7, Richardson Building, 100 East Colorado St. in the City of Pasadena, California, the place designated for the transaction of the business of said estate in the County of Los Angeles. Dated this 14th day of July, A. D., 1909. WILLIAM WATERHOUSE, Executor of the last will of Charles LaBatt, deceased. Edmund D. Barry, Attorney for Executor. 8-7 Notice to Appear. Action brought In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeit-a. and the complaint filed In said County of Los Angeles, in the office of the Clerk of said Superior Court. In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles. Guy C. Benham, plaintiff, against Annie Benham, defendant. The people of the State of California send greetings to Annie Benham, defendant: You are hereby directed to appear and answer the complaint in an action entitled as above, brought against you in the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, State of California, within ten days after the service on you of this summons—If served within this county; or within thirty days if served elsewhere. And you are hereby notified that unless you appear and answer as above required the said plaintiff will take judgment for any money or damages demanded In the complaint, as arising upon contract, or he will apply to the Court for any relief demanded In the complaint. Given under my hand and the seal of the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, State of California, thislSth day of Feb., A. D., 1908. C. G. KEYES, Clerk, (Seal) By C. O. Winters, 7-31 Deputy Clerk COVINA Shoe Repaid (o, FINE SHOE REPAIRING REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue FOR HARNESS, HORSE GOODS, WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPLE- MENTS. Best Goods—Lowest Prices Coi/lna Harness & Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 Mi) Transfer J. W. Kcefer, Prop. HAULING OF ALL KINDS Baggage and Express Office phone 80 Res. t)l. -a 1024 COVINA, CAL. SEE A. WARNER FOR INSURANCE Take your choice of the following gil.edge companies: LONDON A LANCASHIRE SPRINGFIELD FIRE A MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. ATLAS INSURANCE CO. All paid In full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. $50,000 To Loan On RANCHES and CITY IMPROVED S. R. EARNEST A CO. 631 H. W. Hellman Bid., Los Angeles, Cal. Send written description or call.., Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. July 18, 1909. Paul's Second Missionary Journey— Thessalonica and Berea Acts xvli:l- 15 Golden Text—Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I may not sin against thee. Ps. cxlx:ll. Verses 1, 2—Is clinrch going a good habit, and,what do they lose who have not formed It? How many times a day Blioulil a person attend church? What is the value of a good liable, and how are good habits formed? Verse 3—Did Paul mean to say that it was necessary for the Jews to have put Jesus to death, and if not what did he mean? (The position taken by the present writer Is, that th-j Jews ought, to have accepted Jesus, and, that their putting him to death is the colossal crime of history, and the calamity of calamities that has befallen the Jews. That there are two distinct lines of contingent prophecy in the Old Testament, either one of which being fulfilled, would cancel the other; and that the prophecies concerning the perpetuation of the Jewish nation ;i;;.l tU- throne of David with unparalleled splendor, were can-; el led by the fulfillment of those concerning the rejection of Christ. God sent Jesus In good faith, and they voluntarily rejected him, when God's first and l«,-st plan was that they should accept Mm. God then proceeded to do through the death of Christ, that which would have been done more speedily by his life.) Is it necessary for us to adopt Paul's opinions, in order to be we/I- pleading to God? Wen- ail Caul'.s opinions coircct foil- cerning the time of .HC<-ond <</mir;g ••if !n v. l.;it -.•!;-<• v.ii.s it n ijf-. "!fyiit ri.ri.-it n.uit /.-•>•<!.-. ii,j; •• .sui."-' !'••'!'' ' (See Luke xxlv:2G, .Tor. Mich. v:2, .Matt. 11:4-0.) In what way do the Old Testament Scriptures bear testimony that Jeans la the Christ? Verses 4, fi How do you account for It that the same facts and reasoning which converts some only serves to harden others? How Is it that women are generally in the majority of Christ's converts? Why were the Jews moved with jealousy ? Can a jealous man, at the time, either be a true man or a correct r«u- Honor? How do you characterl/.e a person who Is jealous of another In doing goo'! works? Have we any modern e^amjdeofthe way these people acted? Verse (i—Is the world, today, upside down, or right side up? Is the world getting better or worse? Verse 7 When people oppose the work of God do they generally confine themselves to the truth In their objections, or do they confine themselves to the truth? j Do objectors to the truth knowingly i falsify or do they do It In blind Ignor- janse, or through prejudice? i Verses iO-12- Is there even any vlr- , tiic In exposing oi.'rseives to danger, when It is not necessary in the Inter| •„•«(-! of truth? What waw the difference between ! the religious people of Thossalonica jand those of Horea? i I/; a truth seeker sure to find it? Is it ever right to suppress the . t.rutii in the Interest* of the Kingdom of .'Jod? c.-: KMT, -- What Is it. which men to work .so hard, and per- in opposing what th ! -y know - truth? tin- Hun<l;<y, July Z.'lli, I'.ili'.i .->'•! in,il Mi.-..->ioijai y Journey . A- i.-. ;:. ii. I*; ;;}. BYRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy reach of San Francisco, Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Joaquin Valley. Information at SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICES. STOCK TAKEN FOR Pasturage will take only limited number—plenty feed- shade and running water. Phone 119 Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley dally. A. J. ROOKS Genercil BLlaclc&mltHIng AH kinds of general and heavy Blackstnithing. We manufacture Ridgcrs, Orange Racks end Box Presses Horseshoeing 4 Specialty Home Phone IOfJ? Shop West Badillo St, Csvina Your Patronage will be appreciated by usi. We are doubling 1 our efforts to give you the best Groceries Vegetables and Fresh Meats ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 C. H. Allen Ask the Boys for Prices F. M. McHuflh McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phono 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. LOOK! LISTKN! If you want to sec that nice new AUTO Laundry Dolivery Wagon, just drop a card to Lorboer IJros.' Pomona Steam Laundry, the ablest and most up-to-date latindryrnen in the valley, and tell them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictlv up-to'-date. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY Camp Rincon GEM OF THE SAN GABRIEL CANYON Headquarters for /tailing in the Wont Fork, North Fork, Boar and Devil's Canyons. An ideal place for an outing, cither boarding at tho hotel or camping. The host of everything in season. Stage loaves Aznsa at 9:40 a.m. Other rigs or saddle horses can be engaged by telephoning 32, Azusa, or address H. D. BRIOOS, Manager AZU8A, OAL. COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made dally. Orders In town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 PLAN YOUR VACATION NOW at our expense A CIIOICK OF FOUR FREE TRIPS IS OFFKRKD YOU OURINCJ ALASKA- YUKON-EXPOSITION YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUR EXPENSES PAID I'-' YOU HAVK FKIKNDS IN TIIK KAST WHO WANT TO VISIT THK PACIFIC COAST WK CAN AKKANCiK IT. This is your Opportunity For i:otiif*U:t<: in formation address SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB Room Id, Flood llhl. San Francisco

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