Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 17, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1909
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F- H. FABRICK PLUMBING F. H. FABRICK HARDWARE LEADING VOL. 40. COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, JULY 17, 1909. NO. 32. PROFESSIONAL CARDS ^X/N^VXN^N^X^N^^^N-^^^-x^V-^V-^-^O'^-^sX^-^-^V-^^^NX^iXN.^N^ DR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays [)R. J. C. GOODELL, OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. A JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. «EBD G. D. JUNNING3 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., Covina, Cat. § FRED ASCHENBRENNER DENTIST Office hours, 8:30 to 12 and 1 till 4. Phone 47. Office over, Argus Block. ANDREW M. PENCE A.X-TGRNEY-AT-L. AW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL LLOYD W. WELLS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Covlna, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Office, over Warner, Whltsel & Co.'s store. Hours, 12 to 5. 119% S. Spring St., Loa Angeles, Cal JAMES CORBETT The Horse-Shoer » GLADSTONE AVENUE CHARTER OAK has built a neat shop and put In a complete outfit of tools, and Is now prepared to do all kinds of smithing work. Note the address—One-half mile north of Charter Oak Schoolhouse. tf WANTED FROM OWNERS Orange Groves AND Large Ranches I advertise all over the world, an can sell your property. Address JOHN THOMAS, 240 Byrne Building, Los Angeles. MUNICIPAL STREET MENTS. IMPROVE- 'enter to Be the First Street Paved. Cost to Be Borne by Property tV .Owners. The city trustees met in regular icssion Tuesday, Joseph Moxley being he only absentee. It was an important session to the property owners of the city, as the first definite steps were taken by the rustees in the matter of municipal street Improvement. For some v/eeks the trustes have been visiting various towns in Southern California investigating the mcr- ts and efficiency of the Petrolithic method of road building, with the result that they have practically decided to adopt this character of road building for Covina. Center will be the flrst street to be improved and the following committee of property owners on this thoroughfare was appointed to cooperate with the street committee: C. E. Crawford, J. N. Wilson, H. M. Friedman, Harry Lewis, A. H. Craw ford, Jacob Maurer, C. E. Blackmail, Dr. J. C. Goodell, D. Bradshaw. The adjourned meeting of the city LOCAL NIMRODS BUSY. One Spike Buck Brought Down In First Day of Hunting. To those who have the hunting blood in their veins, there comes at this time of year a longing for the hills, and moved by the restless spirit, all that can, get away as soon as the ban of the game laws will permit. This year Ed Middaugh is the flrst one to return with the spoils. In company with a party of seven, he shot the only buck out of four deer sighted. The party included Lloyd Garrison, Chase Fairly, Ira Bell, Ed Middaugh, Mark Middaugh, Ed Matney, and Charley Coffman. The party hunted In the Dalton canyon, some of them returning the same night. Garrison and Fairly went provisioned for a week and will try farther up. A number of the local sportsmen have been out since the fifteenth gunning in the fields and and hills for doves. Fred Midaugh and Ora King were the first to secure the limit of twenty birds, although Homer Wine was close with nineteen. The Kendall brothers bagged thirty-five between them. with the above and all property ;rustees,' together named committee owners interested in street paving will be held in the city offices on Tuesday evening next, at 7:30 o'- slock at which time representatives of the Petrolithic Pavement Company will be present to submit figures as to the- probable cost. It is believed that. Center street can be paved at an approximate cost of $30 for every lot having a frontage of 50 feet. The "Resolution of Intention" to pave Center street was read for the flrst time. C. F. Clapp was reappointed on the board of library trustees to serve for a term of three years. Accounts audited and ordered paid: A. J. Rooks, blacksmith, $4.85; Elmer Motter, street work, $4.00; A. M. Pence, salary, .$15.00; F. H. Fabrick, garbage cans, $24.00; Bonham & Rit- cha, street work, $22.95; Frank Mendenhall, street work, $45.00; M. L. Mehnert, salary, etc., $24.75; B. C. Prentiss, street work, $39.75; John Bradner, street work, $73.00; .Johnson & Nigg, blacksmithing, $13.75; M. L. Mehnert, street work, $67.00; Floyd G. Dessery, city surveyor, $80. Frank Chapman Returns With Bride. Mr. Frank Chapman returned home with his bride last Saturday after an extended trip throifgh the East and Middle West. Mr. Chapman will live at the Palmetto ranch, and declares that he never was so pleased with anything as the sight of the orange groves, after five weeks of absence. On leading there the young couple went to Chicago, where they spent a few days. They were accompanied as far as Kansas City by Miss Anna Reynolds. From there, they went to St. Louis, and from there to the home of the bride's parents in Sedalla, Mo. Frank went alone from there as far east as Detroit, vfsltlng Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. From Lima to Toledo he went by automobile. On the return trip a stopover of five days was made at Kansas City. Warner, Whitsel & Company Introduce New Telephone Exchange. The popular grocery firm of Warner, Whitsel & Company has added another convenience to their well- equipped store. This improvement Is a private telephone exchange of the twenty-four key type, Installed by Manager Wright of the local telephone system. The growing business of the firm makes this necessary, for with a private operator any department of the store can be called without delay. At present only six phones are on the line, but the largest si/e the Kellogg Switchboard Company makes for private exchanges was installed to keep pare with other Improvements. Mias Gertrude Hulee has accepted the position an operator. Wolfarth's THE OLD RELIABLE Jewelry Establishment Large and complete stock of everything in the line. EXPERT REPAIR WORK Citrus Ave. Covina, Cal. M Large Numbers of Covinaitee Attended the Elks' Reunion. Covina was almost depopulated on Thursday and Friday of this week by the intense crowds that attended the Elka' celebration in Los Angeleu. The Pacifi-: Electric was taxed to its utmost to move the people on the various suburban lines, and Covina wan given as good service aw itaan'iiilc. Occupying New Offices. Justice Austin Warner has moved his offices this week from the Reed block to the premises formerly occupied by the Covlna Home Bakery, en Citrus avenue. His new location is far more commodious and better equipped for court purpoxes. By close attention to business, Mr. Warner has built up a very successful real estate und Insurance business. Births. To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matney, a daughter. To .Mr. and Mrs. U, (.;. Krlng, a HOII. To Mr. and Mrs. H. X. Wells, of Charier Oak, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs, E. G, Johnson of Churlur Ouk, a son (tttlllborn). To Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. A. Morton, lialdwfn Park, a HOII. To Mr. and Mra. Harry Ackeriuun, a son. Opening of School*. Miss Hester Sage of Detroit., Mich., was the gtieat last week of her cousin, Mrs. J, H. Raymond. Mr. and .VIrw. W. P. Watts made an auto trip to the beaches early in the week. Mrs. J. J. Morgan of Long lleach returned v-'ith them and stayed Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are located on Orange; street until their new house Is completed. Sister Dies in North. fliaw. Smith waw greatly shocked yesterday on roreivifiK a tclettrani Nearly four hundred people w<-r<- car-; f''"'» Portland, Oregon, telling of the ried on the *:.'',() train Thursday, and '.sudden death of tii« ni»ier, Mr*. Nellie William*, in that city, the name evening on tin .Vorlli to be present, at at the rate tiiey were leaving all day, considerably over a thousand people from this place witnessed the pageant of the ant It-red visitors In the morning and the gorgeous electrical K' 1 '' ' display t>( floats in the evening. • h<-aM - - both Jerome Reynold* was as far north circ|< as X.-vaiia City this week on land wh ; -i Charles left Owl for the the funeral. Williams gave birth to a baby i .July tilh, and wan doing nicely, came an a very sudden blow, 'i her relatives ami to the large '.it' friends .she had in Covina, • she was a resident several NEW BASEBALL TEAM. Covlna Will Have Likely Bunch In Newly-Organized Summer League. Game Tomorrow. Covlna diamond enthusiasts' are iu line for some good baseball games this summer. A team has been organized by George Covert and Garry Layman to play in the newly-organized summer league of Southern California. This league Is to be conducted strictly In accordance with the A.A.U. rules, and a great many of the players on the various teams are college men. With the passing of the White Squadron, a new team is a very welcome addition to the town, and as the management proposes to use local men as much as possible, the now organization should be very popular. Eight teams are In the league, and all but two games will be played in Co- vlna. At the end of the season a suitable trophy will be awarded the club finishing at the top of the percentage column. Miller of the Woodlll-Hulse team has been secured to pitch for the new team. This speedy youngster has appeared frequently on the local diamond and has made a hit with the fans. He Is the only twlrler to score a shutout In Covlna, or to win two games In succession. Shutt and Graf of Pomona college will also appear in Covlna uniforms. Shutt proved a star at backstop for the winners of the Southern California championship, while Graf, his team mate, playing second base, had the highest batting average in' the league. Bush Thomp son, the ex-Angel right fielder, will wear the padded glove. The big fellow hardly got his stride In fast company this season, but against medium talent his slugging ability will be a world of strength. Middaugh at first base, and Shirley at short, will com pie to an Infield that will bo the best, possible In the town. In the few games that "Spider" Middaugh has played his hitting has been a big feature, and with his elongated construction, It takes a high ball to get past him. The outfield will bo a well-balanced unit. Montague and Aguayo will occupy the same positions they did In the former Covlna team, while Morwln will bo stationed In the right garden. The latter has shown up well In several preliminary games, making good with the stick. Tomorrow, the Initial appearance ' the Covlna team will be made on the local diamond against the Schlltz team of Los Angeles. The l.ittet organization IH made up of college and high school stni'H, and IH doped by a great many as ii strong factor In the pennant race. The local men wilt appear for the llrnt, time In their IM- Hulls, that have, been partly s'ibnerlb- ed for by the San Felice cigar company. Every equipment ban been purchased, and It IH only up to the team to put. up a good article af baseball to make the game a popular sport I Covl/rt this Kiiiciner. Following IH the schedule of the games to be played, with the places and dates of mime: July 18th. Covina Han Follcti VH. Hchlftz, at c,o- vfria. Palms VH. parraflri Paint. Co., at. Palms. Colgrove vs. Eastern Outfitters, at Colgrove. Raoycles VH. Wells Fargo, at Vernon (L. A.) July 25th. Covlna Han Felice vs. Eastern Out fitters, at Covlna. Palms vs. Wells Fargo, at ['alms, Colgrove vs. Hdillt/, at Colgiove. I Racycle:* vs. Parraflu Paint Co., at : VernoM. : August 1st. Covina San Felice VH. Kacycles, al Covina. Palms vs. Eastern Outfitter.*, at . Palms, i Colxrove VH. Wellrf Fargo, at Col i-'IOV e. Ka< /( | Vernon. •H •. t. i'ntiafln Paint Co. A Cool, Crisp Salad Tastes mighty good these warm days. AYi- linvo the "mukiiin'x"—llu> vinegar—UK-, nil—Uu> nuiNlnnl—the vegelnbli's mid nil kinds of ivndy-ninde wnlnd drcssin^.s. Try one for it clumtfc. Also for Ilic cold UK-HI, you iiiuy wnnl Walnut;]>, Mushroom Ketchup, Ciiper Sinicc, Wor- rhoskirshire Sauce. We luivc and iiiiiu.v more lines of fuiicy groceries. 'Will l>e more than pleased to have you cull ami make your selections. Rational <rj or COVINA .W ••-—•" • ~ . DIRECTORS G, E. Andamon C. P. Clapp J. H. Elliott W. If. Holllduy Marco If. Hnlimun II. M. HouHur J. O, IIoiiHur C. Monofuo A, P. KorckliotI OFFICERS W. II. IIOI.UDAY. PrcMhlont. MAIICO II. IIHM'MAM, Vicu PreB. J. II. EUJO'IT, Vleo I'roH. W. M. OKIHWOU), C»ahlor I M. I.KONHAIUJT, AHIII. CuHhlvr Capital and Surplus $98,000.oo Covina VDalky Savings fianh Covina, Cal. DIRECTORS Cluo. K. Andomun .1. It. Klllott Marco 11. llullmuri W. It. IlollMuy A. I'. KKUOKIIUKK, I'roHlilonl II. M. IloiiHiir II. M. IIOUMKK, Vlco I'rmiliifmt A, I'. Ki.rnUmlr W. M. OICIHWOU), Cimhlor Capital and Surplus $44,000.oo ^rt^rt~\»wrt**'>w^i^^^ •> *t Lots of People ,, M08V3H 3H1 »[dood S.HDNL1 "\O\JL oauaoa 5 p[UOl{B IIOA l.uop uoA.' H.V.H'S ;'old an<l ,ilv<-i ,<;Mi-nu;' ;uv oiu- ot In-, many ' '>*^

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