Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
Page 4
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LASSIFIED 1» Office Day Before Publication >&tyg DfcyiMoath >&l, IM 4.60 ,i.a» >|.oo *.oo 160 7.60 100 6.00 8.50 10.50 4.00 13.00 '4.60 13.60 1.00 16.00 . We p«f Inch i~. 606 per Irkoh . 60c per Inch i tptated obova tut for con- "iftUrtian*. liteflutar or skip, _ t witl loke thd one-day «»*. J),ddlly elasiifled odvsrtislno copy , vKfetAM unfll 5 p.in. for tfloti th«'followino day. iblbfem rmcrve tha right to ,«.*«St: oil odvertUsmentt of^ for publication and to rt|«et i,f*>j»ctlonobl(» odvertliino tub- of On« or m*r« ' letf *r«, fk)ijr*i tucfi , Ot KoUtOT count a* on* Hip* Star' will not b* lter, *rror« 'In Wont- Ad« * on colled .to . our attention ' lf»*rtlon ^0t^od and ' ONE lneorr«t 7-3431 IPESTAR ot'^Hop* ,1899; Proi. 1927 ' January 18, _, every weekdoy afternoon by TAR'' PUBLISHING CO. tl'~ Pdlmw?' Praildent t Hi \Wfl»hburn/ Sety-TrM. •ftt,- -,At. 1Th»,,Sfar, BulldlBB 3l2-2tf, 'South Walnut Strut, -•'" ' ;'HiK>», Arkorao*. H Wpihburn, Editor & Publlthtr if.?H;-Jon4>, Manoolna Wltor flo; W. Homer, Moth. Supt. Advertising Monoger jsEnfored on second class matter at .he „Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, jffldtt the Act of March 3, 1897. of the Audit Bureau tt .v> -'"'••' Circulation* :rlptlon Ratei (payabl* In ad- irrjir In Hop* and n«lohbor- vcii ^...,. ' .as JW r Y.&£,*,'. • I 3 '"0 |>man In 'Harnprtood, jhjevbda, 1 jt»,-Howard, and Miller court- . '.83 1.60 2,60 4.60 i in I » I V 3.25. Al nthi ' r .'.„..,(.*,. BABY Chicks. AAAA Grade. kinds. Any amount. HOLLY GROCERY & MKT. 002 West 3rd St. Phone 7-9803 »......... JJ,, ,.,,„.*.'!'.. ....... £..&,.... '13.00 , T Advertising Representatives: M; DoHilen, inc.; 1602 Sterick Memphis, 2, Tenn., 505 foxo» :, 0d!la«';Z,'Jexas,' 360 N. ,'Ave,/Ch!cd£io I, III,; 60 E. New Vor* J7, .N., Y.; 1763 , , Detroit 2, Mich.; lf. Bldfl,, Oklahoma City 2, . of the Associated Pross; ., ,_ —eloted Press Is entitled ex- MUl(yely to the 'use for republicatlon * -" the«-locol news printed In this per, j ''os well g» all AP nsw» J9.00 t (fabrics "From on. Nylon; Dao- detf with Silk ool, for 'Spring and Sum- Storrs-Schsiefer Tailored" <S|MWARDLAW Street Tailor Shop eef.cut and wrapped for deep ~ :e. : Blood for neh bait, S«e. lalph Montgomery ,* > Phone 7-3361 ; I.OYf LIIR care, per ' EDNA BEAMTV SHOP ,Phone 7-?615 MUTUAL RAC^ HUPBARD ?,; Mights and Week Phofle 7-243? IQWNWf STERN SHARES ;. , liind RsUjW Fund Wtt - i -*- < --*-''• - biefrwn . Agent ., phone M«.lrtfpk Hlphway §7 Wwt For Rent Wlfll Th* ft* A«ourt is I* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monrfay, February 22, 1954 ROOM unfurnished apartment With private bath. Close-In. Phone 7-2205. U-tt WO room furnished apartment. Private bath. All convenience. P'erfcr couple. 712 East Division 19-3t NE 5 room house. $25,00 per month. Near brick yard. Phone 7-2301. 19-Bt ICE 3 room house, 710 Went 4th Street. Mrs. Paul Cobb. Phone 7*2847. 20-3t ROOM unfurnished house at BO? South Main. Garage^, Screened Bajpkporch, Phone 7-2644. 22-31 MODERN 4 room house. Hot and cold water. Near town on pave- Yneni,.. Very reasonable rent. Phone 7-2071. 22-3t OUSE and garden. Furnished to dependable family. Wages for labor by day. Phone 7-2071. 22-3t For Sale EA Graved washed, ; and road gravel. Soil and masonary Sand available Phone 7-2559, Jesse Sinclair, Fetr. 11-lMo. ) ACRE farm near Emrrtet, Ark- nnsas. Nice modern five room house E. M. Phone 883-W. Braswell Prescott. Feb. 1-lMo. AY, Johnson grass & lospedeza mixed. 7-2110, T. S. McDavltt. Phone 3-tf 0 ACRES and newly decorated house. One mile from town, $20,000. Will sell house and.13 acres, pine timber Feb. 10-lMo. $14,000. Trade for land. Call 7-5535* tllXED Johnson grass. 45c Soy. bean Hay 70c at barn. T. V. Messer, Washington.' Phone 49. 'l6-6t CHOICE country eggs. 50c per dozen. Also good mixed grass lay. Arthur Gray, Ozan. 17-6t CHOICE lespedeza hay. Also alfalfa /mixed Bermuda-Johnson grass mixed. Priced right. Phone 72243. 17-Ot BARGAIN. 1952 Mercury family car. 14,000 miles. Will sell at wholesale. Norman R. Martin 1408 South Pine. Phono 7-3389 19-fii MIXED Lespedeza and Johnson ,,Gra~ss Hay. Reasonable. See Noe* /Naslv'/Lewisville,' Arkansas. 20-6 LOOK!!! Your old furniture in most cases will make a DOWN PAYMENT ON A NEW Bedroom suite, Living Room suite, Dinette set, Gas Ranee, Etc. LET'S TRADE TODAY. Please call us for particulars. HOUSTON City Furniture Go. Phone 7-2261 Hope, Arkansas 224-26-28 East 3rd Street OVER 500 world's finest daffodil nnd narcissus. Some bloominj now. See them this month anc next, Arthur Gray, Ozan-. 22-0 HOLLYWOOD bed, Box Springs Innerspring mattress. Clean Reasonable, > phone 7-2774. 21 East J4th gt, 22-3 Services Offered VIATTRESS renovation and inner spring work. Cobb Mattress Co 316 South Washington. Phono 7-2022. Feb. MMo Payne Brothers. House Movers, Insured contractors. Public Service Commission nunr ber M-1425. 313' central Avenue Stamps, Arkansas, Phone 3-448: in Stamps. Arkansas. Feb.2-lMo. Income Taxes 'WO Accountants to help you. 101 East Front Street. Farm Bureau Office. Phone 7-3760. Feb. 0-lMo, Announcements •The Star Is authorized to att- flounce that the following &t6 candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections. for "ffeasucer HARRY HAWTHORNE! CLIFFORD BYERS DWIGHT RIDGD1LL Fop County Cleck ARNOLD J, M1DDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK IRA T. BROOKS Alderman Ward 3 B. L. RETTIG Lost 1 , Strayed or Stolen ONE polled Hereford heifer. 2 years old. Weight 600 Ibs. Heavy white on neck in good flesh. Heavy springs. No marks. Last seen in my pasture Feb. 17. Notify Lester Wade, Blevins. Re ward. 22-31 Legal Notice Johnny Parsons Quits Racing GARJ3ENA. Calif. W — Johnny Parsons is out of auto racing for at least six weeks as a result of serious injuries in a spectacular crash of his midget car at Carrel Speedway yesterday. The 34-year-old winner of the 1950 Indianapolis Race thwarted death when his car flipped over and rolled five times in a six-lap heat race. There was no other car involved. . The doctor said the 1949 national AAA champion may be able to leave the hospital in about five days. His wife, Lila, and daughter, Pattic, saw the accident. Payoff Good as Spa Meet Gets Started Weather cloudy, track heavy. First Race. Purse $1,700. Claiming. Four-year-olds and up. One mile and 70 yards. 7.60 4.60 3.40 51.25 13.00 3.80 No. 7596 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. J. C. Welch etux Plaintiff vs. Francois DeLacqueseaux etux ' - . Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Francois DeLac- queseavjx et ux is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, J. C.. Welch et ux, . , Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 20 day of Feb. 1954. (SEAL) Carrett Willis, Clerk W. S. Atkins, Ally, for Plaintiff Attorney Ad Litem C. V. Nunn Jr. Feb. 22, March 1, 8, 15 Sir Cobo (P. A. Ward) Leap Year Boy (Hightshoe) Sent Back (Carstens) Time 1:50.3. Merry Ninx, S tr a i g h t Edge, Plucky Marge, Bossy Sis, Mon Sue, Denver Lady, Toke Ann, Ration Book, Broad Back also ran. Legal Notice No. 758GA In the Chancery Court ' of Hempstead County, Ark. Loretta Ward McDowell .... Plaintiff .vs. • . Douglas D. McDowell .... Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Douglas McDowell is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Loretta Ward McDowell. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 1 day of Feb. 1954. Garrett Willis, Clerk fSEAL) Louis-E. Grain . • • Attorney for Plaintiff C, V.-Nunn, Jr. Attorney Ad Litem Feb. 1, 8. 15, 22 Legal Notice No. 7592 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark, Linnie Crews et al Plaintiff vs. Charlie Rosseau et al Defendant •The defendant, Charlie Rosseau et>al are warned to apper in this, court within thirty days and answet the complaint df the Plaintiff, Lin- nie.Crews et al. Witness my hand and the seal of said'court this 12 day of February 1954. Garrett Willis, Clerk (SEAL) Alfred Featherston Attorney Plaintiff John P. Vesey, Attorney at Litem Feb. 15, 22, March 1, 8 Legal Notice NOTICE OF ELECTION ANNUAL SCHOOL IN WASHINGTON Notice SUBSCRIBE Texarkana Gazette. Complete Sports. Other late news. KCMC-TV Programs. Phone Dale Hartsfield. Prospect 7-4610. ' " Feb. 5-lMo. VOTE "Boley's all new Courts" When guests arrive or tourists in- quite. $5,00, 2 people $3.00, 4 people Feb. 17-1 Mo. We give the best Prices and best Trades for your old Furniture. HOUSTON CITY FURNITURE CO. Phone 7-2261 Feb. 22rlMo. Real Estate Wanted JJAVE buyers for all size farms. JJst today. United Farm Agency, JOl East Front. Phone 7-3768. .Feb. 9-lMo. 6uiin«is Opportunity in making $500.00 net per month with small capital Investment. Business — No C|-e<J»t — Then call us for details on thjiS going Wholesale Drug and business, no local compe- Pan be, benight et actual pj $au4pment and JOT Present owner will as- fi|| .buyer to establish trade ter. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 12 OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, AR KANSAS Notice is hereby given that the annual school election in the above named District will be held on March 20, 1954, for the following purposes; .To elect one director for a term of 5 years. ' To submit the question of voting a total school tax of 34 mills, as set out in the Distrcit's budget, which includes, in addition to 16 mills for operation and maintenance of the schools and 10 mills previously voted for payment of bonds now outstanding, a building fund tax of 8' mills annually, beginning with the taxes collected in the year 1955, to be voted for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of a proposed bond issue • of $30,000 which will run approximately 20 years, to bo issued for the purpose of erecting and equipping new school buildings for Negroes, and said proposed building fund tax will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal and interest of the proposed bonds are paid in full, with the provision that the surplus each year arising from the building fund taxes, after providing for principal and interest maturing that year and the next six months' interest on all the outstanding bond's, may be used by the District for calling bonds for pay- mpnt prior to maturity pr for other school purpos'es. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A. M. and will,close at 6:30 o'clock P. M. on March 20, 1054, at the following polling places in the District, to-wit: , Washington School Gym, GIVEN this 10th day of February, Second Race. Purse $1,600. Claim' ing. Three-year-olds. Six furlongs. Bracero 6.00 4.40 3.40 (Walsh) We Depend 0.405.20 (Daigrepont) Frabotta 10.20 (PovvclO Time 1:18.2. La Machine, Mr. Foxie, Tyn Hhyno, Mershon Valley, Melanie Mack, Mimada, Piney May, Bic- kik, Old Dan also ran. Daily Double paid $33.60. Third Race. Purse $1,800. Calim- ing. Four-year-olds and up. Six furlongs. Magic Choice 7.80 6.20 4.40 (Ward) Beaming Light 10.80 6.40 (Williams) Roaming Oscar 4.20 (Martin) Time 1:15.4. Mar Pompey, Illstay, Hook Up, Mr. Stone, Gallant Tuck, Miss Sic- elette, ' Putt Put, Go Charm, Eighty-Eight also ran. Winners in County Cage Tournaments Hudlin to Have Many Duties GREENVILLE, Miss. (#> — Willis Hudlin, who spent 16 years in the major league as a player and formerly managed the Southern As- Blevins Senior boys downed! »° ciation Lit "° Hock Travelers, will Spring Hill 62 to 56 Saturday ni^hlj? 6 '? m * n " f '"f"/ d l ltles thls year in the Cotton States League. Hudlin is president of the Greenville club in the Class C circuit. He announced yesterday that he also will manage the club and serve as third base coach. to cop the Hempstead County tournament, held at Guernsey. Saratoga Junior boys easily df- feated Guernsey for the Junior title The score was 35 to 19. At Emmet Saturday night the Emmet Senior boys were nosed out 63-62 by Bodcaw in Nevada County tournament play. In the Junior division Prescott defeated Laneburg 55 to 35. Trophys were awarded to Emmet Senior boys and Laneburg Junior boys, as runnerups while Prescott and Bodcaw got the winner's tro- phys. Laneburg school won the sportmanship award. Texas Teams Not to Enter Cotton Loop TEXARKANA, Ark.-Tex. — J. C. Stroud, oilman and contractor, said yesterday he is dropping his plan to enter Longview, Tox., in the Cotton States League, an action which also knocked Texarkana out of a chance to join the Class C baseball loop. Texarkana had franchise in the been given a Cotton States League. But it was conditioned on Texarkana being able to get another nearby club to come in with it, expanding the league from its present six teams to an eight-club circuit. The possible entry of Longview would have enabled Texarkana to field a team. Stroud said "after thinking the for several days, I move would be inv Texas, Rice to Fight It Out for Loop Title DALLAS Conference — The basketball Southwest champion- Harper Puts on Greatest Rally BY HAROLD. V. RAILFF SA N ANONIO, Tex. (W—Gall's winter tour rattled on to Mexico City today but without Chandler Harper, the tournamen old-timer who put on one of the greatest finishes in the game's history in winning (he $12.500 Texas Open with three straight rounds of 8-un- dcr-par fi,3. The 40-year-old star, playing better now than any time in his long carer, tied the all lime PGA record for 72 holes as he wound up with 239 to take down $2,200 in the Texas Open yesterday and vault into fourth place among the year's leading money winners. The Mexican National Open wanted Harper but he passed it up to go home to Portsmouth, Va., on business. Fourth Race. Purse $1.900. Allowance. Four-year-olds and up. Five and a half furlongs, 7.80 4.80 4.00 15.60 10.00 9.20 Choy, Laughing Amafox, Fiesta matter over think such a practical at this late date," adding that "it 'would be a hopeless task to complete necessary details and field a tenm" with • spring training only three weeks away. He said, however, that he would willingly enter a club in the Cotton States, "or any other league" next year "providing arrangements are made in time." Horace Milan and O. O. Porterfield, who headed the Texarknnn movement to get this border city back into organized baseball, said they will discontinue effort this Reason, but said ".we'll try again in 1955. ; Longview and Texarkana were in the Big Sthale-League last year El Dorado Pine Bluff Hot Springs, Ark., Meridian and. Greenville, Miss., and Monroe, La., arc pre'sent' members of the Cotton States League. Wire Flash (Dyer) Dark Buster . (Valenzuela) Easy Dixie Time 1:09.3. Hopeido, Toni Fox, Strongplay, Way, Embers, Alfred Bounder, Individuate also ran. Fifth Race. Purse $2,300. Allowance, Four year olds and up. Five and a half furlongs. Darkle 18.20 7.80 7.20 (Craig) Haskell 5.20 5.20 (Walsh) Diamond Ned 2.80 (Casey) Time 1:09.1. Galloway K, Cow Town, Gus Fan, Bedizened, Barshoe, Double Hustle, Buster Jim also ran. Sixth Race. Purse $3,000. Allowance. Three year olds. Five and a half furlongs. Deuce Admiral 80.40 24.00 12.40 (Petrin) Talmen (Ward) Greater 4.40 3.GO 1 2.00 3854, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, DISTRICT NO. 12 OF HEMPSTEAP COUNTY, ARKANSAS • e. ~~ (Dyer) Time 1:09.1. Little F. Nu Cole, Spartan Jet, Val Bez, Sergeant Sam, Joe's Crest, Second Request, Darrol Beau, Repelled also ran. Seventh Race. Purse $3,000. Allowance. Four years olds and up. Five and a half furlongs. Granite Flyn 85.20 28.00 6.00 (PJesa) Skin Junior 19.20 7.20 (Hoover) Ever Bright 3.20 (Borgemenke) Time 1:08.1. Lone Shadow. Galway Boy, Best Air, Pat-The-Pilot, Master Red, Gunner Lady, Mahplay, Lefty James, Reel Gran also ran. Eighth Race. Purse $1,800. Allowance. Four-year-olds and up. One Mile and 70 yeards. Mr. Poise (Ward) Garrymark 17.20 7,40 6.00 21.80 13.40 (Hightshoe) Taywin 13.40 (Litzenberger) Time 1:49, Bretty Boy, May K, Mary Jane G, Flicker Light, Katie Ann, Miss Black, Bobs Ace, B. S p e e 8 y, Thumb Rock also ran. Fights Last Night BY THE AS50CIATD PR88 Sunday Mexican, Mexico Baby Ortiz 140 Mexico City, decisioned Al Cruz, 138, Los Angeles id. SAURDAY Cincinnati—Joe Miceli, 147, Nesv York, stopped Sallace Bud Smith, HI, Cincinnati a. Campos, U7 Tech All the Way in Arkansas AIC By The Associated Press A four-loam fight still is going on in this last week of the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference basketball season despite the fact that Arkansas Tech already has grabbed the top plumits sixth straight title. Contention now is among State Teachers, Southern State, Arkansas. Colleen and Arkansas A&M. The firs four finishers will battle in a post-season tournament to determine Arkansas' representative in the NAIB tourney. As things now stand, Arkansas A&M is the fifth place club, but all four are so tightly bunched behind Arkansas Tech .that the second, third, fourth and fifth spots could be completely jumbled this week. In winning the championship Fri- About one in every 1C people in day night, Tech felt the loss of center E.. C. O'Neal, the loop's leading scorer, who was out with a bad ankle Tech won but it was a close 86-81 decision over Ouachita. B rot fora, Saxton Fight Wednesday NEW YORK, iffi If welterweight champion Kid 'Gavilan wins the middleweight crown from Bobo the United Staets has some ofJGlson on April 2 he will have to ship is between or among Rice and Texas with the decision on which way it goes resting with four other teams. The campaign has little more han a week to run and during :hat period Rice and Texas, tied for the lead with 7-2 records, each nlny three games, two of them on :he road. Those road jaunts come this week and start tomorrow night when Rice battles Baylor at Waco • and Texas tries Southern Methodist at Dallas. Friday night Texas engages Arkansas at Fayetteville and Rice plays Texas Christian at Fort Worth. There's dynamite stored up in those games. Baylor upset Texas on the Bears' home court. And Southern Methodist beat Rice at Dallas. Arkansas on its home court and so is Texas Christian and both are disappointed, disillusioned teams that would like to ruin somebody else's chances. If Texas and Rice survive this week without a beating they will be expected to finish the season tied for the title. The Longhorns close out the campaign against Texas Christian at Austin w hilc Rice plays Southern Methodist at Houston, March 2. Texas, which appeared ready to tumble out of the race following its defeat by Rice the week previously, snapped back to whip Texas A&M 66-49 and Baylor 7803 last week while Rice was cown ing Arkansas 76.62. If the two teams wind up in a tie for the title, they will play it off for the NCAA spot at Kansas City but will not be playing off the championship tie. They wil' Texas Melody Is Spa Favorite HO SPRINGS M — Reynolds Brothers' Texas Melody, winner one out of two starts recently the New'Orleans Fair Grounds, was favored today in the featured Washington Birthday Purse as Oaklawn Park started its first full week of the 1954 racing meet. William Fudge's My Time and J, J. Lombatco's Whirlahead are regarded as the most dangerous of the other eight sprinters scheduled to go in the five and a hlaf furlong allowance race. _ The sprint is expected to have a bearing on shaping the field for the Hot Springs and King Cotton handicaps, first and seond of Oaklawn's I$5,000 weekend features. . Also in the field are Peu-A-Peu, Haskell—another Reynolds entry- Battle H, Dairquari, Happy Age and Harry Lou. is a rough customer District Junior Meet to Start t LITTLE ROCK, (/H District meets to determine 31 entires in .he state junior high school basketball tournaments arc to be played his week. Valley Springs won the first state lourney spot by defeating Marshall 49-47 in the District 1-East Class B junior finals Saturday night. Left to be decided are 15 Class B contenders for state honors a all 16 of the junior quintets -whic 1 will compete in Class A. Junior eliminations begin tonight in District 3 and 4, both A and B, and in 8-B. All others will start Wednesday and Thursday. One senior boys district tournament, 1-East Class B, also starts tonight. Other senior competition, both boys and girls, will come next week and week after next. State tournament sites and dates re: &' Class A juniors at Berryville, M«<rch 3-6. Class B juniors at England, March 6-9. Class B seniors at Little Rock, March 9-13. Class A seniors at Jonesboro, March 16-20. ,, Girls.at Marianna, March 17-20. heart or blood vessel disease. the contenders who will figure in a welterweight elimination tourney are' Johnny Saxton of Brooklyn anc Johnny Bratton of Chicago. The two Johnnys get a jump on the field Wednesday night when they collide in a ten rounder a1 the Philadelphia Arena. Saxton, the No. 5 contender, is a 9 : 5 choice to win. Bratton, No. 3, was soundly drubbed by Gavilan in a title fight Nov. 13. The' Saxton-Bratton winner vs the winner of a bout between Carmen Basilio, No. 1, and Billy Grn ham, No. 2, most likely would be recognized as world welterweighl champion if Gavilan ascends to the give up hfs 147-pound title. Two of middleweight throne. GUARDED SECRET *• The ancient Chinese, jealous of; their discovery of silk imposed a death penalty upon anyone seeking to export the eggs, worms, cocoons, or anything save the fabric woven from the fiber, which grought its weight in gold. be co-champions. ' Gene ' Scllwinger, Rice's ' grefjfc, center, has the scoring champion^ ship sewed up. Schwinger has 481 points — a record in the conference — and his lead over second- place Henry Ohlen of Texas Chris- tian'is 113 points. LET'S EAT CHICKEN TODAY" WEEK FEBRUARY 20 THRU MARCH 5 .O.'lW'.tt /"-". ^ Did you know that we now have 61 families in the Hope trade territory that are engaged in Commercial Broiler Production? These families now operate 75 Broiler Houses and each of these houses have a capacity of 3,000 birds. Did you also know that 225 ; 000 Commercial Broilers are marketed from the Hope trade territory every 10 weeks? And did you know that this is an approximate annual income of $600,000.00 from broilers? These three firms listed below appreciate these people, and take this opportunity to point out w*hat the Poultry Industry means to our im- " mediate trade territory. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. MID - SOUTH COTTON & SUPPLY HIMPSTiAp COUNTY

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