Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 10, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 10, 1909
Page 8
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IN THE WILDERNESS. Camps In San Gabriel Canyon Filled With Enthusiastic Fishermen and Campers. Camp-fires nrn burning at. f'amp Hl)if()n in thf- Han fJnbr|r»l canyon thpsft days. TliiH plfiHtirf spot in t.ho hoart. of tbo mountains is ox- jcrrf-iiflng '-ool, braciriK nights, and during tho flay MIC flHlK:rnifii ar<> mr>H.lnfi wlili fim> lurk In UK; trout, pools. On '.Monday, a party cnnHlHUng of B. L. Moartt, Judgo VVilllaniH and Mnnngf-r BritfgH took a saddlo-horHO trip to J!<:?ir ranyon, whfrn t.hoy all cnuKfif! limit. f>r trout. Tho vlni tors wf;ro dollKhtnd wlt.b this wild and niggfid portion of the rnountalnn. Among tho lato arrivals from faun- dfna aro Judgo If. VV. Magco, Mr. and Mr.H. If. (i, rhaffoo and children and C. \V. LorrinKW'?!! COLD HROOK CAMP Tli'! manager of the C,'asa Lonia hot«:l him taken a tent here for th< Hiimrnor, and every ul.ngr; brings people from different. portloriH of the country. Robert f'hllleo and Walter Anchen- brennor of Covlna are making fine musU: for the concert and for dancing. FOLLOWS CAMP. R. M. Follows, the genial host of Follows Carnp on the east fork of the San Gabriel Is kept busy these days finding room for the large fishing parties from Los Angeles. The flohlng lias been good at. this point throughout the season. * ^_^ CALVERT SUCCEEDS DAGGATT. County Highway Commission Is to be Directed by Efficient Azusa Citizen. The appointment of J. W. Culvert of A/.UHR to a, coveted position on the Los Angeles Highway CornmlH- Blon Is a piece of good fortune not expected by the cltl/.ens of the Upper San Oabrlel Valley. Flad the people of this district worked /callously for recognition on this board, they could not have accomplished so much for themselves as will this unsolicited appointment. Calvert succeeds Charlea I). Daggatt. He lives at No. 543 San Oabrlel avenue, and has for some time been the manager of the A'/usm Ice and Cold Storage Company, which supplies Ice for the Santa Fo system. Mr. Calvert has always boon a public- spirited man, ready at all times to serve the county In any capacity, where good men are needed, and his practical knowledge of the needs of the county of Intelligent road supervision, will iiuilce him a most valuable mnn. At thin time; .when millions of dollars »r to bo expended upon county roads, Culvert's position will b« of importance, lie has always nliown !> warm interest in Covlna. and its growth, and 1ms made many close friends in this district. The Argua joins In wishing him successs in his new responsibility. REALTY MEN INVOLVED. Members of Old Firm of Pollard A Fairly Fail to Agree on Accounting. In the Superior Court on Wednesday, H'.iit. was filed by 1. C. Fairly of Covlna. against 11. C. I'ollurd, unking nn ai'i-ount.lng following u real estate partnership. Fairly alleges thai I'ol- lanl aproprlalcil about $I,'-M>0 in rom- misslons, and asks that the real condition of III!' liiiHincNS be conlli'iiicd by an onli'i' of tln> court in tin 1 shape of nil ace onnl ing ami Hie payment to the pliiinliff ol' liny moneys found due. U. C. I'ollunl makes the slalement that Fairly has failed to carry out the terms of the agreement under which the real estate partnership was formed, lie alleges that the agreement between himself and Fairly was to the effect that all moneys accruing from Fnlrly'a position as street superlnUn- (U'.nt of Covina and as city marshal should be evenly divided while Fairly remained a member of the tlrm. This, he says, Fairly failed to do. MIDSUMMER EVENSONG. Good Talent Arranged Into Program For Sunday Evening at Episcopal Church. Tlic Sunday eveniim sen ices at the ('Innv'i of (lit 1 llnly Trinity in Covh'.a will l)i' in the nature ui' a s.irrcd cou- i ert. .Mrs. Hilda Mnmjcs. director of the \esliii .-'hoir, h:i:; pit-pared (lie till- liiwiim program: Soprano anil lenor tiiifl. "Tarry With .Me. () My Savior." Miss Id-.i ! Iiii.- Wilkins and Mr. Hayili' .iones. Soprani) sulo. "Thy Will He liin!e,"j Mrs. Hilda Krnnjes. ! T-'llor Hold. " I leal 1 Ve. < I Uival." i !\lr. H:i\dn .luli>-s. | Karilone solo. Handel's I x <» ali.'rtl i i "Lariin." Kdwai'd Spi'olle. : Solo, selected. Mis. lieile Harris.; UllVrioi y. "(!od '1'hal Madest Larlh; i'lid H.-au'ii." Mr. II. I.. Marshall and DEDICATE AND ELECT. Oddfellows and Rebekahs Deservedly Proud of Splendid Lodge Rooms. The new f|iiarters of Covlna Lodge, No. '.',(>2, f.O.O.F., wr-to properly dedicated this week by the Odd- fellows and RebekahH. The splendid jhall wan filled with more than one ! hundred guests besides the members of the. local lodge, and a fine banquet and program was enjoyed. The following Oddfellows were exalted to office; A.F'.f;.--H. Kelk-nberger. N.O.- R. Howrnan. V.r}.--(}. Wren. Sec. C-eo. Coolman. Treas.—C. H. Klstler. Warden—J. K. Strosnlder. Conductor—C. W. Potter. F.O.- R. C. Fairly. O.G.—C. O. Glover. Chaplain—J. F. Ohaver. R.S.N.G.-W. Armel. L.8.X.O.—C Llndberg. U.S.V.G.—Frank Wright. L.S.V.G.--M. Armel. R.S.S.—Kd Ulanchard. L.S.S.-- J. F. Iforne, Installing officers: District Deputy Grand Master—Mil ton O. F'oster, Grand Marshal—Fred F. Dennis. Grand Warden—Fr«d Williams. District Deputy Recording Secretary-Lorenzo Miller. District Deputy Financial Secretary -—A I vine Pearson. District Deputy Grand Treasurer— A. Sperley. District Deputy Grand Chaplain— B. D. Furlord. All of "I Will" Lodge, South Pasadena. On Wednesday evening the members of the Covlna Rebekah Lodge were the guests In their handsome new home In the Snodgrans building, of the local Oddfellows, the occasion being a joint Installation of officers. The ceremonies lasted to a late hour, when the spacious banquet hall was thrown open and a company of over a hundred partook of a sumptuous feast The Installing officers of the Rebe- kalis wore Mrs. Nellie Morin of Monrovia, District Deputy President; assisted by Mrs. Clare Haydock, Grand Marshal; Miss Ada Blanchard, Grand Warden; Mrs. S. K. King, Grand Secretary; and Mrs. C. Coolman, Grand Treasurer. The newly Installed officers are: A. P. G.—Sister Ksta Lewis. N. G,—Sister Neoska Spencer. V. G.—Sister Nellie Sides. Secretary—Sister H. M. Faultier. Treasurer—Sister Kva Crawford. Warden—Sinter Florence Armel. Conductor—Sister Martha Hlbsch. Inside Guard—Sister Edna Coolman. Outside Guard—Bro. L. Stumpf. R. S. N. G.—Slstor C. Coolman. L. S. N. G.--Slster E. Ohaver. R. S. V. G.—Sister F. Klstler. L. S. V. G.—Sister C. Snodgrass. Chaplain -Sister S. Stumpf. Death of John Gilchrlat. The death occurred In Los Angeles n Wednesday of Mr. John Gllchrlst, following a long Illness, at his resilience, Slit! Twenty-first street. The deceased had many friends in Covlna, having lived with his wife for a num- >er of years on his orange grove at :lie corner of A/usa avenue and San Bernardino road, which he sold to Its present owner, Axel T, Anderson, s<«v- ral years ago. On leaving Covina Mr. mid Mrs. Gllchrlst made their home for a time at Long Bench, subsequently moving to their present residence In Los Angeles. Mr. (iilchrist's fatal Illness was the outcome of an attack of ptomaine poisoning. He was a member of Covlna lodge, F. & A. M., mil was held In high estem and respect throughout the valley, H« leaves a widow, one sister, Mrs. J. W. Daln of Los Angeles, and ono brother. D. (iilchilst of Bell Plain, Kansas. At the time of his death he was 68 years of age. Covina Irrigating Company Directors' • Meeting. Minutes of the regular monthly nesting of the hoard of directors of he Covina irrigating Company, held Wednesday afternoon. July 7. Present: Keivkhot'f. Kllioti. lluuser, Coolman and Reynolds. Secretary's report showed balance on hand .him- 1. *!M.!i|; receipts for month. $ili;:;; total. $i;,"ii;s.n;i; expenditures. $.V.i:i::.i'7; leading a balance in Ueasusvr's 'minis of $." Warrant ratified. First National Bank. Los Angeles. $,ML';.:,H. Illll-i allowed and ordered paid, $i -_:: 17. Literary Ta»t«. ! "1 h:u.' written :i liooU that every- D<My 'Hi^lil In read." said the author. "1 am il'rar.i It won't do." answcreil tUx' publisher. "What the puiilie seems to want uuw li a book that nobody i to read."- Wushlutjtun Star. •lundcr* of th« Typtt. '«r slncp the introduction of typ«- ,• errors, wolnl or -'.'ornlcnl, have itfd from prinl'M'B' oMlcos. The nnlit»l;o'i nro p.nt always to be shonl- der«< on t«> Hie compositor, for bad hflndwrlMrii; fniist be; token Into account. Here fire « f<>\\ ln-<t;iiK'es of j actual blunders follf-i-tod by n proof- rrjador In (he con rue of hl.i daily work: "Htl.i blu^lilni; bride" \vns ir.'jiisforrn- rd Intr> '-his bhiHterln^ brld>?." A major was Hinted to linve "nerved with destruction In flu* nrrny," The writer thought be used the word "distinction." "The Galley F I-ovc" WHH the deserlp- HOB of a picture entitled "The Oalley Hlare." Speaking of tbc'iitrlcnl folk, a erlti.? wrote that "nearly all linve hu.slmnds or wives." The pnra^rnpli printed read "hnndrivi.«. of wives." "They sailed fr-r three days around th« rnfie and finally slaughtered a «ni*ill rtnllnn" should linve been "atfktetl a small Island." (tmm more In conclusion. "He taken tJeU-tht: In tnlkltiffon his family shame" wia n shameful thing to say when "ftTDrlte theme" was meant. A Three Legged Bison. In 5807 Smnll Eyes, a Klnckfoot who hurt come down from the north and Joined the Arapahoes and lived with them, told Black Kettle, n Cheyenne In George Bent's lodge, nbout having killed, between the Clnmrron nnd Beaver creek, n tributary of the north fork of the Canadian, a buffalo bull which hnd only one hind leg. Accord- Ing to Small Eyes' story, It did not appear that the bull hnd lost one of Its hind legs, but rather that It never had had more than one. The hind leg was very btrge, seemed to be In the middle of the bcdy Instead of nt one side, and there wan no sign of any missing leg. It looked as If the two hind legs which the buffalo ordinarily has had In some wny fused together. The war party with which Small Eyes was traveling was passing along near a hollow when the bull came up out of It, nnd some of the men ran ahead, got around It and shot It with « gun. It was not able to run fast, but rather hobbled along.—Forest and Stream. Saved by a Photograph. A very remarkable Incident occurred at Rio de Janeiro. A passenger on board one of the large liners took a photograph of the harbor. It included u small yacht which had sailed lu the morning with twa men In her, but returned In the evening with one only. The survivor Bald bis companion had fallen overboard, but bis statement was not believed. He was tried and sentenced to death. The matter 'had by this time com* to the ears ot the photographer, Who remembered that the picture had been taken on the day of the "crime" (or accident) and that the scene embraced a yacht. On examining the print more carefully he noticed a small •peck on the sail and in order to determine what It was had an enlargement made. It proved to be the figure of a man falling. It was shown to the authorities at once, and the condemned ma« was released. Dropsical Oysters. With u suoer the oyster opener pointed to a brownish smear upon u Saddle UeeU shell. Stoiiie fool," said ho, "has been trying to fatten up a batch of Saddle ItocUs with common 1. You might us well try to Invigorate (lowers with onu'd beef hash. But. it Is a commou error to belli*vu thut cornmeal or oat" meal will fatten oysters. ! continually find oysters with their shells stained with those grains. It makes me luugh. A.S a matter of fact, there Is no such thing as fattening oysters. All you can do Is swell thorn up with water, pte- Isely tho same as water swells u sponge. You put them In fresh water, which, being less denso than the soft they ure accustomed to, by tho prlnet- )lo of osmosis penetrates and distends their tIssues given them, as you might any, dropsy. For my part, I don't like fattened oysters."—New Drleuns Times- Domocrat. For • Bride's Dowry. There Is a very pretty custom In sonio of the northern parts of Europe, i'horo the white poplar In good soil increases n shilling In value every year. The trees urw generally cut down at tlu> age of twenty years, as they are then supposed to luivo attained hoir full growth. When a daughter Is iorn In tho family of a well to do farmer tho fnthor as soon us the soa- son permits plants u thousand young roos, and these are to eonstltuto tho lowry of the maiden, "which grow as she Arrows ami Increases In height and value as her virtues iind beauty In•reuse." Out ta Work. "What society n, eds I* a clearlaj; house." "Whal do you mean','" "1 u ish 1 didn't have to go to the Van Squawks' hall next week. The Van S-|ii!iwks ulsh they didn't h;ivi> to ask me. Why can't we exchange cerlltli-atos and rail the thing even?" Kansas. City journal. Why Ho Barked. A witness In an Irish eoiiri Uilk-.'d so loud ih;',i riuirles 1'iiiiips, who was i-.-r.iHj'e! on the oilier side. said. "Fellow, why do yi'ii l.arU s,> furiously?" "Bivtuise." said the man. looking h:-.:-a at l'hMi|». "I i Link I see a thief!" (Continued from first page) As the business Increases, Manager White states that there will necessarily be cheaper gas made, as it Is not possible at the present time for a comparatively small company to make gas as cheaply as it is made in Los Angeles. The price per one thousand feet will remain at $1.50 for the time being. A certain number of connection!! from the mains to private property will be made free by the company as an inducement to an increase of business, but this offer will hold good only for a short time. All collections will be made through the First National Banks at Azusa, Covina arid Olendora. Branch offices are now installed In Azusa and Glendora, and the company has two carloads of gas stoves and ranges on exhibition In Azusa. Manager White says that there is r.o f danger of the price increasing, but that rather It will decrease In price as business increases, although the price of oil, from which the gas is made, Is constantly Increasing. With the efficient management and backing wjilch the new company has under the present conditions, there will be no danger of making such mistakes as were met with In the past, and the patrons, it is claimed, will receive the very best service obtainable. Manager White will from this time on make his nome in Covina. An Answer to Mr. Wells. Christian Science Committee on Publication, Los Angeles. July 6. 1909. L'dltor Covlna Argus, Covina, Cal. Dear Sir: In your issue of June 26, Mr. .H. N. Wells attempts to show that he understands Christian Science better than do Christian Scientists themselves. In so doing, he gives ample evidence that he is dealing not with Christian Science, but a misconception of its teachings. To begin with, our critic complains that the different editions of "Science and Health," the text book of Christian Science, are not alike. If our critic understood the teaching of this book he would know that Its principle has never changed. In some instances explanations have been amplified with a view to aiding the student. Teachers of all sciences are striving to make the facts they are teaching clearer, though the facts themselves never change. The various interpretations and revisions of the Scriptures are in accord with this idea. Those who are competent to Judge know that the fundamentals of Christian Science are the same in the present edition as they were In the first. Our critic seems to find fault with the Christian Science teaching concerning matter, and yet many eminent physical scientists agree that what is termed "matter" Is really, in the last analysis, u manifestation of mind. Christian Science does not teach that there is no body, trees, flowers, nor universe, but. maintains that these are not material as they seem to be to the material senses. In connection with the statement, "there Is no matter," Christian Science also affirms, "All is infinite mind and infinite manifestation," and this is in strict accord with tho account of creation as given in (!en. 1-.'!!, "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good." Aside from our critic's censure of what, lie thinks Christian Science teaches, he certainly evinces a comprehensive gnu-p upon the failure of modern religion to follow Christ in a practical way. Indeed, If our critic will devote himself to gaining an understanding of Christian Science, he will find the fulfillment of those things he so clearly recognizes as necessary for the practical salvation of mankind. Our critic will find that Christian Science agrees with the Idea that the spiritual interpretation of the Scripture is tho all-Important one; he will find that Christian Science most emphatically endorses the admonition "Believe 1 on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt bo saved." Ho will also find that to "Boliovo on the Lord Jesus Christ" includes obedience to all bis commands and that the Christian must, in addition to preaching the nospol. heal the sick the signs which Jesus said would follow true belief. "He iliat believoth oa me. the works that I do. shall he do also." This Is' the lest established by tho Master,! "Ye shall know them by their fruits"' Physical healing is not the only: fruit of Christian Science. This i.s (lily the external ctidcmo that the: inner iil'e is beini; renewed after the "Pattern showed ll'ee uli the Mount.'' Christian Science cannot heal anyone without impro\inu him spiritually as well as physically, and uhint; the pa-' tier,! a beiter uiiilerstandini! of Go-.l ;;i'.cl Li.; !a\\r. and an ability to obey. them. Sir.coivly yours. WILLIAM K. HHiAVN Paints, Painting Decorating, Kalsoming, Wall Paper, Papering, Carriage and Automobile Painting, Crockery, Chinaware Lamps, Fancy and Plain Dishes NEW STORE IN ODDFELLOWS' BUILDING KISTLER & KEELING Home Phone 51 New Location New Stock New Customers Plumbing Fixtures suitable to California houses of all grades and prices. I have studied the needs of the community, and I have WHAT YOU WANT. Fine line of bath tubs and foot baths. Come in and itspect. .., E. L. JACKSON Now in Kistler's old store, Citrus Avenue, next to Hotel Veadome" Phone 50 1 Advertisers in the Argus secure the greatest publicity for their announcements, the paper being read by nearly every family in Covina and surrounding towns and communities. mm Automatic Valvclcss and Wickless Oil SlOVf at Fabrick's Hardware Store Electrical Wiring, Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons' All kinds of repairs. Estimates furnished. Agent for LEAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE CO. 620 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal. R. B. WINDER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Home Phone 1068 115 N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE You DO enjoy foot! when ym know it is C'LEAX, that it is cooked in a CLEAN place by CLEAN' people. And you WILL enjoy the food cooked at onr Cafeteria becaune it IS clean. Our kitchens are as clean and inviting looking as the most particular housewife could desire. Everything i.s "spick and span." And not only i.s the whole place spotlessly clean, but tlie fond that's served i.s cooked ill such .1 way as to make i lit mouth water Our cooks have the ''knack" >t' seasonin'j di.\\u tt> a fine pomi. Here Ihinys taste as though th".v \\vre nuidi- at home. Just come in and sec it' they don''. \V.- -M-.- Im-a'cd directly li-ross thf street from the Pacific Electric Railway Siatioii. LOOK FOR OUR NAME ON THE WINDOW. 621SM\irs LOS ANGELES BRANCHES—2ll West Second Street; 32! West Fifth Street

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