Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 5, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1943
Page 2
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H6M Sf Aft, KOPI, ARKANSAS Wednesday, May 5, 1943 fftx/s Fear of Sici/y, Sardinia Invasion /s Significant ^Analysis of •V f the News by Mackenzie Editorial Comment Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. By DeWITT MncKENZIE Axis fenrs that the Allies may I getting set to invade the bh> i I channel has become. n hunting ! ground for Axis warplnnes, many of which have been based on Sicily. Sardinia, which is only a little more than a hundred miles fror.i Tunisia, also holds a club over tlrs channel. j What's more natural than that the ! Allies should have a house cleaning ! of Sicily and Sardinia with Ihs !-wind-up of the Tunisian campaign'.' j Ono uE the prime objectives of the ' whole African offensive is to reopen j the Medite. .-area,-, shipping routes j which long have been impractical | for ordinary shipping. I Any Allied invasion of Italy, or any attack up through the Balkans, calls for a wide open Mediterranean for United Nations shipping. Tho virtual severance of the Market Report campaign j<; a cra/.v idea route through the Sicilian channel be getting set to invade the"bi"' I li -- v *•'*'*" :l tremendous handicap Islands of Sicily and Sardinia even ! '" Bl ' itai " Lintl the> United States " " in accumulating Uieir striking power in Africa and the Middle East. Instead of being able to use the fhurt- cut through the Mediterranean they have been forced to make the long haul clear around South Africa. You can see what this means when you figure that it's only 3,300 nautical miles from Kngland to Egypt via the Mediterranean, whereas it's 11,500 nautical miles around Africa. Whatever else follows the Allies seem likely to clean out Sicily and Sardinia in Hie immediate future. Where they will strike after that is still the secret of the high command. tnoidenlly another island which is fairly sure to go by the board is tiny Italian Pantelloria which lies at the mouth of the before the Tunisian limshed, isn't such &t that. 3 The Germans assert a lot of Allied shipping, including invasion barges, is. assembled at Gibraltar. {This announcement likely ir, a fish- Ing expeditoin for inforiiiaton. but fhat doesn't necessarily mean the i'eport isn't true. It will be recalled that Berlin was broadcasting clusc- the-bone information about the iAlUed fleet for the North African landing last fall some dnvs before the event actually took place. j However, the purpose of this ar- iicle isn't to debate whether the •Boche report is true. The point i.-that it wouldn't be surprising vi find that'the Allies arc indeed preparing for invasion of Italian terri- •tory to coincide with the wind-up of the Tunisian show, which today is reported as continuing to go well £or the right side. And. as th° Nazis plaintively observe, then? is no law which says such an invasion has to await the surrender of the last Axis soldier on African "soil. The new Allied strategy in relation to the entire Axis war-machine is to hit the enemy at his vital points as possible 1 simultaneously and to keep o-i hitting, so as to make him divide his strength and fight without pause for rest or repair. Now apart from the fact that Sicily is the natural bridge between the great island and Cap Bon, Tunisia. Only ninety mile; separate Sicily from Africa at this point, and all through-shipping must pass here. The. result is that the Sicilian AIRCRAFT JOBS OPEN For Trained Men and Women For full particulars listen to KWKH Monday, thru Friday G:50 a. m. Sunday night 8:20 p. m. Also Electric Welding See—Or Write lo , ,* ^hreveport Aeronautical Institute < Room No. 442 Grim Hotel, Texarknna Sicilian channel. It is heavily fortified and is a very nasty bit of work shipping. for Says State Poultry Prices Are Fair Washington. May 5 — (IP)— OPA's poultry price ceilings in Arkansas are "fair and equitable and stimu- lative to increased "production," Price Administrator Preniiss Brown wrote Rep. Fulbright <D- Arki in reply to protesls the cei!- ings were too low. Brown wrote Fulbright that his opinion was based on an OPA study of the poultry markel. Chicken producers are getting 32 per cent higher prices now than a year ago. Brown declared. Fulbright said he would reopen the case if growers in his northwosi. Arkansas district had additional evidence to submit OPA after studying the agency's figures. Ho said he was forwarding the figures to the growers. Modern Belgium became dependent nation in 1830. •^V BUY ASPIRIN .; t can da more for you than St. Joseph • '•in. Way pay more? World's largest - -.1 •••. . remand St. Joseph Asciirin. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK —(/Pi— (U. S. Dept. Agr.>— Hogs. O.'iOO: markel active; mostly 5-10 higher; sows 10-20 higher; bulk good and choice 180 - 325 Ibs. 14.5065: largely 14.GO - 65 for weights up to 290 Ibs.; 100 -I01bs.14.10- 40; 1407-160 Ibs. 13.00 - 14.15: 100130 Ibs. 12.00 - 13.40: sows 14.1550; stags 14.50 down. Cattle, 2.000; calves. 100; little done early on steers; other classes opening generally steady: odd lots medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 12.50 - 15.00; common and medium cows 11.00-111.00; medium and good sausage bulls 1S.50-1H.75; a few beef bulls 13.8514.80; good and choice vealerg 15.5.0; medium and good 13.00- I4\25; nominal range slaughter Steers 11.50-10.75; slaughter "heifers 10.75-0.00, stocker and feeder steers 10.75-15.15. Sheep, 1.500; opened steady to strong; load good and choice 82 Ib. clipped lambs No. 1 skins 15.15; odd lots good and choice native spring lambs 10.00. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, May 5 — f/f') — Grain prices eased today under viie leadership of oats, which declined on reports vessels were moving down the lakes loaded with oats from Canada. At one time wne.it was higher on moderately u.if.iv- orable crop reports, but easiness in other grains finally upset the bread cereal. At the lose wheat was unchanged to 1-4 lower, May $1.45 5-8, July $1.44 3-8—1-4, corn was unchanged at ceilings, May $1.0f>, oats were unchanged to 1-4 lower and rye lost 5-8—7-8. .Wheat: No. 3 hard 1.4 1-2; No. 4 1.40. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.07; No. .2 1.07; No. 3, 1.05 — 1.06 l-2;No.4. 1.04—104 1-2; sample grade yellow 97; No. 3 white 1.23. Oats: No. 3 white 65 1-2. Barley malting: 92—1.07 nominal; feed 83—88 nominal. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, May 5.*»(/P) —Poultry, live, 3 trucks, 1 car; market unchanged. Butler receipts 730,41; firm; prices as quoted by the Chicago price current were unchanged. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, May 5 (/P) Rails led the stock market higher today and early losses in other departments were replaced i n most cases by plus marks. Toward the close, new highs for the year or longer spotted the list. Gains of. fractions to more than two points by the carriers encouraged analytical investors. Blocks of such issues as Alle- Important ANNOUNCEMENT This is a nationwide warning being published in the interest of protecting public health. In cooperation with the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Centaur Company of Rahway, New Jersey, manufacturers of Fletcher's Castoria, warns all holders o/ Fletcher's Castoria, that is, wholesale druggists, retail druggists, country storekeepers and consumers, to discontinue the sale and use of the article because it has been discovered that all such Fletcher's Castoria which has been shipped since March 1st, 1943, contains a foreign ingredient which causes nausea and vomiting. As neither consumers nor retailers can tell the difference between the packages made before March 1st and those pro- duced thereafter it is necessary to withdraw and recover all Fletcher's Castoria outstanding. Everyone is asked to search the medicine chest and to return to the retail dealer for refund any and all such Fletcher's Castoria purchased during the last 60 days. Please notify all your friends to do likewise. If you are a retailer, please immediately discontinue the sale of all Fletcher's Castoria o n hand and return all stocks to the manufacturer for refund. It is urgently necessary for health protection that you follow these instructions faithfully. This is the announcement that was made over the radio yesterday. It applies to Fletcher's Castoria sold in the United States only. THE MANUFACTURER OF FLETCHER'S CASTORIA ghnny. Radio Crop.. Commonwealth and Southern and International Telephone, among others, helped volume but the total ran under Tuesday's at about 2,300,000 shares. MAURICE RAY NEW YORK COTTON New York, JVIay fi —i/f'l— Cotton futures advanced higher today in more active dealings. Persistent prico fixing against substantial government textile awards met a small amount of scale up hedge sell and liquidation. Late? afternoon values were 25 to fiO cenl.s a bale' higher, May 20.25. July 20.09 and Oct. 19.%, F'utures closed :tO to 45 cents a bale higher. May opened .20.23 closed 20.25. Jly opened 20.10 — closed 20.08. Oct. opened 19.90— closed 19.95 Dec. opened II).89 — closed 19.89. Middling spot 22.08 up 10. N-nominal. COTTON MEN ELECT Memphis, May 5 —ivpi—• The National Cotton Compress and Cotton Warehouse Association elected S. R. Nichols of Des Arc, Ark.. as vice-president yesterday. Patmos School Exercises on May 9, 12 Patmos school closes on Friday, May 14. This baccalaureate service will be Sunday afternoon, May 9 at 3 o'clock with the following program: Processional—Mrs. E. R. Brown. Invocation—Abner Reddin (Pastor of Patmos Baptist Church). Song—Glee Club. "My Faith Looks up to Thee." ' Announcements—E. R. Brown. Special Music—Glee Club. Serrflon—T. L. Epton. (Arkansas Baptist Missionary). Benediction — Osborne White, (Pastor of Patmos Methodist Church). Recessional—Mrs. E. R. Brown. The commencement program is Wednesday evening, May 12 at 8 o'clock. Invocation—J. W. Copeland. Salutatory Address — Melvilene Smith. Valedictory Address—Ester Lee Adcock. Principal Speaker—Dr. Matt L. Ellis, (President-Henderson State Teachers College). Presentation of Diplomas—E. R. Brown. Benediction—W .H. Allison. On Friday night of this week, May 7, there will be a program given hi the high school gymnasium for the benefit of the Hot Lunch Program and every parent is urged to take part. Coal Truce of 15-Days May Be Extended Washington, .Mny 5 — W) — The sttilemnted eonl w;ige struggle stirred spocululion here todny Ihal the IS - dny truce under which the indust/y now is operating may be extended indefinitely with Harold I,. Ickes serving as boss o( Unc-lt- Sum's coal fields — perhaps for the duration. Once again, coal poured into the war production furnaces at fill blast, with most mines on a six- day week, but neither Hie administration nor the United Mine Work ITS gave the slightest hint of yield ing in their wartime wage nn'ii jui-isdicllonni tug-of-war. At the same lime, few informed I sources Celt another wulkout — such us that -of last weekend — would follow expiratioh of the truce, although they conceded this was un optimistic view since UMW President John L. Lewis plainly has given no indication that he would discourage another stoppage These sources stressed that, de spite their differences, none of tin principals in the dispute want to damage the war effort by cutting off the coal supply. Both President Roosevelt and Hie fuel administrator who now bosses the government - operated mines left no doubt yesterday that they still consider the War Labor Board the only avenue for permanent armistice in the coal case. And Lewis stood just as solid against the board which he terms prejudiced. Ickes yesterday ordered on a six- day-week all mines which have received coal price adjustments to compensate for the extra wages- anil some saw that as a possible way out for the UMW which seeks wage increases of $2-a - day and portal-to-portal underground ptiy, among other things. The sixth day's time-and-a-half would provide more pay for miners now working only five. But operator spokesmen insisted most of the mines already are on such a schedule, and others pointed out even if that paved the way for peace, an permanent agreement reached Involving wage increases would have to be submitted to the board for approval. If the truce time ends without settlement, informed persons felt the miners might merely continue to work — with the fields operating under the American flag, and the workers looking for any subsequent deal to be retroactive to the date of their last contract's expiration. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rheumatic, arthritis or neuritis: pain, try this simple inexpensive home recipe that thousands are using. Get a package of Ru-Kx Compound, a two- week supply, today. Mix it With a quart of water, add the juice of 4 lemons. It's easy. No trouble at all and pleasant. You need only II tublespoonsfuls two times a day. Often within 48 hours—sometimes overnight—splendid results are obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave and if you do not fee] better, return the empty package and Ru- Ex will cost you nothing to try as it is sold by your druggist under an absolute money-back guarantee. Ru-Ex Compound is for sale and recommended by John P. Cox and drug stores everywhere. Courage ... ... is the keynote of this intensely dramatic 'an'd up- to-lhe-minute story of a girl \\ho does a man-size job in the war, Read Beth Carter, WAAC Begins Monday, May 10, 1943 in the HOPE STAR Gorgeous Grable Eight million members of the U.S. armed forces were carried in Pullmans on American railroads in 10-12. Legal Notice Lost NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given Ihal Ihe Board of Public Affairs of (ho City of Hope. Arkansas. will accept sealed bids for the painting and re- roofing of the Elks Hall Building in the City of Hope, Arkansas, according to specifications 'prepared by F. N. Porter, architect, and which may be secured from Albert Graves, Mayor. Bids will be received up lo Hli'Mlj a. in., Monday, May IIMh, at which time they will be opened in the Council room at the City Mall, 'nul contract lei to Ihe lowest and best bidder, if satisfactory bid is received. The Hoard reserves the right lo refuse any and nil bids. Dated at Hope, Arkansas this .'ird day of May I!M3. ALBKHT C! RAVES C. C. SI'RAO INS GUY K. I3ASYE Board (if Public Affairs of I hi 1 City cif Iliipe. Arkansas (May 4 and fi> BLACK KSSIC SHOAT BETWEEN*!. Emmet and Hope on Tuesday, April 27. ' Notify ,1. J. Sampson, Present!, Arkansas, Route 0. 20-0! pd ONE BAY MULE. WEIGHT !>l)(lf Ibs. and one brown mare, 5 years ' rid, weight about H!>0 Ibs. Last so,c;n Thursday night. If found please notify W.. .1. May, Emrnc'l, Route I. 3-,'Hpd For Sale Betty Grable's swim suit proves even the current clothes conservation trend is not without its attractions. Classified Ads must be In office day before publication. All Wont Atli cash in advanco. Not lafcn over the F'linne. One time—2c word, minimum 30c Six .time*—5c word, minimum 75e Thrno limes—31/jc word, minimum 50c One month—18e word, minmium $2.70 Rote 1 ? nro for contrnuou', iti'.orllon*: only "THE MORE YOU TCLL THE QUICKER YOU S1.1.L." For Rent Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate Continues debate on plant seizure bill. Auritulture subcommittee inquires into synthetic rubber and alcohol supply outlook. Military Affairs committee considers bills to exempt fathers from draft, prohibit deferment of U. S. employes. House Considers legislation to increase the pay of federal workers. Military committee resumes inquiry into war contract profits. A band of wild pccarics will attack a hunter who kills or wounds one of them. 0-UOOM HOUSE. CLIFFORD Franks Telephone 110. 3-Utpd CORNER OFFICE IN CITIZENS National Bank on second floor. S-Otpd COTTON SEED, D&PI,, Slnnewcll HB, Hov.'den 4IA and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder. All $2.00 per bushel. Sen T. S. r< McDavitt. (l-lfV> SEED PEANUTS. GET CEttTIFI- ealo from A. A. A. office and buy them for (i'^c per pound. 1'ecli- Crei'd Stoneville and Rowden 41A cotton seed. Dortch's 340 Q hybrid seed corn $7.!iO bu. Hut- gers tomato plants, also garden and field seeds. E. M. McWilliams Seed Store. 24-1 muh MOTIIKHS LOOK: SAND BOXES, for the children, delivered com-C pleli' with clean washed sand. Kempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 8!l. .lit CONI.ON IRONER. SEE MRS. llollyday, 519 S. Pine. Phone 7!l»-.I. 4-3tp 0 Wanted to Buy MEN'S AND BOYS',SPRING SUITS j pants and shoes. Ladies' and I children'.'; spring dresses and low I heel shoes. Bedspreads and sheds. R. M. Patl.orson, East Second St. 31-tf j USED F U R N 1 T U R E. TELE- j phone 7!)!)-W. 4-fitch : Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- nevval subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Rey- ncrson. City Hall. ]-lmcli TWO FRESH YOUNG JERSEY cows. Will trade for dry cuttle. I. T. Urrey. Phone 20-W-3. 5-ltpd CRADE A HAW MILK. MAS BEEN inspected by the government and by the city ordinance. See 1. T. Urrey, Phone 20-W-3. ti-Itlp You Women Who Suffer From HOT FLASHES CHILLY FEEIINGS ir you— llko RO many women between the ages of 38 ami 52—sutler from liot (lushes, weak, dizzy, nervous feelings, distress of "Irregularities", aro bluo at times—duo to the functional middle ngo period lit n woman's life— try taking Lydla E. Plnklmm's Vegetable Compound at once. It's the best known medicine you can buy that's made especially for women. Plnkham'3 Compound Is /amou.i to relieve such distress. Taken regularly —It helps build up resistance against such annoying symptoms. It also la a line stomachic tonic. Thousands upon, thousands of women—rich and poor alike—hava reported benefits. Time and again I.ydla, Plnkham's Compound has proved some women's happiest days often can be during their "40's". Follow lubel directions. Worth trying! (I Hope Stores to Be Closed Every Wednesday Afternoon Due to conditions facing civilian business in wartime the stores of Hope will close every Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock-beginning Wednesday, May 12. Shoppers of the Hope trade territory are asked to bear in mind the fact that Wednesday is a half-holiday when arranging trips to town. By this kind of co-operation every shopper will personally contribute something to the war effort- releasing the personnel of the stores half a day each week for the extra activities required i n wartime, such as cultivation of Victory Gardens, Red Cross work, and many other community duties. s The Wednesday half holiday will be observed by all of the following Hope businesses: FURNITURE STORES DEPARTMENT STORES BEAUTY SHOPS SPECIALTY STORES BANKS GROCERIES & MARKETS BARBER SHOPS MILLINERY SHOPS HARDWARE STORES SHOE STORES VARIETY STORES THE MERCHANTS COMMITTEE of Hope, Arkansas § >

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