Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1974 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1974
Page 13
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September. 26*,t&?4 HOPE Moore Bros. ^ 7 ^ e * dcept Youf ^ e6y * ns Serving You flnee 1896 SJ>V INSPECTED FRYERS 39f, GALLON JUG SWEET MILK I 25 DRY SALT FAT BACK IBS I 00 POUND PAIL PURE LARD f| 2 39 GOV.INSPECTED FRYER PARTS IBS I 00 10 POUNDSACK RED POTATOES FRESH SHIPMENT BUTTERMILK BISCUITS BIG ASSORTMENT FRESH COOKIES 3 1°° WPKGS • 100% PURE PORK SAUSAGE c LB GALLON JUG BUTTERMILK 1 25 HOMEGROWN SWEET POTATOES $ CAPITAL PRIDE -, f 1 CURED HAMS ' * FARM FRESH LARGE 1 * WHITE EGGS t GOOD LEAN | PORK CHOPS $ U. S. CHOICE t ( 1 ROUND STEAK 5- 79SJ -^ 79?zi -« Stf. j •S| 19 j] T I CAPITAL PRIDE -^ _ 4 PICNIC HAMS FRESH WATER CATFISH STEAKS C LB Charles ftoss, dfunkenhess, plea guilty, fitted $22,75 Eddie Chambers, Efvifi Jackson, Louis "Rock" Phillips, drunkenness, forfeited $2175 cash bond Jake Clarence Woods, drinking in public, forfeited $22.75 cash bond Bobby Ray Porter, Mike Smith* Richard t>. Willis, no driver's license, forfeited $12.75 cash bond James Mixon, no driver's license (2 counts), plea guilty, fined $12.75 (Same on both counts) Oscar L. White, no driver's license, forfeited $17.75 cash bond Roberto A. Martinez, driving while intoxicated, plea guilty, fined $112.75 and 1 day in jail C.W. Winemiller, driving while intoxicated (3rd offense), tried on plea of not guilty. Found guilty, fined $357.75 ninety days in jail and driver's license revoked for 1 year. Notice of appeal Jeff Hamrick, William Walker, speeding, forfeited $17.75 cash bond C.W. Winemiller, driving on suspended driver's license, tried on plea of not guilty. Found guilty. Sentenced to 10 days in jail. James E. Mixon, driving while license suspended, plea of guilty, sentenced to 10 days in jail Mary Blake, Darlene Johnson, failure to yield right of way, forfeited $17.75 cash bond James Mixon, no Vehicle license, plea of guilty, fined $17.75 Mary Blake, improper brakes, forfeited $12.75 cash bond Bobby Ray Porter, no State vehicle license, forfeited $17.75 cash bond Calvin C. Jones, hazardous driving, forfeited $17.75 cash bond Charles Ross, disturbing peace, plea guilty,'fined $32.75 Phillip Wilson, assault and battery, plea guilty, fined $32.75 Oscar L. White, driving while intoxicated, plea of guilty, fined $112.75, ten days in jail and driver's license suspended for 90 days. If defendant^ takes "cour'se on alcohblishToffered b"y' Red River Council jail sentence and driver's license revocation will be suspended. James Armstrong, Jr., assault with a deadly weapon, plea of guilty, fined $57.75 Willie Joyce Purtle, shop lifting, forfeited $57.75 cash bond C.W. Winemiller, refusing breath test, tried on plea of not guilty. Found guilty, driver's license revoked for six months James McMichael, no registered authority with ATC, forfeited $107.75 cash bond Freddie Muldrew, assault with a deadly weapon, tried on plea of not guilty. Found not guilty James Mixon, Phillip Wilson, failure to answer summons, dismissed Berry Wright, driving while intoxicated (2nd offense), plea of guilty, fined $357.75 30 days in jail and driver's license suspended for 1 year. STATE DOCKET Grady Newman, drinking on highway, forfeited $34.75 cash bond Gene Stinson, driving while intoxicated, fined $128.75 and 1 day in jail FRESH PORK NECK BONES —• . ... — C FINK MEAT BOLOGNA U.S.CHOICt CHUCK ROAST FRESH MUTT PORK SPARE RIBS •"•^—^—^*————p»—»".l^—•"•""•W"""""™* CAPITAL PRIDE UOZ SLICED BACONS 3 IBS! 00 69 c IB 69 c IB The following forfeited $24.75 cash bond on charge of Speeding: ' Paul Bafham, Richard Clayton, Sweeney R. Copeland, Calvin C. Bar rough* Arthur pat-rough, Gerald Fields, Boyd Richardson, Agee Gilbert, Rickey L. Hastings, tXM-is Ivie, climent S. Morris, Jr., Sadie M. Merrick, Mary O'Connor, Danny Peres, Patricia G. Roberts, R.C. Taylor, Jr., Jerry Troxel, David E, Wiggins, Mary E. Woodman Roger Byers, speeding too fast for conditions, forfeited $24.75 cash bond Michael R. Bobo, improper passing, forfeited $24.75 cash bond Charles Arnold, violation of Arkansas Hot Check Law, fined $5,00; check and cost paid Ralph Brown, possession of intoxicating liquor in a dry county, forfeited $89.75 cash bond Randy P. Banks, no hunting license, forfeited $29.75 cash bond Randy P. Banks, Steve C. , Banks, Dove hunting with unplugged gun, forfeited $29.75 cash bond Mary Greening, littering highway, forfeited $74.75 cash bond Saginaw Implement, improper lease with Arkansas, forfeited $197.25 cash bond William Corbitt, Inc., no lease on ID, forfeited $124.75 cash bond A&J Trucking, improper lease, forfeited $197.25 cash bond Transit Homes, Inc., unsafe vehicle, forfeited $17.75 cash bond Charles E. Rochester, over-length at nighft forfeited $49.75 cash bond Calvin C. Darrough, fictitious vehicle license, forfeited $34.75 cash bond The following forfeited $49.75 cash bond on charge of Overweight: Bruner Ivory, Bon Wier Lbr. Co., Joe Harley Brown, Charles McDonald, Red Ball Motor Frt., Crete Carrier, E.T. Mtr. Frt, Groedyke, Frank L. Lester, McLean Trucking, Robintech, Inc., D.A. Fendley no authority with ATC, forfeited $197.25 cash bond Dolphin Corporation, no authority with ATC, forfeited $497.75 cash bond Bulk Transport, overweight (2 counts), forfeited $49.75 cash bond (Same on both counts) Ken Blackman, no registered authority with ATC, tried on plea of not guilty; found not guilty. Burkett Trucking Co., Inc., no authority with ATC, dismissed Robert T. Dempsey, driving without owner's consent, dismissed James Almond, Walter Almond, possessing over limit of channel catfish, forfeited $49,75 cash bond CIVIL DOCKET Central Adjustment Bureau, Inc, vs. John Paul Yarbrough and Shirley Yarbrough, action on accounts for $147.93, judgement as per precedent Central Adjustment Bureau, Inc. vs. Jimmy Thomas Bain and Noralyn Bain, his wife, action on account for $238.75, dismissed without prejudice Central Adjustment Bureau, Inc., vs. Tom W. Davis and Carol Davis, his wife, action on account for $46.00, judgment as per precedent Correctional center for coeds is planned CHESH1KE, Conn. (A?) — Connecticut correction officials say coeducation behind bars is one way they hope to make life easier for inmates when they are released. The state's first coeducational correctional center is under construction here at the site of the old boys' reformatory. The $43-million project will have room for 360 men, aged 16 to 21, and 72 females. The women vriil be transferred from the Niantic center for women, which is being phased out. "It's a more normal, a more healthy environment for p,eople to function in. It's more natural than segregating by sex," said Dr. Joseph Hickey, special assistant to Correction Commissioner John Manson. The new center will have separate sections for men and women, but many of the programs — educatiojnal, industrial and recreational — wUl be coed. There will be no sharing of beds, Dr. Hickey said. "The more you tend to isolate people from what life is all about in the larger world, the more difficult it is for re-entry for that individual. "If an individual is absolutely terror-stricken by coming out of prison after three years because clothing styles have changed or he has not had the opportunity to interact with other individuals in a healthy way, with people of the opposite sex, clearly he will have a more difficult time adjusting to We on the outside," said Dr. Hickey. He said the vast majority of people who return to prison after release fail within the first 90 days of release. He said those who fail knew nobody, had no skills, didn't know how to talk to a woman. Full details of the coeducational program have yet to be worked out. The male section is supposed to be finished in early 1976, with the female side scheduled to open later that year or early 1977. —«e a courteous driver. of SAVINGS AT BARRY'S QUALITY! SERVICE! BABY BEEF CHOICE BABY BEEF SALE 29 Lb. ROUND STEAK GOOD LEAN PORKCHOPS Fresh Lean GROUND BEEF Country Style Pure PORKSAUSAGE Finkbeiner l,,Lbs. For ,SIRLION STEAK RIB STEAK Beef Short Ribs Lb. SLAB SLICE BA Fresh Dressed Grade A FRYERS 431 CON J Fresh Dressed Grade A HENS 59S Fresh FRYER BACKS 5 $100 fc^Lbs. Fo Finkbeiner 12 Oz. Pkg. FRANKS 69 C Pkg. FINKBEIHER ALL MEAT BOLOGNA Large Crisp LETTUCE VEGETABLE SPECIALS Fancy Red Delicious Sunkist LEMONS Nice Size APPLES 3 $100 Lbs. I No.iocELOBAGNo.iRED IRISH POTATOES Only Hunts CATSUP Crisco Regular M O/,. Bottle SHORTENING..J!.h b ..c a ". Kraft GRAPEJELLY f. .^;.; J . a . r . Airy Fairy Plain Or Self-Rising FLOUR 10 Lb * Bag Only PUREX BLEACH !t G . a . U .°" 49° Borden BUTTER MILK .1°! ^ 69° 69° 79 C Hungry Jack BISCUITS Kraft Pure Vegetable 9>/ 2 Oz. Can 10 Ct. SOLID OLEQ. Hunt's PEACHES.... Tender Crust BREAD 1 Lb. Block Tender Crust HAMBURGER BUNS 11/2 Lb. Loaf 8 Ct.Pkg. Hamburger HELPER Tomatoe, Chili 8 Oz. Box 3»r $ l >/a Gal. Midwest Pure All Flavors \»,«..«t»«««ttt»«»*f««»»«« ICECREAM. VAl.UAHl.t COUHON 5 Lb. 4 Oz. King Size D *T V BARRY'$ WITH THIS COOPON = WITHOUT WfWWPUiw 9-28-74 [POMPON MMIT1 COUPON PER PURCHASE Del Monte Yellow Cream CORN :!0:! Can I? Oz Del Monte SUGAR PEAS 303 Can n Oz. Stokley Cut STRING BiANS 303 Can16 Oz Dei Monte SPINACH ™ Can 15 Oz Del Monte MIXED VEGETABLES 303 Can 16 Oz. BARRY'S 218 EAST 2NDJT UPTOWN HOPE C '<

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