Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 6, 1949 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1949
Page 2
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„ 26 „„ Oct. 5, 1949 JHison CHy Globe-Gazelle, Mason City. la. Produce (QuoUlloni by E. Q. Morse) At 10 a. m. Wednesday Eggs,. No. 1 SOc Eggs, No. 2 40c Eggs, pullet ... r ... .*. 25c Heavy hens 19c Leghorn .hens 17c Springs, heavy breeds ... i... 22c Springs, Leghorns 18c Old cocks, heavy breeds 12c Leghorn cocks : lOc Eggs, at retail 49-55c Butter, Corn Country .... 68-70c Butter, Iowa Slate Brand. 70-71c common 13-15.50. Stockers-fccders brisk, good steers 21-23, choice to 24; medium stockcrs 18.50-20.50. common 1G-18. Good- choico slock calves 24. Dairy cows steady. Calves 2,000. Vealers steady lo weak, good-choice 23-26, common-medium 1622, culls 13-15. Good-choice slaughter calves 18-20, common-medium 15-17, culls 11-14. Hogs a,000. Opening slow, barrows, gilts 200 Ibs. up around SOc lower. Lighter hogs bid 50-75c off, sows SOc lower. Good-choice 200-270 Ib. barrows, gilts opened 17.15-17. Good-choice sows 300 Ibs. down 1C.50-16.75. Average costs, weights Tuesday: Barrows, gilts 18.25, 216 Ibs; sows 16.80, 309 Ibs. Sheep 3,000. Fresh supply around 2,000 mixed natives, Dakotas, and load mixed Montanas, 2 loads Dakota ewes, 2 loads mixed Montanas carried over. Early sales slaughter classes steady. Good-choice native, Dakota wooled slaughter lambs 22.50-23. Good-choice slaughter ewes 99.75. Midwest Livestock Trend 140-150 150-100 Ib's (WEDNESDAY'S Albert Lea. Minn. 25c - 50c lower Ibs .................... $11.75 160-170 Ibs .................... $12.75 170-180 Ibs .................... $13.75 180-200 Ibs .................... 180-190 Ibs ................... $15.50 190-200 Ibs .................... $10.50 200-220 Ibs .................... J17.25 220-240 Ibs .................... $17.25 240-270 Ibs .................... $17.00 270-300 Ibs .................... $16.75 300-330 Ibs .................... $16.50 330-360 Ibs .................... $15.75 Good Packing Sows — f l SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK '. (Wednesday's Market) Boulh St. Paul, IU.PJ — (USDA) — Livestock: Cattls 4,500. Active trade on good- choice slaughter steers, heifers, market strong. Common-medium draggy about steady. Beef cows market weak to unevenly lower. Canner-cutter steers steady, scarce. Bulls unchanged. Choice 1174-lb. steers 31.50, high good-choice steers, yearlings 30-31, bulk good 26.50-29.50. Medium grassers 19-22.50, common 1G-18. Scattering good heifers 22.50-27.50, medium grassers 18-21, common 15.50-17.50. Common-medium beef cows 14-15, canners- cutters 11-13, strong weight cutters 13.50. Medium-good sausage bulls 16-17, cutter- NEW YORK PRODUCE (Wednesday's Market) New York, (ff-)— Butter 754,556, steady, prices unchanged. Cheese 418,608, steady. Eggs 19,311, irregular. New York spot quotations follows: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights 60-61; extra 1 large 58-59; extra I medium 46'/:i-47; extra 2 medium 45-46; current receipts 51-52; dirties 47'A; checks 44; pullets 39'/i-40. 70-300300-330 Ibs .................... $16.50 Ibs .................... $1G.50 33-0-300 Ibs .................... $15.75 360-400 Ibs ................... $14.75 400-450 Jbs ................... $13.75 450-500 Ibs ................... $12.75 500-550 Ibs .................... $11.75 MARKETS) Austin, Minn. 50c lower S 0.15 $11.15 $12.15 $14.00 $:5.50 $16.25 «, $17.50 $17.50 $17.00 $16.50 $1(!.00 $15.50 $16.50 $1«.00 $15.50 $14.75 $14.00 $13.00 $12.00 Waterloo SOc lower $12.75 $14.25 $16.00 $17.25 $17.25 $17.00 $16.50 $16.25 $15.50 $16.50 $16.25 $15.75 $15.25 $14.50 $13.73 $13.00 Cedar Hapids 50c lower 515.00 $10.00 $17.25 $17.25 $17.00 $10.50 $16.00 $15.50 $10.50 $16.25 $15.75 $15.25 $14.50 $13.75 $12.75 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS Chicago, (/!>) — (USDA)—Estimated salable livestock receipts Thursday: 0,000 hogs, 5,000 cattle, and 1,500 sheep. BEER at its QUALITY BEST to t Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Wednesday Twenty-five to 50 cents lower. Good light lights 160-170 $12.00 Good light lights 170-180 $14.00 Good light lights 180-200 $16.00 Good med. weights 200-220 $17.25 Good med. weights 220-240 $17.25 Good med. weights 240-270 $17.00 Good med. weights 270-300 $16.75 Good med. weights 300-330 S1G.50 Good med. weights 330-360 $16.00 Good sows 270-300 S16.50 Good sows 300-330 $16.50 Good sows 330-3150 51C.OO Good sows 3GO-400 S15.25 Good sows 400-450 $14.50 Good sows 450-500 $13.75 .No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice steers and helfera ... 525.00-27.00 Good to choice steers and heifers „ , $24.00-25.00 Good steers and heifers .... $23.00-24.00 Medium steers and heifers .. $21.00-23.00 Fair steers and heifers .... $15.50-17.00 Plain steers and heifers .... S14.00-15.00 Choice cows $15.00-16.50 Good cows $14.00-15.00 Medium cows .... $13.00-14.00 Fair cows §13.00-14.00 Good bulls $15.00-17.50 Medium bulls $15.50-18.00 Bologna bulls $16.00-19.00 Canners and cutters S10.00-13.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Wednesday Good to ch. veal, 160-220 Ib's. $25.00-2G.OO Medium $19.00-20.00 Common $15.00-16.00 Culls S14.00 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good, to choice .. .: $21.50 EWES Good to choice lights ......... $7.00-8.00 Medium S5.00-6.00 (OUNTRY(LUB PILSENER BEER * K. GOEtZ BREWING CO, M. josepb. Mo., Kansis Dly. Ho 199) G. I. CAB LINE PHONE731 Non Meter Cabs 35c ANY PLACE IN TOWN FOR 1 OR 2 PEOPLE lOc Extra For Each Additional Passenger. Hogs Show Price Drop Chicago, (JP) —Another decline ol 25 to 75 cents a hundredweight hit the hog market Wednesday, but overnight supplies were well cleared despite a slow trade. Cattle were unevenly 50 cents higher for average-choice and better to 50 cents lower on others. Lambs were 50-75 cents down. (USDA)—Salable hogs 11,000; slow, 25r 75 cents lower botli butchers and sows; most decline on butchers over 220 Ib. and on sows over 350 Ibs; top 18.50 for few loads choice 240-270 )b; bulk good and choice 200-280 Ibs. 18.00-18.25; 18.00 popular price on 200-215 Ib; few 200 Ib. late at 17.75; 180-200 Ib. 17.25-18.00; few lots 160-180 Ib. 16.00-17.50; good and choice sows under 400 Ib. 16.50-17.50; 425500 Ib. 15.50-16.50; odd head heavier sows low as 14.50 good clearance. Salable cattle 11.000; salable calves 500; steers grading average-choice and better active, steady to fully 50 cents higher; steers grading low-choice and below steady to fully 50 cents lower; few loads choice hciters strong; others weak to fully 50 cents lower; cows weak to fully 25 cents lower; bulls active, strong; calves and vealers steady to 50 cents lower; top 35.50; a new high for the year to date, paid for 4 loads choice to prime 1,100-1,295 Ib. steers; several loads high-choice steers 24.50-34.85; bulk choice steers 32.50-34.25; good ' to low-choice 27.50-32.00; medium to low-good 19.0027.00; common down to 17.00; good and choice fed heifers 26.00-31.50; bulk common and medium beef cows 14.00-16.00; canners and cutters 11.75-14.25; medium and good bulls 18.00-19.50; vealers 28.00 down. I Salable sheep 2,000: slaughter lambs and yearlings slow, 50-75 cents lower; practical top native lambs 22.75 with bulk unsold; good to choice yearling wethers 10.00; ewes fully steady with choice to 10.00 and bulk 8.00-9.50. Stock Market Grows Wobbly New York, (#)—The stock market developed a wobbly streak after an opening burst o£ strength Wednesday. The early rise carried the general price level to a new peak for the year. The market, on average, remained higher but individual advances were chopped down and a good handful of stocks backed up. a trifle. Changes either way were limited mostly to less than a point. Heavy turnover during the first hour, when buying was most aggressive, helped to swell the day's business to the largest total in around 3 weeks. Sales were at the rate of around 1,500,000 shares for the full session. New York Stocks Am Crystal Sug 17J Am Tel & Tel 143 Anaconda Cop 27jf- Armour & Co G{ Bcndix Aviat 31ft Beth Steel 28JJ Boeing Airplane 21J Chrysler Corp 53 Columbia Gas 118 Gen Motors 63if Illinois Central 29£ Int Harvester 27i Int Tel & Tel 9i Montgom Ward 52g NY Central RR lOg Radio Corp 12£ Sears Roebuck 42j Sinclair Oil 24J Stand Oil Ind 43J Stand Oil NJ 70.? Texas Co GH US Steel 232 Gustafson to Speak at Congregational Fellowship Dinner . Congregationalists will have their first fellowship dinner, (potluck), of the new church year Thursday evening at 6:30. Group 1, Mrs. H. W. Koeneke, chairman and Mrs. E. .T. Tapscott, vice chairman, will be hostess. Earl Dean will lead group singing. Doctor Lloyd Gustafson will be the speaker, his subject being "Europe Today." Doctor and Mrs. Gustafson have recently returneS v- from an extensive tour of the principal countries of Europe. Brief reports of the Lakeside meeting on religious education and of the 1949 Congregational International Council meeting will be given before the address. In ancient times hyacinths were all reddish purple in color. ##*EVER PAY MORE?%&? St.Joseph ASPIRIN WORLDS LARGEST SfLLEfi AT IO< ACCfff LESS? 1 Lilies of the valley are sometimes called "fairy ladders." 6i6 mm FOR waits MMTM6 CO COSTS l£SS 7%/W tft * CONGOLEUM-NAIRN INC., tfeamy, N. j. © 1949 at WOLFS SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES are a "Style of Living 11 Just how have you "patterned" your life? Do you like a better home, a better radio and car... a better job? If you do, you'll find the style, the quality, the distinction you want in Society Brand Clothes ... the better 'clothes essential to your "Style of Living. Fall's color favorites . ,-3 featuring Cobalt Blue, a new, rich shade exclusive with Society Brand. Grains Weak on Trade Board Chicago, (/P)—Grains weakened late in the session on the board of trade Wednesday. In most instances losses were not large, although they ran to moire than a cent in soybeans. The July wheat contract dropped quite sharply toward the close. This represents 1950 wheat and its price trend was greatly influenced by the running battle in Washington over farm legislation. Easiness in soybeans followed a retreat by lard and cottonseed oil futures. Hog runs are expanding and local lard stocks are ex- expected to increase as a result, traders said. Wheat closed i-1 lower, December $2.123-J, corn was unchanged to i- lower, December $1.184-1-,. oats were &-i lower, December 67g-i, rye was 1 to H lower, December $1.45i-i, soybeans were li to 2 cents lower, November $2.31-$2.302, and lard was 15 to 25 cents a hundred pounds lower, October $11.20. High $z.i:f»i 2.14 2.09 1.21=!* 1.23 WEDNESDAY'S Chicago, WHEAT— Dec Mar May July CORN— Dec Mar May July 1.22',i OATS— Dec 671« Mar May ., i>3'.i July 57V* RYE— Dec 1.47 May 1.52 July 1.48',;, SOYBEANS— Nov 2.33?; Dec 2.34 Mar 2.33^ May i 2.30 3 ,* July 2.273/1 LARD— Oct 11.50 Nov 10.82 Dec 10.87 Jai, 10.65 Mar 10.72 GRAIN CLOSE Low $2.12'/4 2.13'/» 2.07 5 n 1.90V. 3.18>,'« 1.21% 1.22'^ 1.22 .67 : !i .SB?* 1.45U 1.50V* 1.47 2.30^ 2.31 2.31 '.U 11.20 10.50 10.52 10.52 10.60 Close SZ.W.s- 2. 13 'A 1.18',a-T» 1.2V a ,ii 1.22'/o-',i 1.22 -66 .63V.-V4 -56 n ,; 1.50'A 1.47 2.31-30% 2.31 2.31'A-Vi 2.2S'.'i 2.25!i 11.20 10.50 10.52-55 10.52 10.60 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Wednesday Oats, No. 2 57c Corn, No. 2 yellow, 10 days. $1.00 Corn, Dec. 15 -. 94c Soybeans, 10 day $2.14 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (/PJ—Whedt: No. 3 red 2.07; No. 4 2.05- No. 2 hard 2.09; No. 3. 2.07. Corn: No 1 yellow 1.37; No. 2. 1.36',4-37; No. 3. 1.35'/i-36; No. 4, 1.32'A-33: sample grade 1.21-23; sample grade yellow new 1.04. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 70 l /a-71; No. 1 white 6!)%; No. 2 white 6D 3 .i; sample grade heavy white 68. Barley nominal: Malting 1.20-B2; feed 00-1.22. Soybeans: No. 1 yellow 2.32'^ track Chicago. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Wednesday's Market) Chicago. </t r i— Butter steady; receipts 607,454; prices unchanged. Eggs weak; receipts 9,933; prices \'a to 2 cents a dozen lower: U. S. extras , r i5- 50; U. S. standards 48-47; current receipts 45-46; dirties 33.5; checks 39. (USDA1—Live poultry: Fully steady; receipts 37 trucks; prices unchanged except a cent a pound higher outside on roasters at 23-27 and fryers at 26-31, FOB. The word "hybrid" comes from a Latin word meaning "mongrel." 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