Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1974 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1974
Page 12
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HOPE tAttk.) Sf Alt Thursday, September 26^19*4 "Nelson, maybe you could speed up your confirmation if you would agree to put America into a blind trust!" Election Commission picks Vaughn Brewer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state Election Commission resolved a Stone County dispute Wednesday over the naming of a third member to the county's Election Commission. The state commission sided with a group that included several elected Stone County officials and some members of the county's Democratic Committee by naming Vaughn R. Brewer of Mountain View as the third member of the county commission. The state cpmmission chose Brewer over John D. Crouch of Shirley, the choice of other members of the county Democratic Committee and of John K. Taylor of Mountain View, committee chairman. Charles Rosa of Mountain View objected when Secretary of State Kelly Bryant read a letter 'from Taylor, saying Crouch was the first choice of the Stone County Democratic Committee. Rosa said Taylor had not called a meeting of the county committee to .choose. the;>third member. He said some members of the county committee were supporting Joe A. Stewart of Mountain View as the third member, and he asked the state commission to choose Stewart. Rosa was supported by Stone County Judge Earl Storey, county Treasurer Sidney Wallace, county Assessor Gail Woodard and Mayor Lona Ackerman of Mountain View. Bryant said he had received two petitions from members of the Stone County Democratic Committee. One supported Crouch as first choice and the other supported Stewart as first choice. Each petition listed four other nominees, and each had 17 signatures, The county Democratic Committee has 27 members. After comparing the petitions against the list of committee members, Gov. Dale Bumpers said it appeared that 14 corn- mi (lee members had signed Stewart's petition and 16 had signed Crouch's petition. Some names appeared on both petitions, he said. Bumpers said the law did not say specifically that the county committee had to meet to choose the third member, so apparently the committee could make its choice known by petition. Tucker said that whether the county committee met was a factual question. Lt. Gov. Bob Riley moved that the commission disregard both the petitions. That motion carried on a voice vote. Riley then moved that the commission name Stewart as the third member. Tucker said the choice of Stewart might raise a constitutional question. Rosa had identified Stewart as the principal of Mountain View Elementary School. Tucker said there might be a question whether a public school em- ploye couTd serve as an election official. In school elections, the school employe would be acting in regard to candidates for the school board who would be his superiors, Tucker said. Bumpers agreed that Tucker had a good point. Riley, state Auditor Jimmie "Red" Jones and Bryant voted to name Stewart. The other commission members abstained. Bumpers ruled that the motion failed because five votes, a majority of the nine- member commission, were needed. Riley then moved for the selection of Brewer, who was the second name on the Stewart list. That motion carried with Bumpers, Riley, Jones, Bryant and Mack McLarty, chairman of the state Democratic party, voting for it. Tucker and state Sen. Jim Caldwell of Rogers, chairman of the state Rockefeller hearings delayed for tax audit WASHINGTON (AP) — Critical witnesses ranging from the far right to the far left are coming before the Senate Rules Committee to oppose the vice presidential nomination of Nel* ii n A. Rockefeller. Chairman Howard W. Cannon, P-Nev., hoped the panel could hear today from all 15 public witnesses, most of them critics, and suspended the Rockefeller hearings pending receipt of an audit of Rockefeller's taxes. The witnesses included black activist Angela Pavis, appearing as cochairperson of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression; leaders of the strongly conservative Young Americans for Freedom and liberty Lobby; and per* sons on both sides of the controversy over abortion reform. Although Cannon said it would be premature to predict the panel's action before it gets the audit and hears the public witnesses, Sen. Robert C. Byrd, r>W. Vs., said "I don't see any doubt the committee win recommend his nomination." Cannon hopes the Biles raittee can get the nomination to the Senate floor m time for action before Oct. U, set officially on Wednesday as toe start of a congressional recess for the November elections. However, Chairman Peter W. Rodino Jr., D-N.J., of the House Judiciary Committee, said an audit of Rockefeller's taxes by the Joint Committee on Internal Revenue^ Taxation won't be ready before the third week in October. That would mean the Senate, as well as the House, would have to delay its action on Rockefeller until after the November elections. 1 Rockefeller wound up his 2% days of testimony Wednesday morning, and the committee spent the afternoon hearing a parade of congressmen and senators praise the former New York governor. A§ on Tuesday when the subject was (fee White House agreement permitting former President Richard M. Nixon to keep his WaJtergate tapes, Byrd and Rockefeller engaged in another verbal battle over the question of executive privilege. The West Virgtnte Pem,oxa:at wanted Rockefeller to pledge never to withhold information fronj Congress on grounds of executive privilege if he be- coflaes president. He failed, though Rockefeller said that was his inclination. Jones case before State high court ' LITTLE ROCK ( AP) - The Arkansas Supreme Court has been urged to uphold the constitutional scheme of separation of powers by overturning a lower court order that invalidated Guy H. "Mutt" Jones' expulsion from the state Senate. In a brief filed with the Supreme Court Wednesday Deputy Atty. Gen. Lonnie A. Powers also said the high court should uphold "the equally important principle of judicial self-restraint." Jones, a Conway Democrat, was expelled from the Senate by his fellow senators Aug. 1 after the body voted to expunge the record of an earlier vote against his expulsion. Jones filed suit, and Special Judge Jack Lessenbefry of t*u* laski Cbuhty Circuit Court filled that the expulsion violated Sen* ate rules and a resolution adopted by the Senate and the House in which the two chambers agreed to reconvene after a recess only for specific purposes. Atty. Gen. Jittt Guy Tucker is appealing Lessen* berry's decision. Jones had been convicted in U.S. District Court of income tax evasion and filing false income tax returns. Powers cited several court decisions by the Arkansas Supreme Court and others, which, he said, supported the concept that legislative bodies had "sole and exclusive power" to determine the qualifications of theif members and to expel members by a two-thirds Vote. "The trial court's opinion begins with the premise that as there exists a controversy, at least ih the mind of Jones, the court must intervene to resolve the controversy," Powers' brief .said. "The court's premise is implicit ih its statement that: 'At this stage, a genuine mystery exists as to the status of the (Jones') Senate seat.' "No mystery exists except that conjured up by Jones in his attempt to thwart the mandate of the Constitution and the expressed will of the Senate. No mystery exists — the Constitution denies convicted felons FLOUR i;,.«—* GOLD MEDAL 5 LB. BAG PLAIN membership in the Senate; the Constitution commands the Sem ate to decide if a member of that body is a convicted felon; 25 members of the Senate have found Jones to be a convicted felon. Therefore, the Constitution declares that he is ho longer a member of the Senate and his former seat is vacant — wherein lies the mystery?" Powers said the joint resolution concerning matters that could be considered after the recess could not properly be interpreted to prevent the Senate from the considering a senator's qualifications. "...Even if it could be so interpreted," he said, "it is solely an internal rule of the legislature, not subject to judicial enforcement." DEL MONTE Judy Petty turns down offer to ride with Mills CONWAY, Ark. (AP) — Congressional candidate Judy Petty politely turned down an offer to ride with Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., in the Faulkner County fair Parade Wednesday. Mrs. Petty, a Republican who opposes Mills' re-election bid, had been banned from riding in the parade, because of her political candidacy, according to Guy H. "Mutt" Jones of Conway, the parade marshall. However, Jones said incumbents, like Mills, could participate. Mrs. Petty walked along the parade route and later said she was pleased with the outstanding response from the Faulkner County residents. Mrs. Petty had said Jones had told her staff that She could not shake hands with anyone at the faitS but Jones denied ever saying that. "It's a free fair," Jones said. "I don't know of arty law against people shaking hands. They certainly won't let her make a political speech out there. The fairgrounds are privately owned." Jones, a Democrat, has been parade marshall for 25 years. Kamikaze in Japanese means "Divine wind." Kamikaze pilots were suicide flyers toward the end of World War II. CORN CREAM STYLE - WHOLE KERNEL $•00 16-OZ. 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