Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
Page 3
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'W- Monday, February 22, 1954 HOP I STAR, MOM* ARKANSAS County's Earth-Moving Equipment Begins Levelling Off Site of $600,000 Hempstead Hospital —'.:• ... L -' -_ .m ini,«.Tr-•- *.-.•.. ., - M^^^^^^^MUtftofiJMiiiifiii <*. * afci,. HMMUL ******* ? ^ •"."•'•'-• - .'' W*** CIETY It: Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday February 22 W. S. C. S. Circle- Five of the irst Methodist Church will meet Monday,.-February 22. at 7:80 p. i. at the home of Mrs. Edward slin, Oakhaven, with Mesdames ,/jjtjc Bader, Sam Hartsfield , and enver Dickinson as co-hostesses. VIrs. Robert Rider will bring the cvotional and Mrs. Virgil Keeley ill present the second session of Jeremiah, the Prophet," in a most iteresting and unique manner. All icmbers are urged to be present nd bring your Bibles. iately after school. .Hostesses will be Sharon Foster and Judy Keeley. Monday, February 22 The Workers;Sunday School Class i&jthe•'. Garrett Memorial Baptist' hurch will meet tonight, February 2, with Mrs. B. M. Hazzard and Mrs. ; Ernest Cobb as co-hostesses. 11 members are urged to b<v we- enti at 7:30 p. m. ,'|".£|esday, February 23 Thursday February 25 Ladies of the Catholic Altar Society are sponsoring a benefit United Nations Dinner on Thursday night February 25, from six until eight, at the Parish Hall. The Public is invited. Hope Drill Team Attends Initiation In Texarkana On Friday night, February 19, members of tho Drill Team of the WOW Circle motored to Texark ana for an initiation The Texarkana I team, newly organized, was in charge of the meeting. Mrs. Lucille Wall who is the state' mahSgef, 'Was""a'-'giiest. Plan's were made for the next Southwest District convention which will be held in Hope on April 20th. Mrs.' Wiggins and Mrs. Hartsfield accompanied the members of the drill team, Charlene Wiggins, Leola Jones, Margie Wilson, Carlotte i Wilson, Mrs. Pat Faris, Jeanette ^Chapter AE of PEO will meet Barr. Mary Ann Jones, Mrs. Betty liesday, February' 23, at 3 o'clock F ar i s an d j 'home of Mrs. Franklin Horon>on ; .West Avenue B. . TS athlcen Mallory Circle of the 'irst Baptist Church will meet 'ijesday February 23, at 7:30 p. ,m. t. the home of Mrs. Horace Hubard,"212 East Sixteenth .IVfrs". ; L. B. Tooloy will be hosess: t.q the Cosmopolitan Club at pi 1 . home on Tuesday night, Feb- u'ary 23, at 7:30. Tuesday February 23 February 23, at 10 a. n?i ; .-; , the Girl Scout Community Committee will meet at thn City Hall. Hospital Site Continued from Page One Arch Moore, all of Hope. In the early years the organization conducted an anual drive for hospital funds, but this was discontinued. Here is a list of the original members of the association— persons still living, or firms still in business: Dr. L. M. Lile, Irving Jones,Union Compress & Warehouse Co., Mrs. L. A. Foster, First National bank, Hope Basket company, Hope Brick Works, Citizens National bank.Hope Furniture company, Lemley & Lemley, Henry Watkins, Jett Williams, John H. Greene N. W. Denly, O. A. Graves, N. T. Jewell, J. C. Penney company .Hope Auto company, Hope Hardware company, John S.Gibson Drug,company, Ward & Son, John P. Cox Drug company.Ritchie Grocer company, B. R. Hamm, Mr. and Mrs. L. Carter Johnson, E. P. Stewart, L. W. Young, Polk Singleton, J,. E. Ward, Tbo,mp.son.iService station", R.. 'T. White, T.;'S. McDavitt; J.'M. O'Neal, Syd McMath, Mrs. D. H. Mc- Lemoi-e, E. F. McFaddin, Brooks Hamilton, Dan Godbold, Dr. F. D. Henry, Mrs. Ida Boyett, Mrs. E. O. Wingfield, J. P. Brundidge, City of Hope, L. & A. Railway Co., Standard Oil company. Group to Look Continued from Page One Lhc loan clearly would be usurious if no investment certificate had tieen issued, adding: "The sale of the investment cer- — Star photo Left to Rinht— Bill Flncher, Thomas Hampton, County Judge U. G. Garrett, and Ferris Formby. against Pekin Wood Products Co. Mrs. Duke's husband- was an em- ploye of the company when he man named in the information and clied on Feb. 23, 1948. The Su- sserting various irregularities iujpreme Court said there was no ....... tificate was merely a part Girl Scout Troop Nine will meet t the Little House in Fair Park n Tuesday, February 23, immed- • FINAL SHOWING • Features at: 5:26 - 7:22 - 9:18 • SHORTS • Color Cartoon, "Zipping Along" LATE NEWS • TUESDAY o JOHN PAYNE MAUREEN O'HARA RANDOLPH SCOTT "TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI" TECHNICOLOR! t WEP, & THURS. • i<j' \ Judy Barr. Following the initiation the group was served coffee and doughnuts. Jo Beth Rettifl Hostess To Melody Maids The Melody Maids met February 20, at the home of Jo Beth Rettig with Linda Halbert m-esiding. The secretary read the minutes and called the roll. During the business session the club voted to contribute ten dollars to the David Pearson Fund. Ginny Herndon, Jo Ann Hart, Sue Hicks, Alice Coffee and Irene Thornton were wel- j corned as new members. Margaret Archer presented the program dn "Trees and Music" Ann Adams played "The Green Cathedral," Coe Ardith Harrie sang "I N Heard a Forest Praying," Carolyn Lewallen/and Jo Beth Rettig played a duet, "The Pines." After the group sang several songs, refreshments were served to 18 members and Mrs. Hyatt. Dahlia Garden Club Has Meeting The Dahlia Garden Club met with Mrs'. J. C. Carlton at her home on Friday, February 19, for their rfi- gular meeting. Mrs. Dewey Baber and Mrs. Ross Bright were associate hostesses. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Beverly Johnson, president, who reported on the last Federation meeting. The club discussed the civic project of landscaping the. Oglesby School grounds and the' basic work will begin immediately. Mrs. A. D. Middlebrooks Jr., is chairman of this project. The club voted to send a contribution of five dollars to the Benton unit of the State Hospital for seeds for the beautification of the local grounds. Mrs. Edwin Powell was appointed chairman of the Arkansas Resources and Development Corporation contest. Mrs. Troy Greenlee and Mrs, Carl Greenlee brought the program on "Landscaping and Feb- Fights, Wrecks Continued from Page One Negro section to help pay the doctor for treatment of the youth's eye He was taken to a Texarkana specialist by Milton Mosier of the -Arkansas State Police. Early Sunday on North Hazel Joshua Prater was badly , stabbed in a fight with Clemmie Mercer, both Negroes. Officers investigating said Prater was in very bad shape suffering from a deep knife wound in his chest. Friday night an auto driven by of the loan transaction; the effect was to enable the loan company to collect from O'Brien monthly installments in repayment of the loan without crediting such payments to the loan; thus it would appear that O'Brien had the use of the $100 for the full 12-month" period, when as a matter of fact he had the use of the whole $100 for only one month. If this transaction is not usurious, then any transaction can bo dressed up so as not to constitute usury although it would be clear that it was merely a scheme to evade the usury laws." 'But the court "said its; own previous opinions had held that the loan and the purchase of the certificate were legally two separate transactions. The Court said that it could not consistently overrule these former holdings in the present case because they had been relied on by Atlas. 'Further study and observation," the court said, "now convince us that the loan and purchase is only one transaction and that the result is usurious." The court said that its new single transaction viewpoint would be used in any cases arising hereafter. The opinion pointed out that i was not directed against building and loan associations. The warning — caveat in lega phrasing —was similar to one the no extradition, asksd Washington Circuit Court to set aside the re- •noval. Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings ejected the petition and was up- ,eld today by the Supreme Court. On the second appeal in the ase, .the Supreme Court held that iVillard Paskle is a proper per- on to-have custody of two daugh- ers, 6 ; and 3. '.Paskle's former wife, now Mrs. Dorothy Paskle Crawford, unsuc"- court issued another case usury. two y ears ago in involving alleged Dan Fuller left the road and overturned near Kennedy's store on South Main Street. Fuller escaped injury but the auto was heavily damaged. Saturday at Third and Hamilton Streets autos driven by Irvin Phillips and H. L. Warren collided with minor damage resulting. City police charged Warren with failure to yield the right-of-way. Saturday night Missouri Pacific switch engine No. 443 hit an auto driven by Shirley Lou Wilson at the West Division crossing behind Hotel Barlow. Little damage resulted, officers reported. Relief You Need for Child's Cough For coughs and acute bronchitis due to colds you can now set Creomulsion specially prepared for Children in A nev» pink and blue package and be sure: r '(I) Your efiild will like it, ,(?) it contains pnly safe, provea ingredients. (3) It contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes. (4) It will aid nature to soothe gntf heal raw, tender, inflamed throat end brpftchjal membranes thu? relieving the cough and promoting rest and sleep, Ask for CreojnuUioo for Children in the pink and blue package. ruary Pointers in Gardening." A dessert plate was served by the hostesses to Mrs. Floyd Fuller Mrs. Edwin Powell, Mrs. Carl Greenlee, Mrs. Troy Greenlee, Mrs. Wayne Lafferty, Mrs. A. O. Ball, Mrs. B. F. Johnson, Mrs. Beverly Johnson, Mrs. Martin Green, Mrs. Guy Linaker, Mrs. Joe Reese, Mrs. Guy Downing, Mrs. J. O. Luck Guests were Mrs. Aline Johnson, Miss Barbara Bright and Mrs. Jim Smith. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. W. E. Tolleson Mrs. J. W. boy. Hope. Admitted: Hope Mrs. J. T'. Smith, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Jim Rowland and baby boy. Fulton, Mr. W. T. Harden, Hope Eileew Croom. Houe McAdams and baby Mr. J. A. Williamson, Hope Mr. C. V. Flowers, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Loyd Braden. Hope Mrs. Royal Stvous and baby boy. Hope, / Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. D. F. Smith, Hope Mr. Elmore Walker, Fulton Mr. J, T, Butler, Hope. Discharged: Miss Tillie Ann Barrett. Hope Mrs. A. L. Johnson Columbus Mrs. W. H. Huckabee an<l son Walter Don, Patmos. Admitted: Robert H. Walker Hope Mrs. Nellie Brooks Hope Rt. 1 Miss Jean Awndstrome, Hope Mr. Robert Becham kewisville. MJ\ Paugherty 3t, 4 Mrs. p«Uie pardon R| At that time the court said its own decisions had gradually whit tied away protection against ille gal interest in the form of various fees and charges and it warned then that future appeals would be closely scrutinized to determine whether it was labeled as inter es or by some other name. Chief Justice Griffin Smith pre sented today's opinion. He sail he did not think the court had au thority to issue a warning as i did. In another case in which usur> was charged, the Supreme Cour refused to permit Lawrence p Hoover to regain possession of ai automobile which Murdock Accep tance Corporation had rccovcrcc from him because of a default ii cessfully sought modification of a Greene Chancery Court order giving custody to Paskle. isturb an order of Gov. Francis Tne Workmen's Compensation Cherry for the return from Wash- Commission and ."Phillips Circuit ngton County to Missouri of court were upheld in refusing corn- .ester Lindley on a worthless pc nsation to Mrs. William G. Duke heck charge. After the order was issued Lind ey, contending he was not the showing that he was injured in the course of his' employment. Testi- hony, the court said was that death was due to natural causes not connected with the job. Djakarta, capital of Indochina, is 7,640 miles from San Francisco by the nearest sea rout. Djakarta, capital -of 'Indochina has Stevens Called Continued fr6m Pago One tigean dmorale" of the military would be weakened by "unfair tac tics on our officer corps." Tomorrow's hearing will be public and Will be broadcast b the National Broadcasting Co., television network. On Friday the Army let go by a deadling McCarthy had set for it to produce the names of all personnel connected with the promotion and honorable discharge to reserve officer who had declined to say whether he was ever a Communist. The information has not yet i been given the senator. a population estimated at three Gregarious animals are those liv million. ing in herds or flocks. Top Radio Progi NEW YOftK"jM. *- IseVci: grams tonight: NBC —7 ' Gladys Concert,' 8 "CSnald, CBS'— 7 <s "« lu " t ~ Scouts 8 ABC Income MBS Deems Taylor 1 , ,Difference In Spiders *- '• Spiders vary greatly,''! methods of sceurin.g , fc i>rf; build 'wetis,' While 11 sdtne. StsIK prey and .pounce uppn it|\% run their quarry down In r HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D Mi • COUNCIL on FOODS and NUTRITION of AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The opinion upheld Jefferson Cii cuit Court. The Supreme Court upheld Ai Kansas County Circuit Court i granting Jerry M. Young judg mcnt of $4,892 against the Han son Motor Company of Stuttgai by which he formerly was en- ployed. Young contended the mpney wa due him under a contract of em ployrnent. The Supreme Court sent bac to Osceola District of Mississipi Chancery court a suit involving a legations of 17 tenant farmers tha they were due refunds out of profits of the Little River Co-operative Gin. Inc. The Supreme Court directed the Chancery Court to determine how much the tenants were due from Charles. R. Coleman, frpm whom they rented. The case was dismissed as to the cotton gin, which the high court said had made refunds to Coleman. The Chancery Court bad dismissed the tenants' suit against both Coleman and the cotton gin. The Supreme Court refused to 'ON FOODS AN D! ' ..''• .'' •:. O 'OTRITION Sometime last flight somebody broke into the Davis Furmtwe store on South Kim but so far as could be determined nothjne was miss'- - QPlOftrf .satej, •-— J ""'W& .the • v Vitamin D U essential to the gopa 1 grpwth of infant* and chiNren. .-ftKh qyarf ef Tfrryland vitamin D hompa.«ni?«d milk iprttpins 4QP y.S-P. wni»» of vitamin D and is accepted by the Coyncil on Foods and Nw»ri» pf the American Medical Why not serve the' best to yf«r children? Phone your Terryland royte salesman todfly: Rosk ?'215l ( Pine |l«ff ?{$<?, Hft Spring*

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